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tv   Eyewitness News at 7am  CBS  September 28, 2014 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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septa bus. and as the manhunt for accused cop killer eric frein intensifies, we're hearing from an authorities about more evidence they've uncovered. also, this morning, four people have been shot overnight in kensington, we'll have the details. today is sunday, september 28th, gods morning, everyone, i'm todd quinones. we begin this morning with meteorologist, carol err sunk with a look at the weather. carol, what a day? what a halo that is, be fitting you. >> oh, is it back again? you know, deserved after that weather yesterday and friday. beautiful looking weather coming up. such shine all day today, temperatures will match what we hit yesterday. 84 degrees. such a comfortable 84 degrees though because humidity down, the sun is up, and it is spectacular. i hope you are able to get outside and enjoy anything outside today. just take whatever you normally do inside, take it outside. we've got 78 expected, that's the high temperature, probably, at the shore today
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with ocean water temperature close to 707 degrees, low risk every rip currents, it will be beautiful day at the beaches. and it is really beautiful day in every single location, we've got no problems out there whatsoever. cape may, another sunrise happening there. temperature has climb 1 degrees. now 61 degrees there. storm scan3, nothing going on in our area. keeping the sunshine, and we will hang onto it all day long, just perfect weather. fifty-four up in trenton, 57 in wilmington, 61 degrees in the philadelphia area, love it, love it, love it, and i know you do, too. we have 79 degrees temperature by noon, and 84 by 3:00 p.m. perfect weather, does it stay perfect? we'll check out the forecast coming up. todd? >> carol, thank you. update on breaking news in mt. airy. fire forces dozens out of their homes and sends two people to the hospital. the fire is being called suspicious. syma chowdhry picks up the story live from the scene. syma? >> well, todd, it was a scary moment for residents, this
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morning. if you take a look behind me, you can see balcony doors at this apartment building all open. that's because residents had to go out to their balconies and be rescued after not one but two fires broke out here at the 7400 block of stenton avenue. this happened around 2:30 this morning, at the chestnut terrace apartments, one fire was started, in a hallway on the first floor, the other also in a hallway on the third floor. officials say gasoline was used, beaming this incident suspicious. one person has been taken into custody, and two people were taken to the hospital. one, for second degree burns, the other for smoke inhalation. this is what fire officials to say. >> there were two small fires, one on the first floor, and one on the third floor. and right now, we're questioning is a suspect. >> again, one person is in custody right now, residents had to be evacuated. the red cross was on the scene, assisting.
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right now there are still many residents sitting in their cars, wait to go get an update this much avenue been told in about an hour they could go in and check the damage in their apartment. but they may not be able to stay here tonight. coming up at 7:30, we'll talk to one residents who said some people didn't even leaf their apartment at first because they thought it was cents a false alarm. hear from her coming up. live in mt. airy, syma chowdhry, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". new this morning, quadruple shoot something under investigation in philadelphia's fairhill neighborhood. it happened on the 2800 block of hope street just before 5:00 a.m. investigators tell cbs-3 a group of people got into an argument, and bullets started flying. all four victims were returned to the hospital. no word right now on their conditions at this time. a septa bus crash is under investigation this morning, on friday, a woman was crossing the street with her son in south philadelphia when she was struck and killed. her son survived the crash. "eyewitness news" reporter
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noel mcclaren has the story. >> it didn't really work out for her. so -- >> ronald dejesus says telling his eight year old grandson that his mother couldn't be saved after she was struck by a septa bus, was cents one of the hardest thinks he is' her to do. he visited the spore where his daughter sheena white was struck to pay his respects, and to be with his grandson, who was walking with her, when she was run over and killed. >> to lose a child, man, you know, it is like, you know, you don't want to see your child leave this earth before you. you know, i mean, you want it the other way around. it is just terrible. >> police say the 29 year old mother was crossing washington avenue when her son by her side when she was hit when officers arrived, they say, they found the little boy had fallen to the grounds, but was trying to save his mother. >> he was trying to render aid to his mother, and he was sitting there, with his mother, when they got her. >> dejesus said his grandson is still in the hospital recovering from bumps,
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bruises, and a possible concussion sustained from the incident. he's also learning to adjust to living without any parents. >> all we can do is hold him and tell him, you know, it is cents going to be okay. >> as the port begins to come in from the community, where white was killed, dejesus wonders how such a tragedy could have possibly happened. >> i'm definitely going have a lot of questions. i know that they're doing their investigation. she had my grandson with her. so i know that she was using precaution. >> police say they're reviewing video recorded on that bus, as part of their investigation. we're in south philadelphia, noel mcclaren, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". a little girl is fighting for her life after being attacked by a pitbull inside her own home. it happened on add lean drive in newark, delaware, yesterday afternoon. the girl's 15 year old sister fought off the dog and called 911 responding officers say the animal was so aggressive, they had to shoot it. a neighbor describes the
