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tv   Eyewitness News at 430am  CBS  September 3, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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we are this morning in the east oak lane neighborhood a vacant storefront goes up in flames overnight at corner of provident road and wadsworth avenue it didn't take long for fire fighters to get that fire under control no one was injury. the building was a former day care that had been closed for two years. officials are still looking for a cause of that fire. it is wednesday, september 3rd i'm ukee washington. i'm quarter von heel. here are stories we are following today. students return to council rock high school south after the accident that killed three classmates. now we have new information on who was behind the wheel. new threat from is is after the islamic extremist group beheads another american journalist. after three atlantic city casinos close and fourth preparing to shut down thousands are expect to line up today for job less claims. those stories and more
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coming up, lets start with your forecast. feeling better out there, katie, am i imaging things. >> we did have have a cold front. how many were trying to fall a leap when storms came through. >> i enjoy that, it is fun. >> i kept get getting woke up bay i heard fire trucks. really nasty storms did rumble through. it is nice to try to fall asleep and about the time i was heading wednesday too but those storms meant business. lets get to storm scan three real quickly here. we are going back in time to yesterday afternoon, all quiet, right. then storms erupted. man, did they hit. they weren't terribly widespread at any given point but when they did come true they rumbled through with a vengeance. here's where we stan right now last batch of as wet weather is predominant liz off shore. we are in the clear. you might have a damp road here and there but overall as we see case clearing out we are looking ahead to a really, decent day. it will be hot, however. we're talking temperatures in
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the next few, guys, back to you. it is first day of school for opportunities, after an accident killed three classmates. >> district attorney says teen age girl who was behind the wheel will be charged as a juvenile. "eyewitness news" reporter jane carabao is at council rock high right now with more, jane. >> reporter: ukee and erika, this is first day of school, it is supposed to be filled with excitement, but this start to the the new cool year is unlike any other not only is it first day of school but the first of three student killed in the weekend crash will be laid to rest, first funeral, tonight between 5:00 and 9:00 o'clock. last night parents, students, teachers and friend in all, more than 2,000 members of the community gathered for a vigil here at council rock high school south. they came to mourn 15 year old ryan lesher and shamus digney and 16 year old cullen keffer all remembered as outstanding athletes with bright futures. the teens died this weekend
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during a crash in paulpack township. the suv they were riding in overturn and rolled several times. ryan brought three friend to his parent's house in the poconos. on saturday a 15 year-old, unlicense girl, from west chester, new york was behind the wheel, she and a friend pick up the boys they say in her father's suburban without permission and drove off to breakfast. the on the way back they saw that suv speeding just before that accident. the outcome had this community in disbelief. >> just playing a week ago at the civic center. the just laughing, having a good time, talking about soccer. >> all three of the boys they are great kids. they are smart in school. all very athletic. >> reporter: now district attorney says charges are still pend if you go that 15 year-old driver is charge, she will be charged as a juvenile. she, her friend and another passenger have been all released from the hospital. in the meantime it is force
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day of school for all of these students as they face this new reality here. all evening activities have been canceled or rescheduled to accommodate funerals, and services will be held, through saturday. reporting live from who will an, jane carabao for cb is s3 "eyewitness news". right now just past 4:33. lets get the latest on the forecast. >> good morning, erika. good morning, everybody. we are starting off with cloud cover and a few damp board on the boardwalk, damp roads across southern new jersey and portions of delaware. that is where the the final rounds of rain came through from our cold front that crossed through yesterday. it was pretty obvious depending when we had that front coming through, at seven or 8:00 p.m. heavier thunderstorms are igniting but all quiet at the moment in atlantic city and generally every where else. we will go next to storm scan three i'll step over here so you can see last traces of the storm. not even a trace but a big blog of rain that moved out to sea but sussex county through those delaware beach towns
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we're still getting hit with the heavy rain overnight there were numberous flood advisories back towards maryland as a result have the rain that moved through. we're left with some clouds at this point and a bit of humidity. it isn't too bad but it is still pallable and i think as day goes on you will notice how refreshing. we have dew points in the 07's through millville, ac, wildwood, all three at 70 right now whereas are below 65. bench mark where it begins to feel humid. so this really does show, that the dryer air is moving in and it is splitting the difference between the the delaware valley counties. we are split in half with some cooler, dryer air and some are warm and moist air. seventy-three in ac. we are at 75 at the airport and mount pocono picking up on that predominantly northwesterly breeze. it will be breezy out there today but refreshing. i like that word for this kind of the forecast even though we will start off with some clouds, mild to start, we will heat up here but humidity is
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dropping. that is key. it will feel better to you when it hits 88 degrees later today. vittoria, good morning. good morning. what we are dealing with right now i was going to say this evening but it thinks morning because i just said good morning. anyhow, if you are traveling out and about right now we have a lot of overnight work for mindful of no volume problems no major incidents. we have a few incident in bucks county, montgomery county but this is i-95 approaching wart ram avenue. that is down side the girard point bridge. noticing we have construction, narrowing this roadway but again in the too many vehicles on the road. it is not causing a problem. same thing for ben franklin bridge westbound we have two lanes blocked as a result of construction as you make your way in towards philadelphia. owe again just be mindful of those guys and girls in the hard hats. nothing to mention. lots of green all over the the board. we have an accident on 213, it is closed as a result of this accident between route one and flowers mill road.
