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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  September 6, 2014 2:07am-2:38am EDT

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>> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> developing now at 11:00 o'clock, a toddler is hospitalized after falling from a first floor window. this happened on bridge street in the somerdale second just short time ago. police say that the 19 month old girl has a fractured skull and bruises. she is at saint christopher's
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hospital. also, developing at 11:00, another blow for atlantic city. "eyewitness news" has learned the trump taj mahal will file for bankruptcy and plans to close. but first, targeted and attack outside a northeast philadelphia market. new at 11:00 the victim of this brazen robbery shares his story with "eyewitness news". >> good evening, jessica has the night off. i'm chris may. the gunman stole tens of thousands from this man ton night as he puts up his own reward money in the case, he shares his story of pain, fear and frustration with our walt hunter. >> pulled the gun and fired right at the next moment. it was like, you know, quiet unexpected. >> reporter: victim businessman whose identity we're concealing had just pulled into a parking space when he says the robber approached his window and opened fire almost point blank as he sat in the drive's seat. that robber and his partner then stealing 70,000 cash in a bank deposit bag from the passenger side of his van.
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>> he shot me and he thought i must have been passed away. even if i die he don't care. he was looking for the money. >> reporter: luckily the bullet pierced his arm leaving a wound that did no permanent damage. >> it was really by the grace of god. bullet hit me and it passed through and exited and as i said lucky if it was any part of my other body i wouldn't be here to give you an interview. >> reporter: hoping someone will come forward with information on the attackers the victim now offering a $5,000 reward. >> i want them to be caught at the earliest and quick as possible. >> reporter: told me his biggest fear is that a gunman who had so little concern for his life could go on and hurt or kill someone else. >> people's lives are in danger, you know. today i got lucky. but thome not be. not me. a lot of people. a lot of people peoples here rt.
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>> reporter: it's believed the two robber sat in this parking lot for more than two hours staking out the having tim before ambushing him. police believe a lot of people most likely saw them. if you're one of them, call northeast detectives and claim your row war. in rhawnhurst, walt hunter cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> search is underway tonight for four suspects who robbed and elder elderly man of about $14,000. police say that the suspects persuaded the man to withdrawal that money from two banks and the parx cass zen know. they believe it was all part of a financial scheme. the suspects included one man who walked with cane. they reportedly left the scene in white mini van. a warm muggy first friday night out there as we look to the weekend we do see some changes. kathy is out on the sky deck a lot going on this weekend, kathy we'd love to have nice weather for it. i know. we would, chris. we will have some nice weather and some storms to talk about as
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well. the air is thick on the sky deck tonight. if you step outdoors, you know that it has been warm and muggy for the past couple of days. that is about to change. right now in philadelphia at this late hour, it is 79. wilmington 80. the poconos comfortable at 70 and millville it is 78. you can almost divide the nation in half. we have some very warm air on the eastern part of the country and the western part of the country conditions are very, very different. we are going to watch as these temperatures tumble over the next couple of days. so coming up we'll talk about the temperatures really heating up for one more day and then cooling back down quickly across the delaware valley. so we will be seeing those storms bring an end to the heat and the humidity. we'll time that coming up when i join and side, chris. >> see you and that kathy. >> developing now at 11:00 o'clock, jamaican officials say that they have found an oil click where they believe that a plane with an
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unresponsive pilot crashed today. that plane took off this morning from rochester new york city bound for nipples, florida. but it flu passed naples and who cuban air space before it crashed in the waters just northeast of jamaica. this is a picture of the actual plane involved. it's a single engine. at one point today that plane was he is cored by us fighter jets. the fighter jet pilots say that the windows of the plane were covered in ice and they could see the pilot slummed over the controls. around 10am the pilot did report some kind of problem to air traffic control but that was the last anyone heard from the cockpit. >> down to 180. we have... >> on board that plane real estate agent -- executive larry glazer and his wife jane. we're told that both knew how to fly. >> well tonight sources tell "eyewitness news" that the trump taj mahal will file for bankruptcy and plans to close. sources say that closure is
