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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  September 5, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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>> from comic to critic. comedian joan rivers was a trailblazer. good morning, i'm erika von tiehl. >> i'm ukee washington. more on joan rivers including reaction from her colleagues at qvc. also, call g out for the latest iphone. it hasn't even been announced. lining up already. first, let's check traffic and weather together. we start with kate n for katie over in the weather center good morning, everyone. beautiful friday morning, it feels pretty nice out, there temperatures in the 70s right now, although, a lot of people are wishing for 70s, as the high temperature, we do have that in the seven day forecast, as well. but not for couple of days. heat, humidity linger. today and tomorrow, let's take a look, how we'll feeling. temperatures now, we check in with victorial. >> good morning, everyone, still looking pretty nice out, there not too much to worry b we do have construction zones like this one, 95 southbound, approaching the area of bartrum avenue. left lane being taken out. talk about this construction
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zone, few others, in my next report. torrey, thanks so much. well, whether you agree with what you said or not, joan rivers was one after kind. she made her mark joking about things on stage, that most of us would never dare to say out loud. >> so true. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us in the sat sent war look back at jones rivers legendary life. jan? >> ukee, erika, you mention that brash, un apologetic style. well, during yesterday's late show, david letterman even paying tribute to joan rivers, and her fans and her fellow economy yan continue to remember her life and her legacy today. now, it didn't take long yesterday afternoon spread about the comedian's death at her fans came out in numbers and start today gather at her star on the walk of fame in hollywood. they laid wreath there thursday afternoon. the 81 year old comedian and tv star is being remembered as a grounds breaker and hilarious lady. she got her start on the tonight show with johnny carson, even becoming carson's regular guess hose in the early 80sment and she
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re-invented herself time and again, pioneering red carpet coverage, poking fun at celebrities. later, she became a reality tv star with her daughter, but, everything was done with a goal of making people laugh. and talk about guts. she would come out here and sit in this chair, and say some things that were unbelievable. yes, just where would you have to swallow pretty hard and twice, but it was hilarious. >> laughter key for joan rivers and melissa rivers her daughter issued a statement yesterday saying yes while her mom's pass something extremely sad, she would want everyone to getting two laughter very soon. meanwhile, the new york state health department is conducting a investigation into that clinic where rivers was undergoing a routine procedure when she went into cardiac arrest. we should note however that there is no allegation of wrong-doing there. river's funeral is set for sunday. live in the sat center, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness
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news". jan, joan rivers became a force to be rec orthopedics with in fashion, in addition to her red carpet commentary for more than 20 years appeared in qvc in west chester to sell her own line every clothing and jewelry. one of her partners talked with us about the side of joan most every us didn't see. >> kind est person you would ever meet, worried were you hungry, were you tired, kind to everybody in the building, and she had such compassion. she would know if there was maybe something a little off in your day, and i think some people are surprised, because she was so funny and hilarious, but there was this soft, nurture, mothers side to joan rivers. she showed it to everybody. >> also told thaws joan kept her laughing even during the commercial breaks. >> i believe that. >> no doubt. >> i would have loved to heard those breaks. >> let's get our traffic and weather together. check back with kate. good morning. >> good morning again, good morning, everyone, happy friday.
