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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 8, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> police looking for a driver though crashed no a building then ran away. we just got this video into our news room. that accident happened around 2:30 this morning at the jade harbor chinese restaurant bustleton avenue and oxford circle. no injuries have been reported. but pgw is on the scene check ago gas line that may have been damaged. and a big breaking baby
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news, officials from the british royal family have just announced the duke and duchess of cambridge are expecting their second baby. as was the case for the last pregnancy, kate is said to be suffering from accute morning sickness, so she will be laid up for little while. both the queen and members of both families said to be delighted with the news of the baby, prince george was born in july of 2013. also, excited back home here for her, too. back to school for students followed philadelphia school dis. >> district faces $81 million budget shortfall without guaranteed funding, some temporary cuts, could become permanent. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now at link high school in feltonville with more on that. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erika and ukee. this the first day of school of course exciting for philadelphia school district. but specially so here at link. this high school is a new high school here in philadelphia. superintendent william hite will be visiting the school later on this morning, right around 8:30, to welcome
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students, parents, teachers back to the classroom. while students and teachers renew their focus on learning, the school district still has to figure out how to close a multi-million dollar budget gap. >> philadelphia classrooms are set. the first day of school for students is finally arrived. but many teachers including this from edison high school took advantage of every last minute to prepare before the school doors open. these teachers walk through their students neighborhoods, took their route to school. >> for our staff to have better understanding of the travels and the plights that our students experience on day-to-day basis. >> it will be another trying year for students and teachers a like. the school district of philadelphia is still facing a $81 million budget gap in order to get the doors open on time this year, millions of dollars in temporary cuts had to be made. and until more funds something found, schools will be cleaned less frequently, building minds fence postponed. >> we will still advocate for the additional revenue both with the labor partners and
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with harrisburg. >> the district is banking on the passage of the philadelphia specific 2-dollar per pack cigarette tax to plug the budget gap. superintendent william hite says he's gotten assurance frost leaders in harrisburg, but nothing for certain. >> i'm cautiously optimistic, just based on those assurances, and we hope that individuals will move, rely on the word, try to work as hard as they can in order to get this thing done. >> but it is important to note that even if the school district does find that additional $81 million, that will only bring the found g up to last year's doomsday levels, when the school district didn't have full time nurses, enough counselors, or enough resources. and superintendent hite warnings that if more funding isn't found by mid-october, he could have to layoff more than a thousand employees, which could then balloon class sizes up to 40 kids per class. live in philadelphia, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> 6:03, a lot of kids headed
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back to school, jen's been telling us, how are we looking? >> not too bad. i can tell you this much, at least still pretty comfortable overall, still mild enough, most of you will not need a jacket or a light sweatshirt, nothing like that, unless you go up a little further to the north and west, some of the higher terrain has bottomed out in the 50's even at this hour. so go ahead, take a look outside. right now we are casino of being split by the difference of high and low pressure, we have an area of low pressure well to the south starting to develop, you can see it is brought in some clouds, brought in hands full of showers to couple of counties, but most of just remained rain free here. certainly through the rest of the overnight. so, i don't think that that's going to be too much after concern for us today. might be some spots to pick up on light drizzle, especially near the shore points throughout the course of the day as the winds kicks in. temperatures stand, check it out, into the upper 50's at best right now, through berks, lancaster, lehigh, northampton counties, up in mount pocono, only in the mid 50's, that's the casino of location where you may want to think about a light sweatshirt for the kids, as they're waiting for the
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school bus. but generally speaking overall i would say an okay day. and i say okay, simply because sun might be a bit more of premium for many of you, you might also be dealing with pretty stiff breeze down near the shore points, if you maybe attend some of the local schools down that way. not to mention more clouds than anything at the shore today, you probably don't see any sunlight at all throughout the day. jess, we send it into you. >> good morning, everyone, sweatshirt weather what i want to hear b good morning, everybody, 6:05, we head outside to our cameras right now on 95, where you can see things starting to pick up. this is just at girard. you can see, southbound where the headlights are coming in, headed toward center city where most of the volume is starting to accumulate. otherwise out on 422, pretty much the same story here, trooper road right here, it wraps on around, headed eastbound toward king of prussia. that really tends to get stack up later on during our rush hour commute. otherwise, that tractor-trailer crash out on the roosevelt boulevard, southbound near tyson avenue earlier getting word the inner
