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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  September 8, 2014 1:35am-2:06am EDT

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alex paen: right nowow, we need your help to locate the many children and adults who are... alex: thanks for joining us. i'm alex paen. you may not know this. but every day, thousands of men, women, and children are reported missing. working with various law enforcemement agencs across the country and the national center for missing and exoited children, this program each week spotlights several o f these missing cases, hopin someone ke you might have information that will lead to
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finding these indivividuals. but we can't t do it alone. so pleae pay close attention to these faces and stories. have you s seen acy myers? missing from philadelphia, tracy myers was last seen on june 25, 2000, getting into a dark-colored pickup truck in the 3500 block of kensington ave. tracy has just left a treament center in kennet square where she had been receiving help with addiction issues. tracy y has nt been heard from since. whilile tracy had been known to leave home before, she had always kept in contact with her family. tracmyers was 21 years old at the time of her disasappearance. she is 5 feet tall with blonde hair and blue es. tracy has pierced ears, a scar on her upper right arm, and a tattoo of a mushroom on he
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lower abdomen. tracy's family and friends are still actively searching for her. please help us find tracy myers. 15 y years old at the time of hs disappearance, nicolas santin was believed abducted by his grandfather, andres santin, from steelton, pennsylvania on december 17, 2005. the fbi has issued a warrant for santinin, whom they believe may have taken nicolas to mexico or central america. nicolas has brown hair and hazel eyes and uses the nickname "nico." girl: so i havave this friend, d s's thinking of running away, and i don't know what to tell her. what should i do? second girl: well, first you have to be a really good friend and somebody that she trusts that she can tell everything to. and then you have to tell her to talk to an adudult or a parent r a counser that she trusts.
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third girl: right now it's really hard for kids to understand their parents, but you have to make sure that they know it's harder on the streets than in a sheltered home. alex: when choosing an online screen name nickname, use gender-neutral words or initials that don't give away information about your location and identity. never post personal information such as your cell phone number, address, or name of your school or school team. remember, computers and the internet are great tools for all of us, offering entertainment and educational resources. however, use them wisely and responsibly. thanks to you, either watching this program or seeing a photo and alerting authorities, several previously missing people have been found this past week. check our website,, for details. more missing individuals can be found this week, butnly with your help. here are more cases.
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one-year-old emily rojo-cruz was taken from her home in lakeland, florida, on august 7, 2009, ssibly by two adult relatives. authorities fear they may have taken emily to mexico. emily has a scar on her right arm. 5-year-old l landon league was last seeeen at his home in las vegas, neveada on june 23, 2008. he is believ to be with his non-custodial mother, who may have takenen him out of state. please he us find him. missing from b belngham, washington, lisasa darrow was lt seen on january 26, 2012; she is believed to have run away from homememe, possibly travelling of state. lisa is 16-years-old. she e has brown hair and blue eyes.
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ryan esparza was last seen in pasadena, texas on june 14, 2007. the circumstances of his disappance are unknown, but he may still be in the local area. ryan is 5-foot-7and has brown hair and brown eyes. joseph frazier of tukwila, washington has been missing since october 24, 2007. the circumstances of joseph's disappearance are unknown. joseph has black hair and brown eyeses. when last seen he was wearing a black jacket and blue jeans. missing under unknown circumstances, lee cutler was last seen near his home in buffalo grove, illinois on october 27, 2007. lee's vehicle was later found in baraboo, wisconsin, but lee has not been seen or heard
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from since. bryan cranon: hi, i'm bryan cranston. if you have any infoation about the missing persons you've seen on this program, please cacall the national center for missing and exploited chdren at 1-800-the-lost. or call the fbi. you can make a difference. thank you. alex: here now are more missing individuals who need your help. please take a careful look at these faces. missing from myrtle point, oregon s since august 14, 1986, jeremy bright is the victim ofof a non-family abduction. jeremy was taken by an unknown individual while visiting coos county ir with friends. 14 years old at the time of his disappearance, this age-progressed photo sho what
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he might look like today. tiffany warringt was reported missing from florahome, florida on december 15, 2004. authorities believe that tiffany was abducted by her non-custodial mother, summer warrington, shown here. warrington may use the alias last name "smith." tiffany was 3 years old at the time of her disappearance. this age-progressed photo shows what she might look like today. girl: sometimes i walk home from school and a car pulls up to me? second girl: you should never, ever talk to them because you don't know what their intentions are, and they're a stranger, and you don't know them personally. boy: stay as farar away from the car as you can. second boy: there are a lot of bad peoplele out there, so you should stay away from all strangers becausyou never know what they could do to you. third girl: definitely. you
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never talk to anybody that rolls down the window. you know, you don't know who's out there. you don't knknow what they want from you. alex: don't go away. we'll be righback with more missing cas. girl: children need to know how to contact a parent or ather trusted adult in case of an emergency. make sure they know this information, including phone numbers.
