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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  September 30, 2014 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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the secret service underfire. new information about why last week's security breach reveals the armed intruder made it farther in the white house than the agency originally exposed. pro democracy demonstrators set a deadline for the chief executive 0 leave office. and the mystery of hannah graham's abductor deepens. police say the man held is now in question for the disappearance of another woman who disappeared at the university campus. this is the "cbs morning news" for tuesday, september 30th, this is the "cbs morning news" for tuesday, september 30th, 2014. captioning funded by cbs good morning. good to be with you, i'm
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anne-marie green. the latest white house security breach was apparently far originally than reported. omar gonzalez wasn't just stopped inside the door as the secret service said, but reportedly made it deep into the building even overpowered one agent who tried to stop him. that will no doubt top the agenda when julia pierson testifies on capitol hill. bill plante reports on the security lapse. >> reporter: omar gonzalez raced unintercepted across the lawn. sources tell cbs news that he ran through the entrance hall to the cross-hall, past the staircase, leading up to the first family's residence. he was confronted by a female secret service agent and overpowered here. entered the east room and was brought down in the green room by other agents. none of that was in the original report issued by the secret service. in a statement the following
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day, the secret service said gonzalez was apprehended by officers inside the north portico doors of the white house. on monday, the agency declined comments citing an ongoing investigation into the incident. the white house said the results will further enhance security. on another night in 2011, oscar ortega hernandez fired multiple rounds at the white house with a semi-automatic rifle. "the washington post" reported sunday that a secret service supervisor thought the noise was back fire of construction equipment and ignored eyewitness accounts of the shooting. it wasn't until a few days later that a housekeeper discovered broken glass. a total of seven bullets had hit the building in and around the first family's living quarters. one of the president's daughter was home at the time. the president and first lady described as furious.
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>> one secret service agent that i talked to said we just keep getting lucky. but we can't rely on luck. we have great men and women, but leadership and protocol, i got serious questions about that. >> reporter: bill plante, cbs news, the white house. in syria, islamic militants are advancing towards a strategic town near the border with turkey, despite what the pentagon describes as persistent allied air strikes. according to one monitor in the area, the air strikes have stiffened the militants' resolve. susan mcginnis has more from washington. >> reporter: as the u.s.-led bombing campaign against islamic state militants in iraq and syria continues, air force officials say the group is adjusting their strategy. >> they're now dispersing themselves, allowing themselves situations to be more survivable, if you will which requires to us work harder to locate them. >> reporter: hitting headquarters and logistics hubs.
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syrian foreign minister said the company welcomes the situation. >> with isis, location, we are satisfy. >> reporter: but a regional leader worries americans might be hitting the wrong targets. we don't think they're the right ones, she said, they're not effective. some lawmakers here on capitol hill still argue ground troops may be needed to defeat isis. but president obama said he will not send u.s. combat troops into the region. >> sending ground troops into a combat role sends a mixed signal to the iraqi government in particular, about what our expectations are. >> reporter: as the battle ramps up, isis continues its propaganda campaign, releasing a third video of british journalist john cantlie. in it, the hostage, possibly reading from a script criticizes u.s. air strikes. now the militants continue to
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hold cantlie, after beheading one american and one brit, isis threatens the life of another british man. alan henning. the faa is work around the clock to repair an air traffic control center in illinois knocked down by sabotage. air traffic is slowly returning to normal but this morning, more than 200 flights nationwide have been cancelled so far. the faa hopes to have the illinois facility back on line by october 13th. brian howard, the contract worker accused of sabotaging the illinois center appeared in court yesterday. prosecutors said he cut fires and set a fire before trying to kill himself. if convicted he faces up to 20 years in prison. pro-democracy protesters in hong kong set a wednesday deadline for city officials to meet their demands for democratic reform. this morning, tens of thousands blocked hong kong's streets and say they are in it for the long
