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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  September 30, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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>> we continue to follow breaking news in edgewater park, new jersey, man shot in the back just before 3:00 this morning. we're work to go find out how the victim is doing and what led up to the shooting. we'll keep you up-to-date on this breaking news, as we learn more. >> hackers may affect your account. joining us now from acme in south philly with we need to know. syma? >> reporter: first target, then home depo, now acme shop verse to double check their credit cards, and their debit card information. that is because, supermarket says their credit cards may have been hacked. found on networks that process credit cards, and debit cards in the store. the company says, it immediately contacted the authorities, the customers that may be at risk shopped
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attack me sometime in late august, to early september, in their pennsylvania, delaware, and new jersey stores. now, shoppers are having to monitor their credit cardiac tiff at this, although, it is not clear if any customers information was stolen. >> more an inch con reason genes if anything aims sometimes if it ends up being money being stolen, obviously not good for anybody. >> the ceo of acme parent company released statement saying we take our responsibility to protect our customers payment cards data seriously. we sincerely regret that our customers data was targeted. we are taking appropriate measures to enhance the protection of our customers payment card data. now the company says, they will also provide complimentary identity protection affect the customers for to up a year. but again, it is not clear how many customers if any have been affected by this data breach. live in south philly, syma
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chowdhry, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". syma, thank you. the us and the allies continue launching air strikes against isis militants in iraq and syria. officials with the us air force say the militants are now adjusting their strategies. they're traveling in smaller groups to make themselves harder to finds. as the battle ramps up, isis released third video of british journalist john can'tly. he appeared to be riding from a script that criticized us air strikes. breaking news to tell but from the state of arkansas, police say they've just fond the body of missing real estate agent in a shallow grave. beverly carter disappeared last week while showing a house near little rock. yesterday police arrested suspect aaron lewis on kidnapping charges. police now say those charges will be upgraded to capitol murder. >> the man at the center of the missing university of virginia student case has been linked to the disappearance of another woman. eighteen year old hannah graham was last seen
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september 13th. last week, 32 year old jello matthew, jr. was charged with abduction. now, comes news of a forensic link to morgan harrington. the virginia tech student went missing in 2009 and later found dead. her parents say this news has been a long time coming. >> we are really pleased to come to this day. we always had it on the horizon that some day there would be an arrest. and it would introduce a whole set of its own challenges. and i've always said i would be really happy to deal with that when it happened. and it is here now. >> matthew is being held without bond. i'll appear in court via video link from the regional jail on thursday. right now, 5:33, let's get our traffic and weather together. start things off with katie. good morning. >> good morning, everybody, today will ends up being one of those days that's generally just decent day. but we have to dodge a shower here and there, some spots, especially toward the afternoon. even this morning, we have little bit of wet weather which we get to. sort of take you back in time,
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start things off with just look at the month of september, thus far. as we start to wrap up the year, here, or rather the month, rather, we have seen a surplus on the thermometer of 1.1 agree here, highest temperature we hit mid 90s, lowest down to 50, precipitation at this point is actually below average. we are even at this point in an abnormal drought status through portions of basically central eastern pennsylvania, and then central new jersey. not enough that it is real a major major deal for us, but it is sort of food for thought for us since we had the stretches of weather. wet weather i just mentioned, storm scan3, generally right around i95 between wilmington, baltimore, otherwise things clearing out for us all morning long, down toward the shore points, but we are seeing a very calm wind settle in. so what's that going to do, allow the dense fog to form. so, specifically, through our west most suburbs outside of philadelphia, that's where you likely end up with best shot for any dense fog. but it should come through in
