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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  August 12, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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♪ good morning, it is tuesday, august 12th, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." remembering robin williams, the life and defining moments of a brilliant and complex performer. a city on edge, following plus, political turmoil in iraq as thousands seek refuge from isis militants. >> but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. remembering an american icon. >> robin williams the comic was found in his home in an apparent suicide. >> hit after hit.
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"good morning vietnam" dead poets society and won an oscar. >> you walk into a bar -- [ laughter ] >> riot police confronted angry protesters in ferguson, missouri, after the shooting of annan unarmed teenager. >> iraq's president appointing a new prime minister haider al ibadi. >> detroit got racked by serious rain on monday. flash flooding was a huge problem. >> i was heading to the store but i looked outside. >> u.s. postal service continues to plead red ink. the agency lost $2 billion in the last quarter. >> the mother climbed down to rescue the youngster. >> all that -- >> one officer in kansas city
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didn't do so well, arms flailing and toe tapping. >> look at this catch. he actually caught the baseball and threw a replacement ball. >> "all that mattered" -- >> ethel kennedy accepted the ice bucket challenge for a.l.s. >> oh! >> oh! >> on "cbs this morning" -- >> yap, yap, yap! >> people are thinking right now, they're going this charlie rose? >> announcer: this morning's yo "eye opener" is presented by toyota. "eye opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs there is no one like robin williams. >> and no one that made us laugh harder.
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>> a true genius. indeed. gayle king is off. robin williams made millions of people laugh all over the world. many fans and friends are remembering him this morning with tears. oscar-winning performer was found dead in his home on tuesday. police say it appears the 63-year-old killed himself. >> williams had an unique talent as a comedian and a deep thoughtful actor. he won six golden globes, five grammys and an academy award. john blackstone is in tiburon, the san francisco suburb where williams lived and died. john, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, we're here in front of williams' home in tiburon where emergency crews were called to yesterday and where sheriffs are now investigating his death as suicide by asphyxiation. now, we expect to learn new details at a news conference this morning. but for now, fans around the country and the world are remembering a man who brought us so much laughter with apparently
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experiencing so much pain. sheriffs in marin county, california say williams was last seen at 10:00 p.m. sunday at his tiburon home. a 91111:55 a.m. reporting a man unconscious. emergency personnel arrived five minutes later. williams was pronounced dead at 12:02, the marin county coroner says it expects the death to be suicide due to asphyxiation. >> if they made it not to drink, an alcoholic would say, perhaps we should take two? >> reporter: 63-year-old robin williams was very open about his struggles with drug and alcohol addiction. earlier this summer, williams had checked himself into a rehab center in minnesota. >> at the time he said he had not reckoned to his struggles with being sober but he really wanted to kind of maintain his sobriety and keep everything in
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check. >> reporter: news photographer dean kendrick recently attended a.a. meetings with williams. >> he was one of the very first to raise his hand and open himself to vulnerability but he really, really needed support at the time. >> reporter: williams wife susan schneider issued a statement saying she hopes the public doesn't focus on her husband's death, but rather, on the countless moments of joy and laughter he gave to millions. and a nod tos am movie rules, president obama echoed that sentiment. robin williams was an airman, a doctor, a genie, a nanny, a president, a professor, a bangarang, peter pan and everything in between. but he one of a kind. he arrived in our lives as ann al yen. on his 63rd birthday three weeks ago he posed for an instagram
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photo with quote, one of his favorite leading ladies, crystal, the monkey from "night at the museum." that press conference, a sheriff's press conference is scheduled for 11:00 pacific time this morning. a forensic examination is scheduled for and toxicology will follow. >> robin williams leaves behind an extraordinary body of work, steven spielberg is directing what he calls williams' work a lightning storm. good morning. >> looking back, it seems there was nothing robin williams could not do when it came to entertaining because despite his battle with addiction he had this incredible ability to make us laugh. >> okay. you're a nice man, you won't hurt me. >> reporter: much like his personality, robin williams' talent was one of a kind. >> brrrrrr!
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>> reporter: born in chicago, raised in detroit, williams began his career in stand-up. >> the male of the species, we spend nine months trying to get out of the womb, the rest our lives trying to get right back in. [ laughter ] >> reporter: he appeared on the richard pryor show and happy days before playing an alien on the 1978 sitcom "mork & mindy." the show became must-see tv a mastery of improv and impression. >> i'm back. watch out, denmark. [ laughter ] >> happy thanksgiving, mama! >> come here, listen to me! >> reporter: williams eventually transitioned to the big screen. >> good morning, vietnam! hey this is not a test. this is rock 'n' roll. time to rock from from the delta
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to the dmz. is it what me or does it sound like an elvis presley movie? viva da nang! >> reporter: it was his iconic role as an issue teacher in "dead poets society" that proved he was much more than a comedian. >> just when you think you know something you have to look at it in another way. even though it may seem silly or wrong, you must try. >> reporter: williams went on to play a very cast of characters from a scott issue nanny in "mrs. doubtfire." >> hello! >> reporter: to "aladdin." he showed extraordinary range. >> you don't know real loss because that only occurs when you love something more than you love yourself. don't you ever dare to love anybody that much. >> reporter: that performance in
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"good will hunting" earned williams an oscar for best performing actor. >> this might be the one time i'm speechless. >> reporter: despite his lifelong success, the actor made no secret of his life long addiction. >> i had been sober for 20 years. i walked into a store and say a little bottle of jack daniels. i thought i'll be fine. i'll be okay. the moment i had a sip i was -- roooar! i was like welcome back [ bleep ]. >> bottom line is i'm [ bleep ] blp. >> reporter: williams leaves behind a wife and three children. he was 63 years old. >> good night! >> now robin williams was very active on twitter. and his final tweet was to wish his only daughter zelda a happy
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birthday. after his death yesterday, she responded with this quote from the book "the little prince." you alone will have the stars ano one else has them. in one of the stars i shall be living. in one of them i shall be laughing. and so it will be as if all the stars were laughing when you look at the sky at night. you, only you, will have the stars that ka laugh." a tribute to the father she loved. >> there were two more twitters tweets. the laugh club. a picture of its marquee reading "rest in peace. make god laugh." the motion picture academy sent out be still aladdin. >> ron be made me laugh so hard and so long that i cried. it seemed to please him no end. yesterday i cried again at the thought that he was gone.
