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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  August 22, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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college hopeful's life. >> schieffer: tonight, the growing threat of isis. pentagon warns that americans fighting with islamic terrorists overseas could return and attack this country. will the president order attacks against isis in syria? reports from bob orr, major garrett, and holly williams. a chinese fighter jet comes within 30 feet of an american spy plane. margaret brennan reports the united states is protesting what it calls a dangerous provocation. the national guard starts leaving ferguson, missouri, but the tension remains. >> it ain't no black and white thing. it's the police against the people thing pgh >> schieffer: and steve hartman on the road. bryan holler has received a letter that is about to change his life. >> what's it say?
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captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> schieffer: good evening. i'm bob schieffer. scott is on assignment. well, whatever the terrorists' intention when they released that horrific tape of the execution of american journalist james foley, it has refocused u.s. policy makers on the danger the terror groups pose to the american homeland. federal and new york police officials believe there may be dozens of americans fighting in iraq with sunni muslim terrorists. today, the f.b.i. issued a bulletin to u.s. law enforcement cautioning that their supporters could attack u.s. targets. we begin our coverage tonight with bob orr in washington. >> reporter: the threat is underscored in propaganda tapes featuring americansified fooiting alongside terrorists inside syria. this man joined isis. >> with these weapons, we'll kill the infidels.
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>> reporter: and this florida man became the first american suicide bomber to carry out an attack for syria's al qaeda affiliate. >> know that islam is coming and we'll dominate over you. >> reporter: the u.s. government knows the names of a hand full of american citizens who have linked up with radical islamic fighters in syria, but sources say the actual number of u.s. recruits is likely in the dozens. beyond that, more than 1,000 western europeans have joined the terrorists. around 300 from france and 500 from great britain, including the executioner who killed james foley. >> you are no longer fighting an insurgency. >> reporter: most if not all of the western fighters have fie passports that would allow them to travel freely to the u.s. the f.b.i. is tracking the radicals who are are known, but former counter-terrorism official rick nelson says it would only take one or two to slip through security. >> these terrorists who are going to come overseas and conduct individual style attacks whether explosive backpacks, those types of things are the
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greatest threat to the united states. >> reporter: intelligence sources say isis and other syria-based terror cells do not have the capability to carry out a large-scale attack in the united states, but given enough time and operating space, the terrorists could present a global threat greater than that ever posed by osama bin laden. joint chiefs chairman martin dempsey: >> this is an organization that has an apocalyptic, end-of-days strategic vision, which will eventually have to be defeated. >> reporter: sources say there is no credible information at this point givenning to an isis-related plot against the u.s. homeland, but officials, bob, have incomplete intelligence, and, frankly, they're worried about what they don't know. >> schieffer: another well, thanks, bob. our chief white house correspondent major garrett is with the president in martha's vineyard. major, it seems to me that the pentagon people are taking a little harder edge in their statements. so what's your sense of the feeling there at the white house? >> reporter: well, the president, bob, is considering air strikes in syria to target isis strongholds and its supply
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lines into iraq. there is no timetable for this new mission, but senior officials appear more alarmed than ever about the isis threat. two weeks another the white house said new military action in iraq would not spill into syria. now, the goal of thwarting emerging terror plots against americans and taking on isis "knows no orders." >> schieffer: do you think we'll see any other kind of u.s. action in syria? >> reporter: well, bobush the administration talks a good game about arming so-called moderate forces in syria to fight isis. there is more willingness to do that now than ever before, but the president's request for $500 million for equipment and training stalled in congress, leaving air strikes the only immediate direct military option. what the white house says is congress needs to moveed for on this and having declared the videotaped beheading of james foley the first act of isis terrorist against the united states, that action may soon
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follow. >> schieffer: thanks, major. the disclosure that the isis terrorists had demanded more than $100 million in ransom for foley shocked many in america, but extortion and ransom has become a growth industry. holly williams has been looking into that and reports tonight from turkey. >> reporter: so that village over there. >> yes. >> reporter: just beyond the border. >> these villages, isis. >> reporter: isis controls the village. >> yes. >> reporter: on turkey's border with syria, you can see towns controlled by isis. just 50 miles away is the city of raka, the capital of what isis calls its own islamic state where it's believed to be holding around 12 foreign hostages. negotiating their release is a lucrative trade for the militants. it's thought the french and spanish governments paid several million dollars for the freedom of six european journalists earlier this year, though they officially denied it. in contrast, american journalist james foley was brutally
