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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  July 31, 2014 2:07am-2:38am EDT

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>> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> just wasn't real. it didn't seem real because the night before and that morning they was with me. >> tonight at 11 confidential survivor's story. a woman injured in the deadly carjacking and crash remembers the young victims and talks about that horrifying or dole. >> good evening to you, i'm
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jessica dean. >> i'm chris may. she was there a victim of the crash that left the community stunned. three children killed. three others injured. thelma brown the first to be released from the hospital now and tonight "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco caught up with her at her home. she's live in north philadelphia. diana? >> reporter: chris, while the memorial out here only seems to grow by the day, tonight thelma brown says she still having trouble remembering exactly what happened last friday, but what is very clear to her is that there's no forgiveness in her heart for the men responsible. home from the hospital, thelma brown sits on her porch talking about friday's terrifying even events. >> the front of the car hit me and knock me up in the air. >> reporter: 69 year old was helping the three children set up their fruit stand when the stolen car with jonathan rosa and cornelius crawford inside jumped the curb. she knew the kids were hurt but it wasn't until days later her family told her they had died. >> it just wasn't real.
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it didn't seem real because the night before and that morning they was with me. >> reporter: in their neighbor the memorial stands hundreds line the block to see miss brown return home with her fractured ankle and other bruises. she says she still grieving for the kids that were like her own 15 year old kierra williams, tepp year old joseph reid and seven year old terrence moore. she says her job now is to be there for their mother 34 year old keisha williams who is still in the hospital. >> that's the only thing i think about they mother and the other two children that still here. >> as for the two suspects who carjacked a 45 year old real estate agent and sexually assaulted her moments before impact, she says she has no forgiveness. >> they are very lucky that the police officers got them before the people around here. >> reporter: and tonight miss brown also told me that she is so overwhelmed and grateful for all the support she's received
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not only from this community but from people around the country. she is still asking for prayers for the children's mother who remains in the hospital. we're live in north tonight, diana rocco cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> diana, quite a story. thank you very much. >> family, friends and colleagues say a final farewell to the woman who was killed in the medical center shooting in darby. memorial service was held tonight in havertown for theresa hunt. just 53, she was the mental health care caseworker who was shot and killed when richard plots walk in to mercy fitzgerald hospital last thursday and got in a shootout with his doctor. >> here's a person that just was doing her job. went to work. part of her job, was to help people with dissables for far less money than they should get and, um, a dire consequence. >> hunt will be buried in her hometown of hancock, new york. new tonight at 11:00 robbed and choked.
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police capture is us a spec who tried to strangle a woman with rope. natasha brown is live in southwest philadelphia and natasha this may not be the only alleged victim here. >> reporter: we have now learned that this was not the only victim in this case. although this suspect is now in police custody, residents in this neighborhood are still very much on edge. james jones captured ajarring crime seen in his neighborhood. 45th and large wood in the middle of the day. >> i did focus on the rope the wire he tried to strangle her with. >> reporter: rope still lays on the ground much the rope used just moment earlier in a terrifying robbery. >> comes up behind her, she feels tugging to her neck. she has a wire placed around her neck which has rope on each end and he's pulling it tight report roar police say the attack happen at 12:40 wednesday afternoon. plain clothes officers in the area heard the victim screams and were able to nab the suspe suspect. officers say this is isn't the first time this suspect has tried to strangle and rob woman in this area. a 27 year old university of
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pennsylvania student was also attacked on sunday afternoon. something she was wearing became a weapon used against her. >> used her own head phone wire to strangle her. and when they fell to the ground, obviously headphones fell off and she was able to free herself from him. >> reporter: 12 confidential 40 in the afternoon in something that you expect. so my guard you know right now the door open i'm throwing the trash out. my guard is down little bit. and so this will certainly tie the rains. >> the robberies have residents more guarded more adamant now protecting themselves and their neighborhood. >> people have to get involved. if you don't, then this is going to happen. if you turn your lights out and shut everything down 8:00 o'clock and roll up the sidewalk it's an open invitation for the criminals. >> reporter: well both of these female victims did suffer injuries to their necks but they are said to be doing okay now. meantime, this suspect 33 eighty three old on dray taylor is now charged with several offenses
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including robbery, attempted murder, aggravated assault and theft charges. we're live here in southwest philadelphia tonight, natasha brown cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> natasha, thank you very much. elsewhere in southwest philadelphia tonight, police are investigating a shooting that involved one of their officers. that officer fired on a suspect through a car window at island and elmwood avenues hitting the suspect in the arm. now, that man had reportedly tried to run down that officer and his partner when they tried to arrest him for the theft of a motorcycle. >> well now to what philadelphia police commission are in charles ramsay calls the worst case of corruption he has ever seen. six philadelphia narcotics officers face federal charges tonight ranging from robbery and kidnapping to he can torsion. "eyewitness news" elizabeth hur doug deeper into this story today and she has new details now on the impact it could have on the department. >> reporter: could policy changes be in the works for the philadelphia police department? >> we need to be able to move
