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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 18, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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this case. "eyewitness news" reporter jane carabao joins us from central detectives where police are questioning several persons of interest, jan, good morning. >> reporter: ukee and natasha, good morning. this progress is made in the case we have new learned that someone, somehow connected to this case was actually working asiana cysttent basketball coach at archbishop wood high school. officials with the archdiocese, say that it was in the a teacher but was working on a contract basis but has since been terminated and will not ab lud to work at any of the other schools. meanwhile police continue to question other persons of interest. he is latest person of interest to come forward to talk to police, arriving at central detectives late last night. while he offered no comment "eyewitness news", his attorney had this to say. >> i'm sure the 30 he lease will make an announcement shortly. >> reporter: now the the investigation continues as police try to locate about a dozen men and women seen in this surveillance video taken just in minutes before a gay couple was brutally attacked in center city.
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the victims said these suspects yelled gay slurs to them as they were beaten. the story spark outrages speak specially on social media and wasn't long before is someone posted this picture have the group eating at a their by restaurant before the attack. a twitter user who wishes to remain a monday news actually help police id some of the suspects . >> that was kind of the end on the line. everybody recognized the restaurant. we were able to go into facebook, see who mentioned the restaurant and checked in. >> reporter: no word yet but if charges are file they went come as a hate crime. under current law only crime motivated by race, religion and ethnicity can be prosecuted as hate crimes. it is i lay state representative brendon boyle tried to change to include sexual orientation but that change never made it out of committee. >> there is in question if this were to called up for a vote tomorrow it would pass overwhelmingly. >> reporter: meanwhile that photo of this possible group of suspects, has been circulated on social media, and it has spark outrage on
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social media aim at that local restaurant where the photo was taken. that is la viola in center city. even though the restaurant says it had nothing to do with this attack. it issued a statement that reads in part we were horrified to learn our patrons could have been involve in such a crime, our thaws are with the victims and we wish the the gentlemen a speedy recovery. a as for the the charges police say no charges will be filed, until they have a complete picture of exactly what happened, last thursday night. reporting live from outside central detectives, jane carabao, cb is s3 "eyewitness news". also developing right now, police in northeast philadelphia are looking for a person who shot a man on his bicycle, it happened about 11:30 last night on the 3100 block of barnett street in tacony. investigators say the the victim was shot in the face and leg. police rush him to the hospital in critical condition. robbery may be the motive behind the shooting. coming up at 6:03. traffic and weather together, good morning, katie. >> extreme close-up, hello,
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good morning, everybody: we are expect to see pretty nice weather unfold again today. did you like yesterday. >> yes. >> yeah, right, i bet everybody did. so nice outside. it will continue for us yet again today. it is essentially a carbon copy forecast for you. a few minor tweaks, but exactly the same story. let's show you the view and we will continue to stay clear out there, at this hour, and storm scan three is the the quiet, as you might imagine. in storms to track right now. is there a cold front that will start to just drop on through. now that cold front, very, very weak in terms of moisture content. coming straight out of canada it has not had a chance. don't worry about wet weather but it will knock temperatures back from where they currently stan. forty-nine in trenton. forty-three in mount pocono. outlining suburbs tend to be the coolest on days lick this and it is definite the liz holding true this morning. you need a jacket. you need to send the the kids out with a fleece or something as they go to the school bus in quakertown especially. meanwhile around the region as
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a whole it will be a nice afternoon. seven 6a piece both down the shore, in philadelphia, in the poconos, cooler by comparison but still really, really nice weather underway with low humidity, light wind, the whole mixed bag of this perfect weather conditions. jessica, over to you. thanks, katie. no the fair. she always has good news to talk b good morning. 60:00 46789 we will go outside where i have tons of good news to talk about but some incidents starting to pop up. we will get out to the ben franklin bridge where you can see no real problems there from the toll plaza over in the new jersey side. heading westbound it is moving nicely. compromise ago this right lane due to that ongoing construction. we can expect that to backup a little bit later on. 422 at 29, you can see starting to stack up just a little bit eastbound towards the king of prussia area at 29, out in new jersey, a crash, 12th street closed at waymouth road. your alternate just take friendship road. ukee, back over to you. jessica, thank you. happening today pennsylvania state trooper corporal brian
