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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 25, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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development, knott's employer abington health announced they have terminated her after photos of patient x-rays were discovered on her twitter page. all these new developments come as city leaders introduce new hate crime legislation. our pat ciarrocchi is in love park with that, pat. >> reporter: well, chris, rallying cry today was about justice and humanity and love, and the call that sexual orientation must be part of any hate crimes law. the the words of love park, were unflinching. >> no one should live in fear. >> a crime against anyone we believe is a crime against all of us. >> that is one of us. >> that is all of us. that is all of us. >> that bears example to why we are standing here today. >> reporter: hundreds came to rally in support of two gay men attack, allegedly amid a volley of gay slurs, three people are now charged. but that attack on september the the 11th revealed that the gap in a hate crimes law, in
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pennsylvania, and in philadelphia. that hasn't included sexual orientation. karen, a friend of the victim has led the charge to change. >> you should never get hurt for who you are and absolutely should cover sexual orientation. >> reporter: peter haines came to the will rally and agreed. >> i have been out since i was 18. i have had hello phobic slurs thrown at me all my life and i have never been a victim of violence, fortunately but i know what hate looks like. >> reporter: at ledge perpetrators are all in their early 20's. council woman reynold-brown who introduced legislation to close the philadelphia gap find that particularly disturbing. >> sometimes we have to teach by example, sometimes teach by penalty. >> reporter: her proposed penalty 90 days imprisonment and $2,000 fine. jim kenny is the the co sponsor. >> basic thought fist you see two men or women holding hands and you don't like it, tough. >> the victims are recovering
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at home, they are recovering from their adjustor and through their friend, karen, they said this to the crowd, we are two every day guys who love each other, and that should not be a big deal. reporting live from love park, pat ciarrocchi, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> pat, thank you. tonight a coastal storm is moving out but in the before drenching cities from the shore to the suburbs this was the the scene this morning down the shore in atlantic city. heavy rains flooded the streets there and waves crashed over walls. but it wasn't just the rain, you probably felt that those whipping wind made it tough to walk with umbrellas out the there today. meteorologist kathy orr joins us now to let us know when we will dry out, kathy. >> it will be a slow process, guess contact our storm system is slowly pulling away dragging the bulk of the moisture to the north and east. you can see ate long long island and new england. for us a few scattered showers will linger, low clouds and fog. i will see spotty showers right now. most consistent rain you can
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see is a line from cape may county, all the way across the bay and just to the south of milford, delaware into sussex county this will be dissipating as well during the evening hours. but, drizzle will remain, some of the higher amounts of rain through delaware and also south jersey over two and a half inches in ellendale in sussex county, delaware. georgetown delaware over 2 inches. cape may courthouse the same. estelle manor new jersey, 2 inches and clayton a inch and a half of rain. those higher amounts down the the shore. temperatures pretty cool right now. they have not change much in the past 12 to 24 hours, and philadelphia is 63. and wilmington is 64. reading is 64. average high is 75. by tomorrow, we will try to get there. currently the wind are a little bit lighter to the north and west away from our storm but from philadelphia south and east generally that northerly wind component at about ten to 15 miles an hour, so that raw, coolness will be with us this evening. the here's what is next for the evening, drizzle, patchy fog lingering in the evening
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hours, those northeasterly winds persist and temperatures will be cooling back down into the 50's. but there is, some sunny news on the horizon, the sun will return, and summer will as well, for a brief visit. before some dreary days appear in that seven day forecast. all of the details coming up later in the broadcast with your seven day. for now chris, back to you. >> kathy, thanks very much. developing news right the now septa is stepping up patrolses tonight despite u.s. intelligence officials saying they see no indication that isis is planning an attack on subways. concern though did rise today when iraq's prime minister says that his country's intelligence operation had uncovered a plot for an attack on subway systems in the u.s. and france. when asked if an attack was imminent the prime minister said he was not sure but that the attack has not been thwarted. "cbs evening news" with scott pelley will have much more on this story immediately following, "eyewitness news" at 6:00.
