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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  September 19, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning. it is friday, september 19th, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." scotland tallies a historic vote on whether to leave the united king dom. france launches its first attacks on isis overnight while congress votes to send them into syria. >> what went wrong after takeoff. but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> i apologize for being so emotional, but i'm so proud to
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be a scot. >> scotland and britain remain united. >> voters have rejected a hotly contested vote for independence. >> imagine what this place would have been like if you had won? >> it would have been the biggest party in the world. >> police in california have a suspect in custody accused of deliberately setting that wildfire east of sacramento. >> the ran is sending flooding into texas. >> a man who killed a police officer in pennsylvania now intensifies. >> eric frein is now on the fbi's ten most wanted list while schools close down. france has conducted its first air strike in iraq. >> congress cleared the way for president obama's plan to train and equip moderate syrian rebels to fight isis. >> we have to put boots on the ground. whose boots are we going to put there? >> boots on the ground are a slipper and the last thing he
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needs is another wedgie shoe. >> home depot's data breach bigger than they originally thought. >> a terminal in phoenix was locked down for more than three hours last night as police searched for a shooting suspect. >> this guy, the first in the world to get his hands on an iphone 6. >> an incredible rescue in ohio after a man was trapped inside the burning vehicle. the victim is oklahoma. >> -- and all that matters -- >> devin hester's high step. >> he's broken deion sanders' record. >> you've always been there for me, man, and i look up to you, man. >> -- on "cbs this morning." >> check out the lines. they have been here for the last ten days. >> can you imagine how mad you would be if you were homeless and you saw these peep sleeping out on the street?
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i would say get back in your house or i'm taking it. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" presented by toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs welcome to "cbs this morning." charlie rose is on assignment, so jeff glor is here. good to have you here. >> happy friday. happy to stay here. so is scotland. >> what a big vote there. in fact, it was a resounding no from voters in scotland this morning. they broke out in record numbers and decided not to break away. >> the outcome is a relief for the british government. mark phillips is in eden breaux where the politicians now face another headache. good morning. >> reporter: the divorce is off but it may never be the same. a lot of promises were made to keep it in. this vote may not have broken up the united kingdom but it's probably changed it.
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the big vote was in and the big scare was over. scotland had voted to stay in the uk, and the no to independence camp were as relieved as they were happy. in the end the vote spread was larger than the nervous last-minute opinion polls had predicted. through the night the results dribbled in. the pro-uk side edging narrowly ahead. but the big population centers would determine how this vote went. finally the biggest city, working class glasgow reported, and it went for independence but not strongly enough. the battle was effectively over. the nays had it. even alex sal panhandle had to admit his dream of independence was over for now. >> as scotland has by majority has decided at least at this stage not to become an independent country. >> reporter: at this stage is
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the phrase. he would abide by the decision. david cameron said it would but the battle was over for now. >> so there can be no disputes, no reruns, we have heard the settled will of the scottish people. >> reporter: but with a 55/45 split, there's work to be done on the morning after. >> they've got to make the most of the outcome, come back together and try to improve things. >> reporter: do you think that will happen? >> i hope so. positive. >> reporter: a 55/45 point spread is a pretty healthy one. a victory for common sense, the winning side said. indeed shares are up and the winning side is up. norah? >> thank you. that follows thursday's u.s. attack on a training camp outside mosul and an isis ammunition stockpile near
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baghdad. in washington last night the senate went along with the house, approving president obama's plan to train and arm syrian rebels fighting isis. the president praised the bipartisan show of support. >> with their barbaric murder of two americans, these terrorists thought they could frighten us, intimidate us, or cause us to shrink from the world. today they're learning the same hard lesson as petty tyrants who have gone before. united states does not give in to terror. >> bill plante is at the white house with more on the president's plan. good morning. >> good morning. there have beenmore than 170 air strikes on iraq already but the president will not call this war and the officials in washington continue to argue over how to describe this fight against isis and the role that u.s. servicemembers will play. testifying on capitol hill, secretary of state john kerry again faced repeated questions over whether the u.s. is at war. >> a lot of people are debating
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this idea of what do you call it? do you call it war or don't you call it war? it's not a war like iraq, but if you care about what you call it, it is a war similar to what we did with al qaeda. >> scores of heavily armed servicemen are already working alongside iraqi troops, but despite the danger, white house press secretary josh earnest suggested they are not in combat. >> they would not be in a position where their specific responsibility was to personally or directly engage the enemy in combat. >> reporter: but he acknowledged the situation could change. >> iraq is a very dangerous place and american military personnel will have the equipment they need to defend themselves. >> reporter: president obama took a more diplomatic stance. >> they will 'do not and will not have a combat mission. >> reporter: crossing a final hurdle they approved the president's request to train
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moderate forces in syria but it didn't come without an outcome. >> why is it the president of the united states is tells those who keep slaughtering our people, don't worry, we won't bring in ground troops. >> this is not the military strategy you would create to destroy or devastate isil. >> and it's not just members of congress who aren't con vibsed. some of the generals aren't either. the chairman of the joint chief suggest earlier this week the policy of no boot os temperature ground might have to be reconsidered. that got slapped down hard. some of his colleagues are equally skeptical. jeff? >> thank you very much. isis is showing a fifth western hostage in a new video. hi is alive. john cantlie sits at table wearing an orange jumpsuit.
