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tv   Eyewitness News at 430am  CBS  September 18, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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new developments as police question, several persons of interest, including a local basketball coach, some experts say the attack may not qualify as an hate crime. it is thursday september 18th good morning i'm ukee washington, i'm natasha brown. a man riding a bike cyst shot during an overnight robbery in northeast fail. he is in critical condition while police hunt for person who pull the trigger. and the philadelphia city council set to vote today on landmark legislation, to decriminalized small amounts of marijuana. we will get you those stories and more in a bit the but looks like we are having a carbon copy wet wise of yesterday. >> no complaints here. >> yes. >> you took the words literally out of my mouth, i was just going to say that. >> it is true, right.
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>> a carbon copy of what you just said, that is exactly what we have got here, it is almost exactly what took place yesterday. >> which was good. >> pretty nice. >> how bit. light wind, low humidity, another day featuring full sunshine, perhaps a couple more clouds. we have a cold front. very whimpy cold front moving in here. here's a quick check of the 24 hour difference in our temperatures, not too different, obviously, you have only seen anything from 1 degree more or two or 3 degrees cooler generally speaking they be what the thermometer actually read yesterday. overall it is essentially the same store which a few more clouds along the the way that means nice weather but eventually this pattern does have to change and i'll have details on when that will take place coming up. investigation continues in the brutal attack of the same sex couple in center city. >> police questioned several persons of interest at this point. "eyewitness news" reporter jane carabao is live at
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central detective with the very latest on this story, jan. >> reporter: natasha and ukee we have learn that someone, was actual working asiana cysttent basketball coach at archbishop wood high school. officials with the archdiocese tell us he was not a teach are but was working on a contract basis but had since been fired and won't aloud to work in any of it other schools. police continue to investigate, they most recently started questioning several persons of interest. the most recent was this man who arrived at september rally with detective to speak with police last night this is tied to the assault of the day couple in center city last week. the suspects are in this group of a dozen men and women capture here just before the at salt. the victims say this victim shouted gay slur. one of the victim was so badly injured he was in hospital for three days n word of an arrest just yet but if charges are filed the charge won't be a hate crime. under current law only crimes
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motivated by race, religion and ethnicity can be prosecuted as hate crimes. it is a stall state representative bren on boil is trying to include sexual orientation but that change never made it out of committee. >> there is no question if this were called up for a vote tomorrow it it would pass overwhelmingly. >> reporter: in the meantime a picture of these possible suspects, has circulated on social media. it was taken apparently at the the local restaurant before at assault and that restaurant has come under heavy fire, even though it says it a had nothing to do with this assault. it issued this statement, that reads we were horrified letter our pay patrons could have been involve in the creek. we wish the the gentlemen a speedy recovery. police say no charges will be filed until they completely understand what happened last thursday night. reporting live outside central detectives, jane carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". lets get traffic and
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weather together, here's a katie. >> good morning , ukee. good morning everybody. we will start off with a nice view outside our station headquarters here in center city and offer looking the sky scrapers, beautiful start to the morning but much like yesterday morning it is chilly outside. you will want to consider an extra rare, sweater, sweat shirt, fleece, jacket, take your pick. i'm telling you it will be a cool start. you will see that reflect in the temperatures. all ih calm and quiet and collect, despite what you see here. i know a lot of times when you see green you think there is rain out there. a a lot of times we will see what is called ground clutter as well, the radar just strong. it picks up on things other than actual precipitation, last week we wick up a flock of birds taking off. interesting things can a show up but because it is so clear outside that is where that is coming from. don't worry about precipitation. that is bottom line here. storm scan three is completely empty. we have a couple clouds in central and western pennsylvania but as far as we're concern it is just clear and collect out there.
