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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 9, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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night at the courtyard apartments on fifth street near washington avenue. police say the 32 year old was shot twice in her face and arm at point blank range. police tell us her apartment also showed signs of a struggle. the first floor, as well as the second floor, sign every violent struggle. we found furniture overturned, furniture broken, several flat screen tv's pulled from their stands, and pulled from the wall, and in broken condition on the floor. >> so far no arrests, but right now, authorities are considering the victim's live-in boyfriends a person of interest. also, developing right now, a lilt night run to chinese restaurant in north philadelphia ends in violence. police searched for clues on the 3600 block of north broad street. that's where investigators say a 38 year old man was stabbed in the chest after an argument. he was returned to the hospital in critical condition. police are checking cameras in that store to id the suspect. in north philadelphia, police are looking for the shooter who fired at least 19
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shots, killing one teenager. it happened just before 9:00 last night on the 2400 block of huntington street. a 17 year old was shot once in the chest and later died. police recovered a gun at the scene, but are still work to go determine if it was the weapon used in the deadly shooting. people are continuing to talk this morning about the disturbing new video of an nfl player knocking out his then fiancee, knocking her unconscious. it happened at atlantic city hotel elevator. >> now ray rice punished by the league and his team of six seasons, the baltimore ravens. >> jan carabeo at our satellite center to tell you more, jan? >> reporter: ultimately by the nfl rice feeling the fall out this morning, his jerseys have already been pulled from store shelves, can't finds them on light at officials sites, either, all because of this video that now surface that gives us better insight as to exactly what happened inside
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that atlantic city casino. this video that's hard to watch. nfl star ray rice striking his then fiancee in the face knocking her out inside an elevator at revel in atlantic sit hement newly newly-released video has shocked football fans. >> his arms are technically like a bok ers, like lethal weapons. >> co-have killed her. that's big deal. >> after this video surfaced monday the baltimore ravens released rice and the nfl suspended him indefinately. "tmz" video shows recent hearing video with janaa palmer. inside confrontation escalates. rice appears to shove palmer. moments later he hits her knocking her out. palmer hitting her head against the rail as she falls. the video continues with rice dragging the woman a was, and shows no immediate sign that he tried to get medical help. ravens head coach john harbaugh said the first time he saw this video was yesterday. >> when someone that you care about does wrong, you know, and is faced with the consequences of doing wrong, and rightfully so, it is, it
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is tough, it is hurtful. and in my opinion it is for both of them as a couple, you know, in going forward, my hope is that they can make it work. >> it was a deplorable act. no question. he made a terrible error in judgement. >> now the question becomes who knew what and when. initially the nfl only suspended rice for two games. officials change course yesterday. claiming they never saw this footage. "eyewitness news" reached out to revel and spokesperson for the now closed casino says police prosecutors and rice's own attorney all have copies. >> "eyewitness news" also reached out to the atlantic county prosecutors' office. they have not released any comment since this video has been released. as for rice did he not receive any jail time for that february inches end. reporting live in the sat center, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> thank you, jan. 6:03, here is your traffic and weather together. ukee, today really just going to be tracking a disturbance, area of low pressure, that's really going to clip our area. but it is going to bring in
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slew of sort of, you know, just side issues here, especially to the shore points. some of you will actually end up with some rain out there, but generally, it is the extreme southeastern branch of our area. you can see how we are so close to the edge of this storm system right now. we zero in on it, even at this hour, not too much. other than some clouds building in, across sussex county, delaware, and cape may county. again those are generally the counties that ends up with anything out of this storm, in the way of any kind of soaking rain, if any at all. so we've got close al flood advisories posted due to the fact that the winds will start kicking in here. so up and down the jersey and delaware shore points, you are going to have that higher saratov contends with here. temperatures in the meantime, anywhere from the low 70s, all the way to the mid 50's, where you continue to have clear sky up in the poconos, cooling down little more readily. meanwhile, around the region as a whole, i expect the further northwest you are, the more chance you have got to see nice day. few showers in philly, that would be it, steadiest rain would definitely happen near
