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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  September 2, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> the the president has been working closely with his team to review military options, for taking the fight to isol in syria. >> reporter: masked man warns other countries begins joining u.s. air strikes. >> back off and leave our people alone. >> reporter: he speaks with the british accent like foley's executioner and then threaten life of another hostage. craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we will have very latest on this story tonight at 6:30 on the "cbs evening news", that happens right after "eyewitness news" at 6:00. also breaking at 5:00 a nine year-old boy has been rush to the hospital after suffering a grazed wound to the head. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones is live at the scene in tacony now, todd. >> reporter: here's what we know around 3:20, when a nine year-old boy, and, and, when he was shot in the head, right here at the intersection of north street and torresdale avenue in the tacony neighborhood.
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fortunately as you mentioned he only suffered a grazed wound. we are told he lives right on the block and neighbors immediately gave him medical aid, 911 was called and nine year-old boy was rushed to children's hospital again with the gunshot wound to his head but we're told there was only a grazed wound and that the nine year-old boy was alert and talking when he was rush to the hospital this afternoon. as far as what led up to the shooting and exactly who the suspect or suspects are, right now investigators still on the scene here trying to figure that stuff out but again around 3:20 this afternoon a nine year-old boy was walking home when he was shot in the head, and fortunately it was only a grazed wound and taken to chop where right now he is expected to be in good condition. reporting live tonight from tacony, todd quinones, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> todd, thanks. is there developing news right now, investigators have just released new information in the car crash that killed three students from bucks county. it is disturbing news. the the council rock south high school students were in a
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vehicle that flipped over in paupack township in the poconos. "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson is live at their school with the new information, steve. >> reporter: chris, that information comes to us late this afternoon, it is from the wayne county district attorney, who says that the driver of that vehicle, a 15 year-old girl. there is no doubt, that this is a tragedy and that is what students are focused on today but as we are's learning it is also an investigation and one now with criminal implications. the the crash that claimed the lives of three, 15 year-old bucks county teenagers has taken a heart breaking new twist. tuesday, wayne county district attorney jeanine edward with the bomb shell. driver of the suv that flipped multiple times, a 15 year-old girl, from new york. the the statement released this afternoon says that the 2001 suburban was owned by the girl's father who also owned a home at a development near p aupack township.
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early saturday morning that driver and her 16 year-old friend, also a female from near west chester new york picked up the four council rock south teens near her father's home and drove to eat breakfast. on the way back around 11:30, suv flips multiple times after witnesses say it took a curve too fast. three of the four boys ryan lesher, shamus digney and cullen keffer were killed. a fourth passenger, also from council rock south was injured. >> i was very upset when it happened. i was shock, just like everybody else. >> reporter: tuesday, students continued to react to the first day of school for council rock south freshman and the last day before summer break officially ends. >> the the teachers, they were you could tell what was on their mind but they were holding it together for the freshman. >> reporter: all at once now a community mourns, teenagers return to school with a tark cloud and criminal charges may change the lives of yet another family.
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of course, that investigation, for from over and based on find is from state police they are again, may somebody criminal charges, in this case, in the meantime, every remaining day this week is there either a funeral or a visitation for those three teenagers who were killed at school starts and, of course, it all kicks off with a candle light vigil scheduled for tonight at the school. we will there been to cover that as well. reporting live from who will an bucks county i'm steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> steve, thank you. overturn truck snarls traffic on route 130 near north and west deptford, new jersey. chopper three over the scene on the mile marker 21 earl today where a ramp was detoured and right lane was closed. it is not clear if any other vehicles were involved and in word on any injuries. now to new information in the vandalism of a sports complex at middletown ship high school in cape may county. police say that five males and four females are responsible for painting racial slurs and hate messages.
