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tv   Eyewitness News at 7am  CBS  July 27, 2014 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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make more happen for less. >> breaking news, a child is shot overnight. manhunt continues this morning for the suspect who carjacked an s.u.v., then crashed into a group of people, killing three children. and a humanitarian cease-fire collapsed, as israel gaza following palestinian rocket attacks. the latest on the crisis overseas. and today is sunday, july 27th, good morning, everyone, i'm elizabeth hur in for nicole. it is 7:00 right on the dot, here in center city philadelphia, and here is meteorologist, carol ericson with eyewitness weather. perfect time to check in with you. i'm sure a loft people are look to go start their day. >> yes, wondering how many thunderstorms will we see, how
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much sun will we see, and i think, there is a good chance, liz, that people can see all of the above. we'll finds clouds, showers, sun, and just about everything. the atmosphere is in casino of a crazy mood this morning. ben franklin bridge, looks okay. you notice that little dot of up there, either insect or rain drop. could be either. we did see elf raindrops go by, now the bicker picture, clouds we're finding there, also through ocean city looks pretty gloom toy start the day in ocean sit. storm scan3, showing the reason why. look at the lightning that we've seen move through the shore areas, more to come. than is a wide view of the area. so let's take a look at all of t see to the north, starting to clear out through the allege end town area, clouds through philadelphia, though we saw showers around 4:30 or so, and now seeing some thunderstorms, along the shore areas, and moving to the east. let's zoom in little bit closer. you can see, through bass river, finding showers, stafford, moving through the toms river area, as well,
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again, moving off the coast, we move down the coast, through cape may county, and you can see, some lightning strikes there. and that is through the northern portions of cape may county right along the shore areas. and some rain, through cape may itself. so, lots going on in the atmosphere, with a lot of storms, we've got low pressure system, warmfront, cold front, we've got everything going on. so expect to find the weather changing, and depending on where you are, it changes a lot. so we can get anything from sun, to storms today. seventy-four right now in philadelphia. mild, hot day coming up, humid one, almost 09 degrees with these showers and thunderstorms, that will be rolling through, and here's a look by 9:00. some of this is out of here, we tart to see some clearing, owned to find couple of showers through the afternoon, not everybody will be finding all of the above. we've got it in the area. so we will try to time it up for your particular neighborhood coming up. liz? >> thank you, carol. and, right now, we are following breaking news out of delaware county, that's where
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police say a child was shot on haverford road in crumb lynn. authorities are not releasing too much information, but we do know that two people, as i mentioned earlier, including a child, were taken to crozer-chester medical center. we do not know at this time where the shoot is her. we will bring you more information as it becomes available. also, this morning, a grieving community remembers three children struck and killed by a carjacked suv. the children's mother was critically injured, and is fighting for her life. the family was out selling fruit on street corner when the carjacker's crashed into them. the suspects then ran away. "eyewitness news" reporter, matt rivers, was at emotional vigil last night. ♪ >> reporter: they're never easy, vigils like these, they're harder when they're remembering children. >> ♪ >> reporter: fifteen year old key era williams, ten year
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olds thomas read, and seven year olds terrence moore, three siblings died selling fruit on the corner for their church. picture. them week earlier picking out what to sell. >> very gentle kids, very good kids, you know, and they were always close to her. >> by hershey means keisha williams, the children's mom. last saturday, she brought them to the garden, all smiling, this saturday, she was fighting for her life in a hospital bed in critical condition. >> dedicated, they were hard workers, they were playful, they were kinds. >> williams, her three children, and another woman, were all hit by a car, that went out of control at allegheny and germantown avenue. two suspects had stolen it at gunpoint from realtor moments earlier, crashed when a tire blew out, fleeing the scene as their victims lay dying on the sidewalk. the pair remains at large. >> i believe in god that the perpetrators will be brought to justice. those three children will not come back. they're dead. so, they have that to live
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with. >> in the meantime, heart broken neighborhood can do little more than mourn and pray. (praying). >> reporter: once again, remains $110,000 reward for the person with information that leads to the arrest of the two suspects still at large. we're outside every police headquarters, matt rivers, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". and, our coverage continues on our website. if you have any information that could help investigators, you can find their contact information also on our website. new this morning, a north philadelphia row home goes up in flames, but thanks to the quick action of neighbors, those trapped inside were able to get out safely. it happened around 2:00 this morning, in the 900 block of west huntington street. two brothers kicked down the door to rescue an elderly man. eyewitnesses say, they were able to convince his wife, who was trapped on the
