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tv   Eyewitness News at 6am  CBS  August 24, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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run over and shot, police investigate a murder mystery in the city's lawncrest section this morning, we's live with the details coming up. also ahead the search for answers is on after two women are found shot to death inside of a northeast philadelphia home. and welcome home, taney dragons we will tell but the the celebration planned for the team that captured hearts and little league world series. it is sunday august 24th i'm todd quinones. we will begin with a look at weather which brings to us meteorologist carol erickson. good morning, carol. >> good morning, todd. it was a glummy day yesterday. we had clouds all day long, we saw showers, we picked up a very late light shower. today is a whole different story in mess every location. let look outside the window
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right now in case you haven't already at your house and look at the the difference in 24 hours. we've got gorgeous skies this morning over center city philadelphia. with that said let's head to reading, look at this, look at the fog they have out there right now. we did pick up rain in reading yesterday and you've got fog to show it. 65 degrees temperature in reading and we have visibility that is quite low this morning. the just about half a mile through this and about 5 miles worth of visibility through allentown. everybody else seems to be in fine shape and gorgeous clear skies. storm can three we were looking at showers and this morning we are looking at in showers. we are not looking at clouds at all. temperatures in the 60's for the most part but it is a little cooler in the poconos at 55. sixty-two allentown. sixty-five in philadelphia at the the airport. sixty-three in wildwood at this point. we will have a warm up to day. yesterday we stopped at 74 degrees. that the is a cool august day. today we will get up to
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80 degrees, light wind, low humidity. this looks like a perfect day. weather is trying to desperate thely make up for how it behaved yesterday i think. as we put future weather in motion maybe you will see a couple clouds by 4:00 this afternoon otherwise things look great the and we are in a very slow moving weather pattern. what does that mean for the forecast? i'll show thaw coming up, todd. >> carol, thank you. developing right now police are looking for a suspect who ran down a man, then shot him multiple times in lawncrest. the it all unfolded in the 4700 block of ramona avenue last night. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry is live at philadelphia police headquarters with the the very latest on the investigation, syma? >> reporter: that is right, todd, police have been investigating this murder mystery overnight since 8:30 after they found a man who was hit by a vehicle and then shot. when shots fired in the koran fire police have been investigating two scenes after
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a man was found dead. police say victim was hit the by a car on the 4700 block of ramona avenue around 8:30 last night. after striking the the victim police say the assailant got out and shot the victim multiple times. he was pronounced dead at the scene. shortly thereafter police found the vehicle on fire. police are looking for gunman who may have burns from the fire. police have not found a weapon and they have not identified the victim but we do know he is a man in his 30's. i'll end it back to you, todd. >> syma, thank you. also developing police are trying to figure out who killed two women in northeast philadelphia. they were found shot in the head in the 4700 block of vincent street in the holmesberg neighborhood. noel mcclaren spoke to grieving family members. >> she was innocent. >> reporter: violence on vista
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street leaving two brothers in tears. >> take my sister away like that. it is not cool. >> reporter: police say two females in their 50's were shot the in the head and killed inside of the row home they lived in together. shortly before 7:00 o'clock. according to family one women receiving treatment from a visiting nurse had taken in the other. >> whoever needed anything, she helped them. you know, she took them in. >> reporter: victim's brothers tells "eyewitness news" that the the two with men were living together for about two months and somewhere in that time the is sister received death threats from a man named james. >> she never said why. >> reporter: he tells us gunfire may be related to a rift between two families, just two months ago, the victim's grabbed son was shot 11 times but he hopes this was the end of it. >> i hope it is over now, i hope it is over now, grandson and now her. >> reporter: just a few people who were taken in for questioning, but police won't comment, on who those people were. we're in northeast philadelphia, noel mcclaren,
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cbs-3 "eyewitness news". police in trenton this morning are looking for this man, who they say posed as a police officer and sexually assaulted a female store clerk. it happened around 1:00 in the afternoon in the 800 block of south broad street. police say that the suspect had a small plaque radio on him and a handgun and that he took the clerk in the bathroom and assaulted her. suspect then left the store and flagged down a tan toyota corolla, anyone with any information is asked to cat police there in trenton. i495 bridge is fully reopened now in wilmington. the bridge was off limits in both directions from 12th street to terminal after knew since june. drivers began using northbound lanes sat take. southbound lanes were reopened last month. work to cop struck new support columns and realign bridge was completed a week ahead of schedule. the bridge was originally closed june 2nd after a driver noticed four columns tilting. dell dot says the soil stockpiled under the bridge