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eight of those vandals are juveniles, one is 18 years old. police say they were able to identify the suspect through surveillance video. most of the vandals attend lower township high school a rival school. atlantic city's revel casino, closed its doors today second casino to fold just this week. thousands are now out of work. "eyewitness news" reporter jane carabao walks us through revel's final hours. >> reporter: as sun rosed in atlantic city, it was sunset for revel's time on the boardwalk. early tuesday morning its most loyal patrons said good bye. >> pretty sad but we came back here because we come here at least once a week and it is our favorite place. >> reporter: many guests, stayed until closing but in this cell phone video you can see much of the action on the gaming floor had already cleared out. then at 6:00 a.m. revel made it official, chaining the casino entrance and ending the business's short two year history. >> it was a great time there and beach club was fun too.
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>> reporter: in those two years revel casino and hotel never made a profit and filed for bankruptcy twice. still atlantic city's mayor says it business finding right buyer and management adding there are already interested parties. >> it is a big piece of property, lot of square footage, pretty much anywhere in the united states if you wanted this square footage for almost anything you cannot build it for what you can buy it here. >> we have open space in the city and hopefully it turns around. >> reporter: in the meantime as last workers closed up shop, flowers mark the loss here, 3,000 more employees find themselves looking for new work jim thousands of others in the atlantic city casino industry already left job less. revel's closure makes it third casino closure another in the poured walk in atlantic city over last eight months and it is not the final one, trump plaza is scheduled to close december 16th. reporting from atlantic city, jane care bear owe cbs-3 "eyewitness news". resource center for laid off workers will be available for a week, starting tomorrow, center will run from 9:00 in
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the morning until 5:00 o'clock until september 10th at the atlantic city convention center. they will have 100 work stations or so there, set up to help process claims with the state department of labor and other agencies. four of five philadelphia educators charged in an allege cheating scandal are facing a judge right now at a priest limb nature i hearing. prosecutors say that cayuga elementary school principal evelyn cortez and jennifer hughes, lor event vincente and ari sloan gave students answers to standardized test. they waved their right to the hearing. trial continues for cristina regusters former day care worker accused of kidnapping a young girl from her west philadelphia classroom. today prosecution played video interviews with that victim in court. prosecutors say that regusters posed as the girl's hot mother to sign her out of bryant elementary school in january 2013, and sexually assaulted her. labor day weekend is over, and that means back to school for many districts in our area
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"eyewitness news" in havertown delaware county this morning, haverford school district students waiting for school bus there passing their time on their smart phones, of course. one very excited father said good bye to his daughter to day in lower moreland. these students were heading back to pine road elementary in huntington valley you. some of them maybe in the looking so happy to return to class, and they were excited when they brought. and this was held to start the year at amani education circle charter school in germantown. students there joined hand in the school yard for the, african tradition of harambi they are facing a battle with philadelphia officials district recommended a non-ray newell of that school's charter. vacancies on may be over but fall is a great time to get away. we will have more on that coming up in the broadcast. plus terrified passengers wearing oxygen masks, what happened on board this plane to cause this scare in the
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air. as kids head back to school doctors warn that many of them have problems with their eye site we will tell you what is causing vision loss and what parents can do to try to stop it. fire fighters battling a wild fire save a couple of cubs, we will see more cute pictures coming up, kathy? in weather heat is helping to set off showers and thunderstorms, we will track them with storm scan three as "eyewitness news"
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monday tan a crews in the bitter route national forest spotted those cubs under a burning log, and they doused them with water. they could not find the mother, but we're told the cubs are now at a wild life rehabilitation center. well, it has happened again more rage, delta airlines flight from new york's laguardia to palm beach had to land in jacksonville where things got heated in the cabin. apparently a woman tried to rekline her seat a move that was not well received in the row behind her who was trying to sleep on the tray table. that woman, was taken away by jacksonville police. she told police she was upset over recent death of her two dogs. midair scare that was caught on camera, this is an a legionnaire lines flight where passengers had to put on oxygen masks when the plane lost cabin pressure. that plane was in route from grand rapids michigan to orlando, florida. they made an emergency landing safely, in greenville, south carolina fortunately no one
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was hurt. well, we know labor day weekend is the last, long weekend of the summer were you there are some opportunities in the fall, to get away and you can usually do it in the lower price. >> that is welcome. three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan has details. >> reporter: beach season may be drawing to a close but fall offers plenty of opportunities to hit the road or to take to the skies, without the crowds and without the peak price tags. according to trip advisor top fall destinations include new york, boston, orlando, vegas and san francisco. two east coast cities topped that list in a region where the fall foliage is a prime attraction. there is good news for drivers, hoping to take a tour of the changing leaves. drivers got relief during the long holiday weekend with a cheapest labor day weekend gas prices since 2010, according to gas buddy to the come. the prices should even drop lower in late september when gas stations, stopped selling the more expensive summer blends at the pump.
