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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  July 31, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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month ahead every schedule. officials shut the bridge down, in june, because of serious structural concerns. good evening, i'm jessica dean. >> i'm chris may. natasha brown traveled to wilmington, joins with us breaking details, this is welcome news for a loft drivers, natasha? >> oh, most certainly is, chris. this is certainly a welcome site for the 90,000 or so vehicles that normally travel this corridor, every single day, the southbound lanes, as you can see here, of the 495 bridge, reopened much earlier than expected. >> finally relief for drivers traveling through delaware, via i495 southbound lanes every damaged brink near wilmington reopened 5:00 p.m. thursday, a month ahead of schedule. the north and southbound lanes of the bridge were shutdown on june 2nd, after officials found that a span of the bridge was tilting. del dot officials feared this heavily traveled corridor wouldn't open until labor day. but 24/7 construction to complete the tilting columns on the southbound side means
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an early re-opening of the highway. >> that's drilled 32 homes down to bedrock, filled them with reinforced concrete, now supporting the bridge. so actually stronger than it was before. >> very happy it is done, and happy for the citizens. i'm sure it has been a burdens end on them. >> now that the lanes are flowing smoothly, we're on the northbound side, still closed, we're told there is side was much more heavily damaged, and will not reopen for another two to four weeks. live here in wilmington, delaware, natasha brown, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". that the tasha, thank you. also developing at 6:00 another financial blow that could lead to more deep cuts in philadelphia's schools. the proposed cigarette tax seen as crucial patch for the district's money problems, stalled in harrisburg again. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers is live in the sat center now with what this means for the district.
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matt? >> superintendent hite told reporters earlier today that if his district does not receive additional funding within the next few weeks, it is shyly unlikely philadelphia schools will open up on time. >> weeks ago they were relying on tax, now the tax is off the table. >> that's devastating news for the children of philadelphia. the school district of philadelphia, and our families. >> state house lawmakers were supposed to hold a special session monday, to vote on the tax, but thursday, that session was canceled by republican leadership. funding from the tax was supposed to go toward easing the school district's 81 million-dollar deficit. now, cuts will have to be made by august 15th. >> everything remains on the table, whether we shorten the school year. >> had said previously over 1,000 employees could be laid off too. this comes after 300 support staff were laid off thursday. it has nothing to do with the cigarette tax, but is
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indicative after school district already reeling from budget cuts. >> it will not and school district. it will not and functioning school. it means that we're going to be literally warehousing children. >> but house republicans said the $2 a cigarette tax bill became too complicated as legislature added amendments that had nothing to do with schools. they say that's why they canceled the vote. lawmakers now can't vote on the cigarette tax until september 15th, 6 days after school is supposed to start. >> every week it costs $1.5 million. because that is the amount of monday that i would come to the school district of philadelphia. >> now, late today, republican lawmakers did ask governor tom corbett in a letter to advance money to the school district. school officials say that means it would get funding it was supposed to receive later in the school year, bit earlier, but while that might help open up schools on time, it would do nothing to address the $81 million deficit. we're liver in the sat center, matt rivers, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> matt, thank you. tonight two penndot contractors charged with stealing millions of taxpayer
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dollars are free on bail. fifty-four year old robert flyman, six of two year old thon nyen, for theft and bribery. prosecutors say nyen stole $6.3 million by double billing for contracts, billing for hours not work and billing for equipment never purchased. they say slayman, supposed to be inspecting that work, phosphide records to help nyen carry out his scheme. >> that money, it is generating large sums. >> vehemently denies bribing anybody. he steadfastly maintains that for every day that he had this contract, he did the work. >> also said penndot employee reported it to a supervisor and was told to stop snooping around. attorney general's office expects more arrests. >> well the mayor of philadelphia and the city's police commissioner spoke out today strongly refuting any suggestions that corruption in the police department is
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widespread. as walt hunter tells us tonight, city leaders condemned six indicted narcotics officers. >> will not allow in the most recent circumstance six scumbags to negatively impact the representations of 6,000 plus men and women who risk their lives each and every day. >> mayor michael nutter made his feelings clear, about six narcotics officers indicted on corruption charges. and he added the statistics show their alleged actions do not reflect department wide problem. >> the majority had hard-working honest police officers. they are not corrupt. period. >> the commissioner says, he was offended by the front page daily news illustrations showing police headquarters wrapped in crime scene tape. >> that is a slap in the face to anybody who walks in the building and don't conduct that.