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may have been part of the problem. thousands of people marched through the streets of new york to protest the death of eric garner, the father of six died after police officer allegedly put him in a fatal choke hold placing him under arrest. cbs news correspondent jericka dunk as hand the details. >> we want justice. >> what do we want. >> justice. >> reporter: protesters in staten island showed their grief and anger at we will not go back march. >> we're out here supporting those who lost their lives at the hands of ignorance. >> reporter: this cell phone video ignited outrage in july when a police officer used a choke hold to subdue eric garner. unarmed four three-year old died an hour later. new york city medical examiner ruled his death a homicide. garner's wife broke down as protesters marched past the sidewalk where the the incident happened. >> i'm hoping that this will bring justice for my son, because that is all we have is
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justice. >> reporter: protesters walked past did it trick attorney's office which has agreed to present the garner case to the grand jury for consideration, of criminal charges. police choke holds are bobbed in new york city. >> people by the thousands really want to see police reform. this is not anti police, but it is anti police violating the law. >> reporter: nypd had a large presence at the rally. uniformed officers were joined by community police officers dressed in polo shirts and pants. the authorities didn't want to appear threatening to a crowd determined to move forward. jericka duncan for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". funeral services are for tomorrow, for 18 year-old michael brown, the ferguson, missouri teen shot and killed by a police officer more than two weeks ago. two rallies were held saturday. st. louis county naacp. held a youth march and protesters went to the site the where the teen was shot
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wye officer darren wilson two weeks ago. supporters rallied as well. several nights of calm have replaced days of unrest there, in ferguson. meantime the white house is reviewing the program that had equipped local police departments with military gear. the examination comes in the aftermath of the police response in ferguson, officials say they will look at the amount of training provided for using military equipment and how well the government audits the use of the money and equipment by local police departments. and here at home dozens gathered to pray information peace at love park in philadelphia. family of the alexis, was among those calling for an end to the violence. he was shot a week and a half ago outside a dell music center in strawberry mansion. he died the following day. his sister spoke to the crowd. >> unaudible. >> they robbed my brother's life, they robbed him from
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frustrates and i just don't understand. >> police are searching for this man wanted for questioning in connection with the murder, anyone any information about the case is urged to contact the the police. lapping today the city of philadelphia will officially welcome home the taney dragons at love park. mo'ne davis and her teammates are expect to arrive from williamsport here around noon. loss to chicago thursday night of course eliminated dragons from the little league world series but it was still a heck of a run about a they can all be proud of. way to go. still to come this morning a tribute to murdered american journalist james foley, his family speaks out at a vigil, how they want the community to remember him, coming up. and knew tourist attraction in new york city what is drawing hump back whales to the waters off of manhattan. drying out after a wet start to the weekend, carol tell us what is ahead for your sunday and your workweek when we come
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okay.. and the iconic beetle... and the powerful tiguan... okay you can't forget the cc... guys, this is going to take a while. avo: hurry in and you can get a $1,000 turbocharged reward card when you purchase or lease a new 2014 turbo model. a memorial mass will be held this morning for james foley, the american journalist beheaded, in the the grizzly act of terror. >> ♪ >> national anthem ♪ >> family -- foley's family joined a community vigil in
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rahm store, new hampshire. they thank those who gathered for their support. >> i pray that we will take up the challenge to love what jim did and to really work for peace in this world. >> vigil was organize by syrian americans and muslims who wanted to thank foley for his courage and denuns violence that led to his death. new to the very latest in iraq bomb attacks in three cities leave at least 42 people dead, officials say it appears to be retaliation for a deadly shooting at a sunni mosque on friday. cbs correspondent bigad shaban has the story. >> reporter: emergency vehicles rushed to a commercial area in the northern iraq city of kirkuk after three bombs exploded saturday. at least 19 people were killed and hundred others were injured. fire fighters worked to put out large fires after the the explosion. kurdish officials say bombs targeted buildings used as
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look out points n1 has taken responsibility. the bombing may have been targeting forces battling isis militant in the north. despite help of u.s. air strikes including one on saturday against militants near mosul dam kurds are over matched by a better armed and funded opposition. >> we need weapons. maybe equal. >> reporter: bombings in kirkuk, bag dude and erbill came one day after a sunnye mosque, american 60 people were killed. bigad shaban for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". it the is smoke from rocket rhawn muchers poured over the sky line in gaza. dramatic video, as eyewitnesses say an israeli air strike collapsed a 12 story apartment to you inner central gaza city. blast sent a huge ball of fire and black cloud of smoke in the air. the explosions shook
