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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 29, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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reported. an investigation into the cause of that fire is underway. goods morning, everyone, developing right now, police in west philly looking for the hit-and-run driver who sent seven year old girl to the hospital. >> "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry joins us now, at chop, where the victim's families pleading for the person responsible to come forward. same, a good morning. >> good morning, erika, ukee, family members are hoping the person will do the right thing, and come forward. if not, they are getting plenty of help, not only are police on this case, but there was a witness who saw the incident, and followed the driver, using cell phone video, to get the license plate number. >> a little girl's fighting for her life after she was hit by a car. seven year old alore mcclane hit just outside of her home before 7:00 sunday night, near 42nd and pennsgrove street. the victim's family says she ran to retrieve a ball in the street when a car hit her, dragging her in the process. >> hit her, then ran over, then stopped and looked back and see he hit someone or she
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hit someone and took off and kept going. >> witnesses say a car stopped to let the girl cross, but the driver hine that person decided to go around the stopped car, and that's when the girl was struck. >> i heard a big boom sound. i looked behind, i seen him roll over a little girl, then fly by me. >> reporter: sean smith driving nearby when he saw what happened. he chased down the driver, not nothing a seven year old was the one that got hit. >> i knew i hit somebody. i didn't know it was as little girl. so i followed, you know, as safe as i could, try to get the tag number. >> smith got video of the fleeing car using his cell phone. >> i knew it was cents a seven year old, i probably would have stopped him. but i was just trying to get a tag number. but if i knew it was a seven year old, no telling what i would have done. >> we're told the girl is in stable condition. family members hope the person who did this will do the right thing. >> who ever it is, i hope man enough, woman enough, to turn yourself in. >> and, as for the car, police are looking for a light green
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mitsubishi out lander pennsylvania license tag number jky7458. if you have any information, you are being asked to contact police. we're live right outside of chop. syma chowdhry, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> syma, thank you. also, new this morning, three people are hospitalized following a three-car crash in philadelphia's juniata neighborhood. it happened just after 12:30 in front of the erie lanes bowling alley on the 1300 block of east erie avenue. you can see the impact there, sent one vehicle into a park car. police say two of the three victims have serious injuries. one person is being treated, and tested for suspicion of driving under the influence. >> authorities in north jersey still working to determine what killed the president and ceo of cooper health systems and his wife. the couple was discovered yesterday morning, following a fire, at their montgomery township home. seventy-two year old john sheridan, jr., and his wife, were found dead in their
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bedroom the. this photo shows an investigation, as the investigation seen, health system released a statement calling sheridan true gentleman, and an out standing leader. it is 6:03, let's get your traffic and weather together. katy? >> good morning, everybody, our monday will be much like what we saw on the weekend, in terms of warmth. but you're going to notice there is a lot more cloud cover out there today. that said, you don't have to worry about wet weather, which is good news, do you not need the umbrella today, and you may be able to get away without a jacket depending on location this morning, too. we're off to a pretty mild start. first storm scan3, we won't find too much in the way of wet weather issues at this point, we do have little bit of moisture starting to pop few showers down through virginia, but none that far will survive as it tries to reach us. so, expect again, nothing more than this. just kind of cloudy view on storm scan and certainly overhead. as you walk out the door this morning, we've been hovering in the mid 60s all morning long, sort of been back and forth between 64, 65 degrees,
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at philadelphia international. depending on your location, yes, little keel, allentown, lancaster, mount pocono, those are spots where i would suggest a jacket. cool enough for that outlying in the suburbs, but in philadelphia, yes, probably get away without t46 northeast philly at this hour, 61 mt. holly, as the list goes onment looking aroundment region as a whole, okay, lilt dollars sunshine, that's what we're calling for today. not as bright and sunny as the weekend, but still warm, mild, so you got to ask yourself: is your glass half full or half empty kind of person? vittoria, what do you think? >> for me, myself, glass half full kind of gal. >> doesn't surprise me. >> must be the cheerleading backgrounds in me. good morning, everyone, yes, even your roads are something to be thankful of so far. i know little early still. 6:04. but we have a loft good news, 309, not too far away from the pa turnpike, if you are traveling in either direction, you're moving swell. not only on 309, but, traveling on the turnpike itself, northeast extension,
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so on, so for the, just a lot of good news. we take a look at the ben franklin bridge, same story do, have construction blocking left-hand lane, making your way into philadelphia, still not causing any major delays at all. just beautiful. speaking of bridges, let's touch upon the burlington bristol bridge for seconds. it is on stand by for an opening. so, the bridge is expected to open at 6:00 a.m. so about five minutes late on that. but still head in the this direction do you want to be mindful of. that will rest of the bridges as well asthmas transit look pretty good. ukee? >> tour, thank if you. now new this morning, police are looking for suspect who robbed a holiday inn in south philadelphia. it happened shortly after 3:30 a.m. in the 900 block of packer avenue near citizens bank park. investigators tell us a man entered the main lobby and stole a cash register. he got away with and disclosed amount of money. no one was injured. happening today, trial begins for sportscaster don tollefson he stole bogus packages to sporting events that he sold.
