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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  September 15, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning. it is monday, september 15th, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." terrorists execute another hostage. will arab countries join the fight against isis? two more nfl stars are sidelined over domestic violence charges. and apple's ceo tim cook tells charlie what makes his company different when it comes to your personal inform joogs but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> are they a threat to our national security? >> no question that they're a threat to our national security. >> the world looks for a path forward against isis threats.
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>> john kerry is at an international conference. >> this president needs to rise to the occasion before we all get killed back here at home. >> in the west wildfires triggering evacuations and threatening structures. >> and the full fury of hurricane odile has vowed to land on the baja peninsula. >> this will be the biggest hurricane they have seen. >> i don't care what it is, take them off the dang field. >> the panthers benched greg hardy who's fighting a domestic violence conviction. >> adrian peterson spanked his son with branch. >> this is a 4-year-old boy, for god's sake. >> she admitted she has 2016 on her mind. >> it is true i am thinking about it. >> a hollywood actress stopped and handcuffed. >> she's convinced she was
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arrested and taken for a prostitution because she's black and her boyfriend is white. >> a chainsaw accident nearly cost him his hand. >> the new miss america -- it's a three-peat -- miss new york. >> one-handed grab by brandon marshall. >> the chicago bears spoil the night for the san francisco 49ers. >> and all that matters. >> they'll decide this week if they will break way from the united kingdom. >> -- on "cbs this morning." >> prince harry turns 30. he celebrated at the invictus games. >> from the front to the back, one, two, three, go. i always wanted to do that. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs
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welcome to "cbs this morning." dozens of countries now say isis is a threat they cannot ignore. representatives from those nations are in france this morning to discuss a response. some arab countries are even offering to take part in military action. >> today's meeting comes after another western citizen was beheaded at the hands of isis. the video this week shows the execution of british worker david haines. elizabeth palmer is in london where the video spread widespread outrage. good morning. >> reporter: yes. the video over the weekend gave fresh momentum to the conference in paris this morning and to the u.s.-led effort to form an international alliance against isis. secretary john kerry will lead the american delegation at this meeting. another key leader. iraq's president.
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success dpepsd on getting muslim countries to join any annie-isis fight. not only was david haines a british citizen but his executioner, the same man who appeared with steven sotloff and james foley is also thought to be british. james cameron wants to confront the threat of isis. >> islam is for peace. they're not muslims, they're monsters. >> reporter: about 500 british men and even some women have fought with isis. david haines' brother read from a letter, isis is posing a direct threat to the world and to religion. >> we're seeing it more andmore in every walk of life. it is not a race or religious or
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ethical issue. it is a human issue. >> reporter: he had gone to syria to help as an aid worker. in their latest video isis said they'd kill again. another british aid worker, lain henning. and as a horrified world has now learned, they mean it. that conference in paris has already produced some action. the french government has asked for and received permission from the iraqi government to overfly isis territory with fighter jets to help prepare for more air strikes. charlie? >> elizabeth, thanks. president obama said no american combat groups will be used on the ground to defeat isis. republican senator lindsey graham slammed that during an interview on sunday. >> this is a political war we're fighting. we're fighting a terrorist army, not an organization. it's going to take an army to beat an army and this idea will never have boots on the ground to beat them in syria. it's fantasy. >> cbs news security contributor
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mike morell, former deputy director. good morning. >> good morning, charlie. >> you heard what lindsey graham said. is he right? >> charlie, there's an old joke about intelligence officers being the skunk at the garden party and that's what i'm going to be this morning for everyone. i think it's wrong to say that we'll never need ground troops in syria, and i also think it's wrong to say that we'll absolutely need them. we just don't know yet. let's see how this strategy works out of using the moderate opposition in syria as our army and then change down the road if necessary. >> so what do you make of the transaction what took place in paris and what that may do to the war effort? >> so i think the fact that the arab states are standing up and saying that they're going to be involved is incredibly important here. it's incredibly important mostly
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politically because if the arab states are involved with air strikes and are involved in other way, enthen isis cannot claim that this is a christian war against islam, and that's very important. same role the arabs played in libya, and it had the same effect. >> mike, do you think it will be a significant military contribution by the arab states or is this more of a political signal? >> so i think for some states, their participation will be significant because they have significant capabilities, but i think the most important point here is political. i think in terms of effective ps, norah, the most effective help they can give us is through intelligence, helping us penetrate isis so we understand what the group is all about and so we can find the leadership and remove them from the battlefield. >> do you think isis are the most dangerous group that threaten the region and the world? >> charlie, that is great question.
