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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  September 3, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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of something new. >> reporter: to help guide thousands of workers laid off by casino closings, unite local 54 new jersey department of labor provided a resource center to the ac convention event certificate. more than 120 computer work stations are set up to fill out unemployment and health care applications, and there are also information tables, and seminars to help with all of the challenges of becoming jobless. >> eased my mind to find out i can get help. >> reporter: organizers wanted to get workers plug in before their last checks arrived and helped them through the process with the sense of dignity. >> there is a resiliency to this work force. the only thing that they are talking about basically is, where do i go get my next job is my health care taken care of. they feel like they will be okay as long as they can get to the next job. >> reporter: this weekend folks say they are still excited about miss america despite casino closing. they are not going to let it the suck out the joy from this event. coming up at 6:00 o'clock you'll hear from the chairman
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of the miss america organization, about his thoughts about the timing of this years pageant. we are live from atlantic city, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". two people are recovering after a serious crash in northeast philadelphia. police say driver of this car had pulled over and was attempting to fix his car, when a young mother driving with a baby slammed into it. this crash happened around 10:30 this morning on the roosevelt boulevard at the road. an eyewitness describe the the scene. >> she was just doing 60 miles an hour, hit him, flew in the air, hit my truck and guess could not control it. >> that with man broke her leg, in the the crash. that babe in the car was okay. highway maintenance worker is hit and injured by a tractor trailer while standing on the side of the road this happened this morning in the eastbound lanes of the pennsylvania turnpike near the king of prussia interchange. we're told those injuries are not life threatening. well, in weather today we're in for roller coaster temperatures, first comes the
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heat. meteorologist kathy orr live outside on the sky deck with more on what to expect, kathy? >> it is heat, it is humidity and more summertime storms, chris. this is one of the hottest stretches we have had, the the entire summer season but good news is that it will in the last all that long. a few cumulus clouds moving our way, otherwise, a very nice day today, take a look at temperatures around the the region, we are looking at 80's across philadelphia and suburbs. poconos check helping in at 76. eighty-one wilmington. eighty-two in millville, atlantic city and trenton. even reading at 82. dew point is the the dew point temperature, and really measures the true amount of moisture in the at months fear. we will see dew points in the the 50's to 60, it is pleasant but it will get sticky, come tomorrow. here are the clouds rolling through the region, really, not much to make out of this. then they will dissipate during the evening period with light wind. now here is our first forecast, looking at a few clouds out there, late this afternoon, this evening, clearing out and temperatures
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falling through the 70's. coming up we will talk about the heat. it will be peeking this week. that bringing more summertime storms, and eventually, it will feel more like september in that seven day forecast. i will have more when i join you inside later in the broadcast. for now, soak up as much summer as you can. >> kathy, thanks. a nine year-old grazed by a bullet is recovering tonight. he was shot on moore street in the northeast, not far from where a philadelphia police officer was grazed by a bullet the a few weeks ago. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry is live at city hall this afternoon and same, people living in that area say they could use more police on the streets. >> reporter: that is right, because of those two shootings, folks living in the the northeast say they want more police officers on the street. city councilman bobby heene an spoke with those neighbors about their concerns, and they say that the best way to beef up the patrols is to split the 15th police district. >> i think there should be more cops in the neighborhood,
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most definitely. they are ones that protect us. >> reporter: abigail rosario had lived in the northeast for past 20 years and seen this neighborhood change, especially in the 15th district. tuesday afternoon, a nine year-old boy was grazed by a bullet near torresdale avenue and knor street. just a few weeks ago a police officer was grazed by a bullet during a shoot-out. both in the tacony section. both in the 15th district. >> you should focus on area that they need them definitely. high crime area. >> because of the shootings and violence and everything. >> reporter: councilman bobby heene an had been pushing to split have the 15th police district to increase number of officers in the many neighborhoods in that area. bridesberg, port richmond, wissonoming, frankford, tacony, holmesberg, mayfair. >> reporter: henon's district office is a few doors down from tuesday's shooting. it says it is important to split the 15th district based on geography and population. >> largest in territory is largest in density and amount of people that it is supposed
