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tv   Eyewitness News at 430am  CBS  September 29, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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test . blaze along the 700 block of east win circle. we're told the fire was so intense, firefighters were forced to battle the flames from outside of the property only, placed under control about 15 minutes ago. there is cents no board on -- no word on any injuries, or if anyone was home. huge fire destroys a home in upper dublin, montgomery county. it is monday, september at the time -- 29, good morning, i'm ukee washington. >> stories we're following, developing right now, new evidence overnight, police track hit-and-run driver. they left a little girl in the hospital. we're live with what the video shows, that police want you to see. the president and ceo of a
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south jersey hospital and his wife die in a fire. now, investigators try to pinpoint how it started. >> and, it was therefore the taking but the eagles come up short suffering their first lost of the season. and leaving fans rather frustrated. >> wonderful game. we'll talk more about that in just a little bit. our monday forecast with kate. >> i oh, love the taste of sum they are weekend? so beautiful outside. we'll keep the warmth going for you, might not be quite as bright. but it is dry. yes, pretty decent weather overall to kick it off for you here. expect to see generally speaking nice day. the thing is it will be little cloudy outside. we'll talk about that, eventually this warmth has to get wiped out. we are going to see series every fronts actually through the course of our seven day forecast, to help that along. so we will be talking temperatures, time out these systems for you, and have all of the details in the next few. guys, back to you. >> katie, thank youment developing right now, police in west philly looking for the
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driver who hit little girl then left the scene. >> "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry is at children's hospital right now, where the young victim is recovering. syma, good morning. >> good morning, ukee, erika. seven year old girl is here at chop being treated after being victim of hit-and-run sunday night in west philadelphia. now, she's been identified as laura mcclane. it happened just before 7:00 sunday night outside of the girl's home at 42nd and pennsgrove street. mcclane's family says she ran to get a ball that rolled in the street when the car hit and dragged her. now, witnesses say, a car first stopped to let the girl cross, but the driver behind that person decided to go around the stopped car, and that's when the girl was struck. we're toll she is in stable condition. now, the vehicle was last seen heading eason girard avenue from 38th street. family members hope the person who hit the little girl will dot right thing and turn themselves in. as for the car, police are
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looking for a lime green mitsubishi out lander with a pennsylvania license plate tag number: jky7458. police are asking anyone with that information to call them as the investigation continues. now, coming up in the next half hour, you will hear from a man who heard and saw the hit-and-run, followed the driver, and got video from his cell phone. that's coming up at 5:00 o'clock. for now live outside of chop. syma chowdhry, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". right now, 4:33, back to katie with the forecast. >> forecast overall isn't terrible one. we had such beautiful weekends, tough to top that, i think, but we will at least try here today. the difference is really just that we start to seymour clouds building in. so all-in-all, not terrible day coming up here. just not as bright and beautiful as perhaps the weekends was. "skycam 3", quiet as can be. we still got pretty light wind, predominantly southwesterly component to the
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winds, means it is helping to draw in some of the milder air flow for us out there. storm scan3, where we go next, just couple of clouds really right now. it is certainly vale of clouds will become more noticeable for us out there today just because i think other perception from one day to the next, while it is still warm, helping to keep the cloud cover rather actually helping to keep the temperatures bit warmer this morning, yes, again, it is just not as bright and pretty. but this is still an area of high pressure dominating the scene for us right now. so, as we sit in the mid 60s at this hour, upper mid 50 at coolest across the north and west most suburbs, not looking too bad. this is definitely little bit more of dose of say late summer than it is cents what we're finding ourselves in now, actually into the midst of fall at this point, would normally be close to 10 degrees cooler than this, at this point, of the year. so, it is not too shabby out there. more clouds than anything, like i mentioned, but we will take it. it is cents a gray sky this afternoon, but still going to have the wherewithall to heat
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up to 08 degrees this afternoon, so (he would we call it pretty nice day, again, not as bright and sunny as yesterday. vittoria, good morning. >> good morning, everyone, what a beautiful weekend. if you are trying to start your commute this morning, getting a little bit of early start, not seeing any problems at all. vine st. expressway all of the major really moving well. only 4:35, generally don't see a lot of volume anyway at this time. regardless not dealing with any major incidents, few construction project here and, there but generally speaking beautiful ride. we look at 95 delaware county headlights would be moving in your northbound direction, southbound would be your taillights, and your a in the clear not only around this part of delaware county but also making your way around the philadelphia international airport, northeast philly, center city philadelphia, even into bucks couldn't. take a look at the speed censors, 55 on 95, 50 on the schuylkill, 55 on 476. in the green traveling on 422, the pa turnpike, also 202. however, making our way into new jersey, we are dealing with a accident on the garden state parkway southbound at
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pleasantville. be mindful of. that will downed pole situation in delaware, stenton, christianna road at delaware park boulevard, is where you will find that, it is also compromising a lane, as we take a look at mass transit, everything running on time for septa, new jersey as well as dart, in delays at philadelphia international airport. erika? >> torrey, thank you. new this morning, three people are hospitalized following a three car crash in philadelphia's juniata neighborhood. it happened just after 12:30 in front of the erie lane bowling all i on the 1300 block of east erie avenue. you can see the impact there, sent one vehicle into a parked car. police say two of the three victims have serious injuries. one person's being tested for suspicion of driving under the influence. >> firefighters are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of president and ceo of cooper health systems and his wife. it happened yesterday morning, on meadow run driver in montgomery township, somerset county, new jersey, 72 year old john sheridan, jr., his wife, died in the bedroom.