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likely to happen in november. also, warn act layoff notices are expect to go out next week. as many as 3,000 workers will lose their jobs. that adds to the thousands of other casino employees already out of work in atlantic city with the closure of showboat and revel just this week. in a recent financial filing the taj said it was in danger of running out of money to pay its bills. >> it's catastrophic. it really is. what are those families going to do? >> the revenue has been declining and profitability has been declining. so it's not a surprising event. i think the remaining casinos are in reasonably good shape, and really doing reasonable we well. >> on monday, governor christie plans to hold summit in atlantic city where they'll discuss the wave of casino closings and the future of that shore town. well new tonight in oxford circle family and friends held a vigil to remember 10 year old my can i free man he was hit by an suv and killed while riding his
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bike last night. the driver did remain at the scene. so far that driver is not facing charges. >> well tonight planning is underway for the funeral of the legendary comedian joan rivers which is set for sunday. we also learned today that the an autopsy on rivers is complete but work still needs to be done to determine the exact cause of manner of her death. of course rivers died yesterday one week after she stopped breathing during otherwise routine throat procedure in new york. she went into cardiac arrest. >> philadelphia teachers are preparing to welcome their students back to class on mond monday. today staffers at edison high school walked the steps that many of their kids will take through north philadelphia. they say they want the community to know they're focused on educating kids and not on the political tug of war over the school butch. superintendent of schools dr. william hite says he's been in touch with state lawmakers about that $2 per pack cigarette tax been designed to help reduce the district's budget problem.
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♪ >> what night tonight. standing up to cancer for musicians like dave matthews to ari an grande to the who. hollywood stars like reece wither poon, jennifer aniston and gwyneth paltrow. the celebrities came together tonight for a very important cause and you saw it right here on cbs-3. the stand up for cancer telecast part of an effort to raise money for cancer research and since 2008, that program has raised more than $260 million. >> also taking part in tonight's telecast was millville new jersey native and baseball super star mike trout. trout app pedestrian on the show to honor his childhood friend marshall smith. marshall died last year after a four-year battle with bone cancer. his father is keeping son' memory i was love through a foundation in his name which helps teenagers who are fighting the disease.
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>> we're there to help local families with financial needs for housing if they're at the hospital, for gas money, somebody come over the clean their house, cut their grass or if they want baseball tickets to go to baseball game so they can enjoy themselves, movie tickets, whatever. >> smith also talked tonight about his son's most prized possession, his truck. says that he will never get rid of it. >> well tonight hundreds turned out at lincoln financial field where the sidney kimmel cancer center at thomas jefferson saluted the philadelphia eagles fight against cancer. proceeds from this event go to kimmel's break through cans sr. research fund. cbs-3 health reporter stephanie stahl serve as emcee for tonight's event. >> the countdown is on for the philadelphia eagles and the season opener fans will pack the linc on sunday. but at what price? still ahead the rising costs of being an eagles fan. >> kathy? >> in weather this weekend it is the tale of two seasons. hot on the east coast.
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cool as you head toward the west coast. but a front is coming and a line of showers and storms ahead of it we're talking about this breaking the heat. we'll time the storms coming up. >> plus chaos caught on camera inside of a philadelphia store a group of people including women attack a security guard. >> and the phone call the little league star mo'ne davis that landed one big named coach in hot water. beasley? >> well it's a big day for the frenzy the first of the year. the friday football frenzy. i'll show you our featured game of the week plus you'll see some of the top young talent in the area much that the all coming up a little bit letter on in sports.