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to be cover. they understand the the need. >> reporter: henon says last weeks police graduation gave the district 30 more officers. >> with new officers, foot patrols, a few more bikes, in the streets and vehicles patrolling our neighborhoods i think it would give the neighborhood a lot more sense of security. >> reporter: and 30 new officers started earlier this week. but henon says the 15th police district still needs at least a 50 more police officers, to cover the the area properly. we are live at city hall, syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> all right, thank you. tonight a funeral is being held for one of three council rock south high school students killed in the crash over the weekend. the the private funeral services is underway right now for 16 year-old cullen keffer. he is along with 15 year-olds ryan lesher and shamus digney died pot crash in the poconos. today students at that school started their year with the
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moment of silence in their memory. the the 15 year-old girl behind the the wheel will reportedly face charges. there is no word yet on what caused this fire in philadelphia's east mt. airy neighborhood. the fire broke out overnight at corner of provident road and wadsworth avenue. we're told the building once housed a day care center but it has been vacant now for a few years. no one was injured. u.s. intelligence officials confirmed the authenticity of the video posted on line on tuesday showing the beheading of steven sotoloff. president obama is promising justice will be served after isis militants executed the second u.s. journal his in two weeks. correspondent craig bosswell reports from the white house. >> reporter: in his first public remarks since beheading of american journalist steven sotoloff, president obama was direct. >> those who make the the mistake of harming americans will learn that we will not forget and our reach is long and that justice will be served. >> reporter: when asked if that meant destroying isis, the president phoning used
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honorary duesing the threat to a manageable problem. >> we can continue to shrink isol's spirit and influence, effectiveness, its financing. >> reporter: vice-president biden says the u.s. will in the retreat. >> we will follow them to the gates hell until they are brought to justice because hell is where they will reside. >> reporter: some lawmakers want president obama to act now, while u.s. is already hitting isis targets in iraq the afford perfectionist still working on than plans for tackling the group's strong hold in syria. >> strikes in seer, yeah it means a strategy in syria, and i think it means going off the the leadership. >> reporter: president is working on building on international support for possible strikes officeis at nato summit. thursday he sits down with the leaders of the uk, france germany and italy. craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". u.s. did pick up one international partner in the fight against isis. united arab emirates said it will work with the international community to
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fight the sunni militant group. surprising new development in the trial of the women charged with kidnapping a five-year old girl from bryant elementary, and sexually assaulting her last year. today a judge threw out a statement that the defendant cristina regusters gave to police. regusters testified that detectives did not tell her she had the right to speak to an attorney. in that statement regusters reportedly denied any involvement in the crime and appointed blame at someone else. philadelphia police are searching for a woman who robbed a payless shoe store at gunpoint. that suspect work in the store on aramingo avenue back on august 18th. she brought a pair of boots to the counter, and store employee says that there was a threatening note placed inside the box. suspect then reportedly flashed a handgun and took some cash from the register, no one was injured in the robbery. philadelphia police also searching for a suspect wanted in a mayfair burglary, this also happened on august 18th. suspect in that crime was caught on camera outside of a
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home in the 3200 block of goldfred street. police say he took a lawn tool of some kind and then used it to get through a window. the suspect took items from that house and then took off through the the garage. students at several archdiocese schools went back to school today, "eyewitness news" at cardinal john foley grade school in havertown, the student authenticity the day getting to know their new classmates and working on coloring projects. "eyewitness news" spent the morning at saint albert's the the great in huntington valley. first day back was good for these students just a half day so they were dismissed at noon. still to come on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 defend ago begins cyber attacks. >> another breach of security and another big box store. i'm talking to a local expert about what you can do to protect yourself coming up. nation's second largest drugstore chain is speeding up their prom toys stop selling tobacco products, we will tell you what you'll fine on the shelves instead starting to day. and kids and cell phones,
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some cell companies are marketing to five-year old but just how young is too young? three on your side takes a closer look coming up.
