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tv   Eyewitness News Saturday  CBS  September 20, 2014 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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>> verne: first down, 10, alabama.
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the heavy lifters.ers. just for men does more than get rid of gray, your facial hair looks fuller, thicker, the best beard ever. after all, you're not just a champion of saturday afternoons.... you're a champion of facial hair. just for men mustache and beard. >> verne: a bitter rivalry
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between the new york giants and washington. another big time match-up in prime time. thursday night football on nfl network and cbs and, of course, a number of s.e.c. players sprinkled throughout the league, but in this game you will see mr. manning from ole miss, mr. randle from l.s.u., ryan clark and perry riley jr. representing the tigers. blake sims through for the day, second highest total, 40 yards from breaking the record. we're going to have jacob coker on. do you agree with the switch? >> gary: absolutely. alabama is trying to win a championship. you've got to get your back-up quarterback ready. they don't worry about those type of records. a yard or five yards, yes. you need to get this guy ready in case something happens down the line. >> verne: up the middle. derrick henry. he's had quite a day. >> gary: excuse me, verne, as you said earlier, jake hasn't played in four years. he needs to get out, even the mechanics of calling the place, the signals, being on the field,
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i think they should dial up a couple of passes to tell you the truth. if i was lane kiffin i would be coaching coker like pretend this is real. pretend we want to bleed the clock and get down there for a last score to take time from the game. >> verne: i was handed the total yards for alabama. >> gary: i know it's over 600. >> verne: wow. oh, my. ouch. >> gary: that's gorman. gorman comes up and plays football. i'll give it to him. you know that guy is going forward. >> verne: first down and 10.
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the captioning on this program is provided as an independent service of captionmax, which is solely responsible for the accurate and complete transcription of program content. cbs, its parent and affiliated companies, and their respective agents and divisions, are not responsible for the accuracy, or completeness of any transcription, or for any errors in transcription. closed captioning provided by cbs sports division closed captioning provided by cbs sports division >> gary: he says, "mr. danielson, i know you have a formula how to beat alabama. how is the formula going? i go, "the turnovers might not work as far as the formula."
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>> verne: goodness. >> referee: offside, number 55, defense. into the neutral zone causing an offensive player to false start. five-yard penalty. remains second down. >> verne: about 3 1/2 hours ago we started talking about these teams searching for an identity. i think florida is still searching. >> gary: the offense did not show up enough. coming into the game kurt roper believed he could put 350 yards on this football team. i think will muschamp and d.j. durkin, the defensive coordinator felt they could slow the passing game down with the skill they had in their young secondary and it didn't happen. even with all the turnovers, it just didn't happen. >> verne: kenyan drake will get the handoff. fowler leads him around the left side. gets a downfield block from fowler. >> gary: i have been a big kenyan drake fan since i saw him as a scout-team runner.
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he caught my eye as a true freshman. when he was being redshirted. i thought, "who is that fast guy?" the starters said "you don't want to tackle that guy. he is fast." i called down to the truck to get a shot of kirby smart. we usually do that. >> verne: we always do that. >> gary: you never know if he's there. >> verne: it's like "where's waldo?" he's usually a big part of our -- >> gary: there is kirby. he's still there. he's not going to be unhappy with this defense, 175 yards against an s.e.c. team. >> verne: here is the last play. >> gary: he's still fighting for
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yards. >> referee: after the play, personal foul, defense, late hit. >> verne: he was out of bounds. >> gary: the guys don't know he's out of bounds. i get it. you've got to protect the player. but the player could have gone out of bounds either. i thought the defensive players thought he was still in. he spins and then they get him. dangerous on the sidelines. it is. i get it. it's the right call. i don't want to say it was a dumb call by florida either. dumb play by florida. they're playing hard right to the end of the game. >> verne: ts mccalister. austin shepherd did not get his man blocked.
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>> gary: jalen tabor, another guy that's hurt that the florida faithful are raving about that have watched these people practice. >> verne: five minutes to go. 42-21. second and goal. derrick henry. third and goal. >> gary: the student section are afraid to leave because there is a lot of security going here. if they catch anybody leaving early, they might not be able to -- there is not one student that has left early. >> verne: you're right. he called them out a few years ago. >> gary: the section is totally
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full. >> verne: leon orr, starting defensive tackle for florida. they're all standing. not all of them but most of them. >> gary: they're full all the way to the top still. >> gary: i know the score is out of whack, and remember, that is one of his guys, will muschamp over there, he says "don't take it personally. i've got to get my team ready." let jacob coker throw to get the experience of throwing. >> verne: one of the things nick saban taught him, "it's never personal, and you play to the end." we'll see what alabama has in mind with third and goal. ryan kelly. center. nice moment in pregame.