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the shore. jess? >> thank you, katie. good morning, everybody, just 6:04. we will go outside right now, to our cameras, right on the schuylkill expressway. so far this morning the schuylkill has been relatively quiet. as you can see, everything moving along great. just around 202, so headed eastbound where the headlights are coming in toward the sit, so moving along great there. headed westbound towards the schuylkill, headed toward 202 right there, looking real nice there, as well. over on 95, just at the airport, pretty much the same scenario, nothing really starting to pick up yet. you can see headed northbound and southbound everything moving along great. out on the new jersey turnpike earlier, as a closure, now we only have the two right lanes block. new jersey turnpike northbound just near exit eight, hightstown, there, if you want to avoid it, getting by now, take route 130, ukee, erika, back over to you. >> thank you, jess. some people living on the main line are taking extra precautions this morning, after an overnight burglary spree. police say five homes and car were targeted early monday
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morning. while homeowners were sleeping upstairs. this happened in the saint david's section of radnor township. investigators believe the burglars targeted homes along the paoli thorndale line, checking for unlocked windows and doors. >> a window was open. they could actually cut the screen or pop the screen out. they would enter the residents, they won't be in there long, because looking for any type of valuables, in an open display, in plane view. >> there is a $5,000 reward for tips lead to go arrest. anyone with information is asked to call radnor police. it was the viral video that sparked outrage in our area, the beating of mentally challenged man by group of teens in delaware. now, a third teen is in custody. police cracked down those boys after the video was posted on instagram over the weekend. the beating happened in newark. the 26 year old victim was treated for his injuries, and is recovering at home. well, happening today, president obama is scheduled to consult with congressional leaders how to go after
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militants from isis. yesterday the president solicited advice from foreign policy experts across the political spectrum. the white house is calling the strategy counter terrorism effort, but not revealing specifics, ahead of the president's speech to the nation, which will happen tomorrow. >> well, the us may know who executed american journalist james foley. the 2us law enforcement officials tell cnn, they quote have pretty good idea of who the mask man s the suspect is believed to be tied to a group of extremists based in london. foley was beheaded last month. the dutch team investigating the downing of malaysia air appliance flight 17 over eastern ukraine says the crash likely caused by the plane being hit by multiple high energy objects from outside the aircraft. the preliminary report stopped short of saying the boeing 777 was shot down by a missile. but his findings appear to point to that conclusion. the plane was blown out of the sky july 17th killing all 298 passengers and crew on board.
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erika? >> voters in delaware are going to the polls for primary election today. republican candidates carl smik and kevin wade battling for the u.s. senate nomination. that win letter take on chris coons in the november general election. the race for republican nominee for state treasurer is between republican candidate cheryle venezuela and ken simpler. the winner that far primary will face democrat sean barney. polls open in just about an hour, they'll stay open until 8:00 tonight. we of course will have the results for you on cbs all right, 6:08 right now. it is finally here. today is the day apple fans have been waiting for. they're going to catch the first glimpse of apple's newest products. tech is are ankles us to see what the company will unveil later this afternoon. experts say, apple will release two new iphones, with larger screens, to compete with other phones on the market. rumors also swirling about possible new i watch. >> it will be a focus on
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health. apple's also re-doing their operating system. they'll release ios8, which is typical every year when they release the new phones, and ios8 will connect with all sorts of things, such as watches, and other health memorabilia, call it, to track your heart rate, to track your oxygen levels, so really making a push on physical health. >> all right, apple's ceo tim cook will make the big announcement at 1:00 today. he's going to watch it live stream over our website, and another company is making moves hope to compete in the phone market, amazon drastically cut the price of its fire smart phone a day ahead of the expected apple launch. for limited time, the fire will cost you 99 cents. it is also comes with free one-year membership of amazon pride. amazon only sold 35,000 fire phones since debut in july, compared to 9 million iphones apple sold in its debut weekends. >> 6:09 right now. historic rainfall swamps the
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southwest. roads are washed out and drivers are trapped in those crazy flood waters. more on this life threatening weatheher next. the mystery vie just that's sicken more than 1,000 children across the country starts out like the common cold. so how do you know if your child just has a cold or the scary new virus? coming up in our what's up doc segment, doctor jen talks about the symptoms and how to protect your family from getting sick. >> also, a local restaurant has a tip for eagles running back, shady mccoy. you're supposed to leave 20%, not 20 cents for your server. that story coming up. hey pal? you ready? can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes! ugh! move it. you're killing me. you know what, dad? i'm good. (dad) it may be quite a while before he's ready, but our subaru legacy will be waiting for him. (vo) the longest-lasting midsize sedan in its class.
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introducing the all-new subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru.
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>> a pass earning captured this flashflooding, check it out, in nevada.