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can cantilie worked for a british newspaper. the man accused of starting it is due in court. the king fire more than doubled in size on thursday. it burned at least 114 square miles. john blackstone is at the fire command post in placerville, california. john, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the fire that hubtsman is charged with igniting is only 10% contained this morning. it's been burning for nearly a week now sending up columns of smoke so high they can be seen 100 miles away. investigators believe they now know who started the massive king fire currently burning east of sacramento. wayne allen huntsman was arrested. his bail was set at $10 million. >> mr. huntsman is currently being housed in the el dorado county jail. >> reporter: the arson
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investigation began minuted after the flames began but they wouldn't say what led up to the charges or the possible motive. his long record including conviction of grand theft and assault with a deadly weapon. his neighborhood said he's a well known trouble maker. he was fighting with his cousin and they got arrested too soo. >> reporter: the conditions have been growing. along the steep ter rein planes have dropped more than 450 gallons of fire retardant. >> we're literally setting word records with respect to retardant drops in use on this fire. >> reporter: officials call the conditions here unprecedented and say the flames are spreading on the ground because of what's in the air. that giant cloud of smoke. >> the embers that come oust these fires, the smoke column, they're lost and go wait out in ton burned area, land and start
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a fire. >> reporter: also fueled by extreme heat and drought, the king fire has become the second larjtest fire in california this year. fighting it costs about $5 million a day. the good news about this fire is that it's a rapid growth yesterday has largely slowed now and its movement toward the northeast is moving away from populated areas. in connection there are large amounts of rain. areas remain under flash flood watches. a search resumes for a sheriff's deputy. officials fear she was sweptaway by floodwaters. another round of heavy rain is expected in austin, texas. >> good morning. they say the sheriff's deputy was out on the road looking for stranded motorists at the height of the storm and they say at one
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point more than an inch of rain fell in just half an hour. at the height of the torrential storm that drenched austin with more than five inches of rain, they say a sheriff's deputy disappeared, likely overrun by the surging floodwaters. as weather conditions deteriorated rescue crews were forced to temporarily call off the search. >> they found the car submerged in the water. it was shortly after that that the water went down enough that they could see there was no one in the vehicle. >> reporter: cell phone video captured the spot where the patrol car was found but no sign of the officer who radioed for help that her vehicle was being washed away. >> we're still hoping we're going to find her on the riverbank waiting for us to pick her up. across central texas the torrential rainfall made streets submerged. police say the severe weather set off this violent collision in houston.
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firefighters cut open the roof of this car to free a woman trapped inside. it september cars flying into rain filled ditches. search crews will likely have to deal with more severe weather as rain is again forecast for the austin area. norah? >> all right. fred, thank you. the suspect who killed a state trooper is now one of the fbi's most wanted fugitives. he's been on the run for a week now. he ambushed them, killing one, wounding another. don dahler is in scranton, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. they thought they had him yesterday. they cordoned off his home yesterday and had an intensive house to house search but last night they had to call it off without an arrest. now the feds are beefing up the manpower to help track him down. the search for an intense killer
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eric matthew frein has intensified. police received a tip he may have been seen in the area. local authorities are working in conjunction with the fbi who are providing all the resources they can? >> air power, manpower, technical, whatever they need, they're doing it. >> officials are working on the assumption that frein is still hiding somewhere in this rural area of pennsylvania. >> we have now made the world where he can hide a very, very small place. >> police describe him as a self trained survivalist and sharpshooter with a grudge toward law enforcement. ♪ >> dickson was ladiid to rest thursday with thousands from around the country to pay respects. it's unclear what triggered friday's shooting. roger smith owns an area sporting goods store and said
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frein's reaction struck him as strange. >> he went back in the building and said i have to disappear. i said why is that. he said me and those guys doan get along. >> this is roger smith's store right there. now with the fbi involved the reward money goes u up to $175,000 for any information leading to his arrest. jeff. >> don, thank you very much. jetblue is investigating a frightening engine failure in mid flight. smoke filled the cabin of flight 1416 just after takeoff on thursday. the pilots made an emergency landing in long beach, california, just a few minutes later. jeff pegues is in washington with reaction from passengers. jeff, good morning. >> good morning. some of the passengers say they thought it was the beginning of the end. there were 147 people on board the plane. it was heading for austin, texas, but shortly after takeoff the right engine blew out and the cabin immediately filled with smoke. these images captured by passenger dean showed a hazy
7:16 am
terrifying scene inside the cabin just after the engine failed. >> you immediately got the smell and it's obviously something burning and then immediately everything filled up with smoke. >> reporter: passengers scrambled to put on oxygen masks while babies screamed. >> you couldn't even see your hand in front of your face. it was engulfed in seconds. >> reporter: pilots immediately responded, circle ling back to land after being in the air. jackson rathbone was on board. >> i'll remember this forever but we had brave and a pilot. >> they're going out. >> reporter: passengers still hoping to reach their destination were rebooked on alternate flights. at least one person on board
7:17 am
said the experience will change him for the better. >> i'm happy to be aliven, you know. i don't think i'll ever be mean to anybody ever again. >> four passengers suffered minor injuries during the incident. only one person was transported to the hospital before being released. the cause of this emergency landing is still under investigation. jeff? >> thanks. wall street is poised this morning for what could be the biggest initial public offering ever. alibaba, the chinese e-commerce trading begins trading under the ipo. it putz its total value at $167.6 billion. that's larger than amazon, cisco, or ebay. the flu season is coming up fast and the government is making new recommendation this morning. cdc director rolled up his sleeve for a flu shot and for the first time they've come up with an ouchless way for kids.
7:18 am
>> this is an important thing. what is the cdc saying? >> now they're saying the nasal flu mist is recommended for kids ages 2 to 8 over the shot. one spray per each nostril without a needle. kids proo fehr that. new research shows it's more effective in that research. so it's a good thing. >> and new recommendations for seniors as well, right? >> that's right. until now people over the age of 65 it's been wreck menned they get a shot called kn eed knew pneumomax. >> first thing norah ask ed is can i get that instep of a shot?
7:19 am
can anyone get it? >> age 2 to 50 if you're not pregnant. >> it seems like summer just ended. should we be getting it now? >> yes. it goes october through may. last year we saw a cluster of cases around halloween. the shots kick in in two weeks. today's really the time. >> is it ever too late to get the shot? >> once you've hit march or april, we'll say, okay, we'll wait until next year. we should focus on getting it sooner rather than later. >> all right. dr. holly phillips. thank you so much. it's 7:19. ahead on "cbs this morning," the irs is minting millionaires with
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>> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by voya financial. changing the way you think of retirement.