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accused of stealing more than quarter million dollars from over 150 victims. collecting the money, but never delivering the tickets. tollefson's lawyer says his client has addiction problem. >> also, today, the man accused of violent attack at his former workplace in oklahoma is scheduled to appear in court. investigators say, nolan returned to food processing plant last thursday, and attacked two women with a knife beheading one of his victims. no one is -- nolan charged with first degree mudder end and assault with a deadly weapon. >> president obama says us intelligence officials missed the mark when it assessed the threat isis post today iraq and syria. he made the acknowledgment in a exclusive interview that aired on 06 minutes. correspondent susan macinnis has more. >> reporter: president obama admits. s intelligence under estimated the threat from isis. >> during the chaos of the syrian civil war, where essentially you have huge swats of the country
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completely un governed. they were table reconstitute themselves and take advantage that far chaos, and attract for infighters. >> in a exclusive interview with 60 minutes, the president also said the us over estimated the iraqi army's ability and will to fight. >> the iraqi's have to be willing to fight, and fight in a non-sectarian way, shiite sunni curds, fight against each other among this cancer in their midst. >> have been bombard withing air strikes since early august it, began hitting locations in syria, almost a week ago, with coalition of international partners. president obama insists he will not put american combat troops on the ground to secure the region. but house speaker john boehner says its allies or local fos cents can't get the job done, the us may have no choice. >> these are barbarians. they intends to kill us. if we don't destroy them first, we're going to pay the price. >> the president says beyond military might, there needs to be a political solution.
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in washington, susan macinnis, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". and for the first time in 13 years, afghanistan has a new president. this is new video of amaza being sworn in to take over for kai say. shortly after americans troops invaded afghanistan, and new president is expected to sign a deal to keep about 10,000 american troops in afghanistan, after this year. knew this morning, dozen of protesters were out in ferguson, missouri. police say the protests are mostly peaceful, despite several arrests. people continue to rail for justice after the shooting death of michael brown, back on august 9th. evidence was presented to a grand jury, who will now decide whether or not to indict officer darren wilson in brown's death. today marks day 17 in the manhunt for one of the fbi's most wanted men, eric frein. test accused of killing one pennsylvania state trooper and
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seriously injuring another. that search has shifted southeast, but state police believe frein is within five square miles of his parents' home in monroe county. they also fear the woods could be booby-trapped. frein is described as a survival list, who held anti-law enforcement views for many years. well, travelers in and out of chicago's o'hare international airport still facing concellations and delays after fly's fire at the air traffic control center. we'll have more on that when we come back. >> also, search for missing real estate agent who vanished while showing a house. now, arrest warrant has been issued in that case. >> and developing right now, in japan, dozens of hikers are caught in a vaux cano erruption. find out why the rescue mission has been suspended on the other side. >> ♪ >> oh, getting a live look outside right now at center city on this monday morning,
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>> neighbors of missing college student are pulling together for her safe return. the streets where hannah graham grew up now lined with yellow ribbons. neighbors say they're hopeful she will be found alive. the university of virginia student was last seen on surveillance video, more than two weeks ago with jesse matthew, who is now in police custody in connection with her disappearance. well, police in arkansas are looking for this man, aaron lewis. investigators issued warrants for his airiness connection with missing realtor. beverly carter was last seen on thursday, before she left to show a property to an unknown person.
