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tv   Eyewitness News at 6am  CBS  September 7, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". there it is, eagles fans, the wait is over, game day is finally here. and we're live at the linc for today's season opener. also ahead, two shootings overnight, one of them happened as a customer was waiting for his chinese take out. storms leave their mark on our area, lightening strike is blame for sparking this fire at montgomery county home. today is sunday, september 7th, good morning, i'm todd quinones. here's meteorologist, carol ericson with eyewitness weather. good morning, carol. >> good morning we had all of the heat, to break in a violent way. you saw the lightning strike that caused the fire. lots of people dealing with so
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much storm just mayhem from last night. we saw lots of rain come down, lots of thunder, lightning, and it is all gone. let me take you outside right now, you can see ben franklin bridge, looks real nice. the skies will continue to clear this morning. here is a really pretty picture. this is out on kutztown this morning, look at that sunrise about to start. you can see the clouds that are still remaining, but the clear skies that are on the way, we have temperature of 61 degrees. so much more comfortable than it was yesterday at this time. and i think our afternoon is going to be spectacular. storm scan3, this is loop over the last 12 hours, look at those lightning strikes. they came across the area, how when it stopped, this is how it looks right now, there go, but look at this again, we look at the loop over the last 12 hours, just a tremendous amount of precipitation, and also, all of that lightning, it took something like that to get rid that far heat, though, we hit 93 degrees yesterday it, felt 100 degrees in the afternoon, and i don't have to tell that you probably.
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right now we have 67 degrees, in philadelphia, wilmington, 63 degrees in trenton, our temperature change in the last 24 hours were 9 degrees cooler right now in philadelphia, 11 degrees cooler in millville, and the dew points that were in the 70s yesterday, are now down into the 50's, it is a marked difference out there. and i think you will find that throughout the afternoon, we will be right about 80 degrees this afternoon, looks like an absolutely perfect day for the eagles game opener. and anything else you want to do outside. we'll see how long we can keep these nice temperatures going over the next seven days with the seven day forecast, todd? >> carol, thank you, authorities say lightning strike from the storm started a house fire in abington, montgomery countiment take a lock at the fire 1800 block of harding avenue. flames badly damage add house. police say no one was home at the time of the lightning strike, the red cross says it is helping two people affected by that fire.
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the storms also packed drenching heavy rains and winds there is eyewitness cam video from tom shows shoppers running for cover, in voorhees, new jersey. you can also sends us your eyewitness cam storm picks on the philly facebook page and on twitter use the hashtag cbs-3 storm. please be sure it is safe to go outside before you take a picture. new this morning, a robbery ends in gunfire in north philadelphia. investigators tell us a man was trying to rob a customer inside a chain east store when the customer pulled out a gun, shooting the alleged robber in the neck. it happened at 27th and lehigh avenue at around 11:00 last night. the robbery suspect is in critical condition, police have the arm custom nerve custody who claims self-defense. no word on any charges at this time. police are also investigating a shooting in the fairhill neighborhood. investigators tell "eyewitness
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news", a 28 year old man was shot four times. the victim was shot once in the leg and three times in the head. it happened at around 10:30 last night in the 3400 block of north american street in west ontario. the victim is in critical condition. no word on a suspect at this time. one man is dead and another is critically injured after shooting in philadelphia's kingsessing neighborhood. police tell us one victim was shot once in the chest and once in the arm. he's died at the scene. the other victim was shot in his head and chest. he is in extremely critical condition this morning at the hospital. the shooting happened just after 8:00 last night in the 5300 block of area gore a terrace. detectives have recovered the murder weapon. search is on for the gunman. pennsylvania state troop is her injured in a crash in wayne delaware county. police say the cruiser was in pursuit when it collided with a karat madsonford and county
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line road. occupants suffered minor injuries. no word on why the trooper was in pursuit. it is the moment phillies sports fans have been waiting months for. philadelphia eagles home opener. the birds face jacksonville jaguires and syma chowdhry live this morning at lincoln financial field where kick off starts at 1:00. syma? >> reporter: well, todd, it is indeed an exciting day. i know a loft eagles fans have been waiting for months for this home opener. as you can see right now, still pretty quiet out here, but will change in a few hours. the eagles will play the jacksonville jaguires, and their record last year is one of the worse last season. so most predicting easy win for the eagles today. this is quarterback nick foles third season with the team. but first time he is starting if the season opener. running back lesean mccoy, predicted to be the second favorite to lead the nfl in rushing is going to be of course playing today, and people of course are very excited to see him.
