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tv   Eyewitness News at 430am  CBS  September 8, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and it is monday, september 8th, good morning, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm erika von tiehl. stories we're following today: back to school this morning, for the philadelphia schooll district. what won't student and teachers have when the opening bell rings, we will tell you. >> caught on camera, group of teenagers beating up a mentally challenged man. police make two arrests and are looking for more. >> just when you thought the eagles were down, they get up again. how about that? second half come back, as the birds showed the come back. >> any given sunday. let's check our forecast, katie over in the weather center good morning, yes, coming off nice long weekends, you know, actually looks as though it will be a little bit
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cloudier out there today. yesterday was beautiful, right? >> nice and fall like. >> nice, sunny, still mild enough, it was comfortable enough to sit outside, but you weren't sweating. so it was great football weather. but it does look today as though again our wind flow very likely starts to shift little more, in fact, already start today do so. that's going to bring in more moisture from the open waters of the atlantic, area of low pressure nearby, all of the things packed together basically mean it is a little less than ideal after day. i think looking at some clouds out there, will limit the warm that can take place, and eventually, we will also have cold front to track later in the week. bit of busy week for us weather wise, we will break down the details in the next few. >> it is the first day of school for the 131,000 students in the philadelphia school district. >> the budget crisis is kicks off the academic year with program reductions, january car babe owe brand new link high school in feltonville to tell you more, jan? >> reporter: ukee, erika, good
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morning, here we are the first day of school for philadelphia students, day many people didn't think was going to happen this year, at least on time. but with millions of dollars in reductions and cuts, the doors will open today. now, superintendent, william height high will visit link high school, one of the newest schools to open this year later this year, teachers preparing for students end, many for weeks, getting classrooms in order, some including teachers from edison high school even took walk through the student neighborhoods tonight deuce themselves. but, it will be another school year when philadelphia teach letters have to do more with less, still facing $81 million budget deficit, even if that gap is closed funding would only reach the same level as last year's doomsday budget leaving schools without full time nurses, counselors, and other resources, and more cuts if the deficit isn't addressed by october. now the district still banking on the passage of the philadelphia specific 2-dollar per pack, superintendent
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william hite says he's gotten assurance frost leaders in harrisburg it will pass once they get back to work this month, but nothing is for certain. >> i'm cautiously optimistic just based on those assurances, and we hope that individuals will move toward -- rely on their word, try to work as hard as they can in order to get this thing done. >> in the meantime, in order to get these doors back open on time today, superintendent hite had to go through number of temporary cuts, including, maintenance cuts, and custodian cuts, meaning these schools won't be cleaned as frequently, of course looking for more funds to fill these gaps, meantime, teachers, staff, and students will come back to school excited just to get back to learning. live in philadelphia, jan carabeo, cbs news. >> 4:33, how was that first day back to school looking? >> not too bad. good morning, if you are maybe going back to school, for the first day here today, and
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you're just bright eye, ready to go for it, still excited, overall not bad for the day in atlantic city, no issues seeing all of the casinos lit up, bally's nice and bright, as are the board. we are generally dry, the thing is our winds flow has bun to shift. now, we go next to storm scan3 it, looks as though our wind is still coming out of the southwest, sometimes looks can be deceiving on storm scan for variety every reasons, see, they are already couple of list showers have fired up through kent county, some may survive, as well, over portions of central and southern most new jersey but notice the further north you go, northwest specifically, the more clear it becomes. so that said, that's kind of going to be the story here today. the further north you are, the more sunshine you likely get, and the closer you are to the shore, notice these arrows starting to turn little bit more on shore. because of that, you are pulling in moisture, from the open waters of the atlantic, which can therefore lead to cloud cover. so may be little misty,
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drizzly, but generally cloudy day as you head further south and east. temperatures cooler, clearer, mount pocono, 54, mid 60s still across dover, or actually even upper 60s in dover, casino of mild for you, there as it is even in philadelphia at the airport. northeast philly 64 degrees, in at pair of five's currently in quakertown, the day shakes out, you know, could be lot worse. put it that way. not ideal. not terrible. kind of inbetween here, down the shore, more clouds than anything, do get more sun, but little cooler. in the city we'll keep those temperatures held little back because of the clouds, but we will at least see few peaks of sun along the way. jessica, good morning. >> good morning, katie, and good morning to everyone, who might be awake so far this morning. it is 4:35. we're going start off outside right now on the schuylkill expressway. just around 202, headed eastbound, where you can see the headlights in toward center city where you see most of the volume so far this morning. westbound toward king of
