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tv   Eyewitness News at 430am  CBS  September 4, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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today, it is thursday september 4th good morning, i'm ukee washington. i'm quarter von tiehl. here are stories we are following today. developing right the now philadelphia police have a mystery on their hand as they find a burning car with the body sign i had. breaking teens, attacking guards, the same center where more than 30 teenagers escaped earlier this week. and a new look and a new name to an old tracks at city hall. we are looking live at dilworth park, it is the grand opening in just a few hours away, what a change. >> something good, we went by there yesterday, it looks fantastic. >> ice skating rink for winter. >> it will be really nice. winter, wow, sorry.
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>> i didn't mean to say that, lovely today. >> but a taste of fall. >> good morning, don't say winter just yet. nobody is ready to talk about winter just yet but it would be nice to get cooling in here. this is speaksed to be september. the first week of school for many kids but feels like the middle of summer still with temperatures near 90 degrees. got news today we are looking at lots of sunshine. here's a glimpse of storm scan three which shows a dome of high pressure overhead. that means cheer skies, keeping any storms suppressedded down around norfolk and further south. that means sunshine today and it will be another worm one. we will look at the seven day forecast and i will tell but cooling that does creep into the the forecast, in a bit, erika and ukee back ton. gruesome discovery in the olney neighborhood. >> that is where police found a body than side of a burning car. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is following new developments at police headquarters right now, jan.
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>> reporter: ukee and erika, definitely a disturbing discovery in the olney section of philadelphia. it was actually philadelphia police who spotted that burning car and then body inside. many questions remains this morning, namely, who is the victim, how did he even up in the burning car and is his death connect to another incident that happened blocks away and just hours earlier. fill's police say they found the body inside a burning car wednesday night just before 8:00 on the 6100 block of north lawrence street. the man was found on the passenger side on the black mitsubishi galante and was pronounced dead at the scene. police say this man may have been a victim of the shooting that happened three blocks away earlier in the day. police had been investigating a shooting in the 400 block of rose lynn street reported around 4:00 in the afternoon. in victim was found at that time but eyewitnesses on roselyn street describe seeing that very same car discovered three and a half hours later engulf in flames. >> they said that there was a
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male sitting in the passenger seat of a black mitsubishi who had been shot the in the head and the driver drove off, east, on roselyn street. >> reporter: police say it is unclear if the man who was found inside that burned car has a gunshot wound to the head. he has been burned beyond recognition so it is up to the medical examiner office to determine the cause of death as well as the idea. they will be working on that later today no arrests in the this case so far. we have i have set man was seen running away from that burned koran north lawrence street but it is unclear if or how he is connect to either incident. we are live at police headquarters, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". right now 43:00 36789 lets get back to kate and hear about the forecast. >> you will like today if you are looking for hint have of fall, you have to wait a few more days into the weekend. storm scan three shows some storm activity off to the
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south through coastal virginia right now and as we zoom into our area you can see nothing going on. a few showers and spotty storms south east of d.c. and that is it. everything looking quiet as we start the day. it should stay quiet throughout the afternoon as well. heading in to tomorrow and then saturday, we will have a better chance for thunderstorms. lets take a quick look at our heat. heat has returned. in fact tuesday's high got to 93 degrees. yesterday, of course, not quite as warm. we got to 84. still above average. average high for this week around 82 and today we will be warmer then yesterday, we will head towards the 90's at least getting close, upper 80's to near 90 both friday and saturday b. but on sunday we will see numbers drop below that average high line. let look the at temperatures right now, not too bad at 69 degrees at the the airport. sixty-three in trenton. sixty-one in allentown. it is a cool 53 in mount pocono this morning. dover sitting at 67 degrees. so you're witness weather
