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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  September 4, 2014 2:07am-2:38am EDT

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>> we begin at 11:00 o'clock tonight with breaking news. a gruesome discovery. a body is found inside of a burning car in olney. philadelphia police converge in the 6100 block of north lawrence street. they tell "eyewitness news" this may be connected that a shooting from this afternoon. there's also a breaking development in the shooting death of an unarmed teen that sparked chaos in the streets of ferguson, missouri.
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>> but first, new at 11:00, a promising life cut short. tonight family and friends pay tribute to a student athlete killed just before her first day of high school. good evening, i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. >> more than 1,000 people gathered at mainland regional high school in linwood to honor 14 year old ashland cook. diana rocco was there for tonight' emotional remembrance. >> reporter: members of the mainland regional girls soccer team wrapped their arms i was ashland cook's mother after presenting her with the incoming freshman's number four soccer injuries she would have been a starting freshman for us but her soul we're celebrating and her life and the expression of her heart g more than 1,000 students and friends packed the school's football stadium they gathered for a moment of silence then late canals on the field. all to remember the 14 year old who died just one day before her first day of high school. cook succumb to her injuries she suffered in a crash in saturday. she was in a car with four
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teammates on mays landing on their way to a charity soccer tournament. she critically injured when a truck going in the opposite intersection on route 40 crossed the yellow line. >> ashland was a team player. one of my best members obviously scoring that goal in the final second to winly the championship for. >> she was the nicest girl there ever is. she never said anything mean about anybody ever. >> really good teammate and sewing kerr player, too. she was just the sweetest girl. can't believe this happened. >> reporter: mainland is no stranger to heartbreak. just three year ago, four members of the high school football team were killed in a car crash on their way to team meal. >> school begins at mainland regional in the morning and a moment of silence will be held for ashland. her sock consider team takes the field next week for their first game without her. but her number four jersey will be retired until the year she would have graduated. in linwood, atlantic county, diana rocco for cbs-3
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"eyewitness news". >> funeral services for 16 year old cullen keffer were today. he was one of three council rock south high school students killed in a crash in the poconos over the weekend. today classmates held a moment of silence for keffer, ryan lesher and shamus digney much the 15 year old girl who was driving the suv without a license now facing charges. breaking to night the justice department is launching a civil investigation into the ferguson, missouri police department. this after the shooting death of 18 year old michael brown last month. brown was unarmed when he was shot. and his death sparked nights of rioting in the streets of ferguson. one source says the focus of this investigation will be on the police department's practi practices and training procedures. >> well there's more help tonight for laid off casino workers in atlantic city. egg harbor township hosted an information session for those affected by the casino closings today. it followed an earlier ant that drew hundreds to the atlantic
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city convention center. representatives from several agencies were on hand helping the laid off workers apply for unemployment and other benefits. >> knowing that we're closing these doors and putting people out of work was just devastating for all of us. it's a time to come together and a time to rally. >> rally avenue different sort was held on kennedy plaza this afternoon as atlantic city tries to focus on the future. these are contestants for the miss america pageant inn producing themselves to the public that. pageant will be held in the city sunday september 14th. pageant officials say that they want to be a part of atlantic city's renewal. home depot says it hired a security firm to investigate the possible breach of customers credit and debit cards which many experts say may be the largest data breach ever. the hacking may affect all 2200 home depot stores in the us. it's believed to have started in late april or early may. home depot is advising customers to closely watch their accounts
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and contact credit card companies if they notice any unusual activity. >> well this story affects so many people so tonight we're taking a closer look how it happened and how you can take matters into your own hands. also, we'll have some easy things that you can do to start protecting your own credit information. less than 10 minutes from now todd quinones will tell us about easy things you can do right n now. the family of american journalist steven sotloff is breaking their silence tonight. one day after video of his excution by isis was made publ public. and new tonight students held vigil for sotloff at the university of central florida in or license dough. he was a former student there. late this afternoon his grieving family issued a statement. >> he was no war junkie. he did not want to be a modern lay lawrence of a rbi ya. he merely wanted to give voice to those who had none. >> oversees in he is stone ya on his way at the knit tow summit president obama made his first public remarks about sotloff's