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and let's talk a little bit about chip kelly. this is his second year with the team. last year you may remember he brought the eagles to the post-season, team lost in the wild-card game against the saints. and i do remember how painful that was. but a lot of folks just kick their heals back up, want to see what goes on this season, expecting a very, very good season, and again, todd, with them playing the jacksonville jaguires today, a lot of folks predicting easy win. i am not a betting woman, todd, but i will say it will be a double digit win. actually back to you, hey, can you pan over there? look over there, guys, we just see our first tailgate nerves this parking lot. hey, guys, excited? >> oh, boy, they're already starting. (cheers). >> maybe we'll talk to them a little later, but they're diehards i can tell. of course as syma mentioned you can save yourself some money by staying at home and watching the eagles right here on cbs-3. our day starts with a toyota sunday kickoff at 11:30, the
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nfl today follows at noon, and kick off between the eagles and jags at 1:00. only on cbs-3. counsel rock high school south football team scores a win after a week of losses cents. three of their classmates were killed in a car crash labor day weekend. "eyewitness news" reporter noel mcclaren has the story. >> reporter: a much deserved win for council rock south after a week of losses. the first football game of the year, a success, despite the sadness felt in the stands with three big fans missing. >> bridges their absence more. they were all really, really good kids. and they would be up in the stands yelling and cheering. and they're not here. >> seamus digney, cullen keffer many, concern err culled in a crash in wayne county last weaken after the suv they were riding in rolled
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over. fifteen year old was driving. parents say some of the players came straight from one of the burrials to the field. >> it was a little tough on him. i was proud of the way he handled himself. >> for some, support came in the form of the opposing team. bensalem high school cheerleaders gave council rock girls south ribbons to show their condolances. >> it helps the girls feel a little bit better, after those close with them. >> they are in longer with us, but they will always and part of the council rock family. >> life at council rock south must go on without them. >> still a lot of heart break. and it is still a lot of uncertainty, but it is getting better. >> coming off the feel, these are the most smiles we've seen in the council rock community in over a week. a much deserved pick me up after a week of sadness. noel mcclaren, cbs-3, "eyewitness news".
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volunteers of the 9/11 garden of reflection memorial in bucks county made trip to ground zero this weekend. "eyewitness news" was in lower make feel township as they return from the 9/11 memorial museum in new york. their tour guide was retired nypd officer arnold romo. he was in the south tower when it collapsed. his son, keith, died in the north tower. i firmly believe he is watching out for me. this gives me a place to sit and be calm, and to catch a breath, and un scramble your head, and that's how important this is place is. and i think most of the families would agree. >> each year the garden of reflection memorial picks a theme for the anniversary of 9/11, this year the theme is heroism rules. family and friends will attend joan rivers private funeral today. this is video of joan river's daughter melissa leaving her mother's apartment in new york city yesterday. the legendary comedian service will be at a synogogue in new
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york, jeff rivers died on thursday, a week after she stopped breathing during a outpatient procedure at a clinic. an initial autopsy did not determine the official cause of death. a close call coming up next on "eyewitness news", more on an asteroid headed our way this weekend. also ahead, caught on camera. emergency workers rush to get a baby out of sweltering hot car. where was the child's mother? and as kids head back to school, more and more of them are having vision problems, in fact, they're getting glasses at a younger age than ever before. health reporter stephanie stahl explores why this is happening, and how parents can help protect their children's eyesight. and drying out from some heavy rain yesterday. carol says changes are on the way. eyewitness weather forecast is next.