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a charity cup is overflowing from a hugely successful fund-raiser. >> ahead, the als association searches for the right way to spend $114 million. >> the news is back in the morning on "cbs this morning." stay tuned for your local news. a woman who loves to share her passions. grandma! mary has atrial fibrillation,
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good morning, i'm ukee washington. time for the friday forecast with fehlinger. >> feels like every forecast on friday these days is a real good one. and i'm cool with that if you are. we can expect some more real nice weather out, there off to beautiful start just tweeted out picture of "skycam 3" shots, go check it out. so beautiful the sunrise this morning, and clear storm scan3 going to help warm things up here. >> feels more like october, plenty of sun during the day, just few clouds overnight, tomorrow, you might seymour clouds than anything but don't worry, eventually see the sun,
7:27 am
and with warmfront moving through, that allows the temperatures to spike, as well. >> if you are traveling out and becomes full blown rush hour, so, 95, the schuylkill expressway, expect those usual pockets, traveling on 476 this shot here not too far away from the exit for route one, lima springfield. traveling in either direction, southbound, northbound, definitely experiencing delays around that area, also, still the closure of american street at york, because of fire location, in kensington. your best alternate is front, also, the 39 and 57 bus routes are on detour, ukee? >> thank you, torrey, let's do it again at 7:55, up next o on cbs this morning, the als ice cbs this morning, the als ice bucket challenged raise
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it's just a normal iphone 6. >> all right. we're doing a reveal. >> ooh. >> that screen would have helped now. that was the first iphone 6 sold in perth, australia. the owner says the iphone still works but he'll be careful from now. they're lining up. crazy scene. there were lines forming around the block. we saw that when we came in this morning. also in the suburbs of new jersey. pasadena, they camped out all night long. samsung starts taking orders today for the new galaxy note 4. >> it's weird to see that many people that early in the morning. >> it's cold.
7:31 am
>> i applaud their enthusiasm, but i just don't have the time to do that. >> when you can order it from your bed. >> order it online. welcome back, everybody to "cbs this morning." coming up this half hour, taking photos of women's skirts may be disurbing but a texas appeals court calls it protected free speech. jan crawford is going to join us because she's taking a look at some of the legal reasoning and what the judges are trying to protect. >> also als has buckets of money to pour into research. i didn't write that. that was good. we'll look at the charity's new challenge, spending the money wisely. that's ahead. the terminal is open again. they locked down terminal 4 for three hours last night. they were searching for a shirtless man attempted of a
7:32 am
shooting in tell pea. the man and two other suspects were finally arrested. the "orlando sentinel" said a man was arrested after hiding for hours in a wheel well of a jetblue airliner. the suspect said he avoided security by climbing under a fence in a restricted area. the police say the man wanted to go to new york city. "the new york times" says home depot suffered one of the largest known breaches of a computer company's network. 56 million debit and credit cards were compromised in april. they used malware to tap into cash registers in stores. and the "los angeles times" says gordo is out of surgery this morning. we told you about gordo yesterday. he's the little white dog that was hit be i a van during a police chase. gordo was rushed to the vet with a fractured pelvis. he was in danger of losing a leg but we're happy to tell you
7:33 am
gordo is doing very well and the vet said after he recovers he should be able to walk normally. >> glad to hear that. steve kroft takes us inside a multi-billion-dollar tax scam. they use stolen data to get money from the irs. >> for this fraud, all you need is a laptop, someone's social security, date of birth, not even their name. they can do it from their kitchen table, they can do it at a fast food chain restaurant or they can do it on the beach as long as they have wi-fi access. >> reporter: actually cory williams says you don't even need a laptop. you can file phony returns on your cell phone go f you have the right app. he used to be a legitimate tax preparer until his boss turned him onto the scam. before he was arrested and went to prison, he made millions and
7:34 am
millions of dollars. >> anybody who knew about it would be a fool not to get involved. i could wake up in the comfort of my home, get on my laptop, do about 15 return as day, $15,000 a return, $45,000 a day. >> you had a home office. >> yeah. i would work in my boxers and a t-shirt, yeah. >> reporter: it's as easy as one, two, three. williams gave us a demonstration. one, you collect or buy a list of stolen identities that are readily available in miami if you know the right people. two, you go to one of dozens of tax preparation sites online and using the stolen social security numbers and dates of birth you fill out a completely bogus w-2 form claiming a modest refund of a few thousand dollars. >> it has given us a refund of $4,834. >> you tell the irs if you want
7:35 am
the refund mailed to your house, wired to your bank account or letted on a prepay debit card. >> do you have any idea how many bogus returns you filled out? >> it has to be in in the thousands? >> did the irs pay out on all of them? >> about 40% of the tax returns. >> if you have the same questions we do, why is the irs sending billions of dollars to these con men in a scam they apparently can't stop? you're going to find out on a season premiere of "60 minutes." >> i'm fascinated by cory's thinking. you'd be a fool not to tack advantage and then he ends up in prison. >> doesn't make any sense. photographers take pictures underneath women's skirts but a texas appeal court, if you can believe this, says legislators went too far. the state court of criminal appeals ruled wednesday that a is unconstitutional. voyeurism -
7:36 am
jan crawford is in washington this morning. she's also a lawyer and has the story behind this decision. jan, we're confused. does this mean it's okay to take pictures up women's skirts and if so help us understand the cord's rulings. >> first of all, not necessarily, gayle, about wether it can be okay. there's things states can do. texas didn't do it the right way. they passed what's called a hidden camera law over a decade ago. it basically prohibits someone from taking an illicit photograph of someone in a public place without their permission. it wasn't a specific thing like you're talking about, upskirting, gayle, where they're taking photos up your skirt. no one had heard about that. this case involves a man after he was charge for taking pictures of children in their swimsuits at seaworld, and he argued that the law was so brown that it was unconstitutional.