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person caught on camera robbing a doughnut shop in center city is on the loose tonight. this robbery happen sunday morning at eighth and chestnut. police say this suspect had a hypodermic needle and threatened to stab an employee if she did not open up the cash register. after a brief struggle the suspect opened up and took off with an undisclosed amount of cash. nobody was injured. a new report blames the city of philadelphia for failing to heed warnings before last years fatal market street building collapse. the independent advisory commission says that the city must change how it handles building safety, "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter sat down with the man who headed that investigation and walt joins us now live. >> reporter: jessica, 15 months after the deadly collapse behind me this report, a 90 page report makes it crystal clear that there were warnings, that this site was dangerous, before six people died, and 14 were injured, but the report says that the city's licenses and
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inspections department, ignored, those orders and the collapse, came with deadly results. now with this report issued officials are calling for nothing less, then the the total dismantling of the cities licenses and inspections department as we have noted for decades. the demolition site collapse that killed six and injury 14, was a symptom of larger, long standing problems in the cities department of licenses and inspections. a card to go a report by the mayor's special independent advisory commission. >> the city's regulatory controls in place at the time were inadequate and there was a lack of effective action, on the part of the l and i personnel. >> reporter: commission executive director peter va ira in his only one on one tv interview quoted the report which found l and i, agency responsible foreign suring safety, ignore warnings about
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dangerous conditions. >> the city did not respond to several warnings that the demolition was a dangerous operation and could lead to dire consequences. >> there were clearly some failures in a variety of systems and actions on that particular day and the the days leading up to that tragic day. >> reporter: mayor michael nutter says the city takes the commission's 36 recommendations, which include splitting l and i into two separate department very seriously. >> we're talking about public safety and saving peoples lives and helping to prevent tragedies. >> reporter: the 90 page report begins with the quote from the mother of ann brian who died in the collapse, her mother, city treasurer nancy winning letter and her family credited with pushing relentlessly for the creation of the commission, and for l and i reforms. >> i think that she was the driving force. she caused it to happen.
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>> reporter: now, in an e mailed response to this report, the winkler's say in part they hope the proposed reforms will prevent tragedies such as those that took the life of our daughter, ann. meanwhile mayor nutter has taken immediate action and shifted overall control of the l and i to be under the deputy mayor of public safety everette gillis on and appointed a committee to look into implementing the 36 recommendationness this report, however, that will take political wheel power across the board and money, all of questions to be answered in the future. finally, two people, the contractor here, and a crane operator, have been criminally charged with murder and are awaiting trial and we in the city, all have of us air waiting the results still of a grand jury investigation. live at 22nd and market street i'm walt hunter, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> all right walt, thanks very much. two former philadelphia school district principals are under arrest tonight they have
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been charged with cheating. barbara mccreary and arthur melt the on were taken in custody this morning. authorities alleged both change answers on standardized tests nerd to boost scores. mccreary is former principal of the now closed communications technology high, and melton is former principal of the now closed bok high school. well, latest on a labor dispute pitting union nurses and crozer-chester hospital in delaware count a begins one another. >> ♪ >> "eyewitness news" outside the hospital today as union nurses, gathered for a rally. earlier this week the hospital management reject a one year proposal from the union that did include a wage freeze. nurses walk off the job on sunday, the hospital hired temporary nurses, guarantying them five days of work. well, the first semester of college can certainly be an exciting time. >> it can be a dangerous time for students, coming up how a local university is working to
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get students the help that they need in order to avoid tragedy. plus a good samaritan is now being hailed as a heroin, we will tell you how they are quick thinking is being credited with saving a man's life. kathy? our storm moves away, we are about to warm up across the the delaware valley, it will be feeling like summer. we will trade sweaters in for shorts and t's get ready for this weekend weather, hey beasley. if a 13 year-old tells friend the baseball hall of fame want their jersey the response is yeah right unless your name is mo'ne. another tough test for the eagles banged up offensive line we will preview the trip to san francisco coming up in sports.