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long way from the sandlot. first game in the majors? you don't know "aarp". because this family is enjoying a cross-country
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baseball stadium trip they planned online at aarp travel. it's where your journey begins with inspiration, planning, booking, and hot travel tips from real pros. if you don't think seize the trip when you think aarp, then you don't know "aarp". find more surprising possibilities and get to know us at nasa says a newly discovered asteroid will pass very close to earth this weekend. this diagram from nasa shows the space rock's projected path. it is expected to get about 25,000 miles from the earth. the 60-foot long space rock won't hit earth or any satellites, but the fly-by will give astronomers a chance to stud at this. named 2014rc, the asteroid first spotted only last month. a california mother could be facing neglect charges after leaving her child in a hot car to go run a quicker and. as reporter ann rubin shows
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us, quick action by firefighters that likely side the -- saved the toddler's life. >> the rescue was caught on video. frantic bystanders outside shopping center watched as san jose firefighters got to work. >> our mission was just to get the baby out as soon as possible. >> they popped the lot, pulling the crying sweaty boy from the car, you can see they stripped the two year old boy down and rushed him to waiting ambulance. >> we had the air conditioner going on, we trying everything we can just to bring the patients temperatures down. >> in cases like this, matter every minutes could mean the difference between life and death, according to san jose professor. >> first ten minutes the temperature rises 19 degrees above the air side air. so 85, 90 degrees day you're already up into what could be a deadly level for a child. >> this graphic shows the temperature rison 80 degrees day, it hits 99 degrees inside a car in ten minutes, and 109 degrees in 20 minutes. firefighters say the temperature monday afternoon hit 92 degrees where they
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were, meaning the temperature in the car may have been 121 degrees in 20 minutes. the mother, apparently told detectives, she and second child just ran into the store for a minute. >> obviously whatever the mother explained to the officers there at the scene and to the detective, all that's going to play into what the da decides to do with this case. >> they say the mother could face chiles neglected charges. fire fight remembers glad someone thought to call 911. they say it is never okay to leave a child in a hot car. >> it is a true bless to go have somebody call at the time. who knows what could have happened. >> that was ann rubin reporting. nationwide 25 children have died in hot cars this year. firefighters hope by speaking about what happened they can prevent other incidents like this in the future. evacuations are in order as firefighters battle a wild fire scorching hundreds of acres near yosemite national park. crews have it about 25% contained. no damage has been reported.
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and parts of the midwest are cleaning up after storms swept through the region. southeast michigan heavy rains and winds knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of people. storms also disrupted two church festivals, winds brought down large tents, as both events, in dearborn heights. five people were hurt, one person seriously. fortunately, carol, knock like that in our region, in fact, today looks what perfect? >> today looks great. but last night, a lot of the areas did pick up some very have i lent weather, in fact, todd, we had wind gusts of over 50 miles an hour in berks county, three quarter inch hail in pemberton, burlington county, we saw some of that also in lehigh county. so the weather yesterday was interesting. it was just horendously hot during the day, then violent storms in many locations, the thunder, the lightning, the downpours, they didn't last a long time, but they lasted long enough. then the winds came through.
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so it was quite active last night. now we're on the quiet side of it. it looks real nice out there. ben franklin bridge, never looks great on the ben franklin bridge, but around the ben franklin bridge, it always looks pretty nice. atlantic city you will probably be about the lasts to see your clouds go. because that front has moved off. and you know what? at the shore areas, on monday afternoon, monday night, and tuesday, you might be in for another round of some pretty heavy rain, gusty winds, as well. so we have that front that has gone through, and just kind of stalls along the coastal areas, and i'll talk more about that in just a second. otherwise, kutztown, you're just looking absolutely beautiful out there this morning. so nice start to the day. so much better, and the afternoon will be so much better than it was yesterday. temperatures right now are in the 60s, yesterday they were in the 70s, we're running generally about 10 degrees cooler this morning, than we did yesterday morning. and our afternoon temperature, could be some 27 degrees cooler than it was yesterday. so, we've got much better weather. this is the 12-hour loopy
6:18 am
showed you at the top of the show. i want to show it to you again. remember, when i talked about the very strong wind gusts, and the lightning, and the rain, and the hail, and you can see, absolutely why that is happening. but notice, few clouds along the shore, but it looks real nice elsewhere. we will continue to watch that drying come in here, that front moving on through, so, today, we've got temperatures that will -- may not be in the 70s, they may stop at 80, 81, why don't we just say the 70s. why not? does that hurt to say that? it is just couple of degrees away. i think it feels a lot better. so here we go. with our computer model, see how this has timed out. i think the storms yesterday wanted to hold them off until later. remember that? and they came in earlier. that's why you can't absolutely 1,000 percent trust the timing because the time willing change. but you get an idea. so the idea here is we're clearing out. we've got great looking