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dickson will be laid to rest today. governor tom corbett and thousands of officers are expect to attend. corporal dickson leaves behind a wife and two children. meanwhile authorities released dramatic new photos of the suspect wanted for ambushing officer dickson and another state trooper this morning an all out manhunt is underway in the poconos for eric frein. hundreds of officers are searching the woods for at ledge killer in pike county about 10 miles away from the shooting scene in the town of holy. "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco has more on the search. >> reporter: pennsylvania state police released new photos of the alleged cop killer eric frein. >> i want to you no one thing eric we are coming for you. >> reporter: hundreds of troopers have been searching a heavily wooded terrain in rural pennsylvania after police say a 31 year-old ambush two troopers friday night killing corporal brian dickson and seriously injuring another. >> it is a cowardly act, you know, as we said before, the troopers did not have a
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chance. >> reporter: investigators cezanne of the retired army major has a long standing grudge against law enforcement. frein played a solder in the 2007 german short film and a member have the group that dresses in military dress and plays war games in his current frame of mind trina peers to have assumed that role in real life. >> reporter: frein's colleagues were found partially submerge in the pond 2 miles in the blooming grove barracks there were shell casing ace frein belongings inside. he is believed to be armed with the ak-47 and hunting rifle with the scope n towns where many schools remain closed, his wanted innings tour hangs in storefront windows and restaurants and many are staying home. >> if he does that to police officers, then he can do anything to anybody. >> you hear everybody talking about it, and people are concerned that something will happen. >> reporter: pocono school district has canceled classes again for thursday, according to investigators, frein has made statements about mass killings, and his own father
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described him as a excellent marksman never misses. in the satellite center, diana rocco for c cbs-3 "eyewitness news". newlywed couple faces life in prison in a courtroom, this morning, and, and craigs list. and, they told authorities, and, and killed 22 people in 2008. investigators say they have not investigate that had claim. barber and her husband pleated guilty to the murder are on have troy, who was stabbed to death in the mall parking lot back in november 2013. also today a bill that would decriminal ice the use and possession of small apples of marijuana is up for a final vote in philadelphia icy counts ill. a person busted with less than and ounce of mar juan will pay a $25 fine. if police catch someone smoking in public, they face a hundred dollars fine or up to nine hours of community services. the bill is expect to pass
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and once signed by the mayor, it initial to effect october 20th. it is also, decision day in scotland, voter turnout is expect to be heavy, as scotts deciding whether to declare their independence. the simple yes or no vote could end scotland's 307 year union with england land and whale breaking up great britain. experts say the vote is too close to call. senate is expect to give final approval to the obama administration's request to arm and train, remember tolls fight isis fighters in syria. house agreed to the measure in a 273 to 156 vote. the vote came as secretary of state john kerry fielded tough questions, from senators about the president the's plan to defeat and ultimately destroy the group. australia officials are holding 15 people in an alleged isis terrorist plot. they supposedly plan to publishly bee head randomly select australians. authorities carried out raids at more than a dozen
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locations, all across sidney after learning that an is is leader in the middle east, called an australia supporter. terrifying moments out west, as hundreds of elementary school students and teachers are forced to run when a wild fire, gets far too close. >> within ten minutes we were evacuating and running for our lives. it was the heat that was immense. >> classrooms were gutted in minutes, and this is just one of several unpredictable infernos devouring the landscape in california, we have got an update on this developing situation. also this morning scandal continues to hit the nfl yet another player accused of domestic violence. toronto mayor rob ford has battled addiction for years but now he is facing a different fight, fight the for his life, that is coming up, stay with us.