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neighboring buildings. at least 22 people, including 11 children were wounded. and caught on video a bystander captures the moment an unmanned, space x rocket explodes. this happened in the space x facility in the mcgregor, texas. the company says the rocket blew itself up after a malfunction was detect during a test. the space x says that it never went off course and in one was injured. the the faa was on site, during that test. well, it is shaping up to be a what, perfect, great, what is the right adjective. >> i think either one of those will work, depending where you are, it is already perfect and great. if you are to the north and you've got some fog it doesn't look all that great but it will be getting perfect and great as todd has said. we are looking at right now the sunrise starting to happen. look at how pretty these clouds look in at atlantic city but what is nicer is the the fact that the sun will be up today and we will get the a full day of sunshine in just about every single location. the it is in the a completely
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full day whoever through reading because look at the fog up there. very light wind through reading and a lot of moisture from the precipitation yesterday, and you've got temperatures and dew point really close together and here you go, we have a lot of fog, up there but that is not going to be staying all day. it will move on, like everything else does in life. we will be finding these temperatures pretty comfortable this morning in the 60's, just about everybody, one exception and that is up in the poconos where we have 55 degrees this morning. the these wind are light and that is nice. who wants to deal with 30 miles an hour wind during the day. instead, we will be finding wind of 5 miles an hour through philadelphia, it is less as we go to the north and they are all coming out of the north east at this point this morning. but they are very light. storm scan three is nothing, yesterday we had that ball of rain, right here and then it moved through the area. today we're not finding that at all. high pressure, firmly in charge today, saying this is enough, and you've had one day of wet ter make a mess of
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things that was yesterday, today we will be left with these temperatures with sunshine into just about 80 degrees, every single day this week though i think we will pick up a couple of degrees but humidity re mains low, probably right through wednesday, and then we will watch for temperatures to be to be great. sky conditions to be perfect. a couple of clouds just to make it sort of nice as we go through the afternoon just a few scatter around possibly otherwise, tomorrow, it is going to be fine. i will continue this time line. you hardly even know anything has change, just watch the the clock that the sky conditions remain remarkably similar over the the next couple of days and that will be great. we will show yesterday all of the precipitation, going on through puerto rico. now it is bohamas get something of this rain and that tropical depression four, it is tropical depression four, that is all it can be named at the this point probably becoming a tropical storm later today. these are where computer models say it will go.
6:18 am
bahamas dealing with tropical storm warnings but generally the path on this is to take it right out to sea that will enhance the rip current risk however and it will be at a moderate level today but it will be probably getting a little rough as we go through the week. even here 80 degrees today philadelphia, shore 76. mountains 78 degrees. perfect weather today, and anywhere you go, 80 degrees this time of the year, it is 62 tonight. becoming clear. very comfortable night tonight. we don't to have pay for comfort in our house tonight just open up the windows. next couple of days. eighty-four on monday. eighty-six on tuesday. eighty-eight wednesday and thursday as humidity comes up. eighty-five on saturday at this point a chance of the shower. we can maybe get that out of there, todd. >> looks great, thank you. certainly are plenty of, tourist attractions in the water off of new york city. the statue of liberty, ellis island and best views of the manhattan sky line but as jim
6:19 am
axle rod reports they are all taking a back seat to the excitement generate by splash and spout. >> okay, there she goes, there she blows. >> 4 miles off new york city's rock away beach, 35-foot hump back whale is taking collective breath away from a boat load of whale watchers. >> i think it is so cool that they just go up like that and then they just go light back in. >> been the the best kept secret the in insuring. >> reporter: researchers paul, counts hump back whales in and around new york city and they are on the rise. >> just the whole whale, high on the boat, looking out to try to find a whale. here comes the tail. >> reporter: his group gotham whale has identified 52 whale sight goes this summer in the new york area, almost double from two years ago. >> we think we are seeing more and more whales every year because of the return of the
6:20 am
menhating. that is their pray fish. >> reporter: increased food supply and cleaner water is not only good news for researchers but for photographers like artie, who is getting pictures no one else ever has. this photo he took this summer, went viral. >> i'm taking the photo, i start seeing that it is just by the empire state building. there is a whale, stood up, straight substituted up and i rattled off shots and i got the shot. >> out here is totally unexpect. so when the whale surfaces and everyone sees it, it the is just something remarkable that may go back to our roots as hunters. >> reporter: the high number of whales in new york are certainly giving photographers plenty of material but maybe more importantly, they are allowing a whole new generation to make a acquaintance with these majestic had mammals. >> wow. >> my goodness. >> incredible image. that was jim axle rod reporting. coming up next on "eyewitness
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news" a scare on stage for a popular rapper. a mishap during her rehearsal is caught on camera and a long running hollywood battle takes to the sky, why some stars are fearing drones. we will be right back.