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driver completely closed now aware it is open. so just pretty much squeezing on by to the left, using the outer drive as well just to avoid that slightly. otherwise new jersey on the new jersey turnpike southbound, just near exit three, at route 168, a crash compromising right-hand lane and shoulder, out in collegeville, another crash, college individual road at black rock road. be prepared to squeeze by the left hand side for that, as well. mass transit great alternate. septa, in urge nun transit, dart, all running on time with no reported delays. erika, back to you. >> thank you, new this morning, overnight shooting in west philadelphia, leaves a man fighting for his life. "eyewitness news", at 56 and catherine streets, where police say the 24 year old was shot in the back while sitting on his front porch. a friend that far victim tried to take him to the hospital. but on the way, they crashed half block away. >> when police arrived the shooting victim was already involved in a auto accident. police took this 24 year old male to the hospital of the university of pennsylvania. where he is presently in critical condition. the woman in the other car suffered non-life threatening
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injuries. right now, police are interviewing witnesses to that shooting. the search is on this morning, in northeast philadelphia, for a gunman who shot a teenager during a attempted robbery at torresdale playground. it happened on the 9500 block of frankford avenue, at around 8:00 last night. police say the 18 year old was shot as he tried to wrestle the gun away from the suspect. he's in critical condition this morning. anyone with information should call philadelphia police. a mentally challenged man is attack and all recorded. now, two teenage boys face charges and as "eyewitness news" reporter noel mcclaren tells you, there could be more arrests to come. oh, leave my alone. >> a mentally disable man pleads with a group of teens in newark to stop beating him. but in a video that is difficult to watch the 26 year old is slammed to the ground, smacked, and shouted at. the video has gone viral on instagram. one of the teens who was in the video told us he helped
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file a report. he didn't want to reveal his identity for fear of retaliation. >> the right thing was to actually call the cops. if you beat up a mentally disable person, you should be locked away for good. >> his family tells "eyewitness news", the video made them speechless. >> more than discusting. no words to describe what they did. >> i think that they were bullies to be beating on people like that. >> his little sister said he suffers from a developmental disorder called william syndrome t hasn't inhibited him from being a helpful big brother. >> he takes me to the bus stop. >> his godmother said he has trusted the group of teens to hurt him to be his friend, and that he is suffering emotional, along with his physical tram a. >> he's not doing too good. one, essay shamed of it happening. he's embarrased. >> police tells us they are still conducting interviews even more arrests are possible. in new castle, noel mcclaren, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". happening today, searches
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are marking the six month anniversary of the disappearance of malaysia airlines flight 320. there is still no sign that far plane or the 239 people who were on board. investigators believe the plane ran out of fuel over the indian ocean, and it was traveling to beijing when it van englished congress returns to washington today for abbreviated september session. they will be working on legislation allow the president to use military force against islamic state militants, among other things. and, pennsylvania senator bob kacie hold news conference today. he is calling for passage after plan that could help schools pay for more nurses. that bill would create new grant program in the state. ukee? >> down but not out. eagles finds a way to start their season on a high note after falling early to jacksonville. the birds entered the second half down 17 to nothing. here comes darren sproles, near mid feels, he finds a seem up the middle, 49-yard touchdown run to get the
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eagles offense rolling. fourth quarter now, nick foles drops back, connected with wide open jeremy maclin down field. an easy jog into the end zone to take the lead. eagles get 34 unanswered points to take the win 34 to 17. >> not very good in the first half offense, our defense and our special teams played really really well. and i told you at some point in time we have to rely on everybody to win games, and those guys kept us in it, it could have been a lot worse. >> one of those games, man, where, you know, we had to battle adversity a little bit. that's how it is going to be. >> you got that rightment meanwhile a lot of diehard fans also staying positive, despite what they saw in the first half, there was plenty of celebrations cents after the final second ran off the clock. >> they switch guys in the half. the eagles came out. that's what we need. and if they keep doing that all year, we're going to arizona, we are going to win the superbowl. >> we new they were going to win, we new they would cover
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the spread. so we had fate. >> fate. got to have t next up the birds travel to indianapolis, they'll play the colts on monday night. let's go birds. we need that one. that was close. >> it was. little nervous. >> little scary in the first half, little scary. good teams bounce back, and they did. >> still ahead this morning, "eyewitness news" respect horrific attack in wine country. six year old boy is dragged into the bushes by a mountain lion. now the search is on for that big cat. >> also, a mystery virus that has already sickens thousands of children, in ten states. it is expected dollars to become a nationwide problem. how to protect your family, coming up in the health watch.