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our focus right now as a nation, our focus as a world is on isis, but we have to remember that there are three other groups out there that i believe pose an even greater threat to the united states. el neutra in syria, can't forget about them. al qaeda in pakistan which still poses a threat and probably the group that poses the greatest threat is al qaeda in yemen. we need to stay focus on all of these groups even after we go after isis. >> mike, thanks so much. thrn mooing thousands of tourists are riding out the strongest hurricane in mexico. hurricane odile had top winds of 120 miles an hour. the storm weakened slightly but remains a category 3. odile is expected to move through the baja, california, peninsula tomorrow. some places could get up to 18 inches of rain. vacationers were stuck in hot
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conditions after the power went out. many hotels put them together in crowded stuffy safe rooms. >> meanwhile two raging wildfires in california forced more than a thousand residents to evacuate. the worst fire started sunday in a popular resort area near yosemite national park. the flames damaged or destroyed 21 buildings. further north the rapidly spreading cain fire has burned 21 homes. hot temperatures, drought conditions, and strong winds are fueling both fires. >> this morning, rice attended a game at his former high school in new york city. it was the first public appearance since his coach sidelined him indefinitely. jan crawford is in washington with a controversy dominating
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pro football. good morning. >> it provides for a minimum six-game suspension for the first domestic violence offense. of course, the league took a more severe stance when it banned ray rice indefinitely, and on sunday that policy played out in two very different ways. just hours before kickoff, the carolina panthers deactivated defensive end greg hardy, two months after he was convicted of assaulting and threatening his ex-girlfriend. coach ron rivera said he made the call right before the game. >> i made the decision this morning. it was my decision. >> in july a north carolina judge sentenced hardy to 18 months' probation and a 60-day suspended sentence. hardy says he's innocent and is appealing. but on the west coast, it was a different scenario. 49ers' defensive lineman ray mcdonald took the field in san francisco. >> mcdonald is there to make the tackle. >> even though he's under
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investigation for an alleged domestic violence incident. >> there's been 14 incidents of violence in the nfl in the last two years. there will be more and more cases and each one will be based individually. >> the ground swell toward the criticism between the nfl and commissioner good yell overflowed on sunday. >> are we supposed to simply separate the game on the field and violent acts off the field? and if we do, what message does that send? >> before the game one women's rights group sent what they hope was a clear message. they flew banners over cleveland and new jersey demanding that goodell resign. >> we'd like to see the nfl first and foremost put in place the policies. people need to know that there are serious ramifications for abusing women. >> now, roger goodell was expected to be at that 49ers game on sunday night. he usually appears at the
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opening of a new stadium, but he was not at that game. charlie? >> jan, thanks. another ffl star miss add game sunday because of child abuse. allegations against him. vikings' adrian peterson is accused of whipping his 4-year-old son with a tree brans. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. although he plays in minneapolis, he has a home in texas. he has been charged with a felony and if convicted could face up to two years in prison. the minnesota vikings were without one of their key weapons on sunday. >> the one thing you don't have is the home run ability that peterson brings. >> reporter: former nfl mvp and player peterson was deactivated. before sunday his case is a hot
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topic. >> i'm from the south. we do it all the time. every parnent in the south whip. >> he was indicted by a grand jury thursday. >> parents are entitled to discipline their children as they see fit except when the discipline seem as what the community sees as unreasonable. >> nick wright has interviewed to the voluntary interview peterson gave to police. during a visit to peterson's home last may the boy apparently pushed a sib ing off a video game ride. >> and that's what prompted peterson to take his son outside, take down his pants and underwear and removed a switch interest the tree and estimates he hit the boy 10 to 15 times. >> reporter: the boy lived with
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his mother in minnesota. >> the boy said at times he had leaves put in his mother. the boy's mother said he described to her that daddy has, quote, a whipping room and a lot of belts. >> reporter: peterson also reportedly sent text messages to the boy's mother ak phenomenaling the incident. >> this is paraphrasing. you're going to be mad at me. i got him once good on the leg. >> reporter: peterson's lawier said he was merely administering the kind of discipline he received as a child. he never meant to harm his son and deeply regrets the unintentional injury, hardy said, peterson was released on a $15,000 bond. the vikings are expected to face his deactivation this week. could face a minimum six-game suspension under the nfl's new tougher domestic violence policy. >> thanks. we'll ask the cbs sports analyst about the domestic violence
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uproar and the league's response. that's ahead on "cbs this morning." a rare childhood illness that's already sent dozens of kids to the hospital has reached the heavily populated northeast. the enterovirus d-68 is confirmed in eight states. health officials suspect it's spreading to other areas. doctor, good morning. >> good morning to you. >> how concerned are you on how quickly this virus is spreading? >> it's spreading very, very quickly. children coming back to school within a class space on top of each other provides a wonderful environment for this to spread. it looks like it's moving into new england. we'll see if it even covers more of the south in the next week or so. >> the virus is rare and not too much is known about it. what concerns you? >> well, what concerns us is we don't know that much about the
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virus, but fortunately, although it makes a lot of children sick with fever and covering and sneezing and the like. a few of them have to be admitted to the hospital because they're having trouble breathing, and it can also cause as ma attacks. fortunately no children has died. >> i assume there are symptoms you should look for. what else should you look for in terms of your child? >> high fever, difficulty breathing, a child with a rash. that's this virus's picture. and if your child obviously is having some trouble breathing or you've had an as mthma attack, bring them to the doctor. >> dr. schaffner, thank you so much. >> thanks, charlie. hillary clinton returned to iowa. she and her husband attended a democratic gathering and people want to know if she's running for 2016.
7:17 am
nancy cordes was there. she joins us from the state capitol. nancy, good morning. >> good morning. it's not just that hillary clinton came here to iowa for the first important all-american caucuses. it's that the harkin tradition has a tradition of launching democratic campaigns. >> hello, iowa. i'm baaa-ck. >> a cheerful but koyie hillary clinton took center stage at a jam-packed attraction that had the signs of a campaign stochp . >> it is true. i am thinking about it. but for today, that is not why i'm here. i'm here for the steak.
7:18 am
>> the last time she came for the steak was in 2007 when she was running. >> good afternoon, iowa. >> her top five democratic opponents were there too, including then senator barack obama. at this year's event everyone treated her like a candidate from the supporters on the rope line to the dozens of volunteers who flew in to hand out buttons and signs in this key caucus state. >> does this whet your appetite for another campaign? >> oh, we're just here today to support democrats. >> iowa was supposed to be the state that cemented clinton's front-runner status in 2008. instead she came in a surprise third and her campaign fully never recover. in her book she called that loss excruciating which may help explain why she hasn't been back to iowa until now. >> it's really great to be back. let's not let another seven years go by. thank you all very much.
7:19 am
>> clinton is not the only potential candidate who is here courting iowan 16 months before the caucuses. vice president joe biden who is also mulling a run will be in iowa later this week. and guess what, norah and charlie, he hosted the harkin steak fry last year. >> thank you. >> it's clear she's paying more attention than in 2008. >> it's extraordinary to think it's been seven years since she was in iowa. >> lots of republicans. >> they didn't talk to the press. both clintons were there. they were flipping steak. they were both there. clinton was flipping a vegan burger. is rand paul
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>> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by kyocera, total document solutions from kyocera.
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she has a world-class reputation for saving lives. >> but this morning a leading breast cancer doctor goes on trial. ahead, how she's accused of poisoning a colleague. >> the news is back in the morning on "cbs this morning." stay tuned for your local news. ♪ in the nation... the safest feature in your car is you. add vanishing deductible from nationwide insurance and get $100 off for every year of safe driving. which for you, shouldn't be a problem. just another way we put members first because we don't have shareholders. join the nation. ♪ nationwide is on your side fun and flirty fashions,uture!