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authorities say lewis was in the hospital after getting into a car accident, but then he simply walk away. police have not said how they linked their suspect to carter. the faa is expecting fewer concellations cents today, at chicago area airports, after an active sabatage halted flights over the weekends. new central computer network will be installed. hundreds of flights were canceled, or delayed, at o'hare international, and mid-way international airports. investigators say, a contract employee started a fire at an illinois air traffic control center on friday. brian howard is charged with one count every destruction of aircraft, or aircraft facilities, that's a felony. also, severe storms paralyzed sky harbor airport in phoenix, arizona full ground stop was ordered for an hour, no planes allowed to take off orland. part of the airport also was flooded. unrelenting winds, took out windows at one of the terminals. also, it ripped off part of the airport's roof. the control tower has been briefly evacuated until those
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storms calm down. and, man, we have got off east think weekend comparatively, still hanging onto some of the ♪ >> absolutely, another nice warm day. doesn't look quite as beautiful as the weekends did. meanwhile, perhaps, your travels took you out toward happy valley for penn state homecoming, maybe went up in the finger lakes, starting to see the colors change on the leavesment even back here at home, those colors are starting to pop at least little bit. most every us at least i would say good solid two thirds of the region have yet to see any change on the leaves. give it time. we'll start to see it soon enough. meanwhile storm scan3, here are the cloud cover coverage, back edge of high pressure the reason for. that will but don't expect any wet weather, dry day, another warm day. this next cold front, is eventually going to be our next store when it comes to wet weather. so while today is still warm and dry, by tomorrow, i could see shower or storm, very isolated in nature. similar story even on wednesday, as the front actually crosses through,
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knocks temperatures back, by thursday, talking mid 70s, 74 degrees, to be exact here, with some sunshine, and you can expect by friday, some sun, as well as the potential for some late day showers. that will comes courtesy of the next approaching and more potent colds front. starting this morning, guys, i'll be delivering your forecast not just here on tv but also on sister station "kyw news radio" 1060 to get you through. i'll be there for you on the road as well as on airwaves here on tv. torrey, over to you. >> thank you, good morning, everyone. speaking of traveling on the roads, let's take a look at 95. fifty-nine southbound starting to really be flooded with some heavy traffic out of northeast philadelphia, down through the vine st. expressway. >> this shot here, approaching the area of i would really say allegheny for the most part. but through the construction zones of both cottman and girard, that's really where you start to feel the bulk that far traffic, and you know how it is, 6:15, only going to grow bigger than that. traveling on the northbound side of 95, moving pretty well. if you are traveling on the schuylkill expressway,
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eastbound, rounding the curve here, approaching girard avenue, we're not seeing too much of a problem. you still have good amount of space inbetween the vehicles, but again, more headlights going to be a pattern that we're seeing right now. so we are starting to seat rush come n in regard to your western suburbs, really rush is non-existent, a lot of good news. if you are traveling however the burlington bristol can you not right now, traffic stopped for opening. we'll let you know when does get put back down into place. ukee? >> breaking news, leads this look at today's headlines this morning, no injuries, but plenty of damage in this fire in upper dublin. investigators are trying to figure out the cause. >> also, a developing story this morning. police are searching for a green mitsubishi out lander, that vehicle was involved in a hit-and-run, a seven year old girl was injured. officials are investigating the death of john sheridan, the ceo of cooper health center and his wife, joyce. a fire swept through their summerset county new jersey home yesterday. >> we'll be right back.
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>> strange afternoon and game for the eagles yesterday out west. tough to win when you are missing most of your starting offensive line, but tough to lose when your defense special points scored 21 points. birds had to deal with that casino of day. shady mccoy had another tough afternoon trying to find running room. but getting punt return for touchdown, blocked punted for touchdown, and an interception return, should have been enough.
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9ers beat our eagles 26 to 21. >> we got griped up front. not very good up front. got a loft guys banged up. not an excuse, the reality of t jason peters only playing the position he started out. todd moved out. we got three new guys inside. you play against a front like, that tough, smith, one of the best prayers players in the game, willis, mcdonald, that group. >> got to right the ship against saint lou thinks week. big game for cowboys in prime time. beat up the saints last night in ex texas. tony romo through three touchdown passes, murray ran for 100 yards for the fourth game in a row. dallas over new orleans 38 to 17. the boys are now tied with the birds, at three and one, tops in the nfc east. the phillies season in the books now, cole hamels allowed only two runs on three hits over eight innings, but still lost, tough year for cole no doubt. braves beat the phils two to one. phils finish same record as they did in 2013, last times
6:21 am
the phillies finished last nnl east back in 2,000. if i remember correctly i believe the sixers media day is today, then they start training camp tomorrow. so all of the winter sports kicking in. >> fall sports like ukee mentioned are underway, concussion also a top concern, especially, in young children, because their symptoms can go unrecognized. coming up we'll tell you what to look for. >> also this morning, dozen every hikers trapped in a volcano erruption. we'll have an update on the search for survivors. search for survivors. we'll be
6:23 am
6:23, let's get our traffic and weather together. >> it was really hard to beat the forecast we had over the weekends, so mild, but pleasantly so. not too hot, not too cool, it was just right. we had so much sunshine. back in time, show you little time lapse here, outside pal my, a cove nature park, where oh, no, what happened to my time lapse? let me see if i can try that again for you maybe not. all try to show that to you in the next hit. my bad.