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executed after isis demanded $132 million for his release. the u.s. government says it won't pay ransom money to terrorists, and instead made a failed attempt to rescue foley earlier this summer. gary noesner is the f.b.i.'s former chief hostage negotiator who told us european governments may be encouraging isis with large cash payments. >> they're getting money for their despicable, terrible acts, and, you know, the conclusion is going to be let's kidnap more people and get more money. >> reporter: foley's friends and family were attempting to raise $5 million as a counter-offer for his release, but if they'd handed over the money, they would have been breaking a u.s. law that prohibits the material support of terrorists. noesner believes the u.s. position is too inflexible. >> it's not a "one size fits
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all." and saying we won't negotiate does little to help resolve the situation, and it does even less to prevent, say, americans or others from being grabbed. >> reporter: noesner told us that prisoner swaps and payments in humanitarian aid rather than in cash can sometimes be effective, but, bob, he also said that isis appears to be barbaric and not always rational, which may make any negotiation extremely difficult. >> schieffer: holly, thank you so much. and the administration is smarting tonight over another international incident. a chinese fighter plan intercepted a u.s. surveillance plane this week off china in international airspace. margaret brennan is at the pentagon with that. >> reporter: this armed chinese fighter jet came within 20 feet of a u.s. navy aircraft on tuesday, so close, the pilots could see each other. they just gnarly avoided colliding. the pentagon said despite being
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an international airspace over the south china sea, the chinese j-11 fighter jet made five dangerous and aggressive passes. first, the jet flew under the slow-moving u.s. plane. then it flashed past the nose of the aircraft at a 90 degree angle. the pentagon said the jet exposed its belly to the u.s. plane to make a point of showing its weapons. the jet then went back under the plane, before coming alongside the plane, flying wingtip to wingtip, the two aircraft were just 20 feet apart. then the chinese fighter pilot performed a barrel role over the u.s. plane at close range passing at 45 feet. the risky incident is the latest in a series of close encounters between the two countries which are trying to assert their military might in the south china sea. similar fly-byes happened in march, april, and may, all conducted by the same unit of the chinese airforce based on hainan island. but pentagon spokesman john kirby said this week's incident
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was the most aggressive. >> the message we're sending back to china is that's unacceptable and unhelpful to the military relationship that we would like to have with them. >> reporter: today, the obama administration said it had strong concerns that this incident violated international law. pentagon and state department officials registered formal diplomatic complaints. >> schieffer: thank you very much, margaret. the dispute between russia and ukraine heated up again today when a convoy of russian trucks crossed into ukraine without permission. the trucks had been stuck at the border for more than a week. the russians claim they're carrying food and water. the ukrainians believe it may be a trick to supply rebel forces and call this a direct invasion. last month, a malaysia airlines jet was shot down over rebel hill territory in ukraine. today, the remains of 20 victims were flown home to malaysia. the coffins were draped in the national flag and carried by
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soldiers to waiting hearses. this was the day of national mourning there. 43 of the 298 people killed were malaysian. we've had just about every kind of extreme weather in the past 24 hours. half a foot of rain fell in the midwest and washington state. mudslides damaged homes and covered highways. and there's broil heat in the south. in some places, the heat index today reached 110 degrees. troy roberts now with more on that. >> reporter: a band of thunderstorms 10 miles wide swamped the chicago area. >> we've been here for 25 years, and this is the worst we've had. >> reporter: the storms then moved to indiana, where 10 inches of rain caused flash flooding. >> that's the worst. >> reporter: that made it impossible for these firefighters to do their job in blackford county, further east, a lightning strike injured six soldiers at fort drum in northern new york. now, a blanket of hot and humid
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air will bring some of the warmest weather of the summer to an area stretching from iowa to florida. it felt like 107 degrees today in st. louis where a cooling bus had to be sent to help firefighters working on this fire at a concrete company. but the northeast has been an oasis from the heat. bob, in new york city, there have only been four days where temperatures topped 90 degrees. a record for a decade. >> schieffer: all right, troy roberts. the obama administration announce aid new accommodation today for employers who object on religious grounds to provide insurance coverage for contraception. eligible employers won't have to notify the their insurance companies directly about their objections. the government will do that and arrange for alternate coverage for the affected workers. this will apply to religious-affillated employers and to such companies as hobby lobby, which won a supreme court case earlier this year. remember when the trespassers
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put white flags atop the brooklyn bridge? well, whatever happened to the american flags they swiped? and & frustrations in ferguson, missouri, go beyond the fatal shooting of michael brown when the cbs evening news continues.