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>> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning, everyone, i'm ukee washington. we start with katie and get the forecast. good morning. >> ukee, this is about as quiet as it gets. nice clear sky out, there but it is chilly, because of that, it is sort of one of those indirect impacts, that takes place, when you have got real nice weather and quiet conditions at this time of year specially. so under clear sky, temperatures dip readily into the 40's, even 30's couple of spots. storm scan3 totally empty here today. we are going to chance to rebounds. with the full sunshine, expect high of 57, just shy by handful of degrees below seasonable. sixty-two the expected low. will be cold front rolling through the area, but very wimpy. nothing more than a shower, and we should see the sun across the board here, as early as lunchtime tomorrow.
7:27 am
vittoria? >> thank you, nothing whimpy about this commute, pack ago punch. if you are traveling on 95, commuting southbound into the city, schuylkill expressway within your western suburbs, 422 headed down toward dollars 202 area, yes, it is but i. we take a look southbound 476 ridge pike, bit of fender bender on the shoulder. good news on the shoulder. bad news folks are slowing down regardless. eight on the schuylkill, 17 on 95, 33 traveling on 476, and also, keep in mind, traveling the roosevelt boulevard southbound at cottman avenue, an accident out there, so be mindful of that if that's where you are headed, ukee? >> thank you, next un date at 7:55, up next on cbs this morning, conversation with kentucky senator ran paul. we're keeping it little, keeping it local on
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jones damaged some pretty expensive equipment. the robo cam is out of commission. >> adam jones of the orioles sent this foul ball straight back into the camera lens in baltimore. the broadcasters joked about sending him bill. >> i think he'll be okay. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, l.a. police handcuff an actress after they find her in a car kissing her boyfriend. she was in the movie "django unchained." this morning we'll tell you what she's saying about the officers' conduct. plus a highly respected doctor goes on trial this
7:31 am
morning. she's accused of poisoning a colleague in houston. we'll show you. that's ahead. a california man faces six years of hard labor in north korea. he was sentenced to six years due to hostile acts. miller's one of three americans imprisoned there. "the wall street journal" says president obama is facing a bigger threat. the president announces during a visit to the cdc tomorrow in atlanta, he's expected to send more supplies to west africa to contain the disease. the outbreak has killed more than 100 people. he nearly cut his hand off with a hand saw. he was trimming trees and it slipped.
7:32 am
he said at least i still have it. he can still play tennis. on the secret book of rules, it covers office assignments for new senators. those who serve in the house get preference over former governors and they get 11 million sheets of blank paper a year. west virginia get less than $2 million because it's a smaller state. the sudden advancement is forcing officials around iraq to rethink their abuse of the middle east. one prominent american taking a look is senator rand paul from kentucky. he's with us now. >> good morning. >> tell us how you have changed your views? >> i think the interesting thing is that as world events change, obviously you change your analysis. five years ago isis wasn't a threat. i did say as much as two or three years ago it was a threat to give arms to them in syria. so i think had the president had his way or had hillary clinton had her way, we may well have
7:33 am
had isis in charge in damascus now because they've been arming and creating a safe haven for them. as it is now, i think they're more of a threat because of the armed islamists in syria. >> have you changed your views on aid to israel? >> excuse me? >> have you changed your views on aid to israel? >> i've always said don't give aid to give to anyone if we don't have it. but i've a also aid said as begin to pare down, why don't we start with the countries burning our flag. i'd take the same position that netanyahu has taken about foreign aid, that even israel should one day be independent of it. >> the "washington pot" has a piece call your evolving views on policy interest and pointed out in june when asked about air
7:34 am
strikes against isis, you said i'm not sure where the clear-cut american interest isset and now you're criticizing the president saying he should have acted more diseasishly and now you support. r it. let many ask you, what is the clear cut? >> what i have said is the president is required by the constitution to come to congress. so since the beginning of my public life, i've always said congress declares war, not the president. it's the president who's changed his position. back when he ran for office he said no president should unilaterally go to war without the consent and authority of congress. i still maintain that view and always have maintain thad view. >> back to norah's question about it. you described yourself as an isolationist. they call you a real list. how do you see it? >> they say you're changed. you're no longer an isolationist, you're on two siesd of the issue.
7:35 am
all i've been sayingcy i'm not an isolationist. i've looked at every incident whether we need to be involved. i look at it reluctantly. i don't want to be involved in war. i am like most americans. i am influenced by the beheadings of americans and now a british journalist. i think it's going to unite the world against isis. but i have steadfastly been against hillary clinton and president obama's plan in syria. >> even though some argue that it might have prevented isis becoming what it is now. >> they're absolutely wrong. for example, had we bombed syria last yearing had the president actually got what he wanted and what hillary clinton wanted and to bomb the heck out of assad, my guess is isis would now be in damascus. >> the issue was not bombing. the issue was whether they should support the pre-syrian forces in syria and if so, they would have been likely for isis
7:36 am
to get as strong as it got. >> actually, charlie, the issue was both bombing assad and arming the rebels. 've been doing both at the behest of hillary clinton and president obama. i would say one of the insightful piece of news i got last weekend is some so-called moderate rebels have signed a cease-fire with isis. really their enmihm is assad, so they don't care what isis does. most of the arms we've given to them has wound up in the hands of isis or we miss takingly give it to the radicals. it's made our problem much more difficult. >> do you want to be defined within your party as a different kind of republican? because you have suggested to some iowan that perhaps the party was stressing only some
7:37 am
issues, same-sex marriage which you had morals on. >> i want to reach out to new people we haven't been reaching out to. i frankly think we are the party of voting rights, we're the party of the billing rights and emancipation that we should be the party reaching out to the african-american public saying, hey, give us another chance. many of the libertarian issues are saying, you know what, your government should always allow you do have a trial or a lawier. these things are important whether you've ever been a nigh north, whether it's an ideological one or racial one that we need protections against an overzealous government and i think lit resonate as we take it to new communities. >> how close are you to announcing you're going to run? that e've been the iowa a couple of times and new hampshire. i'm going to continue to travel to grow the party to whip.