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>> eleven planes, four every which flipped over, several buildings also damaged according to reports, but fortunately, no one was hurt at the atlanta airport. traffic and weather together. here's kate. >> i good morning, guys. soap, we in the last half hour did actually have a little tutorial on its high and low pressure here. we opportunity quiz you, see what you learned, okay? so here's your question n which manner does air flow? very generic. does it flow from low to high pressure? does it flow from high to low pressure? no a or d, just b and c. jess, you have 50-50 chance here. >> this isn't actually fairy get to go first, like my hazing periods. i'm going to say c. >> well done! not even giving ukee a chance. well done. so from high to low pressure is the way that air flows, and we will get you our one second there we go, storm scan3, show you what's going on with our
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atmosphere in regard to high and low pressure. high pressure offer to the north. low pressure actually developing off to the south. so with the clockwise flow of high pressure to our north, and the counter clockwise flow of low pressure, offer to the south, that means, that you are getting a winds flow from high and low pressure, basically, funneled right in to the very same location. so as a result, what it means for us, we will probably be stuck with more clouds than anything. disturbances too far away to bring us much more than maybe a shower, maybe drizzle at the shore. otherwise just some clouds. tomorrow it will be close enough bridges in showers, limits the amount of warm that goes on, actually looks like one of the coolest days of the forecast, then we heat back up. new cold front comes along, by thursday, that means, we will be dodging few more showers, storms, then as we approach the upcoming weekends right now looks as though things will start clearing out. may ends one pretty decent weekend overall. jess? >> thank you, katie. good morning, everyone, 15:00, i win all the time. i'm start there.
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>> 6:45, cameras, bridge street, see everything really starting to pack in here, southbound where the heads lights are toward center city. give yourself few extra minutes, on our way to rush hour. over on the schuylkill expressway just at 202, pretty much the same story here. most of the traffic headed toward the city, as well, still moving nicely if you are headed eastbound toward the city. otherwise, some of the majors, still looking pretty good. 422 oaks into 202, eastbound still real clear there about seven minute trip and 13 minutes on 202 from route 30 into the schuylkill expressway, if you are headed northbound. still that tractor-trailer accident out on the roosevelt boulevard. and it is southbound just near tyson avenue. affecting the inner drive. make sure to squeeze on by on the outer drive, ukee, back to you. >> jess, thank you. on today's health watch, first of all here's what's happening on cbs-3. 135,000 philadelphia school students head back to class today. schools opening on time. but the district is working
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under a $81 million budget shortfall. >> we have some breaking news, too, this morning. police say a driver hit a light pole along the 6800 block of bustleton avenue in oxford circle and that vehicle came to rest against a building. the driver took off on foot. that vehicle hit a gas line, crews making or at the scene making sure the lines are okay. some more breaking news, british royal family confirms prince george is getting royal sibling. the queen and both will and kate's family are thrilled with the news. but the dutchess of cambridge, kate, is suffering from accuse morning sickness again. we'll be right back. congratulations. (vo) ours is a world of the red-eyes. (daughter) i'm really tired. (vo) the transfers. well, that's kid number three.
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>> a severe respiratory virus has doctors across the country on high alert. >> ten states have now contacted the cdc for helping to investigate clusters of. entero virus it is call. andrew spencer reports. >> reporter: a hospital in kansas city treating dozen of children every day. and, every day, children's mercy hospital puts several of those kids in intensive care. to blame is a uncommon entero virus d68. >> d68 causes respiratory illnesses cents among them are illnesses more serious that require hospitalization. particularly, if they trigger serious asthma attacks. >> clusters have been seen in the past, have been reported, have been small clusters, of maybe, say, 25, 30 patients.