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>> department wide corruption that does not exist. >> to sit back and never rana (beep) thing in their live, nothing. >> the law firm, already filed more than 60 lawsuits, involving the indicted officers, over the past two years, say they are now getting a spike in phonecalls. >> from people claiming they, too, were victimized. >> i think we're getting a sense it is far more widespread. >> officials no comment. meanwhile, new police contract handed down by an arbitration panel for the first time, gives the police commissioner power to rotate veteran officers out of the narcotics unit. a step city officials believe is in the right direction, in their efforts, to root out corruption. in center city, walt hunter, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> well, a woman in camden is shot, just days after she and her young son moved into their
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new home. it happened early this morning, at the liberty park townhomes on peel street. neighbors say that the 23 year old woman was shot in the neck, after some casino of argument. she was taken to cooper university hospital, no word on her condition, police made no arrest. >> new information tonight in the shoot that injured a girl in her bedroom in sicklerville, new jersey. the winslow police department now offering $3,000 for any information that leads to airiness that case. it all happened back on july 7th, after gun fight, that involved at least two people near haywood drive. a stray bullet from that gunfire went through a wall, hit that girl, and another woman. >> big bashon the beach in atlantic city tonight. take a look at that image. wow. look at all of those people. tens every thousands of fans are expected to pack the sands for the concert featuring blake shelton. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones live on the bore walk, there todd, pretty
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exciting night. >> indeed, jessica. you know, when most people think about atlantic city, they think about gambling. and the casino industry down here is actually trying to change that a little bit. and trying to sell atlantic city as being more than just a gaming destination. and that's what tonight's concert is all about. >> ♪ >> the music has started and so has the party on the beach. thousands of excited fans all day have been on the sands anticipating the blake shelton concert tonight. the free concert, which is sponsored by the casinos in atlantic city, has drawn a crowd of around 60,000 people, many fans started to show up at 10:00 this morning. >> so excited to be here, awesome. >> love this concerts i can't wait. owe would are -- i would love to go up on stage and sing with him. >> number every casinos looking at the possibility of having to shut down at the end of the season. thousands of casino employees are fashion g the possibility
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of also losing their jobs, but the marking arm of the casinos here, which help promote this concert, indicates the financial woes aren't that bad. >> honestly, i think one of the major obstacles we have the fact that the minute media portrayed atlantic city as dying, in reality, as you can see, we 95% occupied, our boardwalk is full, our beach is full, our entertainment, is on. test run for summer concert series, although future concerts may not be free. >> looking forward to doing this as maybe basically ticketed event that we can charge, ticket prices for, which means we can do it more often. >> blake shelton set to take the stage within the hour. >> all right, todd, enjoy v a good time, thank you. red light cameras are common picture, at some of the city's
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busiest intersection. >> now the technology is expanding into more of the suburbs. still ahead, which township will now get these eyes in the sky. >> plus, making a difference, one brush stroke at a time. we'll tell you how volunteers are helping people achieve the american dream. kate? >> and we are tracking showers across the area, just a few out there today, but more numerous showers tomorrow. and it could be a wet first weekend of augusfrt, the city to or at the shore coming up. >> phillies fans thinking that the trade deadline would end an era and bring about major changes can think again. the team will play with the hand they've dealt themselves, we'll get an explanation from the general manager, com
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>> abington township the first suburban municipality in pennsylvania to use red light cameras. starting tonight, at midnight, drivers who run red lights at three intersections in abington will receive a warning. then, 100-dollar fines will be mailed out to violators starting october 1st. those cameras are at old york and susquehanna road, old york and welsh roads, and more land and fitzwatertown roads. >> this is not about a pre live ration cameras, we're doing it on a very limited basis, doing it on a very targeted basis.