7:37 am
the way it was written it would ban all kinds of photos in public places and the texas court we saw agreed with the reasoning. >> what was the court's reasoning? >> the word he used was breathtaking. it could cover -- this is kind of shocking. it could cover almost every photograph in a public place taken without a person's consent. even news fundraisers who take pictures of celebrities, public streets, that would have been banned potentially. that's why you saw some media groups violating the amendment. >> does the rule having national implications? >> i think this case is only affecting this texas law, but what it is going to do is send a signal to these other states that if they want to ban upskirting -- like i say, most states do -- they're going to have to do it the right way,
7:38 am
focus on that particular problem, that kind of invasive behavior. that's probably not protected by the first amendment so i dwloink're going see texas and some of the o'states try to rewrite their laws and update them to more directly ban upskirting. >> our correspondent and favorite legal expert jan crawford. jan, thank you very much. the als ice bucket challenge is facing cold hard facts we'll tell wow why teen best run charities can run into trouble after hitting the fundraising jackpot. that story's next on "cbs this morning."
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the ice bucket challenge made it media's most social
7:43 am
cause. it creates a new challenge for the foundation. michelle miller looks at using the cash windfall. good morning. >> that's the question. charity watchers call it impulse giving. 2.5 million donors gave money to the association after it went viral. they're looking at how and where they'll spend all that cash. >> j.t. here. >> russell stern. >> reporter: the ice bucket challenge was one of the biggest social media campaigns of all time. it challenged everyone from athletes to actors and even former presidents to douse themselves with ice water all for a good cause. fable saw over 17 million video uploads. youtube reported a record 1
7:44 am
billion views. proceeds unexpectedly poured in. >> no one knew it was going to take place. it grew organically through a family -- a couple of families who have als. >> barbara newhouse, the group's president and ceo says most of the money will go to research in hopes of finding a cure to the deadly and debilitated fund. others will go to care groups and advocacy but some say none of it will be spent until they have organization and strategy. >> we're ming with various stakeholder groups. from there we'll come up with plan that will go before our board of trustee october and we'll then be releasing more information. >> thigh really is to be careful. that's why i think engaging the donors, to people they're serving in this process is critical to do it right. >> ken berger is part of a
7:45 am
watchdog group that rates fund razing organizations. >> the als association rated a four out of four. we're talking an a charity that has a good rating, good reputation. what are you concerned about? >> we've seen charities before, when they get this influx of cash, it's a challenge that is not met by teen best. >> the red cross rates over a billion dollars but donors were outraged to learn some funds never went to major disaster relief. >> they were going to park it for other disasters and not use it for 9/11. donors' expectations were different than thatting. >> it was four times last year's revenue. after a fleury of complaints last month they abandon ed
7:46 am
calling it's bucket challenge. they were trying to avoid skaerms. >> it's at a whole different level. it was clear that was a very bad decision. >> donors want to see results, which is difficult when it comes to science tusk research. newhouse says the association will kmun kaitz plans and progress reports to its 3 million donors. the group is counting on them to keep giving because als isn't likely to be next year's charity cause. and, again, they still haven't come to where. where and how. >> i think they're still figuring it out. aren't they? >> they are. >> they have to have been overwhelmed. >> think of it like this most charities are in the 15 million dollar range. the amount of money that went into the als association put
7:47 am
them in the 1% category, the very top category of 1%. >> not a bad problem to have. >> it's worth it to have the money spent reporting. >> good reporting. derek jeter -- love him -- does not want to leave the field for the last time without saying thank you to the fans. we love
7:48 am
>> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places. 14 years to the day, we got our first prius. ♪ sometimes the most daring ideas... ...are the ones you can count on the most. ♪ the prius. toyota, lets go places. beroccaaaaaaaaaaaa! [popping & fizzing sounds] support both mental sharpness and physical energy with berocca. proud sponsor of mind and body. rdevry university's merit-based career catalyst scholarship can help you get started with up to $20,000 for qualified new students. apply now and start working
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7:52 am
gatorade commercial showing the 42-year-old's fans in the bronx. his final regular season game is next sunday. >> i love it, love it, love it. since i can't have me derek jeter i'm going to go get me some gatorade. >> that makes me happy. you don't expect fwiebl have to compete with shopping but stores are already getting ready. we'll show you why it could be a good deal for you. that's next. but add brand new belongings from nationwide insurance and we'll replace destroyed or stolen items with brand-new versions. we take care of the heat. so you don't get burned. just another way we put members first because we don't have shareholders. join the nation. ♪ nationwide is on your side
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>> well, good morning, everyone, i'm natasha brown. we sends over to the eyewitness weather forecast, we don't want to delay at all, this lovely forecast, katy? >> yes, exactly right. natasha, some really pleasant weather coming our way. we've had so much of it. starting to get little spoiled, right? but, we're going to give you plenty of more treats here in the long-termment taking live look at the neighborhood network, first and for most, beautiful start to the day. full sunshine, 56 degrees right now, in cape may courthouse specifically at middletown shin high school. whole day across the region featuring sunlight, and little dose of october, with these daytime highs, only in the low 70s at best. just few clouds tonight, keeping it cool. keeping it tranquil. nice pleasant sleeping weather around. the weekend actually starts to heat up. courtesy of the next approaching system, next shot for precipitation, not until
7:57 am
sunday night. torrey? >> thank you, katie. good morning, everyone, still full blown rush out there. be prepared. we take a look first at 95, you're making your way into downtown philadelphia, southbound, you're still experience that stop and go traffic out of the northeast, approaching cottman, down through to the vine st. expressway. also still dealing with the fire location in the kensington section of philadelphia, closing american street at york. front; your best alternate, also affecting the 39 and 57 bus routes. also, experiencing 15 minute delays for the west trenton line and also cynwyd due to signal problems. natasha? >> next update is 8:25, up next, does getting head start on holiday shopping really save you any money for moree local news, weather and local news, weather and traffic, continue to watch
7:58 am
don't believe tom corbett's tv ad.