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part of the interstate just got washed away. arizona, at least two people died when flood waters swept away their vehicles. cbs news correspondent susan macinnis shows you some of the areas that are hardest hit. flood waters overwelmed highways in nevada, trapping cars, and trucks, and washing away whole chunks of busy interstate 15, just outside las vegas. >> we're not going anywhere any time soon. >> drivers were stranded for hours. >> people are away from their families, and don't have any control over the situation. but, i think, being patient is the best way to hands it will. >> interstate 15 the artery to get from las vegas to salt lake city, 40 miles of it, are shutdown, and highway patrol expects it will be days before it is cleared. parts of nevada got 4 inches over several hours. water rushed through the parking garage of this vaguest resort. >> in phoenix, arizona, monday was the most rainy day in history. as the remnants of hurricane norbert flooded streets, and
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homes. >> just seeps through the walls, any exterior wall, seeping water. >> the flood waters carried, forcing crews to rescue stranded motorists. in mesa, neighborhoods were flooded. widespread flashfloods, and power outages, led arizona's governor to declare a state of emergency. the national weather service is warning residents to prepare for more of hurricane norbert areas aftermath through tonight. susan macinnis, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> first, weather trivia with kate. >> i that's right. the last half hour, we were talking all about the formation of cold, and warmfronts. erika actually came to the edge of the anchor desk, sat down, listening intentionally. >> thank you. >> i know the rest every are you listening, too, but she's casino of teachers pet today. all right, what's the weather like behind a cold front? is it clear and cool? is it humid and stormy? is it clear and warm? or cool and rainy? all right, erika, what do you
6:15 am
think? >> shoot, okay. >> behind a cold front. >> warm and rainy, not option. >> behind cold front. >> i'm going to go with clear, and warm. >> clear and warm. >> all that paying attention did not pay off. >> that's okay. who wants to go next? jess? >> no, i didn't volunteer! >> gosh, just pick something. >> i really have no idea. i know really terrible. isn't it? i'm going say cool and rainy. >> cool and rainy behind cold front. >> nope, all right, 50-50. >> it would be humid and stormy. >> dang, you guys! >> the answer is clear and cool. remember, a cold front rolls through and then behind it you ends up with clearing skies, air mass becomes more refreshing, behind the front. >> okay. >> you'll do better next time. >> i'm check my notes. >> the whole cw to get through. don't worry, whole year here. storm scan3, still checking, area of low pressure nearby, might bring some showers to
6:16 am
philly, possibly some steady rain down toward the shore. jess, over to you. >> thanks, katie. ukee, going first next time, that's what i decided. >> all right, all right. >> been going first the last few days now. 6:16, good morning, headed outside right now on the schuylkill expressway, just at gulph mills. you can see, everything still kind of moving along nicely headed eastbound toward the blue route looking great headed westbound toward king of prussia as well. and over on 202, at 29, pretty much the same story here, headed southbound, malvern, most volume starts to go stack up, headed northbound towards the king of prussia area. new jersey turnpike, northbound just near exit eight. hightstown, two lanes blocked, earlier today we had the whole thing completely closed down, still would like to probably take an alternate so you are not hitting any residual volume at route 130 due to the truck fire. two right lanes completely block. >> developing story in today's headlines on cbs-3. a woman is in very critical condition after she was shot twice inside a home in queen village. police say her boyfriends is a
6:17 am
person of interest in this case. also, nfl star ray rice has been released by the ravens, and suspended by the league. new video has surfaced of his february assault on his then fiancee, in a revel casino hotel elevator. >> just in, the dutch team investigating malaysia airlines flight 17 the plane was hit by multiple high energy objects from outside the aircraft. 298 people were killed, whehen it crashed. we'll be right back.
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jimmy rollins have his hamstring checked out today. likely to miss tonight's game against the red hot pirates, pittsburgh has 14 in a row. the phils opening the scoring on ryan howard single. j rolled scored after triple, but it appeared he pulled a hammy running that one out. the pirates took the lead in the next half inning, on starring two run homerun. the buckos held on to win it six-four, your final score. >> stafford hit favorite receiver, mega tron, calvin johnson put two touchdowns, and stafford ran for one every his own last night against the giants. detroit's defense pick off eli mining twice, lions beat the giants 35 to 14. the arizona cardinals used come back rounds to beat the san diego chargers. down 11 points, the cards scored twice in the fourth quarter, go ahead tech down
6:21 am
was toss to rookie john brown. who made some smooth moves to make it to the end zone. cards over chargers 18 to 17. coverage starts cbs-3 thursday! philadelphia eagles do much more than play football. >> birds scored major points with children battling serious illnesses. there were a lot of smiles to go around at philadelphia's ronald mcdonald house, several players and the mascot swoop was, there they visited children and families. the ronald mcdonald house provides temporary home to families from out of town whose children are receiving treatment at local hospitalization. and those organizations cents cents do so much to help families. great to see the eagles stopping by, bringing some smiles to the kids. >> community thing, taking care of families. local restaurant calls out shady mccoy, for their stunt he pulled while dining out.