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as nick saban and will muschamp -- again the background goes back to nick saban hiring will as his linebacker coach at l.s.u., then he became the defensive coordinator, together on that staff they won a national championship in 2003. later went to the miami dolphins. will was there for one year. then left the nfl and went to texas. there is will on the far left and nick saban in the middle. >> gary: that might be jimbo fisher right under will muschamp. >> verne: you're right, yeah. whatever happened to him? >> gary: big one tonight. >> verne: against clemson. florida state head coach. they will run it, and not very far. it will be fourth and
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>> verne: that is the most allowed in school history. >> gary: it was interesting. there was a lot of talk. talk about florida going fast football against alabama. they've only run 50 plays in this game. 84 by alabama. 50 for florida. >> verne: let's see if they keep it conservative. i would expect they will. hand off. henry will be brought down. the ball will go over on downs. i'm just wondering. against how many other schools would say to pull the plug. a lot? something to ponner. >> verne: something to ponder. i never thought i would leave you speechless.
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(nervous) (screaming) "never again grace elizabeth" life insurance from new york life can help your family keep good going. >> verne: it's time for the play of the game presented by napa auto parts. back to shortly after 2:30 central time and the first alabama play of the game. blake sims giving you an idea of
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what was going to happen for the rest of the day. goes deep. tough coverage by florida, ask kenyan drake goes untouched 87 yards for the opening touchdown. it's worth another look. let's listen to eli gold. >> tight end in motion to the left. sims to throw. with protection. wide open. right side want. it is caught by alabama, kenyan drake at the 40. he beats everybody. down the right sideline. he's going to go 87 yards. touchdown, alabama, on the first offensive snap for the clemson tide today. 6-0 to the good guys. >> verne: we're not allowed to do that, just so you know. eli gold is one of our great friends in radio and it's always a pleasure to see him when we come to tuscaloosa or get the crimson tide on the road.
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>> gary: and i hear an interesting thing for florida too. do you give some snaps to the back-up quarterback treon harris? if something happens in a big game, even for a series, treon harris threw two passes in the michigan game both for touchdowns. >> verne: a reminder. stay tuned for "the dodge post-game show" coming up on cbs sports. back to our studio with adam and the guys. sounds like a rock group. 2:23 to go. driskel fires it short. matt brown. no carries. he does have the catch. tackle made by ruben foster,
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number 10. catch made by mack brown. >> gary: they're going to get a bye and then it's going to get really interesting for florida. nice throw. >> verne: nice hit. landon collins. the player is down. >> gary: i think landon collins is the next great player, safety that's going to get drafted real high. showed you the one-hand tackle. coming from the -- playing near the line of scrimmage. one in the secondary there. five-star -- probably half the team is five-star recruits, silly to talk about it. >> verne: latroy pittman hit boy collins. driskel. slips that tackle. >> gary: don't like this, if i'm
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florida, i don't want to look at back-up quarterback treon harris, true freshman out of miami, and there he goes limping off a little bit. took a hard hit there. very important football player for you if you're will muschamp. he's learned firsthand, brantley went down. easily -- >> verne: yeah. punting situation. kyle christy. >> gary: what a punt. >> verne: isn't he something? >> gary: turned over beautifully. >> verne: he was a ray guy specialist in 2012 and then had an off-season last year, averaged 39.6 and he actually lost his job to johnny townsend. a 66-yard punt for christy. alabama. they're going to win this one to go 4-0, open next week and then at ole miss.
