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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  September 22, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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tragic new developments overnight in this bus crash in delaware. a second passenger dice after the bus rolled over on the highway. we're live at the hospital, as investigators try to figure out exactly what caused that tour bus crash. >> good morning, everyone, also, say good-bye to summer. fall arrives in just few hours, if i remember correctly, katie, it is 10:29. so how is the weather shaping up for the changing of the seasons? let's check in with traffic and weather together. was i right, katy? >> i have got to give you credit. you guys really pay attention, so impressed by that. i mean, we're not specific or anything about this. 10:29 p.m. on the button, when fall officially begins tonight. actually talking about the equinox, what that means, why we see the change until the season in the first place, but more importantly, for now, actually feels like fall. we will talk about why in the next couple of minutes for
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you. tory? >> thank you, katie. good morning, everyone, if you are traveling on the ben franklin bridge it, does seem to be that we had that construction out there, compromising right-hand lane. few of the activity -- few folks are trying to maneuver through the activity, but not seeing too many delays as of yet. volume not so much of a problem. so, the best thing to do right now, just plan ahead for that rush. because when the sun comes up, the rush comes in. so stay with us. ukee, err dismay. >> torrey, thank you. back to the developing story right now, second person has died, from injuries, in a bus crash in northern delaware. >> now the investigation begins into how it all happened. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now from christianna hospital in newark, jan? >> reporter: ukee, erika, the details are still developing, in this case, police still investigating. >> dozen of people remain in the hospital, another woman dying overnight, bringing total toll two fatalities in this terrible bus crash. but we are learning more information about this bus, early this morning, we've now
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learned that it was cents a sightseeing tour. that left from new york city on friday, and was returning from washington, d.c. yesterday in the afternoon, this is where it happened, right around 4:30 in the afternoon, route one off ramp to us13 in new castle. police say the 56 year old bus driver, from flushing new york, was driving around the curve of the ramp when the bus left the road, overturned on to the roof. bus then continued to slide on the roof, down the embankment, until it finally fell to rest on its side. police say the bus driver was properly restrained, and only suffered minor injuries. but there were 49 passengers aboard this tour bus, as well. fifty-four year old woman, from new york city, chen, pinned under the bus and died on the scene, 30 year old woman from istanbul, turkey, transport today christianna hospital where she later died. the others were transported to local hospitals. police say, up to five were transported in critical condition, and we're told there were at least two children, on board, as well.
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first responders encountered terrible scene, with those in need scattered throughout the crash scene. "eyewitness news" was able to speak with good samaritan who saw the crash and pulled over to help. wounds almost like from a war zone, missing pieces from arms and head, and no one without blood on them on the scene except for me. >> reporter: meanwhile police say this bus was owned by usam church in new york sit. meanwhile as far as charges go, police say charges are pending, for the outcome of this investigation. reporting live outside of christianna hospital, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". thank you, jan. 5:33, here is your traffic and weather together. katy? >> good morning, everybody. well, today will be transition day for us essentially, yesterday got nice and warm in the afternoon, and we
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certainly heated up down in south philly at the lincment am i right? my goodness. but that said, the heat is gone. actually we'll see the temperatures start to take serious hit in the wake of frontal boundery, also, i mean, coincides well with the fact we're wrapping up the season of summer here officially, later tonight the equinox takes place, we turn the page on the fall season. so storm scan3, it is cents still quiet, right now, but, you know, if you were up late at night, you probably, if you were checking perhaps cbs philly weather app, you saw wet weather moving, in just couple of damp roads left behind from. that will but frontal boundery really help a nice large dome of high pressure settle in. for the most part this week will feature sunshine, now that said, mid week i think we start to seymour clouds, potential for wet weather, we're in the clear for the next few days. we stands 70 in wildwood, 56 here at philadelphia international. and little bit further north and west, as is typical, seeing the temperatures drop off little bit more readily. but it is not terribly chilly yet. because that, again, sort of
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delayed reaction, hasn't quite happened yet. so, with that said, we hit 73 degrees, just after midnight, and i don't think we'll have a chance to quite reach that again. so what you basically say is that we've already hit daytime high. even though still going to get you into the lower 70s by the tame end of the afternoon here, expect more sunshine, expect a breeze to start to kick in here, but also, expect that it will be a nice day. it just feels different. yesterday, you probably didn't need anything more than shorts and t-shirt. today, you may want to think about putting on the extra layer. and, this is the time of year where you can get a loft evan flow on the thermometer, certainly we've seen that here today, but we are going to actually warm things one time, as the week progresses, for now looks like nice quai he will all be it kind of breezy fall day. vittoria, over to you. >> thank you, katie. good morning, everyone, easy breezy on the roads, as well, let's get you right outside. take a look of the traveling anywhere, not seeing too much after problem. here is a look at the ben franklin bridge, do have construction, compromises right-hand lane.