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>> new at 11:00 police need your help as they look for four people who were caught on tape attacking a security guard. this happened last month when the women were reportedly denied alcohol at a wine and spirits shop on north american vote in
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fair hill. police say that the two women were thrown out after a dispute with the garr. they returned with two men and all four of them attacked the guard. one of those suspects even hit the victim with a bottle. >> the wait is almost over. the eagles season opener is sunday if you're going down to the linc rather than watching the game right here on cbs for free it's going to be expense. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers tells us fans are going to spend a lot of money supporting the defending nfc champs this year. >> this is dennis dougherty's basement if case you couldn't tell he's a diehard eagles fan. >> '95. this was the fourth and inches game. >> he's been to just about every home game since '99 and prices aren't what they used to be. >> when i first started they were about 350 per ticket so that's $35 per game, 10 games. >> now it's about 100 bucks for your average ticket according to teen marking report a sports marketing company they track how much it costs to attend an nfl
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game. this season eagles tickets are about 6% more than 2013. want to take a group of four to a game this year? start shelling out 394 bucks for just tickets. >> now you've got your tickets and it's game day. first thing you do when you get here to the stadium is park. if you do so here in eagles lot you'll pay $35. then you go inside the game and let's say you buy four hotdogs, two soft drinks twerked beers and two caps all total including the ticket you'll spend $511. that's good enough ninth most expensive in the league and way more than the jaguars who the birds play this weekend the cheapest in the log. with that said the eagles are the cheapest ticket in the inform physical c east. cowboys, giants and redskins all cost more. but no matter the costs as long as the birds are playing phil lull show up. >> it's going to go up. it will continue to go up and i have no doubts about that. but, um -- >> i'll always go. (laughter). >> just like any diehard would. matt rivers cbs-3 ooh witness
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news. >> we know it is worth every penny but, yes, you can save some money by staying home and watching birds right here on cbs-3. our day starts with toyota sunday kick off at 11:30. the nfl today follows that show at noon and then it's kickoff. eagles and jaguars at 1:00 o'clock only on cbs-3. >> the ncaa hit the uconn husky with a creating violation because women's basketball coach called taney dragons star mo'ne davis. mo'ne has said she wants to play basketball at u couldn't one day. the coach from norristown gave her a call congratulating her on leading the taney dragons to the little league world series. he says a rival team alerted the ncaa to that phone call which led to the violation ruling. u couldn't says it does not agree with the penalty. >> we are looking at a comfortable night across the region.
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down the shore look at this, open friday. open saturday. the casinos, of course, very busy this evening in the back bay, harrah's and also the borgata. camera shaking a little bit. it's breezy down the shore and it will be increasingly windy over the course of the weekend. temperatures are very very pleasant. take look at this live neighborhood network takes to us blew bell, 79. pli morning meeting 78. wayne 77 and saint peters school in new castle, delaware, 78 degrees. it will be a warm overnight and that humid air mass. we're watching clear skies out there. they are moonlit but it's going to change tomorrow with some clouds moving in. a line of showers and thunderstorms will move across the region with a cold front. ahead of it, heat and humidity. possibly the last hot day of the year we have a cold front approaching from the west creating live in the atmosphere and setting off showers and thunderstorms behind it cool, dry and comfortable for sunday and even into monday. there's slight risk of severe weather though from the lee his val northward for heavy rain,
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damaging winds and the slight chance of hail. as we time the storms out a few spotty showers possible in the morning. the sun breaks out creates increase in instability in the atmosphere. the front approaches sets off showers and storms a possible line forming near the din are in hour along the i-95 corridor and then more moving through during the nighttime hours. after that we dry it out and clear it out rather nicely. humidity will be high. so it will be feeling more in the oppressive range for saturday. very pleasant for sunday and for monday. so our forecast goes like this. overnight tonight, mild and muggy the low 72. during the day on saturday, hot and humid with strong to severe storms late in the day and early evening. the high temperature 90 degrees. if you're going to the eagles game, kick off temperature at 1:00 o'clock, 77. tailgate weather looking great as well. plenty of sunshine and a northerly wind at 10 miles an hour. if you don't have a tick, pull the tv outside and enjoy the weather it's going to be beautiful day. on the exclusive "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast,
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after the heat and humidity, comes the comfort zone. sunday 79. monday 78. a shower possible tuesday or wednesday. but nothing big happening. no severe weather, no heavy rain. thursday's high 84 and then cooling back down friday to 75 degrees. so looking really good for at least the second half of the weekend. but that could be the last 90-degree temperature we see until next spring. >> hello fall. >> yes. >> we love the fall. >> i really do. it's sweater weather. i look it. >> kathy thank you very much. >> tike to kick it off the always imitated but duplicateed friday football frenzy with mr. beasley reece. take it away. ♪ >> looking good, stoga, oh, yeah! it's time for the friday football frenzy. take it away, beasley!
