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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 14, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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daughter of duncan's girl friend. >> his body is burning up. >> center for disease control and prevention believe it was a breach in protocol and pham may have caught virus from duncan from the way she removed her infect gear. >> single infection in the health care worker is unacceptable. what we're doing at this point is looking at everything that we can do to minimize that risk, so that those who are caring for her, do that safely, and effectively. >> reporter: world health organization said today that there could be as many as 10,000 newe bowl cases per week by the end of november. the virus has already cls,aime r cbs-3 "eyewitness news". health officials across our area continue to prepare for a potential ebola case, including those in delaware county. that is where a newly formed ebolas tack force met for the first time today. our team coverage continues
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with health reporter stephanie stahl live from morton, stephanie. >> reporter: we got out of a press briefing, delaware county has created an ebolas tack force, coordinating efforts among hospitals, first responders, and community leaders. they want to be prepared, just in case, and make sure everyone knows what to look for and how to respond. >> thinks a deadly disease, and that people are understandably nervous in this day and age. a contagious virus is only a plane ride away, we don't want to create a panic here, but we do want to create a health a wearness that the department of community health and county emergency services department have distributed, the cdc's ebola virus disease screening criteria, for e ms workers to responders, and to health care workers. >> viruses do not have
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borders, or boundaries. so we have to be prepared. we have a very melting pot community. we have a community from west africa, we have large immigrant population from all parts of the world and we must take the necessary precautions >> reporter: like many other communities, delaware county had has set up a special e ms response team, if anyone in this community has a fever over 101 with additional symptoms and they have been to west africa or in touch with anybody in west africa they will be isolated and treated by people in protective suits. we will have much more on delaware county's ebola emergency response plan, just in case, coming up tonight at 6:00 o'clock. reporting live, i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". stephanie, thank you. coming up at 6:00 an iteam exclusive, philadelphia officials take new steps to protect first respond hours
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might come in contact with possibly bowl a cases. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter has that part of the coverage at 6:00. and we are staying, on top of all of the angles of the ebola story, we will compile a resource guide where you can learn more about the virus as well as its symptoms, just log on to cbs well, investigators tonight are asking for your help as they look for the driver connect to a crash that killed a mother of have three, this happened on i-95, near the woodhaven road exit in bensalem, bucks county. "eyewitness news" reporter noel mcclaren is live in bensalem tonight and noel you have talk to the victim's family today. >> reporter: that family tells me that they are hoping that the person that they believe caused this crash, turns themselves into police, soon, so they can have some sort of closure. >> please come forward, you have to take responsibility, please, we are begging you from all our family and
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friends. it is right thing to do. >> reporter: husband's final plea for his partner police say 44 year-old mother and grandmother lisa demayo was killed in the crash believed to be caused by a so-called phantom driver. witnesses told troopers an unidentified driver of the black sedan cut demayo off and slammed on its brakes right in front of her jeep. demayo swerved out of the way causing her to hit a guardrail and flip multiple times. her husband who was on speaker phone with his wife over her the whole thing. >> i heard her scream. i was yelling at the phone until someone could hear me. >> i hear daddy yelling and then i got really scared. >> reporter: demayo died shortly after being taken to the hospital. her family said that black vehicle described by witnesses never bothered to stop. >> she didn't deserve this, at all. >> reporter: demayo leaves behind her hurting husband. >> i knew she was one once i