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extraordinary talent and a standing intellect was his huge heart. a frequent guest on my television program, in 2009, he talked about using stand-up comedy to tackle the difficult issues he faced. >> have you ever bought that there's some connection between -- >> life -- >> yeah, and talent. >> well, comedic talent is a survival method. >> did you have to get out demons? >> i don't know. they hang right here. >> the demons -- >> we live with you, boy. [ laughter ] >> the demons. >> the demons. >> they're more like spirits. they're in a glass. dr. jekyll, mr. jack daniels. >> you're okay today? >> totally. okay? well, that's not -- okay. i'm better and also i feel great. i went to rehab in wine country just to keep my options open.
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but i came out the other side. >> how were you when you came out the other side? >> dry. and sober. and also able to experience life. it's amazing. before the heart surgery, one of the more sobering moments of just going life is extraordinary. i don't want to miss it, you know. >> oh, man. >> it's a gift. and spending most of the time going -- i don't remember. to come back, that is echo, oh, look. then you realize, you do have family, friends and people that go, i appreciate you and now i can actually remember what we're talking about. how fun is that? that's kind of a gift, you know. >> how cool is he. we have much more ahead on the death of robin williams. "entertainment tonight"'s nancy o'dell shares her memories of a man she interviewed many times. and the man and his career coming up on "cbs this morning." and it is calm in ferguson,
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missouri, after a second night of unrest. protesters confronted police in a st. louis suburb where an officer killed an unarmed teenager on saturday. dean reynolds is in ferguson where the fbi is opening an investigation. dean, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, well, tear gas, road blocks and rubber bullets were all used to disperse a crowd overnight that had formed near the neighborhood where the 18-year-old was shot to death on saturday by a police officer. this, as the victim's family and community leaders are calling for calm. >> reporter: police in riot gear standing in front of armored trucks blocked the streets of ferguson and ordered a crowd of protesters to clear the streets, warning what would come next if they refused. minutes later -- tear gas, along with rubber bullets were deployed. the same tactic was used hours
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earlier when groups of this mostly black community refused police orders to disperse and go home. law enforcement was attempting to prevent a repeat of widespread looting and arson that erupted sunday night when peaceful demonstrations gave way to violence. when the sun came up on monday, business owners assessed the damage. john zisser's tire business lost every window in the shop. so you watched your own business being vandalized on television? >> on television, yeah. >> reporter: tell me what that feels like. >> oh, it's not a very good feeling. you're absolutely powerless. >> reporter: mike brown's parents, michael brown, sr., and leslie mcspadden condemned the destruction. >> i don't want no violence. we don't want no violence. >> michael wouldn't want know violence. >> he -- he wouldn't have wanted it. >> reporter: the family has
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hired attorney benjamin crump who represented the family of trayvon martin last year. >> people are killing young people of color. it's our children. >> reporter: for now, investigators are urging anyone with information about the shooting to please come forward. charlie. >> dean, thanks. >> this morning, a political showdown is unfolding in iraq. the country's president named a new prime minister to replace nuri al maliki. al maliki calls the move a violation of the constitution. president obama interrupted his vacation yesterday to support the action. >> under the iraqi constitution, this san important step towards forming a new government that can unite iraq's different communities. now, this new iraqi leadership has a difficult task. it has to regain the confidence of its citizens by governing inclusively and by taking steps to demonstrate its resolve. >> major garrett is on martha's vineyard where the president continues his vacation. major, good morning.
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>> well, good morning. president obama and his foreign policy team have been frustrated with iraqi prime minister nuri al maliki for months if not years. of course, the united states helps bring nuri al maliki to power eight years ago, now the obama administration supports prime minister designate haider al abadi. abadi say shia. maliki has lost favor not just in washington but baghdad as well. now, the white house waits to see if maliki will relinquish power, one of question one that carries a inspector of violence if maliki if threatened tries to retain power by force. u.s. air strikes in the northern iraqi town of erbil has succeeded in knocks the sunni fighters back on their heels a bit but the pentagon says there's no hope of degrading isis or defeating isis unless the iraqi leadership in baghdad returns to the battlefield. the white house and the president's top advisers insist the new government offers the
7:17 am
prospect of reconciliation and unity in iraq. the question becomes will it ever begin peacefully or at all. norah. >> major, thank you. stay a look at this dramatic video from western iraq. desperate iraqis stormed a supply helicopter hoping for a flight to safety. holly williams is in erbil. holey, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. there are frantic efforts to save the lives of hundreds, perhaps thousands of people who are still trapped on a remote mountain here in iraq. they are yazidis, members of a religious minority who have been chased from their homes and in some cases killed by the islamic militants known as isis. >> reporter: they're stranded on a barren mountaintop facing starvation. there's little wonder they're desperate enough to do this. more than iraqi helicopter as it delivered food and water yesterday. fighting each other for the handful of seats on the
7:18 am
aircraft. the crew left with the people most in need. including these dehydrated children. but they were lucky to get away safely. and the final good-bye, the militants opened fire on the helicopter. isis has unleashed a wave of hatred and violence, seizing a swath of territory in northern iraq. they practice a strict form of sunni islam. and they're targeting iraqis from other religious groups. this hall is now home to 200 christian families who fled isis a week ago. but many people here told us they don't want to go home or stay in iraq. they're frightened of the islamic extremists and angry with iraq's leaders. the government did nothing to protect us because we're christians, amal jacob told us. as christians we have no rights.
7:19 am
iraq's religious tensions have flared up time and again since the u.s. invasion of 2003. divisions between shiite muslims, sunni muslims and christians. and also it's difficult to see how any iraqi government can hold its country together. charlie. >> holly, thanks. the first infected with ebola has died this morning. the 75-year-old priest was treated and taken to ma friday. today, a world health organization panel endorsed using unproven ebola drugs. ahead on "cbs this morning," the new
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>> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by jcpenney. when it fits, you feel it. trapped at sea for 24 hours.