7:38 am
i'm going to continue to go to place others haven't gone. even been to howard, urban league, berkeley, of all places. >> so you've been to a lot of places. how close are you announcing that you want to run? >> next season we'll make our decision. >> good to see you. >> thank you. an actress who appeared in the movie django unchained was humiliated as she was handcuffed by police. watts said the two of them were kissing inside the car when the police arrived. they mistook her as a prostit e prostitute. watts was released after they identified her and determined no crime had been committed. >> they publicly humiliate me, sit me on the sidewalk, find they have nothing on me, and they realize they have to let me go because i'm not bad person and i haven't done anything wrong.
7:39 am
>> in a statement, the l.a.p.d. says it's launching an internal investigation into the complaint. there had been a complaint of indecent exposure and so they came and she said automatically assumed she was a prostitute. the shot of her in handcuffs is very, very disturbing. >> absolutely. we don't know all the background. >> somebody jumped to conclusions. a top doctor is accused of poisoning her boyfriend and co-worker. prosecutors say she bragged about it in phone calls. that's next. tomorrow, a team of western scientists who gained unprecedented access to north korea. find out why they're studying that isolated volcano. that's tomorrow on "cbs this morning."
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in houston, a leading breast cancer specialist is going on
7:44 am
trial in case that reads like a summer beach novel. dr. ana marie gonzalez-angulo is accused of giving her lover two cups. >> she will find herself in a courtroom this morning. a jury of seven women and five men will begin hearing her case and eventually decide her fate. as one of northeast respected oncologists in the world, ana maria gonzalez-angulo received plenty of praise for her work. the susan g. komen foundation profiled her in this 2012 video. >> one of my aunts died of lung kanger when i was 10, so that's when i made the decision this is what i wanted to co. >> reporter: but this morning the prosecutors is going to allege that she tried to poison
7:45 am
a doctor when their casual sexual relationship went sower. she's accuse of lacing his coffee with ethylene glycol, a colorless odorless chemical found in antifreeze and widely found at the cancer center where both doctors work. according to court documents she made bloom enshine the coffee at her apartment. when he said it tasted sweet and liked it black, she told him it was just splenda. four hours later he began experiencing slurred speech. he survived but suffered severe kidney damage. gonzalez-angulo has pleaded not guilty. they reportedly said they had secretly reported her on the phone bralging she had people
7:46 am
assassinated before and she takes care of things the colombian ways in a statement her attorney told "cbs this morning" dr. gonzalez has been accused of something she did not do. the first priority is making sure the jury has the evidence to see that. the trier is expected to last two weeks. both are still employed by m.d. anderson, although the hospital tells "cbs this morning" the trier is not about m.d. anderson. it's related to personal matters between people who just happen to work there i want to know what he did that prompted her to poison him. susan, this sounds like a "48 hours." >> what do you imagine he might have done? >> he said i'm no longer interested, i'm guessing, in this casual sexual relationship and she was clearly hooked. we were saying smart people do really dumb things when they're in love. >> they're smart people. allegedly. >> allegedly. a little splenda with your
7:47 am
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7:52 am
that somebody cared enough to save it. >> it's like, wow, it's great that, one, the photo was brought back to fred, and, two, that everyone in the photo is alive. it's pretty awesome there's something positive on such a horrible sort of event. >> you're right, christine. the bride hopes to meet the woman who held onto the photo all these years. martha stewart's words for gwyneth paltrow. that's ahead on "cbs this morning." alka-seltzer plus night rushes relief to eight symptoms of a full blown cold including your stuffy nose. (breath of relief) oh, what a relief it is. thanks. anytime. [ male announcer ] with nearly 7 million investors... oh hey, neill, how are you? [ male announcer ]'d expect us to have a highly skilled call center. kevin, neill holley's on line one. ok, great. [ male announcer ] and we do. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. horrible sort of event. ® healthy white™. it not only safely whitens teeth,
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old el paso says... start somewhere fresh >> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning, everyone, i'm natasha brown. we send it right over to the eyewitness weather forecast with meteorologist, katie fehlinger. hey, katie. >> good morning, very happy monday being sent your way. and i tell you what, if you liked yesterday's weather you'll love today, too. little cool at the onset. i give that you. we've had some fog issues and couple of choice locations sort of the usual suspects, but storm scan3, totally empty, and much of the week is going to look much the same on storm scan. beautiful sunshine out there, but it is cool, in kutztown, 40's, just changing before your very eyes, 45 degrees currently, you could see the fog settling in the distance there, but now that the sun has been up for, what, about an hour and a half, it is having chance to sort of mix out any of the low-lying cloud cover. everywhere else, expect that
7:57 am
sun in philly, specifically, 75, today. vittoria, over to you. >> thank you, with all of that gorgeous weather, we do have sun glare, looking at the ben franklin bridge, making the commute from jersey into pa will be a squeeze, we have westbound construction blocking right hand lane. and, again, delays as a result of not only rush hour, but sun glare making things worse. seven on the schuylkill expressway, delays within your western suburbs, also, approaching the vine st. expressway, 17 traveling on 95, 17 traveling on 476, and watch out for this accident in new jersey, the black horse pike in over sham road. natasha? >> thank you, vet tore y next update at 8:25, up next, how pope francis made history t this weekend, for more local news weather and traffic, continue to watch us on the "cw
7:58 am
ring ring! progresso! you soup people have my kids loving vegetables. well vegetables... shh! taste better in our savory broth. vegetables!? no...soup! oh! soup! loaded with vegetables. packed with taste. you say avocado old el paso says... zesty chicken and avocado tacos in our stand 'n stuff (record scratch) you say stand n' stuff tortillas old el paso says... start somewhere fresh
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8:00 am
it is monday, september 15th, 2014. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead, including bill cowher of cbs sports. the former steelers coach looks at the nfl's domestic violence problem and how to fix it. but here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> they'll form around international alliance against isis. >> i think it's wrong to say we'll never need ground troops in syria and i also think it's wrong to say we'll absolutely need them. we just don't know yet. let's see how this strategy works out. >> hurricane odile made landfall
8:01 am
with top winds of 125 miles an hour. >> meanwhile two raging wildfires in california forced more than 2 thousand residents to evacuate. >> the official policy was adopted last month and on sunday that policy played out in two very different ways. >> peterson has been charged with a felony and if convicted could face up to two years in prison. >> children coming back to school provides a wonderful environmental for this respiratory virus to spread. >> you're described as an isolationist but those close you do say, nope, you're a real list. how do you see this? >> they say, you changed, you're no longer an isolationist. you're now on two sides of the issue. all i've been saying all my life is i'm not an isolationist. >> smart people do dumb things. >> smart people. allegedly. >> allegedly.