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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at a terrifying day at the fare for a 16 year-old girl and her eight year old brother. a car on the ferris wheel tipped and both fell 15 feet to the ground. it happened in chelsea, michigan investigators say the girl boarded the ride with
6:24 am
crutches, and that the crutches may have slid out causing the car to tip. >> the girl is still in the hospital, the the boy was released. and a mishap for rapper, iggy azalea, she fell off the stage while performing and it was all caught on tape. >> ♪ >> the security guards were quickly to lift azalea backup on the stage in avalon, in los angeles, the 24 year-old appeared to be unharmed, azalea was performing her hit song fancy at a mtv video music awards benefit concert. show biz photographers known for doing anything to get the shot are now eyeing an eye on the sky, as carter evans tells us the long running battle between celebrities and paparazzi could be going airborne in a whole new way. >> reporter: the the paparazzi have a reputation of doing whatever it takes to get the shot, on the ground, and now,
6:25 am
in the air. >> what is concern of paparazzi using drones. >> well, you have a situation where they are able to go anywhere. >> reporter: shawn berk is director of the paparazzi reform initiative and former celebrity body guard. last year after testimony from halle berry and jennifer garner he helped get a law on the books in california protecting children of celebrities by harassment by photographers. >> i'm asking you as a parent to pay attention. >> reporter: now he says the the steaks are even higher. >> we have someone with a drone and start photographing someone their backyard, that is a privacy concern and it is a privacy concern for all of us. >> reporter: california law already protects areas on the ground where people have a reasonable expectation of privacy like a backyard, newly proposed legislation would expand that protection to the sky. recently miley cyrus posted this video of a drone with a camera she said was above her home. >> it is like the wild west out there.
6:26 am
>> reporter: eric maloney is head of the drone dudes anacin man company in los angeles. he also supports regulations on where drones can spy. >> you should not be allowed to spy on people, to spy on people and invade their personal space because you have this new technology. >> reporter: you have seen situations where paparazzi are pack shoulder to shoulder on the ground. >> all the time. >> reporter: can you see a situation like that in the sky. >> you are walking down rodeo drive and is there a pack of paparazzi why wouldn't there been 30 drones flying over them. >> reporter: faa predicts 30,000 drones will share the the skies in the next five years. carter evans, cbs news, los angeles. coming up in the next half an hour on "eyewitness news" we are live with the latest on a murder, a man is run over and shot in the cities lawncrest section. also digitally savvy college students are more susceptible to identity theft. consumer reporter jim donovan is on your side to keep personal data safe on campus.
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meteorologist carol erickson again who joins with us a look at weather. good morning, carol. >> good morning, todd. we have had great pictures this morning. every single sky condition you can imagine from this gorgeous, sunshine that we're finding already over philadelphia. look at how press that i looks, to the highly dramatic sunrise at the shore. this is maybe even an overly dramatic sunrise but look at that, just absolutely gorgeous in atlantic city this morning. then we will go out to reading and yesterday morning they woke up to rain and this morning they are waking up to look at all this fog. still out there in redding this morning. reduced visibility as you might expect. that will however be leaving. as storm scan three scans the the area we're not finding any problems whatsoever or not picking up those tiny drops up through reading but no rain in, clouds of any kind so just a beautiful day shaping up and just about every location. sixty-five in philadelphia. 60 degrees in trenton.