6:22 am
we'll show it to you. >> royal baby news, now hearing from prince william, prince harry, about the new addition to the royal family. little prince george going to be a big brother. we'll be right
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it makes me happy to i like feeling smart. internet essentials from comcast has brought low-cost internet access to over 1.4 million low-income people at home. internet essentials helped me progress in my schoolwork. it helped my grades move higher. today it's the largest broadband adoption program in america. it helped me a lot. comcast. helping to bridge the digital divide. tom wolf. he'd be a different kind of governor. he served in the peace corps in india. and then got a phd from mit. and as a businessman he gives between 20 and 30 percent of his profits back to his employees. when he served as pennsylvania's secretary of revenue. he turned down the perks. and donated his government salary to charity he refused take a state car, he drove his old jeep instead. can't argue with that. tom wolf. he'd bring a fresh start to pennsylvania.
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anncr: hampton knows it's yvideoconferenceanof the. hi! hi, buddy! anncr: that's why the wifi and free hot breakfast are something to smile about. and good reasons to book now. feel the hamptonality traffic and weather together. katie, do we need an umbrella? >> i tell you what, i think you can generally get away without umbrella, philadelphia on northwest, no problem. right now things are pretty quiet on storm scan3, boom, actually a word. i guess it doesn't quite work with the joke, but we do have the clouds really building in. very dreary looking start to the day. and, overall, i do think there will be couple of showers out there today. not enough that you really need umbrella, though, in philly, 71 at first pitch for the pirates, taking on the phils by tomorrow everybody catches a break. we get some sunshine. jess? >> i like sunshine, thank you,
6:25 am
katie. good morning, 6:24. not really doing too hot on 95, just at cottman. you can see everything really slammed in both directions, there is a disable bus, over to the right-hand side over here, police activity on the scene trying get that cleared up and out of the way. headed northbound toward northeast philly see everyone squeezing on by, and two left hand lanes, and just a lot of volume headed southbound toward center city. new jersey turnpike, due to the truck fire earlier today. it was earlier closed now only two lanes blocked, you want to take route 130 to get around that. erika, back to you. >> thanks, possible financial life line for atlantic city struggling casinos. soon, you'll be able to bet on sports. the directive comes on the same day as a summit with governor chris christie and the future of atlantic city. three casinos have already closed this year. two more are expected to shut down over the next two months. many are banking that sports betting will be the boost that casinos need. >> fabulous nice, great news, just what we were looking for, need some good news these days.
6:26 am
>> experts say, professional and collegiate sports leagues will challenge the directive in court. >> the penn state community is in celebration mode this morning. ncaa has lifted most of the sanctions placed on the school's football program, in the wake of the jerry sandusky child sex abuse scandal. yesterday, a post-season ban was lifted effective immediately. the football scholarship sanctions will be fully lifted for the 2015 season. penn state student showed their excitement swarming campus into the early hours of this morning. >> school must still pay $60 million fine and forfeit the wins. no word from shady mccoy after philadelphia restaurant claimed he left his service a tiny tip. >> here is the proof. check out the receipt right here. the burger restaurant typ in northern liberty is tweeted it of shady's receipt yesterday.
6:27 am
you see mccoy's name and signature and his 20 cents tip on 6-dollar bill. with his multi-million dollar contract, just saying, no comment from mccoy or the eagles. i'm wait to go hear from both sides. you don't know if maybe he left a cash tip. >> or gratuity was already included? >> or maybe he ' just cheap? that's another option. >> we'll find out. >> i want to hear from both of them. >> there is more to that, i'm sure. coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", video eveveryone is talking about this morning, nfl star ray rice punching then fiancee in atlantic city casino elevator and knocking her out cold. live with added punishment he now faces. >> also, fire on magic mountain. see if firefighters were able to salvage the iconic 36 year old wooden roller coaster. >> and victoria and katie return, they've got your traffic and weather together on the 3's, looking liver outside, see the sky just starting to lighten up there. we're back in two minutes.