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patches. so, perhaps, travel lesson the pa turnpike, that's like one of the classic spots, if you are going to have fog, you will see it there. sixty-six your current temperature at the airport, into the 50's, from allentown, up to the pocono region. through some of the outlying suburbs outside of philly here, pottstown, quakertown, list goes on, into handful of values where you are into the mid or up ear's, expect to seymour sun than yesterday. it does mean we will once again have shot to warm up nicely to flirt with 80 degrees, mid lower 70s, the expectation at the area shore points, poconos, everyone game for spotty shower later today. vittoria. over to you. >> thanks, katie. good morning, everyone, traveling right now on all of the majors, still beautiful ride. it doesn't matter where you're going. let's get you outside, give you better look. tranche right now on 476 there is shot of the blue route right around the mid-county toll plaza if you are headed either northbound or southbound, again, that is great ride. i feel like i don't have too much to talk about today. we have few construction zones, not on the blue route, but here and there and other areas. but really all of the majors
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are very consistent. even take a look at the schuylkill expressway, 76 right around the area of 202, no signs of rush hour just yet. but as we take a look at the wide, you will notice that speed censors are definitely going to change later on, but not right now. fifty-five is what you are traveling on 95, even through the construction zones, girard, traveling 50 on the schuylkill, a five as well 476. however, in new jersey, we do have overnight construction zone, 295 southbound, between the black horse pike and the 42, you have about still about a half hour for this. we will be ongoing until 6:00 a.m. n mindful of. that will northbound side of the northeast extension, near lansdale, construction zone, that should be wrapped up pretty shortly, as well. no delays for mass transit. ukee? >> if you drive-thru abington montgomery county we have heads up for you, grace period ends today on the township's new red light cameras. anyone caught by the cameras running a red light the last two months has only received a warning. but that changes to a 100-dollar fine starting midnight. the intersections with the cameras cents are old york and
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susquehanna, old york and welsh, and moreland at fitzwatertown roads. just a heads up. >> right now 5:37. in business news this morning, a new move by some hospital billing departments. >> and, the richest people in the united states. money watch's jill wagner joins us now up in new york at the stock exchange, hey, jill? >> morning. >> hey, good morning. ukee, erika, here on wall street, investors with watching the tension in hong kong, helped drag down the markets yesterday. dow fell about 42 points, nasdaq dropped six. well, the next time you ends up in a hospital, you might be able to or asked to pay for your procedure up front. americans are paying higher deductibles, especially with obama care. many times they're not even aware of it. so more hospitals are asking patients to settle their bill first, so they don't get stuck with people that won't be able to pay later. action seekers new way to capture all of your adventures. go pro rolling out three new cameras, including a less expensive go pro hero.
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that cost $130. the news sends stocks soaring, 11% monday, now, since got pro debut in june, its stock has shot up 280%. the founder every go pro, nicholas woodman, he's one of the newcomb ers on the forbes 400 list of the richest americans. bill gates is holding on to the top spot for the 21st straight year. he has $81 billion. warren buffer set second, facebook's mark zuckerberg number 11, made the biggest jump, and there are 47 women on the list, that is actually down slightly, from last year. but must be nice, ukee, erika? >> no kidding. >> tell me about it. >> thanks, jill, appreciate t other news this morning, guilty plea and an explanation from former philadelphia sportscaster, don tollefson, who has admitted to running a charity scam. prosecutors want tollefson to repay $317,000 to more than 200 people and charities.
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they say he stole their money by promising packages of sports particular that's were never delivered. minutes after entering his guilty plea, tollefson spoke exclusively with "eyewitness news" i-team reporter charlotte hoffman. >> reporter: why did you plead guilty? >> i just want whatever happens in court for the healing process to begin for myself in recovery and for others. and i just really want to be able to put everything that has happened during mia dick sean and now my recovery that shouldn't have happened behind me. >> the prosecution got a 06 day defer al of sentence. they hope it will give tollefson time to pay back as many victims as possible. your time is 5:39. an actress in trouble with the law, and it is not her first run in with police. we have the word on her latest legal problems. also this: atm fees are on the rise, but you don't have
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to get stuck shelling out extra cash. i'm danielle nottingham in los angeles, i'm have the story coming up. and, don't be surprised if you need an umbrella today. katie is tracking a few spotty showers when we do traffic and weather together on the 3's. we'll be right
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a shooting in burlington county, live look at edgewater park, one man shot in the bank
