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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  September 1, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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dry forecast, but it will also not be a wash out. so we'll track the possibility of showers, storms, for you are here, that's coming up in the next few minutes, guys, back to you. >> the ends every area a down the shore, another casino goes dark, changing the atlantic city skyline once again. >> the showboat casino closed its doors after nearly three decades in business. but it is not the only boardwalk checking out. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo begins its own two day shutdown this morning, jan, good morning. >> reporter: erika, ukee, good morning, that's right, it is the unofficial ends of summer here in atlantic city, definately more bitter than sweet this year. as you mentioned, showboat closed yesterday taking with it thousands of jobs, today, it is revel's turn in part, the hotel part of this hotel and casino closes around 11:00 this morning, and then the casino closes to the morning at 5:00 a.m. if everything goes as planned
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at the end of the summer four kinsler in atlantic sitly close eliminate being about 8,000 jobs. casino experts have said this is painful, but necessary, to right size and stabilize this market. now, revel opened just little more than two years ago, a mid high hopes of saving atlantic city's crumbling gambling market. but the two and a half billion dollars casino and hotel never turned a profit. and after filing for bankruptcy twice, qualified buyer was never found. so, this alone will leave more than 3,000 employees without a job. revel's closing alone in all the closures mean nearly third of atlantic city's work force will be unemployed including thousand who is lost their jobs just yesterday down the boardwalk at showboat. >> very difficult for the guests, very difficult for the employees, sad time in atlantic city. >> reporter: definitely lot tears yesterday as showboat closed. now, experts suspect that ones this casino revel is closed, and sold at a cut rate price,
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it will eventually reopen under new ownership possibly as a casino possibly as something else, maybe condos or a resort. but today just dreaded day for this city as it deals with yet another casino closure. live in atlantic city, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> jan, thank you. new this morning, deadly shooting under investigation in philadelphia's kingsessing neighborhood. it happened late last night, on the 6,000 block of almond street. investigators tell "eyewitness news", a man was shot multiple times in the chest and died at the scene. no word on a suspect or motive at this time. three council rock south student killed in a crash days before the start of the school year. counselors will be at the school to offer support to student and parents. and an s.u.v. caring six teens overturned saturday morning in wayne county. ryan lesher, seamus digne, and cullen keffer died in the crash. all 315 year olds set to enter their sophomore year of high school. cause of the crash remains
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under investigation. time to get your weather katie in the weather center, good morning. >> happy monday everybody. if maybe just normal work day for you, lucky enough to have off, up nice and earl which us, actually does look like it will be a start to the day, that will mean you probably want the air conditioner ready to go, whether it is on in the house or on in the car. it is cents just starting to feel a lot less comfortable outside. we frankly have not been used to discomfort as of late. it might commas shock to the system, overall the next two days are really steamy almost reminiscent of the dog days of summer type forecast for us. let's go out there. i want to show you waist going on on storm scan3, you know, it has been relatively quiet in the last hour, but clearly in the last several some very heavy rain. that moved on through here. that has since moved out to sea obviously all that's left of these additional left over pockets moving across portions of the pa turnpike, delaware county then another out toward ocean county so just couple of
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lingering showers, but spray coming up off the vehicles as you drive out on the highway from the big batch of rain that came through last night, now, offer to the south and west you can see additional pockets of rain moving in. this is not coming through courtesy after cold front. it is actually just the return flow on the back edge of large dome of high pressure, in other words, it is a winds flow shift as our wind comes more out of the south, out of the deep south, it is hot, it is hotter, it is more humid, and also enough to trigger shower or thunderstorm specially later today. yes, probably start to seymour sunlight out there as the late morning wears on, and what that will do is actually help trigger additional pocket or several every showers or thunderstorms even despite the fact we don't really have any storm system moving through. now. that will change by tuesday, we actually do start to see the next front come along. standing temperature wise, handful of locations, 73 both trenton, the list goes on, just really mild and muggy,
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dew point, keep in mind the lower the dew point, the drier the air. these dew points are awfully high. steamy outside. we'll got some sun. heat up, eventually seymour showers and storms, erika, back to you. >> katie, thank you. happening today philadelphia marks labor day with a parade through south philly. the parade starts at columbus boulevard, and washington avenue, at 10:00 this morning, it then ends at the great plaza at penn's landing where they will there will be activities for the whole family. philadelphia's fast-food workers meanwhile are demanding higher wages, they'll march as part of the parade. the made in america festival is becoming labor day weekends interested anythings philadelphia, thousands of people packed the ben franklin parkway for two days of music. crews have been out all night long though cleaning up what was left behind. "eyewitness news" reporter noel mcclaren spoke to concert goers who refused to let one hour delay caused by strong storms ruin there fun. >> reporter: they didn't pay
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for a light show, but that's what thousands got instead of the made in america concert as storm clouds rolled in. ordered to seek shelter, frustrated festival goers poured out of the gates as sense were simply too dangerous. >> casino after bummer we had to go. >> paid a lot of monday. >> i in fact, police tell us concert organizers didn't inform them of any preparation in case after storm. >> so there is no plan in place if the weather gets bad? >> the plan in place is to sit and still watch the concert as it goes on. again, i think if it is any concern about the safety of the attend december, that's something that will be addressed. >> reporter: but tradition says the show must go on. after about an hour once lightning subsided even as the rain continues, the gates were reopened. tickets weren't checked.