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who's more excited about back to school savings at staples? the moms? or the dads? with guaranteed low prices on flash drives, it's definitely the dads. staples. make more happen for less. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> baltimore ravens running back ray rice captured on video from inside hotel elevator pun hinge his then fiancee in the face. he has been release from the
6:31 am
his team, bands indefinately from the nfl. jan carabeo joins us now inside the cbs-3 sat center more on that fall out. jan? >> reporter: erika, the backlash against ray rice is manto mounting this morning. this has spark media fire storm with celebrities, fans, all weighing in. here is some of the fall out so far. ray rice is out as a ravens player. he's been suspended indefinately by the nfl. jerseys have been taken off of store shelves. you can't finds those jerseys on official sites either. all because of the video that has now surfaced providing insight into what exactly happened in that atlantic city elevatorment take a look of the the video provided by "tmz" sports. it shows rice getting into a confrontation with his then fiancee, jena palmer. the pair walked to an elevator at revel hotel and casino in atlantic city. once inside, rice appears to shove palmer. moments later, he hits her. knocking her out with a punch to the face. as the video continues, rice is seen dragging the woman
6:32 am
from the elevator, and then shows no immediate signs of trying to get help. now, palmer married rice just weeks after this february incident. and at first, the nfl only suspended rice for two games. but after seeing this video, coach harbaugh says that the ravens decided to release rice from his contract and the nfl changed course, as well, suspends suspending rice from the league indefinately. >> when someone that you care about does wrong, you know; fashioned with consequences of doing wrong, rightfully so, it is tough. it is hurtful. and then in my opinion it is for both of them as a couple. you know, in going forward, my hope is that they can make it work. >> now, the big question remains this morning, is who knew what and when. new "tmz" report, of course, "tmz" the organization that released this video, they report that the nfl never asked to see this video. we reached out to revel, spokesperson for the now closed casino says these people had copies, police,
6:33 am
prosecutors and rice's attorney. rice did not serve any time in jail for the february inches end. reporting live from the sat center, jan carabeo, "eyewitness news". >> widow of slain plymouth township police officer suing the gun dealer, who sold the weapon that killed her husband. officer brad fox killed by andrew thomas in 2012. as convicted fell on thomas paid this man, michael henry, to be his straw purchaser. officer fox as family suing inside firearms for selling the weapon that ultimately killed him and five others to henry. >> i can't stands the thought this person who brought this gun that killed my husband was able to purchase nine guns total in about 14 weeks. >> they were obvious indicate ores that this was a straw purchase, and in a the golds sold to henry was sold to criminal hands. >> serving 20 to 66 years for the straw purchases. they determine the gun dealer followed all federal and state requirements, in the sales and did not violate the law.
6:34 am
philadelphia mayor michael nutter will sign a revised version after bill to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana. the bill calls for a 25-dollar fine for people caught with less than an ounce of pot. 100-dollar fine, community service, for public consumption of marijuana. right now, just past 6:33, we want to get our traffic and weather together. kick things off with katie. good morning. >> hey shall everybody. you know, we are still looking at a relatively dreary day out there. and that is courtesy of area of low pressure essentially clipping our area. and this ends up being forecast as a result, that sort of splits the region in two. some of you might actually end up with little sunshine, many of you will be stuck in the clouds again today some spots also ends up with possibility of some steadier rain. we walk you through what's going on here, here is storm scan3 at the local level. clearly leading edge of cloud cover. all do you have do is zoom it out ever so slightly to see heavy rain. currently moving up sort of
6:35 am
creeping in from south to north across delmarva peninsula. eventually, i do think sussex county, delaware, especially, will very likely get clipped by that, as womenment looking at the rip countries being today, for one thing, a the love lifeguards are basically done. so many of the beaches are un manned with lifeguards, safety, so if you're going to go to the beach today, i highly suggest just staying on land. because there is a high risk for rip currents, coastal flood advisories posted, meanwhile, if you want any sun you have to go pretty far inland. barely make out sliver of it outsides kutztown area middle school. everyone stuck this is the clouds right now, around the region as a whole, best shot for rain, and the best place to maybe think about taking an umbrella with you, is down the shore. jess, over to you. >> thank you, katie. good morning, everyone, we will get outside right now to our cameras on 95 at cottman, where you can see, a pretty major incident going on here on the right-hand side of, disable bus, so headed northbound toward northeast philly see most of the delays, everyone really crawling on
6:36 am
by, squeezing on over out of the left, right hand shoulder and right hand lane. even consistent volume southbound side headed toward center city, as women. talcony palmyra bridge, scheduled for opening, currently in the process of doing, that so best bet for alternate there take the betsy ross to avoid any rest ill all delays, new jersey turnpike also headed northbound near exit eight earlier, was prefer justly closed but now just two lanes are block. your best bet for alternate there to get around that just take 130 to avoid that truck fire. and lansdale, earlier crash, actually, closed down, allentown road at reinert road. take tomlinson road to get around those closed lanes. >> jess, thank you. officially on royal baby watch as we told you yesterday morning, prince william and kate middletown announce they are expecting another baby. the dutch it of cambridge has been dealing with accute morning sickness, the news comes about 13 months after the birth of their first child, prince george. and this morning, we're hearing from both princes.