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>> ahead, see who the coast guard turned to for help with three lives hanging in the balance. >> the news is back here in the morning on "cbs this morning." stay tuned for your local news. >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by the bypower card from capital one. your card is the key. the open ? a card that gave you that "i'm 16 and just got my first car" feeling. presenting the buypower card from capital one. redeem earnings toward part or even all of a new chevrolet, buick, gmc or cadillac - with no limits. so every time you use it, you're not just shopping for goods. you're shopping for something great. learn more at
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>> i'm ukee washington being look at wet werth moving toward the region, here's katie in the weather center some have you already been getting hit pretty hard with heavier rain since earlier this morning, especially true for our friends in the northern counties outside of philadelphia. so the lehigh valley, up toward i80, the poconos, berks county, you have been getting hit hard here with a round of heff rain that hasn't moved too much here. >> smattering of showers elsewhere, hit and miss, offer and on variety, what we are dealing with throughout the whole day. 79 degrees as a result that far cloud cover. and the rain, at best. so not going to warm up as easily that rain looks like it comes through with the most widespread coverage and heaviest rounds, later on tonight. by tomorrow, we should see little more sunshine here high hits 84, after dealing with morning showers, skies will
7:27 am
start to clear. bob? >> 7:27. morning, the rain starting to impact our morning rush hour, and good spray coming up off the cars in front of you. we look live, 30 bypass right near route 100, so depending upon where you begin and end your trip the rain will impact us like even here along 422 where there is an accident eastbound right near arm and hammer, this is live look right near the observation interchange, and a crash down in chester, providence avenue, right at 22nd streetment ukee, back over to you. >> thank you, next update at 7:55, up next on this morning, reaction frost hollywood on the death of robobin william. more local weather traffic and sp have you seen tom corbett's ads attacking me... get real. it's tom corbett who's been sticking it to the middle class on taxes.
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corbett cut a billion dollars from education... almost 80% of school districts plan to raise property taxes. meanwhile, we're the only state that doesn't charge oil and gas companies an extraction tax. but corbett raised your gas taxes through the roof. i'm tom wolf, i'll be a governor who stands up for the middle class for a change.
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♪ you're that twitter person, too? >> no, i've only tweeted a couple times. >> well, why do -- i have a whole page of tweets from robin williams. >> i guess i do. tell them about that, what are we doing? you know what we do, robert. the tweets, get it? i tweet, yes. >> who was the person who twitted? >> a twit. >> what's the past tense? don't go there. [ laughter ] >> when charlie goes, my uncle goes, stop right there. oh, praise him, praise him. thank you. >> oh, my goodness that was the great robin williams in one of his final interviews here in studio 57. i watched that whole interview
7:31 am
last night. charlie, to see you laugh. look at this, he left behind another lasting memory. on a wall he wrote this, charlie rose is all that mattered! robin williams. oh, people ask me what is my favorite interview that i've ever done i say robin williams, when he came to this table. someone who i admired my whole life. it came really as a huge shock last night. notice, i've got this big grin on my face, he can still make us laugh. >> the range. welcome back to "cbs this morning," coming up in this hour, williams talked frankly over the years about his personal battle with addictions. he often spokes with "entertainment tonight's" nancy o'dell, she'll talk about the moments that williams knew he needed help. plus, the mystery continues to haunt motorsports this morning. new evidence from the night nascar champ tony stewart ran into and killed another driver.
7:32 am
that's ahead. time to show you some headlines around from the globe. "los angeles times" updates that deadly bank robbery in stockton, california, a killed after being taken hostage, by police bullets. 31-year-old misty holt-sing may have been hit ten times. the robbers used her as a shield during the gun battle. two of the four robbers were kill in the shoot-out. >> the fda has approved a test of colon cancer. cologuard detects changes in a person's stool. but many say colonoscopy as the best way to detect cancer. the postal service had a $2 billion loss for the their quarter that's despite the 2% increase in revenue compared to the same time last year. the agency blames increases in costs for workers' compensation and benefits.
7:33 am
"the new york times" says a new law in iran with effective operations for permanent pregnancy. it's a new law for the birth date. the honolulu star advertiser said three men stranded in their boat in rough seas are safe this morning. we told you about this yesterday. their boat began taking on water when hurricane julio battered them with 30-foot waves and 110-mile-per-hour winds. a container ship in the area picked the. and the bangkok post shows us the first panda triplets born alive. they were born two weeks ago. the triplets are now nursing with their mother after spending a little time in an incubator. the zoo says the mom and her babies are in good condition. >> that's adorable. >> yeah. >> they say they're like a little stick of butter when they first come out.