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storm scan3, generally quiet right now, see moisture off across virginia right now. don't worry about. that just looking at clouds in our forecast here today. 80 degrees, the expected hi, again, expect to see the clouds out there, limited sunshine, but will still be warm outside with a high of 80. vittoria, over to you. >> still sounds great, katie. thank you. good morning, even though the sun hasn't come up just yet, definately seeing the rush common n traveling on 422 eastbound direction, notice approaching trooper down toward 202 already seeing the high volume build. you will need to give yourself more time specially watching us right now, and plan to jump outside. if you are traveling the burlington bristol bridge, still stopped for an opening. we'll let you know it does get put back down. accident in montgomery county easton road, more lan road, be minds full of. that will incident as well if you are traveling old bridge road at high road. definitely want to be careful in those areas. no delays for mass transit. erika. >> torrey, thank you. developing right now, the recovery of victims of the volcano erruption in japan on
6:25 am
hold. toxic gases and heavy ash forced work, at least 36 people dead. as marlie hall reports, it happened without warning. >> spewing smoke and ash, it forced first responders to stop bringing down the bodies of those killed. bush work was call off, crews air lifted at least eight bod toys nearby town today, some victims have been found under 20 inches of ash. >> the massive volcano in central japan is a tourist attraction, and it errupted saturday with at least 250 people hiking and sightseeing on it. bleigh the evening most made their way down. this survivor said i'm so glad that i came back alive. >> more than 200 soldiers and firefighters, have been scrambling to find and rescue any survivors. saturday's erruption was the first fatal one in modern
6:26 am
times, at mount ataki, similar erruption occurred in 1979, but no one died. in new york, marlie hall, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". and coming up in the next half hour of "eyewititness news" this morning, an update on breaking news, a fire in montgomery count. >> i plus, we're live with the search for hit-and-run driver. syma? >> a little girl is recovering after being hit by a car. now, police are looking for that driver. i'm syma chowdhry with a live report coming up. >> also, this morning, the eagles take it down to the wire. but in the end, yes, they come up short. find out what coach kelsey saying about the birds first lost of the season. >> and vittoria and katie return, they've got your traffic and weather together on the 3's, little spook. >> i it does. >> we'll be right back. it was art that brought us together in the first place. and it's working its magic once.
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here it means more than lines or pictures on a page. it's a way of life. it's music and color. the more we give in to the magic of this place, the more we'd like to stay. oaxaca. live it to believe it.
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i forgive you. you do? it's ok that your soup tastes like my homemade. it's our slow simmered vegetables and tender white meat chicken. apology accepted. i'm watching you soup people. make it progresso or make it yourself. >> we continue to follow breaking news, massive house fire rages overnight, montgomery county. this video from brian sullivan shows the intensity of the blaze along the 700 block of east win circle. it took crews about an hour to place that fire under control. fortunately, no one was cents hurt. the cause, wl, that's still being looked into. good morning, everyone, and developing right now, a little girl is hospitalized, this morning, as police search for the driver who hit her and left the scene. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry joins us now from children's hospital, with the latest.