8:02 am
>> charlie, a little splenda with your coffee? >> i never churn anybody disabled. charlie rose along with norah o'donnell and gayle king. the united states is pushing more countries including arab nations to join the fight against the terror group. >> now, the meeting comes after isis released another murderous video. this weekend it shows the beheading of a british aid worker david haines. prime minister david cameron says they will hunt down his killers. >> the ray rice suspension and paccusations against other players like adrian peterson dominated the pregame show sthoos that guy should never be on the field again and i don't want to hear how he grew up, what he learned. this was a whipping of a 4-year-old boy, for god's sake. >> the parents thought they're the role models. we really don't know these guys. you see them on television.
8:03 am
in fairness, we never brag about the good guys. when a jock makes a mistake, we make him the poster child. >> whether you like it or not, kids are looking up to you, looking up and emulating you. to me there's a responsibility that goes with that, that you're on that platform. >> last word there came from bill cowher of cbs sports. he was the steelers head coach for 16 years. he lead them to a super bowl title in 26 years. this season bill cowher adds "thursday night football" to his duties. good morning. >> good morning, norah. >> interesting discussion as more players caught up in this ray rice wake if you will. really should football players be role models? >> you are, norah. it's not a choice. there's an obligation that goes with that. it's not for everybody. said before, should you be held to a higher standard, yes, because that's who people are looking up to. >> why hasn't the nfl or coaches held their players to a hire
8:04 am
standard? >> i think unfortunately that's been the case. there's been a lot of inconsist senncy. ly say this, ray rice, yand peterson, you're getting desired results. that is the only deterrent you're going have to these players. >> i want to come back to the question that's very important but also these questions that are on the table. should roger goodell will resign and do you think he will? >> i think robert mueller was hired as an investigative reporter and you have two owners in john mara and art rooney. they've gone through three commissioners. they will put the nfl first. i think we've got to find out exactly what they find in this report to see then what the appropriate action would be. >> in a court of public opinion, mr. goodell isn't fairing so well. based on what you need with the league, the player, the coaches, the owners, what are you hearing and how can it be an independent investigation if they're paying for it? >> you know, robert mueller's
8:05 am
reputation is at stake at first. again, you look at the owners. they're going to have their connection to a lost people because they're very prominent people. but, again, you're taking two family-based owners who have the nfl in the forefront of what they think is going to be done best. i'm not concerned about that. to me the bottom line is let's make sure we get some kind of uniform guidelines because that's what's missing in the nfl. >> can we talk about today's news which is ray rice plans to appeal the suspension to the nfl players' association. here's what i found interesting in reading what goodell said in response to the nfl p.a. he says the video show s starkingly different things than what you represent. again, the same point he made to us, that ray rice and his
8:06 am
representatives miss represent what happened on that video. then, again, we learn, no, ray rice told the commissioner, no, i hit her, i hit her in the face. which is it? >> again, it goes to int interpretati interpretation. when you have any kind of indictment, we need to take the players off the field, find out -- >> when they're accused? >> only an indictment. ray mcdonald was not indict. he played with san francisco last night. you've got adrian peterson, ray rice. they were indicted. take them off the field. then if there is kuhn vikz, put the appropriate suspension to that. take them off the field and still pay them. you're going to have to have collaboration between the n nfl p.a. and get this done. >> if you erie deactivated you're still paid, correct? >> unless you're suspended, yes. >> there's a teaching moment that the nfl and america have to be much, much more aware how much domestic violence there, is whether it's a child, a wife, or
8:07 am
simply a woman -- >> you know, charlie, i woke up this morning through these circumstances but it's having an effect. if i'm a player with the nfl world, i'm going to think twice about what i do. we're in a transparent world. we can't do even what i did back when i was player in the national football league. you have to be careful where you go and who you're seen with. it's a privilege. if you can't give that up, it's not for everybody, get another job. if you're coming into the national football league, accept the responsibilities that go with it. you're a role model never #matter what they say because that's the platform you're on. >> bill cowher, thank you so much. >> thanks for having me here. >> you should note "thursday night football" is on cbs. tim cook is putting his mark
8:08 am
on apple and opening up more about the country. we talked about apple's new products and the growing issue of user prove sichlt he said google is apple's direct competitor and he said the search giant is different because of the way it collects consumer data. >> we've taken a very different view of this than a lot of different companies have. our view is when we design a new service, we try not to collect data. so we another reading your e-mail. we're not reading your imessage. if the government laid a s&p on us to get your imessage, we can't provide it. it's encrypted right on the key. so it's sort of -- the door is closed. >> yeah. >> but our business, charlie, is based on selling these. our business is not based on having information about you. you're not our product.
8:09 am
our product is -- are these and this watch and macs and so forth. and so we run a very different company. i think everyone has to ask how do companies make their money. follow the money. and if they're making money mainly by collecting gobs of personal data, i think you have a right to be worried and you should -- you should really understand what's happening with that data, and the companies, i think, should be very transparent about it. from our point of view, you can see what we orr doing on the credit card thing. we don't want it. we're not in that business. i'm offended by lots of it. and so, you know, i think people have a right to privacy. so i -- and i think that's going to be a very key
8:10 am
next year or so and will reach higher and higher levels of urgency as more is accidents happen. >> you can see the rest of that interview with tim cook tonight on my pbs program. >> i already set my recorder. bile sleeping but i set my recorder. martha stewart wrote a lifestyle empire. now she's fending off her rivals. the story behinind her very pointed
8:11 am
this morning the workers are covering the national mall with 200 tons of sand and 800 on thes of dirt. find out why they're transforming one of washington's landmarks. that's ahead on "cbs this morning."