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met her. >> reporter: her young granddaughter and three child ren. >> i was inside of her bed last night. >> reporter: plus sea of classmates expect to catch up with her this weekend for her 25th high school reunion all struggling to understand how someone so adored could abandoned by a reckless driver in the her final moments. >> reporter: state police describe the car they are searching for, and a late 90's, early 2,000, model, black sedan. they ask if you have any information, that can help them find that vehicle or person who may have been driver that, to contact them immediately. we're bringing you more on the story at 6:00 but for now we are live in bensalem, noel mcclaren for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". in weather, it doesn't really feel like the middle of october out there, temperatures nearing 80 degrees in parts of the area today. meteorologist kathy orr is live on the sky deck with more, kathy. >> wind are picking up out here right now, jessica and it
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feels a little will bit sticky, more like summer, so humidity, some warmth, and some summer-like storms moving our way. temperatures, soared today though with southerly wind a head of our next storm system. take a look at some of the numbers. in philadelphia we made it up to 79 degrees. that is more like mid-september, and the heat is going to roll on at least for a little while. temperatures around the area, are still quite warm, and in philadelphia it is 76. same in allentown and wilmington. seventy-five in millville. only 69 in the poconos. the the average high this time of the year is only in the 60's. 67 degrees, and now this is a huge change from yesterday, remember we had the clouds, we had drizzle and as a matter on have fact in the poconos it is 16 degrees warmer today then yesterday. same in reading and allentown. 15 degrees warmer. in philadelphia it is 13 degrees warmer right now then it was yesterday at this time. coming up next we are tracking the rain on storm scan three, a few scattered showers, well to the west, but this would be
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moving a little bit closer and we have an enlarger area of precipitation, to the west, that will be moving in as well. so we are looking at big changes heading our way, the mild and muggy weather will turn over to some stormy weather, as we get further into the mid to latter week period. rain comes in tomorrow and it turns stormy. more on that coming up with the forecast later in the broadcast when i join you inside. >> we will see you then, thank you very much. police are searching for suspects tonight in the north philadelphia double shooting that left a man dead and a woman wounded. now the the 24 year-old, who died was shot more than 30 times and died at the hospital. the woman was simply an innocent bystander. she is in stable condition. she was hit by a single bullet. police say there were two suspects firing dozens of shots from point blank range. >> it was like an execution style murder, he was shot several times. he went to the ground. then from a witness they stood overtop of him and shot him,
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he was shot 35 times. the it was an execution style murder. we need to get these guys identified and off the streets. >> reporter: witnesses tell investigators that the two men ran to the scene jumped in the car and sped away. there is no word on a motive. police are looking at video from nearby cameras. philadelphia police are looking for a robbery suspect and they need your help, this robbery happened at a game stop store in the 2500 block of castor avenue and richmond. police say suspect displayed a handgun, demanded money from that clerk. employee then complied, the suspect took off with an unknown amount of cash. a pair of thieves target a cell even if store in philadelphia's fair hill neighborhood. the suspects walked in the t mobile store in the 2900 block of north fifth street. one suspect asked to see a cell phone from the display case, he later ran out of the store without ever paying for it. if you recognized those suspects call the police. the spca rescues an extremely malnourished dog from a home in chester
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delaware county. officials say that the young adult female pit bull terrier blend was just more than 20-pound and barely had strength to stand on her own legs. staff at spca named the dog pearl, pearlies now recovering, so far, no charges have been filed in that case. is there much more ahead here on "eyewitness news" tonight including terrifying moments for 200 people on board a commercial flight. >> all of a sudden we hear a loud pop, pop, pop. >> and a ripping sound. >> wow, see why passengers thought their plane was coming apart in midair. then dying with dignity, term untilly ill woman choose to go end her own life in three weeks. she explains her controversial decision. and chilling confession tonight, why this ten year-old pennsylvania boy says he murdered a 90 year-old woman. more news coming up.
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one person is in critical condition, 13 others injured, after this mega bus flipped on its side near indianapolis. police say the driver swerved to avoid a minor crash while heading to chicago. about 50 to 60 people were on the bus when this happened. the roadway was wet from overnight storms, some light rain was falling at the time of that crash. cabin problems caused some very scary moments for passengers aboard an american airlines jet. >> i heard pop, pop, pop.