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in the the skies, fall is a shoulder season at least until airlines get close to the thanksgiving rush. it is never too early to keep an eye on those holiday fares even if you think it is way too early those seats really do fill up fast. now if a fall vacation involves a road trip gas buddy expects national average to bottom out between 3.15 and $3.25 per gallon this year and average has bumped up average because of higher prices on the west coast. anybody traveling east of the rockies could see prices dip below $3 a gallon. if you cannot fit in fall, book right after thanksgiving, through like december 15th, that is when i take a vacation, it is the the cheapest time of the career because everybody is saving up for holiday and see family and friend. >> we love it. >> yes. >> take vac of those, money saving opportunities. >> i'm not paying retail. >> never do. >> thanks, jim. well, this baby seems to be doing okay, in the womb, some soon to be parents
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apparently got a thumbs up from their unborn child. this is their ultrasound picture the tiny fingers there folded in to what looks like a thumb sticking up, the parents say they are expecting twins but they don't necessity the sex of the babies. we do know they will arrive in january. fans on social media dubbed this baby, the fonzi fetus. >> hey. >> yeah. >> as students, head back to school is focus on on safety still ahead tonight see how camden's police officers are taking the the the extra steps to make sure that students have a fun, and safe school year. also a little boy is in the hospital bed in spain, fighting brain cancer, while his parents, are in jail. we will tell you you why the the battle over treating their critically ill son landed them behind bars. we will be right back. tom wolf. he'd be a different kind of governor. he served in the peace corps in india. and then got a phd from mit. and as a businessman he gives between 20 and 30 percent of his profits back to his employees.
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when he served as pennsylvania's secretary of revenue. he turned down the perks. and donated his government salary to charity he refused take a state car, he drove his old jeep instead. can't argue with that. tom wolf. he'd bring a fresh start to pennsylvania. introducing longhorn's steaks that sizzle for $12.99. the smoky double bacon sirloin. the new spicy sriracha sirloin. and the parmesan crusted sirloin. steaks that sizzle. only at longhorn steakhouse. you can't fake steak.
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iceland is warning locals that a volcano may soon erupt. series of earthquakes create breaks in the glacier just northeast of is what called the bardarbunda volcano allowing lava to seep is through. vapors and gas could be seen pouring out earlier today. this area is sparsely populated but it is a popular place for, hikers this time of
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the year. it is a nation. >> i will say if you were outside, it did feel like the steam from the volcano was constantly blowing on you. >> it felt more like mid-july and we were talking about the first week of september being a little sultry, right, especially for kids going back to school. will schools don't even have air conditioning. we are not used to this. weather-wise we are in for the long hall, this heat is going to linger and we will also talk about when we will, see things getting a little bit more normal. take a look outside where it is still steamy, temperatures listen through 90's today, and view from our campbell's field cam, of course, looking across the river. temperatures will continue to be quite warm, high temperature today in philadelphia, made it to 93 degrees. 10 degrees above normal. obviously average high this time of the year is 83. storm scan three we are looking at showers and thunderstorms, moving our way,
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and, a lot of, associated with a cold front and one this is getting very close, in lancaster has frequent lightening extending north towards lebanon and we are looking at this moving towards the north and the east at 25 miles an hour. you can see where it will be within the next hour or so. we are looking at spring at 5:48. reading at 5:59. and exiter at about 6:07. not a severe cell but frequent lightening and heavy rain associated with this one in lancaster moving north east. it is still 91 degrees in philadelphia. ninety in trenton. wilmington is 90 pretty much every where with the exception of the lancaster where we are seeing rain and poconos checking in at 82. as humidity, makes you feel much worse and feels like 99 in dover. feels like 59 in wilmington. philadelphia it feels like 97 degrees. the severe threat is to our west, still seeing, a threat of severe weather through state college and scranton and lancaster, pennsylvania, and
