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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  September 18, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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it is thursday, september 18th, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." heavy rain triggers flash flooding in the southwest, and flames race toward hundreds of homes in california. >> a terror threat in syria bigger than isis. the al qaeda cell obsessed with blowing up airplanes. and another nfl player is arrested on domestic violence charges. but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> remnants from odile, the flooding threat remains high. in some places 7 inches of rain. >> dangerous flash floods sweep through the southwest. >> watches and warnings are in
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effect right now for five states. >> five riverbeds are rushing with waters. >> a state of emergency has been declared for several parts of northern california as the king fire threatens more than 2,000 homes. >> in pennsylvania police continue to hunt for a suspect who gunned down a state trooper. >> armed with a rifle and ak-47 and a hatred for the police. >> eric, we're hunting for you. >> in the hopes of taking down isis. >> we'll give him the air support. i'm all for that. >> in the nfl yet another player is arrested for domestic violence. police arrest jonathan dwyer. >> scotland voting today. >> to become an independent country. >> we've never had a referendum like this in the united kingdom. >> let's do this now. >> an islamic plot sparked the
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biggest terrorist group ever. >> a bus struck a car and goes straight into a home. no one was injured. >> all that -- >> did you ever get hit with a belt? >> i had welts, geraldo. >> check this out. riley, a dachshund mix jumps over 30,000 feet. >> keeps his name in the conversation. >> biden joined the liberal group nuns on the bus. >> i was asked why i was going out with nuns on a bus. i said because they're nuns. >> -- on "cbs this morning." >> loud laughter. >> yes. can you use a million dollars? >> oh, my god, oh, my god. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" presented by toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs and welcome to "cbs this morning."
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look at this. a live look at the georgia dome where kickoff to "thursday night football" is just hours away. good morning. >> good morning. nice scoreboard ther huh? >> nice score bod. as you can see, charlie rose is off and jeff glor is here. welcome. >> glad to be here, thank you. we'll start off with the southeast. millions are being hammered. drivers are facing flooded streets in el paso. >> the new story follows rain threats last week in the phoenix area. it will continue through the weekend. carter evans is in nogales, arizona, where heavy downpours are causing a lot of trouble this morning. carter, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the floodwater is still raging. this is actually a street behind me right here, a wash going through it that's normally dry. check how fast this water is moving, much too dangerous to drive across. i'm told there's a pool beyond here about 15 feet deep. you can see the debris behind me where the water and mud was
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flowing down the street right through this property and it completely cut off this community. remnants of tropical storm odile were strong enough to cause flash flooding and send water raging down city streets, not equipped to handle the sudden downpour. evacuations are already under way in parts of the state. floodwaters block streets in nogales leaving jesus stranded from his home. >> there's no way to cross. >> it's too dangerous. >> too dangerous. >> reporter: 3 inches of rain drenched el paso. cars were submerged by the torrential downpour. local firefighters say nearly 50 rescues and other emergencies have been reported in the area as the fast moving water left some drivers stuck in their vehicles with heavy rain and runoff blanketing streets throughout the city, people are
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being warned to stay off the roads. the water here is still about 2 feet deep and we've got light rain now. it's supposed to subside a little bit later today, but, jeff, tropical storm polo is now gaining strength in the pacific and it may be headed this way. >> all right. carter evans, thank you very much. two california counties are under a state of emergency this morning because of fast moving wildfires. nine major fires are burning in central and northern california this morning. the king fire east of sacramento threatens more than 2,000 homes. it covers about 44 square miles and is only 5% contained. john blackstone is at the fire command post near placerville, california. john, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. there are now nearly 3,400 firefighters and support workers here. hundreds have arrived in the last day. but they're facing deep terrain, strong winds, high temperatures,
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and extremely dry conditions thanks to the ongoing drouchlt as firefighters try to stay ahead of the king fire, thousands remain anxious. >> i never left home in my life. i'm praying to god everybody's going to be safe but selfishly i don't want our house to burn either. >> reporter: residents southeast of sacramento were told to get out in five miles. >> what drives the fire? the terrain, the topography, the weather. >> reporter: crews are use 1ing helicopters to battle the fires. at night they set backfires to control the spread. >> holy, moly. >> the quick moving fire is sending sparks and smoke into the sky. this towering smoke plume now
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vis visible from space is making it more difficult to predict the fire's behavior. when you see that plume of smoke here, what does that tell us? >> the fire is very active right now. >> reporter: now, those flames have fire crews worried, but there could be good news today. temperatures could moderate a little bit, perhaps into the mid-70s. that could help these firefighters get an upper hand on this wildfire. jeff? >> all right. john blackstone, thank you very much. australia is targeting isis this morning with its largest counterterrorism raid in history. more than 800 police officers arrested 15 people in brisbane. prime minister tony abbott said isis planted to behead a random member of the public. 60 strains are suspected of fighting in the middle east right now. others have returned to
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australia. a funeral will be held for a trooper killed by a suspected killer. don dahler is in blooming grove, pennsylvania, where residents aren't taking any chances. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. police continue to search the woods around town like blooming grove and schools in the airy remain closed for another day out of precaution. authorities say while this man should be considered to be extremely dangerous, they still believe his primary focus is his personal vendetta against law enforcement officers, and they have a message for him. >> in the event you're listening to this broadcast on a portable radio while cowering in some cool damp hiding place, i want you to know one thing, eric. we are coming for you. >> reporter: investigators say eric frein used to play in re-enactments and played a german soldier in this
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independent film but somewhere along the way they believe the game of dress-up took a deadly turn. >> in his current frame of mind, frein has now appeared to have taken on the role in real life. >> reporter: they've been searching the dense forest in eastern pennsylvania for any sign of frein who police say is armed and trained to survive in the wild. they say the 31-year-old saved his head in a mohawk style in mental preparation of attacking troopers on friday. >> they didn't know what happened. it was directed toward law enforcement. >> reporter: now the hunter is also the hunted. how does it feel for you feeling like you have a bull's eye on your back? >> every time we put that uniform on and badge, go that to keep the community safe. >> reporter: the suspect's sister waits outside where they continue to search the home.