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>> it sounded like the plane was falling apart. >> reporter: passengers snapped photos, the plane was seemingly coming apart. officials say some of the plane's interior panels buckled forcing the pilot to make an emergency landing. >> we heard a loud pop and ripping sound. we were shouting for the flight crew, come look, you know, the walls are caving in. >> american airlines, says this was in the a pressure says issue but it was a cosmetic problem caused by a possible blown air duct along the wall. that paneling is not part of main structure of the jet. >> pretty scary though. president obama is meeting with american military commanders and defense chiefs from more than 20 countries participating in the fight begins isis. the white house officials say meeting will focus on military strategy and ways to boost campaign against the terror group. the international community has been pushing the turkish government to play a larger role in the fight in
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neighboring syria and iraq. >> it is clear we need more advance, weapons, apartment i tanks, helicopter and more advanced weapons to fight begins isis. >> isis fighters have captured another military base in iraq and they are moving closer to baghdad. well, it is 5:14. good afternoon everyone. we will go outside. we're already having problems on the ben franklin bridge. relatively early start to that this afternoon. from the toll plaza in new jersey heading westbound up and over in the city, we are losing those two right lanes due to the on construction. heading from philadelphia, into new jersey, we are moving along nicely but you can get that congestion right near toll plaza and over on the schuylkill expressway, really jammed solid at 202. eastbound towards the city you can see completely crawling and these lanes right here, also some mass transit delays, septa paoli thorndale regional rails 15 minute delays in both
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directions. in new jersey, 295 southbound an accident atwood crest station pulled over to the right-hand side and a lot have of our major falling off already, 95 southbound, and vine street expressway, it will be 18 minutes and really heavy on 202 from the schuylkill expressway into route 30. heading southbound it will be a 24 minute trip. out in delaware, route 40 at rockwood drive a crash there. and currently no problems at the philadelphia international airport. chris and jessica back over to you. still a head on "eyewitness news" is philly getting its own real housewives show? plus. >> abandoned houses have long hit the the city of camden but some may soon change. i'm cleve bryan. we will tell but a first phase of the project to abolish abandoned properties. he may be young and inexperienced but eagles kicker codey parker could be the player that takes the player deep in the playoffs, coming up codey talks about the road to philadelphia and dealing with the pressure of playing in the nfl.
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severe thunderstorms swept through central alabama killing a woman when a large tree felon her home. and nearby merion county this church steeple was struck by lightening and caught, on fire, in one was hurt though. a tornado in arkansas clock wind as high as 135 miles an hour, this mobile
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home, was torn apart, killing the man inside, and his wife, and two children were injured. the strong wind also flipped cars, and destroyed several other buildings. incredible. yesterday we were looking at storm scan three and tornado watches extended from chicago, all the way down to the mississippi. >> incredible. >> absolutely a nation. severe weather limited today. we are not expecting that type of weather but we will see the same system moving in as early as tomorrow afternoon. we are looking at mild and muggy conditions though ahead of that storm system with strong southerly winds already whipping out there. lets look down the the shore where we will be seeing gusts to 35, maybe at times 40 miles an hour overnight and tomorrow morning. right now we are looking at some sunshine in ocean city cape may county on the boards. temperatures, feeling much more, like late summer. our live neighborhood network takes us around the region to show you current win gusts in magnolia gusting to 29 miles an hour, spring city, 29, same