6:21 am
and we were seeing that many patients in a day. >> a lodge with 500 cases in kansas city, missouri, hundreds of kids in denver, colorado dealing with the same casino of respiratory symptoms. >> our pediatric department is full of patients with pretty severe respiratory distress. >> the good news is that enterovirus d68 usually not fatal. >> some of them have more severe illness, such as these children who have developed asthma, and are hospitalized, but they should all get better. >> in terms of severe illness, the cdc says the hospitalizations may just be the tip of the iceberg, similar symptoms have also been reported in illinois and ohio. officials are waiting on test results, to see it is the result after regional outbreak. andrew spencer, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". one of americas assieges automakers announces plans for driver less car. it could be hitting the road soon. that's coming up. plus come on down. could you be the next model
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>> just past 6:23, kids getting ready for the school bus. >> they certainly are. tell you what, not bad day. now, not as picturesque as you might have hoped for a monday morning, you want every ounce every motivation to get out the door. we've got some sunlight. but a lot of clouds out, there at the hour, at this hour, right now, and you can see that, as well, sort of making for partly sunny start to the day outside beach patrol headquarters in margate city where we are expecting more clouds throughout the day, in addition to that, pretty persistent on shore flow. lucky enough to still be counting this as a vacation
6:25 am
day, expect it to not be the most ideal day at the shore, more clouds than anything, 57 degrees in philadelphia, sun, bit of a premium, you will see some. high up to 79. >> good morning, just 6:25, going outside right now, to our cameras here, at the roosevelt boulevard. where you can see most of the volume where the heads lights are. headed southbound, toward the schuylkill expressway. now, this is just south of the crash on the boulevard, just at south near tyson avenue in the inner drive. affecting inner drive. squeeze on by to the outside. that's a tractor-trailer in around the northeast philadelphia area for half the morning so far. so just be prepared to squeeze by to the left-hand side. erika being back to you. >> frightening moments for family in northern california. after a mountain lion attacks a six year old boy. it happened yesterday afternoon, along hiking trail near a winery in santa clara county. police say the boy was attack from behind, and dragged by that cat before family members scared it away. authorities collected the boy's green shirt in order to match the dna to the cat.
6:26 am
>> animal will be euthanized because it needs to be tested for several things including rabies. because rabies is prevalent in mountain lions on occasion. and so to test for rabies, the animal has to be destroyed. >> that boy was downgraded to fair condition. experts say while mountain lion site also common in the area, attacks are very rare. well, coming into the new season, plenty of hype around the eagles offense. yesterday's opener against the jaguires first real test for quarterback nick foles, rough start, though. he threw 27 for 45, with one pick, but he eventually turned things around in the second half. connecting on two, big touchdowns, to lead the team to a nice victory. thirty-four-17 after 34 unanswered points. the big thing i take from this is, you know, i have a great team. i have great teammates. great coaches. we will stick together throughout t we will finish the game. keep playing with one another.
6:27 am
bee play together. that's what we do. you can't get frustrated. i mean, definitely frustrating for a second, but then you know do you have keep your cool. your teammates are looking to you in those situations like i said, we made corrections, we kept playing, we new we would eventually open it up. >> don't forget thursday night football debuts here on cbs this week, first up the pittsburgh steelers take on the rave fence baltimore, check it all right here on cbs starting at 8:00. this thursday night. >> amazing, read through the t-shirt. great glasses. >> baseball now, cole hamels and the phils going for sweep of first place nationals, but not to be. hamels served up two homeruns, nationals first baseman adam already roach, couldn't get the big hit they needed. phils lose this three to two, took three out this weekend. serena williams moving up the all time tennis list. serena beat caroline yesterday in the women's final of the us open.
6:28 am
her third straight us open title. serena has 18 career grand-slam victories, same as legends chris everett and martina, fourth on the all time list. there is martina right there, the men's final today at 5:00 right here on cbs36789. what an accomplishment. >> i'm telling you one of the best all time. more eagles fever coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news". jan? >> well, students and teachers will once again have to do more with less here in the philadelphia school district as the district deals with a multi-million dollar budget gap. i'm jan carabeo, coming up we'll take a look at this the first day for philadelphia students. >> plus she wants her name in the record booksment find out what this swimmer in new jersey is trying to accomplish. >> and jess and katie return with your traffic and weather together. we're
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it's our slow simmered vegetables and tender white meat chicken. apology accepted. i'm watching you soup people. make it progresso or make it yourself. and now try new progresso chili. slow-simmered, homemade taste. tom wolf. he'd be a different kind of governor. he served in the peace corps in india. and then got a phd from mit. and as a businessman he gives between 20 and 30 percent of his profits back to his employees.