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two high-powered rifles are missing. are you going to find this guy? >> absolutely. >> reporter: police say the family has been cooperate rahhive and they're also interviewed some of the other members of that cold war re-enactment group. jeff? >> don, thank you very much. another nfl player faces dough mess tuck violence charges this morning. police arrested arizona cardinals running back jonathan dwyer on wednesday. he's accused of assaulting a wrong and an 18-month-old child in july. this comes as adrian peterson and the minnesota vikings face more fallout from the decision to put him on the sidelines. dean reynolds is there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it was nfl commissioner roger goodell who decided to put adrian peterson on the exempt list at the request of the vikings, and peterson did not object. the minnesota vikings now admit
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it was a mistake to let adrian peterson rejoin the team. >> it really is about getting it right. >> our focus right now today is to get this right. >> to make the best possible decision and to make -- and to get it right. >> reporter: it's the third time the vikings have tried to get it right. last friday the team deactivated peal peterson. then on monday the team reinstated him. the radisson hotel chain suspended its sponsorship deal with the team. its logo was noticeably missing from the background at wednesday's press conference. the vikings insist the corporate backlash had nothing to do with its latest play. >> i don't want to monday morning quarterback what it was. the main thing is we constantly strive as an organization to do the right thing. it's a fluid situation here and a constant process. >> reporter: also on wednesday arizona cardinals jonathan dwyer was arrested at the practice facility in tempe.
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he was charged with two acts of domestic violence back in july. >> after she was physically assaulted he had took a shoe and threw it at the 18-month-old child. >> the cardinals' response was swift. given the serious nature of the allegati allegations, we have taken the meade step to deactivate jonathan from all team activities. meanwhile adrian peterson's sponsors with drew. and the nfl's exempt list add one more player wednesday. carolina panthers defensive end greg hardy who's currently appealing his conviction for assaulting and threatening his girlfriend. hardy's team sounded a familiar refrain. >> we have to get this right. he has to get this right. >> reporter: now, peterson and
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hardy are expected to stay on the exempt list and off their teams' rosters for the are duration of their legal proceedings but they will get paid. in peterson's case that's $691,000 a week. jeff? >> thanks very much. they plan to train and arm syrian rebels to fight isis. the house pasted a vote 273-156. the vote cut across party lines. 85 democrats and 71 republicans voted no. president obama called it an important step in con fronts the isis threat. a cbs news new york post -- secretary of state john kerry returns to capitol hill this morning. told the senate committee wednesday that more than 50 countries are in. he said more could join next week as world leaders come to the united nations general
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assembly. stephanie powers is with us this morni morning. good morning. >> good to be here. >> when you first became ambassador, you pushed for syrian strikes. now we have lawmakers engaged in it in syria. how do you see this playing out? >> the american people as the polls show and the american congress as the polls show clearly support what the president is doing in dealing with the imperative. while there's no threat to the homeland as the president said at the present, we have seen beheadings. they'll move everywhere they can and we receive what will happen to any american that crosses their path. so the president's intention is to use our unique capabilities to support those on the ground who are fighting isil, iraq, and the moderate opposition in syria. tomorrow secretary kerry will be hear in new york. he will see many of those 50 countries speaking about what
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they're prepared to contribute to the coalition. showing support for the new iraqi government which is trying to avoid the mistakes from the last. some people want to fight this threat. >> the assad regime killed hundreds of thousands of its own people and now you can get it to defeat isis or try to defeat isis. why is that? >> without getting into the past that had to do with chemical weapons and you'll note again because of threat a year ago, the chemical weapons program has been destroy and removed. so i think right now what you're seeing is isil is obviously a movement that will not stop unless the international community mobilizes together to stop it. >> the journal is stating this morning the president wants to approve anything inside syria. why is that? >> i don't want to get into any
7:16 am
of that without saying this is our national security at stake, this is a very complicated operation. if the moderate opposition do get the support that we're seeking from congress, we will have on the ground more professionalized troops who have been fighting isil for more than a year. that's the important ground element to the effort. >> i know there's going to be an emergency sessional the u.n. today to deal with ebola. what is not being done that you think has to be? >> so much. let me note that this is the first emergency meeting of the security council, a public health issue ever. >> ever. >> so this should be a wakeup call for the international community. president obama came out, as you know, earlier this week traveling to the cdc, announcing the deployment of 3,000 u.s. troops to set up a command center so as to get medical personnel beds, medicine, everything you need in order to deal with th epidemic. it is the worst ebola epidemic we've seen in history and the good news though is we know how
7:17 am
to stop it. but the resources that the international community have put toward this are woefully insignificant. >> do you see it getting worse? >> if we don't bend the curve. we have the ability to bend the curve. >> stephanie, thank you very much. this is the day voters decide whether to break free of great britain or stay united. britain's government is offering more political power if scott lands stays. supporters of inpen dense say scots are ready go it alone. in our next story we'll take you to edinburgh. mark phillips is there. the e-commerce giant alibaba is expected to set an ipo price of $66 to $67. it could be the richest raising over $24 billion.
7:18 am
cbs analyst mellody hobson is with us. good morning. >> good morning. >> this is the biggest e-commerce site. better than amazon? >> amazon and ebay combined when you look at their $250 billion in transactions. to give you a look at that, 80% of all online transactions go through one of their platforms in china every single year. >> wow. >> for the average investor when you look at this today, is it something that alibaba -- does it interest you? >> i would be very nervous. expectations are so high that if it trips just a little bit, it will fall far. what i want to say also is you should be cognizant of their government structure which is unusual and also that they have frictions with chinese companies because of the difference in regulation. >> let's talk about that. the number of insiders who can sell on the first day is pretty extraordinary. >> they'll be able to tell 60% of the ipo proceeds.
7:19 am
that's a lot. more than the facebook people were able to sell. it's huge. >> what are the aspects? >> this is important. two companies i'd be watching. yahoo! and amazon. yahoo! because they've been a de facto tracking stock for alibaba. they're going to unload a big portion of that. some say their core business will have negative value and one big tech insider told me they may go private one day. for amazon, iffal alibaba comes the u.s., it will be a blood bath. >> that's why we say the news is back in the morning on cbs. we'll ask cia insider
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social media drives the manhunt for a group of people accused in a senseless beating. >> ahead, online sleuths m may help crack this case. >> the news is back in the morning on "cbs this morning." stay tuned for your local news. >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by universal pictures "a walk among the tombstone" starring liam neeson in theaters starting tomorrow. beroccaaaaaaaaaaaa!
