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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  September 16, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> reporter: ridley middle school parents are on high alert. >> i was freaking out when i her. i got right here. i was here at 2:00 to pick her up. >> reporter: district made robo calls to parents this afternoon. >> there was a possible luring incident in the school district near the the middle school. >> reporter: and aired a tv warning asking parent to remine children to be aware of their surroundings and to support suspicious behavior. >> this definitely are more parents out here today picking up. >> reporter: family says that the girl has described her abduct eras a 6-foot black male wearing an orange shirt, blue denim jeans and driving a white van with a red ladder. if you have any information, regarding this event you are asked to call ridley park police. life in ridley park i'm charlotte huffman for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". developing right now entero virus 68 that respiratory virus has sick even dozens of children in the nation and has been detect in the philadelphia area. officials from the children's hospital of philadelphia
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confirmed four patients have been treated for that virus. they have since recovered and been released. health reporter stephanie stahl will have more on this developing story at 6:00. pennsylvania state police today have identified a suspect in the shooting that left a state trooper dead and another seriously injured. investigators believe that 31 year-old eric matthew kline opened fire on the blooming grove barracks in northeastern pennsylvania on friday night. corporal brian dickson was killed, trooper alex douglass was wounded. investigators say evidence found in the car submerged in the pond led them to the suspect who is still on the run tonight. >> we found evidence in there specifically shell casings and other things that matched shell casings we have found, at the blooming grove station and also found in that vehicle the defendant's social security card. >> brian is charged with first degree murder tonight, and shell casings also found
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during a search of his home. investigators say brian is a survivalist who expressed a desire to kill law enforcement officers and commit mass murder. a former middle school ban teacher in doylestown is facing charges tonight. she's accused of having a sexual relationship with the 14 year-old student. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry is live outside district court in new britain with more, syma. >> reporter: well, she is a band teacher, a wife and a mother and now she's pregnant with her second child but according to this criminal complaint she's accused of being a child predator after having alleged sexual relationship with a student. bridget, do you have anything to say about these allegations against you? handcuffed and pregnant, central bucks teacher bridgette did not have anything to say, as she was being taken to her arraignment on tuesday afternoon. she's accused of having a sexual relationship with the 14 year-old male student in 2012. at the time she was a ban
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teacher at lenape middle school. now she works at central bucks high school south but has been suspended. >> this is a young kid and person who is in a certain position, this is just isn't any adult this is a teacher. this is very concerning. >> reporter: according to the criminal complaint the relationship started off with the victim and band teacher sexting each other. that led to three sexual encounters, once in her car, once in a storage closet near the band room at school, and another time, in her office. the complaint goes on to say that the victim told his friend about the relationship and she responded via text saying why would you tell him. i could lose my job and family. prosecutors say, an anonymous tip last week led the investigation. >> somebody who is mandated by law to report this got the a report of this and reported it, and it came directly to us. >> reporter: the teach are lives in philadelphia and is married with a four year-old child. defense attorneys say that the 31 year-old is pregnant with her second child and now she's
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facing serious charges. bridget, do you have anything to say? and, defense attorneys did not want to comment either. new judge set an unsecured bail at $500,000, she was suspended, with pay, from the central bucks school district since friday, but now that she has been arrested she will be suspended without pay, starting tomorrow. we're live in new britain, syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a 15 year-old girl remains hospitalized after she was found unconscious in northeast philadelphia passerby found her last night along the 7600 block have of roosevelt boulevard. she was wearing her school uniform and had visible bruises on the back of her legs and a head wound. police are working to determine if she was sexually a ultimate sad. our noel mcclaren talk to the man who found her and she will have that story at 6:00 o'clock. after more than 30 year run trump plaza is now closed. it is fourth atlantic city casino to close just this year and third in the past few