7:34 am
>> three sticks. >> three sticks of butter. robin williams' bringing an outpour of sympathy. nancy is with us from los angeles. good morning. >> good morning, charlie. i've done and covered it for 18 years now and robin williams goes down as one of my best interviews. he's always so up beat. what we found is robin being candid about his substance abuse problems but what we also found was a man who dealt largely with this problems with humor. >> reporter: robin williams was a self-proclaimed alcoholic, he masked that that addiction with humor. >> not only -- i snorted. did you? uh-huh. i think it much is like the
7:35 am
character i stayed on the outside. it's much better for me. >> reporter: williams sat down with entertainment tonight after completing an inpatient treatment program back in 2006. >> and i thank all the people who sent many letters of support and kindless and prayers. and there's a wonderful support network out there. >> reporter: robin williams spent four decades making us laugh and cry. while he was comfortable in front of the camera he was at times reluctant to talk about his past. >> my past -- no, no, no. i mean -- yes -- no, no -- can't do it. >> reporter: but williams seemed to have a grasp on how to cope with his off-screen struggles. >> it might have been helpful to learn how to deal with stress. i dealt with it with alcohol and then realized, no, that didn't help. that does not help deal with the situation. >> reporter: williams did speak openly about his addiction in the '70s. he was a close friend of john belushi who died an overdose in
7:36 am
1992, williams said his death as well as the birth of his oldest son prompted him to enter for the first time. >> people say that and you think you're invincible. and then you realize there are pictures of you. >> he is definitely going to be missed. in fact, there was even talks of a "mrs. doubtfire 2." which of course is one of the favorite characters that robin ever did. you'll see robin in december in "night of the museum." we look forward to that. >> nancy, looking at all of those conversations that you had with robin about his drug addiction and depression, are you are kind of thinking were you playing the role of therapist a little bit? there was so robin williams, there's no doubt
7:37 am
was a comedic genius, i do think he would deal with the problems by making light of them. comedy was almost a drug to him. he would say something funny, the entire room would react, you would see him beam up. there was also a serious side. he would be very poignant. i can remember when i interviewed him in 2006 right after he came out of rehab and he'd been sober for 20 years. i asked him what made him come back in he said when you you realize that you're violating your standards quicker than you can actually lower them. i said, did they expect you to be robin williams even in rehab, and there was some of that. and then he goes into an impersonation that makes the entire room light up. i think what his wife said today is so very perfect in the fact that i hope people will not focus so much on his death, but instead, all the laughter and
7:38 am
the joy that involved so many people. >> thank you, nancy. >> i'm struck by the fact this is outpouring, everybody newspaper. it's on the front page. everybody was talking about how there was a connection in terms of making them laugh. and at the same time, this connection between his comedy and his fame. >> norah, you made a point a moment ago about his legacy that i don't think should be underestimated. >> well, it's just interesting, as we think about, you know, the man who made us laugh so hard. because of, i think, the way that he passed, you look back at his struggles. in some ways his laughing about his struggles and being so open about them may be looked at as one of his greatest contributions truly. >> i think so. anything that's safe to laugh about is safe to talk about. and for anyone who feels they have a problem that's not supposed to be discussed might feel differently this morning. >> charlie, you did what, six hours of interview? >> yeah.
7:39 am
mostly it was about -- he had the fastest time between a brain and a tongue that i've ever seen. you know? he could take on anything. we'll see some of that later. he was in the room, you just -- it was magical. magical to see him and hear him and to see him take on everything. and inventiveness inventiveness. >> he was smart. very intellectual. he was well read on everything. politics. relationships. >> tonight "entertainment tonight" will have full coverage of life and death of robin williams. check your local listings. there's new evidence from saturday's deadly crash of nascar's tony stewart and the competitor he ran over.
7:40 am
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♪ nascar champ tony stewart remains in seclusion this morning after killing another driver saturday night. investigators continue search for clues after stewart ran over 20-year-old kevin ward jr. >> as we reported ward got out of his sprint car after crashing and walked on to the dirt track where stewart and other competitors went zooming by. don dahler is at the canandaigua motorsports park with new evidence. don, good morning. >> reporter: authorities are asking for more help from the public who may have witnessed saturday's accident from the fans to fellow drivers. investigators returned to the scene of the deadly crash monday scanning the track for clues but they've yet to link nascar champ
7:45 am
tony stewart to a crime. >> we would like to see resolution as quickly as possible but by the same token we don't want to leave any stone unturned. >> reporter: authorities are looking at two videos taken by spectators. including this one that shows kevin ward getting out of his car. an autopsy revealed the 20-year-old died of massive blunt trauma. chuck hadn't sensed any animosity between the two drivers. >> kevin's been in the field every time. there's never been a problem between the two of them. >> reporter: following an incident stewart released a state expressing this sadness but hasn't been seen in public since. a crisis management expert. >> he expressed the kind of grief you'd expect given the circumstances. but given the fact there's an investigation going on, i think it's important for him to stick to the facts and say very little
7:46 am
at this time. >> reporter: stewart pulled out of a dirt track race set for saturday. but it's still unclear whether he'll participate in sunday's nascar competition in michigan. in a statement, stewart's team said he will have as much time as he needs to make that decision. it is still an emotional time for all involved. he is grieving. and grief doesn't have a timetable. stewart is not talking to the public, but according to the sheriff's department he is cooperating fully with the investigation. kevin ward jr.'s funeral is set fofo
7:47 am
the matriarch of the kennedy family gets an icy reception and she couldn't be happier. ♪ >> oh! >> whoo! >> ethel kennedy did her part to fight a.l.s. but not without challenging another big name. that's next on "cbs this morn about like you're on vacation... in this place! (dolphin) sleep like you haven't seen your bed in days... no, in weeks! sleep like the kids went to nana's house... for the whole weekend! sleep like you just took zzzquil. the non-habit forming sleep aid from the makers of nyquil that helps you sleep easily, sleep soundly, and wake refreshed. because sleep is a beautiful thing.