8:12 am
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call the verizon center for customers with disabil mmm ring ring! ring ring! progresso! wow soup people, i can't believe i'm eating bacon and rich creamy cheese before my sister's wedding. well it's only 100 calories, so you'll be ready for that dress. uh-huh...that's what i'm afraid of. you don't love the dress? i love my sister. 40 flavors. 100 calories or less. martha stewart is taking off those oven mitts and she's putting on the boxing gloves. her target is a new batch of celebrity-style gurus. as michelle phillips reports
8:16 am
martha stewart had tough words for an oscar-winning actress. good morning. >> she's at it again. the 73-year-old is in battle to maintain her status. >> i love doing home decorating projects. this is a really great thing to do. >> reporter: martha stewart runs a multi-million-dollar empire. >> always start with a loud sizzle. >> reporter: for decades she's been the queen bee of do it yourself but now she's defending her crown. in the september issue of "porter" magazine stewart took a not-so-subtle swipe at gwyneth paltrow and her website goop. she said, quote, she just needs to be quiet. she's a movie star. if she were confident in her acting, she wouldn't be trying to be martha stewart.
8:17 am
the award-winning actress earned an oscar and globe for shakespeare. paltrow launched goop in the fall 20068. like stewart she sells products for the home. her mission to sell all of life's positives. stewart's empire of magazines and shows towers over paltrow's, which is mainly online but the web is where martha stewart is looking to expand. >> it's interesting timing to hear from martha right now. her company has had its head down for the last nine months. she needs to make sure she can squash some of the competition in the digital space because that's where the growth is. >> reporter: the lifestyle business is blooming. actresses like blake lively and reese witherspoon are also
8:18 am
hopping on board. but martha has her own. >> she has a farm system called mini marthas developing beneath her. just because she might be nearing the age where she may be ready to step aside doesn't mean she's going to seed that ground for somebody else. >> martha stewart clearly wants to continue to shape and mold the life and lifestyle. we asked paltrow to respond, but she didn't respond. >> if i'm gwyneth, i wouldn't have touch that with a ten-foot pole. thing what's going to happen is martha is going to say what happened was -- >> say that began? >> what happened was -- translation, what i was trying to say or what i meant to say. my prediction. we'll see. >> martha moment. >> all right. did you see this, guys? 20 couples got married this weekend in a rare ceremony with pope francis leading the prayers. we're going to show you why the state of their union is making
8:19 am
headlines. that's ahead on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places. he insisted on using the rain to save water. fourteen years ago, i insisted on buying our first prius. because like toyota, we both know there's a way to do things, and a way to do things even better. the prius. toyota, let's go places. some people think vegetables are boring. but with green giant's delicious seasonings and blends, we just may change their minds. ho ho ho green giant! ifyou may be muddlingble withrough allergies.nger... try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin.
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old el paso says... start somewhere fresh
8:22 am
n soldiers and base] [explosion] boom [panic, screams] soldier requesting help ♪ [male announcer] he was there when his country needed him and we'll be there when he needs his country. join us and send your message of support to our wounded warriors at the uso. until every one comes home. pope francis led aroup wedding at the vatican on sunday. the ceremony is getting a lot of attention because several of the couples had not followed church rules. don dahler outside st. patrick's
8:23 am
cathedral. don, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you can see the scaffolding surrounding the venerable cathedral. st. patrick's is undergoing a face lift of sorts which is a met for for what's happening with the catholic church. this mass wedding is just another example of how progressive pope francis has been. 20 couples gathered sunday in the basilica to say "i do" before pope francis, the leader of the church presiding over the nuptials. but according to this, many are living in sin. some even have children. but none of that mattered to pope francis, who has been more progressive with his views of the church and its relationship with the modern world. >> lots of people feel alienated from the church. >> reporter: can deta moss is a theologian professor at the university of notre dame.
8:24 am
>> but it seems like the pope is saying the church has to be more progressive, compassionate. >>. >> reporter: a major issue on the issues of family. there they'll discuss everything from marriage to divorce and even contraception. they're also expected to discuss the issue of allowing divorced parishioners to allow communion, something deeply important to catholics. the vatican does not allow divorced to receive the sacrament. >> if we see that, we'll see a huge increase in a number of people going to church. >> reporter: fr. gilbert martinez is pastor of a church in new york. he said divorce can end more than a marriage. it can affect a couple's relationship with the church. >> their hearts are broken and then they feel like they've been reject for not being able to receive communion. >> reporter: the meeting of
8:25 am
bishops is expected to take >> good morning, in the news, police are searching for gunman who killed pregnant mother. now her baby 26 year old megan doto was pregnant and hit by stray bullet in frankford yesterday afternoon. doto died last night, doctors tried to save her baby but this morning we got word the baby also died. coming up on the "cw philly", charles ramsey has some strong words concerning this tragic case. right now, let's get your forecast with katie in the weather center good morning, everybody, very happy monday to you. as we kick off this work week, and school week, generally speaking, this is about as quiet that is gets. we have high pressure for the most part, dominating the scene. the entire week. which is awesome t means,
8:26 am
great weather for the long hall, here for the most part, storm scan3, not showing any signs of storms, at this point. we are keeping that sun around, the bright blue sky, it will be norm for us, 75 the daytime high later on, after bit of cool start for sure. now, overnight, a wimpy little front rolls through. that will trigger just couple of scattered showers, mainly toward dawn. but then it all clears out quickly, so we should still warm up nicely, more sun as the the day progresses, thens thursday, friday, saturday, even the weekend right now not looking bad at all. vittoria? >> cannot say the same for the roads, katie. cannot at all. good morning, if you are traveling on this monday morning, have monday morning rush ahead of you. take a look at 476 northbound approaching the area of the schuylkill just high volume all over, not only 476 but look at these speed censors, 17 what you are traveling on 95 both northbound, southbound, delays out of northeast around the vine st. expressway, seven your average on the schuylkill, bad news bears on the blue route also traveling 422 eastbound, making your way down toward 202. few of the septa trolleys or delays, so watch out for, that
8:27 am
as well. >> thank you, neck update at 8: 55, up next on cbs this morning, the national mall and a massive portrait. for more local news weather, traffic and sports we're on the "cw philly" on these channels. channels. i'
8:28 am
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welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, the national mall gets a makeover. an artist is painting a giant face in the middle of washington. julianna goldman is getting a look at the look of a face made with thousands of tons of sand. ahead, why he says it's the most exciting 100 years in history. and right now it's time to show you this morning's headlines from around the globe. some are making it easier to tip the housekeeper. they will put envelopes inside the rooms. you should give $1 to $5 a night.