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woodbourne road is your best bit here and peco has been called out on the scene. avoid this if you can. in delays for mass transit. erika. police in south philadelphia are looking for a gunman who sent a man to the hospital. "eyewitness news" at scene at fifth and mcclellan where officers found the victim late last night with two gunshots to the ab. he is listed in critical condition. investigators are interviewing possible witnesses and checking surveillance cameras in that area. a nine year-old boy is recovering at home this morning after he was grazed in the head by a bullet in northeast philadelphia. the the shots rang out in broad daylight at intersection of torresdale avenue and kare in street in tacony. police say that boy was walking with his mom and another young child when shots were fired. he was leaving the library which his family and that is when eyewitnesses said they heard two gunshots. >> this city is crazy, when a little innocent child can't cross the street and play outside without getting shot in the head just minding his
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business. >> that boy is expect to be okay. so far no arrests have been made. philadelphia police is asking anyone with any information to give them a call. >> this just in the the united states has video showing beheading of american journalist steven sotoloff is authentic. the freelance photographer for a time at foreign policy magazines. he vanish in syria in august of last year. video contained a warning of additional be headings if the united states continues air strikes begins isis. senators from both side explain what they think president obama should do now. >> i think in terms of what the president and our government must do is to continue with an enduring determination to go after the islamic state and to destroy it. >> i had hoped that the president would realize that this kind of barbarics, only brings home the nature of the enemy we fat and the scope of it. >> in the video the
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organization threatens to kill another hostage this one identified as a british citizen, david haines. breaking news, ukraine and russia has agreed to a cease-fire. brief statement has given no details, there is no immediate reaction from the russian backed separatist whom ukraine forces have been fighting, since april. happening today, help help for thousands of laid off ac casino workers. a resource center will open up at the atlantic city convention center. the it will stay open until september 10th. 9:00a in m to 5:00 p.m. there will be work stations for people to go to to file those unemployment claims and get other assistance. this comes after a brutal labor day weekend with some more than 5,000 employees at the show boat and revel lose their jobs. trump plaza is closing, september 16th. atlantic city started the year with 12 casinos, only eight will be left by the end of this month. this month. is there much more to on
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(closed captioning is being provided as a publicservi) "eyewitness news" an about face over a proposed name dropping. he has big shoes to fill, new eagles kicker when we come back in just a couple minutes, good morning.