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virus has infected a third american workers, who is work fog a missionary group in lie beer y charity say doctor nick, isolated himself when he noticed the symptoms. also for the first time we're hearing from ebola survivor nancy wrightbol. she publicly thanked her doctors for saving her life after she contracted the disease while working as a missionary in by liberia. >> i want to express my appreciation to the lord for his grace, for his mercy, and
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for, his saving me and of my life. there were many mornings i woke up and thought, i want life and there were many times when i thought, i don't think i'm going to make it anymore. >> wrightbol underwent treatment at an isolation unit at emery university hospital in atlanta she was treated with the experimental drug z map. on the healthwatch tonight, cvs, country's second largest drugstore chain has stopped selling tobacco products a month ahead of schedule. three on your side health reporter stephanie stahl has more on what is behind that move and whether it will reduce smoking rates. >> reporter: sign on the door say let's quit together, healthy message coming from cvs as its stores, stopped selling tobacco products, a month ahead of schedule. nicotine gum and other products to help kick the habit are now where cigarettes used to be. >> one of the things we really are hoping for is that with this announcement, we will be able to impact the number of
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people who smoke. >> reporter: brittany what will insurance williamstown will have to have find someplace else to buy her cigarettes. >> you are not happen bye it. >> not at all. >> reporter: decision to ban tobacco products is part of the chain's rebranding effort to become more of a health care company. cvs will change name to cvs health instead of pharmacy. cvs says its decision will be costly. in other aocations that have stopped selling tobacco products, purchases are down by 13 percent. cvs is expect to go lose $2 billion a year by phasing out tobacco. executives hope clinic services like flu shots and physicals will help off set the tobacco ban. >> i think this is a great thing. >> reporter: doctor frank bow even with cooper university medical center is among many doctors applauding the tobacco ban. >> cigarette smoking comes from 450,000 preventable deaths in the united states. >> reporter: so will other drugstore chains, follow suit? it doesn't look like it. we have check with two big ones, rite aide says it sells tobacco products in accordance
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with the law. walgreens says it would be more effective to find meaningful ways to help smokers quit. lots of people talking about this. lots of different comments. would i like to know what you think and say about this on twitter and facebook. questions are did cvs dot right thing and will people cut down on smoking or go someplace else. >> we will find out. >> big decision, no doubt bit. steph, thanks very much. good afternoon everyone. it is just 5:15 on a pretty typical start to the rush hour this afternoon. we will head outside right now to the ben franklin bridge, essentially from the philadelphia side. you can see you will not have any luck going in or out of the city, heading westbound in the city from the toll plaza backup the entire span of the bridge. you can see two lanes are taken out in the right-hand side due to construction and same story even though all lanes are opened heading eastbound into new jersey. now we will go over to our cameras here, on i-95, just at girard where northbound and
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southbound lanes are jammed solid, so headed southbound where taillights are up into center city, moving along slowly. an accident outside in south jersey on 295, just southbound just atwood crest station before the black horse pike no real details about that accident but just be prepared to set you back ten or 15 minutes or so in that community, which is getting hairy outside. otherwise travel times here 202 really heavy heading southbound from the schuylkill expressway into route 30, about a 25 minute trip there and 18 minutes on the schuylkill from the vine street expressway to the blue route, chris and jessica, back over to you. still ahead on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 high tech ways to make sure your child gets to school safely. then a five-year old girl survives after getting lock in the washing machine that was running on high speed, we will have her story, beasley. eagles adding another piece to the puts toll day i'll introduce tout new linebacker out of illinois state. plus phillies looking to sweep the braves, all of the highlights plus the day buy of miguel alfredo gonzales,
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sometimes, caring for your neighbors means going the extra mile. when our patient, susan, mentioned her dad couldn't make it in to pearle vision to get his eyes checked... we went to him. and we realized, if he had trouble getting new glasses... he probably wasn't the only one. to us, eye care is about living dr. pearles legacy. building a trusting relationship with the person behind the eyes. this is genuine eye care, right in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision.
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tom wolf. he'd be a different kind of governor. he served in the peace corps in india. and then got a phd from mit. and as a businessman he gives between 20 and 30 percent of his profits back to his employees. when he served as pennsylvania's secretary of revenue. he turned down the perks. and donated his government salary to charity he refused take a state car, he drove his old jeep instead. can't argue with that. tom wolf. he'd bring a fresh start to pennsylvania.
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today was different you didn't immediately start spreading. >> now listen. >> yes. >> we are all dressed up that is a big deal. >> yes. >> it is not the case, not as warm as yesterday either but that weather is coming back. >> oh, good. school has started for many students, and tomorrow, another big day, so we are going to see heat and humidity for a good part of this week.