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another player faces charges for domestic violence. as danielle nottingham reports the league is facing tough questions from sponsors for how it has handle the rash of incidents. >> arizona cardinals running back jonathan dwyer is the the latest nfl player to face charges, of domestic violence. phoenix police arrested dwyer wednesday afternoon and charged him with assaulting a woman in his home causing a fracture and aggravated assault on a child. >> after she was physically assaulted, he had took a shoe and threw it at their 18 in old child. he admitted that these incident occurred but he's denied he has physically assaulted the victim in this particular case. >> at rest came hours after the the minnesota vikings explained their reversal on running back adrian peterson. >> we made a mistake. we neededded to get this
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right. >> the team then benched peterson last sunday after being indicted for whipping his four year-old son with the tree branch. he was slight todd play this week but now he is on paid leave. still earning his usual $691,000 a week. the carolina panthers put defensive end greg hardy on paid leave on wednesday. he was convicted in july of assaulting his ex-girlfriend and threatening her life. nfl commissioner roger goodell is under fire for the league's response to domestic violence. some of that pressure is coming from sponsors. anheuser-busch, fedex, mcdonald's, pepsi and visa have toll the league they are watching how it handles these cases. den yell nottingham for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". 6:13. traffic and weather together on the three's. here's katie. >> good morning everybody. what a great day yesterday was, how bit. so nice. plenty of sunshine. cool at the on set and today it is basically the exact same
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story. so stop me if you have heard this before, high pressure in place here. we have a cold front, through a difference in the forecast here, this is dropping south, this is actually, responsible for causing freeze warnings, up across upstate new york and portions of northern new england this morning. we are going to eventually see temperatures get knock back here too but not that kind of criteria. let me step away so you can see this better. edward is still a category one hurricane but it is well out over opened waters of the atlantic at this point still producing those remnant issues though. the left over moderate rip current risk continues this morning, we do have i think smaller surf, wave heights in higher then 3 feet but remembering at this point that so many of the life guard are just done for the year. be very careful if you are heading waves here with that rip current risk. meanwhile again today absolutely picture perfect. tomorrow is cooler. seventy at best for the day time high. jessica, over to you. >> thanks, katie. good morning.
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6:14. we will go out to the vine street expressway where you can see things are moving nicely, starting to slow up a bit heading westbound towards schuylkill eastbound. we can expect to have that slow up and see small delays on the schuylkill expressway and out on the blue route just at ridge you can see headed north bound starting to slow up where headlights are, southbound lots of brake lights there as well crawling just a little bit. out in new jersey, still that crash, closing 12th street at waymutt road. they have crews trying to get that cleaned up and out of the way just take friendship road. route 291 an accident at highland avenue in delco. another accident at chester pike, at hook road. ukee, back over to you. breaking news tops this morning's headlines on cb. 36789 search is on for robber who hit the 7-eleven than bridge street in bridesberg. police say he got away with $300 at 3:00 o'clock this morning. several persons of interest of have been questioned in connection with the beating of a same sex couple near rittenhouse square last week. one of the victims was
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hospitalized for three days. manhunt continues for 31 year-old eric frein, man police say ambush two pennsylvania state troop are last friday. brian dickson was kill. his funeral takes place today. we will be right back. ring ring! progresso! you soup people have my kids loving vegetables. well vegetables... shh! taste better in our savory broth. vegetables!? no...soup! oh! soup! loaded with vegetables. packed with taste. you say avocado old el paso says...
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wilds fire burning in northern california send thousands of people out of their homes ape businesses. more than 2,000 homes and 1500 structures are in the danger zone. the blaze has consume about
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27,000 acres, and a area east of sacramento. so far it is only 5 percent contain. while fire fighters tackled the fire on the ground planes and helicopters spent mess of the day yesterday battling the blaze by air. the planes carrying flame retardant chemicals swept across the pines area helicopter dropped water on that drought, dried brush. now this is all that remains of the elementary school in nearby bowls, california avenue another wild fire forced students and staff members to run for their lives. one teach are said it only took minutes for fire to reach the the school ground. >> trying to get all of these kids over the hills. we went to the local field and kept pushing is back and went to the practice field at the high school and then eventually we were just back in the corner. nothing but dry fields behind us. >> amazingly in one was hurt. toronto mayor rob ford will undergo chemotherapy for a rare form of cancer.
