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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  August 26, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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new this morning, fire damages an apartment in northeast philadelphia. firefighters got the call to the grant meadows apartment the 3100 block of grant avenue overnight. no one was hurt. investigators are still work to go determine the cause. good morning everyone, also, in the news, few inches could have become a matter of life or death for delaware county toddler. >> police say stray bullet, a stray bullet narrowly missed an child's crib while sleeping soundsly inside. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry joins us know at the darby borough police
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department with more. >> well, police are looking for the shooters responsible for that stray bullet, that nearly hit a toddler sleeping in his crib. police have been searching surveillance videos hoping to talk with eyewitnesses, in hopes of catch the shooters. >> a crib is supposed to be a safe place but sunday night the dangers of the outside world cape close to hitting a three year old boy sleeping. the shooting happened around 11:00 at night near the intersection of sixth and walnut st. police describe the gunman as two men in their late teens and early 20's. there were number of 9-millimeter shell casings at the scene. but, police say the stray bullet hit a block away, going through a wall at the boat house apartments. >> people fire weapons and don't understand where that round will go after they fire it. >> i don't want to see any kid, anybody really get hurt. >> janice davis is related to the boy she's also the president of the darby borough council. she was frightened to learn the bullet was only inches away from the child. >> that was migrate grandson,
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if he had stood up, he might not be here today. >> neighbors are outraged the gun violence has increase the in their neighborhood. >> i could have woke to up one of my kids not breathing. you understand what i am snake. >> but there has got to be a better way instead of using a gun. >> police say, there was a homicide and that same area about a week ago and they are looking to go see if there is a possible connection. live in darby borough syma chowdhry cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> syma thank youment other news this morning desperate plea of hit-and-run victim in south jersey begging the driver to come forward. kevin trent was hit sunday night along sicklerville road near jarvis road in gloucester township waxing from his home at a job at pizza. who trent suffered puncture lund he has cents will multiple broken bones he could be in the hospital for months we're told, trent's mother said her son remembers being hit. >> he actually said that he was crossing the road and he felt as if the car was
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speeding up to hit him. >> we're told trent called the pizza slop for help. after the car hit him someone there called 911. police have no surveillance video, no eyewitnesses no description of the vehicle. here they are counting on the public to help out. 03:00, your traffic and weather together together on 39's katy? >> hey, ukee, good morning everybody, not sure if you can hear it, but little birdie chirp going on? our center city studios are located right next-door, to the community college here if philadelphia, and i love it, there is a tree over there that the birds are always singing in so, nice to hear that when i am out here on the skydeck, real comfortable morning, great excuse to take your coffee, maybe out on to the porch and just sit outside, enjoy it, it is comfortable still but that will be change withing time let's explain why we go first and for most to storm scan3 take a look, quiet high pressure to place, so with sunshine today we heat up very readily. not too humid just yet as i
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mention, dew points, what we are looking at now current dew points, anywhere from 60 or lower. remember benchmark for when it begins to feel humid about 65. now, you add in we start you know, to really heat up out there. yes it, will start to feel little steamy but won't be oppressive. just hot sunny summer day for us. sixty-nine the current temperature at the airport, a still pretty modest northwesterly breeze, to the component of the winds flow right now does mean it is still going to feel somewhat comfortable when you walk out the door, but does get hot with the full sunshine today easily need the sun block and sunglasses, any time today. 88 degrees the expected high. have fan or the ac ready to go too. we are going to easily flirt with the 80s down the shore today, probably some of you even get to the 80s up in the poconos also warm, but across the board it is wall-to-wall sunshine today. snob. >> sounds good katie 6:04. i think that birds outside kind of flew into the studio
