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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  September 9, 2014 2:07am-2:38am EDT

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>> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> new tonight at 11:00 o'clock, a mainline burglary spree. criminals targeting homes with the owners asleep inside. and developing now, late breaking details following the release of this shocking new video showing football player ray rice assaulting his wife. >> good evening, i'm jessica
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dean. >> i'm chris may. the video appeared online this morning and for the nfl it has led to troubling questions. who knew about it? who saw it? and when? the video from february capture the violent confrontation between rice and his now wife at a casino in atlantic city. today rice was released by the ravens suspended by the nfl and tonight his coach is talking about it all. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones joins us live from the ravens practice facility in maryland. todd? >> reporter: chris, tonight ravens head football coach john harbaugh said that today was the first time he has seen this video. the video from tmz sports shows rice and his then fiance' janae palmer going into the elevator inside there's confrontation and rice shoves her, then moments later he hits her. knocking her out with punch to the face. the video continues with rice dragging palmer away and it shows no immediate signs of him trying to get medical help.
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baltimore ravens head coach said shortly after seeing the video on monday the ravens decided to release rice. >> someone that you care about does wrong, you know, and faces the consequences of doing wrong and rightfully so it is did you have tough. it is hurtful and my pain is for both of them as a couple. you know in going forward. my hope they can make it work. >> reporter: ravens flare chris canty called this a sad day. >> it was a deplorable act. no question. he made a terrible error in judgment. >> palmer married rice just weeks after the february incident at revel in atlantic city. rice received no jail time. at first the nfl suspended rice for two games. but after this video came out the nfl changed course monday suspending rice indefinitely. claiming league officials never saw the video before monday previously before this video surfaced rice's attorney appeared to put some of the blame on palmer.
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>> hypothetically speaking now, hypothetically speaking shows that ray once the first person that hit and ray was getted repeatedly hit he fired one back and hit harder. >> who has seen this video before monday "eyewitness news" contacted revel and spokesperson for the now closed cass zen know told us, police, prosecutors and rice's own attorney all have copies. >> we have reached out to atlantic county prosecutor's office but as of right now, they've offered no new comments. reporting live tonight in maryland, todd quinones, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> todd, thank you very much. just in tonight the head of the nfl players association is responding to all of this. in an interview with sports illustrated, demari smith calls the video disturbing as a fath fathers a husband when you see something like this it's jarri jarring. he went on to say and that is the reminder of how unacceptable any kind of violence especially domestic violence should be. it has no place in our lives and certainly our community.
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>> ray rice and this video hot topics of conversation tonight at sports bars, at homes and on social media as well. rice doesn't have whole lot of fans tonight. >> you are a role model. you made it to the big leagues. you work so hard and you do something like that, it's like, it's a waist time. >> i think the video is disgusting. i have never seen something on film by a professional athlete like that ever. >> rice went to rutgers. he was the school's all time leading rusher and that led new jersey governor chris christie to weigh in on the zig late this afternoon. >> i think anybody who see that is video, it's incomprehensible level of violence. and it's completely unacceptab unacceptable. the ravens decision to release ray rice was the right decision. he obviously has lot of work to do to control his anger and his temper before he's allowed to go back out on the football field. >> many are taking the conversation to the next level
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on twitter tonight. the issue of domestic violence is trending right now. using the hash tags why i stayed and why i left. abby sews quote there are two really important hash tags happening. why i stayed and why i left. educate yourself understand before judging people's relationships. isis says the tweets over at hash tag why i stayed and hash tag why i left are brave and important pots of surviving abusive relationships. thank you for sharing. >> coming up in just few minutes "eyewitness sports" director beasley reece will give us his unique perspective on this story. former nfl player you won't want to miss what's on his mind tonight and of course you can get the latest on our website that's >> there's joy in happy valley this evening. ncaa has lifted most of the sanctions placed on the penn state football program in the wake of jerry sandusky child sex abuse scandal. a post season ban on the team has been lived effective immediately.