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doctors say he has cancer that they say is spreading and it is tough to beat. the diagnosis has forced ford to end his reelection campaign. his brother doug is new running for toronto mayor. as african nation sierra leon fight begins ebola virus with screenings like these some people are taking things in their own hand. some ebola patients are buying blood of survivors from the black market. the blood reportedly has anti bodies that can fight the deadly virus. respiratory virus that has sick even hundreds of american children has spread to canada health officials there confirmed three cases of entero virus v68, symptoms include sneezing, runny nose and cough. most people recover without any treatment at all but severe symptoms can develop in children with asthma or history of breathing problems. >> your time is 6:21. 95 million americans do not have life insurance so who needs it and how much is
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enough, that is coming up. plus king kole and phillies play late night game out west and they were without closer john than papelbon but it turns out he is in the only one suspended for this mala, see who else is paying the price up next when ukee has
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traffic and weather together on the three's, good morning. >> today will be another nice day, little cool at the on set as we have seen in recent days here but eventually the sun will warm things up, to a very confidentable level later on today. take a wider zoom on storm scan three, we will show you you where this looks very whimpy little front. few you tour weather too 9:00 a.m. it is still dropping over the canadian border into the u.s. but see how it fizzles. you might even see a sprinkle
6:24 am
in the poconos but that is it. otherwise it comes through completely dry for us but it does knock temperatures back to the point that we just barely, just barely get a high have of 70. jessica, over to you. thanks, katie. 6:24. we are starting to pick up a little bit of volume, outside on 422, this is just approaching trooper road where headlights are coming in heading eastbound toward king of prussia area. no problems westbound toward collegeville. accidents popping up all over the place. we urge to you use caution. new jersey turnpike north bound just at burlington and mount holly and still an accident closing 12th street at waymouth road. your alternate just take friend ship road. accident in tell kentucky as well, 291 at highland avenue. ukee, back over to you. phillies wrap up their series with the padres later tonight in san diego with kyle kendrick going up against the the tenth of the season. start time 9:00 p.m. last night cole hamels struck out nine padres in seven
6:25 am
innings of work allowing only two runs. hamels new has nine wins on the season. offense was split by ben reveer and darren ruf and phillies win this one your final score bang was five-two. joe west has been suspend ed for his rel in sunday afternoon's international inning melt down. he grab jonathan papelbon's jersey, all up in his face. he was suspended for seven games for his obscene gesture after blowing a save by allowing four runs in the ninth inning against the marlins. >> this sunday is eagles first divisional match up of the season. washington comes to down with desean jack son ready to go. chip kelly ace two-o birds are back on the practice field for an abbreviated week after their prime time victory over the colts monday night. desean explained that shoulder last sunday but word is he will make the game sunday and he is looking forward to it. >> you know, i'm not here to be buddy, buddy, you know how i want to win football games for this team here, so once
6:26 am
game time comes, you know, i could careless about anything else. >> linebacker michael kendricks sat out practice with the calf injury. if he cannot go sunday, kacie matthew or manny ocho will get the start. that is what i'm talking about cue the music. week three of the nfl continues yes, thursday night football right here on cbs-3, exton native and penn charter graduate matt ryan starts for the falcons. they are hosting tampa bay. pregame coverage begins at 7:30 from atlanta. >> i wand shore wrote that. >> that music gets you going. >> fires me up, every thursday. >> we will crank it up. >> next time we will crank it up, looking at the screen i won't say a word. >> let's listen to the muse being. >> ready for some football around here. >> coming up in the next half an her of "eyewitness news" a familiar face wants to be the next mayor of philadelphia. >> also the latest developments in the the attack the gay couple in center city, we will have that for you, here's jan?
6:27 am
>> new developments in that case of the gay couple who was brutally assaulted in center city i'm jane carabao outside central detectives how a local high school basketball coach could be connect. plus, that is the not a gun in his pocket there. we will tell but this robber's unusual chest of a weapon. jessica and katie return with your traffic and weather we will do it together on the three's we are back at the bottom of the hour good there it is...