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>> headliner pharrell crouds crowds back to the spirit. on the ben franklin parkway, noel mcclaren, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> the show went on. >> this wasn't the only made in america festival. thousands rocked out in downtown los angeles, for the concert series. it is the first year for the festival's expansion, first launched by music mogel jay-z here in philadelphia back in 2012. don't forget our coverage of made in america continues on our website you can find the slide show of the festival's most memorable moments, and relive all of the fun. developing now, the us military carries out more air strikes against isis militants in northern iraq. the strikes ended nearly two month siege near the town of armorially. it is home to 15,000 members of an ethnic minority facing massacre. on capitol hill, some us lawmakers said president obama needs to toughen his stance on eliminating the extremist hold on that region. >> i wish our president was showing the same leadership
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that david cameron showed. what is president obama waiting for, and what we need in iraq, what we need in syria, we need moderate sunnis, to do, that weaver to build the coalition. building the coalition is not an excuse for not doing military action. it is making sure that that military action is effective. >> the us also air dropped humanitarian aid to the region. residents had been without power and faced severe food and water shortages, according to the un. your time now 5:08. some big changes this morning for the police department in ferguson, miss your. >> i what office remembers now doing differently after weeks of unrest. >> also, a major invasion of privacy, hackers post nude images of oscar winner jennifer laurence, and she is not the only a list star targeted in the on line attack. >> we weren't the only ones hit by strong storms yesterday. we'll show you some of the worse damage left behind. katy? >> that's a lot of heavy rain, nasty storms fell across the nation's heartland. so we will talk about.
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that will also about how things are looking back here at home, and it is still kind of active out there, guys, not going to lie. we already dodging wet weather today and tomorrow and we'll track it for you coming up. >> ♪ >> oh, don't look now, but it is already september. can you believe it? summer quickly coming to an end. and kids are headed back to school. for now, it is our labor day. >> i was hoping would you go there. >> yeah, labor day, ya. who we'll be right back.