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haul. seth doane joins us on the phone from hong kong, seth good morning. >> reporter: good morning, that's right, we're hearing that china would not back down from its decision to reduce the voting reforms by the protesters who have taken to the streets. now for days, tens of thousands of protesters really filling these streets, spending all night blocking many different parts of the financial and transpolitical hubs of this city of hong kong. protesters also set a deadline, october 1st, for the chief executive to step down. certainly no sign of that either. and that likely means no end to this. protesters, as you mentioned, coming in, are digging in, we're seeing pictures being resupplied, people vowing to stay out on the streets. and the key issue is the direct election of the hong kong chief
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executive in 2017. and this is all coming to a head now. in beijing, beijing said in august that a committee of beijing loyalists would have to handpick who is on the ballot. the protesters say that is not true democracy, the democracy china has been talking about allowing here. and they're taking to the streets to complain. these are significant protests certainly, since 1997, when hong kong was handed over from british rule to chinese rule. >> seth before you go, you can't help but look at these images and think of the demonstrations in tinnenmen square. how are the demonstrations different? >> reporter: of course, that was 20 years ago and that was mainland china, and this is hong kong. this is what the proequivalent iters looking to protest. one of them, that we see on
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display here, is the freedom of speech, there's also some legal freedom here, too. so in many ways, what's happening on the streets, what protesters are hoping will happen, is that the world will take notice. very little of this is trickling into the mainland this morning. i picked up the jupp, the china daily, the main english paper, did have some coverage on it. but the only coverage to the protests is how it was delaying traffic and making people delayed and sending the stock market out. >> seth doane on the phone, thank you, seth. coming up on the "morning news," an unexpected link between two missing women in virginia. how hannah graham's disappearance helped police connect the dots. and look out. hail the size of golf balls come hammering down in colorado. wait till you see what they did to a bunch of cars. i use wipes and toilet paper on a normal basis.
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severe weather in denver, colorado, yesterday. strong thunderstorms produced golf ball size hail that damaged more than 500 cars and shattered windows. but no injuries are reported. and good news for colorado skiers. snow, that same storm system dumped heavy snow on colorado's central and southwest mountains. today is expected to be calmer and warmer. jesse matthew, the man
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arrested for allegedly kidnapping hannah gram has now been linked to another murder. wyatt and drews reports it involves the death of a young woman who disappeared from the university of virginia in 2009. >> reporter: the virginia state police say they've discovered a forensic link between jesse matthew and 20-year-old morgan harrington who went missing five years ago. just like hand hannah graham, harrington had been walking alone at night also by the uva campus and her disappearance also generated an intensive search. it took three months but harrington's body was discovered on a farm several miles away. harrington's parents dan and jill told our affiliate wdjv say they hope they find clues. >> we know and hannah graham's family needs to know.
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>> reporter: he has been charged with about dulgting hannah graham and the combination means matthew is expected of being a serial attacker. two years ago when police released this drawing of the then unknown suspect in harrington's death the suspect was also connected to dna to a sexual assault case in fairfax, virginia. the details what this forensic evidence is were not revealed but sources tell us in high profile case like this, it's almost always dna. we tried but could not reach jesse matthew's attorney for comment. wyatt andrews, cbs news. a data breach, this time, targets hundreds of grocery stores. plus, the rising costs of getting more money. atm fees hit a new high. and in sports, a two-time 'em v.p. gets bent on "monday night football."