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breaking news police are looking for the man who robbed a 7-eleven in bridesberg. it happened around 3:00 on the 1500 block of bridge street, police say a mandy man cash from the clerk and then, took off with three hundred dollars. luckily no one was injury. good morning in, other news, new developments in the brutal beating of the same sex couple in center city. >> while police questioned several persons of interest one high school basketball coach has already lost his job. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live at central detectives with the very latest on this investigation, jan? >> reporter: well, natasha and ukee we have learn that one person, somehow connect with this case was actually, an assistant basketball coach at archbishop wood high school. now officials with the archdiocese tell us that he was not a teacher but that he work on a contract basis and now retired and won't aloud to work at any of the other
6:31 am
schools. police here at central detectives continue to investigate and they have started interviewing potential persons of interest, in this case, most recent thinks man who arrived at central detectives to speak with police last night. of course, this is all tied to the assault the of the gays couple in center city last week. police say suspects are in this group of a dozen men and women captured here, just before the the assault, victim say this group shouted gay slurs at them while beaten. one of the victims was so badly injured he was in the hospital for more than three days. now no word of any arrest yesterday but if charges are filed, charge won't be a hate crime under current law, only crimes motivated by race, religion and ethnicity can be prosecuted as hate crimes. an effort to change that law in 2009 to include sexual orientation never made it out of committee. meanwhile police are crediting social media for helping in this case, a picture was posted on line of the group eating at a restaurant before the attack. the twitter user who wishes to remain a in must and did cyber
6:32 am
work of his own and to help police id some have of the suspects. >> then when the larger photo of the group out at dinner hit, that was kind of the even of the line because everybody recognized the restaurant and able to just go to facebook and see who mentioned the restaurant and who checked in. >> reporter: now that restaurant is la viola and it has come under criticism after this picture surfaced of this potential group of suspects eating at the restaurant. even though the restaurant says it has nothing to did with the attack. it issued this statement which reads in part, we were horrified to learn any of your patrons could have been involve in such a crime. our thoughts are with the victims and we wish the gentlemen a speedy recovery. as for the charges police say no charges will be filed until they get a complete and accurate picture of what happened last thursday night. reporting live from outside central detectives, jane carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". coming up at 7:00 on cbs this morning, you will see more on have that interview with the anonymous twitter
6:33 am
user who helped to break this case wide open. nora, charlie and gayle join new a half an hour. students in the pocono school district will stay home for a second day today as police continue to search for an allege killer on the loose. police say eric frein ambush two pennsylvania state troopers friday night. corporal brian dickson was kill in the a attack. authorities released new photos of their suspect. hundreds of officers are looking for frein, in heavily wooded areas. >> we have in excess of 200 law enforcement currently engaged on the ground, in and around a the pike county area, looking in any possible location for this individual. >> corporal dickson will be laid to rest later today. thousands of officers from all across the the country and governor tom corbett are expect to be in attendance. it is 6:33. here's traffic and weather together, kate. >> good morning, everybody. another really pleasant day is in store for us here in the delaware valley and really
6:34 am
around most of the entire northeastern region. we have high pressure on the side with you we have a cold front that we're track to go day. what is good about this cold front is it is very, very weak. we will start off with a kick check of storm scan three which remains very, very quiet. but, couple cells out there but i expect you'll even up with more sun then anything. once that sun does rise over the horizon it will bring out most of the cloud cover that may still be out there but again, overall off to a nice clear start for the most part. fifty-six is the the current temperature at the airport. the as the sunnies just about ready to pop up over the horizon, we will probably just officially hit our early morning low. so, we're pretty much bottoming out the in philadelphia, a lot cooler by comparison in scranton, state college anal ban i and that is where our latest cold front is coming from, so that is part of the reason it comes through dry. nothing more than a couple of clouds. later on today you can expect to see sunshine, really nice, comfortable weather for us here but this is a classic example of where you need an extra layer now and later on
6:35 am