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all of this moving to the north east and northwest of state college a tornado watch in effect there we will keep an eye on that. in the meantime we are looking at a few scattered showers and thunderstorms moving our way, some of the heavier energy or more intense energy going to the north at 8:00 o'clock north and west of the poconos but a few cells popping up, cross i-95 corridor. not everyone will see heavy rain but most of us will see at least a shower. and then by evening hours late night hours, we will see rain through south jersey and overnight it will be clearing out and drying out. once that front clears it will be noticeably less humid but still hot tomorrow. here's what we expect tonight, scattered showers and thunderstorms, localized heavy downpours, gusty wind and where we see storms there will be frequent lightening. so for late night hours we will expect scattered showers and thunderstorms, still very stick which a low temperature of 72. during the day on wednesday mostly sunny, still hot but less humid, high temperature is 88. down the shore we are looking
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at temperatures that will be quite warm, wednesday, thursday, friday, highs in the mid to upper 80's with mostly sunny skies, most of the time, tomorrow we will go clouds, to sun. on the three day forecast 88 on wednesday. eighty-eight on thursday. ninety-one on friday. we will see somalia relief over the course of the weekend but at this point it will be still hot throughout the workweek. we will be back with more news
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i'm beasley reese with your sports. let us start the clock. game two in atlanta tonight. bull pen red hot after last night's combined no hitter. cole hamels led charge with seven strike outs in six innings, jake diekman and ken
5:25 pm
giles got another, no hitter and papelbon closed it out in the ninth. kyle kendrick gets the start tonight. first pitch 7:10. eagles running back chris polk was back on the practice field today. that is good news for the bird, behind shady mccoy and darren sprawls he is all they got. they cut rookie henry josey and sent matthew tucker to the practice squad. indianapolis colts owner jim irsay pleaded guilty to dwi, shortly after commissioner roger goodell announced he will be suspended for six games and find $500,000. hometown favorite bernard hopkins is getting back in the boxing ring. earlier today he and sergei cove leave announced light heavyweight unification bought on november the eighth, at the boardwalk hall in atlantic city. finally u.s. open, tough day, to serena and venous lost in doubles. that is your sports. now back to the desk. all right beasley, thanks very much. justin beiber is in
5:26 pm
trouble again with the law. >> coming up in the next half an hour pop star ace rested for driving dangerously on a atv and then getting into a fight. and it is certainly not the way a pennsylvania bride planned her wedding day her groom ends up in happened cuffs.
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i'm chris may. we're continuing to follow
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breaking news today, militant group isis released a video that appears to show beheading of a second american journalist steven s otloff, u.s. officials are working to confirm the authenticity of that video. officials now say that a 15 year old girl from new york was driving the suv that flipped over and killed three student from council rock high school south. that crash happened in the poconos, early a saturday morning. and, revel is no more, bankrupt atlantic city casino closed its doors for good this morning leaving thousands of workers out of the job. kathy? in weather we're talking about showers and thunderstorms popping up on storm scan three, everything is moving toward the north east, this evening, we do expect a few scattered showers and thunderstorms throughout the the evening hours. at 7:00 a few scattered showers 84. by 9:00 p.m. the same. it will stay sticky through 11:00 o'clock hour and then partly cloudy and muggy, conditions will continue to improve overnight. we will have that seven day forecast and show you how long
5:30 pm
this summer-like heat will continue, coming up, jessica. >> kathy, thanks. school was back in session for districts all over the area today. our own pat ciarrocchi joins us from camden, new jersey where students were encouraged to have a big vision for themselves and for their future, pat. jessica, for years when anyone would talk about the camden city school district they would think poor, unsafe, under performing. today the mayor as well as education leaders came forward to make a commitment to change that dialogue, and some high school seniors with big visions, are applauding the effort. superintendent roman yard heard at place and intended message. >> students here deserve what the other students have and we will fight like crazy to know what they do. >> reporter: 11,500 camden public school students are banking on that commitment becoming a reality. dennis, is tired of camden's negative image. >> encouragement, it is key.