7:59 am
the facts speak for themselves. tom corbett cut a billion dollars from our schools. he took an ax to education. twenty-seven thousand educators were laid-off. class sizes increased. and now almost eighty percent of school districts plan to raise property taxes. tom corbett. can't trust him on education. can't trust him to be for us.
8:00 am
that's what we're saying around here. hey, hey, hey, it's friday, september 19th, u 2014. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there is more real news ahead including a mother who left a 6-year-old alone outside. she tells us how it sparked an investigation and an online debate, but first here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> the divorce is off but the marriage may never be the same. scotland has stepped back from leaving the rest of the uk. >> the president will not call this war. officials argue over,000 describe this fight with isis. >> the fire is only 10% contained. it's been burning nearly a week
8:01 am
now. >> in texas there's been too much rain. large sections remain under flash flood watches. >> they thought they had him yesterday. now the feds are beefing up the manpower to track him down. >> some passengers thought it was the beginning of the end. the right engine blew out and the cabin immediately filled up with smoke. >> the way it was written, it would ban all kinds of photos. >> they gave to the als association. the spotlight is on where they'll spend all that cash. >> jack. >> that was the fate of the very first iphone 6. >> pizza hut is testing out a new lower calorie pizza to which americans said, great, now i can eat five. i'm gayle king with norah o'donnell and jeff glor.
8:02 am
charlie rose is on assignment. the united kingdom remains united this morning. a record number of voters turned out in scotland on thursday to vote on independence. in a clear majority, 55% said no to splitting with great britain. >> and the no voters celebrated with results, cheering and taking to the streets. mark phillips is in the capital of edinburgh. good moving. >> reporter: good morning. in the end it was a bigger spread than they had thought. the reaction amongst the no voters, those against independence, was, in fact, as much one of surprise and relief as it was of celebration. the "yes" supporters, for independen independence, had been hoping for a big vote in the working palace area of scotland. that was in the city of glass go. not by enough.
8:03 am
as for viewing this from the outside, both europe and washington, this is very much a bullet that has been dodged. the problem of the uk break up is one proposal they won't have to deal with in a world that has plenty of others. >> mark, thank you. french airplanes launched their first attack against the terror group. it came hours after the president promised to train syrian rebels to fight isis. the president insists they will not fight from the ground. >> the atlanta falcons got one of their biggest wins ever. last night they crushed the tampa bay buccaneers, 56-14, here on cbs. at one point it was 56-0. devin hester with his 20th touchdown. very cool. >> before that lovie smith sat down with nfl today's james
8:04 am
brown. he talked about recent case of doumestic violence. >> you shouldn't have to tell a man that he's not supposed to hit a woman. it's as simple as that. when we're dealing with our children, i mean what's more precious than our kids. i think a lot of the thanks that are really going on right now today is just common sense and you know these just from doing what's right. we're constantly telling our guys, show me. you know, the order i get, j.b., my hearing gets worse every day it seems like but my sight gets better. show me what you do. i think players are looking for examples. that's why it's important for our players to behave a certain way because someone is always
8:05 am
watching. >> love y y y yy is a great guy up for. larry ellison is stepping down. he's now worth about $50 billion. he suggested a change was cheming when he spoke to charlie rose a year ago. >> is oracle doing okay? >> i think it's doing great. we have a great success. >> you seem to be able to run a successor. >> there are a lot of people. >> do you have a successor? >> i think safra katz and mark hurd could it. >> joan rivers' daughter is talking for the first time since her mother's memorial service.
8:06 am
on "fashion police" melissa said she was amazed the president took time to recognize the comedy legend. >> she affected so many people, people you would never expect to have humor. >> right, right. >> i receive add letter from the white house from president obama. >> wow. >> someone who's often a target of her jokes as was mrs. obama. but i received a handwritten note saying not only did she make us laugh, she made us think. >> joan rivers co-hosted "fashion police" until her dearth earlier this month. ben
8:07 am
september, really? socially they're competing but
8:08 am
ad editors say why we're secreting buying it into. why it may start sooner than ever. that's ahead on "cbs this morning."
8:09 am
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8:12 am
week but it's starting to look a lot like christmas in retail stores across the country. after all, there are only 96 days to go. so what's behind thisarily shopping push? the executive editor of ""adweek"" is with us. doesn't this make people annoyed? >> of course, people are annoyed by it, however, 3 million people have watched that kmart commercial, the christmas commercial already that's aired and most of the comments are negative. people say they hate it, yet people will go to the store as donald the shopping. >> is there actual data that shows that people have started
8:13 am
christmas shopping more because of these ads? ? >> there's not data that shows that but there's data that shows more people are shopping before halloween. 40% of the people are doing some shopping before halloween now. >> is it a new phenomenon for retailers? >> it's not a new phenomena. everybody thinks christmas is getting earlier. we went back and found newspaper ads from the 1800s. christmas is coming. >> get your candles. what else do you buy in the 1800s? >> that's hilarious. >> then norah and i started singing it during the break, mariah carey. so it's working, i guess. >> it's $5600 billion business, christmas shopping.
8:14 am
so if our, you know, consumer rift world don't you think it's going become a 365 event? >> no, i document raich it. >> by the way, kmart is making fun of it. >> they're in the group. who's the target? older, younger? it doesn't matter? >> the boomers wait. the people who turn 20 after the year 2000, they're very serious about this, the early shopping. you know, they get out. they have all their shopping done sometimes by thanksgiving. >> bottom line, can you save more by shopping early? >> no. you actually probably don't save more. >> thank you. that's what gayle and i were saying. we wait till the last week when the sales are on. >> it's
8:15 am
who do deals. >> it must be working. they keep doing it. as much as we eye roll and come plarng plain, it's working. you're very low key. >> thank you, tony. thanks for coming on. >> aren't you glad you came, tony? >> i arjs gayle, thank you, gayle. >> you're welcome. counting crows made it big. the lead singer struggles in private. adam duritz opens up to anthony mason. ththat's next on "cbs this morning." ♪ [music] jackie's heart attack didn't come with a warning.