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weeks. "eyewitness news" new jersey reporter, cleve bryan is live in atlantic city with reaction from the former owner, donald trump, cleve. >> reporter: that is right, i did speak with donald trump and i spoke with some of the employees who work at the trump plaza up until the the end. this has been at center of it all since it opened in 1984. there were 990 employees here in the beginning of september, now their future and future of the property is in question. >> not got to keep your head up. >> reporter: day many dreaded has arrived for the trump plaza. a closed sign went up on the front door early this morning as workers watch the chapter in their lives, come to an end. >> twenty-six years, my second home. >> reporter: plaza was in operation for three decades and many employees raised their families on their wages. >> sad day for all of us, breaks our heart, at one time, even up until the last three or four years this play was buzzing. >> reporter: by the even plaza was one of the lowest performing casinos receiving
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few upgrades from trum entertainment which is saddled in 300 million-dollar worth of debt. mayor don guardian is in the sure if the property can be converted into another hotel or condos and may be bull doughed. >> maybe that is just what we're looking for, we have been trying to connect the convention certainty and walk to the boardwalk and maybe this becomes our new entertainment center. >> reporter: tuesday morning former owner donald trump created a buzz saying i left atlantic city years ago, good timing. now i may buy back in at a much lower price to save plaza and taj. i spoke to trump by phone. >> there is certainly a sense of mortality about it but it is also business and we will see if a deal can be made for the right place. we will take a look at it and a very strong look. >> donald trump spoke fondly of his former employees at trump plaza and taj mahal. he is worried about taj mahal where 2800 workers could be laid off if that closeness mid-november. in all atlantic city looking at a third of the casino closed and 10,000 workers
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impacted, they will have another resource center with the department of labor set up tomorrow. live from atlantic city, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> terrible year for atlantic city. cleve, thanks very much. would you like to hear more from donald trump in atlantic city go to cbs we will have cleve's entire interview posted there. philadelphia police release clear surveillance video of the group wanted in connection with the attack on the same sex couple in center city. this video was captured late thursday in the 1600 block of chancellor street. victims tell police group made disparaging remarks and then beat them. one of the victims had to have his wire, his jaw wired shut. in addition to the possible hate crimes, police say someone in the group, of five stole a victim's bag. amtrak services along the northeast corridor has resumed between philadelphia and washington d.c. that service was suspended earlier today on the acela a express and northeast regional lines.
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for a freight train hit a pole and brought down some wires. engineers work to open up one track, they hope to have full services restored by tomorrow morning. >> a lot of people that were significantly inconvenienced. the the good news is now that trains are operating we are running a limited schedule. >> here is a picture that amtrak sent to "eyewitness news" that shows wires brought down when a norfolk southern freight train hit a pole. you can check amtrak services on line at cbs taking a look at weather, the sun broke through after a wet start to the day. we are in for another night of cool temperatures. meteorologist kathy orr has more from the cbs-3 weather center. >> that rain coming through during the morning commute and felt heavy at times. right now we are seeing dry conditions, and a few fair weather clouds that will be clearing during the evening period. so skies will turn clear after we had about a tenth to .2 of an inch of rain and higher amounts through mercer county and through pottstown heading
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toward lehigh valley where we had close to a quarter inch, .2 of an inch reported in philadelphia. as we look a head this evening we will have a clearing skies out there and temperatures will be falling with light wind, by 9:00 p.m. 66. 11:00 p.m. clear skies and 64 degrees. temperatures will get cooler, before summer comes to an end this week. we will talk more about that coming up later in the broadcast, chris. >> we will see you then. still to come at "eyewitness news" at 5:00 is it an intruder or boyfriend? father shoots and kills a man climb in the bedroom window of his home. police say victim may have been dating the man's daughter. plus today is deadline for ray rice to appeal his suspension from the nfl. i'm jericka duncan outside nfl headquarters in insuring with that story, coming up. the housing market, tend to cool down with the weather but is fall a good time to buy? three on your side's jim donovan takes a closer l
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cbs news spoke with the head of the players union about the suspension of ray rice and governor of minnesota weighed in on the adrian peterson case. jericka duncan has the latest from headquarters. >> reporter: ravens star ray rice doesn't have a team but he does have the nfl players association object his side in his legal battle against the league. rice and union are appealing the open ended suspension the the nfl handed down last week have after surveillance video surfaced of the running back
