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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  September 30, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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ones inside the residence at the time of the shooting. >> reporter: toddler was air lifted to the ai du pont hospital for children in wilmington. he was listed in critical condition throughout the the day. investigators processed victim's home but has in the released any details but type of gun, who owns it and whether it was secured in anyway. bill jennings lives next door say boy's parent always seemed loving and responsible. >> really kind of breaks any heart, things like this happen, because when you have a gun, you have to be diligent. >> reporter: police say that the little boy was the only person that was injured in the incident, as of right now, no charges facing anybody involved. we are live from new castle delaware cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> cleve, thank you. developing news at this hour health officials have now confirmed two more new jersey children have been diagnosed with entero virus d68, the children live in essex and passaic counties. they were hospitalized but
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have been since released. first confirmed case of the d68, also a child from north jersey was reported back on september 17th. officials are waiting for test results to see if a four year-old mercer county student who died last week from a possible respiratory illness did in fact have enter o virus d68. >> a shooting at a high school in kentucky, one student was injured, at firm creek traditional high school in louisville. students held their hand over their heads as they were evacuated from the school and taken to the softball field. police say it happened touring an argument, suspect put down his gun and walk in the principal's office. authorities identify police officers involved in the shooting while off-duty in edge water park, burlington county. investigators say that delanco officer basil warren shot a suspect who tried to steel his truck at his home on stevenson avenue this morning. the the the suspect is identified as tajuan
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fitzpatrick of willingboro. fitzpatrick tried to run over officer warren and fired his weapon self-defense n word on fitzpatrick's condition. on day 18 there are new developments in the search for eric frein, suspect in the shooting of two pennsylvania state troopers. investigators looking for frein say that they have found two pipe bombs in the woods that are capable of causing significant damage. hundreds of law enforcement officers continued searching for frein in these woods surrounding the town of candanceas pa n poconos. >> pipe bombs have the ability to be detonated by use of trip wires or lighted fuse. these devices are consistent with frein's non-confrontational and gut less efforts to kill or injure law enforcement from a distance. >> reporter: police say there have been at least one credible sighting of frein in the past 24 hours, but from a hundred yards away and through thick woods. frein has been on the run since september 12th when he
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gunned town one state trooper and wounded another in blooming grove, pennsylvania. if you shop at acme, check your credit or debit card accounts. hackers may have gained access to your personal information. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry has more details. >> small charges on my account, under $10 so turf keep watching it. >> reporter: julian knows what it is like to be a victim of the data breach. she says she shopped at home depot when her debit card information was compromised her account number was hacked and transaction where is made with her money. would i see $6, $2, i thought it was strange and places like arizona, and california, places i have never been. >> reporter: she and other acme customers to have check their credit card and bank statements. that is because the the supermarket says their customers personal information may have been hacked. acme's parent company says that man malicious software was found on networks that processed credit and debit cards in their stores. >> it makes you really think
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about where you are shopping. i always use a debit card and that is very concerning for me. >> reporter: company says it immediately contacted the authorities. the customers that may be at risk shopped at acme in late august or early september. now shoppers, have to monitor their credit and debit card activity. >> i will keep watching and if i see anything that looks suspicious i will be back at the bank. >> reporter: ceo of acme's parent company released a statement saying quote we take our responsibility to protect our customers payment card data seriously. we sincerely regret that our customer data was targeted. we are taking appropriate measures to enhance protection of our customers payment card date a company also says that they will provide complimentary identity protection to affect customers for up to one year, but as of of right now it is in the clear how many cuss mers if any of been affect by this date breach n south philadelphia, syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we do have some breaking