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>> offs ers in ferguson, missouri started wearing body cameras. you probably remember the scene from last month, protesters clashed with police for almost three weeks after white officer shot and killed an unarmed african-american teenager. the new cameras will record each officer's actions and conversations. >> people outside boston will spend the day cleaning up this big olds mess after possible tornado rips through the area. toppled trees, littered the neighborhood in whoos err after the storm blew through last night. the trees landed on cars, houses, just all over the street there. no one was hurt, though. investigators with the national weather service will check out the damage this morning, to see if a tornado did in fact touchdown. now, over to new york, lightning strike sends people scrambling for cover at a crowded beach. three people standing on a handball court were hurt when the storm hit orchard beach in the bronze. they were all expected to be okay. police close that beach,
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though, for safety reasons after that chaotic scene. lightning did hit the water. it hit the water or the sand. i know. that will you can see like an explosion. you seen stuff lift up. people just running. >> it was really loud, just like vroome, like a bomb blew up. >> that storm also put a pretty spectacular show on the , o beautiful lightning strikes there, several you can see lightning bolts hitting the water. beautiful to watch from inside your home, right, katy? >> absolutely, yes. i say this all the time. if you hear thunder you are in fact close enough to get struck by lightning, because even if you can't see lightning, it can actually send out from the thunder as much as 10 miles, so you just have to, you know, go your gut, go inside, stay safe. thankfully anything that we're left with right now, not really producing any lightning. only got couple of little pockets every showers out there right now, but i want to talk about the general pattern more than anything. take you out to storm scan3,
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nice wide zoom of the entire eastern seaboard. i show it to you because notice way off to our west, back through kansas, missouri, and up into the great lakes region, that's our next front. so the wet weather that's been coming through as of yesterday, isn't actually coming through because after front. although it casino of has the looks of a front. this is really the outer rim of a large dome of high pressure. so, around the rim of that hi, we're drawing in the air mass, and our moisture source from deep south. which means, it is really steamy, and it is actually going to be pretty hot out there today. will be additional showers, storms, get ignited because of the instability more than anything. meanwhile, your pollen report well despite wet weather moving through, it won't change all that much. in fact the levels should spike tomorrow. all in advance of this next cold front that comes through, i the one i just showed you, once it does cross through being humidity should lower, keep the ragweed, chenopods, ragweed, grasses, still high. damp grass out, there so you may not want to be mowing the
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lawn anyway. it is hot and steamy today. high should hit about 90. shower or storm around mainly this afternoon and evening, and really quick check for you are you on the eyewitness weather seven day forecast, still hot, steamy, another shower our storm, despite it still being hot wednesday, it will be a little bit more comfortable. erika, back to you. >> thank you, shear look at your headlines, atlantic city revel casino hotel begins its closing process, been in bankruptcy twice. showboat closed yesterday, trump plaza closest latter this month. >> police is her clinic for suspects in deadly shooting in kingsessing, man was shot and killed along the 6,000 block of old manned street about 10:30 last night. >> and grief counselors will be on hand from 1:00 until 4:00 this afternoon at the council rock high school south in bucks county. three sophomores were killed in a car crash in northeastern pennsylvania saturday morning. your time is 515:67:89 have you noticed your grocery bill getting little more expensive? >> three's on your side.
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we'll let you know what is causing prices on popular breakfast staples to spike. >> and coffee or tea? the answer to that question could help you live longer. we'll let you know which drink you should probably grab this morning. we'll be right back. good morning.
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>> nude photo scandal, claim to show nude pictures of the academy winning actress and several other a listers. confirmed the alleges stole friend her i cloud account are real. other alleged victims include pop star rihanna, super model kate upton. joan river's daughter said she is keeping her fingers cross her mother recovers. eighty-one year olds comedian is being brought out of the medically induced coma and it could take days before we know her condition. rivers went into cardiac arrest thursday morning, during routine procedure on her neck in new york.
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sources close to the family say they are considering a lawsuit. in your health watch this morning, you may want to put down that cup of coffee and go for some hot tea instead. researchers say tea drinkers more healthy, more likely to live healthy lives. they also could live longer. their study look at 130,000 people. they found that tea drinkers tend tore more physically active and even better chance of surviving non-heart related diseases. now, if coffee isn't exactly ooh condition of tea, new study shows benefit to drinking wine. researchers stay could help protect you against cardio vascular disease but only if you also exercise. scientists folds a group of men and women in the czech republic for a year. they found that those who drank wine and, err cited at least twice a week have lower cholesterol. well, it is said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. as kids head back to school in year, it is cost ago lot more. jill wagner explains.
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>> maxine rush says it is cost ago whole lot more to fill up her shopping cart. >> everything, everything is gone up, you know, considerably. >> analysts cents blame the higher prices in part on the weather. >> mother nature is in a game of supply and demand. >> drought is boosting the price of milk, dare, fruits and veggies. and coffee. >> this year alone, maxwell house, folgers, and starbucks, raised prices by as much as 10 percent. bacon is at a 30 year high. and another breakfast staple, orange juice, hasn't fared much better after bacteria hit the citrus crop in florida. analysts say one area where prices may actually come down or at least stay the same is with cereal. that's because corn production has soared this year. >> but even with the price tag, heading south, cereal still isn't flying off the shelves. morton williams' super markets says breakfast habits have
5:21 am
changed. shoppers are more health conscious. passing on carbs and jewing have i juice and choosing proteins and dare. >> i more people are having yogurt now. really every category that consumer shops for has been under price pressure. >> rush says she tries to eat healthy. and uses coupons as much as possible. >> if i think something is really too expensive. i just won't buy it. >> jill wagner, cbs news, new york. you say you like plane yoking you? >> i love plane yogurt, little drizzle of hon. >> i my mom likes it, too. >> alh. >> too bitter for you? you like your pop tarts? >> right on. >> right now 52:00; three's on your side with a scam alert, the one phonecall you don't want to answer. >> back on the track, tony stewart returns to racing for the first time, since he killed another driver on the track. the reception he received from fans and how he did in the race when we come back.