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chaotic scene. >> i see they bring the kid on the stretcher, blood all over, and the bigger sister, blood. >> i didn't know they had a pitbull. i know there is another german shepherd. >> the victim who neighbors say is a daughter after newark city councilman is list in the critical condition at children's hospital of philadelphia. in northern eastern pennsylvania search goes on for eric frein, man accused of ambushing two state troopers earlier this month killing one of them. as vladmeere reports, investigators say they've collected more evidence on frein from his own computer. >> reporter: troopers spent saturday as they've for the past 15 days searching the dense pennsylvania back country for eric frein. they haven't found him, but they're not giving up. police also recovered data from compute their convinced them frein planned his attack for at least a couple of years. the search of this computer hard drive indicates extensive
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internet research on topics such as how to avoid policeman hunts, use of various law enforcement technology, and skills related to survival. >> officials say, frein may be taunting the police by leaving behind various items, like soiled diapers, serbian cigarettes. and making himself visible before slipping back into the wilds err unless. on one occasion, with dogs near his position, police say frein jumped out every his hiding spot, but still, managed to escape. >> was it not possible to get a helicopter in the air to follow him? >> we had a helicopter in the air. it was dark. couldn't lock on and we simply could not locate him. >> police also believe frein may be in a elevated position, armed with a sniper rifle, and could have laid booby traps around his location. vladmeere, cbs news, pennsylvania. happening today, it is a celebration of puerto rican heritage, thousands are
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expected to attend the 52nd annual puerto rican day parade, starts at noon at 18th and the ben franklin parkway, and ends at eakins oval. the parade part of the celebrations that take place every year. president obama speaks about the unrest in ferguson, on a night when a ferguson police officer is shot. we'll have the latest, and, new video from overnight, shows rescuers working to reach people trapped after a volcano erupts in japan. we'll have the latest including the now rising death toll. then, monsoon-like conditions, part of record rainfall, in arizona. and wait until you see the damage it caused at major airport. and, here at home, it has been a wonderful and warm weekends. but will it last? carol comes back with the forecast when we come back. anncvideoconferences it's youof the day.rtant hi! hi, buddy! anncr: that's why the wifi and free hot breakfast are something to smile about. and good reasons to book now.
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he gets regular families.
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>> an officer is shot in ferguson, missouri. officer on patrol last night, when he encountered two men who ran from him. the officer gave chase. >> as he came into very close proximity with them, one of the individuals turned with firearm, the officer was able to block it with his arm, and then was shot in the arm by
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one of the suspects. >> the police officer is expected to be okay. last night's shooting does not appear to have anything to do with the shooting death of michael brown. he was killed by officer darren wilson on august 9th. meantime, a county grand jersey wearing whether to invite the office nerve brown's shooting. president obama addressed the unrest in ferguson last night, speaking at the annual congressional black caucus foundation dinner. the president praised outgoing attorney general, eric holler, for his work following the shooting death of michael brown. brown's family was in attendance at the event. the president spoke about the mistrust in communities, between residents and law enforcement. >> too many young men of color feel targeted by law enforcement. guilty of walking while black, driving while black, judged by stereotypes that fuel fear and resentment and hopelessness. we know that statistically in everything from enforcing drug
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policy to apply the death penalty to pulling people over, there are significant racial disparities, that's just the statistics. >> president obama sits down for a wide ranking interview on tonight's season premiere of 06 minutes. you can watch the interview tonight, at 7:00 right here on cbs-3. and, one of the topics the president will speak about stopping isis. the us-led coalition determined to destroy the terror group in iraq and syria is now receiving new help. cbs news correspondent allison harmilan with the latest. >> reporter: two bright i shall tornado vets flew their first mission saturday over iraq. >> to help deal with supporting terrorist organizations cents. >> the british defense ministry says the war planes gathered intelligence, but did not fire on any targets. the uk's participation so far only approved for iraq, came one day after david cameron pleaded with cautious parliament. >> this is about psychopathic terrorists trying to kill us.
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and we do have to realize that whether we like it or not, they have already declared war on us. there isn't a war gone by option. >> reporter: saturday 7us led air strikes in syria damaged airfield training camp and several armored vehicles. war planes targeted isis strong hold, attack ago town near the turkish border. three strikes in iraq, destroyed several vehicles. chairmans of joint chief of staff dempsey said friday the strikes in ear gentleman disrupting isis chain every commands. but stands by his position thousands of boots on the grounds will be necessary to reclaim areas of eastern syria. president obama has consistently said he won't be sending us troops into the fight. in new york, allison harmilan, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". more than 30 people are feared dead following a volcanic erruption in japan. huge plumes of smoke and ash shot up into the sky saturday, nearby buildings are now covered in soot.