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and the football scholarship sanctions will be fully lifted for 2015. still the school will be required to pay that $60 million fine and 112 wins belonging to the late joe paterno will romaine forfeited. >> it is feeling a lot like fall out there. some parts of the area are in for some wet and windy weather. meteorologist kathy orr is track wagon we can expect come tomorrow. kathy? right now we're looking at some clouds, chris, and a little bit of wind out there. most of the rain offshore but we have a developing coastal storm that will continue to move toward the north and the east. as it does, it will bring some showers. it will bring on shore flow of cloudy weather but remember the heaviest rain will romaine offshore. that is the good news. current wind gusts in the 20s gusting near their miles an hour in atlantic city. cutting to 23 miles an hour already in philadelphia. the impacts down the shore some minor tidal flooding gust that is 35 miles an hour tomorrow. some periods of rain rough surf
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and modest risk of rip currents. we'll track the rain also talk about when the sun will return. a brief warmup in that seven day before some september storms return. that's coming up a little bit later on in the broadcast. for now we'll zen it back to you jess. >> new tonight a burglary spree has residents on the mainline checking their doors. five homes and a car all broken in in just one night. this crime spree happened in a section of radnor township, delaware county and that's where "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco spoke with some concerned homeowners. >> it scares me. >> reporter: radnor neighbors worried after five homes were broken into overnight while homeowners were at home sleepi sleeping. >> it just scarce everyone to see feel that we're vulnerable. >> reporter: police say one or more burglars hit two homes on the 500 block of saint david one on glenn mary and two on bell rose between midnight and 5am sunday. the items taken were all on the first floors. small things they could grab while the homeowners vest up
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stair. >> it's very close proximity toll paoli thorndale line. so we strongly believe that the individuals that are responsible for these burglaries are walking that line. report roar police believe these thieves were targeting homes specifically along the train tracks. when they tried the doors, they were unlock. >> they were looking at the house for what we found was common was either a door or window open. if a window was open and they could access it they would cut the screen or pop the screen out. they will enter the residence. wouldn't be in there long because looking for any type of valuables that were in an open display in plainview. >> reporter: burglars also hit unlocked car on saint david and attempted to rob a sixth home but couldn't get in. police say they got away with cash, handbags, small electron electronics and liquor. some of the items were later found in neighbor's yards. >> we're all in communication. we know we need to stay in touch. we know we need to, um, just keep our eyes open. >> reporter: tonight police have increased patrols to the area. they are warning everyone to keep their doors and windows
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locked. radnor township is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. in radnor township, i'm diana rocco cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> also new at 11:00 o'clock night, check your credit cards if you shopped at home depot recently. today the company confirmed a breach of its payment systems affecting customers here in the u.s. and unless canada. the home improve many chain says there is no evidence that debit card pins have been compromised. and they also say there's no evidence that online customers have been affected. the company which is based in atlanta says it's investigation is focused on the months since april. >> in delaware, three teenagers are under arrest in this beating of a mentally disabled man. it was caught on camera. police tracked down the boys after the video of the attack went viral on instagram over the weekend. the violence happened in newark. the 26 year old victim has been treated for his injuries and released from the hospital. >> parents whose kids will not have bus service voice their
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concerns at a school board meeting in lindenwold tonight. the district there canceled the e4 bus route which serves students living within 2 miles of their school due to budget reasons. parents are concerned about traffic and they also worry about what they say are more than a dozen sexual predators who live in the area where the kids are forced to walk to school. the board says it's sympathetic but it simply doesn't have the money to continue bus service. >> thed when dough of the slain plymouth township police officer brad fox is now suing the gun dealer who sold the weapon used to kill her hub. officer brad fox was killed by andrew thomas. a convicted felon. thomas paid michael henry a drug addict to be his strong purchaser. well now officer fox's family is suing insight firearms for selling that weapon and five others to henry. the lawsuit alleges there were numerous red flags that the gun dealer should have spotted. >> i can't stand the thought this person who brought this gun
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that killed my husband was able to purchase nine guns total in about 14 weeks. >> there were obvious indicators that this was a straw purchase and that the gun sold to henry was headed for criminal hands. >> henry is now serving 20 to 66 years for the strong purchases. investigators found that the gun dealer did follow all federal and state requirements in the sales and did not violate the law. >> soon you'll be able to bet on sports and casinos and racetracks in new jersey. the attorney general's directive come on the same day as a summit with governor chris christie on the future of atlantic city. three casinos have already closed this year, two more are expected to shut down over the next two months. some believe sports betting could be the boost the resort city needs. >> it's great news. just what we were looking for. we need good news these days. experts say the directive will likely be challenging in court by professional and collegiate
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sports leagues. voters in delaware will head to the polls tomorrow for a primary election. republican candidates carl finger and heff vein wade are battling for the us senate nomination. the winner will take on incumbent democrat chris kuhns in the november general election. and the race for republican nominee for state treasurer is between republican candidate cheryl venezuela and ken simpl simpler. the winner of that primary will face sean barney. polls open tomorrow from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. >> a school takes off a prestigious top spot. we'll tell you which school is said to offer the best education for students when we come back. on the way tonight growing concerns about a rare virus. this sent hundreds of children to the hospital. we'll tell you why doctors say it's now spreading so fast. >> and in just a few hours we will know apple's next move. tonight we're hearing from local tech expert about what to expect from tomorrow's big event. kathy. >> cooler days are ahead in the
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seven day forecast. plus something special happening tonight. it's not just the super moon. it's the super harvest moon. i'll explain coming up. >> and royal baby watch number two is on. tonight we hear from both princess william and harry about the new addition to the royal family.