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tends to holds us back during the rush hour commute. but ultimately speaking right now not causing too much after problem at all. it doesn't matter if you are headed westbound or eastbound on the ben franklin bridge, it is beautiful, all of the bridges look great. the walt, the betsy, the commodore barry, no major delays, same thing traveling on the majors, this is 476 right around the schuylkill expressway. no delays on the blue route. not only around the schuylkill but around 95, mid-county toll plaza, folks flying, as you can notice, even under 476 on the schuylkill itself. and it is because all of the speed censors, are in the 50's, 55 on 95, 50 on the schuylkill, same thing traveling on 476. pa turnpike, 202, 422, all moving really really well. we do have overnight construction southbound side of the northeast extension between the lehigh valley and quakertown, so watch out for the guys and gals in the hard hats. be minds you will full of that. traveling on the 42, 55, 295, in the green. and same thing goes for mass transit. whether you are headed septa, new jersey transit or dart. soap, great way to start your morning. let's head back to the desk. >> torrey, thank you. police in newark, delaware,
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looking foreman accused of starting to apartment fires. >> while they were investigating that fire, we're told, similar fire broke out at nearby apartment. no one was hurt, in either blaze. your time now 5:37. business news, this morning, how you could soon be beamed up on vacation. >> the latest from general mother motors, jill wagner joins us from the new york torque stock exchange with details on. that will good morning. >> good morning, ukee, erika, the dow will open today in record territory, on friday, climbed almost 14 points, the nasdaq, though, dropped about 14. another gm recall, this time the automakers recalling more than 220,000, 2013 to 2015 cadillac xts and chevy i am pal agm says the problem
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with the brakes to cause a fire, in case your a keeping score, gm has had more than 50 recalls, this year, so far. some help for no, ma'am depo shoppers, supply had their credit and debit information stolen in the massive data breach. home improvement retailers stays will offer 12 months of free identity protection service that is includes credit monitoring, to anyone who used the payment cards at a home depo store between april and september of this year. and, don't have the time or money for a vacation? marriott is giving people the chance to tell he port themselves somewhere else, like the beaches hawaii, or downtown london. you can step into the tell he port machine, and virtual reality technology will let you see, hear, and feel what it is like to be in destinations cents a cents cross the globe. marriott is rolling out that tell he porter in eight cities, starting in new york. ukee, erika? >> but don't have the -- (laughing). >> thanks, jill.
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never do this again, we promise. >> we promise. >> trust me, whenever i do that report. >> right now 5:39. and the man who allegedly jumped a security fence at the white house friday evening is due in court this afternoon. officials say he made it inside the front doors before agents stop him. as andrew spencer reports, the secret service is making changes to keep this from happening again. >> president obama and his daughters had just left, and four minutes later on the other side of the builds ago man jumped the fence, running across the north lawn, into the president's home. >> i was stunned. i've never heard of such a thing. you know, i've been there for hundreds of fence jumpers, and they never make it even close. >> secret service says 42 year old omar gonzalez was stopped just inside the north doors. his former stepson describes him as great guy, whose mental state seemed to deteriorate after each of his three tours in iraq. it is not clear yet why the
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secret service wasn't able to stop him sooner. >> we have dogs. there is multiple layers of security. there was a failure here. >> the secret service is stepping up patrols, and surveillance after friday security breach, which forced agents to evacuate the white house. >> they're going to have to do something with the fence, even if it is something as simple as curve the bars over toward the street side, the pennsylvania avenue side, which would make it harder to scale. right now, they don't have time. you scale the fence, you're almost right at the door. >> according to a statement from the president's office, the secret service is also conducting thorough review of friday's security breach. andrew spencer, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". police and military officials are searching for three afghan military officers who vanished during a training exercise in massachusetts. the soldiers arrived at camp edward in cape cod on september 11. they were last seen saturday at the cape cod mall in hyannis, military says no indication they pose any
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threat to the public. well it, has happened again. more celebrities exposed by hackers. >> we have the word on the latest a-list stars to have their private pictures made public. also, new mission to mars, what nasa hopes to learn as another spacecraft arrives at the red planet. >> and, come on down. the big change in store for the new season of the price is right, and how you can compete on the show. we'll tell you, coming up. katy? >> and we are looking at the final hours of daylight before we officially turn the page on summer. and start the new season. so, actually we're talking about the autumnal equinox, it happens tonight. we'll talk about why it happens, why what does it all mean, why do we have seasons? all of this on the other side. stick around.