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local authorities say there were many hikers in the area at the time. rescuers used military helicopters, to rescue some of them. this volcano's lasse rupp sean was back in 2007. and, record amounts of rain swept through parts of arizona yesterday. sent concert goers running for cover at summer ends music festival. moon soon-like conditions forced major highway and parts of phoenix sky harbor airport to close. unfortunately -- fortunately, no weather like that in our area at all. just beautiful sunshine. >> i lived in arizona several years, went to the university of arizona when it rains out, there those streets fill up with water. it is unbelievable. you wouldn't expect that in the dessert, but boy you do get it when you have the monsoon rains. at the shore on thursday, we practically had a moon soon like rain, as well. since then the weather westbound halved itself, friday, saturday, and today. beautiful looking conditions.
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ocean city right now, people are out on the boardwalk, the sun is out. it is cents a perfect day to get to the shore, stay home, do whatever it is that you want to do today. we have conditions that are just perfect. in fact, if you are going to the beaches, gorgeous, 78 degrees, temperature in the water about 60 degrees, low risk of rip current, but remember, a loft lifeguards no longer there, it is fall. so be very careful if you do venture out into the water. because you can always finds that enhanced risk of rip current around jetties, any low spot in the ocean. 61 degrees, cape may courthouse, beautiful, we've been watching this sunday rise all morning long. and we will continue to do so until that sun just is way overhead. storm scan3, we love the weather, there is no rain on it, no green on this map, except for the base map, which is green. and we have temperatures that are cool enough to generate a green on this map, that you may have noticed over the years, that the base map is color coded to the temperatures, so when it is warmer, they start to turn yellow, that sort of thing. right now, we have base map in green, because the
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temperatures are in the 50's, it is 61 degrees out at the airport, it is a comfortable morning out there. the temperatures so far, the last couple of days, after that thursday monsoon, we had 64 degrees, we jumped up to 78 friday, 84 yesterday, we will be right there today, and we could be as high as 80 degrees once again tomorrow. probably cooler tomorrow, but not that much cooler. the dew points are already starting to come down. they will be down into the lower 50's, and extremely comfortable level, and we'll keep that all day long today. just another perfect day with high pressure in charge of the weather, temperatures in the 80s, we'll watch this back door front. it doesn't have a lot of moisture associated with it, it comes down, not on monday, monday still dry, temperatures in the 70s, but by tuesday, especially, by afternoon, could we find a shower around here? specially in conjunction with anything that might be out in the ocean, that might be too far out to do anything. but, still, with the two of them, playing around, we could finds couple of showers in the area, maybe on tuesday
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afternoon, maybe on wednesday. future weather, not bringing any weather problems into the area at all. few clouds, start the day tomorrow maybe finish the day, and then by tuesday, we are looking, tuesday afternoon, couple of showers, well to the north and west, a lot of this, i think, the timing on this, may change, but just kind of keep in the back of your mind maybe luther tuesday we pick up shower. otherwise today the only shower will be in your bathtub. 84 degrees, beautiful out there, 78 at the shore. seventy-eight in the poconos. you can't miss. anywhere you go today, 84, just go outside. take your pets, enjoy the day. 62 degrees, clear skies, becoming partly cloudy, overnight, and then we start the day, sun, clouds, monday, by afternoon, mostly cloudy, temperature around 80 degrees. tuesday, 77, with that afternoon or evening chance after shower, maybe you see one again on wednesday. but otherwise, temperatures are comfortable -- for the next week, todd? >> carol, thank you. time to see how traffic is moving. here's ann evans at the cbs-3 traffic center. good morning again, ann.