8:31 am
arne sorenson said he decided to do it after meeting with maria shriver because you always tip the guys at the front of the hotel but you don't tip many women who are the housekeeper. a reminder to tip the house keeper. great idea. they need to leave more than $1 or $5. you see how people leave the rooms, i'm just saying. you know who you are. no one at this table. you know who you are. >> maybe $25 or $30? >> i would say at least $20 honestly, $20, $25, even $50. just saying. have you got that, norah? >> yes, ma'am. whatever you say, gayle, i will do it. >> okay. moving right along. the new zealand herald says kanye west called on a pair of fans in wheelchairs to come up and dance. it happened friday night. he stopped show. he would not continue until everybody was standing. >> to the people that don't want
8:32 am
to stand up, they'll have to wait for me to do a song. it's unbelievable. people in the wheel care. you're always there. >> it's not funny but he apparently realized when one of his fans held up a prosthetic leg and said, you know what? i cannot stand. oh, kanye. britain's independent shoes women on the cycling team. at first glance they appear to be partly naked. it gives the impression there's no fabric there at all. >> okay. let's move on. >> not a good look. we're getting our first look this morning at new music. new music from cat stevens.
8:33 am
♪ you make me happy when skies are grey ♪ >> the cover of "you are my sunshine" of "tell them i'm gone" the first in five years. he's about to start his first north american tour in more than three decades. new research claims millions of children get antibiotics they don't need. they're being prescribed twice as often as they should be for children with respiratory infections. the study estimates over 11.4 million are not needed. good morning, holly. >> good morning. >> tell us what the study found out. >> they looked at thousands of kids with respiratory infections. these are things like sore throats, ear infections, sign you sigh it is, even bronchitis system and they found that about 27% of the time, these infections are caused by
8:34 am
bacteria, in which case antibiotics will help. but in 57% of cases where kids were brought to the doctor with these symptoms, they were prescribed an antibiotic. basically it's twice that prescribed. it's never a good thing. >> seems like we're always hearing stories about kids being overprescribe. what makes this different? >> this gives us numbers. it signifies how significant the problem. >> why is it happening? >> the bomb line sit's very difficult to tell whether or not a common infection is caused by an infection or virus. it's an imperfect virus. in the office we have a few tests, but most of the time we have to take an educated guest. we look at how severe the symptoms are and do an exam in the office.
8:35 am
we have to guess. this study is suggesting at least half the time we guess wrong. >> a reminder how harmless at tie biotics can be in the long term and its overprescription of them. >> absolutely. that's the main reason we're seeing super bugs. these are bacteria resis tanlts to all antibiotics. kids can have adverse reactions, nausea, stomach upset, severe allegic reaction. they're not completely benign drug sthoos thank you, dr. holly phillips. >> thank you. >> the national mall is getting a new look to turn the giant park into a giant face. julianna goldman says this project comes from the heart. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. don't mistake this pile behind he as any old mounds of dirt. they're actually a palette that's going transform the way the visitors see the national
8:36 am
mall from the ground and above. >> you have a little bit of neckline there. >> reporter: he's bringing a new face to the national mall literally. next month, these six acres between the memorial two and the m national mall. this time for his first u.s. landscape, the face is made up of many faces. americans, dozens of young men from all walks of life who he photographed on the national mall this summer. >> the interesting thing here is come up with enough elements so i can use different parts. the glarg eye, shape of the eye lid. >> it's called "out of many, one," the moat toe that's on the emblem of the united states. >> grand diversity is the strong
8:37 am
base that creates this nation, that makes it so great. >> reporter: the 48-year-old artist is celebrating his own life. he's using buildings and beefrps as his canvas. a career he said happened because his parents searched for a better life. >> they were exiled from cuba. grew up with my italian and polish and irish friends, and that mix, the amazing part of the melting pot really formed me. >> reporter: he said it's right for the time as the immigration debate heats up on capitol hill. but in a city where parting feuding is the norm he wants it to be thought-provoking, not political. >> reporter: he says the portrait and placement embody the democratic spirit in the same spot where americans have marched for civil rights and
8:38 am
protested civil war. >> there's always been people viewing about various things. >> reporter: he first stripped the field and then used coordinates from gps satellite imaging to pound 8,700 wooden pegs into the ground and connect them with eight miles of twine. the lines will be filled in with 2,000 tons of sand and create the image just like he did to create this facescape in belfast last year. we got to glimpse one area from the plans. >> here's part of the nose. >> ultimately what you will see depending on where you're standing. on the ground it will look like a extend guard snoon but when you look at it from there -- >> that's amazing as well. have that vantage point which is not something i usually have on these projects. >> reporter: something herrata he usually has for his projects
8:39 am
are drones, he uses them to check his progress and see if he needs to make any changes. but this is the capitol and airspace prevents that. instead he'll be relying on satellite images from space. >> thank you, julianna. another thing to see when we go to washington, d.c. >> another example of people using drones in their work, to take pictures of places they could not normally see. >> would you like a drone? >> of course, i would. >> christmas is coming on, norah. we can pitch in. julianna, thank you. he turns history into a page-turning best-selling author.