6:31 am
sixty-four in wilmington. we are on our way this afternoon to 80 degrees. even though that is 5 degrees cooler then it should this be time of the year it is 6 degrees warmer then it was yesterday afternoon. humidity will least mainly. wind will remain light. perfect looking day coming up. future weather, couple have of clouds, perhaps, and i mean just a couple, later on this afternoon we've got just a terrific seven day forecast shaping up but we also have some tropical development in the caribbean. we will talk about what that might mean for us, coming up, todd. >> carol, thank you. developing right the now a man is dead after he was run down and shot multiple times in lawncrest. this morning police are looking for the shooter, "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry is live at philadelphia police headquarters with the very latest on the investigation, syma? >> reporter: that is right, todd a man was hit by a car and then shot moth multiple times and the evident was set on fire. police are investigating this murder that took place in lawncrest. with shots fired in a koran
6:32 am
fire police have been investigating two scenes after a man was found dead. police say that the victim was hit the by a car on the 4700 block of ramona avenue around 8:30 last night. after striking the the victim police say that the assailant got out and shot the victim multiple times. he was pronounced dead at the scene. shortly thereafter police found the vehicle on fire, right now police are looking for a gunman who may have burns from the fire. and a weapon has not yet been found just yet and police have have not released the identity of the victim. we're live at police headquarters, syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> okay, syma, thank you. police are trying to figure out who killed two women in northeast philadelphia police say that the women in their 50's were each shot once in the head, it happened in the 4700 block of vista street in the holmesberg neighborhood. a brother to one of the victims tells cbs-3 that the two women were living together
6:33 am
for about two months and his sister recently received death threats. >> unaudible. >> you just took my sister like that. she was clearly innocent. you take my sister like that, that is in the cool. >> police say they did in the least cover a weapon and no arrests have been made. police say a mother shot her son during a violent confrontation in the germantown home. "eyewitness news" on the 5700 block of mann avenue. the 78 year-old mother told police that she shot the her son in the stomach after he broke into her bedroom and pointed a gun at her. she also says that he appeared drunk and threat tone strangle her. police say they will charge the son with aggravated assault. a jury convicts a bensalem teenager in the rapes and sexual assaults have of ten girls. nineteen year-old joshua benson could be sentenced to more than 80 years in prison. prosecutors say that benson
6:34 am
sexually assaulted girls ages 14 to 17, between 2011 and 2013, the defense argued that the sex act were consensual but the jury disagreed. the search is underway for a bold shoplifter in maple shade a man was caught stealing 19 packs of red bull energy drinks from the cvs store on route 73. the suspect was wearing a red phillies cap, white north face t-shirt and gray khaki shorts. if you recognize the suspect you are asked to cat police. not all mummers are on board with a proposal to change the mummers parade route in south philadelphia. a rally with toy keep the mummers strutting up broad street to city hall was held at the nyp clubhouse on juniper street. organizers want to start at city hall and end it at washington avenue to boost turnout along the parade route. a final decision is expect in
6:35 am
september. college students are beginning to move into their dorms across the region, saturday was move in day for freshman and transfer students at st. joseph's university in philadelphia. there was a little witt out there but the students were still exited to start their college careers. upper class men move in today. as college students begin to head back to school they will get lots of reminders on how to keep their personal belongings safe but a different kind of theft could be far more costly. three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan has advice on keeping personal data safe on campus. >> reporter: student passed around a lot of personal information in the first days of the school year, every where from the register's office to the bank. for identity thieves those college students are a popular target. >> they have in the established a credit his there i yet so they have a clean slate in the credit world and they are not likely to check their credit history or have their history check until they graduate from college. >> reporter: it is not just
6:36 am
keeping an eye on the wallet anymore a smart phone, tablet or lap top can give a thief access to valuable information. so keep certain pieces of data especially secured. >> college students are very opened and trusting and they want to trust everybody and we want them to to a certain point but we want them to be careful particularly with those three items: the the bank account number, credit card number and social security number. >> reporter: also try to get a sense of your college or university's privacy policies and whether they could leave an opening for a breach. >> any new college student hey, ask, what are you doing with my information? how do you store my information? are you going to take that file and lock tonight a cabinet when i leave here? i mean those are basic things that keep information safe. >> reporter: now credit card offers are slightly less prevalent on campuses due to changes in federal law but in filling out applications, students should be mine full to keep the the information secure. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. it is still to come this morning a local artist choose toes create a masterpiece of a
6:37 am
life time. >> the philadelphia catholic church has commissioned a local artist to create an icon for the the world meeting of families, i'm pat ciarrocchi, coming up, you'll meet him. also ahead, sign insanity, parking signs, totem pole that is cause ago lieutenant of confusion in a california town, and fog in the spots to start the day and warm up is on the way, carol returns with you're witness weather forecast, next. who's more excited about back to school savthe ladies?ples? these guys? or these guys? when you get guaranteed low prices on everything you buy the most, everybody gets excited!