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♪ the ice bucket challenge continues drenching the nation. the kennedy family dumped buckets and even a pool of ice water on their heads at their compound. 86-year-old ethel kennedy got soaked after challenging another well-known figure nearby. >> i challenge president i nominate you. >> the kwhous said president obama opted as i did to donate money to an a.l.s. charity instead. the movement raised more than $1 million this weekend alone. >> charlie hasn't decided to donate or take the challenge. >> i'll take the challenge. >> let's do it, buddy. >> i'll pour it on you, you pour
7:52 am
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from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning, i'm erika von tiehl. want to head right over to katie. katie got stormy day ahead us? >> absolutely do. will come somewhat spore aid i cannily, few breaks along the way, but dodging off and on showers, thunderstorms, and eventually also some very heavy rain here in our area, before this is totally said and done. so we take you out to snapshot. active weather to track obviously, some heavy rain, staying over the lehigh valley and pocono region, for this morning, so the last couple of hours, so there is has been spot that's going to be trecherous travel to say the least here trying to head north on the northeast extension, outside lower merion high school all pretty quiet right now. if anything had quick little shower, doesn't look all that damp. currently 72 degrees, winds out of the south southeast to draw on the atlantic ocean
7:57 am
moisture. again all day event here, heaviest rain though region wide will come tonight. lookt disable vehicle, that is in the construction zone, right near cottman avenue. now the problem is with this construction zone, there is no shoulder. so this fellow blocking what is the right lane of the three lanes that are open. and the back up begins here at the betsy ross bridge, here comes an officer on the way, heading north up toward cottman. erika being back to you. >> next update at 8: 25, next on cbs this morning, remembering robin
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's tuesday, august 12th, 2014. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead. including memories of robin williams. and his movies the world has yet to see. but first, here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> fans are remembering a man who brought us so much laughter while apparently experiencing so much pain. >> i do think he would deal with his problems by making light of them. and i think comedy was almost a drug for him. >> he was in the room it was magical. >> you have that. >> tear gas used to disperse a crowd near the neighborhood where the 18-year-old was shot to death on saturday. >> in iraq, the country's president named a new prime minister. >> now, the white house waits to see if maliki will relinquish
8:01 am
power peacefully. >> frantic efforts to save the lives of perhaps thousands of people who are still trapped on a remote island here. >> authorities are still asking for help from the public in this investigation. they're actively seeking anyone who may have witnessed saturday's accident. >> charlie hasn't decided whether to donate or take the challenge. >> i'll take the challenge. >> let's do it, buddy. >> u.s. postal service had a $2 billion loss. >> postal employee, busy e-mailing each other wondering how this could happen. >> announcer: today's "eye opener" at 8:00 presented by comfort inn. >> i'm charlie rose with norah o'donnell. gayle king is off. and jane pauley is with us. police will release more information of his sudden death later today. >> williams apparently took his own life at this california home. he was 63. in a statement his wife asked fans to focus on, quote, the
8:02 am
countless moments of joy and laughter he gave to millions. memorial display, springing up outside of williams' home and across the country. his star on the hollywood walk of fame is surrounded by tributes. there are also flowers, signs and candles outside the house in boulder, colorado, used as "mork & mindy's" home. and a bench where williams and matt damon filmed a screen from "good will hunting." >> good morning, vietnam! this is not a test. this is rock 'n' roll. time to rock from the delta to the dmz. >> that role brought williams an academy award for the best actor. >> he became one of the top blockbuster stars of all time.
8:03 am
his movies brought in $3.2 billion in ticket sales, averaging $67 million each. here's some of his best roles on the big screen. ♪ >> good morning, vietnam! hey, this is not a test. this is rock 'n' roll. time to rocket from the delta to the dmz. is that me or does that sound like an elvis presley movie? ♪ while your pleasure be let me take your other and you'll never be like me ♪ [ laughter ] >> ahh! ahh! no! no! ow, ow! >> let's do it right here. let's go to the place, behold my magic wand. >> you have to excuse me. i hunt.
8:04 am
>> ahh! come on charlie, let it fill your soul. aha! >> the water's boiling. >> hello! >> fossy, fossy, fossy martha graham. michael kidd, michael kidd. madonna. madonna. just work it. i'll be right back. >> we read and write poetry because we're members of the human race. and the human race is filled with passion. >> just slid my ticket across the table and said, sorry, guys, i got to go see about a girl. >> i got to go see about a girl? that's what you said? >> uh-huh. >> and they let you get away with it. >> oh. ♪ >> thank you, boys. thank you. ♪
8:05 am
♪ >> ramin setoodeh is here. >> you forget he was in so many films over the years, iconic films that people really, really lived. 50 different movies. his box office total was close to $3 billion in the united states collectively. >> you think about it is there an actor that had the range that he did? he was known for his comedy but also well respected for his roles in drama? >> a lot of actors want to be dramatic actors but can't pull it off. he want the oscar for goodwill hunter. and insomnia. and a darker movie called "one
8:06 am
hour photo." he studied at juilliard, he was a great actor. he was able to do the dramatic roles as well. >> i felt like he was a presence throughout my life. i guess there was a day where i didn't know where robin williams was and suddenly, boom. is there a generation discovering our robin williams even now as we talk about it? >> it's interesting with both careers he started with "mork & mindy" in 1978. a huge presence in the at 70s. the '80s. mrs. doubt fire, jumanji, and with disney with the voice of the genie in "aladdin." younger people felt very connected to him. >> you know, jane, i read in "variety" last night that "mrs. doubtfire" was the most played movie on cable. i watched with my kids.
8:07 am
it does span the generation of 6 and 7 year olds who loves this movie. >> he said one of his favorite characters was oliver saks. he went to juilliard and got his start on the streets of san francisco doing improvization. no matter what it was, stand-up, it was the moment that he could go into the rift of improvisation that made it different. >> absolutely. "mork & mindy" it wasn't scripted which wasn't common for a tv show. usually, they have very scripted scenes. for robin, they would kind of let him go and that's when the magic would happen. >> you asked norah earlier today in the makeup room where was he from? basically the detroit area? >> he was from the detroit area, yeah. >> i looked up -- google this at home. the number of celebrities,
8:08 am
entertainers, musicians who come from detroit is astonishing. there must have been something in the water there. >> in the water there, yeah. >> yeah. >> charlie, you interviewed him so many times. i mean, you talked about his ability to just sort of innovate on camera. do you remember when he was sitting here one time he had just joined the cbs show called "the crazy ones." how much of the show was improvisation? he said 23.5. he was improvising even in person. >> i loved him to talk about a number of things including the demons that are in him. he would always turn it into comedy. it was almost a moment of reflection and then right back to comedy. >> i mean, what movie did he have in the works yet to be out? >> the biggest one is going to be "night at the museum." the third movie in the franchise. >> is that completed?