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willingboro's town council has decided into the rename a building over president obama after all. the meeting, was going to name the kennedy center for former president. council voted you man housely to shelf the matter. it used to be john fk den high school but now it is a community sent iser. i am an a alumni of john f. kennedy high school, and there is a lot of history here in willingboro, and as it pertains to john f. kennedy. he visited this great city. we have a john f kennedy center, we have kennedy way. i was not for changing the name. >> the kennedy center is currently undergoing a renovation. all right. coming up on 4:43. i hope we're over the humidity
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hump. >> at least for now on this hump day. >> at least for now. >> it will be very warm outside but i feel like comfort is really what people are going for. fit is really hot and not too humid, we can handle. that it is when it gets sticky. >> i hear you. >> yes, my cats start to wilt, they are all covered in hair and i cannot do anything about it. >> if you don't turn air conditioning on. >> i gave in a while ago on that one. it will be a lot more comfortable on that one. still very warm. it is the scoop here. we do still have wet wet ter track on storm scan three but it is all rain that is long since moved out to sea. you will still be left with damp boardwalks and roads through delaware and beach towns there but you can see bulk of that rain is it is all moved out to seee. we are essentially at this point done with the front, still some cloud cover when we zoom it out you can make out and a trace where this front is still located but it will be dipping south allowing high
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pressure to take back the lead. even though a lot of times we will see a drop, significant drop on the thermometer behind a cold front this one just brings back the comfort as opposed to a cooler air mass, so, here's what we will end up with more sunshine with time we will start with a few clouds but those will break. every hour gets brighter, but it will be nice and comfortable. by tomorrow we are keeping high pressure on our side and keeping those high temperatures in the 80's and get back in the lower 90's. at this point there will be a enough instability for shower or storm to fire up during the day and that can happen at anytime but in the meantime expect a nice day today as skies clear out, sun will shine, less humid, pair of eight's for a high and 60's for a low and it will be cooler then recent nights. other generally clear skies with the calm wind. you can leave that air conditioning off if you are one of the people like me you turn it off and on but depending on what the weather provides. meanwhile, we do keep that heat for the next couple of days.
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we're going right backup to 90 for two days straight here. we will flirt with it tomorrow. we are tonighting with it today frankly but again, it isn't going to be all that steamy. that will change. by the weekend the steam will return as does you the potential for more widespread showers and storms with our next approaching cold front, ukee, back over to you. in sports, phillies wrap up their three game series in atlanta this afternoon at 12:10. they will go for a sweep against the the braves. last night kyle kendrick got out of the first inning bases loaded one out jam and went on to pitch seven core less innings against the braves. his era in first innings is ten. chooch had a home run to get phillies on the board and september call up miguel franco, drove in the first run of his big league career with the sacrifice fly. phillies beat the braves four to nothing. phillies have won ten of their last 14. eagles are hard at work ahead of sunday's season opener at lincoln financial field against jackson will. there is good news in the
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birds backfield, third stringer chris polk practiced for the first time in weeks but defense has some adjustments to make, travis longer to his acl in the last preseason game and that could mean more playing time for the rookie, marcus smith. >> they will call on me more or what will happen but i was brought here and i have to try to prove myself every day. >> travis was a very versatile player and was a special team guy f travis wasn't hurt he would have made our football team. >> another player to keep an eye on is codey parkey, he earned starter spot the with two, 50-yard field goal in the last practice game against the jets. >> preseason was great for me, so, obviously there is a a lot more on the line for us, wins count, losses count and we need to win as many games as we can and i will give us the the best opportunity to do so. >> birds get down to business this sunday at lincoln financial field begins jacksonville. see week one action right
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here, on cbs-3. kick off is at 1:00 p.m. there is my music. there it is. are you pumped? lets go eagles nation. >> we have an eagles jersey ready to go. still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning take a couple minutes during this next break and try to guess what the drugstore chain is selling where it used to sell cigars and cigarettes. >> a little brain tease there. >> but first here's what is coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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here's one more look the at the headlines a vigil at council rock high school south remembered three students killed in last weekend's crash in the poconos. wayne county district attorney says that the driver of the suv is a 15 year-old girl from new york, she survived the crash and will be now be charged as a juvenile. two other passengers in the sur also survived. experts have have authenticitied video in which isis beheaded another american