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here. >> let's open up the traffic window, live look at i59. southbound lanes of i59 accident this time around, right at the ramps for the commodore barry bridge. >> down toward 320 see all of the activity here on the rye only left lane open, again, this is on the southbound side, right here, south of 476. and as you can see, it is also starting to back up the blue route now as you head south and then connect with the ramps to further south again rid before the ramps for the commodore barry bridge, on that southbound side. for the gang watching us in delaware northbound lanes of route one, ramps to the an are closed with a crash. so jump off before and use 273, 273 will get you over to 95, you can use that ramp to access 95. and an accident south on the northeast extension just south of the lansdale
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interchange. and early morning accident, still with us, the bethlehem pike southbound lanes are closed, at line lexington road. otherwise, south jersey roadways locking good. mass transit no delays. erika, back over to you. >> bob, thank youment developing right now former nbi director louis freeh injured following single car crash in vermont. happened yesterday afternoon in the small town of bernard. >> it appears the 64 year old left the roadway and then plowed through some shrubs and a mailbox before coming to a stop on the side of the road there. he was airlifted to a hospital in new hampshire for treatment. >> police say this man too drunk to drive and he made his eight year old nephew the designates dollars driver. fifty-eight year old clarence hairston is behind bars. an officer noticed his car swerving saturday afternoon and was shocked to see the man holding a beer with his feet on the pedals then the boy on his lap doing his best to
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steer. there was another child also riding in the back seated without a seatbelt. >> i would rather see the eight year old driving rather than the 58 year old uncle pushing the gas the brake. the owner of the car so drunk he couldn't get out of the car without assistance. >> charged with dui and related off earns cents, remains in jail unable to post bail. ntsb wants to know what caused a moss kilo helicopter to crash. made hard landing yesterday in cape may courthouse. doing weekly observations in the salt march when that chopper went down, it narrowly missed the house and soccer field. >> all the sudden heard the rotors hitting the trees sounded like somebody was cutting brush with big brush
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cutter them all the sudden it went down, the noise stopped. >> the pilot and the passenger suffered minor injuries. >> here is a look at things happening today. preliminary hearing for orlando garcia, stars in the deadly shooting after marne on f street in crescent ville in april. police say garcia shot another man outside that home the same night. >> and in response to the unrest in ferguson, missouri, chester delaware county police department reaches out to the community, they are showing proper protocol during a police encounter tonight at 7:00 chester's better living center. >> and it is move in day for freshmen at rutgers camden. transfer students and also grad students are moving in, and new school year is straight ahead. always such a fun day. i love move in day. meet your new roommate. >> indeed. gone are the days of the big sterios. >> and the big heavy tv's, remember? where's my brother. can you carry the big heavy tv? >> no more. >> time is 6:08. people watch in horror as bus
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swept away by raging flood waters. >> also ahead, new jersey student disappears on hike in israel leading to fears he may have been kidnapped. live with what lawmakers saying about his disappearance. >> and more than fashion statement. nail polish that can help prevent a sexual assault. we'll be back.
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who's more excited about back to school savings at staples? the ladies? these guys? or these guys? when you get guaranteed low prices on everything you buy the most everybody gets excited! staples. make more happen for less. new customers can save an average of $500 just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at >> students from ocean county missing after hike in israel. >> this morning new jersey lawmakers calling on more help to find him. our sister station ccbs in new york live in lakewood, where news conference is scheduled for later this morning. good morning. >> good morning, erika ukee, good morning to everybody. there are several published
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reports coming out of jerusalem describing this massive manhunt, involving police, k9 units and volunteers, scouring the area, where this man went missing back here home. loved ones are hopeful but realistic his life may be in danger. >> the neighbors of aaron gathered, praying for his safe return. the 23 year old lakewood new jersey man vanished in israel friday morning, while hiking with a friend on a rocky wooded slope. the two apparently became separated, and so never emerged from the jerusalem fogless this area is bordered by jewish and arab communities. it is very concerning. >> burned body of palestinian boy had been found in those same woods last month. apparent retaliation for the murder of three israeli students in june, all of it, against the backdrop of searing tensions that have