8:09 am
>> that completed. he reprises his role of teddy roosevelt around the holidays. the movie that he didn't get to film, had was going to do a sequel to "mrs. doubtfire" in development. they were set on a script and they were working on it. he didn't finish that. or start that. >> thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> you can find clips from robin williams ten most memorable movie roles on the family of the teen killed is asking people to stop protests. police in ferguson, a st. louis suburb last night. five people arrested. the fbi is now investigating the case looking for possible civil rights violations. >> the obama administration says it supports the man chosen to replace longtime prime minister nuri al maliki. but al maliki refuses to step down after being ousted by
8:10 am
iraq's president. he calls the move a coup against the constitution. thousands remain trapped in northwest iraq by the terror group isis. a cnn crew was aboard an iraqi military helicopter that became a lifeline. david martin takes a closer look at the struggle for survival. >> reporter: iraqi army helicopters fly in at 100 feet in broad daylight to push pallets of food and water out the door. when one found a piece of ground level enough to land on, it was immediately rushed by men, women and children, desperate to escape the sinjar mountains. the crew pushed the last boxes of aid out the door, children were nearly crushed in the mailee to get aboard. there are hundreds fighting for the spaces. for the lucky ones that made it the ordeal was not yet over. the helicopter came under fire from isis fighters on the ground.
8:11 am
it was one more terror to be endured by people who had already been driven from their homes and who almost certainly had left family members behind on the mountain. not knowing when the next chance for rescue might come. for "cbs this morning." david martin at the pentagon. >> terrible scenes. >> that video made me tear up this morning because the thought of being stranded like that. and when one helicopter comes in. and people are shoving their children on board thinking that's the only chance they've got. and then that helicopter taking off. >> it reminded me of all of those scenes of the last days of vietnam. all the helicopters and not enough helicopters. >> and it reminded me of the danger of the humanitarian role which is not like that. ahead on "cbs this morning," the fight for gum disease. but a chemical used in a popular toothpaste is raising new
8:12 am
>> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" at 8:00 sponsored by comfort inn. truly yours.
8:13 am
75 years ago today, we went over the rainbow. jamie wax visited the small town from "the wizard of oz" premieres. you'll meet the small town first ever to see the movie. ♪ small town i live in a small town i could die in a small town ♪
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♪ scary moments on the london underground. an unattended stroller with a child inside drove on to the tracks. it happened just seconds after a train left the station and another wasn't far behind. a woman leapt on to the rails to save the child. police just released this surveillance video yesterday. they want to find the couple with the stroller to make sure that the child is okay. >> wow -- >> what? >> yeah, what is right. >> did they not want to wait and say thank you, thank you, thank
8:18 am
you. >> thank you for grabbing that. this morning, there's a new way to measure how we eat. find out what doctors want us to count now. ahead on "cbs this morning." you're finally here. long way from the sandlot. first game in the majors? you don't know "aarp". because this family is enjoying a cross-country baseball stadium trip they planned online at aarp travel. it's where your journey begins with inspiration, planning, booking, and hot travel tips from real pros. if you don't think seize the trip when you think aarp, then you don't know "aarp". find more surprising possibilities and get to know us at when your favorite food starts a fight fight back fast with tums. relief that neutralizes acid on contact... ...and goes to work in seconds. ♪ tum, tum tum tum tums! try great tasting tums chewy delights.
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8:22 am
new concerns this morning about a chemical found in a product you might be using to wash your hands or brush your teeth. our dr. david agus is with us from los angeles. doctor, good morning. >> good morning. >> what's this ingredient? >> well triclosan a chemical developed in the '70s for people outside of operating rooms to wash their hands and get rid of the bacteria. it block, the process of bacteria. then put into soaps for the anti-microbial movement and now toothpastes. there's new date that shows it affects development in animals and raises risks for problems in humans. >> what was the effect on animals? >> well, it stopped their development. their bone development, it affected their endocrine system and there's not clear data in the field of cancer. >> when we say the almost
8:23 am
ubiquitous anti-bacterial products and reach for them, they are universally used as of this reporting or not? >> well, in about 2,000 products and in a number of companies, in fact, most of them took it out of the soaps. so it's no longer in soaps. most of them took it out of toothpaste. colgate remains in their toothpaste. colgate total still has triclosan in it. in europe, they outlawed the use of triclosan. >> here's what colgate said to affirm the efficacy of colgate total. >> we all witch toothpastes all the time and it's so ubiquitous in products.
8:24 am
100% of pregnant woman that they looked at found they actually that triclosan in their urine. >> give us your best doctor advice, should we look for those ingredients and not use those products? >> no question about it. especially in the case of toothpaste where there's a significant amount, where there's no benefit to a product with triclosan, try to avoid it. >> all right. don't use it. >> dr. david agus, thank you so much. ahead, a closer look at robin williams' life, how could such a beloved figure feel such pain inside. we're going to talk to a top psychiatrist who has seen this in other celebrities. that's ahead on "cbs this morning." ♪
8:25 am
>> good morning, i'm ukee washington, three people injured in early morning row home fire, got the call just before 3:30 this morning, flames broke out on yerkes road. all three victims had to jump from a window to escape. one person is undergoing treatment for smoke inhalation. another has a broken shoulder. we're still trying to get an update on the third victim. so far there word a cause. let's get your forecast now with katie over in the weather center good morning, pretty nice rather unfortunate day actually unfolding but nice trade off comes for us down the road, we will be dodging some wet weather, basically, offer and on a time here today. other course of this morning, especially up through the lehigh valley, poconos, getting hit pretty one little batch of rain that really hasn't moved all that much. so that's going to help add onto your final rainfall totals. but elsewhere, it is a little bit of a break before the action picks up again, expect these periods of rain, and
8:26 am