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no real relief in sight, until the weekend, and then will it stick? that is big question. take a look outside where we have a picture perfect day a few afternoon clouds have rolled in but nevertheless temperatures made it in the 80's. this is the view from camden across ben franklin bridge. our live neighborhood network takes us to rehoboth beach delaware and boards there where temperature is 76 degrees. a few clouds, some people outside on the boardwalk but with school back in session not quite as many people enjoying the day. wind east northeast at 4 miles an hour. storm scan three we are looking at a few clouds rolling through but this is dissipating as we lose that day time heating. right now in philadelphia 84. far cry from yesterday's high of 93. poconos 76. eighty-three in allentown. eighty-two in trenton. eighty-two atlantic city. eighty-three in dover. look the at the the heat building through oklahoma city, wichita, dallas, abilene, temperatures well in the 90's and we are going to talk about a piece of that
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warmth coming back into the delaware valley. high pressure will be dominating our weather for thursday, temperatures warming through 80's. we will make it to 90 degrees on friday and on saturday as this front approaches from the north and west. it will squeeze all that heat and humidity to the east and we will be in the thick of things once again. once this front moves through late saturday and set off showers and thunderstorms there will be a break in the heat, and temperatures will be getting a little bit more normal feeling much more like september by the second half of the weekend. all that cool air, and, northern great lakes and northern plains, kansas city seeing very warm temperatures as well. that heat will linger throughout our region and we will finally see that sink to the south and bring in more cooler more seasonable air by sunday but between now and then we are going to be sweating it out. so for tonight mainly clear, more comfortable, low temperature of 66 degrees. during dayton thursday, mostly sunny and warm and more humid, high near 90.
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could hit highs during the day tomorrow but sure bet on friday and saturday with the afternoon high of 91, afternoon showers and thunderstorms expect as well, and if you are heading out to the birds game that is on sunday, that will be a a much different scenario, kick off temperatures of 77 degrees, wind north at 10 miles an hour and if you do not have a ticket to the game watch it right here on cbs. so much more comfortable, on sunday. that is a look the at your eyewitness weather forecast we are looking at conditions, that will change, pretty rapidly around here we will be right back with beasley and rapidly around here we will be right back with beasley and sp
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back to back shut out in atlanta and going for the sweep this day ball, david buy cunanan got the start with the red hot bull pen on stand by, here we go early lead for
5:25 pm
phillies, but didn't last long. braves tack on three in the bottom of the second including this two run shot by bj up ton. to the next inning we will go grady sizemore pelted his fifth home run of the season, ben reveer crossed the plate and game is all tied up at three. skip ahead to the fifth, mariano holland trying to keep score tied but he had to leave the game because of sore elbow. enter miguel alfredo gonzales for his debut on the mound. he allowed three hits on 37 pitches but at plant bats able to runaway with this one, phillies lose the series finally seven-four. eagles signed colton underwood to the practice squad after losing linebacker travis long to a knee injury. colton played linebackerral illinois state and signed as a free agent with san diego. he is 6-foot three, 254-pound, known for his hitting and could be a force on special teams. one day.
5:26 pm
also cowboys signed michael sam to their practice squad, he is first openly gay player to be drafted in the nfl. mike had three sacks during the preseason before being cut by, st. louis rams. >> all right. >> fun to watch him as he moves through the season. >> all right, beasley thanks very much. coming up, in the next half an hour how little league sensation mo'ne davis stole the spotlight. trust and privacy on line with hackers stealing credit card data from home depot and nude photos from hollywood celebrities, sign's tax are on the rise. we will look at new concerns, and how to protect both your privacy and your personal information, plus... >> reporter: temple university is stepping up security for both students, and neighbors. i'm erika von tiehl with that story coming up. and new at 6:00 o'clock, cancer patient turned rapper he made a parity of the jay-z music featuring featuring staff of the children's hospital of philadelphia. it has gone viral. his message at 6:00.