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>> good morning again todd. some fun things to talk b this is the ben franklin parkway, site of two events for today. one the parkway run, scheduled 8:00 a.m. to 9:30, and once the run is over, set up will be underway for the puerto rican day parade, the parade scheduled noon to 4:30 this afternoon, right now the ben franklin parkway is open at the art museum circle, soon to close, though, we'll keep you posted. closed to the left martin luther king drive between the ben franklin parkway and the falls bridge, that's just closed for every day recreational activities. we move the traffic cam here, to i-95, this is penndel. actually between penndel and route one langhorne. earlier we had serious accident right here and back up. it cleared up about 20 minutes ago. and we're good to go here, i95 looks fine, through philly and its suburbs. moving the traffic cam to the schuylkill, spring garden street, the schuylkill back to normal. earlier we had another serious accident at the boulevard and the schuylkill, that's cleared, as well. no delays on the schuylkill, through philly and its suburbs, that's the latest from the cbs-3 traffic center. i'm ann evans, now, todd, back
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>> coming up, following breaking news, two people hurt after early morning house fire in mt. airy. we'll have a live report coming up at 7:30, also ahead, he was once the world's most eligible bachelor, now he's off the market. we'll tell you will about the celebrities that attended george clooney's wedding in italy. thousands of cyclists take part in mile long trips to raise awareness, and money for multiple sclerosis, live report on the city to shore bike race. and speaking of the shore, we'll take live look down the shore, it was beautiful day, to walk the board yesterday, carol has today's forecast, and more, when "eyewitness news" continues at
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guess what? the money we need to fund our schools lies right underneath your feet. that's right. down in the ground, pennsylvania has deep deposits of natural gas.
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but because of governor corbett, we're the only state in the country that doesn't make oil and gas companies pay an extraction tax. as governor, i'll make the gas companies pay up to help fund our schools for a change. tom wolf for governor. a fresh start for pennsylvania.
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today is sunday, september 28th, good morning, i'm todd quinones. if you loved today, you'll love yesterday. >> who didn't love yesterday. >> and again? >> absolutely phenominal temperatures, we do the very same thing again.
7:27 am
anyone asking for ask the vet will be on at 7:40, we'll get back to. that will let's get back to the weather. take a look outside. look how great it is on the board walk, ocean sit, people are running around on the boardwalk, truck driving there, but only because it is supposed to be. otherwise, it is all pedestrians, bicyclists or anybody who wants to get outside and sit around and look at bought put weather. very same thing, looking out at cape may courthouse, sun coming up, 62 degrees, no wind, that's why in one, two spots, you might still find little bit of fog out there. but generally, things are looking terrific. storm scan3, nothing going on, and we do not expect to find any weather problems, at all today. sixty-one, still, out at the airport in philadelphia, 54 in trenton, 57 degrees wilmington, we drop an agree up in the poconos, 48 degrees, and that's helping make some of those leaves change colors, finding those temperatures in the 40's, otherwise, today, look at this, temperatures this afternoon, todd, get to go 84 degrees with zero
7:28 am
weather problems. we will talk about the eyewitness weather seven day forecast, see if we find any trouble spots on that coming up. >> okay, looks good, carol. update now on breaking news, in philadelphia's mt. airy neighborhood. apartment fire sends two people to the hospital, and forces cents evacuations, fire officials calling the blaze suspicious. syma chowdhry live at the scene, with more on the investigation. syma? >> todd, fire out now, but earlier this morning, it was cents a scary situation, for some residents, if you take a look hine me, at these apartment complexes there is apartment building, see all of the balcony doors are open, because some residents had to run out there and get rescued off their balcony after not one but two fires broke out at the 7400 block of stenton avenue. this happened around 2:30, at the chestnut terrace apartments. one fire was started in a hallway on the first floor, the other was also in the hallway on the third floor. now, officials say gasoline was used, deeming this incident suspicious.
7:29 am
one person has been taken into custody for questioning. two people were taken to the hospital, one for second degree burns, the other, for smoke inhalation. the residents had to be evacuated, and the red cross was on the scene, assisting, we did talk with one resident, who said, the apartment building has cents had some false alarms, so when the smoke detectors went off this morning, many people didn't leave at first. >> something said open the door to check. when i opened, i saw black smoke, and within a minute, it was just dark. everybody, just started screaming. >> this is real. >> this a fire. get out. everybody just get out. >> and, some folks had been waiting in their cars to get. some people have been allowed back in to the building. there are lots to check out their apartment. now some people did have some damage in their amounts, water damage, smoke damage, so they may not be able to stay in the apartment building today. but they are awaiting from fire officials to get an update.