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news right now we have learned that a patient at a hospital in dallas, texas has been diagnosed with ebola. that is according to the center for disease control and that would be the the first case diagnosed in the u.s. the patient is a texas health presbyterian hospital in dallas and a press conference is getting underway at 5:30 about 25 minutes from now, we expect to get more details then and our health reporter stephanie stahl will have in more when she joins us for "eyewitness news" at 6:00. there is new information about the case involving a missing university of virginia student hanna graham. police say their investigation may tie suspect to the death of another woman who disappeared five years ago. cbs news reporter wendy gilette has more. >> reporter: police say they have discover a forensic clue that may help them solve the death of morgan harrington. she disappeared from the university of virginia charlottesville campus five years ago. the officers made the discovery while investigating three two-year old jesse matthew, junior who was last person seen with 18 year-old
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hanna graham on the campus, on september 13th. >> law enforcement has the time town ralph, this really tangled, snarl of evidence and information. >> reporter: harrington's keep their daughter's ash necessary a jewelry box on the table in their living room. her remains were found in the hey field a few miles from the university, three months after she disappeared in 2009. >> we know where morgan is, she's in a box over there hanna graham is still missing and her family needs to necessity where she is. >> reporter: police won't say what they found, they have searched matthews home ape removed items including clothing. but discovery may also help officers solve a 2005 sexual assault in fairfax city, virginia. fbi had previously announced that the attackers dna matched suspect who killed harrington. matthew has only been charged with abduction with intent to tea file in the graham case. wendy gilette for cbs-3
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"eyewitness news". well, comedian tracie morgan is speaking out after wal-mart partly blamed him for injuries he suffered in the crash on new jersey turnpike. back in june, a wal-mart truck slammed in the van carrying morgan and some friends on their way home from a comedy show in delaware. well in, response to the lawsuit filed by more again over that accident wal-mart says occupants were not wearing their seat belts and so they are partly to blame for their injuries. police say that the truck driver in the crash did in the sleep for more than 24 hours lets get to the statement tracie minister again says quote i can't believe wal-mart is blaming me for an accident that they caused. my friend and i were doing nothing wrong. i'm fighting hard every day to get back. one of tracie minister again's friend died in that crash. we would like to correct a story we reported yesterday. we reported a police supervisor at philadelphia faulty cultural academy charter school was fired over allegations that he sexually
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abuse aid male student at the school. according to the school principal the supervisor's contract was not renewed by the school but principal says the supervisor was never accused of sexual abuse of any student and any separation from the school did not have anything with any allegations of abuse. sources now tell us that the philadelphia police special victims unit has in record of any investigation or charges involving the police supervisor. we apologize for the error. well, the most decorated olympian of all time ace rested on suspicion of dui. coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" michael phelps could be in serious trouble after police pulled him over in baltimore. this deadly eruption was powerful enough but tonight there is concern that a japanese volcano could blow its top again. the kathy? on storm scan three we are tracking clouds and some showers but in the wake of the cold front things will be cooling down, big time, really feeling like october as month begins, we will have numbers coming up.
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it is a new twist on gourmet dog food customized dog meals add water meat and vegetables it is home cooking for our fury friend, we will be right back.
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theredelaware just like us. fire companies in the state of something went wrong with the new health care law that threatened to shut us all down, and then chris coons got involved. chris did one heck of a job. he got senators in both parties to see that there was a problem. they fixed it, so now volunteer fire companies can stay in service. most guys in washington just want to argue. but our chris coons got results. i'm chris coons and i approve this message. it's not easy to get things done in washington, but i'm working hard to find common ground.