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regional forecast as we head through our thursday i should say 88 degrees. sunny very warm here in philadelphia we are at 84 down the shore. sunny a few clouds in southern delaware with that system to the south and in the poconos on this thursday. 79 degrees. it is beautiful. as we head into the weekend we have a better chance for thunderstorms especially on saturday. coming up we will talk more about that. but now we will check with vittoria, good morning, torey. >> good morning kate. good morning everyone. we have a construction project, overnight projects we will talk about. lets get started with the roosevelt boulevard. traveling on the northbound side of the boulevard i'll step out of the way so you can see. that would be northbound side of the boulevard not too far from broad street we are dealing with the construction vehicle taking out that left-hand lane and then further north of this point between ninth and whittaker that is another construction zone that they are working on. so they are active. be mindful heading outside this morning not causing too much of a problem but they are out there. looking at i-95 construction zone not causing a problem but it is out there southbound
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i-95 at the bottom base of the girard point bridge approaching bartram avenue. any plans to head to the philadelphia international airport that left lane is block but not too much volume at all, happening. at 4:36 a.m. so, you are still in the clear. really in the clear all over the map. looking at our speed sensors 55 is your average on i-95, 50 on the schuylkill, 55 on 476 and as we like to see it clear on the pa turnpike, northeast extension and rest of the western suburbs. we have a fire location to be mindful of, this would be funston street closed at 51st street. no major problems or delays for mass transit, erika. following breaking news right now in tennessee, violence breaking out in a juvenile detention center in nashville. we got this video into our news room, teenage inmates are attacking guards. this is the same facility where 32 teens escaped monday night. six are still on the loose but we have learn that those teens that were caught are involve,
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in this latest protest, we are staying on top of this and bring you updates. meanwhile school will begin with the moment of silence at mainland regional high school to honor a promising student athlete whose life was cut short by a car crash. more than 1,000 people attended a vigil last night in linwood, new jersey for 14 year-old ashley cook. the 14 year-old died just one day before her first day of high school. cook succumbed to injuries she suffered in the crash on saturday. she was in a car were four teammates in mays landing on their way to a charity soccer tournament. >> she was the nicest girl there ever was. she never said anything mean about anybody, ever. really good. she was a great soccer player too. >> next week her soccer team will take the field without her, but her number four jersey will be retired until the year she would have graduated. neighbors in northeast philadelphia are pushing for more police that comes from the area in which a nine year-old boy was grace by a
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bullet to the head on tuesday. boy was with his mother leaving a library any tacony when he was shot. that is not far from where philadelphia police officer was grazed by a bullet a few weeks ago. both were in the 15th police district. >> i think there should be more cops in the neighborhood, most definitely. they are ones that protect us. >> councilman bobby henon wants to split the 15th district in two nerd to increase the number of police officers in the neighborhood. president obama is in wales for the nato summit. this morning's times of london the president and british prime minister david cameron say they will not be cowed bias lamb i can militant who beheadedded two american journalist. the rise of the group of the islamic state is expect to dominate the talks. u.s. justice department plans to open an invest into the practices of the ferguson missouri police department. one of their officers in suburban st. louis, fatally shot an unarmed black teenager setting off protest as cross the country.
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the probe is separate from an investigation into the actual shooting. happening today, philadelphia is one of the estimated 150 cities where fast food workers plan to go on strike. this is video from a protest back in may. march begins at 10:30 this morning at broad and girard and end at broad and arch. organizers want fast food chains to raise minute number wage to $15 hour and give workers the right to unionize. all quiet now but later today dilworth plaza becomes dilworth park. workers spent this morning removing fences and putting final touches on the park. philadelphia spent some two years and more than 50 million-dollar to transform the plaza in front of the city hall. it includes a lawn, water fountain and up scale cafe. the 11:00 a.m. ribbon cutting will kick off a series of events the at the park throughout the weekend. it is absolutely beautiful. it just seems like a couple weeks, massive construction site to, there is a cafe.