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>> second woman has died from injuries she suffered in yesterday's bus crash in new castle county. at least 49 people were taken to hospitals with injuries. also, police have released images of ak47, and other paraphernalia they say was left behind by eric frein. the manhunt continues, for frein, as survival list specialists in the deadly ambush, at a pennsylvania state police barracks over the weekend. this happened over a week ago. pocono mountain schools are closed again today, for safety reasons. nurses are on the picket line today, at crozer-chester medical sentiment they've been without a contract since june. they'll return to the bargaining table tomorrow.
5:44 am
right now, 5:43, and katie, i'm telling you, wake up, and it feels casino of fall. >> i absolutely does, this is the time of year you start to see the evan flow take place, and just because, according to the calendar, we are turning the page on summer and starting the news season of autumn here at 10:29 p.m. tonight. it is starting to see the changes taking places as early as septa loft times. but we can officially say, fall is here as of tonight, at 10:29 p.m. yes, man has been listening now, because i've been talking about this for long time. what actually happens with equinox? vicinal. because the earth is tilted on its axis, the sun is going to hit a different part of the earth, so the equinox, sun rays most direct over the equator. when they start to climb closer to the tropic of cancer, you have the summer solstice. when they get closer to the tropic of capricorn, as they
5:45 am
will around december 21, then you have the winter solsus. really the only thing going on here. but it also has cents a huge impact on our weather, on seasons, in fact, the fact that we're on tilted axis is the only reason that we actually have seasons. if we continue to see the sun over the equator all the time, would you have 12 hours every daylight every day, you wouldn't have any seasonal changes, and i would be out after job. let's look at storm scan3, we continue to track the retreat of area of low pressure, really just saw the front at boundery roll through with this, skies continue to clear right now, pretty much across the board at this point. so temperatures will eventually start to take a little bit after hit here. but, you know what? this is a good day, despite bit after breeze, a little bit cooler outside, i'll give that you, but still going to expect full sunshine, just feeling a bit more like fall, and now it is at the point where the kids probably want to take an extra layer specially waiting outside for school bus, for extended periods of time of any kind. meanwhile, we look forward in the forecast tomorrow, really looks like the coolest day of the pack, we welcome rash
5:46 am
hashana wednesday tore few days beyond then starting to warm things up. really at this point i would say wednesday, thursday, are the oddballs out. almost every day of this forecast looks beautiful, but more clouds build in on wednesday, we do have chance for some rain on thursday. vittoria, over to you. >> thank you, katie cents good morning, everyone, if you are traveling right now on 476, the schuylkill expressway, 95, i think i'm getting ahead of myself but overall it is great. traveling 476 this shot around the area of mid-county toll plaza, whether going to and from 95 or the schuylkill or maybe making your way toward the pa turnpike or the northeast extension, things are just beautiful this morning. nothing real toy talk about, as we approach 6:00 a.m. traveling on 309, this is a look right around the pa turnpike, as you will notice, still pretty sleepy out there. all of the speed censors still indicate ago lot of great news. forty-eight your average on the schuylkill, 50 on 95, 55 traveling on 476, and really take this in, again, just a lot of green. if you are traveling however, this is in chester county, weaver an accident here, right around west goshen, an accident at market street at
5:47 am
westtown road. so if you can avoid that intersection, i would definitely advise. that will traveling in delaware, no delays on 95, 495, even the delaware memorial bridge, looking good, there and mass transit just as nice. everything running on time for septa, new jersey and dart. but don't forget. when you are on the road you can always get updated traffic information about backups in your area with the new your drive app. you can download that app for the iphone and android by going to drive. >> hacking scandal, several new victims. >> stars like rihanna, kim cards ash yan, hit the internet. images post today social media sites like red it before deleted by site administrators. the scandal began earlier this month, when photos of other a listers like jennifer laurence were posted. it is believed those pictures were stolen from i cloud accounts. the words is split this morning, honey boo-boo's
5:48 am
parents are calling it quits. mama june and sugar bear, whose real names are june shannon and mike thompson, have revealed they're separating. mama june and sugar bear were never officially married but the stars of the hit reality show here comes honey boo-boo exchanged vows in a commitment ceremony in may. well, premiere week here on cbs-3, prime time about to get a lot smarter. >> tonight at 9:00 group of nerd i masterminds come together in scorpian. >> prog i can i, human calculator, brilliant minds, work at half capacity. >> newest drama introduces gang of geniuses who combine their specific skills to help fight crime while bending the rules to benefit themselves financially. the brilliant misfits get recruited by the f.b.i. to help them solve mind-boggling cases that the government just can't seem to figure out. scorpian is inspired by true story of walter o'brien.