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58 degrees in philadelphia at the moment. fifty-two wildwood. we are in the lower 40's up toward the mountains and will make a run for those 30's before the the sun comes up. it is yet another cool start. it is yet another gorgeous day. if you didn't get the chance to get outside yesterday, well, here's another chance for you. it looks like a beautiful afternoon. nice and comfortable. mid 70's. just shy where we would normally top off this day of the year. jessica, good morning. >> good morning to everybody, just getting, up and waking up, and heading out the door in the next couple of minutes. it is 4:35. we will show you heading out the door. this is our cameras here on i-95 where you can see ongoing construction and road work here just near 320. southbound toward delaware where you will see problems. they are pull off in the right-hand lane not causing too much of the delay this morning. over on the vine street expressway really be in really out there at eighth street, heading eastbound toward 95 looking g westbound toward schuylkill expressway pretty
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much the same story. rest of our major still flying by, northbound from route 30 in the schuylkill expressway on 20 2a three minute trip and seven minutes on 422 from oaks into 202, heading eastbound. overnight work on the roosevelt boulevard, actually, northbound just near red lion road until 6:00 a.m., and overnight work. i'm just going to in the talk about the overnight work on the pennsylvania turnpike. we can talk about that in a second from 42 northbound, southbound looking good in new jersey. fifty-five the same story. 295 looking good, in the southbound direction. back over to you. developing right now police rush a man to the hospital after an overnight shooting in tacony. "eyewitness news" at 3100 block have have barnett street. twenty-four year-old victim was riding his bike when he wases show the in the face and leg during an apparent robbery. it happened just after 11:30 last night, investigators are still searching for the shooter this morning. happening today, poconos school district cancels classes for a second day as
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hunt continues for eric frein. police say he ambush two pennsylvania state troopers friday night. comp rally with brian dickson was killed in the attack. state police released these new photos of frein as they tip to look for him through heavily wooded area. >> we have in excess of 200 law enforcement on the ground, in and around the pike county area, looking in any possible location for this individual. >> corporal dicksun will be laid to rest later today. police are warning the public frein should be considered armed and dangerous. also today a bill that would decriminal ice the the use and possession of small amounts of mar juan ace up for a final vote in philadelphia city council. then bill a person caught with a less than an ounce of marijuana will pay a $25 fine. if police catch someone smoking in public they face a hundred dollar fine or up to nine hours of community services. the the bill is expect to pass and once sign by the mayor it
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initial to effect october 20th. power plants in pennsylvania, they are among the worst polluters in the country, according to a new report. it was released as the environmental protection agency considers placing a limit on pollution, from power plants. for the very first time. next week international leaders will meet in new york city toy discuss possible solution toss climate change. a child falls out of the window and plunges nine stories to her death in west philadelphia. authorities say that the eight year-old was looking at something out her father's apartment window just before she fell. it happen at the fairfax apartment in the 4200 block of locust street. police say victim's 11 year-old sister may be the only witness. sources say her father is a single dad of two and a grad student at penn. well, next years race for mayor of philadelphia just got a little bit more crowded, "eyewitness news" has learn former philadelphia district attorney, lynn abraham, will seek the office.
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an official announcement has not been made yet the but democrat tells us she's meeting and trying to raise fund for the race. and attorney ken trujillo is latest democrat to formally enter the mayor's race. he made that announcement yesterday outside philadelphia school district headquarters. he says that he would abolish the school reform commission, he was the city solicitor under former mayor john street. straight ahead on "eyewitness news" an isis terror plot foiled in australia. plus another nfl player accused off domestic violence, details on the allegations against cardinals running back jonathan dwyer. that is when "eyewitness news" continues.
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it could end the union with england and whale braking up great britain. scottish independent would impact from oil market to the value of the british pound. the world's strongest currency. u.s. senate is expect to give final approval to the obama administration's today to train and arm syrian rebels. house passed the resolution yesterday. secretary of said john kerry says more than 50 countries have committed to air strikes, on the the terror group but the list will be kept, confidential. authorities in australia say they have foiled an isis terror plot. >> a cell in sidney was planning to kidnap people off the the street and film their beheadings. police confirm that 15 arrests have been made in the series of raids across the city. they believe a senior is is member overseas master minded this plot. the arrest, mark the largest counter terrorism operation in as you veil use history.
