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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  September 18, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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forecast down the road, i'll tell you when, jessica. so far you'll like today. we will go outside to the ben franklin bridge. heading out from new jersey in the city, heading westbound you can see everything is moving nicely and there is not many cars to deal with. we will talk about overnight construction patches, all across the board in a couple minutes, natasha and ukee, good morning. good morning, everyone. breaking news from northeast philadelphia, police looking foreman who robbed this 711 in brideberg. you're looking live at the scene on the 1500 block of bridge street, police say a mandy mannedded cash from the clerk around 3:00 this morning and then took off with about $300. in one was injured. also this morning, social media has helped police identify several persons of interest in the the center sit a tack of the same sex couple. >> now we have learned that an high school basketball coach has been fired over this incident. "eyewitness news" reporter jane carabao is live at central detectives with the very latest on what is happening with this case right
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now, jan. >> reporter: natasha and ukee progress is being made on this case and now we have learn that a person, is some sort of a connection with this case was actually working asiana cysttent basketball coach atwood high school. officials with the archdiocese says he was not a teacher but was working on a contract basis but he has new you been fired and he won't aloud to work at any of its other schools. meanwhile police continue to investigate and other persons of interest, have started to show up here at central detectives. he is latest person of interest to come forward to talk to police arriving at central detectives late last night. while he offered no comment "eyewitness news", his attorney had this to say. >> i'm sure police will make an announcement. >> reporter: the the investigation continues as police try to locate about a dozen men and women seen in this surveillance video taken just minutes before a gay couple was brutally attacked in center city. victims, yelled gay slurs to
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them as they were beaten. story spark outrages specially on social media and it wasn't long before someone posted this picture of the group eating at a restaurant before the attack. a twitter user then did some cyber detective work of his own and helped police id some of the suspects. that was end of the line, everybody recognized the restaurant. we were able to go in face back and see who check in. >> reporter: no word of any arrests yet but if charges are filed they won't come as a hate crime. under current law only crimes motivated by race, religious and ethnicity can be prosecuted. it is a law state representative brendon boyle is trying to change but that change never made it out of committee. >> there is no question if this were called up for a vote tomorrow it it would pass and pass overwhelmingly. >> reporter: now that picture of those possible suspects taken at this local restaurant called le viola has spark outrage on social media aimed at the restaurant even though
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restaurant had nothing to to with this attack. it posted this statement which reads, we were horrified to learn any of our patrons could have been involve in such a crime. our thoughts are with the victims and we wish the gentlemen a speedy recovery. a as for charges police tell us no charges will be filed until they completely understand what happened, last thursday night. reporting live outside central detectives, jane carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". jane, thank you. also developing this morning police in northeast philadelphia are searching for gunman who sent a man to the hospital in critical condition. overnight investigators searched for clues in the 3100 block of barnett street in tacony. police say the 24 year-old victim was gunned down while riding his bicycle will and robbery was likely the motive. 5:03. here's traffic and weather together, katie. >> good morning everybody. another beautiful day is in store for our area as high pressure continues to keep control at least for now but is there a cold front that will cross and typically we we talk about cold fronts crossing a lot of times they will at least bring in bet
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weather but this one is just, not having that much steam to it. let's put it that way. storm scan three remains quiet at this hour, we will zoom it out, most of the entire northeast, actually is staying quiet for now but is there a front starting to cross over the canadian border and it will eventually reenforce the cool air that is in place for us. we will take you out to the tropical satellite next, you can see edward on the right-hand portion of the screen there still quickly making its repeat which means you are well out to sea, but we do still have that delayed reaction i would like to call it, in terms of the rip current risk. still moderate risk but a lovely beach day overall, if you hit shoreline it is not worst ideas. so many life guards have pack up for the entire season and if you don't have a life guard on the beach you just want to play it safe. we are look at live neighborhood network much like yesterday we are flirting with 60 in west grove, valley forge, princeton, hockessin in the mid to low 50's.
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there will be a few spots and probably flirt with the 40's before the sun comes up and starts the warming pattern all over again. now around the region we will go it is another nice day, wall to wall sunshine couple clouds, low hugh in midty, light wind. does it get better than this? what a great day, and again, just another repeat performance from yesterday. so we have been dealt a nice hand and pretty lucky conditions for us here in the delaware valley, jessica. >> we have, that is a good thing. i wore my long sleeves and i feel absolutely perfect. good morning, everybody. 5:05. we have some good news for anybody heading out the door in the next couple minutes. we will go outside where you can see no real jams. no real traffic. not a whole lot of cars heading over into new jersey into the city. westbound from the toll plaza up and over the bridge. moving along nicely. the pretty much same story for mid county tolls heading southbound or northbound toward the northeast extension you'll get through that toll plaza nicely as well.