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when he served as pennsylvania's secretary of revenue. he turned down the perks. and donated his government salary to charity he refused take a state car, he drove his old jeep instead. can't argue with that. tom wolf. he'd bring a fresh start to pennsylvania. good morning, everyone, well those alarm clocks should be ringing right about now for thousands of philadelphia students heading back to school today. but this year, a looming budget crisis continues to weigh in on the hearts and minds of parents, teachers, and students alike. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joining us at link high school in feltonville to tell you more. good morning. >> good morning, ukee, exciting day for students despite this ongoing budget
6:32 am
crisis here in the philadelphia school district. specially exciting day for kids going to link. this is new high school. later on this morning, superintendent william hite will stop by to open up the new school year right around 8:30. but you know what? teach verse been preparing for this day for weeks now. they've already been in the classrooms, getting them in order, some including teachers from edison high school, even took a walk through their students' neighborhoods recently to introduce themselves. but again, it will be another school year when philadelphia teachers will have to do more with less. the district is fill facing a $81 million budget deficit. and even if that gap is closed, funding would only reach the same level as last year's doomsday budget, leaving schools without full time nurses and enough counselors, and number of other resources, and there will be more cuts, if the district isn't addressing this deficit by october. now, the district is still banking on the passage of that philadelphia specific 2-dollar per pack cigarette tax to plug the budget gap. superintendent hite says he's gotten assurance frost leaders in harrisburg that it will
6:33 am
pass once they get back to work this month, but nothing for certain. >> i'm cautiously optimistic, just based on those assurances, and we hope that individuals will move toward -- rely on the word, try to work as hard as they can, in toward get this thing done. >> reporter: now even in order to get these doors open on time today, superintendent hite had to go through with number of temporary cuts, millions of dollars worth, for example, these school buildings won't be cleaned as frequently and maintenance will be postponed, and hite has warned if this funding doesn't come through by mid-october, he may have to go through with layoffs of more than a thousand employees, and that could balloon class size to up 40 kids per class. live in philadelphia, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> jen, thank you. 6:33, so the question this morning, what should those kids wear to school? >> i think generally speaking you can dress for sort after typical day on this day of the year where you're used to
6:34 am
about 81 degrees for our normal high. so usually start off little cooler, mid 60s generally, then we have enough sunlight, enough solar energy at this time of the year to typically warm to the low 80s, real close to that today. not quite there. here's y take you out to "skycam 3", first and for most, isn't this beautiful view? i love the sunrise like this. when you have got some of the clouds sort of skew the color, it is so pretty out there right now, in atlantic city. really everywhere else. but the problem is, when we go next to storm scan3, you are going to see some clouds rolling through, even the last few hours place like kent county, delaware, quick little shower rolled through. i don't think that's necessarily going to be your norm today, but we do have high and low pressure sort of splitting our region in two. in other words, you can see, more sunlight if you go north and west, but probably going to be stuck in more clouds cover than anything, down toward the shore points here today. so six an is the current temperature, with pretty predominant northeasterly flow, in atlantic city, it is more northeast as well in philadelphia at the airport, but it is straight up out of the east in mount pocono.
6:35 am
that said, you're likely to end one more clouds through the southeastern half of our region, so here's how it sorts of breaks down region by region, coolest but brightest spot to the poconos. going to be stuck in the cloudy think with more than anything, again, that sort of gray sky, even though we do have some sunlight to start it off here at the shore, in philadelphia, yes, you're basically starting off mild enough that i think in philly the kids can get out the door without a jacket, later on today, it will be nice and mild for you. jess, over to you. >> thank you, katie. good morning, everybody, just 6:35. starting off pretty much with good morning, traffic wise, 6:35 again we head outside to our cameras right here on 422, just at 29. so headed eastbound, toward king of prussia, where you can see all of those headlights, really starting to slow up, just a bit, as they crawl toward the king of prussia area. and the talcony palmyra bridge scheduled for opening just around 64:50, we could see the boat just second ago in the camera, can't see it at this moment, but scheduled for 6:45, use the betsy ross
6:36 am
bridge, if you are headed out the door in the next ten, 15 minutes. than accident still on the roosevelt boulevard, that tractor-trailer crash, still around, southbound just near tyson avenue. compromising the inner drive. use the outer driver to get on by. otherwise out in new jersey, new jersey turnpike, southbound just near exit three, still that crash out there, compromising right hand lane. route 168, mass transit great alternate this morning, septa new jersey transit and dart all running on time with no reported delays and currently no delays at the airport. erika, back over to you. >> thank you. happening today, new jersey governor, chris christie's holding summit on the future of atlantic city. he's invited state and local leaders to discuss the city's challenges and recommend how to turn around the city's fortunes. at least three casinos have closed since the start of the year. trump plaza will become the fourth on september 16th. now, the showboat casino hotel meanwhile which closed last weekend may have a buyer. latitude 360, a jacksonville company, says the showboat one of three properties that's considering for $20 million
6:37 am
project. it would not involve gambling, though. the company develops restaurant and entertainment complexes. ukee? >> well, to date here in philly all about the birds, joining me now to breakdown yesterday's big win over the jags is paul jolovitz from 94wip. ya, ya, ya. >> i thought i was here for the male model search? >> no, no. >> eagles? >> don't start! don't start with me. >> oh, did you trick me? >> did i. that's come you go up later. let's talk burdens. man, that first half, i'm thinking sometimes you think you can walk in little over confident, and you can beat teams like. that will doesn't happen in the ffl. >> no, any given sunday, but his wasn't a silver confidence there is was system failure. >> this was nick foles in the first half who fumbled twice and through two picks last year, fumbling twice and throwing a pick and looking indecisive. and offense, just couldn't get it going with the run, the passing game. defense had couple of lapses. i mean, nick's first fumble
6:38 am
here. you see the eagles offensive line which would suffer injuries later in the game was pretty bad if the first half. and nick took five sacks throughout the game. here is the first fumble. and he holds the ball little too long, ukee, in the first half. everything from the dallas game last year, sort of came back as fans at the linc were saying what in the world is going on here? >> and jacks took advantage of the turnovers. >> now it, could have been worse, eagles blocked a field goal in the first half. >> right. >> missed another. could have been much worse than 17-nothing at the half. you know that stat, one in ooh since 1960. trail by 17 half time, but now two and 50. but the first half won just to obliterate forget the injuries, ineptitude, half time fans weren't too happy. >> when is an update on the injuries? >> mathis mri, maybe mcl, isn't as bad as cll, few weeks, maybe not the year, allen barber, see about the angle. >> second half, muff differ ren team, much different store. >> i little bit.