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well, good morning, everyone i'm natasha brown. lets get over to the eyewitness weather forecast, meteorologist katie fehlinger in the weather center. it looks like yesterday, katie. >> yes, beautiful day underway. we are off to a cool start, it is once again you'll want to think about having a extra layer walking out the door but you can get rid of it later on. storm scan three high pressure in place. it is quiet. we have a whimpy because we have a lackluster cold front that will drop on through. nothing more than a few clouds. another nice day. seventy-six with sun. last night we dropped to 56. just a shy of a few degrees of what is normal. tomorrow you will net that is cool front. reenforcement of cooler air. we will warm up this weekend.
7:27 am
jessica, over this weekend. >> looking forward to tomorrow, good morning everybody. 7:26. rush hour completely in full swing now as you can see from the new jersey side of the ben franklin bridge from the toll plaza on, heading westbound in the city, just completely crawling and we're compromise ago this right lane due to that ongoing construction. now, transit problems as well, septa is having signal problems causing 20 minute delays. new jersey river line having future signals problem n problems on amtrak or dart. natasha, back you have to. our next update 7:55. up next this morning why a branch of al qaeda may present a more immediate threat to u.s. home land security. for more local news weatherr and traffic continue to watch and traffic continue to watch us on these cw
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woe, there we go. that's the end of that. this vehicle coming to a stop. he's still trying to keep going. oh, oh, oh, oh. he hit a dog. boom, okay. >> in los angeles last night police chased a stolen white van and made several attempts to stop it. the driver was arrested just moments after hitting that dog. the dog's name is gordo. gordo was rushed to the vet for treatment. there was an outpouring of support from people online watching the chase. they immediately took to twitter using the hash tag save the white dog. there he is. we're told he could lose part of his right leg. the good news, guys, he's going to make it. >> it sounded like he was calling a football game. oh, oh. >> when you see a dog get hit,
7:31 am
you do have a reaction. gordo's all right. >> welcome back to "cbs this morning," coming up in this half hour, a group connected to al qaeda is building smarter terror bombs and setting its sights on american targets. we'll be shown why this is actually a bigger threat than isis. >> also crowd sourcing. police show a video of an attack on a same-sex couple. that story's ahead. "washington post" says apple's new operating system makes it difficult to turn over information to police even if they have a warrant. it prevents people. not even apple can bypass the security code. >> "time" magazine says the senate passed a bill to force the fda to speed up its approval process for sunscreen. eight ingredients have been stuck in a backlog for years.
7:32 am
several of them are already used in europe and asia. the house and senate have to work out a compromised bill before the president can sign it. the "denver post" looks aet a colorado ad blitz promoting moderate and safe use of marijuana. to get their point across th, t have poked fun at these ads. they say the campaign promoting responsible use is just not working. the tallahassee democrat says winston made another mistake off the field. he made offensive and vulgar comments about women hchl's been suspended for first half of saturday's game against clemson. winston apologized. they're investigating charges of sexual assault against winston and he admitted to shoplifting from a grocery store in april. >> i hear people are getting a
7:33 am
little tired of mr. winston. i don't understand getting suspended for the first half. >> the pentagon will have to get the president's aproovlg for each operation and the requirements will be tougher than those air strikes in iraq. >> this morning we are learning about a new and growing terror threat coming out of syria. it's an al qaeda cell you probably never heard of. nearly everything about them is classified. bob orr is in washington with new information on a group some consider more dangerous than isis. bob, good morning. >> good morning. well, isis is certainly dominating headlines and terrorist propaganda, but sources tell us operatives and explosives experts from bin laden's old al qaeda network may present a more immediate threat to the u.s. homeland. at two dozen foreign airports, u.s.-bound passengers are undergoing enhanced screening as security forces search for
7:34 am
explosives. great britain has raised its national terror threat level and they're tracking american jih jihadists who may return home. sources say it's due to an emerging threat in syria where hardened terrorists are working on new hard to detect bombs. in testimony wednesday the direct eer of the national security threat matt olsen made comments about it. >> we've seen passengers travel from pakistan to take advantage of per missive activity there. >> unlike isis it's not fighting for terrorism. it's developing fresh plots and trying to recruit westerrner weste ers. homeland secretary jeh johnson ducked a question about the
7:35 am
khoresean group. >> is there knowing you can tell us? >> the discussion of those should be left to cla feed setting. >> sources say it includes technicians. he built the underwear bombs and two cargo bombs concealed in printer cartridges. we recently asked cia chief john brennan about asiri. >> why have we not been able to find and eliminate the bomb maker al asiri. >> we're doing what we can so individuals like mr. al asiri, their time will come. >> at the moment we're told there's credible threat but al qaeda is obsessed with bombs and homeland. >> mike morell is a former cia deputy director. p>> good morning. >> this group khorsean, we've never heard about and they're
7:36 am
not going to talk about it but it's clearly more dangerous than isis? >> here's what we know. i knew a little before i left. i paced things together on what people have said. khorasan members came from pakistan. they were sent there for two reasons. one was to help al miss rah to fight assad and the other was to get in the game, being in the terrorist game brings in donations. so they just wanted to be in the game. so those are the two reasons they were sent. what's happened is they seem to have evolved into the external operations arm of el miss rah. and they focus on attacks in the west. >> and aviation why? >> three reasons. they see it as a symbol of the west. they see airlines as a powerful symbol of the west.