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prussia currently no problems there, as well. now, we head on over to the stadium area just on 95 at broad street. you can see pretty much the same story here, if not maybe little less volume. so southbound, and northbound, headlights coming in right there moving along smoothly, as well. we head on over to king of prussia now, show you some travel times here, 422 looking great, eastbound from oaks into 202, about seven minute trip there, and 12 minutes on 202 from route 30 into the schuylkill expressway if you are headed northbound. otherwise, out in upper providence, collegeville road black rock road an accident pops up. some overnight work construction, right lane blocked, northeast extension, headed northbound just near quakertown, so be prepared to squeeze on by to the left side. elsewhere in jersey looking great, 42, 55, 295 all looking good. headed northbound up into the city, erika, ukee, back to you. >> eagles may not have started their opening season opener the way they wanted to but they certainly did ends it on a high note. >> birds entered the down
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17-nothing against jacksonville, here comes darren sproul, fourth and one, mid field, he finds an opening, he's gone. 49-yard touchdown run to get the eagles offense rolling. nick foles drops back, connected with wide open jeremy maclin, the bomb. easy jog into the end zone to take the lead. eagles get 34 unanswered win to take the win. thirty-four-17. >> we didn't change anything. we just had to execute. and i think it was cents a matter of time before we did. obviously we like to start faster. but nobody for one second doubt dollars we would win this game. that will goes to show the kind of charge their we have in the lockerroom, the type of environment chip has built around us. so everybody was all positive all game. >> nicely done, fellows. despite the slow start there were plenty of diehard fans who stuck it out until the very end to see it all turn around. at half time you could hear a pin drop in the fanned. by the time the game was
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out -- >> if they keep doing that all year we're going to arizona we are going to win the super. >> i we new they were going to win. we new they would cover the spread. we had fate. >> we'll hear from nick foles by the way in just a few minutes when we do sports. next up for the birds, monday fighters indianapolis prime time against the colts. >> my this morning, overnight shooting in west philadelphia, leaves a man fighting for his life. "eyewitness news" at 56 and catherine streets where police say the 24 year old was shot in the back while sitting on his front porch. a friend of the victim tried to take him to the hospital. but on the way, they crashed a half block away. when police arrived, the shooting victim already involved in a auto accident. police took this 24 year old male to the hospital of the university of pennsylvania where he's presently in critical condition. >> the woman in the other car suffered non-life threatening injuries. right now, police are interviewing witnesses to that shooting. the search also on this morning, in northeast philadelphia, for a gunman who
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shot a teenager during attempted robbery at torresdale playground. it happened on the 9500 block of frankford avenue at around 8:00 last night. police say the 18 year old was shot as he tried to wrestle a gun away from the suspect. necessary critical condition this morning. anyone with information should contact philadelphia police. and, a suspect is in custody following a police-involved shooting in which is no, ma'am a. police say they were conducting traffic stop on tulip and ben err street shortly before 10:00 when the driver of this car tried to run over an officer. police opened fire on that vehicle, striking the driver inside, who then fled to nearby vandike street. the driver was taken to the hospital. no police officers were injured. a couple of teenagers face charges in the beating after mentally disable man, and the attack captured on camera. police say they track down the 13 and 14 year old boys after this video of the attack went viral on instagram over the weekends. the beating happened in the woods near ymca in newark,
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delaware, victim's family tells "eyewitness news" he considered these teenagers his friends. >> he's not doing too good. one, essay shamed of it happening. he's embarrased. >> the victim's sister says he suffers from a developmental disorder called williams syndrome. we also spoke with a teenage here says he saw the beating happen and filed a police report. he did not want to reveal his identity for fear of retaliation. police say they are still conducting interviews and could make more arrests. well, president obama will address the country wednesday to unveil his gahm plan for dealing with isis. the us military launched air strikes this weekend targeting isis fighters around the key damn in western iraq. now, the head of the arab league is urging its 22 members to confront the extremist millitarily and politically. >> former showboat casino hotel in atlantic city may have a buyer. latitude 360, jacksonville company, says the showboat is one of three properties, it is
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considering, for $20 million project. now it, would not involve gambling. that company develops restaurant and entertainment complexes, but good news, bring some jobs back. >> /more to cover, first look at the icon for the event that may include the pope's visit to philadelphia. >> and, nick foles has a rough first half for the season opener. back in two minutes, talking sports, be right
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>> portrait of the holy family was unveiled during sunday evening p.m. mass at the cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul. that will meeting kicks off september 22 of next year. but once again, that first look at the image, still waiting for confirmation that the pope will be attending, fingers crossed, i know. right now 4:43, wow, yesterday i should have put a jack on, i was such a weeny.