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errupted in open warfare. >> scary to think what possibly could be the ramifications. >> what is your fear? >> well, fears that he was accosted and taken away, kidnapped. >> aaron's parents liver at this home on fifth street in lakewood. they returned to israel to wait for word. and tuesday morning demanded the israeli army get involved in the search for their son. a young man, much loved here, at home. >> very fine boy he's very normal, very healthy boy his minds is clear no problems at all. >> there have been five prayer vigils in this close-knit community since news of his disappearance broke at the end of sabbath saturday evening. and the mayor holding news conference scheduled for 10:00 o'clock this morning alongside several other elected officials including
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congressman, chris smith to give us an update on this massive search. for now we are live in lakewood, new jersey, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". all right, thank you for that update. just past 6:13, our traffic and weather together. and perhaps short sleeves today, katy? >> oh, yes yes.g the short sleeves here today. it will be a beautiful day. it is getting hot though. we take you out first and for most neighborhood network classic pattern you tends to see this time of year, transfigure summer to fall that fog that starts to settle in, little bit further off in the distance this time around, but it is out there and specially traveling west, maybe on the pa turnpike, going out to harrisburg, hershey, whatever it may be, you may run into patches of t but beautiful start to the day. just going to be bright, sunny, all day long. so will help things heat up. quiet day on tap here. we will eventually begin to feel the up tick in humidity as early as today. not oppressivement tomorrow looks like the most steamy of the forecast, as we obviously will see the highest temperature, but also probably ends up with the most humid i
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then by wednesday evening some of could you pick up spotty shower orm storm nothing much much more than, that weak when it comes to the actual moisture temperature. knocks the temperatures back, knocks humidity back, come this weekend few showers storms, start to become possibility, as early as sunday, and right now looks like labor day monday at least the next seven days is the most active. bob? >> good morning problems on 95 southbound lanes of 95, an accident, right at route 320. right before the commodore barry bridge. everyone coming southbound here jammed up, and everybody pushed over to the left, as the shoulder and the two right lanes are blocked with the accident, so if you are coming from say the blue route, 476, and headed south this morning be ready for this delay that is in your way on the superintendent bound side. coming up from delaware, northbound lanes every route one, ramp to 95 blocked see some g from the south 273 the, it, also has its own
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onramp, will help you avoid the delay. water main break in south jersey route 47 at high street, we see work crews there during the day and south on the northeast extension, an accident, just south of lansdale, so once you pass lansdale, be ready to hit the brakes for that crash. erika, back over to you. >> bob, thank you. take a look at this. some frightening video here in south korea after flashflood sweeps away a bus full of passengers. really high waters there. pushing the bus down the street, then seems to hit something, and then in a second justice peers beneath the water. bbc news reports that one person has drowned, four others have missing. >> horrifying. >> let's take a look at today's headlines stray bullet narrowly misses three year old sleeping in a crib in a darby borough delaware county apartment. they are looking for two suspects, in their late teens or 20's. >> also, police in gloucester township are searching for the hit-and-run driver who seriously injured kevin trent. trent was hit near the strawberry square shopping center sunday night.
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>> fifty-eight year old clarence hairston, faces charges after allowing his eight year old nephew to steer his clear. was drunk when pulled over last saturday in upper darby. more news sports and weather when we come back.k. good morning.
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>> wineries in nap a county suffered some lost action, but county officials say the
6:20 am
majority open, and they are encouraging tourist toss visit. quake was the worse to rattle the bay area in 25 years. damaging homes businesses, and leaving more and more -- more than what 200 people injured. well fire, another side effect, spurred by sunday magnitude 6.0 quake in nap a california, mobile home park burned to the ground, leaving only seconds to get there. authority say it snapped gas lines, a blaze destroyed three mobile homes. when first responders got there they found dried up hydrants, and no way to put the the fire. one neighbor was inside his home when the earth started rattling. >> well, there was allowed loud explosion. at least it sounded like an explosion. and, a big hard shake. that's why it didn't feel like an earthquake. it felt like a plane crash. and i came out i saw the flames, and i thought a plane has hit the park. >> says the mobile home park is a very tight-knit community, and is thankful no one was injured.