6:39 am
chad hen i goes down, and, well, touchdown back from the first half. turnovers, got 14, including allen hearns. that guy un drafted rooky from miami. then here is the other one, see them cashing him the first half. so it is not just turnovers. it is the points off the turnovers. the offense, the defense, everything else, but sproles play of the game, fourth and one, high tempo, no huddle offense,'s running back, too, ukee, not just pass receiver. >> yes, sir. >> did he it with new orleans it, it with the eagles, here's nick foles, now they get it rolling. >> i love. that will he went up and got that. >> he d big factor. here is the big play, of course, fourth quarter, maclin covered by no one. 68 yards. that gives them the lead of 24-17. and just then people starting to breathe easy, easier, when here, cox says that is sick. but when you see the end zone, you go get it. and the birds escape.
6:40 am
>> they did. >> i loved it, i loved it, good thing. >> spread, too, by the way. >> look at you, colts coming up monday night. >> monday night. who lost to denver. i think the eagles will beat the colts. now, they have some problems on the offensive line, mathis hopefully okay, and the like, and they got to shore up whole lot from yesterday. i thought so before the season. i think this is actually good spot for the eagles, i think they'll go three and zero. i wasn't think that at half time yesterday. but the colts coming off the game, they got the redskins at home, first things first, next monday, gentlemen, start your engines in indy. better start them better than they did yesterday. >> appreciate it. right there. i got a head cold. >> model search, ukee. >> stands over here and wait for me. we will get back to you. casting director coming in. i'll walk right by you. >> erika? >> they will a stay put. -- they'll be here in a moment. stay put, joel i. some of the biggest name in show business say good-bye to joan rivers. and this is what jolly was talking about coming up.
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come on down. could you be the next model for the price is right. a casting call is being held in our area. jolly, do you have what it takes? >> keep your shirt on jolly. >> i think he would be great. >> i'll take him. >> that guy or jolly? i mean, there is no competition. >> i completely agreement find out who they are looking for, that's coming up. we'll be right
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a star studded sends off
6:44 am
for legendary comedian joan rivers. >> friends, family, gathered in manhattan sunday to say their final farewells. whooley goldberg, donald trump, barbara walters, many other celebrities in attendance. although the service was private event, fans lined up across the street to pay their respects. >> just wanted to come out, support her. >> i followed her for years. i just fell apart when she died. >> i left her -- i loved her just like everyone does, i wanted to pay my respects. >> rivers died in a new york hospital last week after suffering cardiac arrest during elective throat procedure. she was 81 years old. >> we want to get traffic and weather together. >> hey, everybody, as we take quick peak at the wider zoom on storm scan3, there is two things i want to point out to you. first and for most, notice how clear it is across the northwest half of the delaware valley, also notice moisture to work with here, especially down and pent up over the board earn between virginia and north carolina area of low pressure starting to develop. gather up more strength. not necessarily going to roll through our area, but we are
6:45 am
going to get clipped by t so we have the clouds in place here today. very likely a shower, maybe little fine mist, in some spots, especially closer toward the shore points. but what it does, help keep the pollen levels down little bit here. only at medium level here today. ragweed, grasses, chenopod, still our main three issues, and then the levels drop off nicely for tomorrow. even into wednesday here, as we sort of sit between systems. now tomorrow, dow think actually a day that bridges in few more showers, it won't be a really widespread issue it, won't and wash out, but it is going to be cloudier day, so the temperatures get limited. by wednesday again break, we start to warm things up, 86 by thursday, that will mark the arrival and passage of the next cold front. and behind that cold front, you guessed it, we cool back down. jess, over to you. >> that's what i want to hear, 6:45, and as promised, the talcony palmyra bridge scheduled for opening at 6:45, here it is, i keep losing track of the boat, over here at one point, hine the trees at some point, he think somewhere over here about to pason through, so take the betsy ross bridge to get around this, because there is