7:37 am
two, they believe if they damage the airlines they can damage the american economy as we saw with 9/11 and, three, success follows success. they've had success with airlines, they i'm come back with it. >> is it damaging to focus seemingly so much on isis and not other groups? >> i think we have to remember that as we focus on isis that there are other threats out there and al misra is at the top of the list. al qaeda and yemen is at the top of the list and we can't focus on any of those groups. >> why do they hate us so? >> al qaeda believes, islamic extremists believe the united states in the west want to destroy their religion. that is their mindset. >> have we given them any indication that that's what we're trying to do? >> i think they read our actions that way. this is where their view of the world is warped. >> are they taking their orders -- to be clear, it's an al qaeda group. are they taking their orders
7:38 am
from all zawahiri? >> isis is at odds with al qaeda and pakistan. so -- al misra is taking course and the others are taking direct guidance. >> aunt just following up on the question just asked, they're working with the bomb maker al asiri who is very dangerous and one we're concerned about. >> based on what officials have said to reporters that's my assumption. that the khorasan group is working with al qaeda in yemen. that is very worrisome because that brings together two pieces. that brings together western fighters who have gone to syria to fight, capable of carrying out operations in the west with this technology, this bomb technology that asiri brings to the table. you put those two things together. you've got a serious threat.
7:39 am
>> i feel like we're in a constant state of feefrmt every day we're worrying about something, mike. >> yeah. >> thank you very much. the hunt is on for the people accuse of beating a same-sex couple. we'll show you how they tracked suspects down using twitter and facebook check-ins. that story is next. tomorrow on "cbs this morning," the ice bucket challenge raised more than $110 million, but how much of that windfall will be used to find a cure? that's tomorrow. you're watching "cbs this morning."
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this morning philadelphia police say they're closer of catching a group of suspects who attacked a gay couple. as vinita nair shows us, twitter
7:44 am
users may have cracked this case. vinita, good morning to you. >> good morning. the alleged attack happened last thursday as the victims were walking through an upscale neighborhood through philadelphia. they say a group of men and women yelled gay slurs before attacking them. with a few leads police turned to the public for help and that's when twitter sprang into action. >> reporter: police released this surveillance tuesday showing the suspects just minutes before the alleged attack. the victims who do not want to be identified both ended up in the hospital with one needing to have his jaw wired shut. >> some guy started pummeling me knocked me to the ground and i was out. >> reporter: within hours of release it sparked a cyber chain reaction. greg bennett, a former reality tv star posted a photo allegedly showing the same suspects at a restaurant earlier that night. he tweeted that a friend of a friend of a friend sent him the
7:45 am
picture. then another twitter user who also wants to remain anonymous retweeted that photo to his 6,000 followers. he told "cbs this morning" some of them were able to pinpoint the exact location. >> a private room at this restaurant. people recognize it from the walls and tables immediately. >> the way we were able to determine who was inside was basically searching through facebook profiles that had been, you know, associated with the restaurant and whether they had been there, whether they had talked about it. >> he passed along his findings to philadelphia police detective joseph murray who praised the online sleuths. this is how twitter is supplying poelsed to work for cops, he tweeted. i will take a thousand twitter detectives over any one real detective every day. but murray also cautioned let's be clear here. no arrests made. central detectives have done a ton of work and have a lot more to do. not a "law & order" episode.
7:46 am
>> when people are really disgusted by things happening in their community, by working with law enforcement, they really can effect some change. >> reporter: as for the victims, what they're hoping for now is justice. >> we want to find these people. we don't want it to happen no anybody else. it's happened to us dwoechlt want it to happen to anybody else again. >> as you heard, no arrests have been made but one of the individuals involved in the incident was a part-time assistant basketball coach at a catholic high school in philadelphia and he's since been terminated from that job. >> i'm so sorry to hear this still happens and this couple had to go through this but thank god for twitter detectives. i love that new phrase it's interesting that philadelphia police have been using crowd sourcing and getting information from the public. it paid off. >> he was beat up and then terminated from his job? >> the suspects. >> one of the suspects they think was involved in the beating. they let him go. >> there's twitter at work. >> there you go. >> thank you, vinita. and the military has rules for almost everything including
7:47 am
homecomings but try telling that to a toddler. ahead, the mother-and-son >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places. he insisted on using the rain to save water. fourteen years ago, i insisted on buying our first prius.
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because what matters most is the simple, delicious ingredients that make up the whole delicious meal made just for you. and this is our turkey cranberry flatbread sandwich, paired perfectly with our autumn squash soup. only at panera bread. okay. favorite story of the day. a little boy in minnesota i happy to be back in his mother's arms this morning even if he did break rank. 3-year-old cooper ran across the auditorium tuesday straight to his mom. she and her minnesota national guard unit had just returned from a nine-month assignment in afghanistan. cooper didn't know about military protocol nor should he have to know about it. they're supposed to wait for dismissal before reuniting with their loved ones, but, you know,
7:52 am
he wanted his mommy. >> we love his head on her shoulder and his little jeans and little checked shirt. he's so cute. >> she was secretly saying thank you for breaking protocol. >> come, cooper, come. >> that's nice. >> wonderful. >> we're getting ready for "thursday night football" with falcons and buccaneers coming off with losses. who has the upper hand? we're going to go to the jamb dome and ask tracy wolfson. that's next on "cbs this morning." from nationwide insurance w belongings and we'll replace destroyed or stolen items with brand-new versions. we take care of the heat. so you don't get burned. just another way we put members first because we don't have shareholders. join the nation. ♪ nationwide is on your side [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup
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good morning everyone i'm ukee washington. lets get your friday eve forecast, katie is in the weather center. >> it looks like a nice friday eve for us here this whole week has really been very, very nice. a quiet pattern overall responsible obviously and looks like despite passage the of the cold front today we will keep sun around for you. storm scan three is showing not a heck of a lot, no storms in sight. i see a couple extra clouds, no huge deals, mostly sunny, beautiful afternoon unfolding, cool at the on set as been the normal for us and we will drop down to another cool night low of 56 degrees. tomorrow is coolest of the next five because of that cool front but we will see that sunshine all day tomorrow,
7:57 am