7:30 am
that's the very latest here in mt. airy, syma chowdhry, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". thank you, same a septa bus crash in south philadelphia is under investigation this morning, police tell "eyewitness news", mother was crossing the street with her son, when they were struck by the bus. it happened friday night, 15th street and washington avenue. twenty-nine year old sheena white was killed, her eight year old son was injured, her grieving father is searching for answers. >> just faring me up. almost at a lost for words. to lose a child, man, you know, it is like, you know, you don't want to see your child leave this earth before you. you know? i mean, when it is the other way around, it is just terrible. >> there were no passengers aboard at the time of the accident. charges are now pending, in a hit-and-run crash that left a grandfather dead and his grandson injured. in philadelphia's mt. airy neighborhood, authorities say, they were inside a red car when a green suv collided into their vehicle at gorgeous and
7:31 am
ardly friday night. the driver and the passenger of the suv ran away from the scene, but police caught them short time later. investigators are determining whether they were driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. the search on forearmed robbery suspect caught on camera, in moorestown, burlington county. take a look at these surveillance pictures of the suspect. police say the mask gunman walk into the 7-eleven store at lenola road and camden avenue saturday morning. he threat an end clerk before taking money and cigarettes. if you recognize the suspect, you're being asked to contact police. a shooting in straw bye mansion this morning, one shot in the head. returned 2900 block of west oakdale street from temple university hospital saturday morning. he later died at the hospital. police have not said what may have sparked that shooting. and, residents and
7:32 am
community groups are marching this weekend to call to an end to gun violence in philadelphia. the hands across philadelphia event was held in west philadelphia on saturday. dozens marched 3 miles along 52nd street from woodland avenue to parkside avenue. organizers say it is important to educate young people and teach them skills that stop violence before it starts. it is too much, way too much death. we need to do something to get people to understanded that there is way too much death. and we have to do something to get people to stand up against it. stand up against the shooting and the killing. >> the naacp was among the groups that organized that event. cyclists got to the road before sunrise to begin the long trek to the shore, they're raising money for multiple sclerosis. research and programs. "eyewitness news" reporter steve patterson tells us, it is cents a cause that is near and dear to the hearts of the participants.
7:33 am
>> three, two, let's run. >> 7,000 cyclists cents, $6 million, one goal, ride to rid multiple sclerosis. teams of families, co-workers, friend, and survivors, shooting up for another battle saturday morning. >> this is a great opportunity for us to give something back, and do something for people that need our help. >> the annual ride from cherry hill to ocean city has cents been going on since the early 80s, 34 years, and nearly $50 million later, it has become a delaware valley institution. >> we will raise over $6 million, and that's more than half of our annual revenue. >> its success open arms, the ride is for everyone, serious riders, to amateurs, like "eyewitness news" reporter, matt rivers. >> i'm not a bike rider at all. i don't think i've rid answer bike since 16. >> who of course had no problem finding a pair of bike shorts in time for the big day. go get them, budd. >> i i don't have words to
7:34 am
describe this, this just does my heart amazing good. >> more importantly with a estimated 14,000 people, living with ms in the area, everyone knows this fight. robert, just lost his wife to it. >> it means a lot to me. my wife died march 21. and after a long battle with ms, so i have a lot of friends, sorry, supporters, who are here with me, riding this, and we're riding for her, for dianna. >> that's what it is about, the fun, the fight, the ride, and it is about dianna, a wife, a mother, a life, for avenue symbol for this stretch of road from city to shore. >> i'm fighting for her, and in honor of her, but i know there are so many other people that need this, and need help. >> in cherry hill, steve patterson, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". facing mounting criticism about the league's handling of domestic violence issues, nfl commissioner roger goodel makes special visit. we'll tell but it just ahead. also, we told but chelsey
7:35 am
clinton's baby girl yesterday morning. now, we are getting a chance to see the little charlotte. more of the cues pictures coming up. carol says we're in for another nice day today, her forecast, plus, we'll ask the vet when we come back.