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thing in williamstown, new jersey gusts to 29. millville at the airport wind gusting to 27 miles an hour. this will continue at least for the next 24 hours. storm scan three we have some spotty showers through hageers town maryland and pittsburgh but picture is much wider. you can see our storm system extending from chicago all the way down to the deep south, severe weather really limited to western parts of the carolina as extending through georgia but this rain is moving north east and eventually will be moving into the delaware valley. starting off light and then getting more intense. right now still quite warm. seventy-six in philadelphia 76 in allentown. warm wind, warming us up to 74 degrees and wilmington you can see more warmth the two west and south, rich machine reporting in at 81 degrees. tomorrow repeat performance ahead of the front with the warm air being squeezed up the coastal plain. temperatures in the 70's. afternoon, we have some showers, sprinkling in especially to the west and then we will watch rain inn fence file as this front gets
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closer wednesday night and it comes through thursday morning. behind it, additional breezy conditions, thursday will slowly dry it out and temperatures staying in the 70's right through friday and after that, turning even cooler, for the weekend. future weather shows the situation, this evening, no issues just a few clouds here and there. wednesday morning spotty showers. we will see it working eastward but to the west of philadelphia with the heavy rain offer lancaster and state college but won't be until wednesday night that the heavy rain begins to move into the overnight a few rumbles of thunder even thursday morning. some showers, and then it slowly moves away. we will be seeing some dry conditions, but that wind will continue. as far as precipitation is concerned we're talking about nearly a inch of rain for the region. possibility of thunderstorms. gusty wind gusting to 30 in the city and suburbs. higher gusts expected down the shore. overnight, cloudy, breezy, stray shower or sprinkle to the west, le temperature a
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balmy 64. you'll feel it out there, additional moisture interest winds a big story tomorrow morning gusting to 36 in wilmington. thirty-four in millville. over 35 miles an hour down the shore, philadelphia and suburbs gusting to close to 35 miles an hour for your wednesday morning. by the afternoon showers will be moving in still seeing gusty wind, mild at 77 and on the three day forecast, thursday, our morning rain, so a slow commute for some, friday looking pleasant with partly sunny skies and a nice way to end the workweek and begin weekend with temperatures in the 70's. that is your three day forecast, we will have to talk about a late major hurricane, kate has more in that next half an hour, we will be back with more news after
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well, this week i sat down with fan favorite eagles kicker codey parkey. he got to the road to philadelphia which for him had several twists and turns. >> as an undrafted rookie out of auburn eagles took a chance on kicker codey parkey. after graduating he was pick up by colts, released and was driving back home when he got a call from how ie roseman. he had been trade todd philadelphia. >> howie called me, we pick you up. we're real excited. you will play in the game tomorrow. i said you guys play tomorrow? i went to atlanta a, i was in the car when he called me. i flew out of atlanta got in at 1:00 a.m. got the physical. i played the next night. >> he made decision to keep him easy out kicking veteran alex henry during the preseason a kick game winning field gola begins his former team during the regular season. it is stressful but not to him.
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>> i'm a rookie but i have been stressful situationness college. i played in two national championship game, 2sec championship games, the iron bowl, auburn verse alabama is as stressful as it gets. >> he has made all of his kicks. >> good or bad would i write down you did this, you kick it good, make you do that again. >> reporter: one thing has not done played in cold weather or snow. >> i have never kick in the snow but i don't think that will affect my game at all. i will approach it like any other game and just roll with the punches. it is difficult, you know, if it is snowy, it will be real difficult but it is just something you have to fight through and it is part of your job. part of my job toys kick when it is warm and kick when it cold. i just got to roll role with the punches. >> he is so calm, i'm more worried about the cold weather. >> it is snow, he is like fine. >> if you can kick in the iron bowl auburn anal bam awe can kick anywhere. >> good stuff leslie, as
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always. thanks very much. still to come in the neck half an hour it the may only be a few dollars per month but those little extra bank fees can add up, three on your side tonight with easy ways to tell but the money you spend to use your own cash. she's 29 years old newly married and decided to end her own life, diagnosed with terminal cancer but she takes us inside her controversial decision that is getting national attention, that is coming up.