6:37 am
>> tricky few days, mostly thrilled, great news, early days, hoping just things -- she feels better. >> very great news. always great to see my brother suffer more, and a lucky girl. >> harry. the new baby boy or girl will be the fourth in line to the british thrown. oh, prince george, hard to believe he is one already. >> how about that? time flying. well the royal family does not have to wore bit financial i am application cast, most spec and the par don't. >> when you are expecting, cbs news business analyst, jill schlessinger, in new york for us, hi, jill, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. >> now, according to the government the cost of raising a child from birth to age 17 is nearly a quarter after million dollars. and that doesn't include college. how can that be? >> reporter: oh, my goodness, i know, sort of breathtaking. housing is the biggest expense that accounts for about 30% of the total. after that we get childcare,
6:38 am
education, transportation, food, clothing, healthcare, all of the stuff you really have to pay for when you have a kid. all of these categories add up. i don't know if this is good news or bad. but i broke it down to annual number, it is about 13 to 15,000 bucks a year. that still sound pretty high. >> that's a loft money. >> is that a lot of money compared to years past? how do we stack up? >> reporter: interesting. we look at $20,134. then i went back, the government goes back, how much did it cost to raise a kid in 1960? just under 200 grand. in other words, it was about 20% cheaper than in 2013. so the numbers have really gone up. why? because childcare and education have gone from 2% of total expenses back in 19606 all the way up to 18% in 2013. you know of course that makes a lot of sense, right, as more women return to the work force over the last five decades, they need a child care, in the past, they didn't need it.
6:39 am
healthcare also doubles from four to 8%. so all of these numbers add up. it is not upright picture. >> jill, if you're not a royal, what should you be doing to prepare for these costs in. >> you know there is gives me the chance to sneak in some real usable tips that you don't track your cash flow now is the time. then you have got list of extra expenses, those diapers, bottles, clothes, gear, who do they at add up? in the family planning stages, try to stock away enough cash to cover pregnancy costs and living expenses during maternity leave. you also want to really take a good long hard look at your health insurance, benefits, with new family member, you probably will need to increase your life insurance coverage, most families, are best served with term life insurance. i got a great website for you. everyone actually. but specially parents, planning to have kids. go to life you can plug in all of your particulars, and find out how much life insurance you should be buying. >> oh, that is a good one. >> doctor schlessinger, yes indeed.
6:40 am
thanks so much. appreciate you, thanks so much. >> take care. >> happening today. yep, it is that time again. philadelphia's eastern state penetentary will install its famous gargoyles on the prison walls. this is file video from last year. getting ready to r halloween when the old prison turns into america's premiere haunted house. in case their faces aren't frightening enough, the gargoyles blow smoke through through mouths, full moon, len enhance it, they fly over the city. looking at it in daylight, no big deal. moonlight though? >> moonlight. >> with smoke? oh! >> i'll r scared indeed. mystery virus affecting children all across the country sparking fears in our area. more than 1,000 children have already been sickened. and health officials are concerned about a wider outbreak. so what should we look for? up next, doctor jen is in the house to talk about symptoms and the best ways to prevent getting sick. >> plus we have new details about george clooney's upcoming wedding. we know when and where it is happening. and it is all from a very
6:41 am
reliable source, too. that's coming up. >> ♪ >> we under stands one direction makes announcement sure to please their fans. that's coming up next in the word. be right back. good morning.