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another nfl player accused of domestic violence, jonathan dwyer faces multiple charges including aggravated assault. dwyer was involved in two altercations involving a woman and a toddler. the cardinals deactivated dwyer from all team activities. okay, so, here's what is happening, i'm trying to figure out, i'm trying to figure out, okay, lighter jacket, and i have it at the ready. >> you kind of just need to be ready. exactly. it is your call. i always get cold. >> yes, you do. >> in august. >> so nice heavy sweater wouldn't be a worse idea for someone like us. >> yes, it is beautiful. >> it is good out there. >> it is still a nice start to the day and even yesterday we started off on a cool note but it did start to feel better when sun came up. it is just what happened this
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time of the year. you need to be red which extra layers that you will be able to shed later on in the day. depending how long you will be out, only going for maybe a morning run, or gym you have to take your fleece along and then just walk out, and have you head to work and not need it at all. that is just how, our temperature profile tend to work out with our own comfort level, in terms of temperatures. storm scan three is still quiet at the moment. we have a whimpy cold front thaw can see bringing in precipitation right now, right along the canadian border but this is so whimpy, i love that word for this, it is so weak it will in the bring us anything more than a couple clouds. so it does knock our temperatures back. today gorgeous, muchĂșlike yesterday. tomorrow at best, lower 70's which will be from five to 10 degrees below average depending on your location. by saturday a warm front moves north, we will even up with a few clouds which will lift, and on sunday night our next coal front moves through and
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neighboring wet weather. today, lovely. just like yesterday we drop to 56. over the course of the next few days we will see a few cloud building in here but sunday night is our first shot for precipitation and much of next week looks like how this week looks, really quiet. ukee, back over to you. in sports, eagles played their first divisional match up of the season against washington. and in south philadelphia on sunday afternoon in a game that could also mark the return of former eagle desean jackson. kelly's crew back at the novacare complex. short week after their prime time victory over the indianapolis colts. d jacks injured that shoulder last weekend but word is he is telling people he will play. get your popcorn ready, here we go. get popcorn ready later for tonight as well. week three kicks off tonight with thursday night football right here on cbs-3. exton native and penn charter grad matt ryan starts for falcons as they host the buccaneers. pregame coverage begins a at
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7:30 right here on cbs-3. i'm loving it. help with us this weeks friday football frenzy pick the game of the week with our cbs audio road show app, your choices are upper merion at plymouth white marsh, chichester at radnor air cheltenham at upper dublin. we will announce win are tonight the at 11:00. tonight the sports director beasley reese will be live at the game of the week. many of you may have been sleeping when phillies and padres played game three last night out west and, strong performance by cole hamels. kid cole struck out nine, in seven innings of work. phillies won this 15-two. ben reveer had two runs batted in, darren ruf scored a couple runs. phillies and padres late are tonight, once again late start 9:10 our time. natasha, back over to you. still ahead this morning new iphone isn't even out yet but there are reports that apple could be planning to launch another major product, we will tell but that. here's a look what is on
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tonight on cbs-3.
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we have two developing stories in this morning's headlines. philadelphia police believe robbery is a motive for a shooting in tacony. victim was riding his bike on the 31 hundred block of barnett street when he was shot in the face and leg. he is in critical condition. police have questioned several persons of interest, including this man in connection with the attack on a same sex couple in center city. the attack on two gay men put one of them in the hospital for three days. and philadelphia city council is expect to pass a bill to decriminal ice marijuana in small amounts. anyone caught with less than a ounce of pot faces a $25 fine, and anyone caught smoking it in public faces a hundred dollars fine or nine hours of community services. your time is 4:49. let check business. >> money watch's jill wagner
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joins us live from the new york stock exchange, good morning, jill. another record day on wall street so what is moving the markets. >> reporter: markets opened up this morning in record high territory after fed chair janet yellin says central bank plans to keep interest rates at their record low levels for a quote considerable time as long as inflation stays low. they like what they heard. dow jones closed at that new record high, the nasdaq was up nine, ukee and natasha. >> help me out here apple new iphones and smart watches aren't on the store shelves yet but tech giant could be planning another major product launch. >> reporter: every day it seems like apple is making headlines. apple is unveiling a sixth generation ipad, at an event in october. it is expected that new ipad air and mini will get faster processers and touch id and back to the iphone six, even if you didn't preorder that new iphone you can get apple's new operating system ios8.