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second floor, to jump out of the windows, to escape the flames. >> and then we was screaming, miss, just come out, jump out, when she finally jumped out, i was able to break her fall, and only thing she walked away with was a straight leg. that will was a blessing. >> wow. police say two people were returned to the hospital. and treated for smoke inhalation. the cause of this fire is under investigation. and two firefighters hurt battling this fire in man too a "eyewitness news" was at 33rd and mantua just after 7:00 last night. you can see group of firefighters on the roof there. we're told it was a vacant building and it is unclear how this fire started. no word yet on the firefighters' condition. new details about what police found inside the apartment of the suspect in a deadly medical center shooting. officials executed a search warrant at richard plotts upper darby home friday and found two more guns. the 49 year old suspect remains sedated, under guard, and will be charged with the
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murder every his case worker, theresa hunt, and the attempted murder every his doctor, lee silverman. the doctor was also armed and shot the suspect. and now, to the latest developments in the middle east, hamas agrees to 24-hour holiday trues in gaza, starting at 2:00 p.m. cbs news correspondent alfonso van march has more from tel-aviv. >> saturday morning, israeli rockets rained down on gaza. minutes later, cease-fire went into effect. the pause in the violence gave people in gaza a chance to return to what is left of their neighborhoods. they collected any personal items they could finds, and recovered the dead. health officials believe more than a thousand palestinians have been killed in the nearly three-week long conflict. by night fall, gaza militants resumed firing rockets into israel. in tel-aviv, group every israeli anti-war protesters,
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called for an end to the violence and remembered the dead on both sides. >> mugs finds a way to talk to each other. >> authorities are keeping the anti-war protesters a good safe distance away in those supporting the military campaign. that is them about 300 feet away waiving israeli flags. one government supporter explained why he despises the anti-war protesters. >> they don't care about us, our people, they don't care about our soldiers. they say our soldiers -- >> us secretary every state, john kerrey, met with european leaders in par toys see if peace deal could be found. but he left paris without a long-term solution in place. in tel-aviv, alphonso van marsh, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". and new this morning, the costa concordia cruise ship slowly being told to genoa. the cruise liner capsized more than two years ago, killing 32 people off the island of
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gilion massive salvage mission, it was raised out of the water and a vessel will now be scrapped. happening right now, the 27th annual tour de shore is getting underway here in center city. in about 2,000 bikers will pedal 65 miles to atlantic city, all for a very good cause. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry joins us live with more on this story. syma? >> reporter: good morning, liz. as you can see, it is the last of the last of the group of 2,000 cyclists making their way to atlantic city, it kick off 7:00 right on the dot, with me right now, john gallagher,'s board member of the irish pub children foundation. twenty-seventh year! >> that's fantastic, unbelievable, great weather, god blessed us today. this is premiere event, by sibling down to atlantic city doing this for 27 years. >> and what is this year's goal? >> this year's goal, $700,000.
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we raised about 639,000 last year, and right now we're about $35,000 short. so, you know, if you know somebody riding, get on line, and, you know, follow them, follow them on line, come down to atlantic city. we'll have a big party down there. >> what exactly is the money used for? we've been doing this for 27 years. >> sure, it is children's foundation, which benefits many organizations, over 20 different organizations in the delaware vale, and south jersey areas. so, it is the atlantic city pal philadelphia pal, the faulkner scholarship foundation, and a lot of other police charities. but, also, a lot of after-school programs, some children's programs for cancers, children that have cancer, care packages, different organization that is do all different things. but all about the children. it is all about the children. it is amazing the way this
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thing has blossomed in the last ten, 15 years. >> i was going to ask but that. today we have 2,000 cyclists, but even few years tag wasn't this many. few years ago it was a little different, too. >> absolutely, really mushroomed, gotten to be the corporate community, corn rat community has come together, has really recognized the importance of raising money for children in education and in safety and it is a wonders full thing. >> all right, thank you so much, john. all right, so you saw right there, 2,000 cyclists making their way through center city, going over the ben franklin bridge short limit obviously that's closed. but they are making their way to atlantic city. i send it back to you, liz? thank you, syma. still to come this morning on "eyewitness news", it may seem too early for back to school shopping. but if you have already made your list, we'll show you some ways to shop. carol has your forecast after
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that's about as american as it gets. woman: what do you mean? blueberry pancakes, strawberries and cream cheese icing, starting at just $4.99. apple pie, watch out. [bell rings] waitress: welcome to denny's!