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>> right now 6:43, our traffic and weather together. good morning, kate. >> i good morning, everybody. we start with nice wide nationwide map here. couple of features i want to
6:44 am
point out to you. some soaking rain through the four corners region, hearing the ne out that far area all morning. in addition, there is cold front actually, look at that, brought in some snow into calgary. and this is actually going to be a front that eventually messes with our forecast, meantime, area of low pressure trying to push out to sea, will clip our area, bring in more clouds than anything, but definitely couple of showersment look how cold it is, colds front, calgary 32 gross, way warmer, in the 60's, couple spots low 70s, couple spots in the 50's at this hour. very much location dependent n terms of the pollen reports, next couple of days, levels do start to climb. pretty low, all things considered, especially by comparison to recent weeks. ragweed, grasses, chenopod, still the big three, and still going to be the issue through the rest of this week. but again thankfully lower levels there. mid 70s at best today. all of those clouds really going to limit that warm that can take place. there will be couple of showers. not enough that you have to have an umbrella.
6:45 am
tomorrow, we all catch a break. some sun, warming up to 78, by thursday, especially thursday night, some stormy weather starts to move back in. jess, over to you. >> thank you, katie. good morning, everybody, just 6:45, problems out on 95, at cottman avenue. where disable bus is taking out the right shoulder, right hand lane, everybody squeezing on by, headed northbound toward northeast philly see a loft brakes lights there. pretty much the same story on opposite side. pretty much rush hour volume. headed southbound toward center city. so talcony palmyra bridge just closed. i thought we would catch the tail end of that. but it has just closed. so that's past on through, expect residual volume there. take the betsy ross bridge, if you have to head over to the talcony to avoid delays. new jersey turnpike, two right lanes block all the that the there, take route 130 to get on by. ukee, over to you. >> thank you, jess. developing story in today's headlines here on cbs-3. woman is in very critical condition, after she was shot in the arm and face. inside a home in queen village. police say her live in boyfriends is a person of
6:46 am
interest, in this case. also, baltimore ravens superstar, ray rice, has been released by the ravens, suspended by the nfl. newspaper video of rice's assault on his then fiancee surfaced yesterday. "tmz" reports the nfl never requested that video from atlantic sit's revel casino. >> apple is expected to announce new products this afternoon. some say they'll debut two new iphones and possibly a smart watch. >> we told you about the rare enterovirus affecting children in several midwest states. >> cdc continues to monitor this virus, what should parents look out for, what's the best way to keep it from spreading? family physician doctor jennifer on call with us this morning, good morning. >> so what are doctors this i is causing this vie us? >> this is enterovirus d68 is
6:47 am
a particular strain of a family of viruses called the enterovirus. this strain we think is a little bit more rare than some of the other strains. in fact, it was first identified in california back in 1962, but we just don't see it as much as we see some of the other strains. so, it is kind of interesting, in that respect, just more rare. >> why spreading so much now. >> tend to crop up in the summer and fall. that will might be why we're seeing this enterovirus d68 strain this time of year. dcc has a lot of great information on the website. one. things they say, because it is rare, we just don't actually have a lot of information about the virus, so still a loft things we don't know about it in terms of how it travels and when and why. >> you mention the words family watch should families and parents look out for? >> that's real great question. one of the things is as m you might have heard some of the cases of children that have had this condition had lots of wheezing, primary respiratory
6:48 am
illness, first of all, people should know. causes respiratory issues, sometimes wheezing, sometimes trouble breathing, things like, that specially in the cases that have already been identified. so, one of the big things here is actually prevention. that is virus. so, there is no antibiotic against it. we don't have antiviral. have to work to prevent it. tips for folks at home. real important first thing is to make sure that you wash your hands. we say this all the time. but it couldn't be said any more specially now. wash your hands with soap and water. >> not to disinfect? >> you can use hands san tides err, make sure it has enough of an alcohol content, but soap and water never does you wrong, okay? also, make sure to clean and disinfect touched surfaces, we think caused by nasal muse ac, coughing, sneezing, so disinfect things. avoid caring cups, eating ooh continues else with people who are sick and almost certainly when people are sick around you make sure you're not kissing and hugging and loving all over with close contact.
6:49 am
>> hearing some parents are concerned because it starts off like a cold and develops into this. what do you look for specifically if your kid is home with a cold? >> couple of things i think parents should be on the look-out. first if your child as family doctor, this is the way i always think, if your child has underlying medical conditions, or is immuno compromised, has weakened, or has underlying severe asthma, you should always kind of be on the look-out, no matter what. okay? but, with this particular illness it, seems like different people respond differently. yep, the reported cases of some people having mild symptoms, but then there are these cases where children end up in the icu. i think the best words of advice is if you get worried, i always say this to my patient, if you're worried i'm probably worried. be sure to get your child checked out. get your questions answered. make sure to seek medical care. >> good estimate thanks, doctor. anything forehead cold in that black snag. >> not today. >> i'll be back. >> okay. >> thanks, doctor, appreciate t right now 6:49. let's see what's coming up on cbs this morning. >> morning, nora.