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this photo shows the investigation health system released the statement calling sheridan a true gentleman and an out standing leader. hang today the trial begins for former sportscaster don tell off son, charged for selling bogus packages. stole more than quarter million dollars from over 150 victims collecting money but never delivering the tickets. tollefson's lawyer said his client has an addiction problem. the search for the man accused of killing a pennsylvania state trooper and seriously injuring another is now in its 17th day. state police say the manhunt for eric frein has cents shifted southeast. but they still believe he's within five square miles of his parents' home in monroe county. they won't say what led them to the new search zone. the eagles are getting ready for next week's rams
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gahm, following the first lost of the season. yesterday against the 49ers, the eagles scored on block punt, punt return, 53-yard interception return by jenkins. took a lead into the lockerroom at half time. but in the second half, the eagles went scoreless and the 9ers got back in the game. colin kaepernick through for a touchdown, running back frank gore ran for 100 yards and 9ers kicker dawson his four goaled goals. handed the eagles their first lost. >> both teams played very hard, very physical game, and, you know, we didn't common top. >> the eagles host the st. louis rams this weekend in south if i i. more on how the 9ers shut down the eagles offense. erika? >> right now 4:38. the weather was perfect for the 52nd annual puerto rican day parade. the sounds of celebration and culture could be heard all along the ben franklin park wayne.
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-- parkway. it featured fest fifth floats, beauty queens, dancers performed to crowd of thousands. many generations came out to celebrate saying it is an annual tradition. >> it is an opportunity to come out and really celebrate our cult europe, our cultural values, our cultural, we do that through bands. >> the parade is part of the celebrations cents that takes place every year during puerto rican week. afterward the celebration continued as many parade revelers went back to the neighborhoods for even more fun. oh, love to see that. >> great day for it. >> much more to cover here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", what what will it particular to defeat isis? president obama sits down for one-on-one interview on 06 minutes. >> after service at two chicago airports grinds to a halt, how will the faa fix what's broken? we're back in two minutes.