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people from these sensitive units. >> reporter: following the arrest of six philadelphia narcotics officers, accused of beating drug suspects and even stealing from them, leading fbi divers to the schuylkill last summer searching for a safe from which the officers allegedly took $80,000. >> i think they should do every bit of their time and then some. report roar james mcintyre told our walt hunter two of the six officers victimized him that charges against him have since been withdrawn and he is now suing. >> i think there's probably hundreds of cases. >> reporter: sift tan defender at the defender association of philadelphia bradley calls the latest developments a tip of the iceberg with previous convictions involving the officers all now under review. >> one of the problems that exists the police officer in a special drug university there's a tremendous possibility and opportunity for corruption and the longer they say in such a unit the more likely they are to be corrupted by that process. >> reporter: we learned from police, of the six, five officers have been in narcotics
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for at least 12 years. >> remember, that this is an indictment against every member of that unit. >> but commissioner ramsay acknowledges something needs to be done,. >> our contract is not allow for row teague. >> reporter: according to sources that change this fall. with a new contract allowing officers a maximum of five years within any specialty unit. >> we need to do a number of different thing. the would be start moving them around. it would also be appropriate to have greater degree of control and oversight. >> reporter: in the meantime, if convicted, five of the six indicted on wednesday could spend the rest of their lives in prison. all maintain their innocence. from center city, i'm elizabeth hur cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> rabies scare has residents on alert in burlington county tonight. authorities say a kitten found around eaves mill road has testified positive for rabies. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinn nope is live in medford and todd you talked to family who came in contact with that kitten. >> reporter: jessica, so far
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13 people have been exposed to this rabid kitten after group of girls found the kitten inside a barn during a sleepover. flyers from the hell department warning people about the incident were handed out in the medford mills section of medford on wednesday. shortly after test results indicated the account 10 had rabies. david winger says his daughter and a friend found the kitten in a barn during a sleepover about two weeks ago. and it had an injured leg. >> it was kind of scary at first. like we didn't know what to do with the cat. so we thought we'd bring it to my dad 'cause he grew up with cats and he would know what to do. >> you couldn't keep the cat. she was take it to her aunt. she took it to her i wasn't. she took it to the vet. the cat passed away and that found out hit rabies. >> veterinarian says rabies is transmitted to people and pets thrgh bites from wild animals that break the skin. so far, one dog and three other cats have also been exposed to the rabid kittens.
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>> rabe bess can be a fatal disease. you want tough your guard up and not take any chance. >> if your pet is up to date on its rabies vaccination the animal should be fine. the burlington county health department is warning anyone who may have been exposed to see a doctor. her best friend who first found the cat and brought it to my house she just had the shots yesterday at the hospital. so now they were telling us and my daughter our doctor said we need to go, too. >> reporter: right now, there's no indication rabies has been transmitted to anyone or any pet in the area. reporting live tonight in medford, todd quinones, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> todd, thank you. new tonight the peace corps is pulling volunteers from african nations hit hardest by an outbreak of the ebola virus. 340 workers temporarily leave liberia, sierra leone and guinea after two peace corps volunteers came in contact with someone who later died of the. bowl la virus. so far they showed no signs of the infection. >> it is possible that somebody
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would go over there for, for example torque help in medical care become infected and then come to the united states and become sick here. the cdc says even if the virus did make it to the us, it would be unlikely to spread here because of stronger health carry system. >> new at 11:00 o'clock a brownie bust. two teenagers are now charged with breaking into a home all to bake drug laced brownies. the burglary happened in the 100 block of lincoln road in colle collegeville, montgomery county. police arrested those two back on july 22nd inside of that home. they allege that the two had more than 2 pounds of the controlled sub substance with them at the time. investigators have not said specifically what that substance was. well, it is the drowning danger that lingers even after a child is out of the water. our health reporter stephanie stahl tonight with the a warning signs you need to look for before it's to late. >> kathy. >> we're tracking a few showers on storm scan3 making it toward
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the lehigh valley. but there will be an increasing threat of rain for the rest of the week and for the weekend. we'll talk about that coming up with the seven day forecast. >> and transforming the shore into a weekend beach bash. ac getting ready for big names in music who will hit the sand
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>> late today state police announced the arrest of 19 year old sigh i was ya plumber, 20 year odd dwayne morgan and aaron evan. they arrested 19 yeared monique kelly 20 year old lance rogers. police say two of the suspects walked in with masks and guns back on july 21st and took off with more than $181,000 police have not described the roles the other three played in that heist. tonight the crisis in the middle east is sparking outrage from the international communi community. the united nation social security condemning israel's attack on school in gaza. at least 16 people were killed bringing the palestinian death