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new way of battling depression that could have you getting your game on, yes, is there therapy and medication but there is interesting new research that shows that video games could help treat mental illness. we will get details from three on your side health reporter stephanie stahl. >> reporter: after a long day at work sherry enjoys playing her favorite video game but more than just a fun destresser. or helping her fight her life long battle against depression and anxiety. >> you have things that you do and you earn points by doing something as simple as getting up out of your chair to getting moving to calling a friend, hugging yourself. >> reporter: according to the national institutes of health nearly 15 million americans suffer from major depress i have disorder and 40 million from an anxiety disorder. psychologists are looking at
6:41 am
these video games as a new way to reach those with help. >> a lot of them look exactly like games that someone could play, so they may have cartoon characters, they could have missions but embedded in that game are treatment mechanisms. >> reporter: psychology professor tracie dennis designed personal zen, she said preliminary findings show after playing it for 20 minutes the the brain starts processing negative information differently. >> we can train an anxious person for example to pay less attention to negative and more to positive things in the game and that transfers to how they look at and pay attention in the real world. >> reporter: national institutes of health is funding study to research effectiveness of one game. >> people resist less fit feels like a game, feels like fun. >> reporter: there are concerns some people would underestimate seriousness of their illness and down load a game instead of seeking professional help. >> game itself might not be tailored enough to their specific conditions, so we might be missing the target if
6:42 am
we don't have have guidance on what the real target is. >> reporter: as for sherry, she says the games are a great compliment to her regular therapy. >> when you add in the activity quests and other things it is a joy to play. >> reporter: most feel more research is needed before doctors will start prescribing these games for treatment, there are a variety of video games designed to help with the depression and anxiety, that can be down loaded, we have that information for you at cbs, click on health. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and the ballpark this weekend barbecuing for a great cause, phillies fans got the chance to take a picture with the world series trophy, former pitcher jamie moyer hosted barbecue for hope at citizens bank park. proceeds benefit the the moyer foundation, admission is to provide comfort, hope, healing to children affect by loss and family addiction. preparations are underway
6:43 am
for the world meeting of families next year in philadelphia while pope francis has expressed interests in visiting the city no official announcement has come from the vatican. still plans are moving forward and that includes the creation of a religious icon to be used to promote the the world meeting. the chester county artist got that commission and as pat ciarrocchi tells us his artist also his mission. >> reporter: these days, all day, neil carlen is living among the saints. his artistic mission is sacred. >> that was the vocation that i was searching for my entire life. >> reporter: in his kenneth square studio carlen stands at crossroads of vocations and commissions. >> image represents certainly the holy family, mary, joe's us and jesus and extended family anna and jogging kin, mary's mother and father. >> reporter: carlen has been asked to create a icon for the world meeting of families. the september 2015 gathering in philadelphia, which is expected to be the center
6:44 am
piece of pope francis's first papal visit to the united states. >> the thought of him seeing the work, added a certain level of anxiety to the creation of it. >> reporter: carlen revealed a copy of the black and white sketch. he is painting the icon in aisle on campus. >> there was a specific request as a toddler, age request and figures. otherwise it was left the to me to come up with the design. it is to make sure in the representation of the image that everything continues to come back to the image of christ as the center of the family. it is very humble and exciting to be asked to do this for the global catholic community. >> reporter: as an artist with the sacred mission you might think neil carlen was born into the catholic tradition, in fact, he chose catholicism, 14 years ago. carlen converted to catholicism in the middle of find mission artistic calling but when someone looks at this if i'm being true to my mission and my vocation it is to have this piece guide them towards the divine not to get