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president obama says military and military solutions cents needed for
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iraq and sewer y exclusive i viewed that air last night on cbs60 minutes, the president said us intelligence genes agencies missed the mark foreign tell genes in iraqment underestimated the threat from islamic state militants and over estimated the ability and will of iraq's arm toy fight. >> essentially what happened with ice -- isil you had al quaida and iraq, vicious group, but our marines were able to quash with the help of sunni tribes. >> to defeat isis, the president says a competent complete grounds force must follow the militants, but ruled out the use of american troops. >> pro-democracy protest expanding in hong kong, blasted them with tear gas and used bans with flashing lights in renewed efforts to force demonstrators in streets. protesters are upset over china's decision to limit political reforms. more than 200 bus routes have been canceled or diverted in a
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city dependent on public transportation. well the faa is making dramatic changes to the chicago area traffic center replacing the entire central computer network, also i am purchasing direct communications between other facilities now handling chicago air traffic. a fire at the control center brought the city's two major airports to a halt. a contract employee at the center is being blamed for starting the fire. 4:43, hoping for little more of the weekend's weather today. >> at least get part of that, the warmth will stick around for sure it, just end be as bright and beautiful. so little bit cloudier out there today. still pretty decent day. you know, do you have take what you can get at this point, right? we're used to being down in the mid 50's, at this point of the day, on this day of the year. >> right. >> and we're not even close to it in the city right now. almost 10 degrees warmer right now. so nice warm start. the cloud cover helping us to sort of blanket and trap the heat in. it means we will be off the mild start and allows us to heat up yet again very easily,
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sun doesn't really have too much to do with that out there today. when we go to storm scan3, you will understand why, see the streams of clouds already streaming in here, basically, our southwesterly flow around the edge, the back edge now, of high pressure, which is starting to erode, starting to leave, we are seeing again little bit more of the southwesterly component to the wind flow. obviously, wet weather showing up, do not worry about, that really will ends up with clouds out there today. meanwhile, this is the next guy that's actually going to be bringing us our little reinforcement, if you will, in terms of some cooler air, yep, that is snow, up well off to the northwest, do not worry about that in our forecast, but yes, we will eventually see couple of showers if not thunderstorm fire up. here is how it all times out. high pressure today, no worries, just clouds, still warm, at about 80 degrees for the daytime high. that cold front begins to roll in, and actually seymour after turn, a shift in the wind flow tomorrow, help to trigger just a spotty, key word, spotty shower, if not rumble every
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thunder out there tomorrow. wednesday, almost the exact same story here, when the front will actually be crossing through, so, that's where you will see your shower or thunderstorm chance come from out of that. but i think if you really want to, you can probably get away without umbrella right through the middle part of the week. the front again very weak in nature. limited sunshine in the meantime today, still warm, we hit 08 degrees, we drop to 62 tonight under partly cloudy sky, so actually still comfortable for you, as women. over the course every time, pretty much the warmest day of the pack, with times every passing day will drop off couple of degrees at least through thursday, we rebounds briefly friday, but that's also in advance of yesterday another cold front. this one will be stronger, and this one looks like it will bring the brunt of its energy late friday night into early saturday. ukee, back to you. >> eagles had an unusual day yesterday in san francisco. do you have win when you are missing most of your offensive line, tough to lose when defense and special teams start you off with 21 points,
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conflicting stats that work for the eagles yesterday for sure, the offensive line had hard time springing shady. just too many faces and new place cents on that line. but 21 points from the defense and special teams should have been enough, eagles end up losing this 126-216789. >> we're not very good up front right now. we got a a lot of guys banged up, not an excuse, just the reality of it. jason peters the only guy, starting the season out, three new guys inside, todd moved out. play against a front like that, tough, one of the best players in the game, patrick, williams, mcdonald, that group. >> rams in south philly next sunday. well the phillies season is done. comb hamels gave up two runs, three huts, lost another bid for his tenth win of the year. the braves beat the phils two to one. fills finished 73 up, same record as last season. they finish last in the national east for the first time in 14 years.
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well, still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning, free coffee. we have your attention now i'm sure. don't we? >> free usually does, and then you add coffee. >> but it doesn't have anything to do with the eagles this time. we'll tell you all about it. >> first, what's coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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a developing story tops your headlines this morning. police are looking for this car in connection with a hit-and-run in west philadelphia. seven year old alore mcqueen now in stable condition. police say the lime green mitsubishi last seen driving eason girard avenue from 38th street. new this morning, three car accident in philadelphia's juniata neighborhood has sent three people to the hospital. it happened on erie avenue, and m street around 12:45 this morning, two people were treated for serious injuries, and another is undergoing evaluation. >> and the investigation continues into the fire that