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there are concerns about another eruption at a volcano in japan where 36 people have been killed so far. increased seismic activity forced rescuers to suspend plans to try to recover two dozen bodies still near the summit. tremors have wrist tone a level not seen since saturday evening, hours after the volcano's initial large eruption. in hong kong, thousands of pro democracy protesters continued to block the streets, disrupting traffic and business in the city's
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busy financial district. protesters are demanding beijing give up control over who runs for hong kong's top leadership position in 2017, and that position is currently held by hong kong's chief executive and protesters want him to step down so far he is refusing. a bus driver is stuck in flood waters is assaulted and now search is on for the attacker caught on camera. video was recorded earlier this month during a record flooding in mesa, arizona man wanted the driver to move his bus, so he could get closer to his bicycle which he wanted to retrieve but bus driver said he could not move and that is when the suspect punched that driver, 20 times. the olympic gold medalist michael phelps was arrested in maryland this morning. phelps was charged with driving under the influence, speeding and crossing double yellow lines. a police officer clock the swimmer doing 84 miles an hour in a 45 miles an hour zone. phelps apologized for his actions on twitter saying
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quote i'm deeply sorry to everyone, i have let down. you have a dog? what do you feed that dog? do you pour package food into a bowl or do you cook for the pet the way you might for other members of your family. >> it can go either way. three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan find for more and more pet owners out there there is a middle ground. >> reporter: a growing number of products available on line and on store shelves are designed to let pet owners like allison lynch customized her dog's meals similar to mixing up meals you find in your grocery store. >> i was thrilled to find out that what i would make at home for my dogs i could find in the pet store. >> it can be as intricate as you would like it to be or as simple as one would like it to be. >> reporter: simple as adding water your dog's favorite meat or even vegetable of your choice these products are as a result of the popularity of
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home cooking for dogs in the wake of pet food recalls. >> all different nutrient requirements as we as people to. just cooking same way for your dog the way you cook for early was not the way to do it but they were looking to mix themselves. that created a michigan for this product. >> reporter: mix it yourself option was all natural ingredients and grain free can be nutritious but important not to throw your dog's diet out of balance when you add your own ingredients. >> if you read the papers and the the magazines and internet every day there is some new thing we should and should not eat and same thing is happening with our dogs. you need to be very careful about jumping on the latest trend. >> reporter: best advice work with your vet if you plan to change your dog's diet. some custom myselfable meals include raw meat but f.d.a. caution as begins raw diet for dogs since raw meat is more likely to be contaminated and can lead to illness. different strokes for different strokes. i have a dog nephew hoist almost 17 and every meal has
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shredded mozerella on top. he is going strong. >> seventeen. >> sixteen years, nine months and 30 days. >> that is like 150 in human years. that is impressive. >> all right jim, see you at 11:00. some breaking news right now out of montgomery county where a person has been shot at a gun range. we're told they are being air lifted out of there right now. chopper three is live over the scene and police say this happened at county's public safety training campus in conshohocken around 4:45 this afternoon. the circumstances surrounding this shooting are unclear right now, we don't know what the victim's condition is but again they are being air lifted and we will of course bring you an update as soon as we know more. meantime we have our first peak at mrs. clooney's wedding dress, still ahead on "eyewitness news". plus answer to relieving migraine pain could be in the operating room, our health reporter stephanie stahl shows us how plastic surgery can make migraines disappear. we will have the story behind this very good tip
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really surprised. >> you told to us kind of expect that but i mean, it got a little hot. >> and cloudy i was able to get up in the upper 70's. some locations making it up in the 80's, do you believe it, on the last day of september.
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take a look outside, it was a beautiful afternoon, so sun, clouds, warm temperatures to end the month. in center city philadelphia looking good through our sky cam three. down the shore the same, some folks on the boards a beautiful sunny day, from the city to the shore, our live neighborhood network takes as you cross the region to show us high temperature, in green lane, pa, 83 degrees. valley forge at middle school 82, and thomas harrington middle school in mount laurel 76 and new castle county airport, 76 degrees. temperatures varying from north to south, and you can see very comfortable, in the 70's and 80's. mild today in philadelphia, high of 79. average high is 73 this time of the year. so stay above average. right now holding on to a good deal of the warmth. philadelphia 78. allentown 76. the the same temperature as the shore. atlantic city and wildwood both checking in at 70 degrees. the reading 76. wilmington is 75. on storm scan three we have a
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in mixture of clouds an sunshine. showers moving from the west but this front appears to be washing out as it moves eastward. we have a chance of a scattered shower during late night hours. we will watch during the day on wednesday as this area of low pressure moves through and brings us a chance of the shower or two, otherwise, the clouds mixing with some sun and temperatures in the 70's. the thursday we will get a break, high pressure, squeezes down the coast, and it will be partly sunny but temperatures still cool, in the 70's, but away from this next front friday to approach from the west, during the day, it stays dry, but friday night we will see the rain and unfortunately even saturday morning, the threat of some showers. future weather times it out this evening, keeping it relatively dry, through the 11:00 o'clock hour. late night perhaps a few spotty showers and then during the day tomorrow seeing a few showers moving in, especially north, of trenton and a few spotty showers to the west. so it will be here and there at best. overnight, clouds, just a chance of the shower, area of fog will develop late
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overnight, low temperatures 60 in the city but some 50's in the our suburbs. in many suburbs. here's what you will wake up to, allentown 56. poconos 52. millville 58. trenton 59. the city staying mild, at 60 degrees. during the day on wednesday, some fog and clouds and sun, temperatures cooler at 74, with a northerly wind. on the exclusive eyewitness weather three day forecast you can see for october, feeling a little bit more like october with seasonal temperatures, wednesday 74, pleasant thursday, 74 and then by friday, changing over to clouds, temperatures, and, 07 degrees. i want to tell but something new in the cbs-3 weather center if you love watching weather and featured in the newscast we want to you join our team and become eyewitness weather watcher. sign up now at cbs we will be back with leslie and sports.