6:19 am
weather today. then on monday, notice, the clouds particularly through south jersey, and then by monday afternoon this one isn't showing it so much. but that by monday night there could be some locally heavy rain showers at the shore. again there is one not showing it. but there are other computer models, other indication that is that could be a situation, you'll be dealing with at the shore areas. here's the other situation we will be dealing with, that's the eagles game today. home opener. it is comfortable, temperatures of about 77 degrees at 1:00 this afternoon, cooling down, we had 93 yesterday, into the 70s or so close, just remember, going to call it the 70s, sort of like what we're going to do today, or call it 80 degrees, either way. seventy-eight at the shore. poconos, 75 degrees, sunny, looks really really nice. we have the wind out of the north about 10 miles an hour, dew points are down, humidity down, temperatures down tonight, 62 degrees, looks nice, and i'm down with that. we have 78 for monday, tuesday, 76, remember, could
6:20 am
be wet and gusty and breezy at the shore areas on monday night and tuesday. wednesday 80 degrees, and and a comfortable looking week shaping up at this point, todd. carol, thank you. on the cbs-3 health watch, back to school time. doctors say they are seeing more younger kids needing glasses cents. "3 on your side" health reporter stephanie stahl has more on why and how american children are among those with the highest risk. computers, tablets, cell phones, all the technology may be taking a toll on children's eyes. >> it makes me frustrated, because like i really opportunity see what is going on, but i can't. >> it is a problem for 12 year old morgan. her distance vision is getting blurry, making her nearsighted. eye doctors say even younger children are coming in for glass. >> so these kids come in here. now in second and third grade, where it used to be fifth, sixth, seventh grade. >> the culture of near work has produced this little bit
6:21 am
more incidence of nearsighted any. >> genetics partially to blame. environment could be part of it, too. >> five in 20 americans were near sided and at the turn of the century eight in 20 were. doctors believe it could be the strain of close work. >> i tell kids, i say, when you are doing your homework, punch yourself in the children. the distance between the knuckles and the elbow is the perfect distance to be working. >> they almost feel like oh, that's a little further than i'm used to. >> being indoors too much may also play a role. bright light exposure from the sun stimulates production of dopamine. if you don't get enough the eye can lengthen, resulting, in nearsightedness. >> the other thing we can do is go outside. we're culture of inside. you know, there are studies that have been done in scan dan avenue ya, those are outdoor cultures. those kids are becoming nearsighted much less rate than the american kids. >> because the eye continues to grow during childhood, doctors say nearsightedness typically progresses or changes until the age of about
6:22 am
20. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". for many teens nowadays, good bye bluejeans, coming up how fashion focus on fitness is gaining momentum. we'll be right back.
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>> wants to show how their clothes moving. >> practically everyone in the fashion business is trying to get in on the active wear trend. >> nancy green, the president of athletics say these designs are combined athletic and leisure wear in one. describes them as evolution, based on what's happening in the marketplace. >> our generation, the boomers, and genx, we all grew up with denim. now, whole generation every younger kids in their teens, middle school, high school, they're growing up choose to go wear active wear. >> after decades of consistent growth, sales of bluejeans fell 6% in the last year. meanwhile, sales of active wear were up 7%. does it mean that more people are working out? well, consider this. last year yoga apparel sales were up 45%. but the rate of participation
6:26 am
in yoga itself, only grew 4.5% in the same period. >> part of it, if you buy something that's really expensive and luxurious it, makes you feel really good, maybe it will make you go to the gym more. >> laurel the style editor at lucky magazine. she says leading athletic companies are incorporated elements of high fashion. this week, underarmer launched campaign with super model guess he will. but she said sporting details are also popping up in unexpected places, like these sneaker inspired pumps, made by christian dior, retailing at $1,450. a lot of high end design remembers doing things like slouchy pants, crop tops, alexander wang always had a lot of athletic inspiration. >> the merging of athletic and leisure wear has earned the nickname at thlaleisure, means one outfit training to the gym, others, looking like you're active even if you
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what does an alien seamstress sew with? a space needle! ♪ foghorn sounds loudly continuously ♪ oh come off it captain! geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. >> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". the wait is over for
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eagles fans, the season open is her today, and diehard fans are already out tailgating. syma chowdhry with live report coming out. also ahead, search teams scour the waters off the jamaica coast looking for wreckage after small private plane that crashed on friday. and lava alert. residents in hawaii brace for the worse after one of the wormed's largest volcanoes erupts. what scientists fear may happen. today is sunday, september 7th, good morning, everyone, i'm todd quinones, here's meteorologist, carol erickson with eyewitness weather. good morning once again. >> good morning to you, 66 degrees, yesterday, when we menace in the hour, todd, it was in the 70s, well into the 70s, very humid. big change though, and did you notice, syma in her lovely green? she is certainly backing the eagles today. so great day for a football game, and we've got very little green remaining on our storm scan3, and i'll show that you in just a second. right now, still few clouds hanging around.