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we made it to the ends of the week. temperatures all week long since we started september well above normal. today no exception. as we head close to 90 for the daytime high. let's take a look how it is feeling right nowment temperatures in the 70s, 72 degrees at the airport, 72 in trenton, probably our morning lows, as we await sunrise here now. seventy-five in atlantic city, and 71 degrees right now, in dover. but we've been talking about visibilities all morning, showed them to you again. a lot of spots are seeing pockets of dense fog, bringing visibilities down to below 1 mile. and that could lead to some real problems out there on the roadways, you can see, across much of interior south jersey, and especially in our western serbs, where the fog is thickest this morning. so just be safe on the roads, if you are on 422, 202, over toward black black horse pike iw jersey could be dealing with low visibility, victoria will show us more. day planner today, see the fog lift out, mix out as we head through the late morning hours, just warm, muggy by 9:00 a.m. at 74. by noon up to 83, hot, humid,
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then watch for couple of pop up thunderstorms late this afternoon and this evening. by about 3:00, 4:00. so seen 10:00 a.m. here on future weather it is clear, but watch the showers and storms develop. then drift through the area, between about 3:00 and 5:00 p.m. some of these could produce locally heavy rain. then another threat for thunderstorms into tomorrow afternoon, and those storms could be even a bit stronger, coming up, i'll show that you, take a look at the seven day forecast, a little bit of hint of fall in the air just in time for our first eagles game. but for now we will check in with victorial morning. >> i'm looking forward to that hint, that little -- i like the sweatshirts, leather jackets, talking a lot about fashion today. that might say something about myself. any who, good morning, everyone, it looks great out there. if you are traveling on all of the majors, you know, kate was talking about fog, we definitely have that, just as she said, 422, 202, so on, so for the. talk about the speed sense force a little bit. if you are traveling right now, on 95, we have overnight project, construction projects. as you will notice here, southbound 95, those
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taillights, compromising few of the lanes would be this construction approaching the area of bartrum avenue. take a look up here. notice some of the fog in this shot as well. as is we continue and take a look at the vine st. expressway, it is easy breezy really nothing to worry about heading to the schuylkill which would be the westbound direction, eastbound down toward the vine, no major delays on the vine at all. still waiting for that rush. usually it only comes about when the sun comes up. but here are the western suburbs speed censors i wanted to talk becomes again, fog will still and problem as kate was saying, low visibility, something to be minds full of. fifty-five on 422, 55 on 202, no problems on the blue route, northeast extention, pa turnpike, so looking real great in the western serbs, really all over the map. how much, we do have a serious accident situation west philadelphia. this is 59 street at upland way. so be minds full of that. no major problems, however, for mass transit we head back toutiesting. >> torrey, thank you. happening today, the va facilities in philadelphia are ready to welcome their boss. as part of that visit, secretary of veterans affairs, robert mcdonald, he's going to
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visit the va medical center. it is the home to the national center for homelessness among veterans. mcdonald will also meet with veterans. societies ville va medical center hosting welcome home veterans job fair. runs today from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. this afternoon as building five in the great hall. if you are going, you want to bring your resume, professional licenses or college transcripts. well, your time now 5:38n business news this morning, the perfect camera for selfies. >> need a camera for it now? >> how about it? >> winning streak in job creations, jill wagner joins us now from the new york stock exchange, jill, good morning. good morning, ukee, erika. invest remembers waiting for the government's august jobs report t comes out around 8:30 this morning, yesterday we learned that the private sector added about 204,000 jobs last month, big boosts in manufacturing t it is the fifth straight month that the economy added more than 200,000 jobs, analysts say
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that really shows the job market is pretty solid right now. well the dow finished down about eight points yesterday. the nasdaq, fell ten. the rich are getting richer. the federal reserve reports, median income for the top 10 percent rose 2%, but middle and low income workers didn't fair as women. median pay dropped by about 5%. and, if you are look to go master the perfect selfie, there is now a smart phone for that. microsoft has unveiled so-called selfie phone, the new loom in a loom ya 730, comes with wide-angle front camera, with software that helps users touch up pictures, then a camera on the back, and an app with space detection technology that can help you frame up your shot. ukee, erika? >> frame up your shot. >> i just finally got comfortable with the concept of selfies let alone buying a phone just for that purpose. >> here it is, more to come, too, no doubt about it, thanks, jill. appreciate t have a good weekend.
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>> so how far would you go to be the first of your friends to buy the new iphone? >> not very far, ukee. >> not too far at all. >> some people are, though, apple fans started camping out on fifth avenue yesterday. won't be unveiled until next tuesday, and likely won't hit store shelves for another week or two after. that will one couple traveled all the way from jackson, mississippi. >> wow. >> assume i dads has preview whatever we might see next womb. >> as anticipate payings for the apple event grows, so, too, does speculation. judging by apple's fairly predictable product cycle, new iphone six is a pretty sure bet. >> there could be two iphone six's. there is probably going to be a 4.7-inch screen. also could be a 5.5-inch tablet. >> device that's equal parts phone and tablet, would place apple squarely in samsung territory. new phones may also offer near field communication, or nfc, a tech technology that paves the
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way for mobile payments, but could raise flags in the wake of the recent i cloud hack. >> you're not going to use your phone to buy anything if you don't think your data is secure. >> the event will be held near apple headquarters at the flint center in coopertino where apple has been busy building a jays end structure, also holds sentimental value. where steve jobs introduced the original mack in 1984. could that mean a new device will be born? >> the odds are pretty good we'll see wearable at the show. >> if apple does try out an i watch it, will need to play catch up with brands like samsung, motorola. stay up to date on apple news, at c-net. com. for cbs news. >> how about that? 5:41,. >> can't imagine sitting up for over two weeks wait fog area phone. >> crazy, crazy, craze. >> i whatever floats your both. unveiling newest residents today. sneak peak. and this morning's health watch. the state of obesity in our region. find out what a new study says about the battle of the
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buldge. >> then, the search is over, authorities in california finally capture that deadly co-bra, about time, kate. >> oh, good news there. we've been waiting for that news. well, we have another nice day outside. it is hot and humid. temperatures near 90 today and tomorrow. but then a refreshing change by part two of the weekend coming up i'll have your full forecast from the city to the shore.