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>> whoo! >> all right. great job and a special thanks to the conestoga cheerleaders. your time, your town, your kids on tv your original friday football frenzy back. let's kick it off with a little inspiration from the coach. >> throw the football. ready to go. that is our house. we're ready to take on any challenge. we respect them. we respect them because they're a solid program. but so are we. let's go out and show what we're made of. >> stoga! >> that man was a great cove. bidder rivals ridley and conestoga. ridley look good early. hoffman takes fishman for the score. get him! watch the poise of tim miller in the pocket waiting for his man. i was in the end zone. he runs a post corner i see it happen.
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i freak out. conestoga won it 21-14. strawberry mansion taking on olney and watch sal tan jones with the sultan like run. little guy knocking over his own guys to get. olney wins the 42-zero. >> glenn mills visiting southern tonight. santiago to annal knee johnson for the score. glenn mills wins 2020-sick. >> upper darby to garnet valley. christian with the pass to vince cullen. great evident and score. dropping his shoulder, back come the jags. garrett west number one in your program look at this guy run much that's a smooth run. four touchdown on the game he had. garnet valley 134-20. >> als bucket challenge at chester versus sun valley. jim mancini taking the plunge. and a big defensive stand for sun valley at the half last play
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and they hold chester at the goal line. chester hung on to win, though, six to nothing. >> del-vally charter taking ross mastbaum. andrew finding walls and walls lures his shoulder for the sco score. del-val charter won 68-zero. bristol at academy christian. dante with the big run who are. bristol won it 38-14. interboro at episcopal academy and watch the big run here. this is d. bart. look at dee go. look at the cuts by dee. they got him but fought. ♪ >> epic drum battle between penn crest and springfield. on the field sane horn pa controlling the secondary and
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comes up with a pick. springfield wins 27-seven. marple newtown taking on strath haven. adrian marple township with a big within 22-14. we go to unionville at skeeter and alex going deep to nash. 50-yard bomb for the score. he gets in. exeter won it 38-35. final toll night owen j robbins at daniel boone. galanti with a 1 yard punt. daniel boone wins the final 32-three. >> we turn it over to the pros when sports continues. phillies in action tonight taking on the division leading washington nationals. and ben revere had another big night for the fightings. we go pros next.
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>> all right. turning pro now. the nationals hurler steven strausburg on the big three rollins utley and howard are a combined 10 for 68 with 22 strikeouts. the phillies started a three game series in washington tonight. how did they do? phillies trailed seven to four in the ninth. made come back. carlos ruiz facing nats closer and chooch won the battle. two run homerun to cut the deficit to one. now with two outs, ben revere this has been his second career major league homerun. phillies tie up the game and right now the phillies lead it nine-seven in the 11th inning
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of play. >> eagles will have walk through tomorrow and then open the season sunday at the linc against jacksonville. nick foles big shoes to fill. his own. 27 touchdowns against two interceptions it's difficult to top. nick is saying that he understands chip kelly's offense much better than he did last season when he was the most efficient quarterback in if the ball. >> definitely gained a comfort -- i've gotten more comfortable. you gain confidence. you develop a relationship with the guys you play with and that's the biggest thing. you have to have that relationship when you hit the field. they have to know who you are and you have to know them. >> you can see the season opener against the jaguars sunday at 1:00 p.m. right here on cbs-3. we'll be right back. ♪
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♪ >> the philadelphia zoo showing off some brand now additions and they are adorable. take look at these african lion cubs. four of them in all. they were born back in june but a new lion mother likes to keep her cubs secluded in a sheltered location for an extended period of time. so the cubs are just now getting accustomed to being on display to the public. get out and see them this weekend at the philadelphia zoo. >> we'll be right back. ♪
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>> thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 11:00 o'clock, "eyewitness news" returns tomorrow morning at 5:00. for beasley kathy and everyone here at "eyewitness news" much i'm chris may. we're signing off for but we're always on at dave is neck with upper dash we's own tina fey. have a good night, a great weekend, go birds! ♪
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