jessica. thanks katie. nice to look forward to sunshine. good morning. 7:56. around the work zone on 202, where we can see an accident is taking out right-hand lane right shoulder police activity trying to get that out of the way as they cross southbound toward 29. you can see them picking up that right hand shoulder. expect small delays there. septa, transit alert there. cynwyd regional rails, 20 minute delays due to signal problems, that water main break in northeast philadelphia as well use caution natasha back over to you. >> thank you, jessica. next update 8:25. up next, cbs this morning benefits and risk of testosterone replacement therapy. therapy. we're on the cw
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
thursday, september 18th, 2014. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead including a new study on artificial swedeners. we'll ask dr. david agus how they might raise the risk of diabetes but first a look at your "eye opener" at 8:00. >> check out how fast this water is moving. far too dangerous to drive acro across. >> there are now nearly 3,400 firefighters and support workers here. hundreds of those arrived just in the last day. >> australia is targeting isis with its largest counter trifrm raid in history. the country is at high alert for a terrorist attack. >> people weren't just preparing
8:01 am
the attack but had the intention to mount one. >> if the moderate opposition do get the support from congress, we will have the important ground elements to the effort. >> police continue to search the woods around town like blooming grove and schools in the area remain closed for another day. >> another nfl player faces domestic violence charges. police arrested cardinals running back jonathan dwyer. >> the alleged attack happened last thursday. with a few leads the police turned to the public for help and that's when twitter followers sprang into action. >> 2014 american league west champions. >> i want to hug everybody. everybody that's standing here, all angel fans, let's go. good morning. i'm gayle king with norah o'donnell and jeff glor. charlie rose is on assignment this morning. millions in the southwest are bracing for a repeat of last
8:02 am
week's flooding disaster. the remains of tropical storm odile are dumping heavy rain from southern arizona to texas. it's turned some arizona streets as you see into river. >> in astin, texas, firefighters rescued several people from floodwaters. crews also responded to eight fires after lightning hit several buildings. >> el paso got its share of rain last night. drivers stuck in flooded streets had to be rescued. meteorologist paul diano of wkpx is tracking the storm. >> over the past 36 hours we receive one quart ore f that total and the rainfall totals may double once again throughout the day today. 2 1/2 inches for arizona. a flash flood watch continues from anne through texas into
8:03 am
this evening. speaking of texas, that's where all this tropical moisture is going to sit the next couple of days. heavy rainfall from houston to dallas which is not a bad thing because we've seen a widespread multi-year drought and any rainfall will certainly help but we don't want the flooding. >> paul, thanks. the rain would not be a bad thing in california either. several major wildfires are bun burning this there morning. the king fire in sacramento is threatening over 2,000 homes. it's burned over 44 square miles. two counties are under a state of emergency because of that fire threat. >> another nfl player faces domestic violence charges this morning. police arrested arizona cardinals running back jonathan dwyer. he's accused of assaulting his wife and toddler in july. also carolina panthers defensive end graig hardy went on paid leave yesterday. the pro bower is accused of assaulting his ex-girlfriend and
8:04 am
adrian peterson may be out for the season. >> all of this led giants quarterback eli manning to speak out. >> we can't accept that from players and the league. i think obviously the message is out. when you're a football player and you play in the nfl, anything that happens amongst the other players gets reflected upon everybody. that's just the way it goes. that's unfortunate because it's a small number of people that this is happening to. >> manning says to go home and hug your own children. he said hearing news about abuse makes you want to take them out of harm's way. >> he's right. "thursday night football" returns tonight. the tampa bay buccaneers face the falcons in atlanta. they're division rivals. cbs sideline reporter tracy wolfson is at the dome where they're play tonight. tracy, good morning to you.
8:05 am
>> reporter: good morning, everyone how is everyone doing? >> everyone is doing good. my brother-in-law said the other night when can we just talk about football. after i bopped him of the head, i said we will do that but first we can't do that without getting another update from you about what you're hearing in the wake of ray rierks adrian peterson, now jonathan dwyer. what are you hearing on the sidelines? i know you have access to the teams. >> reporter: yeah. you know, it's similar to what eli manning just said. i think all the players not involved are extremely frustrated. it sheds a bad light on the nfl. but they want to move on. this is supposed to be entertainment. it's a competitive game out there. i was in baltimore last week when everything was taking place, and the players all said the same thing, you know. they kind of have to come together and use it as a motivating tool and just show the good things about the nfl and come together as a team, and i think we saw that from baltimore last week.
8:06 am
and you expect to see this from the other teams and the other players as well. >> tracy, does the commissioner roger goodell regularly attend games and have we seen him at any of the nfl game this season? >> yes, he does. i think he was supposed to be in san francisco and decided not to. i don't know more on that and have not maerd from him as well. >> tracy, tampa's 0-2. atlanta lost bad to cinci last week. whatever team loses this game would seem to be in a very bad spot. what do players saying this? do they say this is a very big game? >> yeah, especially for tampa bay. you go 0-3 this early in the season, that's tough to recover from. we had a chance to speak with both tampa bay and atlanta, and they know this is a must-win situation. atlanta is feeling a little bit better being 1-1. i think for the bucs, the problem is they come in extremely decimated on the defensive side.
8:07 am
they want to get through this game, get a win, and then they'll have a time off, longer time off. this is a shorter week from next week where they can rebound. >> josh mccowen brought over to tampa in the off-season, how is he doing so far? what's the thinking? well, he's doing okay. lovie smith loves mccowan. that's what he decided when he took the job in tampa bay. he said, josh knew he was going to come with me. it's still early in the system. new couches, new quarterback. as i mentioned tu injuries they suffered last week, i think we can expect them running the ball, you know, to take some pressure off josh mccowen whether it's josh martin dealing with a knee injury or whether it's bobby and opening it up with a passing game. these tall receivers know they
8:08 am
need some skploeser plays on the road in atlanta. >>er about likes a big and good rivalry, so everybody speaks a big game, good game. thank you, tracy. good to see you. we are counting down to "thursday night football" on cbs. coverage of the buccaneers and falcons begins at 7:30 eastern, 6:30 central right here on cbs. >> i like hearing that music. a family is happy. the bride and her seven bride maids disappeared for two days in cabo after hurricane odile roared through. their hotel was marshally destroyed. one of the brides said they were lucky to get a flight back to california. they have quite a story to tell at the story coming up in two months. >> only on "cbs this morning," fortunes lift of the world.
8:09 am
50 most powerful women. we reveal who's
8:10 am
is there a link between artificial sweeteners and diabetes? dr. david agus looks at new evidence of a possible connection. he joins us after the break next on "cbs this morning."