5:31 pm
you know, if you believe in yourself and if you have someone to encourage you, you can go far, in places. sky is the the limit. >> reporter: row hand yard and marriedd launch a campaign with elementary first timers at hb wilson family school. their presence making a point. >> we have the good people here. >> reporter: then a senior summit at met east high school, questions and answers and row hand i yard outlined the camden commitment. >> it starts with safety insuring all of our students feel safe in and out of school to improving the quality have of our facilities. half of our facility were developed before 1928 and are in poor condition. increasing rigor inside the classroom. >> reporter: promise for save routes for children to walk in school became at cato community family school. for all of these, big conditions, le sandra says it is only possible if parents are involved. >> to their parents are working as hard as they could be, education will change, work will change and the community itself will change.
5:32 pm
>> well, camden district is now working within the parameters of a state take over. the mayor though is calling that a partnership. the cost to educate these students, $23,000, per student, a year. and the commitment today is to use that money efficiently. reporting live from camden, pat ciarrocchi, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> all right pat, thanks very much. authorities are still searching tonight for eight of 32 teens who escaped from the juvenile detention center in tennessee. officials say that the teens overwhelmed guards there, they have escaped by crawling under a weak spot in the fence. now many were found walk ago long side roads, or coming out of woods, others turned themselves in or were brought back to the center, by their families. new information here, about the deadly shooting of the gun range instructor in arizona by a nine year-old girl. that instructor was killed when little girl lost control of that ozi she was firing. reports say that the girl said in the moments after the shooting she felt the gun was
5:33 pm
too much for her and hurt her shoulder. the a lawyer for girl's parents say that the family is devastated by that accident. philadelphia police say that a man accidentally shot and killed himself at a shooting range this afternoon. "eyewitness news" at delaware valley sports center on geiger road. shooting happened right around 12:30. we are told in one else was injured. british, couple who fled to spain with their critically ill five-year old son spent a second night in the spanish jail. they are battling with the british government over who has the right to treat their child for brain cancer. cbs news reporter tina krause has more. >> reporter: five-year old ashley king liza loan in the spanish hospital, battling a stage four brain tumors while his parents fight to get out of jail in madrid. british couple took their son from the hospital in england, because they wanted different treatment then doctors were willing to provide. police in spain arrested them over the weekend after british authorities launched an
5:34 pm
international manhunt. >> in the wheelchair and they fled. >> reporter: but his parents said their son was never in danger. before police arrested them the couple posted this internet video defending their actions. >> call off this ridiculous chase. we are not neglecting our son. >> reporter: king family once asha to be given protein beam radiotherapy which british hospitals don't use for this type of cancer. britain's deputy prime minister back the prime minister's call to let the the couple out of jail. >> would i like to see family reunited and hopefully people should come and make a decision what should happen next. >> reporter: british prosecutors withdrawn at rest warrant for a couple. why in shape will decide wednesday what happens next. tina krause for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". now to pittsburgh where a groom is in trouble with the police, and his bride, after he was arrested on the night
5:35 pm
of his reception over the weekend. police say that the groom harassed a pregnant waitress at the party, when her boyfriend showed up, the men got into a fight. three people were arrested or taken in custody, including the groom and his brother, they are facing charges of aggravated assault and resisting arrest. meantime is there more legal trouble for justin beiber tonight. >> singer was arrested on assault and dangerous driving charges in canada on friday. these charges stem from an allege fight after beiber's atv collided with a minivan. he was on a road in prince county ontario where beer lived as a child. singer's representative decline to comment. well, joan rivers remains on life support according to her daughter, melissa rivers says family is extremely grateful for all of the love and support they have received over the past few days. the legendary comedian stopped breathing during a throat procedure in new york last week. tapings for river's show fashion police have been put
5:36 pm