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this plan includes sending wrapped response team to any hospital where a new case is confirmed. police are asking for public's help to locate the driver they believe caused a deadly car crash in bensalem. lisa demayo was killed in the crash on i-95 near woodhaven road exit, yesterday. double shooting in north philadelphia, killed a 24 year-old man and injured a woman. police said that man was murdered execution style and shot more than 30 times. kate? good evening, guess contact it has been a warm, sunny day, summer-like, clouds rolled in through the afternoon. we will keep it warm but windy for our wednesday, temperatures in the upper 70's, and rain arrives by
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wednesday afternoon, and last until thursday morning. good news much nicer by week even. we have a drop in temperatures. we will tell but that in the seven day, chris. >> thanks very much. twenty-nine year-old woman with terminal cancer is reviving the debate over physician aid in dying. brittany maynard is planning her death choosing not to pursue an aggressive treatment that might prolong her life. in a cbs news exclusive, jane crawford speaks to the woman about her decision. >> i don't want to die. if anyone wants to hand me like a magical cure, to save my life so i can have children with my husband, you know, i will take them up on it. >> she's 29 years old, recently married, and was hoping to start a family. now, brittany maynard is planning her death, choose to go end her life before cancer can destroy her. >> i think until any within has walk a mile in my shoes
5:32 pm
and knows what they are facing and has felt just the bone splitting headaches i get sometimes or the the seizures, or the inability to speak or moment i'm looking at my husband's face and i can't think of his name. >> reporter: maynard found out this spring she has most lethal form of brain cancer, and says that doctors told her she may only have six months to live. her medication has drastically change her appearance but she's decided to forgo aggressive treatment and die as she puts witt dignity. maynard was raise by her mom a single mother in southern california. >> early on, i told her it would be my honor to take care of you. >> reporter: her candor about death has revived the national debate over physician aid in dying. in a recent pole by new england journal of medicine 67 percent of health care providers said they oppose the practice, many fear it could
5:33 pm
be abused in cases involving the elderly and disable. >> if i were her doctor i would certainly try to talk her out of it. i would try to tell her what the opportunities are. >> reporter: maynard says it should be her choice, how, and when, to die. >> so to the people who would say we're choosing to end your life, that is suicide, would you say, no. >> no, cancer is ending my life. i'm choosing to end it a little sooner and in a lot less pain and suffering. i'm not ashamed to attach my name to what i think is a right that should belong to all terminally ill americans. i really do. >> that was jane crawford reporting. after her diagnosis, brittany moved to oregon where it is legal for doctors to help terminally ill patients in their end their own lives. four other states where that practice is legal include washington, montana, new mexico, and vermont.
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a ten year-old pennsylvania boy is charged in the killing of a 90 year-old woman. christian carillo says he was only trying to hurt the woman when's approach her from behind with the cain and hook it around her throat. he then reportedly punched her several times and she died of blunt force trauma. the victim was taking care of his grandfather and boy says he lost his temper when she yelled at him. he is charged as an adult, with criminal homicide. victim in last weeks stabbing in the up are darby bar has died. miguel stabbed the man in the neck at the la canteena baron market street thursday morning. struggle was caught on surveillance camera. we are told that he is in the country illegally and has mountain been caught. montgomery county jury is deciding the fey of ragu yandamuri as we speak. he was found guilty in the murder of ten month-old saanvi venna and her 61 year-old
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grandmother. it happen during a botch kidnapping in upper merion in october of 2012. yandamuri faces death penalty or, life in prison. an investigation is underway into what caused this row home fire in northeast philadelphia it broke out, early yesterday morning in the 4700 block of vista street. in the holmesberg section. one fire fighter had to be hospitalized, and another for heat exhaustion but both are expected to recover. nine people wound up being displaced, they are in the care of the red cross. a major revitalization project is underway in camden, new jersey. the city is demolishing nearly 600 vacant houses, new jersey reporter cleve bryan has the details. >> oh, yeah, big change. >> reporter: denise starks says her camden neighborhood is improving despite being hit with abandoned houses. >> we had a fire the other day that was bad. >> reporter: abandoned home fires are serious problem. scott mcray found thought out two years ago when one spread to his house this abandoned
5:36 pm
property was illegally entered by a squat are. she got in, lit up some candles, doing what every she was doing. it was a three alarm fire. >> reporter: city official announced they are taking bids for city wide project to demolish abandon structures. first to go down would be three properties in crammer hill and 61 in whitman park. >> it is fine that they knock them out but once you knock these houses down what will put up in these empty lots. >> reporter: county police apartments, now they occur indoors. gangs use abandoned properties to hide drugs and guns but they also commit some of the most shamus act of violence inside. >> it is a win for to us sun press the flagrant violent criminal activity and push it off the streets but now that it has been confined into these abandoned buildings and the like, we need to take that next step and start to remove those opportunities. >> reporter: demolishing 60 houses in whitman park is phase one of the project for the city. the second one is more than
5:37 pm
530 houses bringing the total number of abandoned house that he is will be demol niche camden close to 600 structures. in camden, i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". an effort to boost affordable housing in philadelphia is moving forward, mayor nutter is supporting city council's plan to build 2,000 new homes. half of those will be for rent, other half for purchase, the city is now soliciting proposals from developers for that project. city of camden once again has a grocery store, price right held its grand opening on the 2800 block of mount evefram avenue today. camden's last remaining grocery store a pathmark closed its doors last year. this stories owned by family market which also plans to open up a shop rite at 17th and admiral wilson boulevard in 2016. montgomery county hero cops program honored two fallen heroes in ardmore today. plaque where is dedicate there had to the memory of lower merion police officer, elwyn fletcher and francis fanning.