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on the "cbs moneywatch" ford stocks take a hit why gopro-soars, jill wagner is at the new york stock exchange with those and more. pending home sales fell in america. the national association of realtors, says homes under contract, but not yet closed, fell 1% from july to august. that may be an indicator of a slowly housing recovery. we should know more about that when home prices come out later today. here on wall street, investors want to keep a close eye on consumer confidence. the dow lost 41 points monday. the s&p fell 5, and the nasdaq was down 6 points. shares of ford's stock fell more than 7% monday after the
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automaker said it fell short of its profit. that's down from the $7 billion to $8 billion it previously forecast. shares of go pro-though, are flying high. the company is putting out three new cameras. that sent stocks soaring 11% on monday to more than $90 per share, a new high. since the go pro-debut in june, its stock has shot up 280%. about half of all video cameras sold in the u.s. are go pro-s. another data breach for albertson supermarkets. acme and jewel-osco stores. and others shaw's, star market. and cub foods. an all-time high, customers paying 5% more this year to use another bank's atm. the average cost, $4.35 per
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transaction. you can avoid those fees by only using your bank's atms. anne-marie. >> those fees can add up, jill wagner at the new york stock exchange. in sports, kansas city chiefs star jamaal charles coming off the injury list to make a big impact on "monday night football." charles ran for two runs against new england and scores another on a reception as kansas city builds a 24-0 lead. then things get worse for the patriots. in the fourth quarter, a tom brady pass is intercepted and returned for a touchdown by husain abdullah. brady is benched for the rest of the game. kansas city wins 41-17. and the oakland raiders fired head coach dennis allen. in a little more than two seasons allen's record was 8-28. when we return, walmart coming out swings at comedian tracy morgan after he was
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. race car driver tony stewart says the crash that killed kevin ward was an accident. in his first news conference since the accident in august, stewart said he was relieved that a grand jury decided last week not to charge him in ward's death. >> as quickly as it was released, in my heart, at the same time, it went right back to the fact that we lost kevin. >> stewart says he's been receiving professional help to cope with ward's death. and ball mart said actor tracy morgan was injured in a car crash because he wasn't wearing a seat belt.
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an attorney for morgan saids, quote, appalling that walmart claims the comedian is partly responsible for his injuries. he suffered leg and rib injuries in the crash. baby charlotte clinton mezvinsky is home this morning. she left with her husband along with the very proud grandparents bill and hillary. charlotte was born saturday. chelsea tweeted she was grateful to all the doctors and nurses at the hospital. and it was back to school for rocker neil diamond. he announced the concert monday morning and packed the house within hours. this s the "cbs morning news." ♪ sunshine i got rain then i saw her face i'm a believer ♪
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a bronze statue of tv legend ed sullivan was stolen from an outdoor exhibit at the academy of television arts and sciences hall of fame plaza in hollywood, california. the statue weighed about 20 pounds and stood 18 inches tall. statues of other television personalities in the exhibit were left alone. los angeles police say it's grand theft. and health officials are trying to determine if a respiratory virus that's affected hundreds of patients in 40 states causes paralysis in some children. enterovirus is causing muscle weakness and paralysis in a group of ten colorado children. it's not clear if the two conditions are related. >> in the past, when there have been what we think
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post-infectious enterovirus paralysis, children tend to do well, and actually regain most of their functions. >> most of the infected children in colorado live in the denver area. six have been discharged from the hospital. and the american academy of pediatrics is offering new recommendations on how to cut down on unwanted teen pregnancy. and as dr. jon lapook tells us, the pill is not at the top of the list. when are when kanesia hawn was in high school and wanted birth control, her doctor offered her the pill but it caused bad side effects so she got an intraouteren device or iud. >> i think one of the best things about an iud you have to go in and have it inserted by a medical professional and then you don't have to think about it for three or five or even ten years. >> reporter: the american academy of ped yam tricks is now saying that the first line of
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contraceptives for adolescents should be iuds. dr. rebecca owe bruin is a member of the committee. >> the research is saying that this is as safe in younger women as older women. that they don't have any long-term risks associated with them. >> reporter: condoms and the pill are commonly the most common form of contraception. the pill is 99.7% if used perfectly but only 91% effective with typical use. condoms are only 80%. an iud is only 99% effect tiff with typical use. gynecologist julian dean is at planned parenthood. most take the pill, what's the matter with that? >> it's hard to take the pill every day, it's hard to get to
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the pharmacy every month. >> reporter: the academy is reminding pediatricians to encourage the use of condoms. dr. jon lapook, cbs news, new york. well, coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," a former white house insider explains how the fence jumper managed to get all the way into the east room. that's the "cbs morning news" for this tuesday. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day.
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