this afternoon it will be warm enough to get rid of it. jessica, over to you. good to know, good morning, everybody. 6:35. we're starting to build up outside, we're starting to be a little bit of traffic. so we will get outside and talk bit. ninety-five just at girard, a lot different from what it looked like when we looked a this camera a half an hour ago. southbound towards this city, you can see pretty much, slam, and starting to move slowly. northbound you can see a lot of brake lights and moving slow there as well. and, on the blue route we will see a stable vehicle, does not seem to be doing anything real at broomall here northbound toward the schuylkill expressway. it doesn't seem to be sending anybody back. we can expect that to change at any given moment. bunch of accidents, new jersey turnpike northbound at burlington and mount holly area and otherwise, in new jersey, just closed 12th street at waymouth road. your alternate to get around that area just take friendship road. ukee and natasha, back to you. an update on the tragic accident, a child falls out of
6:36 am
the window in west philadelphia, plunging nine stories to her death. authorities say that the eight year-old was looking at something, outside of her father's apartment window just before she fell. it happened at fairfax apartments the in the 4200 block of locust street, police say victim's 11 year-old sister may be the only eyewitness to this accident. take a look at this surveillance video philadelphia police are searching for a man who robbed this corner store in east park side. police say that the suspect grabbed a banana a from a pile on the lower left-hand side of your screen right there and shoved tonight his pocket. he then pointed it at the the cashier, pretending it was a gun demanding money and cigarettes. the the cashier feared the worst and handed both over to the man, who then, ran out. next years race for mayor of philadelphia is starting to take shape as more candidates announce their plans. eye witt the necessary news has learned former philadelphia district attorney lynn abraham is running for mayor, an official announce. has in the been made yet though. demies meeting with aid
6:37 am
advisors and trying to raise fund for the race. meanwhile attorney ken trujillo is latest democrat to enter the raise. he made at nuns. outside school district headquarters. he said wow abolish the school reform commission. he was city solicitor under former mayor john street. well in, honor of national life insurance awareness month, consider this, 95 million adult americans have in coverage, at all. >> for more we are joined by cbs business analyst jill schlesinger up in insuring, hi jill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. >> who needs life insurance and how much is enough. >> i necessity this is a tough topic but remember the people need insurance are those who untimely death would cause a financial hardship for their survivors. we put people in that category who might need to create lick witty for estate purposes. lets say you are in the the first category you need enough coverage to get your survivors living expenses, afforded by
6:38 am
them, to provide future retirement needs of the surviving spouses specially primary wage earner and fund future educational expenses for your kids. as for how much, there used to be an old rule of them, eight to ten times your annual income. that sound like a lot the but if you want to pinpoint it, just go on line, is there a calculate or provided by life which is a really easy one to use. you can get your specific life insurance needs? all right. also there are different types of insurance so which is the the best. >> reporter: i think for most people term life insurance will be the the most affordable, option. now during the stated term of a policy if the insured dies the insurance company pays face amount to the named beneficiary. i suggest that you use something called level term life insurance that locks in your premiums for per of time you hold the policy. remember premiums are pretty affordable before age 50 if
6:39 am
you are in good health, the problem is once you get over the age of 50 they can start to pop up quite a bit. if you are going to use insurance for estate purposes you probably use permanent insurance, that combines, not just the coverage but an investment component. for more on what you need to know about insurance you can go to jill on money to the come. good stuff, thanks jill, appreciate it. >> thank you. president obama goes to the head of the class when he surprises a group of students, we will have that in the other side. plus is e-mail too old fashion, these days, three is on your side with why more and more companies are finding other ways of communicating. and a dog that disappeared from her pennsylvania home is found, months later, on the west coast. hear with her incredible journey when we come back.
6:40 am
if you thought frozen fans let it go, well, think again, see how some brides are getting inspired by elsa when we come back stay with us.
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guess what? the money we need to fund our schools lies right underneath your feet. that's right. down in the ground, pennsylvania has deep deposits of natural gas. but because of governor corbett, we're the only state in the country that doesn't make oil and gas companies pay an extraction tax. as governor, i'll make the gas companies pay up to help fund our schools for a change. tom wolf for governor. a fresh start for pennsylvania. take a look at this damage left behind by hurricane odial this is cabo san lucas a popular tourist destination. category three storm destroyed houses, even took out a bridge leaving many drivers stranded.