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officer fletcher died in the line of duty on june 9th, 1927, sergeant fanning in the line of duty on july 6th, 1966. family members, of both, attended today's ceremony. good afternoon, we will start outside right now with our cameras where we are seeing jams on the vine street expressway, and heading westbound, headlights, right before the schuylkill expressway. you can see most of the volume, brake lights heading eastbound towards 95. elsewhere on 202 a lot of jams this is coming off of 29 right here so headed southbound, you can see most of that backup. northbound lanes moving just great. now in montgomery county, head over to my maps here route 611 at ashburn road an accident there and instead of traffic light actually out in montgomery county as well, township line road and ridge pike. fire police trying to get that all organized and everybody around those incidents. i-95 southbound slow, 22 minute trip woodhaven road and
5:39 pm
vine street expressway and schuylkill expressway from the blue route in the vine, really heavy if you are heading eastbound it will be a 28 minute trip there. septa back to normal new jersey transit and dark all running on time with no delays. currently no delays at philadelphia international airport, chris and jessica, back over to you. still to come on "eyewitness news" could the real housewife be looking forecast mates here in philadelphia. then chocolate prices are on the rise, why experts say the ebola out break toys blame. we have what is trend to go day including patrick swayz e's dirty dance moves like you have never seen them before. kate? that video is awesome. well, we have beautiful weather out there, and nice and warm, clouds have have rolled in but we're tracking a storm which will bring rain and some changes, cooler weather by the weekend i'll have - ( helicopter whirring ) - ( roars ) ( siren wails ) ( pop music playing ) ♪ when you're ready ♪ ready, ready, ready ♪ come and get it ♪ get it, get it ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪
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fiat chrysler tonight is recalling 184,000 suv's thanks to an air bag problem. models affect are 2014 dodge durango and jeep grand cherokee. company says potential short circuit could prevent those air bags from deploying. fiat chrysler says it is unaware of any injuries or accidents related to the
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problem. get ready to pay a little bit more for that sweet tooth, cocoa prices are soaring and that could send the price of chocolate up as well. ebola out break in west africa which produces 70 percent of the world's cocoa has affect the supply. now it is time to check your philadelphia jobs market reports. >> "eyewitness news" jobs expert steven greenburg is here with more, steve. >> reporter: if you are searching for new jobs on line, here's a tip, specialized niche jobs can be a big help. niche sites help employers find people who are passionate about their industry, or that have a unique skill set. small company seeking a graphic designer may use a niche site, and instead of the more larger more general job. interesting for working for eagles or phillies, check out teamwork on which focuses specifically on a sports industry. if a job with the federal government is what you seek, visit u.s.a. jobs dot gov for all of their opened jobs. works with
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hundred thousand none in profits around the world. they have more than 600 jobs with non-profits in the philadelphia area right now. then on your resume highlight your relevant skills for that niche and you may not need those sites for long. i'm steve greenburg for
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in macarthur's world, he opposes new laws to ensure
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women receive equal pay for equal work. and macarthur opposes a woman's right to choose backed by a group that would outlaw abortion even for rape and incest. for us in the real world, aimee belgard. aimee will fight for equal pay and protect a woman's right to choose. aimee belgard's on our side. i'm aimee belgard and i approve this message.