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welshing eagles continue to prepare for a visit from the rams on sunday. good news for birds, tackle lane johnson practiced and he was suspended for first four games after testing positive for performance enhancing drugs. such good news for a banged up o line who struggled in sunday's loss verse san francisco. >> i hope so. you know, i got to go pretty good toward last year, moving the the ball really well. just trying to get shady back in the game and get those yards backup and start attacking again. >> of course, thursday night means prime time, football, this week we have an nfc north match up with the minnesota vikings traveling to lambeau field to play green bay packers, pregame starts at 7:30 right here on cbs-3.
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what should be our game of the week for the friday football frenzy in should it be bristol at jenkintown, maple shade at pitman or haddon heights at gateway. log on to our audio road show app and tell us where we should send beasley. back to you, chris and jessica. >> leslie, thanks very much. how did an armed intruder get inside the white house? that is what lawmakers want to know tonight, secret service grilled on capitol hill, we will have that in our next half an hour. plus a house, built by using a 3-d printer, we will show you the new wild technology that is being used to build all kind of things,
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i'm chris may. here are your top stories to day. a three-year eld boy is in critical condition after police say he shot himself in the head, and that boy was home with his mom at the time in claymont, delaware. it is just in the clear how that boy got hold of a gun. investigators are searching for the trooper killer eric frein, they say they have found two pipe bombs in the woods in that search. frein has been on the run for 18 days after allegedly shooting, # state troopers and killing one. acme says that a date breach may have put, customers personal account information in jeopardy.
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stores in 21 states including pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware may have been affected. katie? thanks, chris good evening. we are tracking some showers, as we head into tonight, it turnout but chance for showers continues during the overnight hours and right into our wednesday. temperatures do stay on the mild side though, right through end of the week we are looking at temperatures in the 70's and then a strong front comes through friday night into saturday meaning rain to kick off your weekend. we will have the seven day forecast in a bit, jessica. >> kate, thanks. today a grand jury formerly indicted a man with the knife who jumped the fence and ran deep in the white house. omar gonzales is charged with entering a restricted building and carrying a dangerous weapon. this new development comes as lawmakers grilled the secret service about that security breach. cbs news correspondent craig bosswell has the latest from capitol hill. >> reporter: secret service director julia pierson is taking full responsibility for security lapses at the the white house. >> if mistakes were made and
5:30 pm
proper protocols were not followed. >> reporter: pierson was on capitol hill to explain series of mistakes made by secret service personnel, including an incident earlier this month when a man carrying a knife made it past several agents into the white house before being captured. >> i want overwhelming force would you disagree with me. >> i didn't want our officer and agent to execute anyone breaching the white house. >> we will explore this further. >> reporter: lawmakers also recess event discovered secret service took several days to realize someone shot at the white house hitting it at least seven times in 2011. a maid was one who noticed bullet marks near the residents. president's doubt a sascha was home at the time. >> when did your agency fine evidence of the shooting. >> i believe it was on the 15th or 14th of november. >> which was how many days after the shooting three to four days later. >> reporter: oscar hernandez was arrested and quick for that crime.