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excution. he's promising justice will be served. >> we will not be intimidated, horrific acts only unite us as a country and stiffen or resolve to take the fight against these terrorists. >> two week ago, isis be headed another american journalist james foley. the president is working on building international support for possible strikes against isis in syria. >> well tonight renewed push for more police on the streets in northeast philadelphia. it comes from the area in which a nine yeared boy was grazed by bullet to the head yesterday. that boy was with his mother leaving a library in tacony when he was shot. now it happened not far from where philadelphia police officer was grazed by a bullet just a few week ago. both of those shootings in philadelphia's 15th police diss track. >> i think there should be more cops in the neighborhood. most definitely. they're the ones that protect us. >> councilman bobby hee man has been pushing to split this district in two. he says that would allow the city to increase the number of
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police officers in the many neighborhoods that make up that area. new at 11:00, new claims of abuse against former penn state assistant coach jerry sandusky. there's a new lawsuit against the coach and the school. the associated press cites a report from the center daily times that a boy claims he was abused six years ago. he was reportedly a participant in the second mild charity at the time. that charity was founded by sandusky. it is also named in that lawsu lawsuit. >> former fbi director louis freeh worked on the report about the penn state abuse case, and today we learned new details about a car crash he was in last week. he broke his leg when he apparently fell asleep at the wheel while driving in vermont. tonight he is recovering from that injury. this afternoon a judge throughout a statement christina row gusts gave to philadelphia police. she is charged with kidnapping a five year old girl from bryant elementary school last year. sexually assaulting her and leaving her in a park. regusters testified that deck doctors not tell her she had the
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right to speak to an attorney. in the statement regusters denied any involvement in that crime and blamed someone else. >> new developments in the ebola outbreak. the virus has infected a third american working for missionary group in liberia. doctor nick sacra isolated himself when he noticed symptoms. and for the first time we heard from ebola survivor nancy wright bowl who contracted that disease while working as missionary in liberia as well. >> i just want to express first of all my appreciation to the lord for his grace and for his mercy and for his saving of my life. there were many mornings i woke up and thought, i'm alive. and there were many times when i thought i don't think i'm going to mack it any more. >> writebol underwent treatment at an isolation unit at emory university hospital in atlanta. there she was treated with the experimental drug z map. >> new at 11:00 o'clock night a form to tackle the burning issue of medical marijuana in
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pennsylvania. "eyewitness news" at the lower providence township building in moment county. state republican representative mike vereb hosted that forum he recently announced his support for a senate bill that would allow medical marijuana in the state. tonight's panel included two mothers who said their sons would benefit if that measure is passed. medical marijuana is already legal in both new jersey and delaware. >> new jersey governor chris christie is in mexico tonight on a three-day trade mission. during his first meeting with officials today the governor announced the state's partnership with connect america' that's a social media platform that connects latin american and caribbean businesses with opportunities throughout north america. >> it is september but it's about to get steamy. kathy? >> we are looking at conditions that are going to get hotter around here. the september sizzle will continue to build before a cool down makes us feel more like the fall season. i'll have that coming up with
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the seven day. >> also, ahead, the easy steps that you can take tonight to protect yourself against an tack on your credit. >> plus, pennsylvania man was just sitting on his couch when this happened. we'll tell was caused a box truck to slam right into this house. >> and a cancer patient's spoof of a popular jay-z song goes viral. tonight "eyewitness news" will tell you why this video is so important. ♪
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>> the saying goes, if at first you don't suck sewed try try again and these thieves took it to heart as they tried to steal an atm machine. they rammed their van no a kansas city convenience store. one man got out and tried to crack the atm. that didn't work. so they smashed the van into the building over and over again. and ultimately they just gave up and drove away. >> now to a close call near wilkes-barre, pennsylvania. the driver of a box truck lost
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control and slam flood a home moving part of that house off its foundation. the homeowner was sitting on the couch in the living room at this time. he was push into a wall. but not seriously hurt. the driver of the truck says his brake failed when he was coming down that hill. >> well tonight joan rivers is out of intensive care and in private room at mount sigh my hospital in new york. her daughter melissa rivers released a statement today in which she said her mother is being kept comfortable. she also went on to thank the public for their continued support. the 81 year old legendary comedian stopped breathing during a throat procedure last week. young man who is fighting cancer at children's hospital of philadelphia has now become youtube sensation. ♪ >> 1984 old tom dylan of upper darby parodied two songs by jay-z one called bald so hard. it has gone viral.