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judge if you wake in any major retailer, piles and piles of back to school supplies already. "3 on your side" reporter jim donovan shows us back to school numbers. retailers estimate families with great school children -- grade school children will spend average just over 669 on back to school expense this is year. a total of $26.5 billion,
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according to annual survey, with national retail federation. households spending up 5% over year ago. and school district asks families to provide more of their own classroom supplies, spending on those items has climbed 12%. the biggest chunk of back to school money will be spent on electronics, more than $212 on average. the bulk every consume letters start shopping early. two thirds every those surveyed will start at least three weeks ahead of the first day of school, some have even started. that's presumably because they're hunting for deals. when asked how the overall state of the economy will impact their shopping plans, almost half said they'll look for more sales, more often, others will do more comparative shopping, either on line or with print ad circulars, and about 1 quart letter also make due with items from last school year. >> in many families, students will chip in for their own back to school expenses. teens will kick in an estimated $913 million that are on cash, while tweens will
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add 544 million to the overall back to school hall. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. >> from there are sales already out, there carol, not bad day for back to school shopping today, perhaps? >> and talking about how much we love back to school, getting pen ills, pens, papers all gathered up. those days are gone. we're looking at very gloomy start to the day, you can see, the boardwalk, has been rained on, it is to does not look great there, at all, and it is really cut down on the traffic along the board walk at this point. let me take to you another location, however. and let's see what we find here. how about some sunshine? and i think this pretty much shows what is going to happen today. some people get rain. some people get sun. tan can change, as we go through the day, so they are looking at sunshine, through the reading area this morning, 75 degrees, looks beautiful up there right now. everybody else, dealing with a lot of clouds.
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the one thing, that's fairly consistent, the temperatures, we've got them in the 70s, just about every place, 74 in philadelphia, 73 in wilmington, 70 in trenton, 72 in allentown, along the shore temperatures in the 70s, as well. this is a look on storm scan, see the clouds, see where it is clearing, and that's why reading had sunshine, and allentown, looking at some bright conditions, you move closer to philadelphia, and we find some clouds, we find couple every sprinkles, and you mover down to the shore areas, and seeing some thunderstorms this morning, and we've been watching them roll on through. even philadelphia, picked up a fast but pretty heavy downpour. so this is the trends that we're going to be finding through the day, with the morning showers, but by the time we get into the afternoon, the late afternoon, and night, some spots are going to be picking up some strong wind gusts, some small hail possible, some downed pours possible, and again, the strongest look to be this evening, and tonight. as this weather is just all over the place, it is bringing in a warmfront, right now, and
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then cold front, and a low pressure dragging this through. so, that system all just wounds up, and that means, the translation is it is very, you may not like the words, unsettled around here today. so, that's really what we can call it. at some moments it is nice and quiet, then it is not over the next couple every minutes, someplace else. so, temperatures will be getting into the 80s, the upper 80s today, but by the time we death to monday, then monday still humid, but by tuesday, still in the 80s, but completely different feel to the 80s, because the humidity will drop. computer model, the one i'm sure you like the most, my favorite, too, the computer model that shows where we're looking at showers, and not finding any, by 9:00. we've got some clearing moving n by noon, some spots, looking at some showers, other spots looking at some some sunshine, by 1:00 the same story. by 4:00 much of the area, looks to be dry, by the time we get to tonight, at 8:00 off to the west, heavy showers,
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and thunderstorms. some clouds, elsewhere, so this is the trends clearing and then we get back to the showers by the time we get to tomorrow. and then this front moves on through, and we're out of here, as far as any kind of bad weather, everything looks great by the time we get to tuesday and several days beyond. that will but we do have that severe weather risk downpours strong winds and hail possible in any of these thunderstorms that we see today. everybody in the 80s, everybody in the same boat weather wise, so 89 for our high today, tonight we drop to 72 degrees, the chances every strong storms, really coming into the picture for parts of the area, monday we get shower or thunderstorm, and then it is perfect after that, liz? >> carol, unsettled, i don't think we like that word either. and check to see if that's the case for traffic. the time right now, 7:19. we have ann evans standing by, cbs-3 traffic center. good morning to you, ann. >> good morning, liz, look at all of the cyclists on the ben franklin bridge.