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>> there is a rare respiratory virus spreading across the country zenning hundreds of children to the hospital. kids in about dozen states most in the midwest have been sickened by that virus called inter row virus 68. nearly 500 children were treated at one hospital in kansas city. some even required intensive care. the virus is an uncommon strain of a common family of viruses that typically hit from summer through autumn. but this summer's cases have been unusually severe. >> i remember thinking that i was going to die. >> he was white as ghost.
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lips were blue. he was completely unconscious at that point. we weren't sure if he was going to make it. >> experts say the start of school was likely spreading this disease faster so washing hands and sanitizing common surfaces is extra important. >> well tomorrow is the day that apple fans have been waiting for. what will the tech giant unveil maybe knew iphone. maybe a smart watch. maybe something else. experts are certainly predicting apple will unveil not one but two new models of the iphone. a 4.7-inch model what's believed to be the iphone six and then an even larger phone a 5.5-inch screen to compete with the samsung galaxy also rumored to debut much anticipated i watch. >> it's going to be a focus on health. apple is also redoing their operating system. they'll release ios8 which is typical every year when they release the new phones. ios8 will connect with all sorts of things such as watches and other health memorabilia i'll call it to track your heart rate
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torque track your oxygen levels so that's right really making a push on physical health. >> lots of rumors that these phones will be made with a more durable type of glass much it's called sapphire glass. they say that will prevent all those contracted screens. we'll all find out tomorrow apple ceo tim cook make the big reveal at 1:00 o'clock eastern time. >> fur looking for the best college education for your child, it turns out you don't have to go far. the university of pennsylvania has been ranked the number one college in the country that's according to college factual. the group ranked u penn first because of its student to faculty ratio and a high earnings boost that means graduates of particular majors earn more than those of the same major nationwide. u penn knocked off harvard which ranked first last year. >> britain's prince william says he and his wife kate middleton are thrilled. they have another baby the way. >> the duchess of cambridge is pregnant again and dealing with acute morning sickness.
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the news comes about 13 months after the birth of their first child prince george. the new baby boy or girl will be fourth in line to the british thrown. >> we're immensely thrilled. it's great news. errly days. we're hoping things sell down and she feels better. >> very exciting news. i can wait to see my brother suffer more and if it's girl even suffer even greater. i'd love to see him try and cope with that. >> he made sure prince harry knew he was just kidding. they're speculating on names for the newest royal baby. >> i think it will be a girl. >> we know george will be great big brother. >> whatever he winds up with. >> he's so cute. let's talk weather. what's going on outside? just some clouds. the good news the clouds have parted in many locations to see the super moon. >> great. >> super moon night. beautiful night outside no matter where you are. unfortunately more clouds down the shore than inland so i think
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the further inland you are the better chance you have of seeing the super moon tonight. let's take look outside down the shore this is where we're going to be seeing the most wind and the most cloud cover and the most shower activity over the next 24 hours. it's all because of a developing coastal low or coastal storm. the good news, most of the precipitation will romaine offshore. over the next couple of days. now let's talk a little bit about that super moon tonight. it is a harvest moon. and that is the full moon that is closest to the autumnal equinox the fall equinox which is a couple of weeks away. eighths super moon because it is the full moon at pari gee and that is when the moon is closest to the earth and knots orbit. two different things going on tonight. just look outside the window and see if you have a clear sky and you will be able to see our last of three super moons in a row this summer season. on storm scan3, you can see just cloud cover that slowly easing
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it's progressing eastward. down the shore some clouds but even in philadelphia we're breakinbreaking out this evenin. some showers especially down through the mid atlantic with our developing storm system. and that will bring most of the precipitation offshore that's the good news. so most of us spectators with this event. right now in philadelphia a cool, 68. 61 in allentown. 57 in the poconos. 64 in reading. down the shore cool as well. but a little bit milder than our inland areas with temperatures in the 70s. and some clouds high pressure will move offshore. allow this area of low pressure to move off toward the north and the east. as it does it will bring in some strong winds winds gust to go about 30, 35 miles an hour down the shore tomorrow. even inland gust to go at least 20, 25 in philadelphia. and we will be seeing cool temperatures in the 70's. that will move away wednesday. temperatures warm up. that's our break in the weather pattern because then a fast-moving front moves in. brings us another chance of showers and some thunderstorms by late thursday into thursday night.
