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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  September 17, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> pelley: tonight, manhunt for a cop killer. >> eric, we are coming for you. >> reporter: police say eric frein is the man who ambushed two state troopers, a survivalist who talked of committing mass murder. don dahler has the latest. in the southwest, it's hell and high water. wildfires threaten hundreds of homes in california while arizona prepares for a flood. reports from john blackstone and carter evans. dean reynolds reports football star adrian peterson, charged with child abuse, has been benched again by the vikings, and he's losing more commercial sponsors. and anna werner on the search for the next norman rock well. >> there might be a great genius artist working right next door. captioning sponsored by cbs
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this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. there is a killer on the loose tonight, and police say he is this man, eric frein, charged with ambushing two pennsylvania state troopers last friday's night, shooting them with a rifle. one was killed. the other remains in critical condition. the police describe frein as a self-trained survivalist with a grudge against law enforcement who has talked about committing mass murder. hundred of officers have looking for him in a heavily wooded area of pennsylvania, and don dahler is following the hunt. don. >> reporter: yes, scott, this is the rugged terrain these searchers are having to make their way through. it has thick underbrush, hills and she it's heavily wooded, and the man they're looking for is said to be very familiar with these woods. he is heavily armed and extremely dangerous. wearing full camouflage and body armor, grim-faced officers geared up for a sixth day of
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searching the dense forest. today, they hunt a man who might also be hunting them. george givens of the pennsylvania state police: >> i want you to know one thing, eric. we are coming for you. >> reporter: 31-year-old eric frein is suspected of lying in wait just before midnight friday's in front of the state police baraks in brooming grove, just as the shift changed. he he allegedly shot and killed bryon dickson and seriously wounded alex douglas. it is not unusual for police officers to be shot at in the course of doing their duty, but this is different. this is being targeted. >> it is a cowardly act. the troopers did not have a chance. they did not even know what hit them. >> reporter: two days after the shooting, frein's car was found partially submerged in the pond two miles from the baraks. they found evidence in it linking him to the ambush, including shell casings and his driver's license. the son of a retired army major, frein was a member of a group who dressed up in eastern
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european military garb and played war games. in 2007, frein also played a german certainly in a short, independent film. his father described him as an expert marksman who can't mis. more than a dozen schools in the area were shut down today. lisa leonawicz only ventured out to get food. >> i mean, if he does that to police officers, then he can do anything to anybody. >> reporter: police say frein has shaved the side of his head and has grown the top hair long, sort of like a bushy mohawk, and, scott, the police say they believe he is armed with an ak-47 as well as a 308-caliber hunting rifle with a scope. >> pelley: and the officer killed was a married father of two. thank you very much, don. in california, it is firefighters who are out in force tonight, where there are 11 large wildfires burning. in the town of weed, more than 100 buildings have been destroyed. throughout the state, nearly 200,000 acres had burned.
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john blackstone shows us what the crews are facing. >> reporter: it is one of the worst combinations for firefighters-- bone-dry timber, rugged terrain, hot and windy weather, and homes scattered in the forest. this one, called the king fire east of sacramento, exploded overnight threatening more than 1600 homes. >> holy moly! >> reporter: fueled by late-afternoon wind gusts and dry brush, the fire ran up steep mountain sides and into deep canyons. thousands of firefighters worked overnight to sloat blaze, eventually holding the fire from jumping over the main road, highway 50. captain barbara rabisky, is with the u.s. forest service. it is the end of summer but fire season is far from over. >> absolutely, fire accept will continue until we get rain, snow, and the help of mother nature. >> reporter: almost 20,000 acres have burned in eldorado county and many residents have been told to evacuate. daniel adams and his family left
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their home as the fire bore down. >> it's pretty freaky. it's like i hope it's going the other way because if that's coming our way, it's not going to be good. >> reporter: fire crews and resources are stretched thin in california. this comes just one day after a fire tore through the town of weed, destroying 150 homes. here in the eldorado forest, smoke from this fire is billowing thousands of feet into the air, evidence of just how dry this forest is. fire officials are warning that conditions will only get more dangerous, scott, with every day that passes without rain. >> pelley: and no chance of rain around there for at least the next 10 days. john, thanks very much. as californians pray for rain, arizona is bracing for a flood. remnants of tropical storm odile are moving up from mexico tonight, and carter evans is in tucson. >> reporter: people were filling bags with sapped as a matter of fact the city of tucson could truck it in.