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national guard began fulg out of ferguson, missouri, today. it was quiet again last night. just eight arrests, the grand jury investigating the fatal shooting of michael brown, an unarmed black man by a white police officer darren wilson will meet again wednesday to hear more evidence. today, cbs news learned the panel is make made-up of six white men, three white men, one black man and two black women. the funeral for michael brown, who was 18, will be held monday. mark strassman is in ferguson. >> reporter: we watched leslie mcspadden, michael brown's mother, grieve where her son was killed. >> mike brown it was ciem timefor a change. >> reporter: we met three neighborhood protesters, donnie, trey, and luciano. >> we're tired of being looked as as another species. it ain't even like we're human. >> reporter: they say ferguson stores were burned and looted for a reason.
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>> i don't condone it but i understand why they doing it, throwing stuff at the police because they're throwing stuff at us. >> i wanted to go down there and loot, too. i wanted to go. but i held my ground. >> it ain't no black and white thing. it's the police against the people thing. >> exactly. >> it ain't black and white because there are white people out here with us. >> reporter: donnie and trey are working musicians. luciano is going to technical school but all have had run-ins with the law. in ferguson, the unemployment rate for 20- to 24-year-old black men is 46%. >> to be honest, i feel like if they don't-- if they don't come and restore these neighborhoods for these people, like, we have to travel miles to go to wal-mart and to get gas and stuff like that, when they used to be right here in the community for people who stay here there's going to be hell to pay. >> reporter: there are a bunch of frustrations around here,in, but is that one of them, just like i can't-- >> that's why people looted, because they can't get no job. >> open ferguson up for business. >> reporter: john bonds, a former local gang member, now
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acts as a bridge between protesters and police. he says the real issue here is opportunity. >> they know how to paint. they know how to cut grass. they know how to-- some of them know how to work on furnaces. they can put up windows. they can put up miniblinds. they can clean. they can vacuum. give us those jobs. set it up where we can get those jobs. >> reporter: no jobs, no peace. >> no jobs, no peace, period. >> reporter: all four men told us that they're looking for a hand up not a handout, and, bob, all four said they could have been michael brown. >> schieffer: thank you very much, mark. we'll be talking about ferguson and other issues, including the isis terrorists, sunday on "face the nation." our guests including republican congressman paul ryan of wisconsin. two american flags stolen from the top of the brooklyn bridge are back in u.s. hands tonight. you may remember the flags were replace with white ones. well, two german artists eventually cameed for and said they did it and meant no harm, and they have returned the
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look after them with centrum silver. multivitamins for your eyes, heart and brain. now, with a new easy to swallow coating. virginia mcconnell told the jury at his corruption file his troubles were all his wife's fault. today he said he took
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responsibility, sort of. >> reporter: leaving the courthouse today, bob mcconnell said he was to blame for his legal troubles, not his wife, maureen. >> i'm government. i'm responsible. >> reporter: on the stand he said it was his wife who initiated talks with businessman jonnie williams about getting a $50,000 loans. he said she arranged for an expensiveivation including one to cape cod. the mcconnells are charged with accepting over $165,000 in gifts from williams. in turn, they used their influence to promote his health supplement company. mcconnell admitted he eventually consented to the $50,000 loan and asked williams for $20,000 more but said that was proper because, "i considered him to be a friend at that point." any assistance he gave williams, mcconnell said, was not because of the gifts. he wants the businessman to succeed. it means jobs, he said. williams insisted he asked
6:52 pm
almost nothing in return for the gifts. the only thing he asked me that year was to call his father on his birthday. wrapping up his testimony today, mcconnell said, "i misjudged jonnie williams. i had no idea he would come into federal court and make false statements against me to save himself. of bob, next week gets even tougher for mcconnell. he'll be cross-examined by the prosecution. >> schieffer: okay, chip. in confectionary news, a cookie that has been a mainstay of school cafeterias in alleeria, ohio, for 40 years is being dropped from the menu. the pink cookie has become the casualty of red tape in the form of federal regulations that require school districts to provide more nutritious foods. in its place the district will offer such things as yogurt and cereal bars and that is the way the cookie will-- well, you know. we have saved the happiest story of the week for next.