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punching out his wife in the elevator. rice and union believe the nfl violated the collective bargaining agreement by suspending rice twice for the same infraction there was more fall out from the rice case tuesday. cbs sports announced it will no longer use rihanna in the opening of the thursday night football tell cast, singer lashed out at the network on twitter after her performance was cut there last weeks broadcast and replaced with an update and commentary on rice's suspension. also today, nfl sponsor cover girl released a statement saying it is encouraging the nfl to take swift action addressing domestic violence. meanwhile radisson hotel chain cut ties with the minnesota vikings after the team reinstated star running back adrian peterson for this weeks game. he is accused of child abuse for whipping his four year-old son with the tree branch. cbs affiliate, reports the mother of have another four year-old son of peterson said he beat that child in 2013, but peterson's lawyers says
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nothing came of the allegations. minnesota's governor mark dayton said peterson should be suspended until the case is resolved in court. jericka duncan for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a grand jury will decide if nascar driver tony stewart will be charge in the death of the driver at a sprint car race. district attorney in ontario county, new york made that decision after reviewing evidence from the case. on august 9th stewart's car hit and killed kevin ward junior on the dirt track in upstate new york. the 20 year-old had climbed from his car, after it spun out while racing alongside stewart. fire fighters are scrambling to control a dozen major wild fires burning in california which is in the grips of a historic drought and experiencing triple digit temperatures. more than 100 homes and one church, went up in flames in the town of wheat, california. that entire town which is near oregon border has evacuated. about 400 miles to the south
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near yesemite national park crews are calming a fire that has destroyed 33 homes. are you in the market right now for a new home? prices aren't making huge gains but they are on the rise. >> three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan find that while buying and selling tends to cool down with the temperature in the fall weather for some it could still be a good time to make that move. >> reporter: housing market doesn't hibernate in fall and winter but not as hot as spring and summer. those, without school age children may find it a good time to make a move. recent analysis by real estate web site zillow town that in many metropolitan areas renting is more costly then buying. simply because rents kept climbing during recession and didn't drop like housing prices. home affordability has been helped by lower north rage gates which has set around four her sent but may not stay there as the economy improves. >> if you are looking to buy, the time would be now because when mortgage rates go up your
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purchasing power goes down substantially. >> reporter: before leaping from rent to go buying, you'll need a down payment, solid credit history to ensure lower mortgage rates, and a budge tote pay for things like maintenance that a happened lord takes care of now. but there is more to the housing market then just mortgage rates and that includes demand. while the philadelphia region is relatively stable at this point some market are more challenging in a slower season. if you are thinking of moving to new york, san francisco or l.a., those prices have had the sharpes rebound since the great recession. so, lots of things to consider. >> lots to consider for first timers. >> exactly. >> jim, thanks. still ahead on "eyewitness news" a local baby is expect to dianne her mother says one simple test could have saved her, health reporter stephanie stahl is on your side with the concern for other new borns. then president obama says he has a new strategy to fight the worst evening ebola crisis his announcement today, coming up.
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leslie. welshing eagles mount a double digit come back for second week in the row but that come from behind win is in the something players want to make a habit, we will hear from them, coming up later
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well, kathy is here with the end of summer, right. it is inevitable, right.
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>> here we are. >> soon your or later split goes. >> so long. it seems like it took forever to get here and then now there it goes. >> out the door. >> lots of good stuff happened. good news is there is a little bit more summer coming up in the forecast. >> okay. >> a little bit. >> before we have even cooler temperatures. a rise this week on the weather roller coaster. we have a beautiful day after rain this morning, some clouds, will be clearing it out this evening. taking you outside you will a he see case in point some clouds over center city philadelphia in the distance, of course, this picture coming, home of the river sharks at campbell's feel. lets go down the shore to the the board in ocean city, still some folks enjoying the boardwalk, late this afternoon, early evening before the dinner hour but notice a difference in clothing, jacket, pants, something we have not seen in a while down the shore. on storm scan three we are looking at the clouds, and clearing, during the evening period, and high pressure will be dominating our weather overnight for the the next couple have of days.