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i'm chris may here are the day a's top stories, thousands office laid off casino workers in atlantic city are getting help, new resource center opened today helping those workers file for unemployment and other assistance. u.s. intelligence analysis confirms that the american journalist steven sotoloff was, in fact beheaded bias
5:30 pm
lamb i can state militants on tape. that on line video was releasedded tuesday. it is not exactly clear when or where sotoloff was killed. two people are injured in this crash on the roosevelt boulevard in northeast philadelphia police say one of the victims was trying to fix a disable car when another car slammed into it. kathy? in weather we have a few fair weather clouds out there right now but we will look at heat and humidity rebuild ago cross the delaware valley. we are league for heat building on thursday and friday, not just upper 80's but not in the 90's. big question is how long to this last. we will have that answer in the seven day forecast. >> kathy, thanks. new at 5:30, cyber security concerns recent run of high profile hackings has many people worried about their own personal financial information. "eyewitness news" reporter noel mcclaren has more to protect herself. technology used to shop
5:31 pm
and share more conveniently lately causing more problems, first target with 40 million shoppers, with those stolen electronic cards and potentially even bigger breach at the home depot. the company just alerted customers of the possible payment data hack. >> nothing that we can do. >> reporter: home bee toe representatives took to twit's pol guys to go their customers. they said if they do find a breach of security they will be held responsible, as well as banks, but that did little to calm customers. we found many philadelphia shoppers are going back to payment basic to protect themselves. >> because of stuff like this is why i do all cash, i don't even like using my debit card here. >> reporter: drexel cyber security robert devideo says there are option that is involves connecting. he suggests getting credit cards with lower limit values. >> there is limited damage that can be done. >> reporter: prepaid plastic is also safer. >> limiting, and, able to
5:32 pm
personally identifiable information. >> reporter: on all on line, accounts including cloud storage, and devideo says, typical user name and pass ward combinations are no longer enough. reliable cloud and banking, providers who use a second layer of necurity like a series of questions. >> you want another layer, of identification, that is second factor, and, in the service provider. >> reporter: hackers will keep evolves, like experts, and, by evolving, people to protect herself n university city, noel mcclaren for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". the top priority on any college campus is student safety. but how do you protect students when so many live off campus. that has been challenge, for the security team at temple university. tonight our erika von tiehl reports that the solution is one that benefits both students, and their neighbors. >> reporter: as students settle in for their fall semester at temple university
5:33 pm
they are stepping up effort to keep them safe. >> it is exciting. neighbors are happen. i. it will build a good community for us. >> reporter: temple is expand pag troll board tours curtail crime off campus. >> we want to create another layer of protection for everybody and get to the middle of the campus and all the way out to the borders, we have a very, very safe zone we have created. >> reporter: here's new patrol area western boundary extending from 16th street to 18th street. and, eastern boundary will be ninth street, and, susquehanna avenue and, southern boundary will be jefferson street. it is easy for students to feel safe here on campus in the in middle of the day but now, instead of patrol areas helping them off, feel safe late at night, walking home. >> i was walking home, two nights around around 1:00 a.m. and two cop cars passed me. i felt safe there. >> reporter: temple police and private security personnel will patrol this new territory and students and neighbors alike. >> i feel safe when i have to leave out for work earlier.
5:34 pm
>> it makes me feel safe just to know just in case, if an incident were to happy know i'm safe. >> reporter: police officers and private security, teaming up, for the only concern walking to campus is not being laid to class. erika von tiehl, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we are now hearing 911 called made after a nine year-old girl accidentally shot and killed her gun instructor in arizona. cell phone video shows charles vodka standing next to the young girl after setting her sub machine gun to automatic. and that gun recoiled, turning upward in his direction, and, the gun was too much for her to hand that will it hurt her shoulder and that is when employees realized he had been shot. >> we called the number and called for an ambulance at the last stop. >> yes. >> we need a helicopter.