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of course ben franklin shutdown in both directions for the tour de shore bust sick -- by sibling event. many working very hear this morning. ben franklin bridge shutdown along with 676 northbound, in camden, right at market street. all traffic has to exit at eighth street. the admiral wilson boulevard shutdown at federal street. all traffic has to exit at federal street. these closures all related to the ben franklin bridge event. we move the traffic cam here from the cyclists to i-95 at naman's road. right near 495. right near the delaware border here. keep in mind, 495 shutdown, both directions, in the wilmington area between terminal avenue and 12th street, so i95 is the alternate. already it is quite busy moving the traffic cam here to the mid-county tolls of the turnpike, actually the blue route. if you are headed to the poconos today, no delays on the northeast extension, or in the pa turnpike.
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>> that's the latest, now, back to you. >> carol is back, again, after this, with answers to your pet questions in this week's ask the vet. >> carolyn had a little problem with her leg, it was fractured. how do they fix that? we'll check out with doctor jerry geffin in ask the vet. >> very close call involving a baby stroller. it is all caught on tape. finds out where this dramatic scene played out. >> soaring temperatures, carol, we'll let you know how those will get in your weekly forecast. caring for you ... just got a little easier. right now, buy one pair of eyeglasses or prescription sunglasses, and get another one free. this is genuine eye care, right in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision.
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>> available for adoption from paw's, at second and archment tell me about her. she was limbing. >> she had a fracture in her right, right front leg, and it was repaired, i think she has a pin in, and she's doing great. >> she was -- this was just two weeks ago? >> yes. >> she's really getting around great. she should be a great adoption for someone who like a really great cat. >> okay, because i know the paw's people went out to the house where someone had adopted her, found she had the fracture, and repaired. that will but she good to go. how important is it. >> she get around? >> just like people, after surgery, you want to get up and going, as soon as appropriate. not let your muscles atrophy, same thing with our pets. >> now, how young can an animal be, dog or cat, and have arthritis, so you wouldn't look at this and say oh, well, it is arthritic.
7:25 am
does a two year old animal have arthritis? it could if it had previous injury, some rare kinds of condition that predisposed it but usually middle pets. >> and how would you know, with your, like, a dog is limping, holding its foot up, the back legs are working in a strange way, how do you know if that's arthritis? >> may not know exactly but assume something skeletal, neurologic, pet work nag man their doesn't usually walk either it is being less wobbly, a loft times reluctant to go up and down stems, on and offer furniture, retires them to put little more strain on their joints. so there are clues that you can see, and then the veterinarian can actually sometimes feel arthritic changes or x-rays can always show if there is an arthritic thing going on. >> okay. and good thing to do, i guess, since the dog or cat will move more naturally, take the video to you so you can see, how they get on or off the sofa
7:26 am
ored. >> i can't tell you how many times clients come in oh, geez, he was limping at home but got in the car and got here, so excited. yes, the video would be great. >> why do animals seem to feel fine once they get to the vet? >> i think adrenyline rush, scared, exactly what would happen with people a loft times. you get frightened, you forget about your little aches and pains. >> and they move on? >> yes. >> purebred animals, are they more or less likely to get disease. >> certainly there are genetic things that require, like, boxers more prone to cancer, things like west east more prone to allergies, so there are some conditions that you have to be aware of if you do get a purebred dog or cat. >> so check it out, and do your part, don't breed, and head to the shelters, and try and help some of our friends, like carolyn here, who is just a wild crazy girl. >> look at the screen, this is missing dog tyler, when a
7:27 am
landscaper left a gate open. australian shepherd, brown and white, his coat is matted, last seen friday field of dreams park in absecon, new jersey, atlantic county. >> this dog is extremely shy. he's desperate to get back to his family. his family is crazed to get him back. please do not chase or yell for this dog. but contact immediately on any information on the siting, carol erickson's pet page on facebook, and there is more in contact information there. and also, at carol cbs-3 on twitter. >> thank you, carol. still to come on "eyewitness news", fast moving wilds fire forces evacuations in northern california. and one of the towns below us moving residents got some help escaping the flames. >> young woman's bucket list, we'll share their heart-warming story. >> after the storm, the weekly
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the only bb cream with the wrinkle fighting power of roc retinol. new from roc.