on hold until further notice. apple now says its system was not compromised in the leak of hundreds of racey pictures stolen from celebrity phones. images of stars including jennifer lawrence and kate upton hit the internet over the weekend. some of the pictures were apparently taken from apple's i thecloud being. the tech giant release aid statement saying hacker acquired log in information, through outside means. it is still not clear who stole images but fbi is now investigating. as kids head back to school more and more are having vision problems. in fact they are getting glasses at younger ages now then ever before still to come health reporter stephanie stahl will explore why this is happening and tell parents how to protect their children's eye sight. plus this little by's reaction to the hungry ostrich, and smile on your face, we will show you more, kathy. heat, hugh humidity, summertime storms all in the forecast, we will track them coming up as "eyewit
5:37 pm
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time right now to check your philadelphia jobs report. >> here is cbs news correspondent steven greenburg. >> reporter: to see what is going on in the job market, the unemployment rate and towards two numbers. the amount of workers hired and wage gains. and, 50 million americans have been hired. in the philadelphia area,
5:40 pm
employment actually increased 1 percent over prior year and statewide employment in pennsylvania's private school, and increased by 40,000 jobs. all of those openings add up but mostly headlines about jobs only showed net numbers. think of it like this if you take number of people hired, subtract number of people laid off or quit, that equals number of new jobs created. in july, it was 200,000 nationwide. other number to keep in mind is zero, the amount of real wage gains many workers have seen in the past decade. that tells thaws workers are moving around, trying to get ahead but many are in fact running in place. learning how to conduct more effective job search and developing new skills is important. upcoming reports, we will try to help. with your philadelphia job market report,
5:41 pm
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adorable baby squirrels being fed and we have a bear with the head stuck in a predicament there. a little boy has a little various reaction to meeting an ostrich. lets get started with the squirrels. lets look at these little guys right here. city wild life a washington d.c. based wild life rehab center is taking care of these squirrels at facilitate, kind hearted squirrel lovers get to feed little ones with the
5:44 pm
syringe, which is pretty sweet right there. they are get gooding care. up next, the bear, and take a look here, this was shot in clarion county and you can see bear running down the road as two men run up to catch it. local officials say the bear has been roaming the area for weeks, like this. the thing on its head there it looks like a bucket, it turns out it is an air bag. the man finally freed the bear and set it free. finally today a baby meets an ostrich with hilarious results. >> you have have to see his face. >> that will warm your heart, just like that. the kid just can't get enough. his parents took him to see ostrich at a pet seeing in utah and that baby was endlessly entertained, that sweet sound of his laughter. he thinks that is hilarious. >> it is all fun and games until the ostrich takes your
5:45 pm
binge i and then things change in a hurry. let's be glad, everything ended well there. >> yes. that is right, chris, that means, war, right? weather-wise we're talking about a breezy day down the shore. you can see our atlantic city cam shaking a bit. water looking inviting. temperatures are in the 70's, as far as the ocean is concerned. the land temperatures, steamy, even down the shore. lets take a look at these numbers. on storm scan three we are looking at showers and some thunderstorms moving towards the north east. these cells weakening, as they get closer, that is got news, this right here heading towards reading, and will continue to move toward the north and east. we're talking about some scattered showers and some thunderstorms, across the region this evening. we will time them out coming up. steamy september. it is what we are talking about here. we're talking about temperatures in the 90's as we begin the month and it will stay quite warm even through the rest of the this week without much relief as our jet
5:46 pm
stream rides well to the north. it is still 91 in philadelphia after a high of 93. ninety in allentown. eighty-two in the poconos. ninety in millville, atlantic city, wildwood checking in at 88. feels much hotter with that humidity. ninety-seven is heat index in philadelphia and dover. it feels like it is 99. it felt like 100 earlier this afternoon. staying hot ahead of the cold front we do have that front moving through setting off scattered showers and storms throughout the evening. not everyone will see them, but when we do the rain will come town fairly hard. in the wake of the front noticeably less humid but not much relife from the heat. temperatures will still be in the upper 80's, thursday the the heat continues, and friday the the same, and it won't be until the second half of the weekend that this front moves through, and that will bring in some changes in temperature, making it feel more like september around here. future weather shows us fairly quiet hazy afternoon and then some spotty showers and thunderstorms popping up over the course of the evening.