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could nail polish help prevent sexual assault? a project created by group of north carolina college students says yes. they are calling it undercover colors. the innovative new polish would change color when it is exposed to date rape drugs. right now, that product is still being tested, so it is not available for purchase, but i think they're onto something, that's something a lot of women do wear. if you're out at the bar -- >> no question, amazing indeed. parade plans are released for the taney dragons. we'll tell you about it more in sports. >> also ahead the hottest stars from television honored at the emmies including julia louie drive us not her except tan speech had a has everyone talking this morning that's coming up. we'll be
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6:23, are you wearing orange for a reason today, katy? begin deed i am. i figure i should wear my brightest colors for the hottest days of the forecast, so today is orange, i'll probably wear red tomorrow. it will be the hottest day of the forecast, we take you out there quick check on storm scan3, nothing going on.
6:24 am
so you will see nice bright sunlight all day today sun just popped over the horizon in margate city outside beach patrol headquarters in the live neighborhood network, we heat up easily as of first pitch tonight 7:05, phils 8 degrees under sunshine, but will be around dusk start to see the sun go down. expected official hi, 88 degrees tomorrow, like i said, the hottest, maybe just spotty shower or storm tomorrow night. very isolated. bob? >> great night to be at the ballpark. 24:00, good morning, live look, south on 95, an accident right near 320. police firefighters, here, only the left lane is getting on through. looks like we have everything blocked now temporarily with this penndot truck. but, take a look at what it is doing to the blue route here. southbound lanes of 476 jammed, approached mcdade, down on to the ramps for i-95. so if you are headed south this morning south of the blue route be ready for a delay, otherwise the schuylkill looking good. south on 95, a delay in toward
6:25 am
girard avenue. and keep in mind, construction coming our way today, passyunk avenue the bridge from 61st over to 28th street. and then, septa using shuttle buses on the route ten trolley throughout the day due to track work. ukee, back over to you. >> thank you buddy. eagles and jets this thursday night at lincoln financial field in south philly, the pre-season finale. back up quarterback mark sanchez will not see action, but done well this training camp. now he may be attracting the attention of some other teams. one the st. louis rams. they of course lost starter sam bradford to season ending knee injury. but the eagles back up says he's staying put. we need that veteran back up no doubt. baseball codey ashley and carlos ruiz hit homeruns, out lasted the team with the best record in the national league. a.j. burnett on the mound, he struck out a dozen washington nationals, on the way to a three to two win for your fighting phils. the phillies are now won a couple in a row. cole hamels goes for eighth win tonight in south philly.
6:26 am
by the way you can talk sports with beasley reese this morning on sister station sports radio 94wip. beasley sitting in for vacationing angelo cataldi on the morning show, hanging out with rhea and al until 10:00 or there about. on the air right now. so if you are about to head out the door, 94wip. >> oh, we have to get him a big coffee. >> huge coffee. >> he deserves t. hey, time to pay tribute to the taney dragons employed of philadelphia. >> tomorrow the sitly celebrate the little leaguers and run through the tournament. mo'ne davis unforgettable performance powered the run to williamsport, who can forget all of the contributions of every single young at least. the taney dragons were the first philadelphia team ever to make it the little league world series. >> all right the parade begins tomorrow at 2:00 atter performance at the kimmel center. their second is mummers performance action at broad and washington then the parade wraps up at fdr park. tomorrow night by the way the phillies will pay tribute before the game with the nationals, to the dragons of
6:27 am
taney. that's fantastic. congratulations, again good times coming up. love a parade. oh yes never forget this ever. coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news" this morning, warning from police, women being attacked in one local neighborhood. we'll tell but that. also this, syma? >> reporter: police are investigating after a stray bullet nearly hits a toddler sleeping in his crib. i'll have that story coming up. and breakfast is the most important meal of the day right? is it really? doctor jen is here to talk about whether there is any truth to that old saying, and if so, what should you be eating? >> and bob and katie return with your traffic and weather together. we'll do it on the 3's we're back at the bottom of the hour in a couple of minutes. good morning fam
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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> delaware county mom finds a stray bullet mere inches from her sleeping toddler's crib. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry at darby borough police department with more on this very close call, syma? >> that's right, family members are still shocked, and neighbors are outraged. that's because one of the safest places a child can be, is at home sleeping, but that wasn't the case sunday, when a stray bullet made its way through an apartment wall, just inches away from a
6:31 am
toddler, in his crib. the shooting happened around 11:00 at night near the intersection of sixth and walnut streets. police describe the gunman as two men number of 9-millimeter shell fou goes about five, 6 inches above the top of the crib. that is child laying in the crib, three year old baby, the child stands up, the child sits or if the bullets 10 inches lower, the child's hit. >> lips say there was a child a week ago so look to go see possible connection. syma chowdhry, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> syma, thank you. police have warning this morning, for women who live and work in north philadelphia. a 19 year old woman told police, she was assaulted while walking to the bus stop on the 100 block of west dolphin street. the attack happened last thursday afternoon.