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killed the president and ceo of cooper health systems, and his wife. john and joyce sheridan died sunday morning, when a fire broke out at their somerset county home. our time now 4:50. let's get a check on business news. >> jill wagner joins us from the stock exchange, jill, wall street opens on high note after pretty rough week of trading. what do you think invest remembers watching today? >> reporter: that's right, good morning, ukee, erika. it is all about jobs, on friday the government's september jobs report comes out. economists cents are predicting that companies step up hiring after a weaker august report. the unemployment rate, will likely stay at 6.1%. investors also watching owns overseas, asian stock markets were mixed as pro-democracy have escalate in the hong kong, raised concern business could be, and hong kong is a central spender. >> nothing like a good cup of coffee to get you going. turns out today there are a
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the love places giving out free cups. details, please? >> yes, that's right. today's national coffee day. who knew, right? this is pretty much one big marketing event. but, really, who cares. it means we can all get our hands on some free cups of coffee. dunkin giving away medium cups of new dark rose, krispy kreme free coffee, then mcdonald's is wrapping up two weeks where it has been giving away free small coffees at breakfast time. >> how about that? >> go get them. >> drink up. >> no kidding. fantastic. >> drink up. i'll be right back. >> buy coffee, too; your day. you luck out. >> coming up after a short
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i'm guessing the roads are pretty clear? >> so far so good. you know how it is, when the sun comes up, rush comes in. still waiting on t almost 5:00. notice it is only few vehicles
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on the roadway. this shot here, the schuylkill expressway, not too far away from center city moving real well eastbound and westbound, no problems at all, and you have the same story, traveling on 476, both northbound, southbound, not only around this way here, the mid-county toll plaza, but also if you are traveling around even mcdade and 95, the schuylkill expressway, so just a lot of good news so far. hopefully it stays this way for as long as possible. as we take a look at the wide, notice, it is just green everywhere, on 95, you're at 55. fifty on the schuylkill expressway, 55 traveling on 476, no problems on the pa turnpike, 422, 202, so i just have lots of good news to report until now, we move our way into new jersey, we do have an accident on the garden state parkway, be minds full of that. downed pole in delaware, at stean ton, christianna road at delaware park boulevard. but no major problems for mass transit. things look pretty good at the airport, also, things going to look pretty good today weather wise, katie, some good news and bad news, for the most part, good news? >> i think for the most part
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you can call this pretty good news, torrey. yes, couple of hiccups along the way this week, tracking new frontal boundary, bridges in spotty shower, thunderstorm, along the way, but no super huge deal. you know? we real i do have pretty quiet forecast. despite what it looks like on storm scan3, i know, a lot of times building clouds can tends to look little ominous. but you don't have to worry about anything other than clouds today. so yes, while the sunshine is going to be very much limited, this afternoon, we are still actually going to evening out pretty decent day. just not as bright and sunny. but look at this, because of the cloud cover, look, even warmer than the last couple of nights have been, because of the cloud cover basically acting like a blanket to trap in the heat that we built up yesterday. so, here's just couple of little sampling basically the area temperature readings, flirting with 06 at the moment in hainesport, hammonton, drexel hill 62, well above average for most of the location here, guys. 80 degrees the expected high in philadelphia, meanwhile, don't expect too much sunshine, wall it limited sun or mostly cloudy, take your
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pick. but that said, it is still a dry day, and obviously still going to be nice and warm day, as well. ukee, back to you. >> thank you show, look at stories our sister station "kyw news radio" 1060 will be following for you. philadelphia city council delays plans to publicly debate the controversial proposal to sell pgw. new study shows children are drinking too much soda. what impact is it having on their physical development? check in two, three, four times a day, "kyw news radio" 1060 on your a.m. dial. err dismay. >> coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news", we're continuing to follow breaking news after massive fire rips through a montgomery county home. we're getting some new video ofof that blaze. >> and the search is on for an s.u.v. wanted for a hit-and-run accident. now we're hearing from the good samaritan who could help police crack the case. back at the top of the hour.
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>> more video of the flames to show you no, ma'am anterly. it is monday, september 29th. i'm ukee washington. >> i'm erika von tiehl. mystery involving the president of cooper university hospital after found dead inside his home with his wife. the big unanswered question for investigators this morning. katy? >> and erika, while we may not have quite as bright and sunny of a day, as what we saw over the course of the weekends, the warmth continues to build for our area. so we're expecting yet again another 80 plus degrees day. when doses it ends, however? there is a mends site. i'll tell you when, coming up, tory? >> thank you, katie. still waiting for the start of our rush hour, as we approach 5:00 o'clock here, as we take a look, we're taking a look at
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the talcony palmyra bridge, expecting a opening in just a bit. be sure stay with us, all of the details coming up. we head back to the desk. >> vet tore crashes thank you. >> more news, family is left homeless after an overnight fire destroys their home in upper darby. this raw video just got into our news room from brian sullivan. look at all of the smoke. fire broke out shortly after 3:00 a.m. along the 700 block of east win circle. it took crews about an hour to get it under control. but fortunately, no injuries were reported. a cause is now under investigation. developing right now, young girl is recovering in the hospital after she was hit by a car in west philadelphia. now, police are searching for the driver. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry at children's hospital with the very latest on the search. syma, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, a seven year old is being treated here at chop, after being the victim after hit-and-run driver. now, police are looking for


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