5:47 pm
the greatest dynamics up to the north to the north and west of the poconos, stronger storms going through, and see a few spotty showers and downpours through the late night period and overnight and then we will dry it out and skies will clear during the day on wednesday. here's what to expect especially between about 9:00 and midnight, some scattered showers and storms, when we do see them we will have localized heavy downpours, gusty wind and lightening in those thunderstorms. for tonight scattered showers and storms, just warm, muggy elsewhere. low temperature is 72. wednesday mostly sunny less humid, high temperature is 88 degrees. it will stay quite steamy. on the exclusive eyewitness weather seven day forecast, look at this thursday 88, friday 91. that will be the peak of the heat on this seven day, saturday we have another front coming through and sunday cooler with a chance of the shower, temperatures will only be in the upper 70's, same for monday and for tuesday, but really feeling a lot more like september then it does right
5:48 pm
now. now first couple of days of the month, of course, are quite hot, hotter then much of august was, our meteorologist justin drabick is live on the cbs-3 sky deck with a look back on what turned out to be a pretty cool summer after all, hi justin. >> that is right, kathy, pretty impressive with the temperatures we have right new compared to what we had in in month of august. i'm a warm weather guy so i'm liking this heat and humidity sticking around but kids going back to school today probably not too much fun sitting in class with no air conditioning. we are talking about a classic summer weather pattern which we have not seen much at all in the month of august. lets talk bitten through the the summer. lets talk about the he summer and recap it and check out temperatures in the month of june. we were above average. 1.2 degrees, only three, 90-degree days with no heat waves in the month of july slightly below average, tenth of a degree but 11, 90-degree days and two heat waves. only heat waves we have had all summer in the the month of july.
5:49 pm
how about august, ended up being almost 2 degrees below average. that is impress with three, 90-degree days. we only had three, 90-degree days. here this week we could even tie that in the first week of september, as you already had 90's today and we could see that later as well. let's recap last few years, high 2010 you will remember coming in at 55, 90-degree plus days. 2011, 33. 2012, 39. last year we're looking at what was below average at 20 and so far this year we are sitting at 18. similar conditions compared to last year and again we average in the 20's as far as 90-degree plus days goes but here we are in meteorological fall and we are still dealing with midsummer weather but eventually that september weather will return. your fall weather fans will to have wait another week or so. reporting live, i'm cbs-3 meteorologist justin dray bic. on the healthwatch, the benefits of the breast-feeding a new study looked at kids who were six years old and those
5:50 pm
who were breast fed had lower rates of obesity, healthy diets and drink more water. on average they ate more fruits and vegetables. experts say they looked at people who were married and highly educated and that could have skewed the results. can you train your brain to like vegetables. new study says yes. researchers found people that eat low calorie high fiber diets combined with behavior change education can increase their desire for healthy foods. it happens overtime. scientists say junk foods trigger the feel good neurotransmitters in the brain and they need to be reprogrammed to appreciate more healthy options. also on the cbs-3 healthwatch it is back to schooltime and doctors say they are seeing more younger kids needing glasses. >> three on your side health reporter stephanie stahl has more on why and how american children are among those with the highest risk. >> reporter: computers, tablets, cell phones, all of the technology may be taking a toll on children's eyes.