6:50 am
>> good morning, ukee, erika. major fall out after the video surfaced showing ray rice punching his then fiancee. well, nfl today's james brown, and nfl analyst amy track will join us about talk whether the nfl should have known more about this. patriots owner will be here in studio 57. as well. us news and world report out with its highly anticipated list of the best colleges in the country. the editor is here to explain how those decisions are made. then did you hear about the new research that shows having children hurts women's carreers? but it helps fathers? we'll dig into. that will news is back in the morning. see you? just about ten minutes. >> how about that? >> thanks, nor a talk to you later. >> cbs names new name to take over for craig ferguson. british comedian james will fill ferguson's slot at 12:35 every night here on cbs-3.
6:51 am
cbs-3 relatively unknown, but huge star in england. he's even won a tony l start sometime next year. now, ferguson has already tweeted his support for corden writing congratulations to the spec tackily talented james corden. will take over the late late show after me. great choice. i hartley endorse and and i am - approve. >> wedding bells will soon ring for george clooney and his fiancee. reports he may have given away some details at recent gala in florence, italy. fifty-three year old actor saidel marry his lovely bride in a few weeks in venice, same place clooney met the london lawyer. couple got engaged earlier this year, this will be clooney's second marriage. >> now a guiness word record holds err! the actress earned the title for the highest grossing action movie heroin for her role in hunger games. both films brought in more than $1.5 billion world-wide,
6:52 am
that's just two of movies, there are three books, good news for fans, production underway for movie final installment due out next year. >> q the screaming diehard fans. one direction unveiled new song and announced release date for upcoming albumn. group's new track called fireproof. it is from their fourth studio albumn appropriately called four due out november 7th. the band's last albumn midnight memories released back in 2013. and they are working hard. >> working very hard, just here not too long ago. >> and such loyayal fans, too. >> they do. no doubt. we'll be right back. first a look at what's coming up tonight here on cbs-3. back in a bit.
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
what used to be the tal he he is and fastest roller coaster in the world. check out the scene high above the roller coaster at magic mountain near los angeles yesterday. no one hurt. the amusement park closed at the time. the olds wood ride was retired last month to make room for modernized coaster set to debut next spring. all right, let's get traffic and weather together. right now, katie, good morning. >> good morning, a loft times picture can be worth a thousand words. that's deftly the case here with our weather pattern today. very quickly, look at the rough surf, end waves kicking in. stiff breeze outside of beach patrol headquarters, not much wet weather to speak every just yet. that may change with time. minimum, at least mist at the
6:56 am
shore, further inland in philadelphia, yes, i think dodging shower here and there. but not a wash out. rather more cloudy than anything. that will keep the temperatures back at best to the mid 70s today. jess? >> , that, good morning, just 6:56. another problem spot on 95, just approaching cottman. so you can see, disable vehicle over to the left-hand side right here. so headed northbound toward northeast philly see most of those delays, and even some added volume headed southbound toward center city, back over to you. >> thank you, well, by now everyone is back in school. >> oh, yes. having so much fun with all of those back to school pictures, too, we have one more we want to show youment check out emma, and we're told that's the critter at the evans elementary school in marlton, new jersey, oh, what a big smile on emma's face, just adorable, and fun way to kick off the new school year, too, having moss caught out there to greet people. >> that's big old critter right there. >> yes, it is. >> my goodness >> snack and shower push tubing, cbs-3 morning.
6:57 am
>> next on cbs this morning, breaking barriers on broadway, meet the first african-americans cast as the phantom of the opera. >> to continue followiwing your local news traffic and sports, keeping it live, keeping it local on the "cw philly". morning, family, hope to see now bit. take care. anncr: hampton knows it's yvideoconferenceanof the. hi! hi, buddy! anncr: that's why the wifi and free hot breakfast are something to smile about. and good reasons to book now. feel the hamptonality
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♪ good morning. it is tuesday, september 9th, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." the nfl under fire for its handling of the ray rice incident. the story even the white house says is bigger than football. deadly flooding sweeps across the southwest. and a crucial test for apple. can today's big reveal silence the skeptics? >> but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> there was a failure at our level. >> somebody who hits a woman like that belongs in jail. the nfl suspended ray rice indefinitely. >> after video surfaced