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tv   Eyewitness News at 430am  CBS  November 12, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EST

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today, it is wednesday, november 12th i'm ukee washington. i'm quarter von heel. here are stories we are following today hopping today man accuse of napping a woman off a philadelphia street faces a judge. we are live with the latest on the the case of delven barnes. >> overnight flames erupt in the home when there wasn't supposed to be anyone inside. we will tell you where fire happen and how long it took crew toss get it under control. calls for change at a philadelphia school in the wake of another vicious a attack on a teacher, what concerned parents, students and educators will key manned today. >> those stories and much more coming up. lets talk about a mile morning so far. >> at least we have today, katie. we have today. >> yes, good morning. >> yes, exactly. yesterday was a very, very
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nice day. today is a transition. in where near as picturesque but still mild outside. we have that going for us. that also is eventually going to go by the way side. what you will notice is that it is definitely a very mild start to the morning. we are seeing fog thicken. moisture in our at months fear is starting to pick upright now. on storm an three what you find here in the sweep is that we will continue to see ground clutter but still quiet, no precipitation just yet, although, we may have some fine mist or drizzle toll deal with here this morning. we will have more details coming up. >> thank you, katie. in the news and happening today man charged with abducting a philadelphia with man and taking her to maryland as a day in court. >> delven barnes spent the night at the fillal detention center after being brought back from virginia where he faces similar charges. "eyewitness news" reporter qan carabao joins us with the fred courthouse in center city with
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the very latest information, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. delven barnes is back here in philadelphia police say he is the man responsible for kidnapping that 22-year old woman in germantown and sparking a three day manhunt. if you take a look at the video you can see barn's arriving in philadelphia yesterday afternoon. he arrived in that two vehicle fbi caravan. he was transferred from the virginia prison to the u.s. courthouse to face federal charges. this is also barnes seen on rid ohio grabbing carlesha gate inner germantown grabbing her for a block and throwing her in the back of this car. investigators say he targeted gaither at random. two were found in jessup, maryland, barnes was arrested and then first taken to virginia where he faces a number of other charges for at ledge kidnapping and rape of the 16 year-old girl there but now in federal custody as federal prosecutors build their case here in philadelphia.
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prison officials were not able to indicate if barnes was kept on suicide watch as he was in virginia. if convicted he could face the rest of his life behind bars. coming up in the next half an hour we will look at the the investigation, investigators had been looking to see if barnes was connect to any other disappearance or missing persons cases. we will have those answers, and those results coming up next. for now we're reporting live from philadelphia, jane carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". 4:33. katie, this is our transition day. >> it is. we will start off here taking you out to sky cam three where we are seeing fog settling in and we will explain why in a second. in ocean city you cane that haze starting to develop here, and that is going to be a running theme throughout the morning across especially eastern most new jersey, southern new jersey, southern delaware, because we are seeing again a squeeze play of moisture taking place here. lets look at storm scan three and we will go there next. there is not much to see here. you can tell that there is
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some cloud cover but it is so difficult to detect fog on a satellite, just because it is so low to the ground it is you have to pick up. typically it will look like a very fine gray more than anything, not these bright white clouds higher in the atmosphere. you see how this cold front is a approaching and then there is this other system that will not affect us but it is bringing this indirect i'm pack in the way of some fog, and some mist. we are building up our moisture in the atmosphere. here is the storm system that we are watching to cross through, bring through that colder air but in the meantime thinks our initial issue in the way have of dense fog. it is coming through as fine mist or drizzle will as well. fog is simply a saturated air mass allowing clouds to form here at the surface. we have that advisory in effect until 10:00 a.m. notice visibility. not too bad. but you are having a hard time seeing your hand in front of you have face out towards atlantic city or wildwood. calm win. higher moisture content will