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it has cool features like a smart keyboard so that suggest is appropriate words that can finish your sentence. it recognizes to whom you are actually typing with. if it is your friend or your boss it suggests words that have the right tone and it can also send your person that exact location with the map. there has been one glitch there is a new bug with the health feature that should be fixed by the end of the month. ukee and natasha. >> i will make an updated version of etch a sketch and make millions. >> good idea you heard it firstt here. >> thanks, jill, talk to you later. coming up traffic and weather together we will do it
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time for traffic and weather together. the it is 4:53. good morning in, jessica. >> good morning, everyone. it is 4:53. it is bright and early this morning but not too many problems. we are you the side on i-95 at
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girard. you can see southbound heading towards city, moving along nicely still. on woodhaven road and vine street expressway southbound still a 14 minute trip there. same story on 309, just at the pennsylvania turnpike, so you can see headed southbound and north bound in montgomery county looking good so far. majors same story there. 202 from route 30 in the schuylkill expressway north bound still clear. really good heading eastbound on 22. we will send it over to katie in the weather sent certificate. >> good morning everybody. it is another good excuse if you want to have a reason to be outside here, any outdoor activities you have planned are a go. as we have seen in days past you just have to have that extra layer ready to go. it takes longer for to us warm up this time of the year, sun angle no where near as high as it was in midsummer but that is in the stopping people from heading down to the shore. boards are quiet in ocean city cape may county i have a feeling we will see folks out and about even though crowds
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have thinned out. the it is a great time of the year to go to the shore points. storm scan three, as you might expect totally empty. quiet. it will stay that way again today. is there a cold front that will roll through our area throughout the day-to-day but because it is so weak in nature a couple clouds, that is it, it does knock temperatures back tomorrow, at best we should climb in the lower 70's which puts us between five and 10 degrees below typical average for daytime highs. by the weekend we are heating backup and for second half of the weekend we will get at least within day in the lower 80's but it does come with a price. there will be a cold front that crosses through our area. in the meantime still talking about the here and new as we watch that weak cold front cross through today, by tomorrow, high pressure will regain the lead and we will get sunshine back but temperatures take a hit and it will end up being the the coolest day that we have had this entire week, ukee, back over to you. here's a look at stories our sister station kyw news
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radio 1060 will be following today. controversial police tactic of stop and frisk is becoming a campaign issue, once again in the cities race for mayor. also a name change for state department of public welfare, and why facebook enforcement have of its real name policy is causing a stir, l gt community. check in two, three, four times a day 1060 on your am dial, natasha. coming up next on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning, we have the latest on the search on the suspects in the brutal beating in center city philadelphia. new video overnight of the dangerous police chase, sparks fly as officers thought they stopped that van but the driver had a few more tricks up his sleeve. talk about an incredible journey you have to hear where this dog ended up after vanishing from the philadelphia area months ago. we're back with you at the top of the hour good morning.
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new developments overnight in the beating of a same sex couple in center city. detective questioned, several people, and now the attack has already cost a basketball coach his job. also a final farewell to a trooper ambush to the job as manhunt to find his arm and dangerous killer intensifies. it is thursday, september 18th, good morning, i'm ukee washington. i'm natasha brown in for erika. also philadelphia police just hours away from becoming the largest city in the country to decriminalized marijuana new penalties if you are caught with pot, katie. natasha, if you like yesterday you'll love today. it is a carbon copy forecast but it can only last so long. there is precipitation in the
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forecast down the road, i'll tell you when, jessica. so far you'll like today. we will go outside to the ben franklin bridge. heading out from new jersey in the city, heading westbound you can see everything is moving nicely and there is not many cars to deal with. we will talk about overnight construction patches, all across the board in a couple minutes, natasha and ukee, good morning. good morning, everyone. breaking news from northeast philadelphia, police looking foreman who robbed this 711 in brideberg. you're looking live at the scene on the 1500 block of bridge street, police say a mandy mannedded cash from the clerk around 3:00 this morning and then took off with about $300. in one was injured. also this morning, social media has helped police identify several persons of interest in the the center sit a tack of the same sex couple. >> now we have learned that an high school basketball coach has been fired over this incident. "eyewitness news" reporter jane carabao is live at central detectives with the very latest on what is


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