6:45 am
caught up in this. >> reporter: on every wall visitor comes face-to-face with the saints, the newest, the obscure, the familiar. >> even with the holy family which is not something i was unfamiliar with as protestant added my deeper layer to my understanding of the church. >> reporter: the icon will be prominently used to promote the world meeting of families with the original to be unveiled in september on exhibit at a the cathedral to divinely inspired. pat ciarrocchi, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, weather-wise, yesterday, not so great but today it is a whole new day, right, carol. >> it is and once again i have deserved. >> yes. >> this. >> well done, well earn. >> yes, thank you. i had to put a few viewers in time out yesterday because they were complaining about the weather, today we will not let that happen again no complaints about our weather. we will find delightful conditions. clouds making the sunrise look so interesting. the sun will be out in every
6:46 am
single location. we've got it here in center city philadelphia. look at buildings silhouetted. look at reading. we have had this problem all morning in reading. notice the the fog up there. a lot of rain yesterday morning at this point and this morning a very glummy start but it will be getting better and you'll be finding sunshine as well with the temperatures way up in the 70's later today. it is just slower to get there today. we have temperatures that are fine, we've got sky conditions, for the most part, that are fine, and nothing going on, storm scan three so in rain, in clouds, no nothing, and i think that is the trend over the next couple of days as well, at least. 65 degrees in philadelphia. we have 61 in millville this morning. sixty-two up in allentown. in the 50's in one spot in the poconos 595 degrees. 60 degrees in atlantic city that is 10 miles inland at the airport. we will get to 80 degrees this afternoon. so a nice afternoon running a lot cooler then it should this time of the year for the third week, plus in august, but we
6:47 am
should be about 58 degrees. we will run 5 degrees shy of that but 6 degrees warmer then it was yesterday. high pressure is here, sunnies out, wind are light, humidity is low, it doesn't get better than this in the month of august. tomorrow it is still nice. humidity remains low. temperatures get a couple degrees higher but sunnies out, wind are light, looks great. by tuesday we are still in the same weather pattern, weather pattern over us is very slow moving, so that is why, things that look nice get a chance to stay nice for the next couple of days. a couple of clouds, the at 5:00 o'clock. that should be the extent of any kind of of interest in the skies today, besides the sun. tomorrow looks great, all day long, and tuesday, it lies great all day long and tuesday night as well and it looks like wednesday will look pretty nice and thursday, it the will look pretty nice. tropical satellite though it is that time of the year as you know where we're in hurricane season. we don't have a hurricane. we have tropical depression number four and it is going to
6:48 am
be just create ago lot of rain for the bohamas, the wind right now on this thing are 35 miles an hour. so it is really nothing and it is moving very slowly. it doesn't have the eye o rest of it and it looks like computer models are taking it out to sea but it could enhance the the risk of rip current and that wouldn't be necessarily today but as we move on through the week as the coastal areas just know that our rip current risk does start to get enhanced because of that system. maryland rate risk today. even today you need to pay very close attention to the life guard. temperatures 76 degrees. mostly sunny. breezy. but boy is the water warm. it is in the 70's today. air temperature in philadelphia is 80. shore temperature is 76. poconos temperature is 78 degrees. ideal. our wind out of the north east at 5 miles an hour. tonight we will drop down to 62 degrees. upper 50's in the outlying areas tonight. very comfortable night ahead.