6:43 am
officials are still working to try to restore water and electricity to more than 230,000 people. that is something. >> yes. >> odial was in joke, katie. >> no kidding. we definitely saw extreme weather not just with this storm system but also with the extreme wild five situation going out there, across the the southwest, here in our coast, things have been so quiet. you see that a a lot of times where, one major event or several are going on one side of the country. complete opposite on the other. for us that is definitely the case here. we have a whimpy frontal boundary which you can make any precipitation from. that will weaken with time but does income our temperatures back and reenforcees chill by tomorrow. here's our storm system in terms of the tropical activity. edward still category one hurricane but out to sea. we never expect this to be a land threat but continues to churn up the surf and we have maryland rate risk again at the shore points. pollen report, once again very
6:44 am
quiet. we are getting in to the time of the year because of the cool's settling in even with dry weather you can have low pollen levels. ragweed, grasses, still the issues but levels are low. tomorrow is coolest day of the pack for the next few but by the weekend we are warming it right backup, jessica, over to you. tomorrow will be perfect just for me, good morning. 6:44. we are going outside to 95 at cottman avenue. you can see things starting to stack up as we approach middle of the rush hour. you can see southbound is going toward center city and really slowing up there kicking up that right-hand lane for that construction. schuylkill expressway same story there as well, at conshohocken. maybe not the same story but just a second ago it looked like that. it seems to be moving better heading westbound and eastbound toward the city moving raining great a lieutenant of crashes popping up 295 southbound at mount holly, is there an overturn vehicle there new jersey turnpike, actually, heading north bound just at burlington
6:45 am
mount holly an accident out in delaware county, as well as 291 and highland have avenue just use caution, ukee, back over to you. there is breaking news in the headlines on cbs-3. police are searching for robber who got away with $300 from the bridesberg 7-eleven convenient store. robbery took place at 3:00 this morning. >> several persons of interest are being questioned in connection with the beating of the same sex couple in center city. so far police have made in arrests just yet. manhunt continues for eric frein, man police say ambush two pennsylvania state troopers in pike county. corporal brian dickson was kill. his funeral is this morning in scranton. time is 6:45. e-mail will one day become a thing of the past. one study shows the average worker checks e-mail 74 times a day. >> wow, i will to have start. >> oh, boy. >> 6 percent of teens are actually using e-mail these days, as three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan find, even companies are
6:46 am
leaning towards alternate ways of staying connected. >> reporter: tech savvy teenager alex heston says e-mail is old fashioned, between social media and instant messaging he and his friend have other ways to communicate. >> e-mail is retro, like sending a letter through the internet, so if you are trying to hold up hold a conversation with someone through e-mail it ace slow process. >> reporter: alex's mother mary agrees. >> is there so many new apps out with so many different social platforms, i can totally picture a day when e-mail becomes obsolete. >> reporter: author and productivity expert mark isn't convincedded e-mail will be entirely a thing of the past but says hestons are on to something. >> young people today have have had unprecedented access to other services beyond just e-mail to communicate with each other. in business people are using new tools to collaborate beyond just e-mail.
6:47 am
>> reporter: software programs such as slack let employees keep track of projects through real time messages and archives. asauna connects users to open for town follow each other tasks. those are a few options. if you need a reason to ditch your e-mail professor gloria marks says her research shows e-mail can increase stress levels and. >> our research shows over and over again that e-mail simply put, puts people in the bad mood. >> reporter: in addition, studies show when e-mail is cut off, face-to-face contact between employees increased. it it was also found that face-to-face contact led to improved moods in the work place. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. well, word is bill murray isn't just an actor and comedian but it turns out he is a dance, dance, dance, dance. >> clearly, so are you. >> maybe though, in the so much, this video shows murray getting down to the hit show
6:48 am
turn down for what, at a birthday bash in south carolina i'm doing it, no joke. m.a. ward winner looks like he is enjoying himself on the dance floor just check out the those moves, ukee, you have some competition. >> not bad. >> not bad for a six three-year old. >> he is working it. >> like me though you have to take advil after he dances. rumors of the break up might not be tree. beyonce and jayz renewed their vows in the commitment ceremony on the island have of courseca where she celebrated her 33rd birthday. small group of trend and family were in attendance including the couple's daughter blue ivy. >> little blue ivy. >> brides to be listen up, here is your chance to look like princess elsa from frozen. alfred angelo is working on a replica wedding gown, ice blue dress features a sweetheart neck line and beading. the elsaed withing dress will be available in january. >> that might be lovely though. >> you still haven't seen it
6:49 am