6:32 am
then early yesterday morning about a mile away, 26 year old woman reported that a man forced near an alleyway, that was along north watts street. we're told he then tried to get her to have sex with him. he ran away when she started screaming. police do not believe the same man is responsible recall but they say women need to take extra precautions. team continues for christina former day care worker accused of kidnapping young girl from her west philadelphia class rom. prosecutors say posted as girl's mother to sign her out of bryant elementary school that morning in january of 2013. trial witnesses say no one realized the mistake until after school hours. a worker on duty when the kidnapping took place testified those entering the school's reception area were not check for id. >> unfathomable, school district would have no need to have a check point when you first come in the door, to sign in.
6:33 am
>> defense lawyer argued his client does not match description of the school intruder, the now seven year old victim expected to testify against her alleged attacker. >> 6:33, traffic and weather together. and going to warm up, katy? >> absolutely, off to pretty mild start in most locations but eventually start heating up here, because you will not see too many clouds in the sky, bright blue skyline lots of sunshine, and we're going to start heating up here, we did expect we start to see the temperatures finally start to rebounds toward th ndsure enough ture, area os more of southerly component to the winds. you know what that means? coming from much milder, moisture rich place in the southeast. start to heat up even more tomorrow. and then there is going to be another frontal boundary that moves through as a very weak disturbance more than anything. will knock the temperatures back for us come thursday and meantime expect just spotty shower or storm wednesday night. cristobal, still monitoring, currently category one
6:34 am
hurricane, but it is still expected to stay out to sea not just for us thankfully but the entire eastern seaboard. just rip currents if you are maybe have last minute beach get away up and down the jersey shore line, delaware shore line, also certainly up and down the rest of the east coast. >> keen the sun around, great pool day bob. >> don't look at me. ukee? >> 6:35. >> goat to go crash somebody's pool? >> avenue hole in my flip and fill pool. i have to get some duct tape. good morning, live look, lets guess outside to i95 southbound, an accident, right near 320. as we are jammed for couple of miles, here, working your way southbound, in toward that commodore barry bridge, looks like they just opened up the two left lanes the last of the firetrucks pulled away. here is the ramp for the commodore barry bridge, just to give you an idea, but we are bumper to bumper blue
6:35 am
route all the way down to this earlier accident scene that's also impacting 476 as well. now, an accident on the northeast extension, this is southbound south of lansdale, only the shoulder is getting on through. again, back up for about a half mile, once you pass lansdale, you will ride right into that back up, so may want to head for 309 this morning and an accident out in norristown at main and markley, police on the scene there. and a crash along the germantown pike, plymouth road not that far from the plymouth mall there. then water main break in glassboro, route 47, right at high street. otherwise, mass transit looking good, no delays at least at the moment. back over to you. >> thank up, bob. developing right now. s officials say president obama has authorized surveillance flights overseer ya as he considers future actions against isis. that's according to associated press sources. the pentagon is reportedly sending manned and unmanned
6:36 am
recognin isn't flights over the country. syria said it is willing to cooperate with the us to put down the sunni muslim terrorist group but also says the us needs its permission before launching any air strikes on its territory. earlier this month, the us began striking isis targets in iraq. your time right now 6:37. the federal reserve recently receipts leased results of survey to determine just how well consumers have recovered from the financial crisis. and also, they're trying to identify risks to their financial conditions. >> definitely out of the critical care unit, 23% of respondents said their families were living comfortable in, 37% either doing okay, 25% just getting by and another 13 percent are struggling so, we are doing all right. not great.