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do that. fifty-eight in atlantic city. it is mild but different morning by comparison. not just warmth in place for the morning but you have the fog and eventually skies do start to clear out and it is one final mild afternoon before the chilly breeze and the cold air, start to sink in. vittoria, good morning. good morning everyone. traveling on our majors right now we will not find any delays or any problems. taking a look at i-95, this shot around a area of broad street 95 north and southbound moving just fine. maybe heading to the philadelphia international airport. moving well around that area in and out of delaware county a and north east. we are waiting for that morning rush. it is still early for any of that volume to a appear just yet. taking a look at ben franklin bridge no delays in either direction. heading down into center city or into new jersey things are wide open, no construction heading back either or setting you baccaratter either. we are in the the 50's on the schuylkill, blue route, traveling i-95, northeast
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extension, 202, 422 and not only are you months well in pennsylvania but in delaware, in new jersey, with that so you do have construction, overnight construction in delaware. on 202 at ramp to 95 southbound it is closed as a result of the construction until 5:00 a.m. just another half an hour or so. taking a look into new jersey, 42, 55, 295 no delays for mass transit and they are moving just as fine, ukee. vittoria, thank you. officials are working to determine what caused a fire in this vacant home in north philadelphia overnight. fire fighters responded to the 400 block of east mayfield street in fair hill a little after midnight. it was quickly placed under control, no injuries were reported. philadelphia police are asking for public's help locating this man 51 year-old renold ocean, he was last seen at north dover street in brewerytown yesterday afternoon. police say ocean suffers from depression. he is known to frequent area along kelly drive and a park
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at 33rd and girard. three people who were hospitalized after a another just school bus crash in mercer county are waking up at home this morning. >> police a bus collided with this white bmw on route 206 tuesday afternoon. chopper three shows all three people on board including a 16 year-old carrying out on stretchers. they have been treated and released. bus driver's mother says things could have been much worse. >> she told me she was doing good, you know, but in pain. the bus looks terrible, yeah. she was lucky, you know, she was lucky. >> police will continue their investigation to find out who was at fault and if charges or citations will be issued. an nba player and philadelphia native is mourning loss of his fat they are morning. fifty-seven year-old wayne ellington, senior, father of lakers guard wayne ellington was murdered in germantown sunday night. police found ellington shot in the koran merion street and he
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later died at einstein medical center. right now there are in suspects. the younger ellington played high school ball at episcopal academy. police in chester county are trying to figure out if a pair of pepper spray attacks are connect. on saturday night the manager of the pizza house in caln township said she left the restaurant with a bank deposit bag in her hand when a man ambushed her and stole the the the bag. almost 24 hours later and just a couple hundred feet away an employee leaving amelia's grocery outlet was attacked and pepper sprayed in the face. concerned parents, educators and lawmakers will rally in philadelphia calling for increased security at a city school. this is video of a substitute teacher right there lying in the hallway at bartram high school in king sessing after a student threw him to the ground, slamming his head to the floor. three teachers have been assaultedded there in the past month. today's rally wither will be at the high school and we will have a live report coming up
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later this morning. philadelphia police issued an arrest warrant foreman who allegedly drove his estrange wife corvette in the delaware river. john crammer is charged with violating a a protection from abuse order and harassment. he is charged with reckless endangerment because police divers risked their lives to find that car. >> i didn't know i was doing anything wrong. i thought it was my car. i wanted to get rid of the dam thing. i could not take this thing arguing. i was just trying to get my minivan. >> how do you even answer to that. so yes, i'm very frightened and for my two daughters as well good police say crammer drove that corvette in the delaware near tacony palmyra bridge on monday. he and his wife had been going through a divorce. a lot more to cover on "eyewitness news", still to come, the president announced a major a agreement with china. >> how both countries are react to go climate change in a big way, we're