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anncvideoconferences it's youof the day.rtant hi! hi, buddy! anncr: that's why the wifi and free hot breakfast are something to smile about. and good reasons to book now. feel the hamptonality >> back by popular demands, doctor rose de leave, a animal and wellness sent and little rock i, the pom rain yan, so
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cute, he never stops wacking his tail. i asked the people on my facebook page, they're wonderful out there on the facebook page. i said you were coming. we wanted some questions. boy, did we get some questions. okay, here is somebody who wants to know about canned pumpkin. if your pet is having digestive issues. do you add cans pumpkin? >> it is their diarrhea or something, soft stool, that can certainly help by adding some fiber. i would probably recommend pro biotics, animal source, pro animal specific pro by the glike where do you get those? >> your veterinarian should have them. the portions are specific for animals rather than giving them what you have. >> would you do that every day for the rest of their lives? >> sure, very good, helps with digestion, helps absorption. >> if your pet is not having a problem in that regard, do you do it as a preventive? >> doing homemade diet, i certainly would. >> okay, why does a dog bark -- like you're breaking into the house, when actually, your awe leaving the house? >> that's probably a
7:39 am
separation anxiety issue. i would think. >> okay. >> that's something that an animal behavior is could help you with. >> from marion, eight week old chihuahua under active thyroid, on medication, but not losing weight as she was supposed to. >> there might be some other issues. i would check what the die set like, very high in fat, if the animal is not getting enough exercise, something of that nature. >> who would you know if your pet had thyroid problem you should even medicate? >> as far as a dog goes, they tends to get under active thyroid, hypothyroidism, tends to get skin problems, maybe patchy hair coat. >> okay. >> they tends to gain weight, but not necessarily eat as much as you would expect for gaining weight. >> then a cat just the opposite? >> cat is hyper thyroid, means their metabolism going too quickly. they would tends to eat a lot and lose weight in spite that far. >> and be hungry a lot? >> be hungry a lot. >> beagle mix with ear problems, marge i's dog, any good remedies for general
7:40 am
cleaning of the ears? >> there is actually good product out on the market, called sigh mocks ear cleaner, has some enzymes in it tends to keep the yeast under control. and that's just regular cleaner. so that's the one that i recommend. >> what is that again? >> it is called sigh mocks ear cleaner. >> okay. >> it has enzymes. >> you can get that at stores, vets? >> i don't know if they have it in regular pet stores, but your vet should certainly have it. >> that leads into brenda ' question about the never ending east infections in her shit sue's ears, apple cider vinegar, tree, tee tree oil, does that work. >> apple cider vinegar, you certainly want to dilute. that will i would not put any casino of oil into ears, 100% petri oil is way too strong for dogs and for cats. >> so use what you suggest and again the name that far ear cleaner is? >> zymox ear cleaner. >> we'll get to the rest of the questions next time i see you. doctor rose dileva, your tail
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never stops, thanks for the questions, and your interest in ask the vet. see you next time. villanova students, staffers, alum my, put down the books and pick up paint brushes, all part of the university annual day of service yesterday. "eyewitness news" at the north broad street senior center which is one of 130 service locations across greater philadelphia. more than 4,000 volunteers participated in that day-long event. >> and, students put science into practice, building a catapult and launching some pumpkins. seven through 12th graders from the cyber charter commonwealth connections cents academy, joined with teachers from pumpkin chunking. they celebrated the launch of another school year more than 300 people attended the fun event at the john heinz wildlife refuge center, in philadelphia. and we are seeing pictures of the clinton's first grandchild this morning. former first daughter, chelsey clinton, gave birth friday, to her, a baby girl named
7:42 am
charlotte. chelsey clinton announced the news on twitter and facebook yesterday. her parents, former president bill clinton, former secretary of state, hillary clinton, say they're blessed and very happy to become grandparents. they say chelsey, her husband mark, and baby, are all doing well. it is official. sorry, ladies. george clooney is off the market. he got married this weekend in venice. cbs news core upon dent jericka duncan has more on the big event. >> reporter: george clooney no longer one of the worlds' most eligible bachelors. his representative confirms the 53 year old actor married 36 year old human rights laura. mal in a private ceremony venice, italy saturday. she was lebanese, base in the london, the couple tied the knot in the luxury aman hotel overlooks venice's grand canal. the actor and his celebrity friends sipped champagne, waived to hundreds cents cents of well-wishers, during what appeared to be his final public moments of bachelor hood. guests included cynder craw
7:43 am
fed, her husband, matt damian, bill murray, bono among others. they were engage in the april, clean had i long vowed he would never marry again, and his four year marriage to talia ends in the divorce in 1993 and clooney was cents seen dating several actress cents -- a.m. tresses and models since then. >> the calendar says it is fall. but outside it feels like summer. >> oh, really. >> who is complaining? >> the best of summer. not only summer, but the best that summer possibly bring and doing it in the fall. we have beautiful looking conditions at the shore. people are going to be flocking there today. and just anything you do outside today you have found the absolute perfect hollywood backdrop for that. because the weather is ideal. we have a gorgeous picture here, this is through center city philadelphia, so no matter where you go, you are going to be looking at great conditions to head down to the shore again, this is we're continuing to watch this the
7:44 am
sun continues to climb in the sky. beautiful start to the day. tip i shall of the day will be just as nice as well. that's because on storm scan3, we've got nothing coming in our direction, there are some clouds out there, they're well to the west. you'll start to see those later tonight. then probably to start the day tomorrow, there will be sun and clouds there is little batch will move on through, then more sunshine comes on through. so don't expect that little batch that comes through to do anything into the sky except just mix things up little bit up there so there is not just solid blue, like it was yesterday. but most of the day, we will be finding full sunshine, just clear blue skies, 61 degrees, out at the airport in philadelphia, these temperatures have not changed at all. i think the only one that has changed or maybe the only one i'm tracking is up in the poconos. where it dropped one agree. now, 48 degrees. otherwise, everybody's still in the 50's, philadelphia airport, still 61 degrees. dew points, will continue to fall. and they'll go down into the lower 50's, where they're in the middle 50's, as they're in philadelphia and wilmington.