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overnight work on the pennsylvania turnpike, westbound from bensalem into willow grove, overnight work out in new jersey route 130 southbound at riverton road that will be out there until 6:00 a.m. you have another hour to delay with those delays. otherwise some travel times everything looking, still really smooth. 202, 422, in problems either direction. ukee, back over to you. all right, jessica, thank you. happening today a pennsylvania state trooper will be laid to rest as the search for his killer, continues. meanwhile as a precaution many schools in northeast pennsylvania are closed for a second day. the here's wendy gilette. >> reporter: line of mourners to honor life of pennsylvania state trooper, corporal brian dickson spilled out of the rotunda at merrywood university in scranton yesterday. dickson was killed friday night outside the grove police barracks by a gunman still on the loose. during the news conference police expect to the suspect identified as 31 year-old eric frein. >> in the event you are
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listening to this broadcast on a radio, portable radio while cowering in some cold, damp hiding place i want you to know one thing, eric, we are coming for you. >> couple hundred officers are searching a large rural area, looking for a man used to dress up in eastern european military outfits to play war games. he is described as a marksman who doesn't miss. scary time for those who live nearby. >> if he does that to police officers, then he can do anything to anybody. >> reporter: k-9 units did sweeps of the area where viewing for dickson was hell. hundreds of law enforcement officers from around the country paid their respects. >> everybody that wears a uniform and carries a gun and wears a badge is a brotherhood. that is the way it is. we all stick together. >> reporter: police say frein has held a grudge against law enforcement for the at least eight years. wendy gilette for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". also philadelphia city council takes its final vote on the bill that decriminalizes the possession and use of small amounts of
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marijuana the legislation which is expect to pass would fine people caught with less than an ounce of marijuana $25. if someone police catch smoking in public, they will face a hundred dollars fine or up to nine days of community service. mayor nutter has said he will sign the bill which would then go into effect october 20th. today law makers in washington are taking up the obama administration's request to arm and train moderate rebels to battle will isis fighters in syria. yesterday the house agreed to the measure in the 273 to 156 vote. vote came as, secretary of state john kerry fielded tough questions from senators about the president's plan to defeat and ultimately destroy the group. as you veil use has foiled an isis terrorist plot and holding 15 people, members of the isis were allegedly planning to kidnap australian off the street, bee helped them and up load videos of the murders. 800 federal and state police officers raided more than a dozen properties across
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sidney. it is the the largest counter terrorism raid in australian history. developing right now voters in scotland are deciding whether to declare independence from the unite the kingdom. a huge turnout is expect in a decision that is too close to call. 97 percent have registered, a yes vote would trigger 18 months of negotiations between scottish leaders and london based politicians on how the two countries would separate. nfl continues to be in the news, another player making news off the field. >> very latest violent accusations set forth his team suspension. talk about one wild ride, a determined driver tries to out run police, we will just to have see how this chase ended. we will do it when we come back. also this... >> as a parent, as a husband, i can't imagine what they're going through. >> college student missing for days and now her parents fear the worst, new clues as police step up their search, katie?
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natasha, today will be another beautiful day, it is a pattern that has lasted us pretty much all week but it eventually has to change at some point. i'll tell you when to expect more wet weather coming up. >> ♪ >> a dog will be soon on her way back home to the philadelphia area we will tell you about the amazing trip, that took the dog across the country, without her owners, even realizing it. that and more when we come back.