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about 3:00 this morning, that victim now in the hospital. >> also, acme says, it is not clear just how much information is in jeopardy, but the company admits there has been security breach at its stores in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. this is the second breach attack me stores since the summer. >> secret service handling of security breaches at the white house. two weeks ago, a man hopped the fence along pennsylvania avenue, and ran right in the open front door. happening today, crews will resume the hunt for malaysia airlines flight 370, that vanished back in march without a trace. australian officials say that three ships will scour an area of the indian ocean further south than initially planned. armed with new three dimensional maps of the ocean floor will focus on 350-mile nautical stretch of sea bed. >> coming up on 5:43, traffic and weather together on the 3's in a moment. first, don't spec to see this in the last few days of
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september. people outside denver getting their first taste of winter, coating the grounds, yep, as if that wasn't bad enough, earlier yesterday they were pelted when hail, hail, kaylee -- katie, snow. >> women, it is colorado, right? >> yes. but you know how those jet streams flow that way to this way? >> you're very correct, though, you know in the jet stream has an awful lot to do with where these storms track, ukee, very nicely done, i'm impressed, i must say. responsible responsible for that, still churning away. if you look real closely here, real well defined sort of comma shape to this. so very nice center of sick lakes with this. at the moment, not too much snow still being reported out over colorado. but yes, that is the combination of the next big thing, which will eventually move our way. in the meantime, what are we stuck with? really just a lackluster area of low pressure, and what it is doing for us, not even this
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guy, it is this guy. back here. over the great lakes. next frontal boundery, next area of low pressure, will roll on through, and just sort every mess with us for couple of days, in that it bridges in some clouds it, bridges in spotty shower, chance, no super huge deal. very quick check for us on the tropics. there is one loan area of potential for development. it has got real low shot to develop. at this point, we've got some moisture that was brinking in some rain through the overnight here out toward new jersey. that will basically keep us out to sea, no wore which is that, for any lands areas here in the united states. now, as we take a look, at the visibilities, because we did have some rain, more moisture in the atmosphere, light winds, visibility dropping off, mount pocono under half mile, under mile lancaster, generally the west most suburbs outside of philadelphia that you're going to have to contends with here this morning, but should start to ease up once the sun comes up. 7:00 a.m., 8:00 a.m., start to seat fog lifting up. school day forecast you might be surprised still b plus. do expect some sunshine, just
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this stray shower chance. not enough that you desperately need an umbrella, unless you're out all day, and you just don't want to get the the entry kitar style wet, but i don't think these are one of the days, or tomorrow. see shower here and, there but that's just it, be scat nerds nature, weakening area of low pressure responsible, so know huge deal. thursday a break. friday night into saturday, though, get ready. heavy rain and some gusty winds, come along, vittoria. over to you. >> it always goes back to the hair, doesn't it? >> sure should, you snow. >> that's how you plan your day, that is should. we're not vein, just how it is. what it is right now, a loft good news, take a look at 59 around the broad street stretch, southbound, northbound commuting, great. maybe headed down toward the philadelphia international airport, won't have a problem. won't have problem get there. look even better once do you get there. we take a look elsewhere, jumping over to 309, around the pa turnpike, if you are traveling in this area, no problems. no problems on the pa turnpike
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itself. we will talk about something coming up in the northeast extension. speed censors, great news, 54 on 95, 55 on 476, we do, however, have an accident on the southbound side of the roosevelt boulevard at adams avenue, northeast extension, northbound just beyond mid-county we do have some con suction, keep that in mind, could potentially set you back. no volume problems, again, construction zone just tends for folks to slow down just bit. traveling in new jersey 295 southbound between the black horse pike and 42 about 15 minutes less maybe give or take until this construction zone closes down. no delays however for mass transit. erika? >> torrey, thank you. we are paying a huge price to get our own money. atm fees have hit a record high. three's on sure side, though. danielle nottingham shows you how to get cash had without the sky high fees.
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>> he travels in his food truck, but couldn't go anywhere to get cash. he was paying three, $4 to use another bank's atm. and the fees didn't stop there. >> my bank would tag on a dollar, $2, depending which bank i would use. >> new survey says customers like this are paying 5% more this year to use other bank's atm's. fees have risen 23% over the last five years. the average cost, 4.35 per transaction, all time high. >> with low hanging in terms of generating additional fee income, banks aren't worried about all rating none customer. >> spending cash to get cash isn't going away. you don't have to be stuck with the fees if you plan ahead. one good way is to use your bank's website or mobile app to locate a nearby atm. some banks will even reimburse you for any fees charged outside of the network. >> if you're real nay pin of for cash, you can always get it back at the point of sale using your debit card.