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doing it at the three intersections not only the most serious, and has the most accidents, but also, the ones that are most difficult to do normal enforcement. >> police chief says that the program is a trial run of sorts. and that the future of red light cameras will be reconsidered after one years. a local organization and some volunteers are helping to break the cycle of poverty. volunteers from bank of america spent today painting and cleaning up a west philadelphia home. it will be a transitional home for low income family with parent working toward a college degree. >> love the fact that we are really change ago life, you know, that's what i love about it, and the fact that we were able to partner together, which is so phenominal. >> achievable is a charitable organization base in the philadelphia that helps families become self-sufficient. ♪ it is thursday in the summer, that means meteorologist, kathy orr is headed down the shore. >> this week's or at the shore takes us to beautiful barnegat
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lighthouse state park, long beach island, kathy climbed the 217 septa barney, little bit earlier, and she's made it back down in one piece, hi, kathy. >> oh, what a beautiful day, much more comfortable down here at the base of barnegat lighthouse. earlier, we did take that trek up those 217 stairs, and beyond. here is the view from the grounds. we were way up there. see that white top? it almost looks like a greenhouse, or a carousel up there. that's the very top of the barnegat lighthouse, that's the lantern room. and what an amazing perspective we had. it is a view that anyone who takes that trek will see from the top you can look over island beach state park, you have a gorgeous view of barnegat bay and long beach island. come to lbi, check out the barnegat lighthouse, affectionately known as old barney. look at the forecast, because if you want to come down the
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shore this weekend, it is going to be a little bitty would say dodging some showers here and there. take a look at storm scan3, right now, we have few spotty showers, well to the north and west, and berks county and beyond. pretty warm, philadelphia 85, 82 mill wilmington, down the shore here at barn gate light, 81 degrees, and still in the 70s, though, through ocean sit, stone harbor, cape may, it is 79 at rehoboth beach delaware. g down the shore, friday the best day of the weekends, 83, partly sunny skies, perhaps an evening shower, saturday, 78, with some rain, and some showers. good day perhaps to come inside the lighthouse and check it out. then by sunday, 77 degrees with mostly cloudy skies, and chance of some showers. back here live, the sun is getting lower in the sky, beautiful sunset on the barnegat bay. but we have a lot of activity's going on down the shore this weekend, if you have the chance to come down,
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or on vacation, take a look at these, because they are worth while event. first, let's talk about tomorrow baby parade starts at 11:00 a.m., marching off from congress street, long beach avenue, ends at howard street. also the stone harbor area this saturday, and sunday, is going to be holding its 52nd annual arts and crafts festival, at the 80th street recreational field, for more on these events, and barnegat light, go to we've got the boats. we've got the jet skis, even folks at the picnic tables eating dinner, kate, this is great place to be, even on thursday afternoon. >> see behind me on "skycam 3", live looking out over center city philadelphia, what a beautiful evening it turned out to be. as any of those spotty showers kathy just showed us have missed us mainly to the north and west. let's recap july. the last day of the month, you
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might think cool july. actually actually pretty much standard for july. temperatures about .2 degrees above average, precipitation just slightly below average, five hundreds of an inch below average. so, pretty standard july across the board, highest temperature we had was 96, lowest temperature, 62. now, let's take a peak at august. august the average high for the month is 85. the average high for tomorrow, is 87. by the ends of the month, average highs drop to the low 80s, so pretty comfortable month normally for us here in philadelphia, see if we can get any real heat back in the forecast, haven't felt it in quite some time. tomorrow 80s again, here comes front moving in from the north and west with better chance for scattered showers and storms tomorrow. and then squeeze play saturday, as front backs in from the coast, producing this corridor of moisture, to lift up from the south and west, moisture overhead all weekends, so we will be dodging showers all weekend long. the steadiest rain looks like saturday morning, especially, down the shore. so timing it out here on future weather, see clouds builds in by tomorrow morning, notice, tomorrow afternoon, showers and storms pop up,