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director pierson says she is conducting a full investigation of, both incidents to find out what happened. on capitol hill, craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". afghanistan's new government signs a long delayed agreement on the u.s. troop presence. ate loud 10,000 u.s. troops to stay in afghanistan beyond the end of 2014. president other bam a says it reflects u.s. commitment to supporting the afghan government ape will allow the u.s. military to continue targeting terrorist, and training afghan security forces. well, starting at midnight if you run a red light in abington township montgomery county you will get a ticket two month warning ticket will come to an end tonight. fine for running readies $100. there are cameras, at three intersections, old york and susquehanna roads, old york and welsh road, and fitzwater town and moreland roads. now search for new buyer for failed revel casino in atlantic city is hitting a
5:32 pm
rough patch. florida developer glenn straub has asked a judge to delay auction until thursday. straub claims revel's attorney went back on a prom toys share information about other bids that were received. the they refused to suspend auction but scheduled a hearing on the matter next month. it is ultimate do it yourself project, architects are giving people a chance to build their own homes with printable 3-d parts. 730 square foot two bedroom square home was bowel would it construction crews. volunteers down loaded blueprints and printout the parts for the home using that 3-d printer. the labeled parts fit together like a puts well stapel and screws and hey, printout even includes tools. >> there is a cost saving, in sweat equity you can do some of the work for yourself. >> you could buy anything like this in london. >> reporter: it was was assembled in a week for less than $80,000.
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good afternoon, a relatively typical start to our afternoon rush just 5:33. a lot of road work and different repairs all over to talk b this is, the interstate at 95. this is actually the northbound ramp heading toward north bound blue route. you can see taking out right-hand lane right there for that ramp. this is going on in both directions. expect same thing on the other side with that emergency road work. more road work in bucks county route one over there filing through single lane there just at trenton morrisville bridge. north bound toward trenton is where we will see that delay and backup at this time. now an accident in delaware route one northbound blocking ramp to i-95 northbound so ab wear of that, take it back quite a bit out in new jersey, route 55 southbound at route 47, so expect crews on the scene trying to get that cleared up and out of the way. otherwise our majors still moving slow, 422 from 202 into oaks westbound a slow trip will take you 13 minutes and
5:34 pm
21 minutes on the schuylkill expressway. heading eastbound from the blue route to the vine street expressway. we love mass transit when it is going well. september, new jersey transit and dart running on time with no delays and in problems at the airport. >> when it is going well, jessica, thanks very much. preparations underway for a walk for hearing event in philadelphia this upcoming weekend. preschoolers at clarks schools for hearing and speech in bryn mawr and their families will be on that walk. this school teaches children who are deaf or hard of hearing to listen and talk. the goal of the walk is to raise awareness about hearing loss. >> way for all of the families to get together for families chosen for their children to listen and talk, this is great way to come together with our alumni and share in this event and filled by our home coming. >> walk for hearing begins sunday morning at 10:00 o'clock from the philadelphia navy yard. a waiter received a huge tip for terrible service. we will tell you why coming up on "eyewitness news".
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plus a remedy to erase wrinkles has an added benefit erasing migraine headaches. health reporter stephanie stahl tells us thousand make pain go away. trending today, oh, dear, a deer is caught in the hammock and as you can see he is doing anything but taking a nap, kate. we have got some showers blowing autopsy cross central pennsylvania you can see right there along a front, will they get here? we will talk about that and a cool down as we head in the upcoming weekend. that is all with
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as we told you earlier in the broadcast, press conference set to begin in the half an hour in atlanta at cdc on the first case of ebola to be diagnosis within the united states. the patient is being treated at texas health presbyterian hospital in dallas and being kept in isolation there. our health reporter stephanie stahl will join us at 6:00 with more on this breaking story. frontier airlines is launching new service from philadelphia international airport. they will be traveling to seven cities, this is a lose
5:39 pm
fare carrier based in denver. they will offer non-stops from philadelphia to miami, orlando, tampa, and cancun, mexico starting in december. none in stop to atlanta, charlotte and chicago, will then start in the springtime. well, trending now a deer in distress, and a high speed crash. let's first take a look at a deer, caught in the bit of a pinch, jessica. >> well, let's just talk about what happened here, eight-point buck got it antlers tangled up in a hamin mock in northeastern, wisconsin. you can see him caning around trying to free himself. the the home owner says deer probably wandered on to his property to eat acorns as they often do. he called sheriff's deputy and deputy used the knife to cut netting freeing that deer but it is okay. a soup hire speed crash caught on speed. land speed record holder
5:40 pm
george was going 370 miles an hour when he flipped his car. >> yeah. >> speed deem on was doing a test run on the boneville salt flats earlier this month. he walked away fine. >> wow. >> isn't that amazing. >> yes. >> remarkable. >> finally tuned athlete there. we have had some stories recently about bad tippers allegedly receiving bad service, we won't name names but wait until you hear this story. >> a couple in iowa dropped a huge tip after horrible service. they gave him a big tip after service was really bad. >> what? >> thinks a receipt, hundred dollar tip for a 66-dollar restaurant bill. the couple says they waited more than an hour for their food. when it got there it wasn't that good but they realized waiter was serving a dozen table and tending bar. they decided to cut him a break as they believe in paying it forward. >> good for them. >> now it is time to check your philadelphia job market reports. >> here's "eyewitness news" jobs sport steven goldberg.