6:31 am
they'll be leaving, however. and we're going to be finding gorgeous day, atlantic city, yes, few clouds there, but the front was the very last to go through that area. and, in fact, it is stalling fairly close off shore. storm scan3, loop over the last 12 hours, look at that, look at the greens, the yellows, the lightning strikes, and then notice by the time we got to the middle of the morning, 2:00 a.m., for us, the middle of the morning, we notice things starting to quiet down a lot. the trend is for greatly improving weather today, as those storms leave, drier air is just racing in behind. it feels great out there this morning. 64 degrees still with the clouds through cape may, cape may courthouse, 67 degrees, in philadelphia presently, 67 wilmington, millville, we have 63 degrees in allentown at this point. the dew points are way down. yesterday into the 70s, you know how humid that was, right now, they're in the 50's, in a lot of locations, the air mass feels completely different.
6:32 am
we have a temperature by noon of 78 degrees, by 3:00 p.m., just about 80 degrees, and a wonderful looking day shaping up for us, i think you will like it. right from right now, when these clouds leave, until they're gone, that's 1:00 o'clock, that's game time today. so, we will talk more about the eyewitness weather seven day forecast, see if we can keep the comfortable temperatures and weather conditions going for more than one day at a time. todd? >> carol, sounds great. it is a day philadelphia football fans have been waiting months for. the eagles home opener, it is finally here, and fans are hoping chip kelly's second season bridges plenty of wins. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry live this morning, at lincoln financial field, where the birds will take on the jacksonville jaguires. syma? >> reporter: good morning, todd. it is an exciting day. you know what? if you take a whiff out here in philadelphia, you can smell victory in the air. that's right, everyone is so super excited about the eagles home opener. they are super psched to see what chip kelsey going to do
6:33 am
this year, today they play the jacksonville jaguires, pretty easy win, had one of the worse seasons last year, the jaguires, so a lot of people are expecting this to be a very good day. give it a little bit after w. now, i know that this is nick foles third season with the team. but it is his first time starting this in the season opener. running back lesean mccoy is predicted to have a real great year. in fact, he is predicted to be the second favorite to lead the nfl in rushing. and let's talk about our man, chip kelly. this is his second year, with the team, and last year, of course, you may remember, he brought the eagles to the post-season, i know that was little bit of tough loss. i don't want to talk about last year, but we did lose to the paints in the post-season a lot of people didn't know what chip kim i would bring to the table. so ended up being great year if you think about. that will so this year we were talking to some tailgaters out since 6:00 this morning, and asked them a little bit about their predictions, you know what, they are talking about
6:34 am
superbowl. >> we have real ross they are year, we have the starters coming back on offense, made a lot of changes on defense have, a the love depth on defense, this year looks like anything can happen. we all believe. hey the seventh best odds to win the superbowl this year. so the whole country is starting to realize what's going on down here in fill. >> i this is superbowl year. everybody's going to worry about the superbowl, seattle seahawks, i won't worry about that. i think we'll beat them later on this year, then that will prove what we're going to do going into the playoffs. >> not only are these guys diehard eagles fans, but cbs fans out there watching us right now. they are getting ready to make some food. they said their breakfast guy will be coming soon. they said they will share their food with us, very exciting about that. now, again, they are going to be out here, these guys actually these particular group every guys behind me, they've been here every home game. i was reporting on last year, and they said they'll do it again this year.