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6:56 pm
excitement and anticipation than the freshman steve hartman met "on the road." upon. >> reporter: in spartanburg, south carolina, for the past 20 years, danny holcombe and his wife, sue, have kept a secret from their son. they have never told ryan, who has down syndrome, that there are some things in life he will never be able to do. >> hello! >> reporter: which is why when some of ryan's friends left for college last year, he just figured he would go, too. his parents say he even picked the college. >> then he started telling people he was going to go to clemson. >> reporter: did you brace him for the disappointment. >> we kept telling him, yeah, but he continued. >> reporter: although the holcombes didn't know it at the time, ryan's dream wasn't entirely out of the question. clemson does have a program for people with intellectual disabilities, but it's highly competitive. every year, more than 100 people apply for less than 10 openings. still, since ryan wasn't getting the hint, they let him apply.
6:57 pm
the letter from admissions arrived a few months ago, and after sneaking a peek, danny and sue recorded this on home video. >> we're just waiting to see how he does react when it hits him. >> i got-- i got accepted? >> and he says, "i got accepted." and i think those words mean an awful lot. >> yes! >> it was just total, absolute joy. >> that's crazy. >> are you happy? >> yes! >> reporter: are you still just as happy as you were that day? >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: last weekend, ryan packed up for clemson. >> and that's the button right there that turns it on. >> okay. >> reporter: the two-year program will teach him job skills and how to live independently. >> do you need my help? >> reporter: which i'm sure his mother, especially, will appreciate. it will be challenge, won't it? >> yes, it's very challenging. >> reporter: but you're up for it? >> yes. >> reporter: 20 years ago there was no room on a college campus for someone like ryan. >> all right, ryan, shall we go? >> yes.
6:58 pm
>> reporter: today, more than 200 universities across the country offer some kind of program like this. >> will you call us if you need us? >> yes. >> all right. >> reporter: and ryan, for one, couldn't be more grateful for the tient. he took instantly to college life. but his parents, on the other hand-- >> i've always been able to control what he hears, what he sees, who he spends time with. >> reporter: they're losing their baby. >> it's not going to be easy. >> reporter: proof that although down syndrome can be overcome, empty nest syndrome remains incurable. steve hartman, "on the road," in spartanburg, south carolina. pgh >> schieffer: i told you that was a good one. that's the news. scott will be along sunday on "60 minutes." i'll see you on "face the nation." good night. captioning sponsored by cbs
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we have a lot to tell you about. so let's get right to it. >> here's what's happening on "entertainment tonight." >> there's a lot of stuff on social media going around about enough with the ice bucket challenge already. >> ready? set. go! >> people are hating on the fact that now everybody's doing it. >> why ashton's calling out the celebs challenging the als ice bucket challenge. >> dirty bathwater. >> as j. law's ex dunks with kristen stewart and you've got to see what chris martin does when he gets confronted about jennifer lawrence. >> chris, how are you and jennifer lawrence doing? >> and also tonight listen up, hollywood, because red carpet pro and "america's next top model" creator tyra banks is teaching us the perfect awards strut. >>


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