6:46 am
going to be some delays as we can see this opening right now, hasn't even gun yet. over other bridges, ben franklin bridge, moving along nicely from the toll plaza up into the city, if you are headed westbound, so also be aware that the right two lanes are compromised due to the ongoing construction project. but if you are coming out of the city into new jersey headed even you're going to do just fine there, as well. that accident, still on the boulevard, tractor-trailer crash, roosevelt boulevard southbound just near tyson avenue. compromising the inner drive, squeeze on by on the outer drive. erika, back over to you. >> jess, thank up, here is headlines here on cbs-3, more than 130,000 philadelphia school students are headed back to school today. schools are opening on time despite budget issues. >> teenage boy in critical condition after attempted robbery at playground at frankford avenue and torresdale, investigators say, the funeral shot while struggling with a gunman. >> and we have some breaking news this morning, for once happy breaking news, will and kate expecting another baby. prince george, celebrated his first birthday.
6:47 am
the families are said to be elated over the news. new to the english, over the announcement after pregnancy. kate suffering we're told from morning sickness you may recall she had the last problem last pregnancy. so happy for them. >> well, come on down. we all know that famous catch phrase from the price is right. but guys, do you think -- cue the music. do you think you have what it takes to be the next male model of the show? not you, jolly, over there -- >> i vote frijole. >> i do you think? >> i think it is great. casting call being here in our studio, megan sprayer the producer on the show, joins you now to talk. thanks for joining us. >> all right, so, for guys out there looking to be on the price is right, what are you looking for? >> well, you need to be 18 years or older. a lot of personality, charisma, you know, little skill isn't bad. but you don't have to be a professional model. you just have to be able to kind of keep up withdrew kerrey, on the fly, a loft improve, and just have great smile, and have fun with it. >> you probably have been all over the country. where have you been?
6:48 am
>> we've been to boston, to dallas, today we're here, will be in l.a. on the 30th, and we also have on line submissions open, as well. >> now, you have to give me those skills one more time. because i've been working on my skills. >> oh, good. >> so you said you have to have char ma, decent personality, decent smile. >> yes. >> oh, hang on. >> do i have to take my shirt off? >> yep, that's part of the job, you know, some bathing suits sometimes. jet skis. >> i don't know. i have to work on my crunches on that one. but there we go. i can sell a refrigerator. >> there you go. look at that smile. >> all about -- >> oh! >> absolutely, we have lots of prizes on the show. >> lots of surprise. >> i'm impressed by that. >> do you like that. >> a lot of personality. >> take that back to the boss. >> now, more than just respect that you win if you get this position? >> correct. we are the grand prize winner gets five days on the show and last winner became a regular
6:49 am
row occurring model. now has moved onto a full time soap star actor. >> fantastic. >> yes. >> from bob barker drew, why do you think this show appeals to so many age groups, and does so well? >> i think it is an universal fun show. it is casino of american path time. we all have had experiences watching it with our family. and it is fun. you know, you can sit at home and yell at your tv, you can play ankle long, and it is just a happy energy, the studio is great, i'm real lucky to work there. it is a blast every day. >> good for you. >> i can only imagine. for everyone out there who does want to audition, can you give us the details? >> here today at cbs-3 from 10:00 to 3:00 p.m. you can get details on line about information, price is right. com. and, like i said, here 10:00 to 3:00. if you have a head shot, great. if not, no problem. can't wait to see them. >> this is your dream job? >> great job. i am really lucky. >> we're lucky to have you here. >> thanks so much. we're excited to be here.