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good morning everyone. another player is facing domestic abuse charge these morning. it is latest scandal in a rough couple weeks for the national football league this time arizona cardinals running bank jonathan dwyer is accused of hitting his wife in two separate incident back in
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july. police say he also threw a shoe at his 18 month-old son. cardinals deactivated dwyer as soon as he was arrested. that arrest came hours after carolina panthers benched their star defensive even greg hard which pay. he was found guilty of choking his girlfriend and threatening to kill her but he ace peeling that verdict. hard agreed to stay away from the team nil his legal problems are sorted out. it is a similar deal, of adrian peterson. good morning, everybody. very quiet weather, continuing for our area. i got to tell you despite still a couple minor hiccups that congress away and precipitation, that will continue to remain, even into next week, a really quiet pattern for us. but we are starting to come up, finally on the official beginning of the fall season. let take a look for you out there, the autumnal equinox
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does take place machine in just four short days. it is in the like we're specific or anything. 10:29 p.m. on the button is where we will see direct rays over the equator, and we are basically meaning equal rays. equal amount of that sunlight, crossing over the equator into both hemispheres. storm scan three all calm and quiet in our area. but this is where i want to point out to you. here's the the latest frontal boundary. it doesn't show a lot of activity. it will come through dry but reenforce the chill. pollen reports still low, even despite the fact that it stays very quiet here at home. fifty-eight at the airport. through the suburbs, very typical you'll fine cooler conditions but much like what we saw yesterday. jacket weather at its finest and you will eventually be able to shed that extra layer, later today topping off at 76. tomorrow, it is still pleasant but it will feel cool. we will hit lower 70's from five to ten depending on your
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location and degrees below normal. by saturday a few more clouds courtesy of the warm front and that does warm it up, by sunday we are back in the 80's for one day, jessica. >> i'll take 80 degrees for one day. thanks katie. good morning. it is 5:15. we have a relatively quiet start to the morning commute. we will go outside to the schuylkill expressway where the headlights are going, you can see that is westbound toward king of prussia area moving great. same thing heading eastbound toward city we will have no problems doing so this morning. out in bucks county you can see on i-95, really moving great there as well, skudder falls bridge southbound and northbound you'll currently have no problems. an accident already though in new jersey, 12th street completely closed at waymouth road. your alternate just take friendship road, and overnight work elsewhere in new jersey, route 130 southbound at riverton road is out there until 6:00 a.m. more over tonight work on the boulevard north bound just near red lion road out there
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until 6:00 a.m. also. ukee, back over to you. is there a developing story on cbs three, several persons of interest of been questioned by police in connection with the beating of a same sex couple near rittenhouse square last week. one victim spent three days in a hospital with severe injuries. another developing story a bicyclist is in the hospital after a shooting in tacony. a 24 year-old man was shot twice during an robbery attempt on the 3100 block of barnett street last night. hunt continues for eric frein, man police say ambush two state troopers last week in northeastern pennsylvania. one trooper corporal brian dickson was kill. his funeral is today in scranton. thief is on the run this morning after pulling off a bold robbery at a philadelphia store, the unusual weapon ththat he used to scare the clerk. several homes, smashed up after a school bus slams right into them. now we are seeing scary ride from behind the wheel and why the driver is being called a hero, we will be right back.
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two pele are behind bars after leading police on a wild chase in los angeles for more than a hour. police laid down a spike strip and thought that is where it would end but driver took off again. stolen van kept going with two flat tires. you can see sparks, right there. police eventually surrounded the van taking a male and female in custody. a dog was also rush to the hospital after getting hit by the speeding van. boy that is a frightening video from inside a school bus as it loses control and slams into two houses near atlanta driver is being called a hero after swerving to avoid another car that crossed the center line. the homes are pretty badly damage but driver avoided a
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nearby park that was full of children. she was only person on the bus and amazingly she was not hurt. this is an out of control wild fire still burning in northern california prompting state's governor to declare a state of emergency at this point. it is threatening more than 2,000 homes and 1500 other structures. 2500 fire fighters are taking on this blaze that has consume 44 square miles of trees and brush in an area east of sacramento. so far it is only 5 percent contains. your time is 5:20. are you trying to cut calories without giving up your favorite foods? we will show you where you can grab a skinny slice, skinny slice of pizza. in sports cole hamels dominates in the late night game on the left coast. jonathan papelbon is not the only one being punish for this outburst on the field. we will tell you who else is paying price for the confrontation when we come
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it is 5:23. katie, another beautiful day in store, right. >> this will be another really nice one here with high pressure once again building in place. problem is there will be a frontal bound dry that does roll through and when it rolls rolls through i don't think you have to worry about wet weather but it will knock temperatures back. storm scan three is still quiet. we will look at these area temperatures in the mount pocono area, 41 right now. we will hold tough at 58 in the city. at least at the the airport. you can see cooler air in albany, scranton and that is a sign of things to come. it will be the the frontal boundary responsible for knocking at least our daytime highs tomorrow back down in the lower 70's at best. so again, most of the day, will likely at best be in the 60's. that does mean it is cooler but we will see full sunshine. grab your shades and jacket, jessica. >> thanks, katie. good morning everybody.