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>> he says he now only uses cents banks with branches around the city so can he stop paying atm fees, and put every penny into his business. in los angeles, danielle nottingham for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". and, speaking of bank fees, bank right. com says philadelphia has the highest fee in the country for over drafting your account. the average fee here is more than $35. that just adds up so quickly. >> doesn't it, though? >> still ahead this morning, what dot kardashians have to do with football? you have to see the trick play that you will be talking about later on, that's coming up. >> and a deer caught in a pinch after getting stuck in a backyard hammock. we'll tell you how the deer was finally rescued. we'll be right back.
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just released this first anniversary of us debut. probably hear this song a lot, first off the sounds track for the new hunger games movie, which comes out in november. >> won't be long. >> word is amanda bynes is at it again. >> been arrested for driving un the influence. the actress turned fashion designer, was taken into custody sunday outside los angeles, and she was released hours later after posting bail. "tmz" is reporting that she was on doctor prescribed adderall, but failed fields sobriety tests. she is currently on probation for past driving offenses and has cents had problems with drugs and alcohol.
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>> neil diamond free surprise concert at his alma matter ahead of release of new albumn melody road. >> he took to twitter, hours before last night's show. kicks off in allentown this february, with planned stop here in philadelphia, in march. >> and last september mourn. >> this is our last september mourn. >> love that neil diamond. >> dow, too. saw it when it was the corestates center, first performance in that i will about g. >> great show. >> diamonds are forever. >> right now, 552:67:89 the next store oh, deer. eight-point buck got his and the letterings caught up in a hammock in northeastern wisconsin, hate watching. >> this you can see him dancing around there in the tree trying to free himself, really struggling, too, the homeowner says the deer probably wandered onto his property, to eat some acorns,
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he called the sheriff department, deputy aisles add knife freeing the deer. man, took right off. >> 5:53. >> so glad that one had happy ending thankfully. storm scan3, we take you out there first and for moles. had little bit of wet weather that continues to roll right right through this little chunk of the i-95 corridor, down toward baltimore, otherwise, any of the wet wet their we did have creating damp boards walk, creating damp roads, earlier this morning, out near the shore, pretty much all pulling away, will be the scene. generally start to clear out, at least initially, will be patchy dense fog, weakening area of low pressure, so i can't rule out shower later today, tonight, and that goes for tomorrow, as well. torrey, over to you. >> thank you, well, if you are traveling on 59 delaware county earlier construction, right around the delaware bridge. now, yep, well, it is cents still out there. and causing a little bit of a problem for commuters, because
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southbound on 95. so, definitely want to be minds full that far if that's where you are going, maybe headed into delaware, again, will set you back as far as the rest of your majors, you look pretty good. whole lot more when we come back. when mom and dad said i never thought it would be lik. where every turn leads to a new adventure, and surprise leads to discovery. this place is like nothing i've ever seen.
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i'll never forget it. chiapas. live it to believe it.
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>> seeing missouri middle school football teamwork g it was perfect execution. check it out. the quarterback casually walks through the offensive line, looking like there is something wrong with the ball or something, then once into the other team's secondary he bolts through the ends zone. team calls the trick play the ugly kardashian. because the coach says it makes the team laugh. >> look at him. hey, look over there. see ya! zoo ya!a!
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>> oh, that's too much! >> you could only do it once, but wow! >> that's a shame. we'll be back, good morning.
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>> active application investigation in burlington county. investigators say man shot several times in the back, near stevenson and paris avenues in edgewater park. happened around 3:00 this morning. the victim is in the hospital. it is unclear the circumstances right now, but we will keep you up-to-date when we get new information from this scene. >> also, in the news today, hackers may have stolen personal information from customers, who recently shopped attack me markets in the tri-state area. >> data breach second for the company, in less than a month. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry joins us now at this acme market with what shoppers need to know.
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>> acme shoppers need to double check their credit and debit card information after this data breach. >> you know, putting consumer trying to, you know, thinking you're safe in a ever day situation. >> jordan knows what it is like to have his credit cards information stolen, just recently had to get new card, dispute charges someone made in a georgia store using his account. now he and other acme customers have to to monitor their credit and debit cards activity after the supermarket says their customers personal information may have been hacked. acme parent company says malicious software found on networks, that processed credit and debit cards, in the store. immediately contacted the authorities. the customers that may be at risk shopped attack me sometime in late august, to early september. now, shoppers are having to monitor their


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