6:50 am
>> looking forwards to see all of the smiling people later today. >> lots of this. little of that. >> and the cheerios photo? >> yes, i need. that will thanks so much. right now it is 6:50, time to see what's coming up on cbs this morning. >> chair roads joins us now up in new york with your preview. charlie, good morning. >> good morning, ukee, erika. new plan against isis later this week. ci insider mirk morrell takes us behind the scenes, with how a strategy like this is formed, and what to expect. plus, respiratory illness is putting children across the country in intensive care. and doctor holly phillips is in studio 57, with what parents needs it know. and mark phillips is in london at buckingham palace after the royal family announced the duke and duchess of cambridge are expecting their second child. good news for all of the people looking at the royal family. the news is back in the morning. see in you about ten minutes. >> you got it, thanks, charles. >> baby bump watch starts. >> indeed. >> thanks, charles. >> i take care. >> well, we're closer to driving like the jet sons, general motors plans to roll
6:51 am
out so-called super crews technology on some of the 2017 models. gm says it will allow hands-free driving on the highway, and in stop and go traffic. >> sign me up. >> that sounds great. >> yes, try it on the schuylkill. also, it appears millennials prefer paper to plastic. bank rate survey shows about 63% of the young adults polled don't have single credit card. instead millennials are turning to debit and prepaid cards. >> animals in alaska feasting on prize winning vegtables these days. >> lucky animals. animal kingdom getting some smacks in the alaska state fair. not little either. check it out. alaska wildlife conservation center received a truckload of giant cabbage, kale, and zucchini. look how big that is. imagine blends that? they say the gigantic vegtables don't have the taste humans demands, but animals, they don't care. they're good with it either way. >> i guess so. >> all for me? thanks, gang. this is delicious.
6:52 am
we'll be right back. >> first what's coming up tonight on cbs-3. back in a bit.
6:53 am
mmm! ring ring! ring ring! progresso!
6:54 am
you soup people have my kids loving vegetables. well vegetables... shh! taste better in our savory broth. vegetables!? no...soup! oh! soup! loaded with vegetables. packed with taste. and now try new progresso chili. slow-simmered, homemade taste. philadelphia hub school student head back to class today. >> first week of student ends for many around our area. the pictures have been wonderful for those. check it out. loretta sent in this picture every anthony and david from winslow township.
6:55 am
awe smiles. ready to start a now year. oh, arm in arm. i love that. >> fellows, lets december t study hard. >> keep those pictures coming, too, snap and share your pictures using hashtag cbs-3 mornings, you might see them right here on cbs-3. loretta, thank you for that great picture. good luck with school, guys. let's get your traffic and weather together. >> i think generally the philly kids head back to school, public school here today. looking at okay day. it is not as ideal as perhaps yesterday may have been. you can see the clouds, sort of skewing the sky loin here, but at least not low-lying cloud cover. so fog not a concern. currently 68 degrees at the airport, with modest northeast breeze. which i think will pick up little bit for with us time. light little shower did roll through kent county, delaware, might see little bit more that far throughout the day. but generally, if you want more sun, head further north and west. we will sort of split the difference, call it somewhat partly sunny with more clouds than anything in philly. the high just flirting with 8 degrees. jess? >> thank you, katie. good morning, everybody, just 6:55, and the talcony palmyra
6:56 am
bridge on its way back down, i thought we would get nice shot of the boat in there at one point, but already has since passed through on its way back down expect summaries its all delays there, as well, so for right now just take the betsy ross bridge as your alternate. otherwise, some travel times, everything starting to stack up quite a bit. heavy woodhaven into the vine, about 27 minutes trip there. ukee, erika, back to you. >> thanks so much. sixteen year old trying to swim across the english channel struggling against strong current. >> charlotte samuels being pushed back as she approaches the french coast we're told. experts say the current could add as much as five hours to her swim. but, completed the manhattan marathon, also crossed california's kathleen a channel. the english channel is the third leg of the so-called open water triple crown. >> i feel like there is no way that you can in more harmony with the world than with the universe until like be in it. i feel like being submerged in the water basically as close as you can get to being part of nature.
6:57 am
>> the current could force charlotte to spends total of 20 grueling hours in the water. no one her age has ever completed the triple crown of open water swimming before. but she just might be the first. >> that's great. good luck to her. >> the strong current? >> i'm telling you. coming up on sister station "cw philly", back with kids going back to school. >> plus how to organize the art projects that pile up quickly. we'll help you sort through the artwork without the guilt. >> keeping it live, keeping it local on the "cw philly". morn male announcer: experience the wonders of maryland, whdrive or paddleke, along our civil war trails driving and walking tours with plenty of stops to enjoy along the way. learn more at land of discovery.
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maryland. land of history. it is mond, september 8, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." the president prepares to unveil a plan to fight isis. insider mike morell on the new offensive. millions face the threat of flash flooding and a wildfire forces dramatic rescues at yosemite. >> there's big, big news. there's already health concerns for duchess kate. >> we begin with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> all of a sudden it was a huge thunderstorm. >> severe flash floods and fires threaten millions. >> oh,