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>> time for weather trivia. not only weather trivia but football tiff crashes as well. let's take a look how things are -- what our question is today. we'll see if you guys get this one right watch was the kick-off temperature for the eagles last 1:00 p.m. home opener? the last time we had a 1:00 p.m. home opener for the eagles, was it 79 degrees, 68 degrees, at kick off, eight a degrees, or 72 degrees? >> tory? >> let's let tore i go first. >> i go with 85. >> eighty-five? do i press? >> press c.
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>> oh, the fail horn. who is next? >> miss erika? >> okay, i'm going with a comfortable 72 degrees. >> wrong again. >> you know what? let's go with, last 1:00 p.m. opener? i go with 68. >> you thought it was nice and cool? oh! all wrong. >> i'll go with a, 79 degrees. well done, kate. >> and that was '97/08. september 7th, same date that is year, september 7th, it was 79 degrees. which is pretty close to what it will be this weekend. so, there is some good news for you. it will be nice and warm but comfortable for the eagles forecast, you guys did terrible. >> i know. >> all three of you across the board? >> avenue question. >> yes, you can afford it, ukee, a point spread. >> a lot of fail horns going today. let's look how things are actually shaking out weather wise today. before we even get to the
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eagles home opener here, storm scan3, not looking all that bad right now, we have high pressure still overhead. it is planted right about here, but starting to move little further east. as that high moves east, we get that southwest flow to kick in, and that's what we will be feeling today. it will be very warm, humid, excuse my sloppy drawing there, but let's take a look how the showers and storms will work their way into the region. as we go through the day today, we see couple pop up storms, watch later this afternoon, at about 3:00, 4:00. couple of showers, storms pop up, but really tomorrow front from the north and west sweeps in, you can see, by tomorrow evening, and about 4:00, 5:00. we see showers, storms to the north and west, may get into state college sooner, so if our penn state fan, headed up for the game tomorrow, you may see some showers and storms. but we will get them in the city by later tomorrow evening. as far as your forecast for today, again, watch for the scatter afternoon showers, thunderstorms, but otherwise, it is nice and warm, at 89 degrees, mostly sunny, hot, humid. i'll have the seven day coming up in just a couple every minutes, for now we check in
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with victoria. >> good morning, everyone. if you are traveling on the ben franklin bridge, look at this cool shot. isn't that neat? if you are traveling on the ben franklin bridge, we have construction, not so neat. westbound direction taking out who of the right lanes, trying to make your way into philadelphia, may be little slow, but not so much just yet. waiting for the rush to come n as soon as the rush hits, for bet about it, it will back all the way to 676, admiral wilson boulevard, not so great. looks pretty good out there. not really in the red even though the shot was red. anyway, traveling on 95, do have construction taking out the left lane, approaching the philadelphia international airport, now finally little bit of squeeze. if you are headed to the airport to catch a flight for the weekend, good idea, give yourself more time in that jen. not seeing rush hour delays at all, 55, your average on 95, ooh on the schuylkill, 55 and 476, the pa turnpike northeast extension all moving real well. now sunday is the big eagles home opener, 1:00 p.m., very excited for. that will and i would imagine, that the festivities will be starting little bit
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early. now, for that, septa is just amazing because for one night only, one day only, they are providing free rides for the broad street line between ten a.m. and 6:00 p.m. take advantage of that. i'm just going to leave with you that thought and toss it over to ukee. >> thank you, torrey. here is a look at today's headlines on cbs-3, funeral services set for sunday in new york for comedian joan rivers. rivers passed yesterday a week after she suffers cardiac arrest during routine medical procedure. joan rivers was 81. authorities issued amber alert in their search for a missing four year oldies may he will. they say he may be in the company of lehigh valley native, adam matos. if you see them, you are asked to call police. leaders from nato members nations were greeted by military fly-overs, as they met this morning in whales. want nato to confront islam i can state militants. on the health watch this morning, pennsylvania has the