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>> i'm elizabeth hur in for
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nick over brewer. here with carol erickson another look at our forecast for today. >> very active weather pattern, we've seen showers through philadelphia, we saw them at about 4:30, this morning, and now there are thunderstorms, than have been for little while along the shore ours. let me show you the boardwalk, ocean sit, you can see the raindrops, you can see that no one is on the board walk at this point, and that's very wise. because there are thunderstorms in the area. storm scan3, showing the area of showers, thunderstorms, primarily right along the shore areas. you might finds a little rain shower, just to the southeast of philadelphia. but, otherwise, it is along the shore where all of that activity s let's zoom in. you will find that the thunderstorms are out there. we're finding quite a few of them right now in ocean county, also looks like, through the long beach area, long beach will be finding 7:41 this morning, the thunderstorm that's in beach haven right now coming in their direction. that is moving to the east about 30 miles an hour, it can drop some very heavy rain, very, very quickly.
7:32 am
but look at all of the lightning strikes. a lot of them in the ocean, but also finding some thunder, and lightning, right along those shore areas. as you move down through cape may county, few breaks in the action, but still, few showers are moving through. also through atlantic city picking up thunderstorm. so active morning, this morning. what we can expected to, some morning showers, and then some storms, as we move also through the afternoon, with the very strongest this evening and tonight, with strong wind gusts and hail possible. sunshine, too, can be not ruled out today. so the more sunshine we see, if you get one of these triggers, as the front comes on through, you can also finds some of the stronger storms, associated with that, temperatures today get to go about 90 degrees. we will maybe just shy of that, though. i'll show you exactly what we are expecting and where for your neighborhood coming up. liz? >> good to know. thanks, carol. right now, we are following breaking news, out of delaware county, that's where police say a child was shot on haverford road in crumb lynn. authorities are not releasing
7:33 am
too much information. but we do know that two people, including that child, were taken to crozer-chester medical center. suspect still out there. of course we'll bring you more information, as it becomes available. meantime, community turns out for a prayer vigil for victims of a deadly carjacking crash. family and friends of three children who were killed friday in a carjacking hit-and-run crash gathered at the scene of the accident at allegheny and germantown avenues. the siblings were seven to 15 years of age, the family was selling fruits on street corner for their church when the carjackers crashed into them. and the suspect ran away. >> dedicated, they were hard workers, they were playful, they were kind. >> those three children will not come back. they are dead. so they have that to live with. >> the children's mother was critically injured, and
7:34 am
another woman was also hurt. there is right now a $110,000 reward being offered for information that leads to arrest and conviction. meantime, 46 year old christopher smith has been charged with attempted murder and arson, in connection with yesterday's fire in south philadelphia. now, investigators say, he pushed in a window, air conditioner, and then lit a flame. minutes later, he allegedly returned to the 1700 block of staple street with more accelerants, training a woman, man and a child. lieutenant jonathan josey was off duty in the area who ran in then to help them escape. you will remember, he was acquitted of assault charges after this video surfaced, and he fought back to win his job back. developing now, in the middle east, hamas has just agreed a 24 hour holiday trues in the gaza war, starting at 2:00 this afternoon. just this morning, hamas had
7:35 am
resumed the rocket fire even though israel's cabinet had said that it was ready to extends at humanitarian cease-fire. israeli military says seven rockets were fired, at southern israel, early this morning. and 43 israeli soldiers have been killed in the 20 day campaign in the gaza strip. more than a thousand pal continue januaries have died. and, caught on camera, a close call for a mom taking her baby for a stroll in san francisco. take a look at this. you see the mom walking with the baby stroller when all of a sudden they are nearly run over by an out of control suv. police say this suv had collided with another vehicle. and that impact sent the suv into a handrail. missing the stroller as you can see by inches. wild fire in northern california continues to grow, and is prompting man did torrey evacuations. the sands fire, as it is
7:36 am