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tonight after thursday night football do you know day of the week your stores mark down prices? three on your side does. we can help you fine great deals on clothes, electronics and much more. our jim donovan did the digging and found the savings for you so don't miss day of the week deals, tonight after thursday night football. well, first few weeks of the fall semester are certainly critical ones on college campus is when schools say they see an increase in alcohol-related problems among their students. in fact just last weekend a rutgers student, died of alcohol poisoning. but temple, believes that
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amnesty can save lives. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry shows us how. >> reporter: semester of college is an exciting time for students, many of them enjoyed the freedom of being at home but a number of alcohol related incident during the first few you weeks ends of the school year is troubling. >> but there are learning environment and test thing their bound drizzle and so we do see some higher risk behaviors when it comes to alcohol and other drug abuse. >> reporter: stephanie ives is dean of the students at temple university. school offers a medical amnesty program for students if they drank too much and too scared to get help for fear of getting in trouble. in the first three weeks of temple, 43 students were taken to the hospital for alcohol consumption. only seven requested amnesty. >> medical amnesty, assures students that there won't be a judicial component, to a student's record if they seek help for over consumption of alcohol. >> reporter: drexel university and u penn have similar
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policies. schools hope to prevent incident like the one in rutgers over the weekend when 19 year-old caitlin covacs died from alcohol poisoning. the last year a villanova student, shown here, died of the same thing just three days into the fall semester. >> we hope that our educational programs, we hope it will help avoid that but there are many factors that influence college drinking, and sometimes there are these terrible tragedies. >> reporter: students we spoke with appreciate the medical amnesty program and they encourage their friend to use it. >> everyone makes mistakes and mistakes are okay. you learn from mistakes. >> always just call and they will get you help. you have to take the consequences later. >> reporter: that includes enrolling in the drug and alcohol program through the school. at temple university, syma chowdhry cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, some much deserved honors for a nurse who saved a life of the radnor school bus driver. >> marry bet was recognized by her employer and critical
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care. she witness that had bus driver fall to the ground so she gave him cpr and shock him with the defribillator. thanks to her heroic actions that driver ace live today. >> it makes you feel great. i'm glad that sam is coming along. i wish him well. i hope his recovery is speedy. >> she received a certificate have of recognition there her employer and flowers from the radnor school district. one of those rainy days out there we hope it didn't slow you down too much. >> but not really enjoyable,. >> no, not exactly. >> rain, wind, a bit of the nuisance. >> yes. >> our first coastal storm of the season didn't wreak havoc across the region but it did slow things down a little bit. tomorrow a much better day. we will be seeing milder temperatures, and a brief piece of summer, making a return. lets take a look outside where we have the clouds hanging around in center city. drizzle. that will continue in the evening hours. down the shore, fog not an issue any longer, we're in
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ocean city cape may county where you can see the waters calm down a little bit as well, wave heights have gone down. on storm scan 3a few scattered showers here and there, all of this will be pushing toward the south and the east and really fade ago way over the next couple of hours. so improving conditions will be moving in. our live neighborhood network takes as you across the region. i looked up the two highest highs and two lowest high temperatures among our 411 live neighborhood network sites and the villas came up number one, cape may county airport 70 degrees today. unbelievable. university of delaware, 69. here are two of the coolest locationness boyer town at the senior high school only 60 today. in hairton high in rosemont 59 degrees your high temperature. right now in philadelphia 63. fifty-nine in the poconos. sixty-two in millville. temperatures are only going to go down from here unfortunately. visibility not much of an issue anywhere in atlantic city now we have 6-mile visibility so improving there