5:41 pm
>> reporter: millions of military veterans including more than 953,000 right here in pennsylvania, have earned our respect and our thanks but that is often not enough to land a good job. statewide, veterans say 7.7 percent unemployment rate and worse for younger vets. home from iraq and afghanistan. they face national unemployment over 8 percent. significantly higher then other workers. veterans should describe their military title and experience in laymen's terms. a new government site the veterans employment center can help. www dot e benefits dot va dot gov, it translates military occupation codes, branches of service and pay rate into civilian jobs, with links to matching open positions. the also check out recruit, a site founded and run by a former marine. it currently has more than 17,000 jobs in the philadelphia area including positions like project manager in, sales specialist, field
5:42 pm
service technician, senior financial and systems analyst and facility services associate. our vet today are highly train with the superb work ethic, they have earned their place in our labor force. i'm steve greenburg for
5:43 pm
on my j, i've learned that when you ask someone in texas if they want "big" savings on car insurance, it's a bit like asking if they want a big hat... ...'scuse me... ...or a big steak... ...or big hair... i think we have our answer. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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on the healthwatch over the years patients who have had plastic surgery on their noses or brow lifts notice their migraines disappeared. now doctors think they know why and they have a different solution. three on your side health reporter stephanie stahl has this story. >> reporter: wrinkle remedy botox injections are also used to ease pain associated with some kinds of migraine headaches. but the relief, wears off. >> now a different kind of cosmetic procedure is providing more permanent results according to a new study. it says surgery to remove excess skin on the upper eye lids can get rid of headache pain. >> the the proper patients, it can will be successful surgery. >> reporter: some migraines can be caused by sensory nerves coming down from the brain to the face. during eye lid surgery that is usually ton with general anesthetic surgery doctors say see those nerves and take the extra step to free them. it was successful in the 35 migraine patients in the study who have the eye lid surgery. >> we can see over 50 percent
5:46 pm
complete reductions, hundred percent never to have take medication again. these are patients that were not showing any relief from all known modalities of treatment that we have now. >> reporter: and experts say some insurance companies may pay for the migraine eye surgery since the cost of treating severe headaches can be expensive, with multiple doctor visits and medications. again though this is surgery, so a lot to consider with these decisions. >> sure. >> tough going for migraine sufferers they are always looking for relief. >> stephanie, thanks. we have our first look tonight at mrs. clooney's wedding dress. check out the new cover of the people magazine, it shows the oscar winning actor george clooney cud welling his new wife amal alamuddin. she wore a custom oscar delauren to gown with hand i am em brighterd with beads and crystals. clooney wore his cuff links with his name in arabic a gift from his bride.