8:41 am
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storyteller ken follett has sold more than 151 million books worldwide, thank you very much. he's famous for two boogs set in the middle ages. his new book is more modern, it's called "edge of eternity." it uses fi s fiction al and no
8:44 am
fiction fictional people in his book. he's sitting up straight. he said his wife called him and said sit up straight. >> nothing's off the table. >> thank you, barbara. it starts with 1951 and ends with the post script of barack obama. how did you decide to tackle it and why? >> some parts of the book are terrifying. we awe knew during this era, the cold war, if we duo to sleep, we might not wake up. we all knew during the cold war if we went to sleep, we might not wake up, nuclear power. the closest we came to that was the cuban missile crisis. so that's kind the defining part of the movie when here in washington, d.c., minute to
8:45 am
minute, a small group of men are make deeg sigss that may mean we're all dead. >> you touch on civil rights and i find it so interesting. i wonder the research you did. this book took you two years to write. >> well, i felt i ought to visit some of the places where the great incidents of the civility rights era took place and because the famous freedom rides took place on a bus, i decided that i would take the bus. so i got on the bus in washington, d.c., and spent three days going south just as the freedom riders did when they went from integrated america to segregated america, and it was -- you know, i thought i knew about that stuff. it was such an emotional experience. and, you know, i'm not a cryer. i don't cry very much. i don't cry easily. but to go to the 16th street
8:46 am
baptist church where the four little girls were killed -- actually it was 50 years ago today that the bomb went off and stand next to the wales window. i was born in wales and welsh people collected the money to replace the stained glass. that was terribly moving. i hope i managed to put some of that in the story. >> you say you learned some surprising things about nixon. >> you know, in the '70s, i hated nixon. everybody my age hated president nixon. doing the research for this book, one of my console tanlts was a guy who worked for nixon. frank gannon. he kept telling me how nixon was. nixon integrated the schools, brought troops home from vietnam, invented the environmental agency. these are all high on the liberal agenda. i had to revise my opinion.
8:47 am
actually he was great president. >> in this trilogy, it's five intertwined families. your first book starts off with world war ii, right? >> world war i. >> and then you go all the way through the last 100 years to current time. what's great is there are great characters you fall in love with and relearn history. what was the most surprising thick to you other than nixon and the civil right thing? >> what's the most surprising? i suppose -- the second book is called "world without end, "and it's about the second world war. i suppose that even though we think we know what the nazis did, the horror of what -- they had a program for killing handicapped children. i didn't know that until i did this research. and i guess even more than some of the more familiar stories about the nazis, that was a
8:48 am
terribly grim thing to research. >> ken, what do you like to do for fun? we know you don't like to cry, but you're so official. i love your accent. what do you like to do for fun. if i came over on saturday, what would we be doing? >> i play bass guitar in a band. it's a hypojob. we play blues and rock and every monday night we play in a rehearsal studio and now and again we play in public. we're going frankfort for the good fair in a couple of weeks' time. 10:00. it's the orange peel club. if you're there, come. >> we have a lot of viewers in frankfort. >> thank you. "edge of eternity" goes on sale tomorrow. and this morning charlie is part of a distinguished list. we'll show you that honor from
8:49 am
his peers. that's next on "cbs this morning." >> looks good.
8:50 am
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8:52 am
this weekend, our own charlie rose received the national press club's mt important honor. the fourth estate award it's called. it recognizes excellence in journalism. charlie accepted the prize at a fund-raising gala in washington. >> i know of nothing, nothing i could rather have -- would rather have done with my life than what i do now. i can't imagine not doing it, and i don't plan to not do it. thank you very much. >> that was a very, very nice event. it included bob schieffer and walter cronkite. this represents the nonprofit journalism institute which gives
8:53 am
scholarships to guess what? the money we need to fund our schools lies right underneath your feet. that's right. down in the ground, pennsylvania has deep deposits of natural gas. but because of governor corbett, we're the only state in the country that doesn't make oil and gas companies pay an extraction tax. as governor, i'll make the gas companies pay up to help fund our schools for a change. tom wolf for governor. a fresh start for pennsylvania.
8:54 am
8:55 am
good morning, everyone, i'm natasha brown, following breaking news this morning, philadelphia police commissioner, says, he's confident that someone saw something, in connection with the deadly shooting after young woman, and her baby. twenty-six year old megan doto was hit by stray gunfire in frankford yesterday afternoon. doto was pregnant, and her baby was delivered, by an emergency c-section. but the baby passed away overnight. police say the shooter may have fled, in a late model white crown victoria. now, to the eyewitness weather forecast, meteorologist, katie fehlinger in the weather center her jacket clause by. >> very close by, yes, if i step outside you better believe i'll have extra layer ready. it is kinds of chilly out there right now, but bright,
8:56 am
that sunshine is already helping our temperatures rebound, so just matter of time before it is comfortable enough that you don't need the separate layer, but storm scan3, devoid of any storms at the moment, rather, nothing more than just a few clouds over central pa here. we can em bang on just full sunshine, very pleasant conditions. later tonight, next very weak cold front, will start to move in, so few more clouds, and there will be some showers, i think, firing up here, mainly toward dawn. so, if you have got evening plans to maybe grill out your totally fine there. by tomorrow, at midday, i would say as early as lunch hour already back in the sunlight. it will stick around all week. vittoria? >> thank you, speaking of sunlight, some of the sun glare will affect your rush hour commute today. ninety-five, the schuylkill, roosevelt billion, 42 it, so and and so for the, anywhere would you usually find rush hour delays, finds it this morning. 476, if you are commuting northbound approaching the area of the schuylkill expressway, definitely seeing delays there, eight your average on the schuylkill, 16 on 95, 19 on 476, just low,
8:57 am
low speeds, also, expect delays for septa trolleys, and the patco speed line. let's head back to the desk. >> all right, thank you very much. that's eyewitness fuse for now, join us for talk philly coming up at noon today. i'm natasha brown, have a great day everyone.
8:58 am
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