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>> gary: two different type of teams back-to-back on the road. ole miss with bo wallace coming on, completing 75% of his passes. four big wideouts. ole miss, hugh freeze has been waiting for this game. this is the one they want to win at home. having alabama go on the road for the first time. >> verne: alec morris is on. he will hand it off at quarterback. tyler jones, number 20. a little friendly pat. a moment ago, blake waited patiently. won the battle in the scrimmage one week before the season opener. today 23 of 33 for 445, he had 300 something at halftime. >> gary: again, take out the big
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plays. he still did great without that. our conference has gone through a transition. you lose mccarron, murray, mettenberger, connor shaw, johnny manziel -- the whole -- and now the young guys. kenny hill, who last week we saw two of them. now blake sims picks it up from there. >> verne: brilliant performance by sims. congratulatory pats from nick saban and will muschamp. 42-21. the stars of the day, amari cooper, 10 catches, 201, and blake sims who threw for 445. for gary danielson and allie laforce, i'm verne lundquist saying so long from tuscaloosa. 42-21 crimson tide win it.
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coming up tonight, "ncis" and the other regular programming. "the dodge post-game show" is up next after these messages and a word from your local station.
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>> cbs sports presents "the dodge post-game show." >> adam: welcome to "the dodge
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post-game show." i'm adam zucker. tonight on cbs begins with "ncis" and "ncis: los angeles" followed by "48 hours" coming up tonight, only cbs. in the game you just saw, alabama running past florida 42-21, a game that had been tied at 21-21 at one point then bama shook off the turnovers. blake sims to amari cooper. how about it? >> spencer: we knew he was exciting coming in, amari cooper one of the most explosive wide receivers in college football but today the numbers bear witness to that. six straight games, 120-plus yards or more through the air receiving. he is an elite player. to me, the defining moment of this game, first of all, both elite players on the field for florida and alabama, but the defining play at about 21 seconds left in the third quarter and when hargreaves went up with amari cooper, cooper comes down with it, put them up 35-21. to me, that said, we are a little better than you." >> brian: we've learned florida has a ways to go.
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last week trucked through the air by kentucky, history made today -- the most yards ever put on a florida defense and will muschamp can't be happy about that. we also learned that turnover margin doesn't matter to alabama. alabama is back. they turned three florida turnovers into 14 points. florida turns four alabama turnovers into 21 points and still lose by 21, it had have been by 28. >> adam: giving up all those yards, 445 passing yards by blake sims. the most by an alabama quarterback in a game since 1969 and he missed part of the game too. let's get you caught up on what else is going on. s.e.c. west action. mississippi state trying to end a 14-game losing streak to l.s.u. in baton rouge. they've gotten on the board first. dak prescott perfect so far, louisiana native four of four in the early going there. arkansas after running all over texas tech last week trying to do it over northern illinois
7:27 pm
with -- the early 7-0 lead at home. from action earlier, b.j., texas a&m can score. >> brian: he can score a bit and a lot. kenny hill coming into the game no interceptions. he finds the right colored jerseys. jeremy tabuyo. >> adam: first game after june jones resigned for personal reasons. >> spencer: mckenzie on the punt, put georgia up 31-0. they get into the heart of the s.e.c. schedule, tennessee, vandy, missouri, arkansas, close it out with florida and auburn at the end of the year. >> adam: they lost keying marshall. left knee injury, hit in the same knee that had surgery last year. michel three touchdowns. they get set for the vols next
7:28 pm
week. b.j., defending s.e.c. west champs. >> brian: maty mak. they added a field goal. missouri up three. >> adam: driving in missouri territory, hoosiers have lost 18 straight against ranked opponents. might end that here. michigan state. their first game since that trip to eugene, spencer. >> spencer: williams doing the job. sparty doing it here. the handoff. 80 yards for the touchdown put them up 73-14 michigan state at that point, 103 yards, three touchdowns for williams. >> adam: last time they met they were losing 7-3 at halftime. they cruise here. rob bolden with a tough tay against the spartans. a modern-day big ten record for wisconsin. a bill bugk -- big bulk of that
7:29 pm
melvin gordon, 253 yards and five touchdowns. >> spencer: taysom hill, 15 yards for the touchdown put them up 20-16, b.y.u. trying to get off to their first 4-0 start since 2008. >> brian: strong. >> adam: virginia almost gets it done in utah. did not happen. j.b., we heard bht amari cooper heisman campaign. >> brian: ♪ east caroline. ♪ carden's fourth t.d. pass of the game. >> spencer: carden needs to be in the heisman talk. >> adam: six total touchdowns going for their fourth straight over an a.c.c. team. coming up, it's been 20 years since duke started 4-0. find out how the blue devils stayed perfect.
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