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the united states and china struck a climate change deal to cut greenhouse gas emissions over the next two decades. white house announced at agreement late last night. u.s. will cut carbon emissions by one-third by 2025. china will follow suit by 2030. president obama struck the deal with the chinese president during a three day trip to beijing. this happened yesterday afternoon, investigators say that one of the well dressed thieves posed a as a delivery man, he was buzzed in the office while other followed behind him. they emptied the safe and took off with reportedly two million-dollar worth of high end watches. one employee was pistol whipped during the robbery but in the seriously injured. the family in hawaii who lost their rented home to the lava flow, they are already rebuilding. margaret and john byrd said
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their new house will stand on land charred by lava years ago. this video was shot yesterday, officials confirmed that the lava flow has breached the fence line of the transfer station and threatening other nearby buildings. it destroyed the home on the big island on monday, lava a is product of the erupting kilauea volcanos. right now 4:43. this is our last day before that big... >> oh, yeah, i would say that yesterday was pretty much it. today is the transition. it is mild but breezes will kick in. we will get some sunshine but we have got fog. we have different moving pieces with the forecast today but it is so much of a better forecast i guess than what our neighbors have been feeling. >> that is for sure. >> yeah, you got that right. >> but we're not going to see one flake out of this front even though it will significantly income our thermometer readings back, the
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heaters will be cranking in the cars tomorrow morning. lets go out, we will show you storm scan 36789 nice wide zoom. what you will notice here is two separate things that are a affecting our forecast this morning. do you see this sort of classic comma shape with the storm and the front that will be rolling on through and knocking temperatures back. it looks like a weak system at this point. then there is this guy a system that will not move on shore but it is helping to feed moisture in. because we have got light enough wind and those two systems are close enough it is allowing that fog and mist to settle n let throw temperature contour map on here and see that we are still seeing core of the cold confine back through the the central plains, front range of the rockies. so colder air on the way for us but this could be even more of, you know, a drop on the thermometer as opposed to what our neighbors are seeing this isn't too bad but noticeable a shock to the system. visability out there this morning are not ideal,
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especially towards the shore points and through southern delaware you'll find that dense fog and when we say dense we mean it. leave aathath and eagles scored on offence,
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defense and special teams. coach chip kelly says the bird can do even better. >> you watch the guy on the offensive side have the ball they felt lake they didn't play well. i believe we didn't play up to our potential. >> it is not a 100 percent deal and trust me, there is plenty of things to clean up like to see another good game from the rook, wide receiver jordan matthew for seven catches and 138 yards and caught both touchdown pass buys sanchez. the the nba, it is not a record he wants to hold but kobe bryant set the all time railroaded for missed shot last night begins memphis grizzlies. former star has 13,418 shots. old record was held by celtics hall of famer, john, kobe has more than 31,000 points in his career, good for fourth on the all time scoring list, right behind some guy named jordan. other contact, back to you. sound familiar. >> a little bit. >> yes. >> still ahead on "eyewitness
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news" music streaming service spoti fy speaks up about thhat tough break up with taylor swift. but first here's what is coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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high profile court appearance tops the headlines, delven barnes makes his first experience in the philadelphia courtroom on charges he abduct carlesha freeland gaither earl this month. she was found alive with barn necessary maryland after a manhunt involving federal and local authorities. no injuries to report in this fire, in the 400 block of mayfield street in the fair hill section of philadelphia the home was vacant and investigation underway into how it started. is there a rally for today at bartram high school in southwest philadelphia parents, teachers and lawmakers are calling for increased security at the school. three teachers have been assaultedded there in the past month. your time is 4:49.