thunderstorms to fire up here, any time today. and specially if you are lucky enough to see little bit of sunshine it actually will work against you because it could mean that you end one more instability to create some severe weather. so keep eye to the sky here today as we head into tomorrow, there will be lingering rain. trade off, thursday through saturday, expect the sun to return, comfortable humidity do the same. >> 8:26. live look at the benny coming into downtown, delays from mid-span into eighth and vine, typical for a tuesday morning rush hour. and let's go on to the roosevelt boulevard, live look, southbound, little again little slow on the roadway, that right lane i should say headed over toward the schuylkill expressway. fire location, along chestnut street, between 58th and 59th, and a crash along the phoenixville pike right at the west chester bypass. otherwise, mass transit looking good. >> ex up next on cbs this morning, small midwest town where the wizard of oz first premiered. we're on the "cw philly" on
8:27 am
these channels, good morning.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
acknowledge the fact saying this happened which is that robin williams passed away today. anthe news just broke a couple hours ago. i wonder whether you had any -- whether you worked with him or any -- >> i never worked with him. lucky enough to meet him. he was in a video store when i was growing up. i always watched him on stand upon vhs which is the way people used to watch media. at the time i met him, he stopped by "snl" one time. it's really fun, it's heartbreaking. >> that was a tribute to robin williams from late night host seth meyers. he spoke at last night's buzzfeed brews. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, robin williams wasn't the only celebrity who couldn't find his way. a world renounced psychiatrist has seen this type of tragedy
8:31 am
unfold first hand. plus, a movie that took us to the emerald city celebrate its diamond jubilee. we'll go to the real town that put the wizard of oz. model kate upton paid a visit to yankee stadium. upton got a warning from the bronx bombers. >> when i walked in i was specifically told, the yankees told me you're not allowing to wear a tigers hat. you're not allows to wear any tigers gear. >> upton said she used to be a big, big yankee fan. >> the "new orleans times-picayune" said the manning football brothers peyton and eli, rap in a commercial or
8:32 am
8:33 am
directv. ♪ there's one that you got to see ♪ like a football fantasy ♪ ♪ don't cheat >> the ad is for a new channel dedicated to fantasy football. >> okay. all right. they should stick to their day job, as you say, jane, right. "the wall street journal" morning in reference to robin williams as demons. would you address. in some cases complicated by drug or alcohol abuse. that's what robin williams had. he was very open about the fact that he did suffer from disorder. that was complicated by a long history of drug and alcohol abuse. his demons were really a medical illness complicated by addiction. >> we don't know about the facts of his death yet. what are the links between depression and suicide?
8:34 am
what is it about depression that causes people to commit suicide? >> well, 90% of people who are -- attempt to commit suicide have a pre-existing mental illness. and new disorders such as depression is the leading mental illness that can prompt somebody to suicide. but not everybody who has depression or bipolar disorder, for that matter, is suicidal or commits suicide. so there's something else that people who are suicidal have in the context of their mood disorder. >> and what is that? >> well, that is believed to be a genetic susceptibility, that is when you feel so bad, that you can't do anything. that you're in pain. and not able to function. even if you feel it's not worth living that way, there's a break that stops you from injuring and ending your life. but in people who are suicidal, that brake fails. and under that right circumstances or an impulse, they do kill themselves. >> dr. lieberman, i understand
8:35 am
that robin williams recently. which do you treat? the severe depression or the substance abuse? >> well, both. both. they're really part and parcel of the same phenomenon. people who suffer from various mental disorders such as mood disorders like depression, anxiety disorders often self-medicate to make themselves feel better because they haven't gone to see a doctor to get a diagnosis and treatment. and that makes the situation much, much worse. you know, the tragedy and pair doxical nature of his death is horrible. he made so many people happy, so joy us and gregarious, but he had many risk factors for suicide. he had depression. he had complication addiction. he also recently had heart disease and heart surgery are both risk factors for
8:36 am
depression. and finally he was a middle to older age male, and that age group has the highest rate of suicide among all demographics. >> dr. jeffrey lieberman, thank you. coming up, a happier story to share from the world of entertainment. ♪ we're off to see the wizard >> an
8:37 am
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♪ well, when the wizard of oz premiered on the big screen 75 years ago today, mgm doesn't send the film to new york or hollywood. instead, it premiered in a wisconsin community. jamie wax went there to see how people celebrate a movie milestone. jamie, good morning. >> good morning, jane. the people of oconomowoc have great pride in association with america's biggest film. in fact, the most screening of the wizard of oz in owe know wok.
8:41 am
>> reporter: it's a celebration in the small along with dorothy and plenty of good. elaine staller is in charge of this event where lounge chairs and blankets fill the streets for a special 75th anniversary screening of the wizard of oz. >> it's a great smalltown event. and it's free. >> reporter: oconomowoc is where the hollywood classic had its premiere in 1939. >> i graduated from high school, i was 17. >> reporter: catherine buckeridge is now 92. she was there that night. >> it was something special that happened in my life and our family life. >> reporter: do you remember thats there way a special excitement around the world premiere of this new film? >> yes. in the sense that just the word
8:42 am
"premiere" was kind of an attention-getter. ♪ we're off to see the wizard the wonderful wizard of oz. joe tolleson. >> reporter: the oconomowoc historical society proudly displayed it year-round. they couldn't say why it happened here at all. inclu including her. >> i don't know why it was cancelled but i guess we're not in kansas anymore. >> reporter: those catchphrases repeated to this day. >> i have a feeling we're not in kansas anymore. >> i'll get you my little pretty, and your little dog. >> there's no place like home. >> sheer magic in terms of munchkins and witches and technicolor film. >> reporter: is he says when
8:43 am
audiences traveled to oz, they also entered a new world of color in movies. ♪ imagine being a child in the audience, 1939 who has never seen a color image in a film before. >> well, those wide eyes of judy garland mirror the wide eyes of probably everyone sitting in the theater. everybody kind of went ah. >> the camera is gliding, luxariating. >> reporter: aside from the magic of technicolor, there was the voice of judy garland. ♪ somewhere over the rainbow >> reporter: her rendition of "over the rainbow" tops the american film's institute tops the list of greatest movie songs of all time.