5:51 pm
>> it is frustrated because i want to see what is going on and i can't. >> reporter: it is a problem for this 12 year-old morgan, her distance vision is getting blurry making her near sighted. even younger children are coming in for glasses. >> these kids come into here in second and third grade where it used to be fifth, sixth, seventh grade. culture of what this has produced more incident of near sightedness. >> reporter: experts say genetics are partially to blame, environment is an influence too, in the 1970's five in every 20 americans were near sighted. as a turn of the century 234820 were. doctors believe it could be the strain of close work. >> i tell kids i say when doing your homework punch yourself in the chin. distance between knuckles and elbow is perfect distance to be working. they say that is further then i'm used to. >> reporter: being indoors too much may play a role. bright light from the sun stimulates the production of dopamine and if you don't get enough the eye can lenghten
5:52 pm
resulting in near sightedness. >> other thing is we can go outside. we are a culture of inside. there are studies that have been done in people who are out door cultures and those kids are near sighted at much less rate than american kids. >> reporter: and because the eye continues to grow during childhood, doctors say near sightedness progresses or changes until about age 20. interestingly 11 simple solution may be to help get outside moore sunlight for the kid a lot of benefits, in doubt. >> stephanie, thanks very much. coming up a brave little girl and her faithful family in this weeks story of brotherly love how a little girl living with the heart defect inspired her parents to give back to the people who helped
5:53 pm
save you fifteen percent or huh, more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know the great wall of china wasn't always so great? hmmm...what should we do? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. sometimes, caring for your neighbors means going the extra mile. when our patient, susan, mentioned her dad couldn't make it in to pearle vision to get his eyes checked...
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we went to him. and we realized, if he had trouble getting new glasses... he probably wasn't the only one. to us, eye care is about living dr. pearles legacy. building a trusting relationship with the person behind the eyes. this is genuine eye care, right in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision.
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5:56 pm
ukee washington has this week's story of brotherly love. >> these stories say they have received so much from family and friend they are motivate todd give back. >> seventeen month-old bella loves playing outside, something her parent justin and erin feared they might never do after tests in utero showed she had a serious heart defect. left hard syndrome, and
5:57 pm
testing. family and friend made these t shirts to cover their expensive staying in a philadelphia hotel for two months. they called the project, beats for bella. >> it is amazing what people will do for you when they know you need help. and her parents are paying it forward. the beats for bella now raises fund for chop research and other families with children heart defects. >> heart defects are the number one, and not many people know that good their big event is their second annual, gulf outing this saturday.
5:58 pm
they were told they were not told that that i convicted drug dealer had escaped from prison here. i team gets answers, coming up. and, in weather, stormy, and steamy, we're tracking storms, that this summertime heat, coming up with storm scan three, it is all next with the eyewitness weather forecast, "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. please don't let me die. i said you will not die you will make it. >> reporter: breaking news, a child's plea, after being shot on a busy northeast
5:59 pm
philadelphia street. police say that bullet hit the nine year-old's head but he is expected to make a full recovery. good evening, i'm chris may. i'm jessica dean. questions now who did it and why. todd quinones is tracking the latest from the scene from tacony, todd. >> reporter: fortunately, it was only a grazed wound that nine year-old boy was walking home from either school or the local library, and when he was shot in the head here, it is just a couple feet from his home. >> this city is crazy. little innocent child cannot cross a street and play outside, he gets shot in the head, just minding his business. >> reporter: eyewitnesses described hearing two shots, 3:20 this afternoon when a boy was walking home when police say he was shot once in the head suffering a grazed wound. people nearby, were stunned to see the the boy bleeding and crying as his parents were yelling for help. >> before em s came, was
6:00 pm
saying please don't let me die. >> reporter: boy was rushed to children's hospital of philadelphia with a grazed wound to his head, eyewitnesses say gunshots erupted with no warning, right here at the intersection of torresdale avenue and k theare in streets. detectives are trying to piece together what led up to the shooting as they try to track down the suspect or suspects. >> we hear pow, pow and seen little kid running across the street, screaming. they say he is shot, he is shot. >> reporter: detectives right now are reviewing some surveillance camera in the area to see if perhaps any of them recorded a suspect or suspects. as for that nine year-old boy he was rushed to chop, i'm being told, he was alert and conscious and talking and indications are, that he should be, okay. reporting live tonight from tacony todd quinones cbs-3 "eyewitness news". islamic militants released , and behead