6:35 am
so diehard fans, testifily take note. and todd, i have to say, i have to say, you know what? pops to carol. it will be a beautiful day. these guys are excited about that, too. >> syma, thank you. of course safer yourself money by staying right at home and watching the eagles right here on cbs-3. our day starts with the toyota sunday kickoff at 11:30. then the nfl today follows at noon, and kick off, between the eagles and jags, at 1:00 again, only on cbs-3. philadelphia police are investigating a home invasion robbery involving two mask gunmen in west passyunk. detectives say the suspects broke through the front window after home, on the 1900 block of 19th street. the suspects stole $1,500 from several people inside the home. no arrests have been made. an armed robbery is caught on tape in kingsessing. take a look at this surveillance video. the robbery took place just before 1:00 a.m. on august august 28th at the two good
6:36 am
food mart south 58th street. two armed robbers entered the store demanding cash. one of the suspect had guns drawn on cashiers, while the other ran behind the counter to grab the cash and several packs of cigarettes. both suspects got away on foot. and also, in kingsessing, a shooting saturday leaves a 30 year old man in critical condition. he was shot in the chest at 52nd and woodland around 1:00 yesterday morning. the victim was transported by a private vehicle to the hospital of the university of pennsylvania. police are now looking for the gunman. and the red cross is helping a family of three displaced by a fire in belmont. flames ripped through their row home on the 4100 block of ogdon street saturday morning. the fire started at 12:40, placed under control in less than 20 minutes, and no one was injured, and the cause of the fire remains under investigation this morning. a search is underway off jamaica northeast coast for private plane that crashed in
6:37 am
the ocean friday. the plane was caring a rochester new york couple who apparently lost consciousness in the air. cbs news correspondent wendy gillette has the latest. >> search teams are scouring the water off the jamaica's northeast coast, looking for wreckage of the small private plane that crashed friday. so far they found an oil slick, and some floating debris. the single engine turbo prop caring larry and jane glazer took offer from chop chester new york at 8:45 friday morning. investigators believe larry was at the controls. he radioed a problem to air traffic controllers around 10:00 a.m. >> air traffic told the pilot to descend to lower altitude. shortly after that, the plane went silent. us air defense scrambled fighter jets to shadow the unresponsive plane. they saw the windshield had frosted over and by the lot slumped over the controls, conditions consistent with
6:38 am
oxygen deprive aids. >> the plane flew in and out of cuban air space, before it ran out of fuel and crashed friday afternoon. the glazers were well known in rochester, larry was a real estate developer, jena entrepreneur. couple's three children released a statement saying they are devastated by the tragic and sudden loss of their parents. wendy gillette, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". president obama decides to delay any executive action on immigration until after the november congressional elections, white house officials say the president believes taking steps on his own during the mid-turn campaign would politicize the issue and hurt efforts to pass a broad overhaul. immigration advocates say they're disappointed over the decision, and critics say the president is choosing politics over people. a cease-fire between
6:39 am
ukrainian forces cents and russian backed rebels appears to be holding, however, the trues still appears fragile with both sides claiming violations, the president of the ukraine said the trues was struck after a personal conversation with russian president vladmeere putin. and to hawaii now, where lava is causing concern, the molten rock from one of the worlds' most active volcanoes is less than a mile from homes. as terry okita reports, they could start burning in less than a week. the volcano has errupted continuously, since 1983. but recent lava flow, that began over two months ago, has been creeping ever so slowly toward nearly 40 rural homes in the homestead subdivision. knowing the dangers all too well, lava has threat he her family home three times in 30 years. the latest, in 2006. after that, near miss? >> you could hear the cry, the
6:40 am
tears, the happiness, that we were fortunate that our home was spared. >> the red hot molten lava moved in and out of underground cracks, but predicting what that river of lava does next is an inexact science. >> it is difficult to assess when and where the flow might go. the cracks are the real difficult part to judge. >> some residents in the nearby town of puna asked authorities to try and divert the lava. but officials say that could put other homes at risk. and to native residents, like this, who has indigenous and cultural ties to the land? >> lava, you can't change the direction, it is mother nature. >> barricades and restricted access are in place for the residents. evacuations haven't been ordered yet. it means spewing or much spreading, and residents just hope the volcano slows down
6:41 am
before lava reaches their doorsteps. terry okita, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". over the edge, coming up next on "eyewitness news", the couple who took the plunge after they said their i do's. and running a new race, why organizers of this philly event want to stand out when "eyewitness news" continues.
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>> call it adrenyline rushing demonstration of love.