7:45 am
and that makes for such a comfortable day there is high pressure system, perfectly situated. to keep it wonderful here today. with these temperatures, reaching the same level they did yesterday. that was 84 degrees, we will probably be right there, once again, today. and then, by monday, we find few more clouds, this back door cold front, you know, usually they come like this, this one is dropping down like this. so it comes in not from the front door but through the back door, and it will be bringing few more clouds, but still, the temperatures will be mild tomorrow. they'll be well up into the 70s, by tuesday, though, as that front drops a little bit closer, that is when we could be finding a few showers. also, there may be a low pressure system out in the ocean, that could help spin back a shower or two. so, something that we will continue to monitor, if it needs monitoring. you know you can count on us. then, by monday morning, we've got few clouds around here, monday, starts to clear up, but his is the change, this just added, and now those are some showers coming all the way down just about to the
7:46 am
philadelphia area on tuesday afternoon, and that's, again, courtesy that far front. and then, does it finally leave? well, we will continue to monitor that. otherwise, let's just monitor sunshine and forget about anything except what we're doing right now, and that's enjoy soon to be 84 degrees, 78 at the shore, the poconos, 78 degrees, sunshine, every single location, light winds, lower humidity, grade. sun setting 6:48. so get outside at 9:00 when the show's off, 62 degrees, otherwise we expect to you stay right where you are. we have temperatures tomorrow, getting close to 08 degrees, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, and next saturday, by the way, also in the 70s, maybe chance of shower coming up on tuesday. >> and you can't totally actual out wednesday, but we'll continue to see if it actually develops or not. you watched our forecast on tv right now. you can hear them on the go, beginning tomorrow morning, listen to katie's forecast on
7:47 am
"kyw news radio", the eyewitness weather team on "kyw news radio", check in two, three, four times a day, todd. >> carol, thanks. time to check the roads and highways, we go out to ann evans at the cbs-3 traffic center. good morning, ann. >> lanes now closed, between logan circle, the art museum circle for two events, one the parkway run. that will get underway at 8:00 this morning, goes until 9:30. once the run is over, set up underway for the puerto rican day parade. scheduled noon to 4:30 this afternoon. so the inter drives are closed now, martin luther king drive to the left, closed, and the ben franklin parkway and the falls bridge just for recreational activities. moving the traffic cam to the mid-county tolls of the pa turnpike, mid-county tolls are busy this morning, but they're moving, no delays on the pa turnpike, if you are headed to the poconos, carol talked about beautiful day, no delays on the northeast extension, as well. and, on to the ben franklin bridge here, those westbound lanes to the right of your
7:48 am
screen, those are lanes toward philly heading into philadelphia. we do have construction set up blocking two lanes, right now, no delays so far on the ben franklin, but that will change, if you are headed to the shore, no delays further up on the a.c. expressway or the garden state parkway. forty-two and 55, look good, too. and don't mind the insects crawling all over the camera today. that is the latest from the cbs-3 traffic center, i'm ann evans, todd, back to you. >> okay, ann, thank you. hundreds bring lawn chairs to independence mall to watch opera on the big screen. presentation, the barbara seville. beautiful night to watch the free performance. thousands have enjoyed opera on the mall since it first outdoor showing four years ago. the eagles are waking up in california today, as they get ready to face-off against the 49ers, and quarterback, colin cab err neck, we'll have preview of today's match up. then, a missouri high school student is breaking barriers and having a kick, while doing
7:49 am
it. we will each introduce to you this football player, but first, here's a look at what's on cbs-3 tonight.