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>> trees. >> great job. much more to come on "eyewitness news" miss next america introducesser her some atlantic city. >> what can we expect from the eagles offence as the season gets than way. we are back in two minutes,
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more hoe for the laid off casino workers in atlantic city. egg hash our township hosted an information session for those affect by the closings. it followed an event that draw hundreds to the atlantic city convention center and this morning. representatives from several agencies, helped the layoff work's reply for unemployment and other benefits. >> knowing that we're closing these doors and putting people out of work was just devastating for all of us. but sit tight, and togetherness and time to rally. >> meanwhile on kennedy plaza check him out, contestants in the miss america pageant introduced themselves to the public. the winner will be chosen on sunday, september 14th, pageant officials say they want to be part of the city's
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renewal. that would be august award in the rain, walking in the rain. >> yes, nice weather, definitely worked for them. you don't want the hair to get flat. >> a lot of hair spray. >> yes, so today how are we looking. >> today is looking nice if you don't mind sum are warmth. temperatures in the upper 80's. we have been looking for that hint of fall in the air. kids want to break out boots and sweaters. i know i did when i went back to school. >> looking good for the game sunday. >> looking good for the game sunday. we have a cool down heading our way this weekend. we have good news there but we have to get through a few more warm and steamy days before we get to relieve. it is not that hot. we can deal with it. we have high pressure in control. we have a southeasterly flow today. temperatures are in the upper eight owe's. this is the weather we were waiting for the whole month of august. we didn't get much. we had a very cool august, on the whole, we had a few warm days but this felt like an early august week then early september. normal highs are in the lower
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80's and we have been in the upper 80's all week. yesterday got to 84. today is warmer with high pressure off to the east. we will get that southeasterly wind that draws in moisture and warmth from the gulf of mexico and we will feel that arriving today. tomorrow another sunny hot day high near 90 again. southeasterly flow. could be an afternoon thunderstorm just a pop up storm with the heat and humidity. better chance for storms comes in on saturday and that is our next arrival. this cold front that sweeps in from the north and west and it will be hot and humid out ahead of the front. watch for stronger then are storms as the front comes through saturday afternoon but good news watch what happens after the front passes, clearing, cooler on sunday highs are back in the 70's. that will feel great. today mostly sunny, warm, slightly more humid but not a bad day. eighty-eight is our high. wind southerly at five to ten. tonight mainly clear and muggy 70 degrees is another low ape here's our forecast.
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watch for a stray then are storm tomorrow. better chance saturday. here comes the cooling and relief sunday through tuesday. looking fantastic. highs will be in the upper 70's all three days, ukee, back to you. in sports if you play get your fantasy picks in. nfl football season starts tonight, it is packers and seahawks, and green bay game one. all eyes around here are on sunday after a noon's game with the eagles open's begins the jaguars. most fans are looking forward to seeing the birds offense which turned in an exciting win against the redskins in last years season opener. running back lesean mccoy expects another big year even if the eagles attack are more spread around. >> would i think i would be the guy with most of the load with the offense but i'm wearing that. it doesn't take a lot of re ps or touches to get or be more productive or get me warmed up. >> do you think, shady. another big question is penalty. players still wondering how the games will be called, the rules have been tighten, now it is about making their own
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adjustments. >> i don't think they are going to call it as tight as they did in preseason. i just don't think you can do. that it stops the flow of the game. way too much penalties. >> they say lets find out what they are allowing and not allowing and adjust our game to that guy and what he is intern continuing. >> it is on, sunday. it is the jacksonville jaguars and your philadelphia eagles this sunday. begin toyota sunday kick off at 11:30. then nfl today the at noon. and then, season opener is live from lincoln financial field, at 1:00 o'clock right here on cws3. well, phillies are off tonight but continue their road trip friday night in washington against first place nationals. now phillies, go for the sweep begins the braves and day baseball in atlanta yesterday. phillies tied things at three in the third on a home run by grady sizemore. but ben reveer scores ahead of him. reveer let's the national league in hitting. miguel alfredo gonzales
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allowed two runs in one inning of walk. phillies lose this one, final score was seven-four. major league soccer at ppl park this chester. union scores in the 54th minute of the game, a great pass by sebastian le to and connor casey pound it, it is in. that is all union needs to beat toronto fc1 to nothing. union plays toronto again in toronto saturday afternoon. well, still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning, disney warms up to a frozen sequel. >> very exciting news you know what i'm pumped too. >> we both enjoyed that movie well, alof the snow men, loved him. here's is what coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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here's one more look at the headlines developing right now police are searching for clues as discovery of a body inside a burning car. officers spotted the burning car behind the 6100 block of lawrence street in olney just
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before 8:00 last night. investigators want to know if this is connected to the earlier shooting three blocks away. day after a vigil remember 14 year-old incoming freshman ashley cook students the atlantic county's mainland regional high school will observe a moment of silence before classes this morning. cook died from injuries suffered in the weekend car crash. president obama is in wales this morning for a nato summit. president and other leaders will discuss crisis in ukraine and rise of the islamic state group in iraq and syria, among other issues. lets get a check of business. >> jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange. jill, a mixed finish yesterday. what are investors watching for today. >> reporter: good morning, ukee and erika. it is all about jobs here on wall street. we will learn how many people got hired in the private sector in august and tomorrow we will get a bigger picture of the job market when government will release its monthly report. in the past few months job growth in the u.s. has been
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its strongest since before the great recession. yesterday also apple stock fell about 4 percent, the the company's dealing with fall out from that celebrity hacking scandallal. ukee and erika. so disney is looking to build on the wild success of frozen, um, how so. >> reporter: yeah, disney just can't seem to let it go. they are back but this time i could not help myself. yes, i mean it doesn't end. by the the way it is stuck in my head. i can't get it out. this time frozen will be back. it will be a short film called frozen fever, now the follow-up likely to include favorite characters like elsa and ana and slated for release in the spring. frozen has brought in a more than billion dollars in worldwide sales. it is the most successful animated film, of all time. >> i can see why. >> everyone loves this movie. i never met within person who said no. >> it is hilarious.