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they're rationing the sand and the bag here, only 10 allowed per person. ruben moreno got the maximum. so where is the water going now? >> into the house. >> reporter: when the remnants of hurricane norbert slammed into arizona last week, it flooded roads and trapped people in their cars. moreno had two inches of water inside his home. >> and it ran downhill, along that wall, and soaked all this carpet. >> reporter: arizona hadn't been hit by a tropical storm since 1997. when you bought this home, did you ever think about the elevation? >> no! who thinks about na? because, you know, we're away from the flood plain. >> reporter: this storm is forecast to drop up to five inches of rain. that would make it the wettest month on record for tucson. low-lying areas like this are a big concern. a 53-year-old woman died here last week when her car was swept away in fast-moving water, and now, scott, tropical storm paulo
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is gaining strength in the pacific and may be heading this way. >> pelley: now to the nfl scandal. overnight, the minnesota vikings called a reverse. their star running back, adrian peterson, will not take the field on sunday, following his indictment for felony child abuse. dean reynolds is following this. >> good morning. >> reporter: bowing to mounting public publish, the minnesota vikings made a difficult and glaring admission. >> we made a mistake and we needed to get this right. >> reporter: so adrian peterson was put on something called the exempt commissioner's permission list by order of nfl commissioner roger goodell. it means he will not be suiting up this sunday or any sunday until his legal case has run its course. but he will be paid, $691,000 a week. zygi wilf is the viking's chairman. >> adrian will be away from the team and focused on his personal
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situation. >> reporter: that personal situation involves peterson's indictment on felony charges of child abuse for whipping his four-year-old son with a switch, something the pro bowl running back has admitted doing as discipline. >> we did gather the information. >> reporter: kevin warning of the vikings front office-- the players union said this decision was made by adrian to withdraw and the you guys say the vikings made the decision. so who made the decision? >> it's very clear that the minnesota vikings are the ones that initiated this process with the national football league in regards to this current situation. >> stronger is what we believe in at castrol. >> reporter: by this afternoon, corporate sponsors castrol, nike, and radisson had downgraded or dropped their commercial ties to the vikings or peterson. and millions are at stake for the nfl as well, scott, with huge corporate sponsors, including anheuser busch, fedex,
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mcdonald's, pepsi, and visa all saying they are closely watching how the league handles these troubling allegations of abuse away from the game. >> pelley: dean, thanks very much. but there's more on this. late today, word came that an another nfl running back has been arrested for domestic violence. jonathan dwyer of the arizona cardinals. it's not known if he'll play this weekend. also today, the carolina panters put defensive end greg hardy on paid leave. he was convicted in july of assaulting his ex-girlfriend and threatening her life. late this afternoon, the house of representatives voted grudgingly to approve president obama's plan to arm and train moderate syrian rebels to fight the terrorist army known as isis. over at the senate, secretary of state john kerry testified that other countries have signed up to join the u.s. in air strikes against isis. nancy cordes is on capitol hill. >> the united states will not go
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it alone. >> reporter: secretary kerry said more than 50 countries will participate in the fight against isis, but some senators argue the administration's strategy still isn't clear. republican senator bob corker: >> do you realize how unserious the things that you have laid out and the things that were laid out yesterday sound. >> i must say to you, i-- i really find it somewhat surprising as we have come back from a week of very serious meetings with nations around the world, all of whom are committed to this, that you sit there and suggest that it's not serious. >> the amendment is adopted. >> reporter: across the capitol, the house voted to authorize arming and training moderate syrian rebels, but only after dozens of lawmakers expressed their opposition, including democrat loretta sanchez. >> we don't know if somewhere
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down the line they will turn our guns right back on us. >> reporter: and republican duncan hunter: >> the last thing that we should do is arm islamic rebels to fight other islamic rebels. >> reporter: hunter is a former marine who served in iraq and afghanistan, and several other veterans in congress sided with him. but supporters of the plan argued it is the best of a bunch of bad options and that it's certainly preferable, scott, to sending in u.s. ground forces. >> pelley: nancy, thanks. the president spoke about u.s. ground forces in a visit to some of his top commanders today. here's major garrett. >> reporter: at a visit to u.s. central command in tampa, president obama rejected comment made yesterday by the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff that u.s. ground troops might be necessary in iraq and syria. >> the american forces that have been deployed to iraq do not and will not have a combat mission.