6:37 am
one nice note here, majority of households are living within their means 38% say that they spent less than their income, another 38% reporting that they're spending was equal to their income. remember leading up to the financial crisis, lots of people spending more than they were making. >> what about when it comes to retirement? how are folks doing there? >> many say they're not prepared for retirement. a little bit more frightening the ones older also, not prepared. >> 40% said they thought a little or not at all about retirement planning, i know, if you are just getting by, it is hard to plan for retirement. so as a result for 55 to 64 year olds, 18% plan to follow that traditional retirement model of working full time, until a specific date. and then stopping altogether. meanwhile, 24% say they're going to deep working as long as possible, 27% say they're
6:38 am
going to work part time or become self-employed to help float them through their retirement years. >> and sustained numbers there. jill, what's it take away from the survey in all? >> overall, population making slow progress after the recession. 55% reporting they actually saved money in the preceding year. now, look, we're all hopeful as the economy continues to heal, more americans will be better to invest for their future f you are in that mode of just digging out remember the big three financial to do's on your list. number one pay down your consumer debt. two, beaver up that savings until you have six months worth of living expenses in the bank, and over time try to maximize your retirement contributions, that's it, three things on your limbs, if you get there you will be in great shape. >> good stuff. >> simple list i like the things simple, jill. >> i think i will ' start another mattress going. thanks jill, appreciate it. >> oh, ukee. all right, 6:39 right now.
6:39 am
we have some good news for those of how may be frustrated by your iphone's battery life could get pre replacement. imagine/from play suddenly experience shorter battery life or need to be charged more frequently. only i55's sold between september of 2012 and january of 2013 are eligible. you can check your eligibility on apple's website. >> local town hoping to steak its claim to the title of best downtown in new jersey. >> named a finalist by the new jersey chapter of the american planning association this is all in the 2014 people's choice awards, for out standing downtown's in new jersey. the public can vote on line for its favorite downtown, and each region of jersey, voting closes at midnight, september 26th. you got little while to vote. but why not do it now? hop on line. >> 6:40 in the morning, are you hungry? what are you having for breakfast this morning? up next, doctor jen is here to talk about the benefits of
6:40 am
breakfast. what you should be eating, whether it is matters if you skip it and why it is so important for children. >> also, ahead julia louie drive us gets more than she bargained for at the emmies. all of the winners that's coming up. be right
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>> we want traffic and weather together. >> good morning, everybody quick check on storm scan3 first and for most, nice wide
6:43 am
zoom. high pressure in place that means more sun. we heat up again. next cold front, waits in the wings, though, back through nebraska iowa, will start to weaken off in terms of precipitation. so we get spotty shower, storm tomorrow night because of. that will here's cristobal. right now this is hurricane category one hurricane, no less thankfully it is expected to stay out to sea for the entire eastern seaboard. but, because it has got some warm water to travel through may maintain the cat one status for awhile, even as it makes its closest pass through our area, it means surf and the rip countries being will get churned up out there. and the elevated risk with us already today. going to the shore, great beach weather careful though if you are hitting the waves. pollen levels are high. they stay high. today, tomorrow, thursday, friday probably into the weekends courtesy of this very quiet pattern. so the eyewitness weather seven day as you might imagine featuring at lot of sunshine out there today tomorrow, thursday friday, as i mention, wednesday evening maybe the little hiccup where we see spotty shower or storm and then we cool down, behind that weak front. bob? >> good morning everybody
6:44 am
6:44, live look at delay on i-95, as a result of an earlier accident. and anyone headed southbound, start to hit the brakes here, as you work your way down toward the blue route and then eventually down toward 320, again all of the lanes are open, just have to sift through this back up here, but for the most part, the volume in the morning. >> accident south every lansdale off to the shoulder so both lanes are open. back up from, say south of quakertown, all the way down through lansdale. so, throw some extra time on your trip there. now, into the neighborhood, in lansdale 40-foot road at welsh rd. crash in norristown at main and markley. one along germantown pike, and plymouth road. schuylkill expressway not bad at all. little bit of brake tapping inbound. nothing out of the ordinary, south on 95, little slow at girard. and mass transit running with no delays. ukee back over to you. >> thank you, here is a look at today's headlines the red cross now responding to a
6:45 am
fire, on the 3100 block of grant avenue in northeast philly. no injuries, but several people were forced out of their apartment. >> also, police in darby borough were searching for two men after a stray bullet comes dangerously close to a three year old's crib. investigators say that bullet could have come from as far as a block away. >> twenty-three year old kevin trent suffers from several serious injuries after hit by hit-and-run driver sunday night in sicklerville. police say the vehicle likely has front end damage. >> it is that time of the morning. but to sit down for breakfast? always heard the most important meal of the day. but one new study now questioning some of the benefits of that morning meal. >> the research says regular eating breakfast is no better for weight loss than skipping. so are there advantage to eating a good breakfast? family physician doctor jennifer joins us with more details, morning, document i'm always a believer in the power of breakfast.