5:35 pm
and, and, and, and, he served tourness iraq and afghanistan, prosecutors say that they will not file charges against the young girl from new jersey. british parents we told but yesterday who had been arrested for trying to take rather that are critically ill son to spain for treatments are now out and with a void. crush of media met brett cain, arrived at the the reunited with its son asha, his parents spent three days in custody after they took 59 year-old from the british hospital and fled to spain. the family says that, they will move their son from the english hospital because doctors there had refused to give them treatment, that they asked for as he for the stage four brain tumors. >> my sonnies my everything. worth me going to prison worth everything. they were going to kill him in england or turn him into a vegetable. >> boy's parents now want to travel, either to the u.s., or
5:36 pm
to the czech republic, seeking a specialized pro ton beam radiation treatment. a five-year old texas girl is rush the to the hospital after she gets stuck inside of a washing machine that was running. now no one is really sure how that girl became trapped inside the machine and laundromat near houston but eyewitnesses say, he spun around several times in a rinse cycle until someone finally noticed her and set her free. it is unclear where the girl's parent were at the time. she's expected to be okay. pennsylvania dedicates a historical marker in philadelphia for the father of the navy. officials unveiled marker for u.s. navy commodore john berry on pens land to go day. "eyewitness news" at columbus boulevard and dock street, following the creation of the u.s. nave any 1794, under president washington, and, the secretary. >> this marker, is achievement, and, as his work place, here by the the water. >> commodore barry won
5:37 pm
numerous naval victories during the american revolution, many of them on the delaware river. good afternoon, everyone. 5:37. rush hour really beginning to look like an afternoon rush hour should after all. we are heading out in chester county a at 422 just near oaks where we have a multi vehicle accident has taken over the eastbound lanes headed toward king of prussia really allowing only shoulder, may be possiblely half of one of the right lanes to squeeze on by to the right-hand side. crew is on the scene trying on get that cleared up out of the way to make sure everyone is safe. do use some caution. otherwise heading over to the ben franklin bridge there was a chemical spill just inside these toll plazas here, you can see tolls are backup, backup beyond toll plaza and even afterward, so when you head westbound in the city, you can see everyone really slow go as well as with the construction we have picking up two right lanes, on the bridge, as we continue into philly. you can see this is starting to stack up. give yourself ten or 15
5:38 pm
minutes heading over ben franklin bridge into the city later on today. 202 looking slow, heading southbound a 23 minute trip there, on the schuylkill into route 30. on the actual schuylkill expressway heading eastbound slow, from the blue route to the vine street expressway about an 18 minute trip there as well. out in bucks county a crash on route 313 just at broad street, chris and jessica back to you. caught on camera a celebrity wedding crasher makes one couple day more memorable. >> that is ahead. also children and cell phones, how young is too young. our consumer reporter jim donovan is on your side with some important information for parents. are you worried about your child's safety on the school bus, well there is an app for that, how you can trap the bus from pick up to drop off, kathy. we are talking about temperatures rising again in the 90's, with some summertime storms, but it is not going to last that long, we will talk about easing back into september, coming up with that seven day forecast as
5:39 pm
"eyewitness news" continues.
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the smoky double bacon sirloin. the new spicy sriracha sirloin. and the parmesan crusted sirloin. steaks that sizzle. only at longhorn steakhouse. you can't fake steak. mo'ne davis is hanging out on the west coast. >> she has gone who will hi wood, no doubt bit. mo'ne visiting los angeles, taping an episode of the queen latifah show and throwing out the first pitch at dodgers stadium last night. mo'ne signed autographs, even some for players like pugh. >> how about that. >> dodgers broadcaster vin scully was confused about mo'ne's hometown.
5:42 pm
>> she has got a wonderful reception here, the 13 year-old from chicago. >> no. >> um-hmm. >> no, vin skully a ledgend. we know philly's hometown hero is making an impact where ever he goes. you can see that queen latifah broadcast on september 15th, that is right here on cbs-3. trend to go day rapper snoop dog crashes a wedding, check this out, rapper dropped in on a wedding object a chicago couple and posed for a picture with the bride and groom. he happened to be staying in the same hotel where that wedding was held. >> the groom's mom, she's a huge fan, just grew up with him, i will do whatever it takes to get him on the wedding. snoop was laughing so much because my bride and groom wouldn't get close to him, they were like nervous. >> he later posted the photo on instagram and it got 30,000 likes. >> oh, man. >> that is fun. >> wish snoop would have crash my wedding that is a big deal.
5:43 pm
>> that is nice. >> we will be right back.
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5:45 pm
another picture perfect day across the delaware valley, but much different in the sense that it is not quite as hot or humid.