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a few weak disturbances here and there. on the other side of the country we are dealing with the remnants, now tropical storm odial and heavy rain, moving into arizona and also new mexico this particular storm is going to cause big problems, and already has with in mud slides and heavy rain. here is the latest. the 50 miles an hour sustain wind moving slowly to the north at 7 miles an hour. it will cross the gulf right here of california, over the next 24 hours, and then the remnants or remnant low will be moving into arizona we are expecting some very heavy rain, and some areas possibly as much a as three to 6 inches of rain along the hill terrain and mountainous terrain, flash floods and also dangerous mud slides. for us, very quiet weather on the east coast, temperature today in philadelphia, 74, right now 72. allentown 69. in the poconos, only 60 degrees this afternoon, really feeling a little bit of the chill. average high sits at
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78 degrees. so temperatures below average, again, and for most of this last week of summer we will be we low average in temperature. by wednesday, high pressure dominates again it will be sliding eastward pushing this front to the south so rain stays to the south, thursday, we will watch this weak front moving through, possibly, providing a few extra clouds and then a high dominates. the very cool area have of high pressure, high friday only 70 degrees. overnight tonight, we will look for a le of 57 with clearing sky and light wind. touring the day wednesday, sunny comfortable high of 75. still below average. on the three day forecast warming up thursday, cooling down big time on friday, and the temperature only 70. fall begins next monday, will it feel like it? next half an hour kate will have the answer we will be next half an hour kate will have the answer we will be back in sports after t
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eagles will if the back to work tomorrow after that huge win against the colts last night. first team to fall behind by 14 points in each of the first two games and they opened up at the two-o. one of the stars right here darren sprawls scoring touchdown to tie the game at 20 as part of the come back and then we have rookie kicker codey parkey and 36-yard field goal, to win it. thirty-27. they will take it. >> it feels like a win. great thing about winning if you don't play well or if things don't go well but to have to fight to win, that is what it is all about. that is what we're doing every game, fight, fight clawing to win. hopefully next week, you have to win like this, we have to win like this. >> and thursday night, means
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football, right here on cbs philly, great match up between buccaneers and falcons. coverage begins at 7:30 in at the plant a start your week of football with us right here on cbs-3. what should be our game of the week, only friday football frenzy? should beasley go to upper merion at plymouth white marsh, chichester at radnor or cheltenham at upper dublin. go and vote. beasley will announce the big winner thursday night. >> can't wait. >> that was as exciting a game as you could ever hope to see last night. >> absolutely. >> a win is a win. >> we need good things. >> thanks, leslie. >> still to come, listen up on line shoppers we will tell you how popular department stores will soon offer you, instant gratification. then a man shoots and kills what may have been his daughter's boyfriend after he is caught trying to climb through a bedroom window, we have new developments. philadelphia's largest mall is getting a make over, also changing its name.
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new at 6:00 tonight a stellar site caught on tape several times, a meteor streak ago cross the the sky and exploding, tell what you nasa has to a about that, at 6:00.
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i'm jessica dean, a girl escapes after she says a man abduct her while walking to
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school this happen at west rodgers and harrison street in ridley park, this morning. police are looking for the suspect who is driving a white van, with a red ladder on top. a former middle school ban teacher in doylestown is facing charges tonight, bridget, is accused of having a sexual relationship with a 14 year old student while she was a band teacher at lenape middle school in 2012. atlantic city has lost another casino trump plaza closed its doors today after more than 30 years in business. it is the fourth casino to close in the city this year, third in the past few weeks. kate? and jessica it has been an on and off kind of day we webbing up to showers this morning and then sunshine and new clouds are back in but they will disperse, as we head into tonight. quick look at your weather headlines more sunshine on the way for remainder of the week, comfortable night and then warm up for weekend. we will show thaw seven day forecast in a bit, chris. well, is it a case of mistaken identity?