6:46 am
>> me too. >> what's this study looking flat. >> so we've all heard or many of us said breakfast eating breakfast can help us lose weight. >> this study actually wanted to see if that was the case or not. that's the big question here. the study took over 300 people divided them into three groups, control group group that had breakfast every day, and group that did not. andand after 16 weeks compared the weight at the end of the stud toy what it was at the beginning. it didn't matter whether the participants had breakfast or not. their weight was the same. so according to this study you know breakfast may not influence the weight very much. but i tell you comparing big breakfast like eggs bacon toast, grabbing a granola bar out the door. >> let's talk about the benefits. i'll speak from myself anecdotally, let's talk about how we feel when we don't eat breakfast, right? there can be changes in our concentration, changes in our memory, our ability to sort of have pep in our step, also, fatigue can be a problem. and do you all get cranky when you're hungry? >> oh, ya. >> ukee is quiet. >> ukee so quietment?
6:47 am
you don't get cranky? >> oh, certain ways. >> well, some of us get cranky. mood changes, also energy, things like that, remember, it is important to get the proper nutrients. and breakfast is a meal that we can help do. that will also, keeping us from over indulge later in the day, think breakfast very important. >> back on the weight loss thing, how does breakfast correlate with weight loss? >> that's the thing, the study saying well it may not correlate at all. remember a lot of vein, in determining whether eating breakfast will help you lose weight. look if you are eating a big breakfast with lots of eggs and bacon and toast and bagels versus granola bar what you eat for breakfast may also play a role. this particular study says oh, doesn't really make that much of a difference, but in reality i think it does matter what you eat. >> so what should we eat? >> the american academy of nutrition and dietetics, a few things, good proteins in your breakfast, you also want whole grains and fruits and vegtables, so protein would be like, you know, canadian bacon, could be some eggs, cheese low-fat yogurt, whole
6:48 am
grain, like oatmeal, great sore of slow burning fuel, also, whole grain like waffles, pancakes, and don't forget fruits and vegtables like veggie omlet. aim he hungry. >> the more you talk? >> any breakfast around here? >> i hear -- i didn't mention scrap snell. >> is that your breakfast to to? >> maybe some protein in there. >> i want to be eat breakfast whether adult or child. remember your little ones, they have to have their energy for the day. so try to -- and make it quick. pass them something to go. it is school time. get them on the bus with some smacks. make it quick. and plan the night before so breakfast is not so much after burden the morning of. >> good advice. >> the power of breakfast i'm with you thank you doctor, i'm with you. >> let's go out for some breakfast now. >> bob's buying. >> all right 6:49. let's see what's coming up on cbs this morning, gale king joins us up in new york with your preview. hi, gale. >> i can tell you the best breakfast, scrambled eggs with
6:49 am
cheese bacon extra crispy, a little belgium waffle and some home fries. >> not really heart healthy but sound delicious. >> you know what? gale, you serving we're coming up many we'll catch the next asela, it is on. >> well, i was on vacation for two weeks and david mart sin at the pentagon we're there drafting plans to attack isis and syria using manned and unmanned aircraft. plus nancy odel joins us from the brand new et set. she was back stage at last night's emmies, has all of the highlightsment as a bonus first look at the set. hotels are sneak ago extra charges for everything from gym access to a mandatory tip for bell man who hears doesn't even go to the bell man. that's not right. that's what i said. what? travel editor peter greenberg in studio 57 with how you can avoid those fees. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you guys in about ten minutes from now. >> that's just crumby. >> i know it is. not giving the guy a tip? >> thanks, gale.