5:46 pm
your live neighborhood network takes to us mid in will township high school and cape may courthouse where we have a few fair weather clouds but look at the temperature only 78 degrees with the northwesterly win. elsewhere around the the region trenton 83. oxford pa, 70. reading 71. cinnaminson checking in at 71. that seems like a cool temperature. on storm scan three you can see those clouds moving through the region in the a lot but we will see that clearing out during the evening. clear skies will give us comfortable temperatures with overnight lows backing up in the 60's. in philadelphia still at 84. eighty-three in allentown. eighty-five in millville. eighty-three in dover. poconos 76 degrees with the northwesterly component to the wind we are watching shore temperatures that are very similar to our inland temperature and no sea breeze today. avalon 80. eighty-one cape may. eighty-one rehoboth beach delaware. ocean city 8o barnegat light at 78 degrees. temperatures will stay quite
5:47 pm
warm enduring the the day on thursday, in the upper 80's, high pressure will dominate the weather, slides off the coast, and temperatures will get warmer, ahead of the frontal boundary into more southeasterly wind and pumps up the heat and humidity up the eastern seaboard and funny shower and thunderstorm possible late on friday as that front approaches saturday and better chance of widespread showers and storms with heat and humidity meeting some dryer and cooler air, we will continue to keep you updated if any severe storms, are forecast for late saturday and saturday evening. now for tonight we are looking for mainly clear skies it will be very comfortable, low temperature 66 with the west win, some areas of fog could develop with that light win. thursday mostly sunny, warm, noticeably more humid. not oppressive yet but we will get there by the time friday rolls around. and in the peck necessary we are pleasant for thursday friday, shower or storm possible saturday as that front approaches from the
5:48 pm
northwest and down the shore next couple days very nice indeed thursday look for sunny skies, high of 84. uv index at nine with a water temperature of 77. on friday high of 85 degrees, uv index still at nine with that september, sunshine, on the exclusive eyewitness weather seven day forecast, a high of 90 degrees, on friday, and, 91 degrees, on saturday, sunday, 79 degrees in the wake of the front a huge difference, in temperatures. wow monday the same. seventy-nine. tuesday we will go 80 degrees and then by wednesday a mix have of sun and clouds, high temperature of 81. it is not feeling, like fall is around the corner, it just stopped ringing and temperatures and meteorologist kate bilo joins with us a look beyond the seven day, and, what we can expect, kate. >> thanks, kathy as you just showed us in the seven day we are expecting a brief cool down through end of the seven day, but, beyond the seven day forecast what happens after that.
5:49 pm
september sizzle, returns, we will start off at end of the seven day around tuesday but watch what happens as we head toward end of next week, it lift backup, another big ridge of heat, build ago cross the eastern half of the country and by next week we are sizzling, with temperatures, trying to return towards 90 degrees. so what does that mean for month of september, back to school for a lot of us, people looking for fall weather, we have in the seen much have of it, and looking ahead, i have just showed you, rebuild through next week. this means temperature will stay above average at least through mid-september, we may have a few cool days here and there but temperatures will average above normal. finally a cooler invasion of more fall-like air and should arrive by third week of september. reporting from the digital center i'm meteorologist kate bilo for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we have some breaking news. family of the murdered american journalist steven sotoloff speaking out tonight, of course, day after video surfaced from isis militant
5:50 pm
beheading sotoloff. today in pine crest florida a family spokesperson honored his memory. >> he yearned for a tranquil life to enjoy dolphins game on sunday and a office job on monday that will provide him a comfortable middle class existence but arab world pulled him. he was no war junkie. he did not want to be a modern day lawrence of arabia. he wanted to give voice to these who had none. >> sotoloff's murder comes two weeks after isis beheaded another american journalist james foley. three on your side now it is back to school side and chances are there is more than just books and lunch, stuffed in your child's nap sack. as three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan find is there a probably a cell phone in there too. >> reporter: question that many parents rest will with, at what age should children have their own cell phones.