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nation's 19th highest adult obesity rate. the report for the trust for america's health and robert wood johnson foundation, it found that 30% of adults in pennsylvania were obese last year. that is up from 24%, in 2004. tonight some of the biggest stars in hollywood will join together as one in the fight against cancer. it is the fourth fundraising telecast of stands up to cancer. this year, the produce remembers promising a star-studded line one names like gwyneth paltrow, jennifer aniston, will pharrell. also musical performances by the hughes, jennifer hudson, and dave matthews bands, fantastic. definitely don't want to thinks this. all begins at 8:00, you can catch it right here on cbs-3, and remember, every donation does count. no doubt about it, the annual 98.1, wogl, loves our kids radiothon, continues today. it is the second day our annual sister station is helping raise money for patient care programs. at children's hospital of philadelphia. the phone bank opens at about
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ten minutes. volunteers there waiting for your pledge, call one-866-266-88988 or wogl/radiothon. they do amazing work therefore the young people and their families. >> love seeing the big smiles, kids have great time, and the face painting you remember from last year. >> going over there this afternoon to get more face painting done. >> get a spiderman something. >> okay. >> right now 5:50. deadly cobra on the noose california is finally captured. a lot of people very happy about that. we will show you the video next. also ahead, sneak peak of this year's eagles cheerleaders swimsuit calendar. first though here's a look at what's coming up tonight here on cbs-3. be right back.
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>> we'll learn the names of lou line on cubs, yes, taken after they were born, june 25th. two more born day later. today we will get our first look at the four cubs as they explore their habitat with their moms, takiri. >> so little. >> little babe us. >> good news, the cobra loose in california is off the streets. animal control officers captured the 5-foot albion a cobra in a community near lost and less, snake attacked a dog the other day, the dog is expected to be okay. cobra's owner has yet to come forward. oh, huge relief for that community. 5:53 right now, kale, more good news? >> more good news for us, not bad day today. couple of showers to talk about late this afternoon, 89 degrees otherwise, mostly sunny. tonight mild, muggy, at 72. quick look at your eyewitness weather seven day forecast, "shorecast", warm, humid today and tomorrow.
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watch for evening storms tomorrow. then much cooler, pleasant sunday, and next week stays cool with better chance for showers, through the middle of the week. now, we check in with victoria. >> thanks, kate. good morning, everyone, still construction, let's get you outside, take a look at it, if you are traveling right now on 95, we are experiencing construction zones blocking the left land lane, make your way right around the philadelphia international airport. so definately something to be mine fuld of there. causing bit of squeeze, as you will notice, any plans to head to philadelphia international, that will set you back ever so slightly. the wide giving you a lot of good news, we'll have a lot more whether we come back.
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>> eagles swimsuit calendar is out. this year's edition photographed in mexico.
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must have been fun. the cheerleaders and the pep bands are going to join us live in our next half hour, rather, our next hour, so make sure you stick around. but i have to tip my hat to these ladies, wearing a bathing suit on a stage in i mean? that takes some back bone. i mean, i respect that. >> great crowd. great crowd out there. >> but in front after crowd, wearing bathing suit on a beach, hot and steamy let alone. >> look at you. >> good for them. i'm impressed. >> coming up in the next hour here on "eyewitness news", talking to the voice of the eagles, merrill reese, about what the birds need to do to beat jacksonville sunday. >> also this morning, we're remembering joan rivers, look at the contribute pouring in, how she paved the way for women in comedy. >> also the headache knacked pictures of celebrities like jennifer laurence and kate upton will soon be on display. tell you more about that when we come back.
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good morning, everyone, joan rivers was one of a kind to say the least. one thing can you also say, she was as tough on herself as she was on the a-list celebrities she joked about. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now in the sat center with a look-back at the legend's life. jan? >> reporter: whether she was called a trailblazer, she was also called gracious, even though she was biting at times in her comedy, and she wanted to work her entire life. she did just that. and for fans over her 81 years, they couldn't get enough. her mission, a lifetime of laughs. >> i think if you can't laugh at everything, you are in terrible trouble. i just think i'm so tired, if you look, oh, you can't -- >> her comedic style biting, but those who work with joan rivers rembe


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