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sass we watch up our labor day weekend there is forecast is starting to go downhill depending on your taste here. tracking some wet weather out there, and we're going to be doing it once again here today as well as tomorrow, and man it is heating up. we take you outside. quick check, we did have heavy rain move through through the overnight, obviously has sinned moved out to sea. we will see another round develop as the day goes on manually afternoon and evening, kind of like yesterday's forecast, meanwhile, talk about the dew point on day like. >> this right now already into the 70s, close to the actual air temperature, but i expect that it will climb up to 75 at its worse, and that do you have either shake your head at it or just crawl back under the covers, right, un suffer recall how it will be out there today. real steamy. the beach great place to head. now keep in mind, if you are going to hit the pool or the
5:25 am
shore here today, there will again be some showers or storms to dodge. primarily later in the afternoon, so if you hear thunder, you see the storm clouds rolling in, make sure to seek shelter t does look like it would be somewhat scattered in nature, but when it comes through it, may come through with a bang, like it did yesterday. ukee, back to you. >> in sports, if i'm play the braves at 1:10 this afternoon in atlanta cole hamels gets the start. phils within without john mayberry, jr., traded yesterday to the toronto blue jays. phils and mets yesterday in flushing, new york, ryan howard's 20th homerun of the season, tied the mets in the sixth inning. the big piece, put it right down the right field line. the mets got the runs back, though, in the bottom of the inning. anthony wrecker, just wrecked it for everybody, except for the mets. his three run homerun made it five to two. mets hang onto beat the phils final score six to five. we are celebrating a pair of world series champions, in delaware county.
5:26 am
newtown square, parade for the newtown baseball teams. fifteen year olds won the national championship by defeating team from north carolina the 13 year old division won the babe ruth world series on friday in virginia, the first time in its 57 year history that both teams won their age groups in the babe ruth league world series. congratulations, to all. and speaking of young champs, the taney dragons pitcher and sports illustrated cover girl mo'ne davis having fun at the finals. mia moore signed mo'ne's jersey, 13 year old mo'ne says her dream is to play for uconn, get her agree, then graduate to the wnba. good luck, young lady. i know she had a nice time. >> coming up in the next half hour, another blow today for atlantic city.
5:27 am
jan? >> it is nearly lights out for revel casino and hotel. i'm jan carabeo in atlantic city, coming up we take a look at what happens today, tomorrow, and this casino future. >> breaking nearly two month long isis, i'm marking a bert in washington, the latest coming up. >> and katie returns with your labor day forecast. we're back in two minutes.
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it is the ends after area in atlantic city. two casinos close in just a matter of hours, dealing another blow to the struggling shore city. we're there live with the plans to shut down revel for the final time, and also, what happens next, thousands of workers who will soon be unemployed. >> it is a muggy morning also
5:30 am
on the boardwalk after storms roll through overnight, so have we seen the last of the rain for the day? let's finds out. >> katie has the forecast. >> i don't know. >> that's where i come in, i guess, right? well, in short, to answer your question, ukee, the answer is not. not done with the rain for the entire day. but also not a wash out. so we will track a little bet of of wet weather, but more than anything, the heat, and humidity, has absolutely made a return, to this unofficial ends to the summerment all of those details for you and much more coming up in the next few, guys, back to you for now. >> thank you. the showboat casino checks out of the atlantic city gaming industry after 27 years on the boardwalk. >> now to two other casinos are following in its foot stems. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us where operation also winding down, jan? >> reporter: ukee, erika, cruel irony this morning here on the board walk in atlantic city. you mentioned it, it is labor day, and now, more people are out of work. showboat closing yesterday, da