5:51 pm
>> i would say middle school age. >> would i say 14, 15. >> if i had my way it would not be until they graduated high school. >> reporter: reality is most kids have cell phones well before high school. >> we found 50 percent of parents, ten to 11 age range was where kids got their first cell phone. >> reporter: national consumers league did that survey of 800 parents in 2012. since then the prevalence of cell phones among teens and preteens has nearly doubled. the average age is gotten younger. some carriers are mark to go kids as young as five. >> it is not uncommon to see, really two and three years old becoming quite fluent with using a tablet or touch device and, so by the time they turn six or seven or eight they are very comfortable with a mobil device. >> reporter: how young is too young? consumer experts say that depend on the child's maturity and lifestyle. >> this is a age group where they are doing a lot of activity outside the home, things like sports practices,
5:52 pm
after school activities, going over friend houses and so most of the parents we surveyed said they were getting fence to stay in touch with them. >> reporter: handing over a phone to the child does in the come without issues. experts advice parents to talk to children about staying within data limits, steering clear of privacy risks and cyber bullying. do your kids have cell phones. >> no, they are too young. >> thank you. >> they are consumers of data. if you put one in their hand that will cost you big time. you have to be careful. >> you are a good parent, nine years old they don't need them. >> not at all. >> thank you for compliment. >> very welcome, uncle jimmy vice proud. >> thanks. do you ever wish you could track down your child as they helped home on the bus after school? if so there is an app for. that student transportation of america is working with safe stop, which is app's creator. they are connecting units already installed on buses to an on line system, that can be
5:53 pm
accessed by parents and school administrators. >> this app allows parents to think about where the busies and where their child's route is at a particular stop, how far it is from home, what information may be necessary to allow them to adjust time at the stop or pick up based on weather, traffic congestion and construction or accidents. >> sound pretty great, keep in mind the app is not freeze, the price is ultimately depending on how many parents decide to use that service. still ahead on "eyewitness news", details about brad and angelina wedding. >> which magazine has named kim kardashian the woman of the year. we will talk hollywood got up when "eyewitness news" continues.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
a business manager. and a stickler for homework. i'm john kane running for state senate. dad says the road to a good job starts in the classroom.
5:56 pm
[ lori ] he's a great dad who sees taxes going up but schools not getting the funding they need. [ john ] so i'd put back the billion dollars corbett cut from education and make sure corporations and natural gas drillers paid their fair share. time to close the loopholes for the tax cheats. dad thinks a lot about education. i'm john kane and it's about time harrisburg did too.
5:57 pm
the big question is does she actually deserve to be, the woman of the year. >> what a huge honor to win women of the year. it is so special. >> taking home that award last night in london the the bold new title was pared with a boulder red carpet look. >> i want to thank my husband, for making me feel like woman of the year every single day. >> um-hmm, honey. >> as for why kim was chosen as woman of the year, magazine's editor explained it was because she has conquered tv, social media and after marrying kanye they claim kim is most talk about and photographs woman on the planet. arrested and charged with dangerous driving assault on august 29th in the small town of stratford in ontario canada after atv with his off and now seemingly on again girl friend, selena gomez parentally collided with a minivan driven by a paparazzi.
5:58 pm
new details from brad and angelina's wedding. they honored her late mother during her august 23rd wedding telling people that brad had a dedication, engraved inside the asian stone chapel on their french estate. >> i find it hard to believe that people actually criticizing angelina's wedding dress because it was decorated by her kids. i thought it was beautiful , so sweet. haters have have to knock it off. chris and jessica, back to you. >> for more on the day's entertainment news watch insider tonight at 7:30 here on cbs-3. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 beauty on the boardwalk we are live in atlantic city a as beauty queens head to town and casino workers head to the unemployment line. >> how do you teach students in our area about a conflict half a world away? i'm matt rivers find out how young people are learning about isis. skies are mostly sunny and temperatures are mild, comfortable day but not for
5:59 pm
long a september sizzle gets underway but it is not going to last that long, that is good news, i'll have that with the seven day coming up. also a cancer patient turn rapper, tonight here from the chop patient whose video went viral and his message to the world, "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. now at 6:00 a tail of two cities. beauty queens walk the boardwalk as hundreds face an uncertain feature, heading for unemployment. good evening, i'm chris may. i'm jessica dean. part of atlantic city's casino empire is crumbling and work force is shrinking but city by boardwalk is trying to focus on the positive and provide hepp for those facing an uncertain future. "eyewitness news" new jersey reporter cleve bryan is live outside boardwalk hall and cleve, that city is in a
6:00 pm
celebration mode tonight. >> reporter: that is right, music is still going on from the arrival ceremony with the mess america contestant a, early this afternoon and they were very excited. moodies not so upbeat on the other side of town where hundreds of laid off workers are filing for unemployment. >> hopefully another job will come through for me. >> reporter: in what has felt like a blink of the eye derek holden said he went from specially chef at revel to unemployed. >> it is hard to nose you are losing your job. we knew months in advance and it is hard to figure out what will happen next. you know, what will be your next move. >> reporter: to help thousands oz have laid off casino workers during this tough time you may hear local 54 and new jersey department of labor, assemble a resource center in the atlantic city convention center. their computer station for filling out unemployment applications and dozens of agencies and organizations, to hand out information on various types of assistance.