7:50 am
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7:51 am
fluzone high-dose vaccine. >> national domestic violence hotline at their austin texas
7:52 am
headquarters, goodel and the league are being criticized over their handling of the race rice suspension among other things. and many of those critics say, goodel should resign, accusing him of not responding appropriately to domestic violence issues. another tough test for the eagles today. they'll face a desperate 49ers team, that does not want to start the season one and three. the eagles defense has had a heart time putting pressure on quarterback, just three socks, now they have to stop colin, hard to bring down, plus the offensive line allowed just three sacks. >> he can throw the ball well. and he doses a good job of scrambling, and they have quarterback runs, he can design qb runs, and also, just scramble-ability. you have to be doing any sent of him getting out of the pocket when things breakdown, you know. so we have to cover well, first and for most, because he can throw it all over the field. >> we'll get you ready for the
7:53 am
showdown on the bay this sunday kick offment spore director beasley reese has exclusive one-on-one with shady mccoy, and i'll be talking with the voice of the eagles merrill reese, right here, 11:30 on cbs-3. to college football, undefeated penn state took off northwestern in happy valley. first quarter no score, northwestern deep, in penn state territory. quarterback trevor sim yan, calling his own number right there, first of three touchdowns on the day, they take the lead. fourteen-six in the fourth quarter, kristin, throws interception, to anthony walker, he takes it 49 yards for the score, and that's the ballgame. wildcats shock the nittany lions 29-six. penn state held without a touchdown at home, for the first time in a decade. temple on the road, taking on uconn in their first conference game. the oils looking for some pay back last year the huskies over came a 21-point deficit to beat the owls and first quarter temple draws first blood, young with the interception, gets some blocks, 92 yards for the
7:54 am
score. owls took seven-nothing lead. dj walker through for 231 yards. and this score right here, to fitzpatrick, the owls move to three and one on the season with 36-ten victory. over to franklin fields the penn quakers took on villanova this one all wildcats. quarterback john robertson through for four touchdowns, tying career best, wildcats crush pen, 41 to seven. villanova has scored 140 points in their last three games. final game for the phillies this afternoon, cole hamels, takes the mounds, looking for his tenth win of the season, and you can hear that game on 98.1, wogl and 1210wpht. last night a.j. burnett was on the mound for the fighting's. well, pick up the action in the second. phils down a run. not any more. ryan howards hits towering homerun to right center fields. his 23rd of the season. that will tie the game. to the sixth, big piece comes up clutch again. this time hitting single into centerfield.
7:55 am
chase utley races home to second base, once again the game tide. a.j. burnett thinking about retiring after the season, throws up this two-run homer to justin upton. his brother bj also took burnette deep. aj with hits 18th lost of the season, the most of the majors. braves beat the fighting's four to two. now to soccer. the union at dc united, phillies still fighting foreplay off spot. tense minutes. dc louise, finds the back of the net. that will give him the lead. things got worse. leading scorer sebastian, to leave the game with a ankle injury. the union lost one-nothing, they're now two points out that far final playoff spot. and that's all for sports, i'm leslie van arsdale. have a great day and go birds. go birds. a joplin, missouri high school students getting a kick out of of her sport of choice. meet melissa, the kicker at la bet county high school. recently moved from oklahoma where she was stands out soccer star. the problem is though her new
7:56 am
high school doesn't have a soccer team, but the football team needed a kicker. and the coach there saw an opportunity. >> he came to up me, asked me if i had ever thought about kick ago football, we needed a kicker. >> she thought about it, talk it over with her parents. >> i really didn't know what to think at the time. my life was devote today soccer. >> came back pretty entheusiastic, was very interested in giving it a shot. >> melissa says her teammates are very excepting of her, even inviting her to dinner. she hopes to kick a 45-yard field goal, good luck, melissa. that's it for "eyewitness news" at 7:00. here's what's coming up at 8:00. two people are injured, and dozens of people are forced out after apartment building overnight. we're live on the scene of two fires, that running called suspicious this morning. and, the calendar says fall. but it is feeling a lot more like summer this weekend. carol will tell us just how warm it will get today when "eyewitness news" continues.
7:57 am
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7:59 am
two fires break out in a mt. airy apartment building, now officials are calling them suspicious. this morning, new developments out of ferguson, missouri, where police officer is shot and we'll have this. >> this is just tearing me up, almost at a lost for words. >> a grieving father is searching for answers, after his daughters struck and killed by a septa bus. today, is sunday, september 28th, good morning, everyone, i'm todd quinones. we are in store for quite a sunday, ahead of us, here's meteorologist, carol erickson. >> it hardly gets better than this any time of the year.
8:00 am
we are finding temperatures this weekend in the 80s, todd, as you all know at home, it is going to be lovely day today, as well, with temperatures right about that same level. so, extremely comfortable 80 degrees, 84, probably. because of the low humidity, and the low wind and the full sunshine. and seeing beautiful start to the day, through center city philadelphia it, looks great at the shore, too. people are out on the boardwalk, in ocean sit, the sun is out, welcoming everybody. and we've been continuing to watch, neighborhood weathernet work, the sun gets higher and higher in the sky, cape may, 26 degrees, winds still remain practically non-existent. storm scan3, one little batch of some clouds, they don't have any moisture with them, to the ground. so they're going to move on through, but they'll add cloud or two, sunshine all day long, so just casino of whip on through. 64 degrees, temperatures are starting to come up, in philadelphia, we just gained 3 degrees in about the last ten minutes. fifty-eight in