8:11 am
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8:14 am
medical stories suggest you can hurt yourself in trying to improve yourself. the panel voted to tighten regulations against testosterone. it's a multi-billion-dollar industry. the proadvisory is they should not use it. it may even post health risks. meanwhile there's a new study that shows artificial sweeteners could put those at risk. all right. there's artificial sweeteners in yogurt, in your diet coke, and a lot of people like us put it in
8:15 am
our tea. what does the study find? >> well, you know, artificial sweeteners were developed so we could have it all, keep our sweet tooth and at the same time not get all the calories associated with sugar. what this study shows first in mice and then in humans, it makes it much harder to control your sugar which is equivalent to diabetes. what's profound about this study and taught me a lot is it's not doing so by regular mechanism. it's changing the bacteria in our g.i. tract. if you take it and put it in a mouse, that mouse will develop diabetes. really amazing observation. >> so the results are a bill surprise to the medical community? >> i think it's a major surprise. it really teaches us that our body has ten-fold more bacteria than we do human cells in our body and they're such an important part of us and they tell us the simple ways to
8:16 am
satisfy our cranks in the elkds may cause problems in tend. i know i'm stopping and telling my family to stop. >> i can't get over the aftertaste of artificial sweeteners. >> which leads to our other big story. the fga had this message to men about low "t" therapy. what are they saying? >> this was a major observation over the last 10 to 15 years is that testosterone therapy was for those with pituitary problems. then over the last decade people started to use it with all the problems of aging. there were 2.3 million people using it last year. what the fda said there's no data that affects the problems of abling but there are major side effects. it can affect blood clots, the heart potentially. those are real concerns with no positive benefit. >> bottom line, i know whenever i watch golf or sporting event, every commercial seems to be
8:17 am
about low "t." >> the bottom line is that worked. it got millions of people to sake this supplement or medication with no benefit. the bottom line is if you don't have a pituitary problem you shouldn't be on it. talk to your physician about it. we have to learn that these quick fix wes, whether it be artificial sweetener or test toast rohn, we need to think it through. >> very seldom works. thank you, dr. agus. voters in scotland make a decision. is it time to leave or go? we'll talk next on "cbs this morning." as we speak, the people of scotland are voting on whether or not to declare their independence from the united kingdom. by the way, this is the official ballot. this is real. we do not make this up. it's one like. should scotland be an independent country and that's it. why is it that i have to go through 18 pages of terms and
8:18 am
conditions to download ios 8. a whole country can secede from the united kingdom by c checkina box that says yes. >> announcer: cbs "morning rounds" sponsored by purina. your pet, our passion. with soft meaty centers and teeth cleaning texture,it's dental that tastes so good. beneful healthy smile food and snacks.
8:19 am
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8:22 am
scotland's long awaited independent vote is a long time coming. they're saying don't leave us this way and the independent talks of the 307-year-old itch. that's how long scotland has been part of great britain. mark phillips is in the skoltish capital of edinburgh where passions are strong on both sides. mark, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, it's a historic morning here. it's a short six-word question with enormous consequences. should scotland be an independent country the ballot asks. and the answer, the opinion poll suggests, much too close to call. how important is this vote? they were lined up at dawn before the polls even opened. there are more than 4 million registered voters here and well over 80% of them are expected to turn out. the issue in essence, would you buy a used country from this man. >> i think the message is for
8:23 am
scotland, let's do it now. >> reporter: alex salmond's relentless campaigning has brought his pro independence movement from well behind in the opinion polls to a virtual tie with those wanted to stay in the united kij dom. he just wouldn't take no for an answer. >> this is a country which invented popular sovereignty, something which the united states of america took forward. i thought there's going to be a yes for it. >> not if this man can help it. gordon brown, the former british prime minister and scottish to the tore has riis on the the rescue of the faltering no campaign, injecting passion in what had been a dry economic argument. >> what we have built together by sacrificing and sharing let no national narrowism split asunder ever. >> for two long years those have been the arguments, each side convinced its right. >> i'd like the chance for the
8:24 am
government to go in its own direction. >> i do get it but jumping in is not worth it. >> reporter: is that voted today, many still weren't sure. one of the reasons that the vote has been so difficult to predict is many have registered this time who have never voted before including 16 and 17-year-olds. gayle, they'll be counting all night. >> i know. thank you, mark. so by the time we go on the air tomorrow we should know the outcome. it's always interesting when a race is too close to call. >> it should be fascinating. we will have those results in the morning. >> thank you. pro football is like the military. you really have to earn your stripes. >> reporter: it's hard enough to become an nfl player. believe it or not, it's even harder to become an nfl official. i'm mark strassmann. find out how hard and how they do it coming up on "cbs this morning."
8:25 am
good morning everyone i'm ukee washington. we have just received video from the philadelphia police department and they hope public can help them track down a burglar. it was 3:00 in the morning last wednesday when this suspect was captured on surveillance cam why in the sky line restaurant on east germantown avenue, once than side suspect took the cash register and took off. the man was last seen headed east on chew avenue with the cash register and a female accomplice. if you have any information you are urged to contact the the police. lets get your forecast with katie in the weather center, good morning. >> good morning. to daze will be another picturesque day for us even if you are starting off with just a little bit of cloud cover. many of you will end up with full sunshine here and it does
8:26 am
warm up eventually. still somewhat early in the morning. we need time before the temperatures will be comfortable enough where we do not need that extra layer but this morning it is quiet on storm scan three, definitely reflect ago this very same story outside lower merion high school as well where i'm sure kids are already in school at this point. 56 degrees for the current temperature there on montgomery avenue. that is our observation cities located. as the day progresses we should warm up in the mid 70's, very comfortable. tomorrow is cooler behind a weak cold front crossing through, jessica. >> good morning everybody. 8:26. problems popping up all over, volume starting to increase every where, 202, just between chesterbrook and 29, an accident taking out right lane just in the middle of that work zone. headed southbound toward 29 where that accident is causing delays and northbound, just normal delays there as well. 422 at oaks heading eastbound, you will see small delays there. ukee, back over to you.