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they will support iraqi forces on the ground, as they fight for their own country against these terrorists. >> reporter: confidence in the president's leadership as commander in chief has never been lower. a new cbs news/"new york times" poll found 57% of the country believes mr. obama has not been tough enough in dealing with isis. when it comes to fighting terrorism overall, only 41% approve of the president's performance. 50% disapprove, a steep decline from the 72% approval he had after the killing of osama bin laden in may 2011. in an interview with cbs news' anna werner, robert gates, the president's first defense secretary, questioned the strategy against isis. >> they're not going to be able to be successful against isis strictly from the air or strictly depending on the iraqi forces or the peshmerga. so there will be boots on the ground if there's to be any hope of success in the strategy, and
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i think that by continuing to repeat that the president in effect traps himself. >> reporter: scott, the president will not approve any u.s. military mission organized and carried out by military units, but he will consider sending advisers to the front lines with iraqi forces to improve the accuracy of air strikes or combat tactics. >> pelley: major garrett at the white house. major, thanks very much. a young boy was one of thousands who die each year from a condition most information don't know about. his family is trying to change that. and letters from robert f. kennedy are made public for the first time when the cbs evening news continues. [ hoof beats ] i wish... please, please, please, please, please. [ male announcer ] the wish we wish above health. so we quit selling cigarettes in our cvs pharmacies. expanded minuteclinic, for walk-in medical care. and created programs that encourage people to take their medications regularly. introducing cvs health. a new purpose.
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xeljanz can reduce ra pain and help stop further joint damage, even without methotrexate. ask about xeljanz. >> pelley: health experts gathered in washington today to discuss sepsis. sepsis kills more than 250,000 americans every year, making it the third leading cause of death behind heart disease and cancer. vanita nair has one family's story. >> when 12-year-old rory staunton died, his parents had no idea what happened. rory had been a healthy kid until he got injured in gym class. so what happened at school? >> he fell and scraped his arm you know, jumping for a ball. about 24 hours later, he started feeling sick. >> reporter: his parents took him to the hospital where he was misdiagnosed with the flu.