5:47 pm
they exchanged vows saturday in venice before a a list gathering of friend following by civil ceremony on monday. well, it looks like former first daughter chelsea clinton loves being a mom. she was beaming as she carried charlotte clinton mezvinsky out of new york's lennox hill hospital last night. she had plenty of support from her husband mark mezvinsky by her side from montgomery county and of course her parents who made it clear they love being grandparents. well, weather turns out pretty beautiful today, we have had a lot of fog this morning, once that fog mixed out we are looking at sunshine for the majority of the afternoon. you can see a few clouds started to roll in areas to our west. the this is at kutztown area middle school, in kutztown where it is 71 degrees. nice and warm. you can see clouds starting to filth inner. still a nice evening for soccer practice out there for the kids. lets look at storm scan three locally we are really not seeing much at all but just a few little blips on the radar starting to sneak from the west. as we zoom out we can see a
5:48 pm
frontal boundary and some storms have developed here. over central pennsylvania heading towards altoona state college area. these should fall apart as they head towards us this is one in the series of two lows we are watching over next couple of days this one bringing risk for showers tonight into tomorrow, and this storm though back to the west a much stronger system you can see cold front extending from that system. that will advance eastward across the country through the end of the week and that front will come through for us friday night into saturday bringing changes for the weekend. so in the near term we are looking at these showers and thunderstorms off to the west. they will start to move south and eastward and fizzle and we cannot rule out showers and storms especially into portions of delaware and perhaps lancaster and chester counties later tonight. otherwise temperatures still nice and warm 78 at the airport. seventy-five in wilmington. 76 degrees in allentown. you can see real cool air and fall-like conditions, still lock up in the northern plains and behind that other front i showed five you three in bismarck right now, 57 in international falls and cool
5:49 pm
52 right now in milwaukee wisconsin. moving into the far turn here's what to expect. a couple showers through the day tomorrow. they are not every where. they are isolated but keep them in mind. at least plan for them here for your wednesday. thursday looks like a nice day. watch what happens as this next front gathers moisture, very strong front, a very sharp trough coming in behind this front and an indication of much cooler air waiting in the wings and you can see the rain at 11:00 o'clock on friday. well off to the west. this is slowing down a bit as these front often do you and will not move in for us as we head into the weekend. watch for some rain. here is activity heading up to maybe the poconos this weekend, lehigh gorge, railway looks good, foliage kicking in the poconos we have moderate color already up here. here is your forecast. selfishly i have a family wedding for me in the family poconos. we are hoping to keep showers out. best chance for showers and rain will be late friday in, to saturday. you can see in the mountains highs are only in the 60's where we will stay in the
5:50 pm
07's, here in the sit all week long but changes by the weekend. overnight clouds and a stray shower. fog will develop late. overnight low down to 60. for your wednesday watch for that fog in the morning, much like today reduced visibility on the roads, and a shower in spots tomorrow otherwise clouds and some sun, high a mild 47 degrees. here is you're witness weather seven day forecast which keeps it mild through the next couple days, at 73 for your thursday. friday sunshine mess of the day and increasing cloud. yom kip are begins at sundown. watch for rain friday night in the first half of saturday and sunday finally feeling more like october should feel with highs back in the in middle 60's and had will feel nice. we are ending september on a warm night fantastic night to get outside. meteorologist justin drabick is live in philadelphia's dilworth park with the warm forecast, hey, justin. >> good night to be outside for a movie, yeah, that is right. sea biscuit airs tonight at 7:00 o'clock this is a cool park that opened up earlier
5:51 pm
this month. we are at west side of city hall, people hanging out right now, enjoying nice weather and good cafe over there as well and that stays opened for the movie. you cannot watch a movie without a good snack. cool place tonight. why not the weather great. maybe need sweat shirt or jacket. lets talk about this weather. the in of september finishing off on a warm side and it started out hot as well but offer all recapping the month we will end up over a degree above average. our precipitation even though we had rain last week we will end up below average, 2 inches below. ninety-three was the highest temperature in the month and 50 was the low. it stays mild tonight. lets break down is what happening this evening. we will see clouds but any showers should hold off as they stay to the west. looks good for movie at 7:00 o'clock temperatures in the lower 70's, upper 60's around 8:00 o'clock and 9:00 o'clock about the same deal 67 degrees for the temperature under partly to mostly cloudy skies.
5:52 pm
so looking good there. back here we're breeze any center city but nice spot to hang out, dilworth park, sea biscuit tonight at 7:00. they have events here live music, movie nights and these movie nights go all the way until the end of objecting. if you cannot get out tonight still plenty more weeks to come. check it out. reporting from center city i'm meteorologist justin drabick for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> sound like fun, thanks. a future doctor did not let a devastating injury end his million school career in this weeks story of brotherly love medical student paralyzed in an accident is back in school again thanks to the help of the radnor non-profit. how they helpe
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
i've lived hewith my mother, forty--four who is ninety--nine. people who do not live in delaware county need to know that tom mcgarrigle raised our taxes five times. five times in seven years.