6:30 am
syma? >> well, ukee, seven year old girl being treated here in chop after being the victim of hit-and-run driver, sunday night, in west philadelphia. police are now hoping video from an eyewitness could help catch the person responsible, now, check out the video of the driver. this is shot by a man who witnessed the hit-and-run, that person followed the driver of the mitsubishi out lander after hitting seven year old alore mcclane. >> this happened just before 7:00 sunday night, outside of the little girl's home, at 42nd and pennsgrove streets. mcclane's family says, she ran to get a knawl had rolled in the street, that's when the car hit and drabbing herment witnesses say, a car stopped to let the girl cross, but the driver behind that person decided to go around that stopped car, and that's when the girl was hit. we're told she is in stable condition. now the vehicle was last seen heading eason girard from 38th street. person who followed the driver didn't realize the victim was
6:31 am
a little girl. >> i knew it was 57 year old, i probably would have stopped them. but just trying to get the tag number, i knew he hit somebody. if i knew it was a seven year old, no telling what i would have done. >> as for the car, police are looking for light green mitsubishi out lander with pennsylvania license plate number: jky7458. if you have any information you are being asked to contact police. live at chop. syma chowdhry, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". same, a thank you. two people were hurt following a suspicious fire at apartment building in mt. airy over the weekends. it happened at the chestnut terrace apartments, on stenton avenue, sunday morning. "eyewitness news" was there as crews evacuated the building. authorities say they found evidence indicate that someone used gasoline to start fires on the first and third floor. most residents were sleeping when the fixe broke out. >> we didn't know if we really should be going. something said open the door
6:32 am
to check. when i opened, i saw black smoke, and within a minute, it was just dark. >> now, officials say two people hurt suffered non-life threatening injuries. the red cross cents is assisting some residents. coming up on 6:33, here is your traffic and weather together. katy? >> good morning, everybody, today will be another day that features nice, mild warmth, with temperatures easily soaring up to 80 degrees, and well above the seasonable average for this day of the year. but it is going to be a different day. for one thing, all headed back to work and school, or at least many of us are, but on top of that, take a look at storm scan3, this should be pretty obvious. really start to see the clouds thickening out there, so what it is actually helping to do, limit the amount of cooling taking place this morning, so off to nice mild start. look at this. 64 degrees at the airport right now. we stayed into the low 60s, generally around most of delaware, low 60s at the shore, the only spot that has been little cool is her sort of the typical suspect places,
6:33 am
like the lehigh valley, like the poconos, where you are still only in the 50's, so yes, depending on location you may want to think about taking a jacket with you when you walk out the door. but i have to tell you despite the graying skies, still real decent day overall. 80 degrees the expected hi, just don't expect too much sunshine out there. meanwhile, as we look forward in the forecast, couple of headlines to get you through the rest of the week here, overall, the temperatures are expected to stay pretty mild for the norm. but the clouds, like we will see today, are back to the picture for us, and there is potential for some showers by mid week. so we will talk about that potential little later in the show. for now, off to pretty quiet start for the week ahead. tory? >> thank you so much, date i. as far as the quiet start, we were having a quiet start to the rush hour earlier on, but not so much. as we take a look outside, we are going to show you just some of the rush hour traffic, building on 95, if you are traveling on 95, in southbound direction, making your way out of the northeast, down through to the vine st. expressway, you are going to notice a loft those taillights, sort of
6:34 am
merging together, to create one slow crawl through the construction zones at cottman avenue, you catch bit of a break. then jump into more volume approaching allegheny from the betsy ross bridge, then down through the vine. this will only continue to grow. if you are traveling on 95, delaware county, not seeing any major problems just yet. if you are traveling on the 30 bypass, we do have just touch of traffic around the area of 113, we take a look at the burlington bristol slides here, we do have still closed for opening. so, do you want to give yourself more time in this area. talcony palmyra bridge expected to open shortly as well. we will continue to keep you updated at 6:45, give yourself little more time. we head back toutiesting. >> torrey, thank you. convicted killer jody arius will be back in phoenix courtroom today. this as she waits to learn her punishment for killing her boyfriends. jury selection starts today in the penalty phase of arias' trial. she admits killing her boyfriends, but says it was in self-defense. prosecutors want to give her
6:35 am
the death penalty. the first jury dead locked on her punishment. philadelphia and media are hosting rallies as part of the push to raise the minimum wage. the federal minimum wage right now is 7.25 an hour. state-wide coalition wants pennsylvania to push that to at least $10.10 an hour. in philadelphia, that rally starts at noon at fergie's public near 12th and son sum. deck on straight letters march to the governor's office on south broad street. two more philadelphia archdioces school churches are closing for good. saint coal ishes parish in west philadelphia, has serious mold that is too expensive for the new our lady of lourdes parish to fix. meanwhile, saint laurence husband in fishtown has structural problems. it was to would cost millions for the new holy name of jesus parish to make those repairs. >> the eagles had hard time with the 49ers yesterday, even after jumping out to nice half time lead. here to discuss the game with a expert perspective, paul
6:36 am
jolovitz, 94wip. good to see you, my man. now the birds got points from the defense, special teams yesterday. let's start with. that will the things that went right. >> you get 21 points, i to, you get three touchdowns from the defense, terrible teams in the fl, like 71, one and one. two at one now. >> look out. >> that's a shame. >> the blocked punt, and you score immediately, in a game you think we to the to get to fast start, second half, brad smith falls on it, and it is seven-nothing, finally you got that lead. and then kaepernick decides, wait, that's a zone? oops. yes. >> great play. >> terrific play. terrific running. leak like darren strolls is a run back. thirds pick of the year, and that's two right now. and then darren strolls, punt return, flag. >> almost got his head ripped off. >> almost got his head ripped off. now 21 points, ukee, middle of
6:37 am
the second quarter, you're ahead, you're the second half team, and but the problem was they just couldn't get caught offensively. >> let's talk about it with shady. do you have point to the offensive line. you got guys not used to being in certain positions. >> they're notment but as chip says, next man up, you have to do better job. ultimately it will cost you, starts today cost the eagles. shady i think running without confidence also, just not getting anything going. >> he's going east-west a lot. trying to make something happen, instead of north-south and breaking people's ankles. >> nick foles is way off, too. see he has cents opportunity to take a shot. getting hit a lot, as well, but also missed some shots. waist off all day, you see here, riley cooper later the drop. shady just can't get anything going. like you said, try to make something happen, san fran front seven, straighten it out. and that would come back to bite him later with chip's decision. >> you want to talk about steve johnson?