8:44 am
>> it was an amalgym of that particular song, that no one but judy garland captured with that particular sound. >> oh, we're almost there! >> reporter: but not a big screen blockbuster of its day, "wizard of oz" would reach generations through years of television broadcasts. >> don't forget for most americans today, the viewing of "the wizard of oz" was a family affair in the living room repeated many times. ♪ >> i am fire. >> those stories resonate for every generation. it's my hope that "the wizard of oz" remains a vital classic. >> reporter: to see this crowd of nearly 7,000 packed into this
8:45 am
downtown glow of oconomowoc, the wizard of oz seems as vital as everything. ♪ >> oh. >> am i right in remembering that the theater executives wanted wanted to kill the song? >> that's right. >> because they thought it slowed down the movie? >> there are a lot of cinema changes they wanted to make. there was one of the reasons they went to the small audience. they felt that was the true audience for the film. >> thank you, jamie. when we come back, more of robin williams. that
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
we have spent much of this morning remembering robin williams. he appeared six times on my pbs program. talking with him and knowing him
8:49 am
was an extraordinary privilege. >> cloning sheep. we made an exact dupe kit. duplicate. >> robin williams was my friend. >> oh, the little ones. the little blue-eyed ones. where else can you find a lover that gives a sweater. >> ya, ya, ya! >> people are thinking right now, they're going is this charlie rose. >> no one, nobody on the planet, could be so responsiblspontaneo. >> my god, woman, my god, where did you get this coat. >> so provizational. >> i guess you couldn't afford the bottom. >> when i had heart surgery and got a pig valve. >> i got the pig valve. charlie said i should get a pig valve. look at you charlie rose with
8:50 am
your french valve. bring the nice one, huh? no,no, charlie, look around, cow, pig, chicken heart if you want. small, but you lay a good fresh egg. >> on an imagined conversation between our friends marlon brando and jack nicholson. >> that's the odd couple. >> what happened? marlon, your dog killed my dog. >> i don't know what happened. i told cugo not to go out. >> now marlon, what have you done now? put him on a leash. come on in, robin. >> he was simply the best, an overpowering talent with a huge heart. he went from the streets of san francisco and scaled the heights of broadway and hollywood. along the way, he endured personal crisis. you're okay today? >> totally. okay? well, that's not -- i'm better.
8:51 am
and also i feel great. >> but did you go through a certain kind of whatever? >> yeah, i went through a certain kind of whatever. whatever. what do you think? welcome to the whatever center. hi. i want whatever. simply stated there was no one like him. in a leg of giants think letterman, carson and so many is other titans of tv and movies, he was there. >> the cameraman is going, where's he going now? [ laughter ] ha, ha, ha! [ cheers and applause ] >> we all know he was unique, so talented it took your breath away. a guaranteed laugh. so smart and so quick and so inventive. i did hours of television with him. and yet it's impossible to categorize and define him other than genius. if you're in journalism, your instinct is not to praise but to state. he was unique. he was the brightest star who
8:52 am
fell to earth. officials will answer the question why he died. and how he died. the rest of us simply say, thanks for coming our way. we will never forget you. >> that's so beautiful, charlie. >> thank you. thank you. he is an amazing man. this is the greatness, the wonderful opportunity all of us had to meet people like robin williams. >> if there had been a camera on the three of us while he watched your video essay, we were laughing. i think today will be a national day of joy and laughter, because, it's like when you lose someone, you remember the good times. people are going to be laughing and we're talking about which robin williams i'm going to see tonight. and you're going to see. >> yeah. >> it's an awakening. >> yes. i was thinking about -- i do still love "mrs.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
good morning, i'm erika von tiehl. breaking news, this is just in, shots fired at the west depford police department. their headquarters. "eyewitness news" has learned somebody fired seven shots from a car into the exterior of the building on crown point road. now, the good news right now, we're toll, no one was injured. surveillance video captured a dark colored sedan fleeing from the scene, we now have crew headed to the police station to get that tape. you can see it later today on and at noon on talk philly on cbs-3. right now we want to get your forecast with katie, tracking storms all morning long. >> yes, pretty much. specially up to the lehigh valley being pocomoke region, getting hit with the worse of the weather err this morning. generally sort of light shower, but made for very dreary commute. i know meanwhile off to the west two separate batches sort of catch your eye, one over harrisburg, one back just west of dc. both of which eventually have to roll through our area. so, it is going to be that hit and miss sort of variety off and on rain, some
8:56 am
thunderstorms eventually, and because of the clouds, the rain, the temperatures can't warm up quite as readily. tonight we drop down into about 70 degrees range, but will be the heaviest rain falling at this point. so it, could lead to some flashflooding issues through the overnight. meanwhile tomorrow, lidge erring rain we think specially near the shore, skies will gratedly clear, from west to east. then, we've actually set up for nice trade off here thursday, friday, saturday, look really pleasant. bob? >> 8:56. morning, burlington bristol bridge here, the two uprights here in the background, and any minute now we'll see the bridge rise, of course traffic stopped, cold front opening around 9:00. give or take few minutes or so. so getting ready to head out the front door head for the talcony palmyra for the alternate. weep on the schuylkill slow from the boulevard out through belmont avenue squeeze. looking live the city avenue ramp. fire location in the neighborhood. chestnut street between 58th and 59th. and on the new jersey turnpike, southbound, an over turn tractor-trailer, on the off ramp to exit number five. erika, back over to you. >> thank you, that's
8:57 am
eyewitness fuse for now. talk philly coming up at noon on cbs36789 i'm erika haven't toll. hope you have a good morning. anncvideoconferences it's youof the day.rtant hi! hi, buddy! anncr: that's why the wifi and free hot breakfast
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are something to smile about. and good reasons to book now. feel the hamptonality
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>> 3, 2 1. >> here's what's breaking today on the doctors. >> i have had two other
9:00 am
procedures. >> why this botched transgender wants to go under the knife. >> what you need to do before putting your child in the car. >> olivia goes wild baring her breasts, but it's not what you think! ♪ doctor, doctor gimme the news ♪ ♪ [ applause ] ♪ >> audience: whoo! [ crowd cheering ] [ applause ] >> hello, everybody! >> yeah, baby! it is show time! [ crowd cheering ] [ applause ] >> thank you, guys! >> thank you! [ crowd cheering ] [ applause ] ♪ >> audience: whoo! [ crowd cheering ] [ applause ] ♪ hello, everyone. and thanks so much for tuning in. how are feeling? >> i like this lighting! [ applause ] ♪ >> all right, if


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