called, has burned more than 1300 acres so far in the sierra nevada foot hills. at least five homes have been destroyed. firefighters say they've -- the fire about 20% contained. the cause remains under investigation. but the drought conditions are fueling the flames. and, take a look at what the firefighters, rescued from that fast moving fire, here, this is ash, 200-pound tortoise, abe's owners forced to lever the reptile behind as they were forced to evacuate the grounds. much every it destroyed, but once the flames died down, firefighters were able to go back to save this tourist. >> happening now, tour de shore, it benefits families every fallen firefighters and
7:37 am
police officers. we have syma chowdhry live in center city where it kick offer just few minutes ago, syma? >> that's right. liz, streets are open now. twentieth and walnut. it is top traffic. but, just moments ago, we had 2,000 cyclists in this area, we have video, what it look like earlier this morning, when that six a mile ride kicked off, 7:00 on the dot. again, talking about 2,000 cyclists, they're taking to the streets all the way, headed all the way to atlantic city, 56 miles. now, this is the 27th annual irish pub tour de shore. and of course, this is to raise money for the irish children's foundation, non-profit dedicate today raising funds for children oriented endeavors, also, for help fallen firefighters and police officers families. this year's goal, $700,000. one of the biggest teams participating was -- is wheels for justice, which is the team
7:38 am
leader, montgomery county risa furman. >> as proud as i am montgomery county wheels of justice is the largest team here, today we are all part everyone team, 2,000 riders strong. and we're riding in solidarity and for all every those who made the ultimate sacrifice. >> reporter: again, that was montgomery county d.a. risa furman. and irish pub is right there, a loft folks cleaning up from what the morning festivities were all about. now, a loft folks are getting ready to head over to atlantic city. if they're not biking it, they're driving it, to meet up with their fellow participants, and they're going to enjoy the rest of the evening at a public in atlantic city. live in center city, syma chowdhry, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". thank you, syma, such a great cause. now, a young woman in california is killed in a tragic accident. but it is what her mother and father finds in her bag that is helping them cope. cbs correspondent steve hartman, has this story, as they celebrate their
7:39 am
daughter's life in a very special way. >> along base road in chico, california, there is a memorial to a young college student killed on her bike by an alleged drunk driver. christina chesterman just two; going to be a nurse, but she had a lot of other dreams that no one really new about, until a few months ago. when her mom and dad went to clean out her old apartment. >> i opened up a drawer, and i found just make up bag. >> sandra said there was no make up. instead, in that zipper compartment, she found a single sheet of notebook paper. christina's bucket list. >> i mean, what kid writes a bucket list? there is not many. >> christina probably wrote it in high school. >> can you read some of what's on there? >> sure. she wanted to tour niagara falls, save someone's life, which she did that, many times over. >> how did she do that?
7:40 am
>> by donating her organs. she saved lives. this next one makes me laugh. she wanted to break up a fight between two guys over her. which i think is so cute. and i didn't know that it ever happened. but should have. >> when sandra and her husband, david, found the list, they say they new exactlat for her. >> few weeks ago, they crossed niagara falls off their daughter's bucket list. they've taken flying lessons, and run through a field of poppies. but here is the best part. sandra and david aren't the only ones going through christina's list right now. after posting it on facebook, thousands of people, most of them total strangers, started doing it, too. and although sandra cries every time she reads about someone else's new adventure, she and david are both so thankful their daughter turned out to be such an inspiration.
7:41 am
>> i think that's just amaze that she can have that effect on somebody that never even new her. >> it is hard still to get up in the morning. but this is what does it, this is what gets me up. >> obviously, their brand every sightseeing is no vacation. but they say remembering their daughter's vest for life is a whole lot better than the futility of trying to forget it steve hartman, on the road, in eye rag if a falls, new york. >> still to come this morning on "eyewitness news", birth control break through. say good-bye to the pill. the high-tech contraceptive that can be turned on and off with a remote control. the temperature is going up. and there is a chance of storms today, as well. carol is tracking the latest, and "eyewitness news" will be right back.