8:27 am
next update 8:55. up next this morning the 50 most powerful women in america. for more local news weather traffic and sports we're on the cw philly and find us on these channels. i'm ukee welcome back to "cbs this
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
morning."me back to "cbs this coming up in this half hour, controlling the chaos on the gridiron. we'll meet some of the nfl officials whose split-second decisions can turn a game. we'll hopefully hear from a woman who tries to make the team. >> plus, te'o leone is in our toyota green room. there she is. we're going to find out how her role as "madam secretary" lured her back to television after 16 years. >> that's coming up. time to show you this morning's headlines from around the globe. the toronto star says the
8:31 am
toronto mayor has a rare kind of cancer. the cancer is spreading. the mayor already took a leave of absence this year for substance abuse treatment. he'll now undergo intense chemotherapy. >> a judge ruled it's okay now to use social media to serve legal papers. a man can now use facebook to tell his ex-wife that he doesn't want to pay any more child support. more traditional methods of contact his wife didn't work. >> we'll see how this is going to go other. aww today says pizza hut is testing a lower calorie pea zachlt it has a thinner crust and less cheese. the slice is 210 calories. 80 fewer than the regular pizza but the skinny slice will still cost the same. >> then you end up eating two slices to eat full. >> so give me the 80 calories to feel full. >> does it have artificial sweetenersing.
8:32 am
>> "fortune magazine" listed their top 50 bizwomen. eight of the top ten run large and industrial tech computer companies. ellen kullman who runs dupont is number fierchlt lockheed martin's marilyn newson. pepsi's indra. >>y. c carrie tolstedt. the most. and patty is the senior editor at lancht good morning. >> ginni rometty of ibm. what makes her the most powerful. >> well, ginni and she run the
8:33 am
two biggest companies. the market capitalization, the stock market value of investors to ibm is almost $200 billion and so there are a lot of questions about. >> it's declined. >> revenue haas declined but it really is about proekt more important than revenue is how much this company is worth to invest investors. a ceo's main job is to increase the struggles. it's been a struggle gins ginni rometty has taken the job. she seems to be turning the corner for ibm. >> mary barra, number two of gm. >> on the story of struggles. >> oh, my gosh. we have terrific access to big stories. mary barra is probably -- probably has the toughest ceo job in corporate america right
8:34 am
now and the vast consensus is that she is doing a very good job and she is actually using this crisis, this product crisis to force a cultural transformation at gm. and what she's saying to her people is really interesting. she's saying we must never forget this moment. >> yeah. >> i always love the stories of the newcomers. people you've never heard of. anne-marie campbell of home depot who started as a cashier who's one of the top execs. >> she's from kingston, jamaica. she started as a cashier. she now oversees 100,000 employees. she basically oversees a third of home depot. their revenue is almost $80 billion. >> the usual suspects, sheryl sandberg and marissa mayer are on the list but they dropped. >> they did. sheryl sandberg, coo of facebook, the bestseller of
8:35 am
"lean in" dropped. the social and cultural relevance of these women, well, sheryl sandberg was all over the place last year. we rated her very high last year. she's number ten this year. she's one of the most highly paid. $38 million in pay last year. she's a billionaire. and marissa mayer, the ceo of yahoo! dropped from number 8 to number 16. she's doing a good job at yahoo! but a lot of people think the value of yahoo! is largely about its 24% holding in alibaba. >> and that's in the news today. >> which is going public tomorrow. >> that's right. >> patty seller, thank you so much. great to have you. >> thank you. >> our website,, mass the list of the most powerful women in business and it's also in the new issue
8:36 am
coming out on thursday. only a few will make it and believe it or not statistically it's even harder to become one of the officials on the field. this morning mark strassmann takes us behind the scenes to show us what it takes to be an nfl referee. he's inside the georgia dome in atlanta. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jeff. getting on this field as an nfl official is one of the hard eftz to get part-time jobs in america. during the week they do other things, lawyers or run their own businesses. whatever they do, a flexible schedule is a job requirement for any nfl official and so is thick skin. nfl fans go nuts for the action. this clashing of titans in uniform. but let's face it. someone has to keep order in the chaos. brad allen is the man in the middle. one of the 13 rookie officials
8:37 am
in the league this season. allen leads eight officials on the field. together they have to control the mosh pit of mayhem that is professional football. now, honk long have you wanted this ball to be refereeing? >> from the first time that i worked in -- '91, i guess, it was in the back of my mind at some point. >> reporter: the first time you go on the field, mixture of confidence and jitters? >> absolutely. it's great honor but also a great responsibility. >> you talk about post possession fouls on punts. >> reporter: they meet once a year for what's called the clinic. here they review the new rules, review plays, and get their new uniforms. >> wherever the defense fouls it doesn't matter. >> reporter: dean is the vice president of officiating. >> reporter: what is it you're looking for? >> the first thing we look for is really presence. does the official have that commanding presence. do they instill confidence.
8:38 am
most of our officials are former athletes, some are former athletes and some started working games to make a little extra money on the side in high school or college. >> reporter: is thick skin important? >> absolutely. you've got put the last play behind you and focus on the next play. if you're still worrying than last play, you can make a mistake on the next play. >> reporter: no one knows that better than ref rewalt coleman, the league's most senior official. he has been right in the middle of contentious calls on the field for the last 25 years. >> it's kind of like being the judge and you have to know all the laws and all the interpretations of the laws but you have no book to look at when you're out there. >> the judge doesn't have 60,000 people screaming at you when you're making a ruling. >> when you focus and concentrate, you can block that out. >> i don't even know they're there. >> from a mechanic standpoint, they should know.
8:39 am
>> reporter: "60 minutes" cameras were allowed rare access that monday morning meetings roger goodell has. they scrutinize the previous weekend's most controversial calls. any potential nfl official has to have at least ten years' college experience and pass a fiscal and psychological test. the league scouts officials just as teams do players and invites 21 of them into an officiating program to evaluate them. two of this year's trainees are women. miya chaka and sara thomas. thomas is a collegiate line judge in conference usa now trainering for her shot at going pro. >> i feel like each opportunity that i'm here and the training and the meetings, it's helping to prepare myself to get there. >> will you hang in there no matter how long it takes? >> as lock as they keep me, yeah. >> it means that much to you. >> yeah. when you do this, you just want to keep doing it.