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just about everywhere. they will be scattered, but again, plan on them for tomorrow afternoon. saturday morning, here comes the rain, lifting up the coals. we've got showers all day long, little bit of clearing could try to get in saturday evening, or saturday night. i wouldn't make a ton of outdoor plans, but keep an eye to the sky. may be able to get out at times during the weekend, i don't think total wash out from start to finish, but watch for another round of showers during the day sunday with chance even for some steadier rain here and there. so, a hit or miss casino every weekend if you are outside. if you have plans to head down the shore it doesn't look like the best weekends, unfortunately, to be out on the beach. tonight mostly cloudy, isolated shower, 68. for tomorrow, clouds, sun, 83 degrees, if you're headed up to the poconos, again, unsettled showers, thunderstorms specially sat a and sunday, highs in the mountains only in the mid 70s. >> eyewitness weather seven day forecast, "shorecast", again, we've been spoiled by these weekends, but august turning out little different. right around 08 with showers
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even some steadier rain this weekend, monday 86 with thunderstorm hotted into neck week, we warm up again, 86 by wednesday, the next quiet day, as we head into next week. so, not the best weaken, but we'll get through. we've been spoiled. >> that's right. >> it's been nice, kate, thanks. good evening, everyone, i'm sure a loft folks are just hoping to get through the volume on 95, an accident, popped up on the northbound side approaching the area of the commodore barry bridge. notice this accident taking out left-hand lane. delays are stemming back toward the delaware state line. so give yourself more time. pack your patience. because you are going need it. now, in regard to overall, the rush is out there still in full swing. twenty-seven average northbound, southbound, through the construction zones. vine st. expressway eastbound jammed from river to river delayed 202 all the way down toward the vine st. expressway, westbound, expect delays around city avenue and
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476 slow. and watch out for an accident on 95 northbound at the street road off ramp.
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baseball's trade deadline is come and gone. and phillies fans will not be seeing any new faces any time soon. phillies brass decided to keep things the way they are. making no moves before the 4:00 p.m. deadline. cole hamels, cliff lee, marilyn bird, all rumored to be available. but apparently the phils weren't wide by any offers. here's the gm feeling on quiet day. >> well, not disappointed, i think more surprised that there wasn't more aggressive, i guess, action you could calm it, pretty good baseball players here, and, you know, our goal all along to try to improve the club. really wasn't a deal to be
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made that would help us do that. >> and, with the team intact, the fighting's open series in d.c. tonight, cliff lee, on the hill, for the phils. >> boston opened detroit certainly busy. red sox dealing pitcher jon lester and outfielder jonny gomes to the a's for young slugger. not to be out done, the tigers landed ace pitcher david price from tampa, franklin, back to the rays. >> in south philadelphia, the birds were back on the field at the nova care complex today players trying to get better as the season approaches. relying more on self ears maclin, and rookie matthews. matthews said he is taking things one step at a time. >> i know each day i want to continue to go back, look at my play book, go to my ipad, see what i did wrong, improve on. that will you got to go out there and make plays.
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>> three flyers greats will be honored this season, with the spots for team's hall of fame. eric lindrose, john claire, will enter together. then on february 19th, defenseman eric dejardin will also receive the honor. more news when we come why would you want to avoid them? because i don't want to... you know what? i'm gonna bring my maintenance guy in here to tell you all about it. roddy! so, uh, without your fee, your checking chamber can't run smoothly. every time you put money in, it causes, uh...deposit friction.
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thank for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we're back here on cbs-3 at 11. stay right there, cbs evening news comes your way. tonight the stocks hit the red today. we'll tell you what's behind that major sell off. plus, congress goes on break. but did it get anything done? during the session? james brown is in tonight for scott pelle, he reports from new york. >> ♪
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and chip reid reports the fur was really flying in the competition to be the white house christmas tree. >> it gives you chills.


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