8:16 am
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only verizon fios comes with speedmatch - upload speeds as fast as your download speeds join now at verizon. frightening scene last night. an suv went air button and crashed upside down in the river. three teens were trapped inside that vehicle. five bystanders went in the water to rescue them. two passengers got out quickly. a dozen people flipped the car back out to get the driver out. he's hospitalized this morning
8:20 am
in serious condition. >> i'm glad everybody's okay. it shows how people spring into action. >> they're all okay. counting crows has a new album called the best collection of songs since its day buchl anthony mason shows us this morning how the front man's personal struggles have changed the band over the years. good morning, anthony. >> good morning. counting croce has counted over 20 albums. i i sat do i sat down with lead singer adam duritz. it's been more than 20 years since you guys started which is a number i find a little scary. i don't know about you. >> it just seems to have gone. i mean i know i lived all those days, but i do not know where they are. >> the rise of counting crows was meteoric.
8:21 am
the berkeley, california, band's debut album in 1993, august and everything after would sell some 17 million copies in the u.s. alone. >> all of a sudden i got mobbed. >> did you like that? >> no. i was uncomfortable at the time. >> so how did you make peace with it? >> i don't know. you know, it's like waking up on mars. >> his celebrity girlfriends made him a favorite of photographers. in a quest for privacy a decade ago, kur ritz moved east to new york. >> this is my first place. >> it is? '. >> yeah. fourth and mcdougall. >> but as the band's success
8:22 am
continued duritz found it more and more difficult to suppress a see krechlt he has a serious mental disorder. i mean i have good reasons for not talking about it. for a long time i thought i was really slipping down a drain, and i didn't want to be a public spectac spectacle. at one point i got briefly locked up at a ucla medical center, and i got in there the same day that mariah carey got out. and, man, they let her up. >> finally in 2008 in an article in men's health the singer went public. >> how would you describe what you have? >> i always describe it as a pain in the ass really. ♪ i get the summertime blues >> duritz says it's a dissociative disorder that makes the world seem unreal. >> it's scary stuff to go through. >> i imagine if you don't really know what's happening to you, it must be. >> you don't at first. it doesn't make any sense.
8:23 am
it doesn't feel right. it feels like you're taking drugs you're not taking. you feel like you have an acid flashback. that's terrifying. i don't think anyone needs to go through that, especially without any acid. >> but you've managed it. >> yeah. well, you don't really get much choice in that. you're not going to get to tell yourself later on, well, it was hard, so that's why i didn't manage. >> for counting crows' new album, the band's songwriter said he was tired of writing about his own life. i i'm fine living it but it didn't seem like a movie i wanted to go see anymore. >> so you like the meesh a little better now? >> yeah. yeah. it's kind of fun now. >> so the songs on "somewhere under wonderland" are filled
8:24 am
with new characters. more importantly, counting crows are back. >> do you still love being in this band? >> for me especially, yeah, because a lot of times it's just -- i know where i'm supposed to be. ♪ i just don't want to go home >> counting crows will be in studio to perform a song tomorrow on "cbs this morning." it's interesting that first record of theirs, adam duritz got an advance of all of $4,000. that's it. the album there would sell $7 million. he said he spent it all on a karmann ghia which he still owns. >> i appreciate his candor. so glad they're doing well. good to seechlt like him. >> we'll be watching tomorrow morning. >> music not to be missed on saturday morning. >> yeah, good stuff. >> we have fun. ahead, a mom who sparked a debate for letting a 6-year-old child play outside for herself. she said the investigation left the family with emotional scars.
8:25 am
she explained good mornings everyone, i'm ukee washingtonment following breaking news this morning, huge warehouse fire in kensington, the enormous flames broke out around 2:30 this morning, in a vacant building at american and york streets. the fire spread from the vacant warehouse to a paper company nearby. a civilian was burned over 80% of his body, but he's fighting for his life right now, we understand, two firefighters suffered minor injuries, teams are still dousing down hot spots, at the moment. so far there is cents no word on the cause. let's get your forecast with katie in the weather center. >> good morning, very happy friday, being sent your way, more nice weather, coming our way, little cool out there, i'll give that you, at least for daytime highs. generally the current temperature readings are very much where we found them in recent days here, so under a
8:26 am
generally again just bright blue sky, handful of clouds, nothing more than that throughout the day. so we do eventually warm up. but only so far. it is a real dose of october. early october. so really only couple of weeks early in terms of the range of temperatures. but 71 at best for that high. it stays quiet tonight, we drop it back down to the 50's, another good sleeping weather kind of night if you haven't already turned the ac off. i would say get to it. save on the energy bill. warm warming trends takes place this weekend, tan couldn't come with better timing we officially see summer's last hooray. tory? >> thank you, katie. definitely not seeing the last of this accident just yet, on 422, or at least the end of it in any time soon. if you are traveling on 422, eastbound, blocking the left hand lane, approaching the area of 23, a crash, blocking not only the left-hand lane, but even the shoulder, you have squeeze trying to get through there is emergency teams on scene, and delay, stemming all the way back to 29. we also if you are traveling on the westbound side of the 30 bypass, right around route 100, an accident blocking the left-hand lane. and watch out for some delays for our regional rail lines,
8:27 am
ukee? >> thank you, next update at 8:55, up next on cbs this morning, singer actress catherine mcphee for more local news weather traffic and sports we're on the "cw philly" on these channels. philly" on these channels. i was expecting another trip to a water park. i never thought it would be like this. where strangers become best friends. and life is more colorful. this place was like nothing i've ever seen. i'll never forget it. chiapas. live it to believe it.