6:49 am
next couple of days, looking lovely, sunshine, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and probably mess of friday with increasing humidity and temperatures that pick up just a little bit every single day. by next saturday at this point it looks like we will deal with showers but that is a long way off, subject to change, todd. >> looks good, in complaints, from me carol. time to check the roads, lets go to megan in the cbs-3 traffic center good morning, meg good morning, thank you. as you can see traffic looking good for a sunday morning drive. this is i-95 at girard top right of your screen, that off ramp has been reopened, to girard, i-95 at girard, top right have of your screen ramp reopened. it was closed for overnight construction but it has been cleared. moving on here to the ben franklin bridge we have construction in the right lane heading in to philadelphia, two lanes get by so no delays at this time heading east into new jersey, traffic looks good so an easy start if you are heading to the new jersey shore. 422, we have 422, traffic running well here in both
6:50 am
directions just something to keep in mind off ramp to trooper road close forward construction scheduled to reopen tomorrow morning. that is latest from the traffic center, now todd, back to you. we're all used to parking signs here in philadelphia, people try to obey them and avoid getting a ticket of course but take a look at these signs in silver city, california, it stands 15 feet tall, each sign, a different rule. the signs sit outside an elementary school and meant to clarify a new drop off and pick up procedure when classes resumed but neighbors fine them simply confusing. we have an arrow going north, arrow going south, where is east and west arrows. it is crazy in the morning. the these signs are extremely funny. >> i didn't take long for city officials to act as quickly as signs went up, half of them were taken down. still to come this morning the philness extra innings down at the ballpark, was a late game rally enough for a
6:51 am
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it is in sports phillies go late in south philadelphia. jake diekman and ken giles keeping game even through 11th inning but cardinals pull ahead with the run in the 12th, tough loss for phillies. final score six-five. now here's leslie van arsdal with the rest of "eyewitness sports". eagles getting back to work preparing for thursday's final preseason game against the jets. all starters are expect to sit this one out matt barclay will
6:54 am
get start behind center but the big team is the team a hundreds inning first 14 cuts to the roster. few names on that list we have linebacker jake knot, alejandro villanue va, wide receiver bj cunningham, cuts come days before tuesday's deadline get that roster down to 75. >> we just didn't feel it was beneficial for players to have practice, saturday, sunday, monday, and tuesday and cut them. give them a chance, if there is a chance, to see if they can catch somewhere else. >> kerry speaker, not a big surprise, eagles have a major question park, alex henry struggling with accuracy missing a 31-yard shot in the fourth quarter of the thursday preseason game. then there is codey barton acquired earlier in the week. >> we have to make decisions based upon amount of time we have code any here and then we go from here. we cannot sit there and say
6:55 am
how i can do this and. that we know how many times we get a chance to go on the practice field which is new until thursday night and we have one more game under the lights where we get a chance to play. then we will have to make a decision. >> we have sad news to report about the the phillies, front office announcing sally buck has passed away. she had been part of the ownership group since 1981. she was 83 years old. switching gears now sixers finalize a three team deal that send that had crust young in minute so the a in return they get two players with expiring contracts and first round draft pick in 2015. minute so the also gets andrew wiggins and anthony bennet. the cavilers get kevin love. there has been a lot of talk about the taney dragons but the philadelphia area is celebrating another local team, on friday night, the broomall newtown 13 prep squad won national title in the babe ruth world series, in glenn allen, virginia. a big congratulations to them. union return home tonight to host san jose earthquakes, new goalie, is not expect to
6:56 am
start, he had two training sessions earlier in the week. he was late getting in the country. so that will leave him out. that is sports. i'm leslie van arsdal. have a great day. the national zoo in washington throws a big bash for one of the most popular residents. saturday was first birthday of panda a cub bow, bow. to celebrate she received a cake made from frozen fruit juice and other treats like pairs and apples. the cub is only the second panda born at soot to survive through the age of one. bow, bow only sibling was born in 2005 and then return to china. that is it for "eyewitness news" at 6:00 here's what we have at 7:00. philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey is latest public figure to take the als ice bucket challenge. we will show you more of this video, plus tell you who he is calling out. and a family gets a much more than what they bargained for at a popularize cream shop
6:57 am
why a store manager is now apologizing and carol says it will be drying out today, her forecast when we come back. save you fifteen percent or huh, more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know the great wall of china wasn't always so great? hmmm...what should we do?
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murder mystery developing now after a person is run over and shot, investigators spend much of the overnight
7:00 am
searching for clues. we're live with the latest details and new this morning a nasty one car crash, on one of the cities busiest most dangerous roadways. happening today, the the taney dragons return home from williamsport and we will tell you about the celebration that is planned ahead. today is sunday august 24th, good morning, i'm todd quinones. here's meteorologist carol erickson with eyewitness weather. good morning, carol. >> it is brightening up beautifully. very dark when we came in this morning, todd but now sunnies out and i'll show him his first glimpse maybe of some sunshine and maybe yours too. oh, not here. that is in reading where it is brightening up a bit with the fog but we have shots of the city, i hope and the shore. we're looking at some sunshine and if not, you'll get to see those shots in a minute. i'll give a moment's pause. we will move on. we are looking at storm scan three and we have no precipitation out there. no clouds at all.


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