6:38 am
>> johnson made hell after catch, third quarter to cut it to one. got him from the buffalo bills. and you see it right her from the 12-yard line. >> this was cents -- i'm not sure this ball ever crossed get line. his feet were in. >> but he doesn't have a being he will to refute. that will that's a touch. made it 21-20. then the 9ers will get two field goals, 26-two; eagles did not miss -- >> five minutes left in the game. look at this catch. >> what was that, the steelers this i wish. >> look at this catch. not much you can do about it. >> thirds down, you figure shady, shady, shady, couldn't get the run going, one, again, can't get it here. fourth down, finds the offensive line. chip, know just didn't want to take a shot. they rolled right. you can see right away there is isn't going to workment san fran had about eight guys on three, eagles, nick air mailed it in an effort to make it work. and the first lost of the season. so frustrating because it was right there. if i told in you advance you
6:39 am
will get one points from the defense. >> i would say game set match. i would go outside, put notch in the win column. just like that. >> you'll be in silicon valley, checking your gooing. >> i that's right. it hurts. straighten it out against the rams. >> but the offensive line, lane johnson coming back, and some people, todd herremans back to proper spot. but you got to get. that will shady has cents to get going. and you never know, you won't go 16 and zero, but his is he very frustrating. >> cowboys looked good last night unfortunately. >> thank you, sir. see you on the "cw". erika, back to you. >> listen up: free coffee. >> what? >> do i have your attention right now? coming up where you can get your free cup today. couple of options, also, children and concussions, doctor rob here, in studio, talking about why it can be tough to recognize those symptoms. and, what you should do to protect your child. and, a couple in australia have quite the tail to tell.
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check it out. they swam with two hump back whales, the whole thing caught on camera. that's coming up. we'll be right back. >> ♪ okay; there a filter on that. that looks incredible. >> thinking that. >> do we instagram our shore camera? oh, looking live right now, sun's coming up. will we hang on to the weekends' heat? katie has the answer. we'll be right back. we'll be right back. >> ♪
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judge need a jolt to start your day? it is national coffee day today. you can get free coffee, too, here's where to go, pick up free 16-ounce of wawa coffee all day long. do you have to go to their facebook page, though, to printout the coupon first. at krispy kreme, giving away free 12-ounce cups of coffee and you can grab a free cup of dunkin' donuts new dark roast today. so, tons of options, getting a free cup of joe to celebrate. all right, well, katie, i know your order, large hazelnut cream and splenda? >> very well done. we get it every single day, so now three years in, she knows it by heart. >> all right, we start things off with quick check of the live neighborhood network, beautiful sunrise underway, all of the fields camera have just lit up, looking beautiful. 58 degrees right now outside kutztown area middle school. i love how it shows the clouds are out here, but at least sliver of sunshine for you
6:44 am
generally you what find, more clouds than anything, chance to warm up nicely yet again. political inch report remains very low. predominant pollens, chenopod, ragweed, higher tuesday, wednesday, thursday. limited sun, still warm today. high up to 80 degrees, now temperatures do start to drop off, smidge at least over time here. that will be coming courtesy of the next cold front. weak front. but even as early as tomorrow, coy see spotty shower or storm, wednesday, also, bridges very similar forecast, just little bit cooler out there. vittoria, over to you. >> thank you so much, katie. getting little bit busier out there. that's for sure. we're tack ago look at the talcony palmyra bridge, specking opening at 6:45, so about a minute away. it does seem to be though maybe vehicle or two is still passing on through. but, again, the talcony palmyra bridge will open. so watching us right now, plan accordingly if that's where you are going, we'll let you know it goes up, when it goes back down. we take a look at 95, this shot in delaware county, beautiful birds eye view, of
6:45 am