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5:23. we have a relatively quiet start to the commute this morning. we will go outside to our camera here on the schuylkill expressway. everything is relatively quiet. just at 202. headed westbound or eastbound you will have currently no problems doing so. otherwise outside on the blue route, or roosevelt boulevard, excuse me at fox you can see southbound and northbound no problems there as well. we have some problems out in new jersey, 12th street closed due to an accident at waymouth road. your alternate to get around that area take friendship road. overnight work on the pennsylvania turnpike clearing up and getting out of the way in the next couple of minutes. pennsylvania turnpike westbound from bensalem to willow grove, ukee, back over to you. phillies take on the padres again tonight in san diego, kyle kendrick gets the start, game tight 9:10 back ease. the last night in cole hamels hometown my man was on fire, he struck out nine in seven innings and won his ninth game of the season. he has a 1.86 era in his last
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21 starts. on the offensive side ben reveer had two runs batted in and darren ruf it was two for four with two runs scored. phillies win last night, final score was five-two. veteran joe west is suspended for one game for grabbing jonathan papelbon's jersey sunday afternoon. papelbon sat out another game of his suspension last night. he was suspended for seven games for sunday's obscene gesture after blowing save against the marlins. plenty of story lines when washington comes to south philadelphia with former eagles receiver desean jackson on the roster. it will be first nfc east game for chip kelly and undefeated eagles. desean injured his shoulders last sunday but word is he will be okay for this week. there is in doubt d jack will be on his game. >> you know, i'm in the here to be buddy, buddy, i want to win football games for this team here. once game time comes, you know, i could careless about
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anything else. >> we will see you on sunday, let's do it. linebacker michael kendricks sat out practice with the calf injury. if he cannot go a couple guys are ready to get the start. let's get it on. all of the excitement of week three in the nfl kicks off tonight in atlanta. it is thursday night football featuring tampa bay buccaneers against penn charter grad matt ryan and the atlanta a falcons. pregame coverage starts tonight at 7:30 right here on cbs-3. loving it the. >> you love that part. >> thanks so much, ukee. coming up in the next half an her of "eyewitness news" we have the latest on the manhunt for dangerous suspect wanted for shooting two state troopers, jan? and new details as police continue to search for the suspect responsible for that brutal beating of the gay couple in center city. i'm jan carabao and how a local high school basketball coach could be involved. plus this dog has quite a
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story to tell her incredible story from the philadelphia suburbs all the way across the country. and jessica and katie return with traffic and weather together on the three's. we're back a business manager. and a stickler for homework. i'm john kane running for state senate. dad says the road to a good job starts in the classroom. [ lori ] he's a great dad who sees taxes going up but schools not getting the funding they need. [ john ] so i'd put back the billion dollars corbett cut from education and make sure corporations and natural gas drillers paid their fair share. time to close the loopholes for the tax cheats. dad thinks a lot about education. i'm john kane and it's about time harrisburg did too.
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it is an attack that has the entire sit and nation talking for that matter, there are new developments in the search for a group of people wanted for beating up a same sex couple. >> good morning everyone. police are questioning several people from the surveillance video and it has cost one person his job. we have the very latest developments from central detective, coming up in a minute. plus college student missing for almost a week now after a night out with friends. now, some newly released surveillance video is offering new clues for police. first lets check on weather and traffic together with katie and jessica, good morning. good morning, everybody.
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today will be just basically the exact same story as yesterday, if you like yesterday you'll love today, bright sunshine, low humidity but how long can this last? eventually it has got to change and i'll tell you when coming up, jessica. good morning. 5:30. we are outside and check out our quiet roadways so far. schuylkill expressway looking nice, you can see in the east and westbound directions this is just at the blue route. we have minor incidents and i will give you details on overnight work just getting cleared up and out of the way, ukee. thanks, jessica. social media campaign helps philadelphia police zero in on several people accused in an attack on the same sex couple. >> in a new development here basketball coach lost his job in connection with this incident. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao live at central detective with the update on the investigation, jan. >> reporter: natasha and ukee, we have new learn someone somehow connected with this case was actually an