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home owner opens fire killing a man he thought was an intruder. this happened in the 2700 block of ax factory road in the holmes circle section of northeast philadelphia "eyewitness news" reporter jane carabao reports tonight, this victim may have been tating the home owner's daughter. >> reporter: gunshot and police lights, woke this neighbor on ax factory road in the holmes circle section of fill just after 11:30 monday night. >> we saw three or four police cars and says something happened. >> reporter: what happened here is a big misunderstanding, police say a three two-year old man was shot and killed after making his way through a window and into a second story bedroom here in the holmes circle apartments. they say he may have been visiting his girlfriend but that girlfriend also lives with her 41 year old father and it was he who pull the trigger probably in mistaken a man as a intruder. >> there possibly may have been a struggle, however, we know that a 41 year-old male fired one shot striking the
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three two-year old victim in the head. >> it is tragic, really. >> it is a family type of thing and i don't feel threaten at all. >> reporter: hearing a gunshot in the night has others concerned and curious about what happened, police continue to investigate spending the morning questioning father and daughter as witnesses. >> it was just upsetting because we live, half a block from there. >> reporter: in the meantime i was able to speak with the three two-year old victim's mother who tells me her son was in no way an intruder. he knew this woman had been seeing her and was invited here and in no what i meant her any arm. reporting from who will many issuing is will jane carabao, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". investigators issued an arrest warrant in the double murder of a young woman and her unborn baby. investigators are looking for 27 year-old devon tonight, and megan doto was shot sunday morning in frankford. investigators do not believe she was interned target.
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doto was eight months pregnant and her baby delivered by c-section also died. well, septa rider is robbed after losing consciousness waiting for a train, this is surveillance video recorded just before 3:00 o'clock saturday morning at broad street line's erie station. suspect wearing a gray cape may sweat shirt, took a cell phone from the victim's pocket as he was laying on the platform. if you recognized that man, you are asked to call police. prosecutors have have charge philadelphia police officer ta yon moore with theft and leaving the scene of the accident. investigators say moore rear ended a drexel student at 34th and chestnut while off-duty. when that student began to call 911, investigators say moore grabbed a phone and threw it down an embankment. they have been suspended with the attempt to dismiss. president obama goes to atlanta for briefing for centers for disease control on the ebola out break. president met with doctors at emery university hospital, and cbs reporter marley hall tells
5:34 pm
us that the president is ram pink up the u.s. response to the crisis. which is now killed at least 2400 people in africa. >> president obama is sending up to 3,000 american troops to west africa to help stop the spread of ebola. >> making an investment here early is critical to try to snuff out this problem before it becomes a much more widespread problem. >> reporter: nearly 5,000 people, in west africa have contracted the virus since march, with the biggest out break in liberia. the world health organization warns that the number of new cases could start doubling, every three weeks. >> this is a very large epidemic that will take a lot of effort, over a long period of time. this is not going to be over quickly. >> reporter: the united states also plans to send an additional 88 million-dollar for equipment and supplies. set up 17 treatment units with 100 vets each and train up to 500 medical workers per week. >> what we say is train the
5:35 pm
trainers, right? train the local people so that they can do it, do all of the work. >> reporter: it may not be enough, international aid groups like doctors without borders, say the global response has fallen short of what is needed. marley hall for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". after a committee vote this afternoon the pennsylvania house is poised to vote within the next week on a bill that would authorize a cigarette tax to fund philadelphia public schools. philadelphia education organizations traveled to harrisburg today, where they called on the legislator to quickly pass that cigarette tax. today's latest bill does strip out other related provisions which involve local hotel taxes and expansion of the economic development program for small cities. philadelphia's walter palmer charter school is fight to go stay opened in frankford, students and staff, rallied, on the harbison avenue campus today. the the philadelphia school reform commission is attempting to revoke that school's charter, citing
5:36 pm