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three days later, rory died. >> our son was dead before we heard the word "sepsis." >> reporter: sepsis is a condition triggered by an infection entering a person's bloodstream, in roar's case, after he scraped his arm. the immune system has an overly aggressive response that can lead to organ failure. today, the stawntops held a national symposium on sepsis. they've already helped change the law for new york hospital where's doctors are now required to use a checklist to rule out the condition. at the north shore l.i.j. health system the rate of sepsis has dropped by roughly 50%. dr. martin doerfler is the associate chief medical officer. >> it can move quite quickly. the data says that from the point of recognition, every hour delay increases the risk of mortality. and that's really why we need to be as aggressive as we are. >> reporter: does knowing how these regulations have helped other people, does it make it
6:48 pm
any easier? >> burying your child, we'll never have an easy day again. what i think makes us very angry is that rory could have been saved. >> reporter: the stauntons say their greatest regret is not knowing about sepsis. now their mission is to make sure other families do. vanita nair, cbs news, washington, d.c. >> pelley: president obama goes head to head with school kids in a moment. ♪ [music]
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>> pelley: today, we heard from the federal reserve that it plans to keep interest rates at historic lows for the foreseeable future. the dow gained 24 points to close at 17,156, another all-time high. early letters written by robert f. kennedy are going up for auction this week in boston. in one, written in 1944, at age 19, he tells a friend, "i am now chasing women madly but it looks
6:52 pm
as if i lack the kennedy charm as i have yet to find a girl who likes me, but then i don't quit easily." the next year, the future attorney general and senator met his future wife, ethel. some school kids in tampa got a thrill today when the president came to visit. one boy's haircut caught mr. obama's attention. >> i like that hairdo, man. i can touch that? ( laughter ) it's kind of spiky. >> your hair is short. mine, too. here, you want to touch it? >> pelley: one kid asked the president, "did you fight in the civil war?" "no," mr. obama responded. "i was born in 1961." then my rheumatologist prescribed enbrel. i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer. enbrel helps relieve pain and stop joint damage. i've been on the course and on the road.
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>> pelley: finally tonight, america is home to some of the most creative people in the world, some you know, many more are waiting to be discovered. anna werner has the story of two men who set out to wring the art of america to the heart of america. >> reporter: museum curators don bacigalupi and chad alligood were on a mission to find america's hidden artists. the search took the team to 174 cities in 44 states and often to unique locations, everything from goat farms in florida to this converted school in kansas. >> we're seeing people working in places that don't february show up on the gps, much less the curator's radar. that really is one of the things that will make this exhibition what it is. >> how you doing? >> reporter: the pair have visited nearly 1,000 artists. >> these are all just plastic bags. >> reporter: many of them using new materials, even new techniques, drawing animals with smoke, weaving creation with
6:57 pm
string, and participating with plastic. >> you would never guess from across the room that what you're looking at is plastic recyclables grilled in the back alley of a boston neighborhood. >> reporter: just one of the 227 original works of art creates for this one-of-a-kind exhibit at the crystal bridges museum of art in bentonville, arkansas, founded by wal-mart heiress, alice walton. >> the idea that wherever you come from, there might be a great genius artist right next door. >> reporter: we joined the team in may when they stopped by to see randy regier in witch tarks cabsas. he was number 960 on their month-month odyssey. his traveling toy store pops up unannounced in locations as far apart as maine from florida where viewers are left to decide for themselves why and how it got there. >> it can be very haunting and
6:58 pm
desparing in one place and very sort of monumental and supporturesque in another. it relies heavily on context. >> reporter: his installation is now part of the exhibit. it sit in do you want bentonville off the town square, just one of many thought-provoking works, unusual disruptures, iptrict wood carvings, and displays designed to be interactive like this one. >> it has the bells and the balloons and encourages people to actually perform in the space. >> reporter: so do you think you found the next georgia o'keefe, the next jackson pollock? >> all of the above, and then some. >> reporter: artistic genius, plucked from obscurity, hoping they're destined for prominence. anna werner, cbs news, bentonville, arkansas. >> pelley: and that's the cbs evening news for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, good night.
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meredith vieira just revealed she survived some pretty horrific domestic violence. >> she was one of several talk show hosts exposing their deepest, darkest secrets. >> he threw me into scalding water. >> meredith, rosie, julie chan, why are so many making surprising confessions on their shows? >> my grandfather was a polygamist. how about this? did joan rivers' doctor really take a selfie while joan was under anesthesia? >> crazy story. plus, a new beyonce thigh gap controversy. are stars obsessed with filtering their photos? >> that's what they're for. also tonight, why the new show "stalker" is raising serious concerns. >> do you think there's a danger instructing would-be al


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