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we are still seeing wind with gusting to 22 in at atlantic city, 26 in rehoboth beach, delaware. elsewhere they have subsided. we will watch our coastal storm system slowly move toward the east, south east as high pressure to the north kind of pushes it to the south but it is still allowing skies to clear by tomorrow morning. during the afternoon and as the the low moves further south and east conditions will be very pleasant with temperatures warming to the 70's for your friday and then high pressure will be moving in, from the great lakes and dominating not just for saturday and sunday but even into monday. so for tonight, lingering drizzle and fog for the next couple of hours, skies will be mostly cloudy but while we're sleeping they will slowly begin to clear, becoming sunny for friday, warmer with a high of 76. tonight we have thursday night football on cbs, kick off in washington at 8:25. new york takes on washington. kick off temperature 60 degrees with cloudy skies. on the exclusive seven day
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forecast, sat the day and sunday, feeling like a reunion of summer with high temperatures in the lower 80's. so those sweaters, the fleece, you have to ditch them for the weekend, bring out summer gear even the flip-flops, monday a beautiful day and then turning dreary for tuesday, wednesday, and thursday with the persistent easterly win. it keeps it cool and cloudy but no storms in that seven day. >> who knew flip-flops would come back. >> yes. >> kathy, thanks. >> you bet. and we knew this would happen, only 6:19 and things are looking rough outside. we have jams all over the place, lot of incidents to talk b our cameras on the ben franklin bridge from the new jersey side from the toll plaza you can see moving really slowly heading westbound in the city, compromising those two right-hand lane for construction slowing things up quite a bit. you can see headlights moving, slowly on 422, just past oaks. westbound towards 29 you can
6:20 pm
see slow go there rest of the majors still slow 95 north bound slow about a 23 minute trip and 19 minutes on 202. heading southbound from the schuylkill into route 30. chris and jessica, back to you. the "cbs evening news" is just a couple minutes away. >> scott pelley joins with us a look ahead, scott. >> iraq's prime minister warns of the terror plot and officials in new york move swiftly to reassure anxious new yorkers. plus, the attorney jennies stepping down, we will have a look at eric holder's record in the obama cabinet and possible successors, tonight on the bs evening
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you don't love the dress? i love my sister. 40 flavors. 100 calories or less. eagles travel to san francisco as than dog to the 49ers and it makes sense their sixth ranked defense verse our offence with only two regular starters on the o line. chip kelly's fame as an
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adjustment guy is greg with the come back victories. now, this time he will to have start adjusting right now. play that is limit the amount have of time patchwork offensive line will have to hold those blocks, here's chip on the san francisco d. >> they create a lot of turnovers, and they do not allow big plays. that has been a hallmark since they have been there. they've got their stodt. >> now tonight right here on cbs-3 thursday night football, nfc east match up between the new york giants and washington redskins, and my exclusive one on one interview with shady mccoy i asked him about the contest. >> the thing about this game a division game, if anybody loses, we're happy out of the two teams. i think that the the redskins might win, i think they are very good good. they are banged up. i will watch it, me and my friend, couple teammates, put my son in there to watch witt
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me. >> giants, washington, our coverage starts at 7:30, kick off around 8:20. another honor for me in a davis, her jersey the one she wore at little league world series when she threw the shut out will hang in cooperstown forever and ever and ever. she was first female pitch tore win in the little league world series contest and now she sits with the baseball immortals. >> gives you a chill good i love that for her,. >> tremendous honor you are saying now she could have an eye toward basketball. >> i saw video of her she made one kid fall. >> on the court. >> allen iverson cross over. >> she has got game. >> she is something else. >> we will be right back. this is the "name your price" tool. it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on our sister station wpsg the cw philly and back here on cbs-3 after the game. "cbs evening news" up next, they are covering a lot tonight an attack, some intelligence out of iraq revealing an isis plot targeting subway systems in the u.s. and paris. what does the u.s. have to say about that. plus a connection between isis and recent war in gaza. the attorney general eric holder announced he will resign in the middle of all of this reporting tonight from the nation's capitol here's
6:30 pm
scott pelley with the "cbs evening n >> pelley: tonight, putting out the fire of fear. >> there is no immediate credible threat to our subway system. >> pelley: officials try to reassure anxious ne new yorkers after iraq's prime minister warns of a terror plot. the attorney general is stepping down. major garrett looks at eric holder's six-year record in the obama administration, and possible successors. a routine traffic stop ends with a state trooper shooting an unarmed driver. >> get out of the car! >> derek jeter! >> hill: >> pelley: and jim axelrod with a final salute to the captain. >> i think for many people, especially people of my generation, he's our hero. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.