substandard academic performance and financial issues. school accused the src of financially strangling the school by withholding funding. a rally at franklin square highlights the continuing push for more preschool funding in pennsylvania. >> the prek, for pa campaign brought out a few hundred toddlers to the park to illustrate the need for more state funding for preschool programs. those kid colored outlines of their bodies on a huge mural, and they say state funning is critical. >> students who have access to high quality prek, learn to read, by the time they are in third grade. we also know that children that have access to high quality prek, graduation from high school. >> the campaign plans to deliver that mural to harrisburg after the election. big changes are underway at franklin mills attelet let mall in northeast philadelphia first name change, it the will be known as philadelphia
5:37 pm
mills. renovations are underway, and that includes modernizing the front and entirely new interior. the transformation is expect to be complete for fall of 2015. still to come on "eyewitness news" tonight a heart breaking story a bucks county baby is expect to die soon, her mother says a simple test that is given in other states could have saved her life and now she's worried others are at risk a and she's on a mission to change the law how it could affect other families coming up. and trend go to day, surgery, on a pet gold fish, does it sound fishy to you, we will tell you all about this delicate operation that you really to have to see it to believe it, kate. we woke up this morning to rain, and now clouds are back in but it looks like it will clear out tonight and then we have a nice sunny stretch to talk about a cool down and then a warm up i'll have it more in the seven day forecast when we
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well, macy's and blooming dale's will soon be offering you instant graduation, the department store are testing same day delivery for products on its web site. macy's will roll out on line shopping feature in eight major markets, including new jersey, and customers will be able to pick up on line purchases in stores, as well, as for blooming dale's they will offer same day deliver
5:41 pm
any four major cities but philadelphia, is not yet among them. well now it is time to check your philadelphia's jobs report. >> "eyewitness news" jobs expert steven greenburg has more. >> reporter: pennsylvania is aging rapidly, number of people over 65 will jump by nearly 20 percent in the coming decade and that is true for the country as well. that is great the news for the health industry, and anyone qualified to work in it. five and a half million new jobs are project in the health industry in the next six years. that includes hundreds of thousands of new jobs, statewide, in philadelphia, it is estimated there will be a quarter million job openings between 2010 and 2020. they will grow to 14 percent verse 11 percent for all other state jobs. here's the best part, it is in the only doctors and nurses that will be in demand, more than half of the new health care jobs created in pennsylvania will be in supporting rolls, that should pay well, therapist, technicians and aid require some training but not a four year college degree.
5:42 pm
physician assistants need a two year degree to begin working. according to the bureau of labor annual, physician assistants is more than $82,000 a year in pennsylvania. and make it important to do research in the health care industry. it might be the cure for your ailing job search. i'm steve greenburg for cbs-3 "eyewitness new
5:43 pm
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on the healthwatch today we have had a tremendous response, on facebook to a story we first brought you last night, bucks county mommies hoping to turn her heart break into action with legislation in harrisburg that is named for her daughter. >> three on your side, stephanie stahl has more on how it could change a routine test. >> i love you to the moon and back. >> reporter: hanna is almost two years old and adored baby, who cannot move, eat, or communicate. >> she just lays there, and sleeps. >> reporter: it has been so different when she was born, healthy, adorable. >> but when she was four months old hanna became irritable and had trouble swallowing. she was diagnosed with craba disease a very rare degenerative disorder that is deadly. >> horrible. >> it is so sad. it wasn't supposed to be like
5:46 pm
this. i should be chasing her around. >> reporter: vicky said if it had been, included in the pin prick prick test things could have been different. while not a cure experimental stem cell transplants can sometimes ease the symptoms, if detect before they start. >> hanna could not be saved but we could save other lives. >> reporter: pennsylvania house bill 1654 known as hanna's law woman date that screening for craba is included in the new born check. it is law in a few other states, including new jersey, and new york. hall have of fame quarterback jim kelly push for the legislation after his son seen in this video from hunter's hope foundation died from craba when he was eight. >> it is a very difficult situation. >> reporter: doctor page kaplan with the children's hospital of philadelphia says there are pros and cons to including craba in the new born screening. letting parent like hanna's know is what coming can be helpful but a positive test