this delay, right around 4:52. so anyone making their commute out of delaware, heading toward the area of commodore barry bridge, 476, so on, so for the, continuing north, you will run into that problem. now, let's talk about your western suburbs in regard to the rush. well, already starting to see the drop on the schuylkill expressway westbound at city avenue eastbound around the curve and then dropping down to 37 miles per hour on 422, heading into the eastbound direction approaching the area of trooper road down to 202. then 95 southbound, a slow, slow commute, down toward the vine st. expressway out of the northeast, mass transit however looking great. ukee? >> tour, thank you. we continue to follow breaking news this morning. fire fighters upper dublin montgomery county their hands full battling this overnight fire. brian sullivan sent us this video. the home is badly damaged. but no one was hurt. >> also, philadelphia police are looking for this light green mitsubishi out lander suv. wanted for hit-and-run in west philadelphia. a seven year old girl was hit in that crash. and, former sports cast or don tollefson trial scheduled
6:46 am
to start today in bucks county accused of stealing more than quarter million dollars as part of a fraud scheme. oh, those fall sports are really underway right now, for a lot of children, that may result in a few minor bumps or bruises during the season, but whether it comes to concussions, it is quite serious, especially, in children, because the symptoms can go unrecognized. >> so what sign should parents, guardians, coaches be waiting for. doctor rob dan off joins with us more details. good morning, sir. >> good morning. >> concussion symptoms, tough to recognize in children. why is that? >> they are. a lot of times think oh, they didn't pass out, it is fine, or they just have a headache. but silent symptoms that could really affect a person, their behavior, the way they learn, so those are the includes we look for nowadays. >> now, we hear the term concussion a lot. what's actually physically happening to the brain? >> well, think about the brain as like a navigation system,
6:47 am
circuit board. and when the brain is shakes, whether by direct hit or running and all the sudden knock down, when you shake the brain it changes the way the circuits work. they really become short circumstances it dollars. so the chemical of chemicals don't react properly. so our communication in the brain is affected we may not think correctly, sleep correctly, or learn. so short circuit of the brain. you can't see this on cat scan, or mri. that just looks at the structure, when it is bleeding or broken. but, it affect the way we think, or the brain works. and that's what a concussion is. >> parents can't see it with the naked eye. what physical signs should they look for? >> so, ukee, one of the early signs that could happen right away or within 72 hours is a headache, which is unusual for them, some kids get headaches it, might be nausea, or vomiting, or dizziness, it might be trouble with their balance, or very sensitive to sounds, or to light, and they might have blurry vision. and they might have slow reaction time. those are some of the physical symptoms to look for. i mean, take a look at their
6:48 am
mobile phone, start getting a headache. these are things that we look at. >> now, there is also silent symptoms to look for, to be observe than the. >> yes, you know, i'm glad you mention. that will those are the keys, the silent symptoms. so, sleeping, that's a silent symptom. maybe they sleep more than normal. maybe they sleepless. you know, maybe they can't stay asleep. maybe they just stay asleep longer. so change in the way they sleep. also, their emotions, your child, all the sudden might become very irritable. or depressed, or really short tempered. seoul ' see difference in the way their emotions r that's not my child. what are they doing? also, in school, the way they learn, and think, they can't remember that much, they symptoms the kids say i feel foggy, i can't remember stuff, i can't learn. so you will see their grades drop, and the teachers are going to notice, that and you will notice they can't stay in focus on their homework. those are the silent symptoms. they might kick in in a few days or few weeks later. that's how we can tell a person has potential concussion t changes the way the person thinks. >> so first thing a parent
6:49 am
should do if they think that their child might have concussion? >> go to the doctor or talk to the school teacher, are you seeing a change in the behavior, seeing change in my child. then go to the doctor, we can do this testing, like a computer test to see the way the reaction time is, their learning, and get it checked out. more people away. usually concussions cents go away in two weeks but make tai several weeks or more. we pull pull them out of school, even reading or watching it. v can harmful. we don't return them to physical activity until they're all better. >> appreciate it. so much but heads up. >> 6:49. let's see what's coming up on cbs this morning. >> charlie roads has a preview for you. good morning. >> hey, good morning, ukee, erika. ahead, holly williams forced to take cover in syria when members of eats isay tack. we will talk to her about that. plus, paul ryan in studio 57. we will talk to him the former vp nominee about how he thinks the us should responds toits is -- isis. and who he thinks should run for president.