6:44 am
a couple gets married a top a miami hotel before repelling down the highrise building. melissa lopez and chris cruz won contest as part of a charity fundraiser, before the couple said i do. hundreds of others rep he'd down the building first. it was all to raise money and awareness for miami children's initiative. it is an organization that's focused on breaking the cycle of poverty. septa bus operators, are showing off their skills this weekend. they wheel buses through obstacle courses during the annual septa bus rodeo. "eyewitness news" at the cornwells heights station in bensalem. sixty-one bus operates ores competed against each other for the right to represent septa in the international bus rodeo. septa by the way the three time defending champion of the contest. first year for this particular event. different kind of race, runners made their way through several parts of the city, from south philadelphia, to
6:45 am
callowhill, and beyond. and organizers say they're thrilled with the response. >> most happen out on the river, beautiful place to run, a loft space, a lot of scenery. you know as we were kind of sitting down and thinking about, you know, trying to put on some kind of signature event, you know, what made sense to us was something that really navigated through the city, that really told a philly store. >> i organizers hope to grow that race, and make it an annual event. great day to do anything outside? >> today is a great day. i'm sure they were sweltering, as they probably couldn't enjoy the scenery too much, as hot as it was yesterday. today perfect. if you are going to think about starting an exercise program, we always think about that, don't we? but actually going to put that into practice today, perfect day to do it. >> notice few clouds, still remaining from the storms that we saw finally yesterday afternoon, that broke the heatwave. but, we are looking at much
6:46 am
better weather. notice the sun glistening off the billing, notice where the sun is not shining right now, along the shore areas. that's because the front is still just stalled off the coast. notice the clouds, that we have there almost mapping the same color. gee, my jacket in the water and everything. but you can get the sort of mono crow mattick look down there, not finding the sunshine at this point, but you will be finding a day that you start to brighten up. talk about brightening up! look how beautiful it looks out in kutztown, look at the sunrise, the farm perfect, temperature was 59 degrees, now up to 60 degrees, beautiful day. the weather is completely different than yesterday so if you been hiding in the house since then, it is safe to come out. because the temperatures are great. dew points are down. just feels so much better around here. sixty-seven in philadelphia and in wilmington, 64 degrees atlantic city right now, wildwood at 66 degrees. and 63 in allentown, we picked up rain, thunder, lightning,
6:47 am
hail, winds damage, everything going on with those storms that came on through yesterday. storm scan3, few clouds, but thousand looked 12 hours ago. look at all of these lightning strikes. everybody got into this mess. and it took something almost that strong to break the heat that we saw yesterday. we had heat index, it felt like 100 degrees yesterday afternoon, and when you combine the 93 degrees temperature that we saw, then all of that humidity. that's all gone now. temperatures today that will be -- we would like them to stop in the 70s, and a chance some areas they will stop in the upper 70s just as psychological break, we put 70s here. high pressure builds in tomorrow. maybe another one every these tail of two cities, if you're along the shore areas, particularly, monday later on in the day on monday, and tuesday, with this front still stalled out here, low pressure riding along that delaware, maybe some of our shore areas
6:48 am
picking up possibly some heavy rain and some gusty winds, as well. that would be the monday afternoon and monday night and tuesday time period. so we will see just how far inland any of this precipitation goes. otherwise, some clouds do show up. but still very nice, with temperatures in the 70s. what have we seen in well, what a hot week we had last week. tuesday, 93, we ended at 93 degrees, inbetween well into the eight's, when the average temperature last week was 82 degrees. we are fighting the cool down already. we've got temperatures that will be about 80 degrees today, then the 70s monday, tuesday, and the average high this week still dropping at 81 degrees. future weather, we're fine, this is eagles game time. looks like we're looking at some sunshine out there, really nothing to deal with, but monday we start to see some of the clouds to the south, because of that front. this picture might change with maybe some rain coming in here. so we will continue to monitor that over the next couple of days. otherwise, 80 today. shore, 78, poconos,
6:49 am
75 degrees. it is going to be much more comfortable, and it is not fall, but fall's not far away. fifteen more days, september 22, we see fall. so look for temperatures of 80, winds out of the north about ten, 62 degrees tonight, comfortable night tonight. and our temperatures over the next couple of days, very acceptable, 70s, right around 80 degrees, the next few days. todd? >> carol, thank you. time now to check the roads. that bridges us to ann evans at the cbs-3 traffic center. morning, ann. >> morning, todd. construction to tell you about. the blue route northbound northbound lanes right of your screen, saint david's, road construction set up northbound between exit nine, broomall, to exit 13, saint david's exit. highway reduced to one lane, left lane getting by, and we do have slow traffic intermittently now. this pattern will be picked up, it actually will be pick up temporarily at 5:00 p.m. for eagles traffic. and it will be put back in place from 9:00 p.m. tonight to 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. so, we will have to contend with this basically the whole
6:50 am
day, until the eagles game lets out. now, we're going to move the traffic cam, everything else on the blue route looks okay, just this section here that's slow. we're going to move the traffic cam to i95, i95 at 420, no big delays on i-95, this morning, and it looks fine, through philadelphia, and its suburbs. and that's the latest from the cbs-3 traffic center. i'm ann evans, todd, back to you. >> all right, ann, thank you. today is national grandparents day. more than 35 years ago, president jimmy carter proclaims that national grandparents day would be celebrated annually on the first sunday after labor day. ever since, our nation has been honoring this special bond between grandparents, grandchildren, the idea was originated by mayor john mcquade, whose intention to focus on seniors living in nursing homes wanting companion chip. nursing homes wanting companion chip. we'll be right
6:51 am
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the regular season finally upon us, the eagles host the jaguires today at the linc, year two for the birds and chip kelly, remember last year season opener, the eagles scored 33 points in three quarters and that's when the league took notice every kelly's fast paced offense. michelle -- lesean mccoy thinks they can do bet they are season. >> everything coming into last year was new. i think year is not. we know what to expect, how to runoff ends, you know, type of tempo, the things that we didn't low last year that we wanted to, you know, and now we have the opportunity to really do it.