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behind this, it will get gradually cooler over the course of the late week and the weeke weekend. future weather shows in the morning some clouds. ing see the flow moving in from the ocean with that persistent easterly wind. some spotty showers especially down the shore and then we'll continue to see things drying out especially on wednesday. still seeing some clouds but improve many as the system moves away. a couple of tenths of an inch possible until spotty areas near philadelphia up to an inch or a half an inch through millville heading toward atlantic city. and the heavier precipitation will be in cape may county and southern delaware. overnight, a shower possible to the south and to the east toward the shore. other lows in the 60s highs tomorrow in the 70s mostly cloudy in philadelphia. a few showers to the south and east. on the seven day forecast, 78 wednesday. 86 thursday. but then a front busts the heat and it gets cooler after that. that's a look at the seven day forecast. we'll be back with beasley and sports right after
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>> it was one of best half time adjustments made by a coach in his team in recent memory. eagles went from horrible to prolific scoring 34 unanswered points. offensive line this is in the second half, of course, came out, opened a big hole. look at that sproles go. he's going to be big this year. nick foles went from tentative, crook to seeing his own people. hitting right targets. all the way to the 34-17 victory on opening day. the coach says there was no game plan overhaul or panic during half time. >> when you went into half time it's just a matter of hey, we got take a deep breath, settle down. this what we'll feature when we come out in the second half. a lot of it was what we had in the first half we were just a play off arc guy off, you know, a step here, um, give the quarterback a little bit more time or make sure we get through the progressions quicker let's see if we can get back in it. >> and thursday night football comes to cbs-3 steelers versus
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the ravens in a classic. our coverage starts at 8:00 p.m. right here on cbs-3. now i'll be in baltimore thursday for the debut of thursday night football on cbs cbs-3. it will be the first game for the ravens without the prospect of their star running back ray rice returning the ravens fired him. the nfl suspend the him indefinitely as we told you earlier in the broadcast. former nfl players it's embarrassing to see something like this. commissioner admitted he got it wrong with that two game suspension for rice. this video release gave him the chance to make it right and did he. the new penalty for future violence against women is the six game suspension and a lifetime ban for second offenders. nfl covers abusive behavior starting at the rookie symposi symposium. the class of 2015 will be studying the ray rice incident and how it cost him his career. >> all right. turning to baseball the battle of the keystone state phillies hosting the cross state rifles from pittsburgh. fourth inning here we go no
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score. ryan how war at the plate he hits a grounder the second baseman can't handle. jimmy rollins scored to give the fightings the lead but in the next inning the pirates answered right back off of kyle kendrick. martin hit a two run homerun to left centerfield and pirates beat the phillies six to four. >> all right. need my marching orders from you. please download our audio road show app so you can vote on where you want me and my live crewing to for the friday football frenzy. which school here are your choices this week. truman at cardinal o'hara. washington township at cherokee. ridley at garnet valley. can't go wrong all of them. great schools. i'll announce the win are in thursday night at 11:00 from baltimore. we'll be right b
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>> philadelphia eagles score big touchdown with children being treated for some very serious illnesses. >> "eyewitness news" at the philadelphia ronald mcdonald house. there were lots of smiles as swoop and several players
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visited the kids and their families. ronald mcdonald house provides temporary home to families from out of town who's children are receiving treatment at local hospitals. very special place. a very night there. we'll be right back. ♪
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>> thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 11:00 o'clock. "eyewitness news" returns in the morning at 4:30 with ukee washington and erika von tiehl. for beasley, kathy and everyone here at "eyewitness news", i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. you can always find us at the late show with david letterman is neck. good night. >> announcer: today on an all-new "dr. phil." his trial ended in a hung jury. >> i didn't kill lori. my life is destroyed over this. >> announcer: with so much at stake. >> dr. phil: if he failed his polygraph, this case needs to be reopen. did you kill lori ann hill? the results are -- >> dr. phil, i'm going to be sick. >> dr. phil: recently we were on the edge of our seats trying to


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