5:47 pm
doesn't mean the baby will get sick so there could be unnecessary anxiety and there would be additional costs. >> it is an extremely rare disease and we don't yet have have good treatment for it. >> you would want to try anything to save your baby's life. >> reporter: vicky says screening would provide a ray of hope, hope for hanna, and others born with the devastating illness. >> she doesn't deserve this. she wasn't given a fair chance, some of the families should go do that. >> reporter: so we check with governor corbett's office we are told he supports, hanna's law and is likely to sign it if it is passed by the senate. i have heard from a lot of people on facebook, i want to share comments with you. take a look at the couple. jenny harrison says they absolutely need to pass a law for this test. i never heard of it before. seeing this story. it is heart break to go watch a child and family go through this. prayers to you hanna and family. tara fischer irvin says
5:48 pm
whether the test saves one or hundred lives it is worth it. hanna has shown us that a little hope can go a long way. although she would be so little she is fierce. i will continue to keep you posted what is going on with hanna and this legislation on facebook. >> we wish her the best. >> sweet little girl. >> beautiful little girl, thanks very much. well, switching gears to weather now lets start off with a look at how morning started and it has ended up different this afternoon. we will take a look at our live neighborhood network camera. this is time lapse from the lehighton area high school. they started the day there with fog over mountains and then cleared out very quickly in lehighton, further when is the the quicker these showers moved out. they have lingered into new jersey and new we are seeing a few more clouds up through the mountains but not that bad at 67 degrees at the moment. lets jump into the poconos forecast, you can see temperatures certainly feeling like fall, 65 degrees in the poconos tomorrow. sixty-seven on thursday.
5:49 pm
and then cool on friday but it is a full day of sunshine at 61. here's storm scan three. you may look out window thinking what happened to our sunny, beautiful afternoon, and generally speaking when we get cool air in the atmosphere cold front chops bubble up and see batch of cloud drifting through. it looks ominous and maybe stray sprinkle but area is okay and outdoor movie tonight at dilworth park you should be fine heading out for. that down in the south east these cool front are getting hung up. you can see rain along the gulf coast and it is even moving through atlanta right now front that came through our area, almost connect to go a band of rain associated with odial. we are seeing heavy bands of rain trying to move into portions of arizona and new mexico from that system. take a look at future rain amounts across desert southwest and that dry desert landscape. rain runs off and flooding can occur easily, and this model predicts over 5 inches of rain to fall, near karlsbad, looking at 4 inches of rain
5:50 pm
and over 2 inches in tucson. in this area it doesn't take much, maybe an inch or so to cause flooding and run off. that is a very dangerous situation developing there throughout the next several days. closer to home lets look at our summer highlights as we head toward first dau of fall, june we have precipitation amounts 2.03-inch's above average. hottest temperature not too bad compared to recent summers 96 on july 2nd and august, temperatures average almost 2 degrees below normal but it has been cool in september, actually not, temperatures are 2 degrees above average, but right new not quite as warm as it should this be time of the year, 72 at the airport. seventy-two in millville. seventy-four in atlantic city. see this cool pool of air, great lakes, midwest and north east and heat continues, it is steamy and unsettled across portions of the south east. through remain are of tonight leave those windows crack and let breeze blow in clearing skies, it is a cool night at 57 degrees, for tomorrow, sunny, beautiful, comfortably
5:51 pm
mild, one of the goldie lux day not too hot or too cold but just right 75 the high for our wednesday. here is our eyewitness weather seven day forecast, it looks nice. another weak cold front slipping through thursday night, pretty much unnoticed but does shave down that temperature more, friday's high 7o the saturday, sunday last weekend of summer warming it up near again near 80's with sunshine and fall on monday and temperatures do start to drop again into tuesday of next week. okay, trend to go day a life saving surgery, for gold fish. >> wow. >> george the gold fish developed a large growth on his head and having trouble eating and moving around. the his owners had him check out and they were told george had a brain tumor. the owners were given a choice either operator put the fish to sleep. they considered george a part of their family. >> just as important really, i mean, a lot of fish to their upon. they are boot if to sit and watch. >> george is back and doing
5:52 pm