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toll to more than 1300 since the fighting began three weeks ago. israel says it targeted the school after hamas fired mortars from near that building. three israeli soldiers were killed in boob we trapped house today raising israel's death toll to 56. >> new information for you tonight in that enormous water main break in los angeles. big clean up effort underway right now at ucla. that break left a 15-foot hole in sunset boulevard and it flood the school's basketball arena. nearly a thousand cars, many of them in underground garages that flooded were damaged last night. experts now say 20 million gallons of water filled the streets in the midst of california's worst drought in decades. >> on the cbs-3 health watch tonight, there are plenty of warnings out there about children drowning in pools or rivers. tonight our health reporter stephanie stahl shows us how the
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risk of drowning continues even after kids are out of the water. >> reporter: at the pool kids splash and sputter but that summertime fun can quickly turn dangerous. >> he definitely had some incidents here where kids have gone under. we have have been able to jump in right away and help them out report roar as long as they come up, that means they're okay. right? well, not necessarily. >> when you see a kid struggle or go under and come up coughing pretty good, that's a kid that needs to be watched for while. may turn out to be nothing but you'll be glad you watched them if they are persistently coughing for the next 20 minutes and then you need to get some help. >> reporter: experts say a small amount of fluid briefly in the airway can lead to two types of drowning. dry drowning and secondary drowning. both can be potentially life threatening. dry drowning, the fluid sets off a spasm in the airway and air can't get in or out. with secondary drowning, water gets in, sets up inflammation which draws fluid into the lungs from the body, something called
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pulmonary edema. >> usually we want those people into the er fairly quickly. we'll actually maintain their airway for them. sometimes that requires intubation put them on ventilator breathing machine. >> reporter: one to 2% of all drowning cases are caused by these conditions. children under the age of five and people ages 15 to 25 are most common the affected. persist 10 coughing, fatigue, vomiting, chest pain, wheezing are the usual symptom and can occur up to 24 hour later. dr. wells saw it happen when he was a lifeguard. >> we knew the kid had a near accident in the pool. seemed to be fine. finished playing with the family in the parking lot family called for help and we got out there and gave him couple deep breaths. >> experts say water safety is the best prevention. keep a close eye on inn experienced swimmers and children and teach swimmers to below water out and not panic. they say if you do notice any warning signs of dry or secondary drowning, you should get to the emergency room. i'm stephanie stahl cbs-3
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"eyewitness news". >> atlantic city all lit up now. the cass soon notice a glow there on the boardwalk. but come tomorrow night, crowds will be flocking to the beach for some counsel country music. why? well, blake shelton will be plugging in for a free concert and tens of thus sands every people will be hitting the sands right here by the pier here at arkansas avenue at caesars palace and all the way down here to the pier at saint jameses place it will be a ton of fun dan crews worked to put the final preparations in place on the beach. mayor don guardian says this is his vision for the future of the boardwalk. >> atlantic city is still a jersey shore town. so urban town but we're still jersey shore. so all of the wonderful activities you get being on the ocean is right here for people to enjoy. >> lady antebellum will perform a free concert from the same stage on sunday. even though those concerts are free you need tickets to access the beach. >> they will be arriving early
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tomorrow. >> right. if you're going to beach concert you want sunny, warm -- >> yes. >> clear weather. >> um hup. >> can we deliver. i think tomorrow is going to be very this day. especially down the shore. we'll see a few showers popping up in the afternoon but fortunately they will be few and far between. we have to mack sure we get all those festivities in from morning till night, right? temperatures across the region are going to be cool tonight. not quiet as cool as they were last night. and over the course of the next four days there will be an increased chance of rain but the climax of that will be unfortunately over the weekend. take look outside. where we have a pretty night in center city philadelphia. temperatures holding on into the 70s. the view from our skycam3 a top our center city studios on storm scan thee we have a few showers but they are slowly falling apart as they encounter much drier air over the lehigh vall valley. berks county and even toward the poconos. just kind of fizzling out to the north, even pottsville seeing
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just few scattered sprinkles. these showers and some heavier rain in harrisburg will continue moving eastward and i think at best lehigh valley maybe a sprinkle or two if that. live neighborhood network takes us to lewes, delaware, where the temperature is only 67 at the university of delaware. ambler, 61. saint charles borromeo school in cinnaminson 67 and folsom school district in hammonton 61 degrees. so a cool night in spots. philadelphia still at 73 degrees. 63 in millville. 60 had the poconos. and to the west much cooler temperatures. state college already down to 58 degrees. feeling like fall again there. future weather has a good grip on what's going on with those showers and you can see over the course of the overnight they just pretty much dissipate a few sprinkles north and west toward the morning. but basically a partly sunny to mostly season knee sky when we wake up. now during afternoon there is a chance of a few showers and isolated storm. temperatures will be in the 80s. with a series of disturbances moving our way.