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>> great messages. thanks, jill. coming up after a short break, traffic and weather together on th
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good morning, everyone. >> we are still looking nice out there and would i anticipate that 5:30 or 6:00 then we will take a turn but right new we have a lot of overnight project. north bound on the boulevard here that arrow blocking left-hand lane. let me step out of the way so you can see. traffic moving by just fine no major delays. further north bound we have also a paving project, closing the inner drive between ninth and whittaker. be mindful of that. again roosevelt boulevard looks great. also, i-95, even though we have another overnight project which is compromise ago this left-hand lane, left two lanes, again, traffic moving by ever so fine approaching the philadelphia international airport this construction project is at bottom base of the girard point bridge but looking great. speed sensors looking great. fifty-five on i-95 through
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construction zones in and out of northeast philadelphia and center city. fifty on the schuylkill. fifty-five on 476, pennsylvania turnpike, northeast extension, looking great. we have however a fire location at funs ton street at closed at 51st. haverford avenue is your best alternate. we are waiting for that heat up of the rush but it seems to me that weather will be heating up today more than yesterday. >> that is right and we may heat up at the same time. morning rush gets underway and starts heating up. temperatures will rise as well and we will feel more summer like heat and humidity throughout the afternoon. yesterday was nice. still above normal were you not that bad in the wake of tuesday's cold front. now we have a couple things to look for. one system off to the south and another moving through the great lakes and that front will eventually get here as we head into saturday but it will take a while for relief to get in here for us. you can see showers and storm moving off the virginia coast at the moment. temperatures are comfortable, 63 in reading. sixty in allentown. sixty-two in trenton.
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atlantic city is at 66 this morning. here is our day planner by 9:00 a.m. we will warm up by 72. warm start with sunshine. by noon we are at 80. nice for lunch to head outside. 3:00 p.m. we have a sunny afternoon, very warm, 88 degrees and that is our high today. certainly has been feeling like full summer. heat lingers in the weekend no real relief on the way until cool air invades on sunday, and coming up i'll show you the seven day forecast and we will show what you kind of relief we're talk about. erika and a ukee. coming up next, we're following new developments after a body is found in the burning car. also, a neighborhood on edge, now that there is a dangerous snake on the lose, it has already struck once and the hunt is on to catch it. and this could be one of the more unusual x-rays you can see, wait until you hear what a family's dog swallowed, um-hmm, that is coming up we are back at the top of hour.
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developing right now, a murder mystery a body found in a burning car, and detectives, think it could be connect to another crime, just a few hours were, the body was discovered. plus we have some breaking news right now, wild new video as a group of teenagers attacked a guard and not first trouble they have had at this juvenile detention sent they are week. it is thursday, september 4th i'm ukee washington. i'm erika von tiehl. we want to give you a live look at philadelphia's new park, check it out, opening in just a few hours. we will tell but a special celebration toss open up the park in the shadow of city hall. looking so nice out there, kate. >> erika, it will be nice out there today if you want to check out the new park, sun will be shining.
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another summer like day with temperatures in the upper 80's and then turning humid. we have relief on the way though, with details in weather. variety tore contact? >> good morning, kate. we are waiting for the rush when the sun comes up. rush comes in. no major delays right now. only thing we are dealing with overnight construction project. we will talk about that in a bit, ukee. developing right new police are investigating after they have found a body inside of a burning car in olney. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jane carabao joins us at police headquarters where investigators are still looking for answers, good morning, jan. >> reporter: good morning, erika and ukee. there are a lot of unanswered questions this morning. philadelphia police are working this case around the clock, those unanswered questions, who is this victim? how did he end up in a burning car and is his death related to something that happened earlier in the the day just blocks away, and just a short time earlier? police are looking into that but so far they have interviewed a number of eyewitnesses who haveve