5:49 am
>> scorpian is a team of four of the smartest people in the world solving the most crazy crimes going on today. >> now tonight's premiere episode was directed by fast and furious director justin lynn. so get ready to see comings. score yan airs tonight at 9:00 right here on cbs-3. i'm so looking forward to that show. >> oh, no kidding. great premise. also today the price is right kicks off its 43rd season, right here on cbs-3. host drew carry's back on the longest running game show in it. v history. now, today they're going to unveil an updated version of the game time is mine. it is the first this has happened in a decade. you can catch the price is right at 11:00 this morning right here on cbs-3 followed by talk philly. this is neat. you have chance to come on down, and be the next contestant on the price is right. first, you got to come on down to see the price is right
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contestant search this friday between noon and 3:00 at the sugarhouse casino. two win letters fly to los angeles for taping that far show, and one of them is guaranteed a spot on contestants row. we have all of the details for you on that would be so much fun. >> can i get a game of planco please. i just want to give them a planco. >> planningco or nothing. >> put it this that one. love it. nfl team pulls off dramatic over -- >> just moments after the victory, if i, what's coming up on cbs-3.
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i've lived hewith my mother, forty--four who is ninety--nine. people who do not live in delaware county need to know that tom mcgarrigle raised our taxes five times. five times in seven years. meanwhile tom mcgarrigle gave a million dollar subsidy to an energy company.
5:52 am
tom mcgarrigle is not looking out for regular families or seniors at all. we need john kane in the senate. he gets regular families. >> ten months, 442 million miles later, nasa
5:53 am
made in spacecraft successfully enters mars orbit. >> congratulations cents. >> fantastic. >> oh, a lot of excitement there. this 671 million-dollar project is the first dedicated to studying the red planet's upper atmosphere. maven will spend a year orbiting mars, studying its effect on climate change. the spacecraft will also have the rare chance to study a comet during a close fly by next month. well, ten months, waiting a while for this one, great to see. 5:53, your traffic and weather together. katie, good morning. >> fascinating stuff. good morning, everybody, storm scan3, nice wide zoom. showing we have nice giant dome of high pressure starting to build n see the retreat right here, if you look real closely, sort of fall the thin vale of clouds, here, that's your cold front pulling away. again, high pressure taking its place, so even though the winds are still predominantly westerly, little bit every breeze is kicking up. these arrows will start shift ago bit more northwesterly as the day goes on, starts to
5:54 am
feel little cooler to you, bit more crisp, but still pretty nice day out there. tomorrow, officially the first full day of fall. and it looks like real nice one. torrey, over to you. >> thanks, katie. i love that word crisp. something about it, right? good morning, everyone, if you are headed out and about right now, no majors problem on the road. getting you outside. first at the schuylkill expressway there is shot here around spring garden indicating it does seem to be we have few vehicles on the road, but no major volume. we do, however, have a note it starts today, 76 westbound, the spring garden onramp will be closed until november. so your best alternates are either girard or kelly drive. as of right now locks great. good morning, we'll be
5:55 am
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>> over time thriller, superbowl rematch yesterday. >> seahawks were all winners but for one player it was extra special, than is judge. i want to show you defensive back desean proposing to his girlfriend after the game on the seahawks logo at mid
5:57 am
fields. of course you can see from the hug she said yes. signed with the seahawks back in 2012. our big congratulations to them, how exciting. >> at mid field. >> apparently on the jumbo tron, too. got a little something extra. >> great game. too. coming up in the next hour, we have new developments overnight in the deadly tour bus crash in delaware. our jan carabeo is live with the very latest. >> and, peanut allergies extremely common. now researchers may have discovered what triggers them. we'll have the details ahead in the health watch. back at the top of the hour. good morning, family, see you
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good morning, thanks for joing us, developing right now, the national transportation safety board is investigating a tour bus crash
6:00 am
in new castle county that's now claimed two lives. >> it happened yesterday afternoon, on the route one off ramp headed toward route 13 north, in now castle. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now, at christianna hospital in newark with the latest information. january? erika, ukee, we've now learned, that overnight, a second woman has died, meaning two women have lost their lives, because of this bus crash, and dozens of others remain in the hospital this morning. this, as police continue to investigate and try to find out some answers to questions, how did this happen, and could this have been prevented. a terrible scene on the side of the road in new castle, delaware. crushed metal, shattered glass, passengers clothes covering windows, a scene no one was prepared to experience. >> everyone in so much pain, just calling out for their loved ones, and, a lot of them, so frantic. >> elvis cruz drove past the crash, just aer