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>> fell fall like. >> so comfortable. >> so bright, sunny, and the eagles won. >> i know. >> i mean, common. does it get better than that, i ask you? >> i do have to say, kids going back to school today at least in philadelphia school district, or back to school for the next week here, around the region as a whole, not the prettiest day we've ever seen, but not terrible either. it is casino every inbetween. so, some of are you going to seymour clouds than others, i think, if you reside in the north and west most counties, you have got the best shot to see the most sunshine. so we got that going for you here. but there may even be couple of showers along the way, so what's going on here? why is half the region seeing nice weather, the other half isn't? courtesy of the winds flow picking up for us. we do have area of low pressure starting to show signs every development, but way off the map here. northern branch of it is actually still pent up over north carolina. so, what that means is that there is basically a squeeze play going on, high pressure to the north, with the
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clockwise flow, brinking in easterly flow, low pressure to the south, counter clockwise flow bringing in the east flow for us here. so we're sort every get that wind flow funneled in from two separate systems, and that's where some of these clouds will be pent up as a result. so, i would say, again, the further northwest you go, the better your chance to see the sun, more clouds than anything for most of us today. with the area of low pressure developing nearby, see couple of showers here and, there but specially into tomorrow. we catch break on wednesday, and then we track new front. so there is a lot of pieces in the pattern in the next couple of days. today with more cloud cover it, limits the amount of heat that can take place, we will get you to upper 70s, we flirt with 80 in a couple of spots, 64 degrees for the later night low. there will be some showers around later on tonight. heading forward in time, dropping off little bit with, again, the fact we have got some showers, some clouds to track for tomorrow, only mid # 70s, temperatures go on nice spike, back to the mid 80s thursday, and that does come courtesy of our next cold front, the approach of it means we warm up, but then right behind the cold front we
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cool right back down. so i think we will be dodging some additional showers, storms, thursday, and start to clear things out for you by friday. ukee, back to you. katie, thank you. eagles are winners of the first game of the season against the jaguires, but it wasn't easy. quarterback nick foles had first half to get. fumbled twice, through couple of interceptions, the ffl mossee fish end quarterback last season, rough start, much better finish. eagles were down 17-nothing at the half. fortunately, the second half was another story. and the birds scored 34 unanswered points to beat the jaguires, your final score 34 to 17. >> i didn't play well in the first half, obviously couple of turnovers, and, you know, that really hurts us. gave the jaguires offense the ball, and, you know, pretty good spot, they capitalized on them, but the mistakes, just get the ball little faster and as simple as that, it is on me. >> way to come back, big guy, don't from get the fun doesn't end sunday, thursday night
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football, debuts on cbs with the pittsburgh spiel ers taking on the baltimore ravens. see it at 8:00. thursday night right here on cbs-3. well the phillies welcome their cross state rivals to pittsburgh pirates to citizens bank park later tonight with kyle kendrick going for a win number nine. cole hamels served up two homeruns, the nationals first baseman adam laroche yesterday in washington. it was a rare rough outing for hamels. and the phils quiet offense did not help at all. the nats avoid the sweep, and beat the phils your final score was three to two. still ahead on "eyewitness news", court decision on yelp review sparks anger from small bubusinesses. first though, here's what's coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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>> here is a look at this morning's headlines. opening bell rings for students in the philadelphia
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public schools. cash strapped district cutting costs by suspending bus service for 7500 student ends, not filling staff vacancies, and delays repairs. west philadelphia man is fighting for his life after someone shot him on his front porch on catharine street. friends trying to rush him to the hospital crashed into another car. the woman in the other car was not seriously hurt. and florida-based company says it is interested in the former showboat casino hotel. the company latitude 360 develops restaurant and entertainment complexes, its plans do not involve gambling, that would be great if they come in and bring some jobs back. money watch's jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange, jill, crossed important milestone. what can you tell us? >> reporter: yes, good morning, ukee, erika. market now crossed 2,000 day mark, started march 9, 2009 after stocks plunged during the financial crisis. now, since 1928, only three other bull markets have lasted longer, and some analysts say