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trend to go day if you think watching a toddler play fetch with a doggies cute, take a look at this. this adorable kiddies playing catch with a dolphin. they spent several minutes passing the red ball back and forth and the kid seems to be happy. i think everybody is having fun. >> yeah. >> look at this, the the feet work that is fantastic that move looks familiar, eight year-old charlie moves just like patrick swayz e in the movie dirty dancing. his mom says he has watch it a dozen times which goodies for knowing all of those rooms. this video has gone viral were 4 million viewers since last week. charlie by the way remade michael jackson's thriller video. >> ♪ >> make you want to dance. this is dance party on a train in australia man thought having a party on the train would break the the ice, spread some happiness, monk, the commuters.
5:48 pm
look at it, it work, they are having a great time, maybe this could work in philadelphia. >> i will still take the quiet car. charley, we need to get charlie an eight year-old jennifer gray to go with his dance moves, that is the key moment a lot of promise there, charlie. i think you can combine the the two and put charlie, on the paoli thorndale line and get commuters going, who would stay in their seats for that one. lets look at this photo sent in on our eyewitness weather watcher network which you can join at cbs thank you mark, sending this in. you can see clouds took in this afternoon. nothing but sunshine this morning. so warm. felt like a summer day. now clouds are taking over. when we get this heat this time have of the year you know storms are lurking, just off to the west and here they come. showers moving into portions of western pennsylvania, but we're not going to see the brunt of this action until late tomorrow have afternoon or evening.
5:49 pm
you can see the front way across ohio and moving in slowly, moving south to north, it will take its time getting here. but by the time it does we will look at rain and late tomorrow, into early thursday. temperatures right new 76 degrees at the airport, feels again like september, maybe late august in some spots. seventy-six in wilmington. seventy-five in millville. you can see this cold bubble of air centered over portions of the midwest, look at these temperatures, under that trough there, it is a pretty big trough, 55 in st. louis. sixty-four nashville. sixty-one in columbus. you can see position of the jet stream here well, diving to the south, diving well to the south, this bubble of cold air over great lakes for tomorrow and that starts to move in our area by the end of the week. we will modify but you can see cool down waits in the wings and we will tap in the cooler air by part two of the weekend. let time wet weather, tomorrow morning we are seeing some clouds and maybe a couple showers. this is the best we have got to watch here and by later tomorrow afternoon is when
5:50 pm
showers and storms work their way in the western suburbs by 4:00 o'clock. 8:00 o'clock we are expect something rain showers and then maybe some thunder in the city. overnight it continues, and good news at within point yesterday looks at an all day event for thursday. now it looks like it will get out of here pretty early thursday. lingering showers on and off throughout the day and we will clear it out on thursday and clearer dryer air starts to move in for end of the week in the coming weekend. we have much nicer weather on the way. most of the rain events we have had recently have been overnight rain events which is good news. mostly missing the worst of it because we are asleep. lets look at how much rain we are talking with this system. by thursday afternoon, this is when we will see most of it about an inch in many spots. slightly higher amounts especially to our west, central pennsylvania over toward lancaster and up toward poconos and perhaps some slightly higher amounts down the shore as well as the rain sticks around longer. do i want to tell but gonzalo, a hurricane, here it is on the satellite picture. it is a category three
5:51 pm
hurricane. wind gusts to 140 miles an hour and here's the problem, it goes to category four and watch how close it moves toward bermuda as a category four or three hurricane friday afternoon passing just to the west of bermuda which is not i good track. that puts bermuda in the right front quadrant of that major hurricane meaning strong wind and storm surge. overnight cloudy breeze which a shower for you on wednesday. mostly cloudy. those showers will arrive by late afternoon and evening. they will continue into thursday morning. then we will clear it the out. look the at this temperature dropping through the weekend but sun sticks around. sixty-nine on saturday. sixty-two on sunday. we will see some sun gannon monday. we will send it back to you in the desk. well, how much money do you shell out for bank fees. it may only cost a few bucks a month but overtime those little fees certainly do add up. >> three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan has advice to trim the amount of money you spend getting your own cash. >> reporter: annual survey