5:55 pm
meanwhile tom mcgarrigle gave a million dollar subsidy to an energy company. tom mcgarrigle is not looking out for regular families or seniors at all. we need john kane in the senate. he gets regular families.
5:56 pm
facing a life time of medical bills that could top two million-dollar. >> he is back in school thanks to the help of others. as ukee washington shows news brotherly love, he is not letting a disability get in his way of becoming a doctor. >> reporter: this young man is back on track thanks to his own determination and radnor non-profit helping him with medical bills. >> hi, mr. gonzales how are you feeling today. >> reporter: greg snyder is checking on patients at jefferson university hospital. he is finishing his fourth year of medical school. but it has been a difficult journey. >> greg's medical career could have ended in june of 2013, when he was paralyzed in a hiking accident. we talked to him last fall. >> i remember kind of approaching some large rocks, tying my dog up around a tree putting his leash around a tree and that is kind of where i lost consciousness.
5:57 pm
i don't remember what happened. >> reporter: after a year of therapy greg is back to his studies. >> i will help you sit forward to listen tour lungs a bit. >> reporter: greg says using a wheelchair comes with some limitations, but. >> it is an advantage for me because makes the patient feel like i'm on their level. i come up to them and we are looking at each other eye to eye. >> reporter: family and friend raised hundred you this dollars for greg's medical expenses true an organization called help hope live, a radnor none in profit that has helped more than 3,000 people with similar needs. executive director and ceo lynn coughlin samson has a step doubt her who was paralyzed in an accident. >> we help families on bridge gap between what insurance pays for and what they need to thrive and we do that through aggressive fund raising. >> people on the other side of the country, opposite coast, sent me messages saying we heard your story on cbs and we wanted to help. it is an absolutely incredible organization. >> reporter: giving greg a
5:58 pm
chance to heel others. greg will graduate in a couple months and apply to residency programs. he recently also got engaged. if would you like to find out more about help hope live, check out cbs and search brotherly love. i'll see new a morning. i'll ukee washington k cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 health officials reveal first case of ebola diagnosed in the united states. health reporter stephanie stahl will be live with break goatee tails, walt. >> reporter: police are searching for a sexual predator who struck on one of philadelphia's most prettiest and popular recreational trails. i'll have the story coming up. a small child is in critical condition after accidentally shooting himself in new castle county but you where did that boy get a gun. kathy? in weather, it is last day of september, and it is feeling more like summer with temperatures soaring through the 70's, as october begins, things will change with more clouds, and more cooler
5:59 pm
temperatures. we will have the full forecast coming up, "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. we will begin at 6:00 with the first case of ebola diagnosed within the united states. the patient tonight is inside, this texas hospital. officials for the centers for disease control have just updated the situation the two last few minutes. good evening, i'm chris may. aim jessica dean. health reporter stephanie stahl joins with us breaking details. >> reporter: breaking at this moment, press briefing in atlanta is still going on at this moment. federal health officials say test results came back today and patient being treated at a texas hospital, does have ebola. it is the first ebola case diagnosed here in the united states. the unidentified patient is at texas health presbyterian hospital in dallas and being kept in isolation after presenting with symptoms that can include, fever, muscle pain and sometimes bleeding. the the individual does have a
6:00 pm
recent travel history to liberia. the virus has killed more than 3,000 people across west africa and infect a handful of americans who have traveled to that region. >> this individual left liberia on the 19th of september, arrived in the u.s. on the 20th of september, had no symptoms when departing liberia or entering this country. but for or four or five days later around the 24th of september, began to develop symptoms. on the 26th of september, initially sought care and sunday the 28th of september was admitted to a hospital in texas and placed on isolation. >> reporter: health officials are looking to identify all people who have been in contact with this individual. there is no evidence ebola is spreading in the united states. health officials say people boarding planes in the out break zonesre