6:50 am
end have event or of the go pro here is here, how he turned a camera to record surfing, into a billion dollars industry. also share new ways the company's expanding, that and more, the news is back in the morning. we'll see in you about oh, ten minutes. >> you got it, thank you, charlie, tell everyone we said hey. >> hey. >> and the word is married. george clooney and amal, exchange vows during extravagant celebration in italy over the weekends. >> more partying is scheduled for later on today as the couple makes it official with a civil ceremony at venice's city hall. we have video right here, mr. and mrs. clooney left the venice hotel where the nuptials took place in front of host of celebrities on saturday. the human rights lawyer did what she thought -- what many thought was actually impossible, get that oscar winner back thereto say i do. >> they look great. >> presidential and first lady style, don't they? j-lo, her twins, and bff lea
6:51 am
remedy, were rearended by suspected drunk driver, taken lopez's new. suv for a spin. actress lea behind the wheel at the time of the crash. malibu police were able to catch up with him. no one was hurt and that vehicle no the seriously damaged. >> it is about a guy who was night in shining armor, lives in a world where nights don't exist any more. >> danzel washington claims the top spot at the box office with his new thriller, the ' qual eyes err, plays retired intelligence officer goes up against russian gangsters. the equalizer did better than expected. took in $35 million in its opening weekend. the maze runner dropped to second, with 17 and a half million. the box strolls was third, followed by this is where i leave you and dolphin tail two. >> i have got to see the evening quill eyes err, got to see my cuz. people on facebook say they loved it, way to go, cuz.
6:52 am
>> i just saw that this weekend, talked with actors, preview for you on friday. >> can't wait. another reason it look forward to friday. >> very good. >> we'll be right back. first what's coming up the tonight during evening prime time viewing on cbs23.
6:53 am
6:55 am
>> we can expect to seymour clouds, feeling a nice warm day unfolding for us. check out this shot. such an awesome looking sunrise for us this morning, atlantic city, basically everywhere else, more than anything, because you've got the clouds sort of the skewing the color scheme. so it, really creates some very, very pretty views for us out there. and whether we go to temperatures, man, off to mild start. for the tail end of september, this is not too shabby. 60 degrees in trenton, into the upper 50's, allentown, list goes on, generally into the low 60s, or at least flirting with them. so many of will you likely get away without a jacket this morning. which you don't typically get to say on late sift morning. 80 degrees the spec high in the sit which more clouds granted but overall not a bad day, by tomorrow, wednesday, just spotty shower or thunderstorm, around if that. torrey, over to you. >> thank you, good morning, everyone. traveling talcony palmyra bridge, now finally being put back down.
6:56 am
so you will be able to access 73 momentarily. if you are watching us right now from home, by the time you get outside, you will be good to go to travel over the bridge. but you will still have some lingering traffic, be minds full of that. let's talk about the rush, 14 your average on the schuylkill, specifying usual, same old pockets, city avenue around the curve approaching the vine. twenty-six on 422, and then 95, long line of southbound volume as you head out of the northeast, down through the vine st. expressway, also find some traffic, northbound 95, out of delaware county. watch out for fire location in kensington at helen at somerset. no delays for mass transit. >> two swimmers have while of a time along the cause trail ya gold cost. >> ghost up and personal with pair of hump back whales, swimmers became object of interest for the mother hump back and her calves. whale stuck around with the swimmers got back to their boat. the rare encounter lasted for more than an hour giving them plenty of time to snap a whale selfie. >> wow. having it that close, won't
6:57 am
let the opportunity pass by, especially being all around us, like they were, and you'll never do that again. >> just incredible. >> it is. >> swimmers even tried to communicate with the whales by slashing their arms on the water surface, you can watch this, and we'll see them mimicking the motion. the mix of human friends by slapping their finals, as well. >> that's wonderful videoment how about that? >> so cool. >> we're keeping it live. keeping it local on the "cw philly". cert
6:58 am
6:59 am
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it is monday, september 29th, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." president obama tells "60 minutes" he underestimated isis. >> the impact on flyers nationwide. plus quick action prevents tragedy. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> how did they end up where they are, in control of so much territory? was that a complete surprise