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they're helping shine a light on the daily challenges faced by cancer patients. tom is fighting a.m. l a form of leukemia. >> we're not just withering in the hospital. we're fighting every day to get better. >> in less than week tom has gotten 20,000 plus views on youtube. this friday september 5th is the stand up to cancer tv event. life one hour fundraising special brought to you from the dolby theater in los angeles and you can see it right here on friday night 88:00 o'clock on cbs-3. >> cbs has stopped selling tobacco products months ahead of schedule. it made that decision to ban tobacco ban back in february. as part of the chain's rebranding evident to become more of a health care company. now it could cost the company $2 billion a year. cvs will change it's name from cvs pharmacy to cvs health. >> cyber security is front and center again tonight. millions of us know the frustration of having our didn't
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at the compromised. who could forget the big data disaster at target. it started back in december of 2013. as many as 70 million customers were affected then. michael's craft stores disclosed troubles safeguarding data in april of this year. and that was followed by pf chang's in june. up to 33 of its restaurants were affected. now, comes word of this possible breach at home depot. one that could be the biggest of all time. here's "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones. >> reporter: when you buy something with a credit card, hackers see a chance to sell. so called information brokers steel personal data with the intentions to make quick dollar. drexel professor robert dividio a cyber brrr security expert. >> they're selling the information to the criminals had wind up using them. >> possible data theft at home depot report beside brian remembers the blogger who uncovered the breach at target tens of millions of credit and debit card accounts were compromised. it took months before the
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retailer disclosed the scale of that hack. sally greenberg is executive director of a national consumers league. >> we can't continue to have situations where couldn't sum mers find out in dribs and drabs over prolonged period of time that they're data may have been compromised. that's why we need to all agree on a national data breach information standard which says, these are the steps you have to take if your company's data may have been breached. >> reporter: according to a new report almost half of all adults in the us have been affected by data breaches in the past year. most states have their own laws governing how companies notify customers after data breach. but there's no uniformed national standard and efforts to pass one stalled in congress this year. while hackers have gotten very efficient in stealing at ruining people's credit, restoring credit for the individual is still often a lengthy tedious process. >> the use of that account and not paying on that account can come back and haunt you for years to come.
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>> reporter: so experts suggest consumers should check their credit history regularly and when shopping try using prepaid cards or just one credit card with low limit for all purchases. and as always, cash is best but it's not always the most convenient option. reporting live tonight in the sat center, todd quinones, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> all right, todd, thank you very much. well tonight we have heads up for you about a very popular feature on facebook these days. the auto play video feature is being blamed for boosting data plan bills over their limits. smart phone users are being advised to change the default setting in the facebook app to ditch that auto streaming function. >> we are counting down to the eagles season opener on cbs-3 this sunday. >> it is a big sunday no doubt about it. philadelphia skyline is turning green in an anticipation. this is live look from our roof cam at liberty one and lib too two. they are lit up in eagles green tonight. the entire region fired up for the start of what should be very
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promising eagles season. now jessica said the opener is on sunday. the birds and the jacksonville jaguars right here on cbs-3. game time is 1:00 o'clock in the afternoon. >> we don't want to jump ahead of ourselves here, kathy. >> sure we do. >> there's little tease because sunday is looking really nice. it is. it's going to be an improving day. it may in the start out that way. but it will end up that way. how is that for tease. >> i like it. >> we're looking at heat and humidity but it won't be like that by sunday. take look outside. we'll take you down the shore where we are looking at a fairly clear sky with -- excuse me. >> hiccup there. low humidity and temperatures that are falling through the 70s and the 60s. on storm scan3 clear skies everywhere. there are some storms to the south through the mid atlantic but we're watching all of that stay at the south. fair weather high pressure to the north and that is going to keep all the clouds and all the storms away. that's the good news.
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our live neighborhood network takes to us philadelphia where 74. trenton at the airport 73. bensalem 73. and in dover at the international speedway it is only 70 and falling with those clear skies. right now 74 in philadelphia. 66 in millville. 69 in atlantic city at the airport and 57 in the poconos. so really feeling some cooler weather at least for tonight. thursday will be heating up with high pressure to the north and the east. temperatures in the 80s and a little bit more in the way of humidity. but that september sizzle comes back big time on friday. heat, humidity. it will feel oppressive and as this cold front approaches from the north and west saturday, all of that heat gets squeezed up along the eastern seaboard. it will get even more intense and we do expect some showers and storms as this front moves through. you have heat and humidity on the east side. and behind the front you have some drier more comfortable air and that will bring serious relieve by the second half of the weekend. here's a look how it will feel. now during the day tomorrow, it will be noticeably more humid.