yet. >> i have not. >> check it out. >> it was fun. >> it is all over the place. >> it is center piece of the popular sitcom comes to life. >> fans of the tv show friend flocked to a newly open central perks pop up shop in new york city, in memory of the show's 20th anniversary. iconic hang out was recreated with treasured props like the old orange couch and some of the cast members costumes as well. fans can grab a free coffee to enjoy. cafe will stay open through october 18th. >> how about that. 6:49. lets see is what coming up this morning, gayle king joins us with the preview, hi gayle good morning. >> hello ukeelee and in a cash a i was looking at that bill murray video. i hope he knew he was being taped. you know when you are hanging out, you don't want it all shared with the public. >> that is true. >> but come on gayle he was working it. >> natasha, you are right he has moves. we're than one of your big
6:50 am
stories, vanita nair looks at how social media is helping philadelphia police track down possible suspects in the beating of the same sex couple. plus al qaeda cell you probably never heard of because everything about it has been classified. bob orr and cio inside other mike morel the growing terror threat the government considers more dangerous than isis. u.s. ambassador to the u.n. is in studio 57. we will talk to samantha power about where the u.n. stand on taking action against isis. the the news is back in the morning, we will see new about ten minutes, and ukeelee thank you for your e-mail yesterday. >> yes. >> i'm always looking for people with good glasses, so thank you. >> people that will hook you up, indeed, thank you. >> they look great. >> thanks, guys. president obama made a side trip to a florida elementary school after addressing troops on isis. >> president greeted 151st graders at the mcdill air
6:51 am
force base. within by spikey hair he said his own hair. so, within of his children could feel it. that is great. that is great. >> really great. >> do you see big smiles. >> yes, fantastic. >> i touch the president's hair. >> we will be right back in just a bit. >> but first here's is what coming up in evening prime time viewing on cbs-3. back in a bit.
6:52 am
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here's k-fell. >> good morning, everybody. off to a very quiet start, a few clouds out there at the moment but it is still chilly enough a lieutenant have of times you need clear skies to see temperatures drop off readily but we are at that time of the year where it cools off quickly throughout the overnight through the the month of september. 46 degrees outside kutztown area middle school. looking closely at the the distance there sunlight starting to pop up over the horizon. lets go all the way to the east here right out to the shore point where we are going to end up with a nice day, keeping in mind they that the rip current risk is still maryland rate today but sun will shine brightly, in fact, we have got that sun now starting to pop up over the horizon. a cool start but full sunshine across the board to allow things to warm up nicely, to
6:55 am
comfortable levels later on this afternoon, jessica. >> thanks, katie. good morning. 6:55. we're really, rush her beginning to be underway as you can see on i-95 at 322. so, headed north bound towards commodore barry bridge you can see mess of the volume flowing from delaware the two blue route heading north bound there a eight minute trip. water main break, at robbins street this is in northeast philadelphia, no word of any real road closures but your alternate right new because it will be messy out there just take ditman street. ukee, back over to you. a little pup from philadelphia makes an incredible, across the country journey. >> look at g idget here, back from the philly suburbs. three and a half months and nearly 3,000 miles later, the little jack russell was brought in it or gone shelter as a stray. luckily she was micro chipped and the shelter contacted the
6:56 am
owners. >> the owner was in pennsylvania saying my dog was here. >> oh, boy. the owner is relieved though to necessity that g idget is okay and we are told a reunion is in alert. owner is lucky strangers paid the vet bills and boarding fees and they are taking care of the dog. >> brotherly love all the way out on the west coast. >> so sweet. >> the new films. >> so precious. >> we have covered latest developments in the vicious beating of the same sex couple in center city. our coverage will continue on the cw philly. >> also straight ahead maze runner is debuting this weekend, within of the stars joins us live in the studio. >> local guy too. >> excited about that. >> we will show you web site that is calling out airline passengers for their bad behavior. it is called passenger shaping. >> oh, boy. >> there it is. >> you know what. >> just a bit. >> oh, no that is a nightmare. >> what the in the world. >> yeah, see this is what i'm
6:57 am
talking about. >> yes. >> no feet. >> no feet. >> no feet. >> passengers in the nightmares. my goodness. what a flight. >> next up on cbs this morning, tea leone talks about her new show madam secretary. >> to continue following your local news weather traffic and sports we are keeping it live ape local on the cw fill gi morning family hope to see you.
6:58 am
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it is thursday, september 18th, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." heavy rain triggers flash flooding in the southwest, and flames race toward hundreds of homes in california. >> a terror threat in syria bigger than isis. the al qaeda cell obsessed with blowing up airplanes. and another nfl player is arrested on domestic violence charges. but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> remnants from odile, the flooding threat remains high. in some places 7 inches of rain. >> dangerous flash floods sweep thro