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>> on the health watch, medicine on the cutting edge. researchers trying new contraceptive method for women, microchip that can be turned off and on with a click every remote. "eyewitness news" health reporter, stephanie stalls, explains just how exactly this works. >> this microchip, may be the future every contraception. implanted under the skin it, did deliver tiny and the of hormones like a birth control
7:45 am
pill. >> there could have major effect in various aspects of medicine including birth control. >> bio tech firm microchips, enough hormone to prevent pregnancy up to 16 years, when a woman wants to conceive, the chip turned off with a remote, and they're making sure can't be hacked. >> the remote control must be put up against the skin, in order to establish communication, and the reason we do that is we want to have close range communication to prevent anyone from listening in on the encrypted signal. >> but some experts point out that women already have implantable birth control options like the iud, but many still choose the pill. >> if women in the u.s. are not using the long methods now, why more likely to use this one? >> doctors say unlike the iud, the birth control chip doesn't need to be removed every time a woman is ready to have a baby. testing will continue for the next couple of years, and if it is eventually approved, the chip is expected to cost about a thousand dollars.
7:46 am
i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". and now, a major discovery about the effects of sleep and light on breast cancer. a team of chilean researchers put human breast cancer cells in laboratory rats. some slept in total darkness, another with a dim light. look at the difference in the growth of the tumors, big ones from those not sleeping in total darkness. >> wow. >> tumors grew twice, two and a half times, as fast as those that had dark night, and that when we treated them with tamoxafin these tumors were resistant. >> tide to the hormone melatonin in darkness the england makes high levels, in light, low levels. the natural rise and fall happens day and night, but electricity and light from electronics suppresses meletonin. he says you can regulate your own natural meletonin by
7:47 am
getting good night's sleep and making sure it is in solid dark. i certainly tried that last night. i'm not so sure how well that worked. >> blocking all of the little lights from the lectronic things, i know. well, liz, look what we see here. we seaboard walk, that's starting to get a little more active. people have started to come back out. after some thunderstorms this morning, some rain this morning, boards walk is still wet. and we still have rain drop or two on the loans. not the brightest start of the day. but i think some sunshine also going to probably be breaking out, as well. this is what has been breaking out, though, all morning, these thunderstorms, they're moving to the east about 30 miles an hour, but you can see, how the thunder has been coming up the coast, and it will be off the coast fairly soon. if you go far enough back so clouds start to get deeper, thicker, into south jersey. again we expect to find some breaks in all of this.
7:48 am
not only just in the precipitation, but also in the sky cover. so, every second of the day, today, and every time period, we are going to be finding some different conditions, depending on where you are. it is very location dependent. right now the worse of these storms with thunder and lightning, fortunately, little lull coming in. seventy-four in philadelphia, right now, we have 17 degrees in trenton, in the 70s every place humid overnight, temperatures tonight well up into the 08 an eggs, almost 09 degrees as warmfront comes through, cold front comes through symptoms come through, enough better werth. to the afternoon, breaks in there is we get some showers, we get some breaks. we get some sun. we get a shower. and as we go through this evening, some maybe this computer model says the heaviest stays off to the west of philadelphia. but, i think, everybody should just casino of keep in the back of their minds that you, too, could be in line for some of the stronger to severe storms that could roll through today, we get another thunderstorm tomorrow, then we
7:49 am
get ideal weather around here, going on by the time we get to tuesday. severe weather threat in the area from the storm prediction center for downpours, strong winds, possibility of hail, keep your ian ear to the sky today. if you are going to be out. otherwise, 89 degrees, today, sun, clouds, showers, thunderstorms, you name it, tonight, clouds, dark, showers, thunderstorms, 72 degrees. by the time we get to tomorrow, we get partly sunny skies, we also have chances of showers, thunderstorms, and then ideal, the humidity drops, the temperatures drop, it will be beautiful here. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and friday, at least. >> liz? >> thank you for that, so, from weather to traffic, the time right now 7:49. time to check the roads and highways, let's head out to ann evans at the cbs-3 traffic center. good morning to you, ann. >> good morning, liz. looking at the ben franklin bridge, still shut down in both directions, for the tour de shore charity bike event. should be opening up soon, around 8:00.
7:50 am
so, another ten minutes or so, it should be opened up. but right now, best bet, to take the walt whitman, along the ben franklin bridge, 676, northbound shutdown, admiral wilson boulevard shutdown westbound at federal street. that's the latest from the cbs-3 traffic center. i'm ann evans, liz, back to you. >> still to come this morning on "eyewitness news", the phillies offense looking to more hits against the diamond backs. ryan howard is back in the line up. sports highlights are next. but first, here's a look at what's going on cbs-3 tonight.