8:28 am
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8:30 am
cue gayle, i love randy's voice. cue randy. thank you. cowelcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up this half hour, how young is too young to play outdoor. a mother was investigated after letting her 6-year-old out in the neighborhood. we'll tell you the story that captures attention. >> also, katherine mcgee teams up with a group of geniuses. that story is ahead. >> right now it's time to show you this morning's hedslines from around the globe. clemson university halt add controversial student question nafrmt get this. it included questions such as
8:31 am
how many times have you had sex in the last three months. students complain about previouscy issues. you think? >> the questionnaire said it was to prevent sexual assaults and things on campus. >> they need to come up with something else. a summit of characters at town square did not go well. the purple keep the peace. the characters routinely accuse police of harassment. >> cbs news had an interview with ben affleck. he admitted counting carding while playing blackjack. in april he was banned from playing black jack at the hard rock hotel. he also said he drank every day for his character in the new husband and wife thriller "gone girl" that comes out next month.
8:32 am
there was an offer made the pope's skull cap. he gave it to a television show. it will support a children's charity of the democratic public? the congo. he posted it on facebook yesterday. brady said when he wasn't drafted by the fifth round of the 2000 nfl draft, he thought he might need it. his part-time work including working at the university of michigan golf course. i would say it worked out just like fine. >> just like you like derek jeter, i like tom brady. you've got to love it. everybody puffs up their resume. he lists husband gpa, 3 president
8:33 am
3.3. >> classic resume words interpersonal skills. >> it has worked out okay for mr. brady. another vote if is historic moment for golf. for the first time the royal and an shenlt golf club of st. andrews is welcoming female members. >> i think it's quite right that the members have agreed to echl brace this and welcome women to the club. it's great day for the game. >> well, the club has chosen its first members, condoleezza rice and businesswoman darla moore. i assume you definitely agree. >> it's definitely funner to play with men and women. >> do you want to go? >> let's go.
8:34 am
>> do you want the take the final 30 minutes. >> no. you're going to both stay right here. a texas mom was blogging about her 6-year-old. she described shock and anger when police and protective services came knocking on her door. manuel bojorquez is in the family's neighborhood in texas. good morning. >> good morning. her son was playing by himself in this open green space one morning last month, not always within his mother's sight. their home is on the corner, just over 100 yards away but one neighbor made it clear. she did not believe the child should have been out here alone. >> careful. >> carrie ann roy knows all about the joys and challenges of raising a child. she has three of them. her youngest 6-year-old isaac rekrejtsly gained the privilege of playing outside for a few
8:35 am
minutes. >> i can go from the house to like on the top of the hill where the stop sign is. >> and no more beyond that, huh? >> yeah, nowhere. >> but a seemingly well intentioned neighbor brought isaac back home one day after seeing the boy across the street from a row of homes without adult supervision. >> there was kind of a disconnection there that i was smiling and saying, yes, he was outside playing and she said, well, he was outside by himself and she said, yes, he was outside by himself playing, you know, as f-year-olds do. >> but it didn't end there. soon roy had another knock on the door. a police officer who questioned her but left. a few days later, child protective services also known as cps arrived and questions each of her children. >> like have you taken drugs or alcohol, have you seen movies of naked people, you know, has anybody touched you and they had to investigate.
8:36 am
if cps gets a call, you want them to check on the welfare of the children. however, i think that when they're getting these kinds of frivolous calls it's wasting resources. >> shouldn't we err on the side of caution when it comes to children? >> i think that when it comes to children, you have to give them the experience of life. u it's doing them a disservice if we keep them trapped in the house until they're 16 and then they're off in high school. >> diane debrovner says this is largely fueled by fear, like kidnapping by a stranger, which statistically is very low. >> we wish we could let our children play more but everybody is worried about safety and thank this case races some authority issues for parents about how much authority you have over making decisions for your own child and where the boundaries are for neighbors
8:37 am
stepping in and making judgments about your parenting? >> late june a north carolina mothers with arrested for allegedly leaving her 9-year-old daughter at a park alone for hours while she worked at a restaurant. roy's case never got to that level. the worst part for her was her children feeling they'd done something wrong and a fear of being taken away from their parents. >> if you're not comfortable without keeping your eyes on them, totally cool. please don't tell me what i can do with my child and i think everyone can get along. >> reporter: texas law does not specify how old a child must be before they're allowed to be outside by themselves. both austin police and child protective services closed the roy case with no charges. jeff? >> all right, manuel. thank you very much. >> you guys have little kids. i think i'm with mrs. roy.
8:38 am
>> she knows her neighborhood, she knows her son's maturity level and she feels comfortable letting him play out there. but 6 is too long. >> there are generje generation differences. >> the house is here and the park was there. you want to say, thank you, naib. >> or not. >> i was going to say, how's the neighborhood picnic going to go. coming up here, she hit it big on ""american idol."" but t she said it was
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
is inspired by a true story. it follows a team of geniuses who use their intelligence to help the government solve high-tech threats. we sit down with "american idol" favorite katherine mcphee. >> i'll see it. >> reporter: "scorpion" is the story of a computer whiz with the fourth highest i.q. ever recorded. he and a team of misfits work
8:43 am
with the feds to solve the day. katherine mcphee plays the tough way tret and mom of a 9-year-old she believes is mentally challenged. turns out he's a genius too. >> he's playing chess with a grand master who's about to lose. >> i was kathrcat kakt >> what was it? >> going from singing and dancing to acting sequences where you're doing green screen stuff. that's a nice change. >> her last show with nbc's "smash" which did not live up to its name. it was cancelled after two seasons. a tough blow for mcphee who if she had it her way, she would sing all day.