8:40 am
i love officiating football. >> the nfl rule book may be the most complicated in sports with new rules added each year. officials have to spot fouls while the game moves at a violent blur. >> jufrts as greats college athlete doesn't necessarily become an official, it's the same with officials. >> absolutely. it's a small amount that makes it to officials. there's a peak at that level. coleman says the physical challenge is the same for man or a woman. >> if you're in the wrong spot at the wrong time, it quickly can be a problem. >> yes. it's like a car wreck on every play. that's what it's like out there as farr as on the football field. >> reporter: the average sage is between 30 and 501. they main between $1,000 and $4,000 a game.
8:41 am
just like wearing stripes, the guys wearing stripes work at an elite level or it's somebody else eager to take their spot. jeff? >> thank you very much. the buccaneers face the falcons right there in atlanta. coverage begins at 7:30 eastern, 6:30 central right here on cbs. all right. she does not like politics as usual. tea leone is in
8:42 am
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tea leoni's returning to television after 16 years. she navigates the world of politics and she's laughing and the policy in the new cbs drama. it's called "madam secretary." she plays a former cia analyst who's thrust into the white house as secretary of state. >> why did you give me this job? >> i told you why. >> you said you didn't want a politician in this? this is me not being a politician. i came here to do the job that you said only i could do. so for god's sake, let me do it. >> let her do it.
8:46 am
tea leoni joins us at the table. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> it's nice to have you back on tv. >> thank you. >> did you call hillary clinton and say pajama party at your house, tell me everything. >> actually i called madeleine albright. she said exactly the same thing. >> i was kidding, of course. >> she's very bouncy, very peppy. >> and very fun. >> very fun. >> and she wears lovely broaches. >> she does. >> all kidding aside i heard when you first heard about it you thought, i don't know if i'm going to read the script or if i'm interested but by page two you were hooked. >> i know. sometimes i think i read a script and it's not so much i know that i have to do it. i know that i can't -- i can't not do it. >> what was your hesitation in the beginning in. >> just i think coming back to the schedule. i have two really great kids that i like.
8:47 am
>> wow. really. >> yeah. teenagers and ai door them. it had to be a great. >> it sounds like the kids were great with you going back to work. >> i am. my young your son miller is 12. i said it's going to be a little different, latchkey kid, all that kind of thing. he said, mom, seriously, i'm getting a little sick of you. i'm like, wow, ouch, like great. >> it's a great role because you're the secretary of state but you don't come from a political background. >> no. think if this had been come play as secretary of state, first of all i don't think they would ever come to me. i don't know. on a whim i'm thinking. i like playing fish out of water. i think the dirty little secret out of this character is she's hopeful and she's not cynical and she's a believer. >> a believer. >> i think she believes that this can be done.
8:48 am
>> and the plot line of the -- we were just talking about this. >> we were saying how topical it is. two americans held hostage overseas and the government is trying to figure some way how to get them out and there's tension. >> of course, i have a lot of there's more wiggle room for me. get to try things out. again, she's a rogue secretary of state, not a career politician, and so she's going to do things a little differently. >> talking about doing things differently, i thought we had a nice moment before you came on. we have all the monitors up. there was a picture of you and david duchovny. you were once married to him. you said he's a nice guy. people don't usually say that
8:49 am
about their exes. >> he gave me two of the greatest gifts ever. >> you called on him for advice. >> this is not so relevant for him. my feet were killing me. i wanted to call hillary and say good lord, woman, how are you doing it. i don't know how john kerry is doing it. the hours were so different and david has been through this a few times. he said, oh, you'll get used to it. >> do you feel pressure because it's sunday night, cbs, strong lineup. >> i feel less -- maybe i feel better. should i not? >> no. you're in good shape. >> tea leoni, congratulations. "madam secretary" premieres sunday at 8:00 p.m.
8:50 am
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it's what makes a subaru,a subaru. good morning, everyone i'm natasha brown. new developments in the search of people wanted in an attack on the same sex couple in center city. police have questioned several persons of interest in this case, and an assistant basketball coach at archbishop wood high school is now out of job in connection with the incident. last week's beating left one victim hospitalized for three days, and so far in arrests have have been made just yet. now on the eyewitness weather forecast meteorologist katie fehlinger in the weather center. the beautiful day, katie. >> much like yesterday we will start off on a cool net here but we will eventually start rebounding on the thermometer as we tend to do in the pattern like this we are going to be watching for a cold front, so just very quickly rolling through here but it is so lackluster it doesn't
8:56 am
really change what happened here at the surface all that much. lets go out to storm scan three which remains basically empty, still a few clouds but the sun and blue skies are certainly out there mostly sunny another really nice day with a high of 76. tonight nothing more than a couple clouds. there is a cold front crossing through but never know it say for a few clouds. it looks nice. tomorrow though you will note is what happens behind that cold front, temperatures will take a dip here and at best, you will hit 70, 71 degrees in some spots but that is all we will hope for. the it the is cooler then average but we will warm up quickly. >> feeling relief from our morning rush on i-95 at girard. southbound, toward the city start to go move nicely. earlier it was really starting to stack up. some majors sill slow at least around 202 to route 30 and schuylkill expressway heading north bound 17 minutes. eleven minutes on 422. heading eastbound from oaks to 202, in montgomery county,
8:57 am
land dale just outside lansdale northeast extension, a crash there. just use caution taking out right-hand shoulder, natasha, back over to you. that is "eyewitness news" for now join us for talk philly at noon. i'm natasha brown, have a great morning, everybody.
8:58 am
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9:00 am
. >> thirty-two, 2 , 3, 2, 1. >> here's what's coming up today on the doctors. >> all new doctors exclusive. >> a ligirl who struggled to survive. >> the signs you need to know to keep your baby safe. >> the new feeding tube diet . >> i lost 32 pounds. >> a quick fix, or ttle just throwing money down the drain? >> you are charging people $3200. >> i burned all of my hair off, do not do this challenge! >> a teen challenge! >> heating up the internet . >> you are playing russian roulette. >> then, here's what's breaking in today's news in two. >> the war on ebola. what the president plans to do next. plus, simon cowwell, why the x factor creator is the news in two person of the week. ♪ doctor, doctor gimme the news ♪ >> hell