very well and the vet says, get this, he could live another 20 plus years. >> wow. >> there you go. >> if you stick your hand in the air long enough someone may give you a high five. film maker in new york ran around the city giving unsuspecting people trying to hail a cab a high five. that had to be interesting. twenty-four year-old wasn't sure how people would react to the stunt but by looking at the video some people were amused, some maybe not so. take a look at this pampered pooch, this dog in spain is taking full advantage of a few minutes of luxury, leaning into that, as the owner gets to work in the tub letting all of the days trouble wash away. good bat h can do that. it doesn't last forever, and also he has to get out of that tub, unfortunately. >> it is a dog's life. >> eyes closed, taking in the relaxation there. >> pay a premium for that. >> yes. >> dog has got it good. well, still ahead,
5:53 pm
sprucing up a hidden treasure in philadelphia. >> in this weeks story of brotherly love, how these students are volunteering their time to bring a churches only community center back to life i will have that story coming up.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
volunteering their talent to bring a church's building back to life. >> "eyewitness news" anchor ukee washington shows news this week's brotherly love they hope their project leads to a whole new community gathering place. >> church leaders have long to bring basement community center back to life they say it is design students are an answer to a prayer the nearly 150 year-old grander of south philadelphia saint charles church... , hidden
5:57 pm
philadelphia, a huge gymnasium, basketball courts, a stage, now largely forgotten. >> it the has become under utilized. we have a vision of this space once again becoming a center of activity the not just for church but for the community at large. >> reporter: john paul, and chelsea, don't see an abandoned ruin they see a chance at resurrection. >> you would never think that this sort of underground beauty was down here. >> reporter: shek ira and chelsea interior design students at more more college art and design won a $4,000 school grant for supplies to redesign the space. >> they drew up blueprints and started envisions ways to bring color and energy. they invited a community to help make huge murals echoing church windows upstairs. >> we are hoping to change it and fix it, give it the a face lift, brighten it up. >> reporter: john paul a sound engineer and lecturer,
5:58 pm
envisions a music venue, a living classroom for his students. >> the the stage is great. roomies amazing. it is very good sound and i can't wait. >> reporter: they hope to finish the the project in 2015. >> the the students will continue to work on the design for the next year. we hope to follow-up with their completed work. you can see all of our stories of brotherly love at cbs i'll see you in the morning. i'm ukee washington, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 young girl's amazing story. she said she was abduct and put in the back of the van but she in managed to escape. we are live with details of how she broke free. also developing right now a dangerous respiratory virus that has been spreading across the country is now in philadelphia, kathy. >> summer is wining down but before it end we will have a very pleasant summer-like day, we will take a look at the that in the seven day. hundreds of people saw it, many in our area meteor streak
5:59 pm
ago across the night sky, we have new video to show you, "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right a young girl walking to school says she sudden is snatched by a stranger but this story has a happy ending, incredibly brave girl manages to escape her abductor. this happened just this morning but tonight she's safe and sound and with her family. good evening i'm chris may. i'm jessica dean. as police search for that suspect girl's family is speaking only to "eyewitness news" about her frightening ordeal. that abduction happen at west rodgers and harrison street in ridley park delaware county. "eyewitness news" reporter charlotte huffman is live at ridley park police with the details, charlotte. >> reporter: jessica, this evening police are not releasing any details except to say they are investigating. meanwhile parent, they are in the leaving anything to
6:00 pm
chance. >> i was freaking out when i heard, totally, i got here at 2:00 he clock to pick her up. >> reporter: report parent rushed to ridley park middle school to pick up their children. >> there are more parents out here picking up. >> reporter: many of them concerned after learning a seventh grader was abduct while walking to school alone this morning. >> she said today an african-american male in the white van, had driven up to her, and physically had taken her and put her this is back of the van. >> reporter: girl's uncle kevin ryan says that it happened at intersection of west rodgers and harrison street. >> when they got approximately three to five minutes down the street she realized that she was at a red light because van was stopped for an extended period of time. she was able to open up back door of the van and the rare and take off running report report ryan said 12 year-old managed to find a crediting guard who called police.


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