6:50 am
>> see you! >> well, as gale mentioned hollywood celebrates the necessary television at the 66 annual prime time emmy awards . >> cable. i awards in los angeles. >> wonderful surprise, and a real honor. >> many ' goes to brian kranston. >> show's star brian kranston took home best actor in drama for his role as teacher turned drug lord. >> i love to act. it is a passion of mine. and i will do it until my last breath. >> after the show, julianne a the good wife, didn't let go of her second trophy for best actress in a drama. >> i feel like this is the golden age of television, but it is also the time for women in television. >> on the comedy side, modern family won a record tying fifth emmy for best comedy series. the big bang theory, jim pars ons, earned his first emmy for best actor in a comedy.
6:51 am
>> my god, i really don't believe this. >> funny man steven cobair stood out for out standing variety series. >> nice recognition, all of the hard work of everybody on the staff. >> staying humble as he prepares to move into david letterman's seat in late night on cbs. ko im, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". big night. >> yes. >> indeed. we'll be right back. good m
6:52 am
nelson: when i started high school in jersey city making it to the finish line seemed like a distant dream. mr. cunningham: i know how hard nelson works running track and he works just as hard in my honors class.
6:53 am
nelson: i thought i wasn't good at history but mr. cunningham, he makes it come alive. now i'm heading to college-- and my teachers helped make that happen. mr. cunningham: we're not just teachers, we're mentors, and helping all our students realize their dreams is the best part of the job.
6:54 am
>> jump you away, festival comes back to philly, looks like saturday is the driest day on sunday we have better shot for some wet weather. bob? >> 6:55. if you are down in that area, already putting up the tents and the generators, putting the fencing up around the art museum circle. north 95, dealing with sun glare, and jam from earlier accident. up near the commodore barry, a crash, south on the extension just cleared out of the way, but the back up still with us, south of lansdale. ukee, back to you. >> chase utley and wife jena nouns new effort to help dogs and cats in need. >> "eyewitness news" at the pennsylvania spca where the two unveiled the phillies pet calendar. eighteen month calendar features members of the phillies post withing four legged friends. calendar cost $15 proceeds go to help animals in need.
6:55 am
>> september 8th, pet calendar night. going to be a bunch of these available. there are still plenty. i know a loft these animals in this calendar have been adopted already. i think there are a few that haven't. and there is obviously plenty more here at this shelter this need to be adopted. >> the utley's long time animal advocates hope to help find homes for bets in need. >> by the way national dog day, and here is me with my best friend, we would like to see your picks as well. tweet them, hashtag cbs-3 mornings, and who knows we may share them live on the air when we switch to the cw fill any just a few minutes. finds that pretty when the dogs out are out. >> more on top story too close for comfort. >> shows you just how close a stray bullet came to striking a local toddler sleeping in his crib. we're live with the latest on the search for the gunman. coming up next on cbs this morning, nora talks with
6:56 am
serena williams about the wimbleton melt down. >> keeping it live, keeping it. it on the "cw philly" station. have a good down... lower... that's more like it! petsmart's prices on your favorite food brands just got lower! shop a wide assortment of food and save up to $8 on your favorite dog & cat food brands. at petsmart®.
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♪ good mo it's tuesday august 26th syria. why it may not be enough to destroy the terror group isis. warren buffett makes a big
6:59 am
bet on burger king's merger plans. but this morning, a u.s. senator says you should eat elsewhere. plus nancy o'dell with the big emmy winner and billy crystal's emotional tribute to robin williams. >> but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> it's been reported that the u.s. has begun reconnaissance strikes over syria. >> the pentagon with
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