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girl: keep your child in sight at all times. never leave your child alone in a car or unattended in a supermarket or shopping mall, even for a moment. alex: welcome back. . here are some mysteries which we need your help to solve. maybe you recognize one of these individuals. randa jawhari vanished from her home in fenton, michigan, , on february 11, 2009. she had spoken to family members earlier that day. there was no signn of forced entry or a struggle at her apartment, but randa, a heavy smoker, left her cigarettes behind. randa suffers from bi-polar disorder. the 42-year-old is 5-foot-1 and weighs 1 100 pounds. where is maximillian soviev? authorities think max may be with his non-custodial mother,
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who took the child on june 8, 2006 from belmont, massachusetts and traveleled to russia or the caribbean. max primarily speaks russian and has sandy-colored hair and blulue eyes. he also goes by the first name maksusha and maximka. we need your help to solve thihs mystery. alex: i's a typical school day. you usuallwalk your child to the school bus, but today he says he's a big g boy anand wano walk to the bus by himself. what do you do? let himlk himim anyway, or make sure he goes with at least one other child? one of the favorite hunting grounds of people who prey on children is the school bus stop. if your child is 12 or more, at least make sure they walk with other children. if they're under 12, the safest choice is twalk with tm to the bus stop and wait with them. an endangered runaway from brooklyn, new york, josephine
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gundel-peres was last seen on november 24, 2011. 16-yeyear-old josephine has green eyes; her hair is naturally blonde, but may be dyed red. josephine is 5-foot-10 and weighs 115 missinfrom tifton, georgia, brandi cole was last seen on july 7, 2007. she may have run away from home, possibly to mount oliv north carolin brandi has hazel eyes and brown hair and two tattoos. missing from syracuse, new york since december 1, 2008, 4-year-old qua'mere rogers s was last seen with an adult male relative. qua'mere goes by the nickname "quatti."
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6-year-old haleigh cummings from satsuma, florida was last seen sleeping in her bed the evening of february 9,9,00 but was discovered missing in thearly moing hours of the next day. she may still be in the local area. irais bautista was last seen on february 2, 2011n madera, california. 14-year-old irais is believed to have run away from home. irais has black hair and black eyes, and has a chicken pox scar on her right arm. 17-year-old alyssa motes ran away from her home in vance, south carolina, on november1, 2011. alyssa's ears are pierced; her hair is black, but may be dyed another color. she's 5-foot-4 and weighs 115 pounds.
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remember, call your local authorities if you have any information about these or any other missing cases. visit our website,, for more information. when we come back, valuable information onon how to keep you and your family safe. we'll return right after this brief break. boy: practice makes perfect. always rehearse safety schemes with your child so they become second nature.e.
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girl: there is safety in numbers. avoid traveng alone whenever possible. reinforce the
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buddy system with chdren. alex: your help is vital in locating missing people. please look closely at these next cases. little jessica vargas biatriz is still missing. on november 4, 2006, she was violently kidnapped from her father's apartment in sanford, florida by several men and the child's mother leticia martinez. during the melee, several individuals were stabbed, including jessica's father. martinez took jejessica, driving away i in a white 4-door compact car. 15-year-old michael palmlmer had attended a party in the wasilla, alaska area on the evening of june 3, 1999. he left in the early morning hours on his bicycle, suosedly going to a friend's house, but he never showed up and hasn't been s seen since.
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michael's bike was found, but there are no otherlues in this missing case. an age-pgressed photo shows what michael might look like today. he has light brown hair and blue eyes. time now for our family safety tip--important information for everyone you love. woman: oh, look at this. isn't that cute? wow, , wouldn't that look great in your room? kevin? kevin? honey? kevin? alex: when your child disappears from your sight, don't feel embarrassed. iediately alert an employee. woman: please help me. can''t find my child. send woman: security, this is denisese. man: security. go ahead. deninise: we have a lost child.
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alex: many storetoday have curity plans that lock down the entire sto, not letting anyone in or out until the child is found. denise: i found him. woman: there you are! hey! alex: remembmber, always keep yr young children in sight. now here is another missing case that may come from your part of the country. from our cold-caca file comes the story of jerry dewayne plaster. missing under unknown circumstances, jerry was last seen on april 16, 1988, at the manassas mall in manassas, virginia. a friendropped jerry off at the mall, as jerry didn't own a vehicle. jerry indicated that he would "find his own way home," but has not been seen or heard from since. jerry was 27-years-old at the time of his disappearance. he was unmarried and living with his parents, who indicated it was very unlike him to leave
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without telling them. jerry is 5-foot-10, with black hair and brown eyes, and has a mole on his left cheek. if you know anythihing about ths case, please contatact the manassas city y police deparart. if you know anything about this case, plplease contact the national center for missing and explploited children. don't go away. missing returns right after this brief break. so far, more than 575 individuals have featatured on our show h have been found. thas to all those caring people, like our viewers, who havave made this possible.
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girl: teach your young children hior her f full name, address,
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and telephone e number. also, hw to dial 911 for help. ernie allen: hi, i'm ernie allen, president of the national center for missing and exploited children. children are our most precious resource. but they're also the most vulnerabable segmt of our population. we at the national center are battling every day against child abduction and exploitation, and we are reuniting missi children with their families. but we need your help.p. if you ve any information about the children featured in this program, call us at 1-800-the lost. alex: you are now about to see a recap of all the missising individuals featured in toy's show. take a good look once again. y you might recognize someone.
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and that's this edition of missing. thanks for watching. member, any information you may have about missing individuals can be valuable. please don't hesitate to contact the proper authorities--either your local policice, the fbi, or the natitional center for missig and exploited children. thank you. i'm alex paen, and here's wh's coming up. alex: next time on"missing"... recognize a face? help solve a mystery. kidnapping victims,
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runaway teens, family abductions. each week, thousands of individuals are reported missing across the united states. authorities need your assistance to locate these missing children and adults. if you know anything about a missing persons case, report it to your local police or the fbi. you can make a difference. alex: this is alex paen. thanks for watching missing, the only show on television dedicated
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