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but then friday and saturday in that oppressive range before we get into pleasant category boy sunday for the eagles game. so that heat will linger. the relief will come with that front swinging through the jet stream goes well to the south sunday. there could be a morning shower but by the time the game begins the skies should be clearing and temperatures will be very comfortable. overnight, clear, comfortable the low 66 degrees but that's the end of the comfort. thursday heat, humidity, the high near 90. we could make it. it's going to be very close. down the shore 84 thursday with uv index at nine. friday feeling like summer. the temperature 85. the water temperature 77. on the exclusive "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast 90 friday. 91 saturday. showers and storms bust the he heat. clearing sunday. so it's great for the e guilty game with temperatures in the 70s. a little bit of a breeze out of the northwest. monday, tuesday and wednesday, temperatures staying around 80 degrees.
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believe it or not the average high temperature this time of year is 82. >> pretty warm for september. >> sure is. >> 90 and 91, yeah, but as we said sunday looking nice. >> let's just hope for no hiccups in the forecast n more hiccups. >> kathy, thanks. >> beasley is here with sports and we may have gotten look at a future phillies pitt which are. >> miguel alfredo gonzales is a fun name to say. >> yes. >> made his major league debut and i'll show you how he did. got the hoy lights on that plus the eagles offense is kicking into high gear in anticipation of sunday's opener. lesean mccoy best player in the national football league in his
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>> with the addition of linebacker-ton underwood the eagles finalized their 10 man practice squad today but for most fans the focus will be on the offense. sunday's season opener last year they exploded with an impressive win over the redskins in week
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one. running back lesean mccoy expects another big year but attack will be more spread out. >> i think that i'll be the guy with most of the the load with the offense and i'm learning that. it doesn't take lot of reps or a lot of touches to get or be more productive or get what you want done. >> another big question coming into the season the penalties. a will the of players still wondering how the games will be called and how much they'll have to make their own adjustment. >> i don't think -- i don't think they'll call it as tight as they did in preseason. i just don't think you can do that. it stops the float of the game. way too many penalties. >> look, let's find out what they're allowing and what they're not allowing and let's adjust that guy to that -- game to that guy. >> eagles and jaguars kick off is 1:00 o'clock sunday. you can catch the game the full coverage see the game on cbs-3 starting at 11:30. >> and starting september the
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11th, thursday night if the ball comes to cbs-3 first up the pittsburgh steelers take on the ravens in baltimore. just a few mr. days until the return of friday football frenzy. we need your help to pick the game of the week. download our audio road show app and click on the friday if the ball frenzy spot poll to vote. this week your choices are... >> we'll have the results on thursday and i will be live wherever you tell me to be life. >> all right. back to back shut outs in atlanta the the phils going for the sweep today in day ball early lead but it didn't last long. the braves tacked on three in the bottom of the second. including this two run shot by bj upton next inning grady sizemore pell his fifth homerun of the season. ben revere also crossed the plate and tied the game at three. skip ahead to the fifth. enter miguel alfredo gonzales. this is may injury league debut. he allowed three hits on 37 pitches but the atlanta bats aim
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l able to run away with it. philadelphia lost this one, seven to four. ppl park, where the union kicked off the first two games against toronto. philadelphia strikes first in the 54th minute with a great shot by connor casey. and that was enough for the win. the final score was one to zero. we'll be right back.
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>> this story is going to make you squirm probably. >> we think so. search underway for a dangerous albino cobra in southern california. he looks like this. it is a poisonous 5-foot could be baby who escape its owners home on labor day weekend and officials are concerned because it's already bitten dog. the canine had to be rushed to veterinary hospital but is okay tonight by the way it is illegal to own that cobra in california
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without a permit. let's hope they track that guy down. yeah.
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>> thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 11:00 o'clock. "eyewitness news" continues in the morning at 4:30 with ukee washington and erika von tiehl. for beasley, kathy and every
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unwe are here at "eyewitness news" i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. the late show with david letterman is neck with tonight's guest kristin wig. have a great night. guest kristin wig. have a great night. we'll see you t >> announcer: the following program is a paid advertisement for the worx aerocart. introducing the worx aerocart, the 8 in 1 tool that makes every load as light as air. >> you can carry anything in it, and you can use it for a multitude of things. >> announcer: like moving heavy water jugs with ease... and not straining your back moving potted plants. >> this actually has lightened the load a lot. i can move it around and not have to worry about that. >> it can tackle any job that i need it to in my yard or anything like that, 'cause you don't need a man. [ laughs ]


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