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if you still haven't put your money in the market this actually not too late. your returns won't be as big had you invested early on, but likely stocks will still climb. ukee, erika? >> jill, some small business own remembers reportedly up in arms about court decision, and it has to do with yelp. >> reporter: yes, you might want to question some of those yelp reviews. a federal appeals court said it is okay for yelp to manipulate reviews, based on whether a business advertises on the site. the lawsuit filed by some small business owners, they said that yelp eventually tried to strong arm them, into buying ads, by deleting positive reviews about their business. yelp, though, denies ever doing that. ukee, erika? >> somebody who uses that app, yes, because you read good reviews, i'll go there, i can see zombies cents being upset about that. >> thanks, jill, appreciate it. many coming up after a short
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>> 4:53, we want to get traffic and weather together. >> good morning, everyone out there, just tuning in, 4:54, outside on to the vine st. expressway where you can see not too much really going on in the west or eastbound direction. so if you are headed to the schuylkill expressway where if you can see headlight coming in, that's where that would be headed. taillights headed up toward 95, headed eastbound, looking like smile ride sofas well. out on the blue route, pretty much the same story. just at mcdade boulevard. northbound headlights crawling in toward route one. and southbound toward 95. moving along nicely, there as well. otherwise, we're going to hit the schuylkill expressway and 95, so you can see 95 from woodhaven road into the vine st. expressway headed south still real clear there this morning becomes 13 minute trip and 15 minutes on the schuylkill expressway from 476 into the vine st. expressway if you are headed eastbound. still that crash out in upper providence, just in collegeville, so collegeville road at black rock road, just to prepare to squeeze on by to the left or the right-hand side. how much, they have that accident pushed over.
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katie, back over to you. >> yes, and jess, tell you what, overall doesn't look as though the wet letter play too much after roll in your travels. granted cloud cover to deal with. but, not necessarily a horrible day. it is one of those that sort of falls right inbetween. not ideal, but not bad. let's take you outside. show you waist going on here. first and for most, storm scan3, generally quiet. granted, a couple of stray little pockets of some showers here and there, but that is really, i think, all you are going to find on the raid here today. nice and clear right now, for some of you, so the temperatures have really reflected that for sure. i mean, you are tacking solid 14 degrees difference, usually a difference between mount pocono and philadelphia. but this is a pretty stark contrast where you have that clear sky, it is cooling down a lot more readily, 64 currently at atlantic city, and despite calm wind, the flow is turning more on shore. so what's that mean? more clouds. closer you go to the shore, might even be dealing with fine drizzle here and, there but it isn't a horrible day.
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meanwhile, in philadelphia, we're shooting for upper 70s today, just flirting with 80. so any clouds we do see will limit the amount of warming that takes place, ukee, back to you. >> here is a check of stories our sister station "kyw news radio" 1060 will be following for you. work scheduled to begin on repaving project in central bucks county, on stretch of road that's been neglected for more than a decade. well, philadelphia mayor mike nutter signed or vetoed a bill decriminalize g small and the of marijuana. high school entrepreneur starts crowd sourcing campaign to fund his second company. check in two, three, four times a day, "kyw news radio" 10:60 a.m. dial. >> coming up in the next hour, students head back to school today in philadelphia, but the district still has its cash flow problem. so, how are they dealing with it? >> you got children? you got artwork. how do you keep track of it all? we are back at the top of the hour. good morning.
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from the cbs-3 broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". it is back to school this morning for philadelphia public school students but they are headed back to the classroom in a budget crisis. we're live with what they will and won't have as they start the new year. and new from overnight, philadelphia police are investigating after a man is shot while just sitting on his front porch. it is monday, september 8th, good morning, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm erika von tiehl. also this morning, eagles fans waking up with a big old smile. if you just want, yes, that's what they look like out there. >> e-a-g-l-e-s! hopefully they don't have the head cold like i do. >> just when fans were about
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to give up, the birds turn everything around in the second half for stunning season opener win. what a nice day, too, katie. >> so beautiful out there yesterday. now, today's a little different. we will seymour clouds build in, but it isn't a terrible day. we do have details, however, on a new front that's moving through, a new system tracking to the south, lots going on nearby, at least initially, all of the details for you coming up. jess? >> thank you, good news and good news from my end, as well, on the vine st. expressway, everything moving along real smoothly westbound toward the schuylkill and headed eastbound toward 956789 we'll check out of the rest of the majors coming up in a couple of minutes. good morning. >> thank up, jess, in few hours back to school for thousands of philadelphia public school students? with a $81 million budget shortfall, many are wondering how the cash strapped district will fair this school year. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins you now at link high school in feltonville with more. jen, good morning. >> reporter: erika, ukee, good morning, yes, school just about back in session here in the philadelphia school


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