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lets check business. >> money watch's jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange and another big find for the world's biggest banks, what is behind this big find. >> reporter: good morning, ukee ander contact regulators find five of the world's biggest banks more than $3 billion it is for manipulating the foreign exchange markets, this includes citigroup, jp morgan chase and hsbc and it follows an 18 month investigation in the dozen countries. regulators say that the banks didn't supervise employees who traded for their own accounts, ukee and quarter. >> we know taylor swift pulled her music from the streaming service spotify and now the ceo has something to say. >> reporter: that is right, spotify is defending its business model. this comes after a week after taylor swift pulled her music from the streaming post. the ceo says that their company fights pie racecy and they pay more than $2 billion
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to label list and recording artists since it lawn inched 2008. maybe we will get another taylor swift song out of this whole break up/make up situation. >> that is right. >> thanks, jill, appreciate it. coming up after a short break traffic and weather together and we will do it on
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let's get traffic and weather together. good morning, vittoria. >> good morning everyone. traffic wise we're not dealing with any major delays. all majors in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware are moving just fine. take a look at 309 not too far from the pennsylvania turnpike traveling in either direction there no delays. once we get to the turnpike it is even better. in problems. in major construction to worry about. northeast extension moving well. moving to the roosevelt boulevard traveling north bound in the northeast or southbound making your way down through to the schuylkill things are wide open there, only a few vehicles sprinkled about. speed sensors are still reflecting such great news, 55
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is your average on 95, same on the schuylkill and blue route. traveling however in northeast philadelphia, not too far from northeast high school, cottman avenue is closed as a result of the very serious accident at allergen avenue anal gone is being compromised at bleigh, tyson avenue your best alternate no major delays for mass transit but it seems that the fog might set things back at the airport this morning. >> i wouldn't be surprised by that but most dense concentration of that fog will be out closer toward the shore points. that is where we are seeing a squeeze play effect taking place here with the moisture content being fun held in our atmosphere. we have two systems on this map, one out to sea, one just moving into western pennsylvania. both of them are far enough away that the wind is still light enough to allow that fog to form but we have plenty of moisture to work w there are dense fog advisories not just here and those last until 10:00 a.m. but this span up to
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southeastern maine and north .arolina we're not alone he this is a problem up and down eastern seaboard until this cold front crosses. today is our transition day still a mild day but we have got the fog for one thing and then we will start to sea breeze kick in despite skies beginning to clear somewhat and then eventually those temperatures bottom out. later on tonight heaters will be cranking as we drop down in the 30's, and it will get colder it looks like as we approach the upcoming weekend. so, is this a sign of things to come? well, kathy has her winter weather forecast coming up tonight. she will have all of the answers tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00, don't miss it, ukee, back over to you. here's some of the stories our sister station kyw news radio 1060 will be following. philadelphia's curb side leaf collection is back in certain neighborhoods after disappearing during the recession. chris christie will be gathering casino stake holders for meeting on the future of atlantic city toy day and a look at a new housing
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initiative gear toward veterans. check in two, three, four times a day kyw news radio 1060 on your am dial. coming up next on "eyewitness news", we are live as kidnapping suspect delven barnes gets ready to make his first appearance in the philadelphia courtroom. chaos on the golf course we will show you more of the wild police chase as golf are run for cover. dueling diets, new you information about which one of the most popular diets will help you lose weight and long term effects of it too. we are back at the top of the hour delven. delven.
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facing justice in philadelphia, the man accused kidnapping a woman off a germantown street appears in the philadelphia courtroom in just a few hours. we're live with what is next for delvin barnes. plus tragedy strikes an nba player with philadelphia roots, his father is gun down. we have the latest on the search for his killer. it is wednesday, november 12th, i'm ukee washington. i'm's erika von tiehl. it is tough to see. fog filling camera here in atlantic city. can you see anything in that? katie, this is a sign of change coming. we have big changes heading our way. >> we do, yes. first fog and mist and then breeze kicks in and then those mild temperatures start to just plumet. so, we have got to talk about
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all three of those things and how it impacts today's forecast. we will break down details coming up, vittoria. >> good morning. traffic wise we are not dealing with too many chase at all. looking at the schuylkill expressway east and westbound we have a great ride. we have a serious accident in front of the northeast high school in the northeast section of philadelphia, we will have more details coming up, now lets head back to the desk. in the news it was a kidnapping that crossed state lines. >> this morning delvin barnes is back in philadelphia days after his arrest. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao joins news front of the federal courthouse in center city, good morning. >> reporter: erika and ukee, good morning. delvin barnes is back in philadelphia awaiting his initial court appearance. police believe he is the man responsible for that kidnapping caught on camera in germantown and now there is new information about whether he could be linked to any other cases. delvin barn's arrived in philadelphia tuesday afternoon


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