8:44 am
>> even my parent when we went skiing, they'd pass by me and i was singing, a way to calm myself. i think the singing is with me everywhere i go. >> mcphee was just 21 when america first heard her voice on "american idol." her fans called kat pack and said was fever. that's now how it felt for he. >> i was trying to survive. >> she was runner up to taylor hicks. you likely won't see a music number on "scorpion" be thaw won't silence her. >> i think everyone on the set will vouch for me. i never stop singing. i don't try to do it to be
8:45 am
obnoxious. look at me. all kinds of stuff. it's out of control, really. i need to tone it down. >> reporter: but her tone is what took her to hollywood. although mcphee grew up just a few miles away in the san fernando valley where she was the star of her musical. ♪ since her idol days mcphee has experimented with new looks and is recording new music. >> it was the find time i had ever made music that i really felt like, wow, okay, i figured it out for myself. >> but for now she's taking her new tv show for a road and hope this one is long. >> i'm hoping this one lasts a while. >> it takes? >> yeah. it feels good. >> for "cbs this morning," ben tracy, los angeles.
8:46 am
>> we're with kathrk katharine,e it lasts for her as well. "scorpion" on monday night. the buzz is good. and i saw the show. the show is good. ahead, the most unforgettable moments of the week. y you're watching "cbs this morning." ring ring! progresso! it's ok that your soup tastes like my homemade.
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it's our slow simmered vegetables and tender white meat chicken. apology accepted. i'm watching you soup people. make it progresso or make it yourself. you say avocado old el paso says... zesty chicken and avocado tacos in our stand 'n stuff tortillas . (record scratch) you say stand n' stuff tortillas old el paso says... start somewhere fresh what a great week we had. >> i was thinking is it just me or did the week fly by.
8:50 am
>> it flew by. >> that said aren't you glad it's friday? i'll get on the plane and make sure not to take my socks off. >> you can take the -- >> don't take off my shoes. that's it. be sure to tune in to "cbs evening news with scott pelley" tonight. as we leave you take a look back at the week that was. >> another western zipt was beheaded at the hands of isis. >> the president's policy has been no u.s. troops on the ground. >> there will be boots on the ground if there's to be any hope. >> there is no hope yet. let's see how this strategy works out. >> peterson could face up to two years in prison. >> peterson estimates he hit the child 10 to 15 times. >> every parent is going to be in jail under those circumstances. i want our players to be good husbands, good fathers. >> the gunman who killed a state trooper. >> we're coming for you. >> they now believe he's hiding somewhere in these woods. >> this historic lumber town was hit good as burning embers fell
8:51 am
across it. >> the kwloeclothing i have on all i have. >> the river looks like rapids. >> i'm back. >> we shouldn't give it to anyone if we don't have it. >> wham. does he get a bill for that? >> the divorce is off but the marriage never be the same. >> may no nationalism ever split asunder. ♪ ♪ everybody get up everybody get up ♪ >> she has a second life making fun of me. >> it's hard to do. i had to take it from the material. ♪ >> he said he did not write the hit singed "blurred line". >> i don't think anyone would say i was a drug addict and i really didn't have much to do with the song.
8:52 am
>> his name is cory nieves. >> you deal with all the facts, the figures, the books? >> i do. i look over my financials, the profit and loss statements. >> the story behind her very pointed words for delwyn equity paltrow. wow. >> a leading breast cancer specialist is accused of pois poisoning a worker with tainted coffee. >> a drive threw window at a funeral home in michigan opened up this weekend. >> does barkley like the water? >> yes. >> is that your pool? >> yes. that's the neighborhood dog. >> gayle, have you been there before? >> i'm staying there for the first time just like you. the neighborhood dog has. >> i'm just saying.
8:53 am
i've lived hewith my mother, forty--four who is ninety--nine. people who do not live in delaware county need to know that tom mcgarrigle raised our taxes five times. five times in seven years. meanwhile tom mcgarrigle gave a million dollar subsidy to an energy company. tom mcgarrigle is not looking out for regular families or seniors at all. we need john kane in the senate. he gets regular families.
8:54 am
8:55 am
good morning, everyone, i'm natasha brown, update on breaking news this morning. investigator are sing consider for the cause of huge warehouse fire in kensington. this fire broke out at york and american streets, about 2:30, this morning. and, spread from vacant warehouse, to nearby paper company. one man is in the hospital are with burns, two firefighters suffered minor injuries. eyewitness weather forecast this beautiful friday. meteorologist, katie, what's it look being like? >> not too bad. is it, natasha? i wish coy take the credit. >> pleasure to bring the forecast for you on days like there is generally just got really quiet, calm weather
8:56 am
ill clouds here and, there but basically nice sunny day, dose of early october, though, with the temperatures, high just 71. drop it back to the 50's tonight under just couple of clouds. now there is a warmfront lifting in, so i think you'll see a lot more cloud cover tomorrow than what we find today. don't let it deter you. weekends will stay dry. eventually we get some sun throughout the saturday. more of it i think sunday, but look at the nice warming trends that takes place. summer's last hooray this weekend, remember fall officially begins on monday night, and to go along with it temperatures will take a hit here. tory? >> thank you so much. katie, well you will definitely take a hit traffic wise traveling on 422, the the pattern with 422 the entire morning. still accident eastbound 422 approaching area of 33 out of trooper. >> this delay stemming even beyond trooper out toward oaks, out toward royersford. give yourself more time. if i were to block this westbound side, this would look like a still shot. so plan accordingly if that's where you are headed. also avoid american street, at
8:57 am
york. still dealing with that four alarm fire location. your best alternate is front street. it is also affecting the 39 and also the 57 bus route, as well. (natural sounds). tasha. >> that's eyewitness new for now, join us for talk philly coming up at noon. great day
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
2, 1. >> camera ready. >> if it's happening we are covering it >> announcer: on the doctors friday news feed. the war on >> 3, ebola. how obama is planing to stop the outbreak as it continues to spread and make its way to the west. then, it's a story making headlines. you saw the shocking video! now, could there be a connection between professional athletes and domestic violence? >> plus ... >> here's what's breaking today on the doctors. >> a news story that's raising serious questions. >> smoking pot while breastfeeding. >> are pro-medicinal marijuana in situations. but this changes things. >> a day care worker caught hitting the webong. >> were you smoking medical marijuana, if so why? ♪ doctor, doctor gimme the news ♪ >>everyone, and welcome to the friday news feed.