6:54 am
so i think year two, definitely a difference, because you know exactly what it is that chip kelsey trying to get done. >> and, cbs-3 is the place to be for the eagles season opener, starting at 11:30, join sports director beasley reese for sunday kick offer folds at noon with the nfl "today show", then the eagles and jags kick off at 1:00 o'clock. well, fresh offer the win in ireland, penn state plays its first home game against akron. james franklin walking into beaver stadium for the first time as nittany lions head coach. first quarter no score, penn state, kristin hackenberg hits wide open, goes in tort score, nittany lions take the lead. fourth quarter, connects this time, with jesse james, that's for a 44-yard score. penn state goes to two and zero on the sees won 21-three win. help kelly at the linc, to see tell until their home opener against navy. first quarter owls defense comes up big, first possession, temple, fumble,
6:55 am
land the ball in the end zone for touchdown. and they'll take the lead. however, the owls had some problems stopping midshipman reynolds, rang for 173 yards, two touchdowns, navy beat temple 31 to 24. villanova look to go rebounds from their lost to syracuse, hosting fordham, wildcats quarterback john robertson had game, running in for another. villanova with over 500 yards, offense, they beat fordham 50 to six. and after friday night's 11 inning affair, the phillies continue their weekend series down in washington looking for win number two, a.j. burnett on the mounds for the phils. to the third inning, bases loaded for the big piece, ryan howard, hits single to right field, two runs score, ryan rbi's third most in the national league. a.j. burnett continued his dominance over the nats. he went seven innings, allowing just one run on six hits, and struck out four. to the sixth, dom brown hits his ninth homerun of the season, the phillies beat the nats for the fifth straight time three to one, the final
6:56 am
score. cole hamels takes the mounds for the phillies go, for the sweep this afternoon, hear the game on 98.1, wogl, and 1210wpht. to tennis, day of upsets in the men's semifinals us open, in the first japan nisha cory beat top seed in four sets, first asian male to advance to grand-slam final. in the other match, no big come back from second seed roger federer, beat never straight sets, by march on, to advance to monday final. this is the first time since 2005 off the open that a grand-slam final does not involve either nada federer, andy murray, or jokevery much. >> to soccer, home and home series against toronto in the eighth minute. union with the ball, williams with the pass to connor casey as his header finds the back of the net. union sweeps the series two-nothing victory. that's all for sports, i'm leslie van arsdale have, a great day. go eagles. go eagles. well, that's it for "eyewitness news" at 6:00. up at 7:00 we're getting ready
6:57 am
for the eagles season home opener. right here on cbs 3, we go back live to the link, and also, ahead, happening today, philadelphia archbishop charles chaput unveils lowering go for next year's wormed meeting of families. we'll show you preview. then, as we approach the anniversary of the september 11 attack, we'll tell you the new artifacts going on display today. that, plus carol's forecast, when we come back. everybody's excited about the back at staples.avings
6:58 am
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from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". it is the most wonderful time of the year. we are just six short hours away from. >> eagles season opening kick off right here on cbs-3. new this morning, victim fights back after robber pulls a gun on a man inside a chain east food store. >> lightning sparks a fire, part of the storms that left their mark on the area. today is sunday, september 7th. good morning, i'm todd quinones. meteorologist, carol ericson. >> good morning to you, todd, boy, tell you what, we really cleared out the heat and humidity. we did it in pretty violent way with the storms, we saw wind gusts over ooh miles an hour, three quarter inhale in a couple of spots,


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