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journalist steven sotoloff. the video warns of more if u.s. continues air strikes against the islamic state. a man is in critical condition after he was shot twice near fifth and mcclellan streets in south philadelphia just before 11:00 last night. police say surveillance cameras could help them id that gunman. time for a check of business news. >> money watch's jill wagner joins us now from the new york stock exchange. we are hearing cvs the the drugstore are trying to ramp up their fight against smoking, what do you know. >> reporter: that is right, cvs is stopping tobacco sales starting to day a month earlier then originally plan. nation's second largest drugstore chain will replace cigars and cigarettes near store cash registers with nicotine gum and other products to help people stop smoking. cvs is also changing its name from cv. care mark to cvs health. how about that. >> texts is are dangerous while driving. now one car maker is trying to
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stop it by using some new technology, tell us about it. >> reporter: yeah, that is right, according to the financial times, general motors is getting ready to launch cars that can actually tell whether a driver is distract. it works by using technology, it tracks eye and head movement and then can alert drivers if they are in the spending enough time looking at the road or rear-view mirror. gm would not comment on the reports, but certainly interesting technology there, ukee and erika. >> got that right. >> you got to have it. >> thanks, jill appreciate it. coming up traffic and weather together on
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we will get traffic and weather together good morning, torey. >> good morning, everyone. if you are traveling out and about just know that right now it is very smooth, and relaxed, and good morning. you are fine. the as we look at i-95 we have overnight work in areas, this is i-95 at the base or bottom base of girard point bridge
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approaching bartram avenue exit. they are trying to narrow these roads, as a result of construction but it will not set you back. no will volume problems. heading to the airport this morning again no major problems. that is in either direction of i-95 not only around south philadelphia and airport, delaware county but even northeast philadelphia, center city so far a great start to the morning. on the ben franklin bridge we have construction blocking two right lanes. speed sensors are beautiful. all over the map. up into the 50's, 55 on i-95, 55 on 476, mass transit looking good but katie, how are we doing this morning in regards to weather. >> i can actually trump you on this one, torey. >> wow, wow. >> the weather gets better than traffic will get worse. you know, we're looking ahead to a very nice day overall. the final round of heavy rain is now off shore, we're done with this front. say for some clouds to start the morning off but eventually, you might look out and see clouds and be like oh,
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man it will be nice. every hour will get nicer and nicer and nicer. seventy-five is your current temperature at the airport. nice warm tart. that is part of the reason we will heat up easily here today is decent beach day for shore, mid 80's in terms of temperature but uv index is high. rip current risk is low. if you are still lucky enough to have a beach day to kill here might as well enjoy it, it will be a nice one. tomorrow still hot too. we will hoot for 89 degrees for our thursday's high and then on friday i do think there will be a spotty keyword spotty shower or storm around otherwise some sun and it is starting to steam backup. saturday marks the arrival of the next cold front so it does look like weekend will feature wet weather through p.m. hours of saturday and then temperatures tart to drop right back off on sunday and monday. ukee, back to you. katie, thank you. here are stories our sister station, kyw news radio 1060 will be following. working on a airplane could
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put you at high risk for skin cancer, procedure to prevent breast cancer is more popular but city effective. how do you feel about legalizing marijuana for medical reasons mountain state of pennsylvania? we will get your chance to speak out tonight, check in two, three, four times a day on kyw news radio 1060 on your am dial. coming up next we have more on the tribute to three students killed in the crash as we learn more about the driver. also, trouble at the laundromat when a young girl takes an unfortunate spin after getting locked inside of a washing machine. hate to say it but do you remember that pol air vortex. >> oh, man. >> who could forget it. you why might have to have get used to those deep freezes come wintertime. >> say it ain't so. >> focus on your screen on the 73 degrees think happy thoughts. >> okay i got it.
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the fire marshall is on the scene, after fire rips through a strip mall within the last hour. also, a school in mourning, tribute today to three students killed in the crash as their classmates return to school. we're learning new information about the driver behind the wheel of that suv. it is wednesday, september 3rd, good morning, i'm ukee washington. i'm erika von tiehl. we have some breaking news about the the brutal execution have of another american journalist. and we're expecting president obama to respond to that murder any minute now, katie. >> we can expect just much more comfort, here in the delaware valley, more sunshine, more heat but humidity, not so much, we will have details for you coming up, vittoria. this morning traffic wise we can expect overnight construction projects like
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this one on i-95 at bottom base of the girard point bridge. we will talk about a few others that may affect your morning rush, let's head back to the desk. a new start to the east oak lane neighborhood a vacant building up at provident owned and wadsworth avenue. no one was injured and fire fighters placed the fire under control. that building was a former day care center, but has been unoccupied for two years now. the cause of the fire is still being looked into. other news this morning, a moment of silence today on the first day of school at council rock high school south, over the weekend three classmates were killed in a tragic accident. >> the 15 year-old girl behind the wheel will face charges. "eyewitness news" reporter jane carabao picks up the store friday bucks county, jane, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erika and ukee. sad day for these kids, the first day of classes will start with a moment of silence in honor of three