7:51 am
7:52 am
son: dad, this is a remix. it's the new red white & blue slam. same thing. hmm-mm. this has blueberries, strawberries and cream cheese icing. you don't know what you're talking about. yup, he loved to say that, too. [bell rings] waitress: welcome to denny's!
7:53 am
>> after sitting previous three games, ryan howard back in the line up against the diamonds backs, starts bottom of the first, runners on first and thirds, he goes down swinging, more frustration for the big slugger. rest of the offense breaking things open in the second. codey with deep ball to right. that's two run shot. that will give them a lead. then add another two, ends of the inning, let's get ahead to the top of the sixth, bullpen run into trouble. >> ties the game up at six.
7:54 am
arizona, one runner runs home, they followed up with three-run homerun. another lost, despite the early lead. the final score, ten-six. >> well, before the ballgame, the mlb players alum my association presented chase utley with the heart and hustle awards for his work with the utley foundation, the foundation, he and his wife jen created awareness, raise funds, to help fight animal cruelty. well deserved. to the november a care complex, the eagles finally getting back to work. for the first day of training camp in year the players know what to expect, in chip kelly's offense, but a lot of that will be riding on nick foles, and he says he's ready. >> moving real fast, taking month off, you can train, you can do a lot of stuff. you know, practice is something different. fun to go out, there you know, get the could be webs off, we'll make corrections today, and we'll move forward, have another great day tomorrow. >> we had out standing season last year, everybody was excited about.
7:55 am
but he knows as an individual he can still get better, and that's what he worked on when we were with him, in the program, that's what they'll continue to work on. >> and still a lot of questions remaining, about how that lost to desean jackson will impact the offense, wide receivers jeremy maclin, riley cooper, already feeling pressure to perform. >> great receiver, but, you know, really is the one going out, there making those catches, making those plays, running after the football. so i think that you need to give him the credit. he made a loft plays, made me look good last year. >> the defense also getting in a good work out. second year, billy davis calling the shots, few upgrades, but they're going to have to proof a lot with this tougher schedule. >> so far along, seeking to be the best defense we can be, best defense in the league. we have the guys capable of doing that, and going against
7:56 am
coach kelly's offense every day. >> really well for the opposing offense. >> and finally in sports, penn state has announced that sandy barber will be the new athletic director at the school replacing retiring dave joiner. barbara was the ad at the university of california berkley, where in ten years the goal end bears won 19, team national championships. that's all for sports, i'm leslie van arsdale have, a great day. >> we tends hour with pretty remarkable story. minnesota man celebrating milestone. >> both born july 26, 1914. >> he just turned 100 years old. herby heartel served our country during world war ii, even received special letter from the white house, note from president owe bamm, a wishing him a happy birthday, what's his secret to longevity? well, you are looking at it right now. might be the push up, exercise
7:57 am
routine he does daily at his assisted living home. so, exercise, and eat right, too good to be true, hey, here is a living example. once again happy birthday to you, herby, that's it for "eyewitness news" at 7:00. stay with us, we'll be right back. sometimes, caring for your neighbors means going the extra mile. when our patient, susan, mentioned her dad couldn't make it in to pearle vision to get his eyes checked... we went to him. and we realized, if he had trouble getting new glasses... he probably wasn't the only one. to us, eye care is about living dr. pearles legacy. building a trusting relationship with the person behind the eyes. this is genuine eye care, right in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision.
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7:59 am
>> breaking news, we're gathering the details and bringing you more coming up.
8:00 am
also there is morning, more on a grieving community, how they are coming together to remember a three children. struck and killed by a carjacked suv. >> trues in the gaza war with israel. >> good morning, everyone, today is sunday, july 27th, i'm elizabeth hur in for nicole. it is 8:00, right on the dot here in center city philadelphia. let's check in with meteorologist, carol erickson in the weather center, keeping quite busy this morning. >> yes, a lot has been going on, you doubt often finds thunderstorms in the morning, liz, as you know, but we did finds them this morning. we saw one through philadelphia, about 4:30, and we've seen many others, along the shore, now, all of that activity has moved to the east for now thing calming down, find still clouds over philadelphia, and som


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