5:52 pm
from bank rate recently found that the fees consumers used to pay an atm out of their network climbed another 5 percent over last year. on average a customer will pay $2.77 surcharge to another bank to use their atm plus an average of $1.58 to their own bank for a total of $4.35 per transaction. that may not seem like a lot of money but really think about how many times per year you do it. for many consumers those fees can quickly add up. one way to try to avoid them down load your bank's app which will likely have a function that maps out branches and atm's in your network even when you are far from home. try to skip the atm if you cannot find a bank branch close by make a debit purchase at a grocery store or other retailer and select cash back option. plan cash spending carefully. that may also trim spending overall. bank rate says consumers typically spend less when they are relying on cash then their debit card. now advanced planning can also
5:53 pm
help to you avoid another bank fee on the rise, overdraft fees, bank rate survey found that philadelphia has highest overdraft fees when compared to 25 other large cities in the nation, our overdraft fees average around $34.80, ouch. >> you get a couple of those. >> i never paid an atm fee. >> never. >> never been in a pinch. >> i will walk 16 miles barefoot, i will in the pay a dollar or 1.50 or $5. >> i have to do it before and you hate pushing the accept button. >> that is you why go to wawa, no fees on the atm's at wawa. >> yeah. >> i'm not paying them anywhere. >> there are no fees. >> i can't find a wawa. >> well, if you can't find a wawa, you have another problem. >> all right, jim, thank you. still ahead on "eyewitness news" real housewives of philadelphia. >> wow. >> see potential stars. >> lets see. >> plus call her mrs. clooney, we have new details about
5:54 pm
george and amal post honeymoon next.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
philadelphia could get a real housewives show of its own, a produce's associated with the reality show has reportedly been in philadelphia interviewing some of the cities most successful and glamorous women. the real housewives program which has installments in various cities including new york and orange county, california, chronicles the lives of it wealthy female cast members. well, it is official, george clooney a's wife am al-zawahiri alamuddin has change her last name. >> human rights lawyer wed george clune any italy last month. now accord to web site for her law film, am allies officially
5:58 pm
amal clooney. mrs. clooney is back at work this week following her honeymoon with george. a couple of oscar winners are heading to the small screen according to the hollywood reporter, ben afflict and matt damon are developing a futuristic spy thriller incorporated for sci-fi channel. they are on board as executive producers. that will do it for "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now exclusive, next at 6:00 preparing for ebola just in case. >> reporter: new steps to protect philadelphia medics and fire fighters, if they respond to calls, where the ebola virus is suspected. the latest from the iteam is coming up. also a deadly crash, a mother of three dies after she is cut off by a motorist on i-95. tonight police are searching for that other driver. kathy? warm winds, moving in, ahead of the cold front, a strong storm system that will bring rain, wind, and summer-like storms. we will have the the time
5:59 pm
lines, coming up. ♪ >> you know the song, famous boy band returns the two place where it all began, boys two men perform a free concert at the philadelphia school where they first met, "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now preparing, for ebola, just in case, officials across the philadelphia area take new steps, today, measures that they hope will help prevent ebola from spreading if it ever reaches the region. they are ram pink up effort to reduce the threat. good evening i'm jessica dean. aim chris may. these step include new fire dispatching procedures and additional protective gear. our investigative reporter walt hunter is live in olde city, philadelphia with this iteam exclusive, walt? >> reporter: well, chris, president of the philadelphia's fire fighters union, now reveals that medics
6:00 pm
and fire fighters like those stationed here at this station at fourth and arch in olde city will be getting new protective measures that include calling screening that will alert them to any potential ebola related call and also the purchase of 400 new protective suits to add to the cities reserve supply. anyone calling a philadelphia medic june witt symptoms that could indicate ebola will now, be asked additional questions, by 911 call takers. according to this department wide memo, obtained by the cbs-3 i team, quoting the fire communications center will utilize additional call screening measures to identify patients, suspected of being infected with the ebola virus. >> they are asking patients when they call and have flu-like symptoms or any potential symptom that is based that would indicate ebola if they traveled to region in africa. >> reportehe