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a better chance friday afternoon as this cold front gets close sr. but then the forecast gets a little tricky. we are going to be kind of under a squeeze play within these two fronts as they come together and that means showers for saturday and even sunday with temperatures that will be in the 70s saturday a little bit warm mr. on season day. this is the way it will play o out. high pressure is going to be dominating here over the ocean. it will be a player in our weather, however, we'll watch this cold front forty seven from the west usually it just moves through bring us a few showers and moves out. but this high is so strong it's going to push a lingering front back toward the shore and we will be right in between caught in between these two systems with moisture including tropical moisture being funneled up the eastern seaboard and that will spoil the weekend. showers on saturday. a better chance of showers widespread on sunday. so overnight partly cloudy the low 65. highs tomorrow in the 80s. as we look ahead pleasant day down the shore with temperatures in the 80s. and plenty of sunshine as we roll our way through the week,
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we will be seeing increased threat of rain there, too. sunday we do have some action at the pocono speedway. look for chance of showers and 74 degrees. keep an eye on that. on the exclusive "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast and shore cast friday a threat of rain, better chance saturday and sunday and staying unsettled for that first week of august. we want to remind that you we will be live from the shore tomorrow from barnegat light. we'll be doing something there that we have never done before orr at the shore live at 5:00 and 6:00. hope to see you then. we'll be right
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>> second day in pads for the eagles at training camp first exhibition game a week from friday. difficult for nick foles to improve on last season. 27 touchdowns you know the story. just two interceptions. but that's exactly what he's trying to do. like a pitcher adding a slider foles is working to improve on the back shoulder throw. >> what's the best way to um
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prove your game by watching the ones who were before me that were the great ones and learning why they were so great at were they do and watching the film and all the great ones were able to throw back shoulder. >> good day for eagles defense in full team drill. much maligned pass defense pick off four interceptions. that's good sign. remember last season they ranked last against the pass. >> that was great to see defensively us stepping up and getting some turnovers. that's what we have to be about defensively. for us to do it on sundays you have to be it out here in practice much it's great to see everybody picking up the tempo, the energy on the dee finance seive side of the ball and making big plays. >> now the non waiver trade deadline is less than 24 hours away for the phils. will ruben a marrow make any moves? today the mets hammered the fightings in competition. fourth inn nothing score. lucas duda with the fly ball to center. ben revere with nice defense up
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over for the rob. of a homerun. game tied. daniel murphy one of his three hits in the game. three run shot. that gave the mets a four-one lead. in the eighth, lucas duda had his day. did not get robbed. two run shot off the facade at right. the mets beat the phils 11-two. >> we'll be rye back. ♪
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>> new at 11:00 state borders and bicyclists turn out for the latest fun safe philly summer pop up event. >> many of them showing off their skills by doing tricks on the ramps at franklin 68 park. "eyewitness news" along the schuylkill river trail in fairmount park. just one of the fun and save activities the city planned for young people this summer. a great night to be out there. we'll be right back. ♪
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>> thank you for watching cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 11:00 o'clock. "eyewitness news" returns in the morning at 4:30 with ukee washington and erika von tiehl. for beasley, kathy and all of us here, i'm chris may. i'm jessica dean. we're always on at cbsphilly.c the late show with david letterman next. have great night. letterman next. have great night. we'll see you tomorrow.
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