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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 12, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EST

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so, we have got to talk about all three of those things and how it impacts today's forecast. we will break down details coming up, vittoria. >> good morning. traffic wise we are not dealing with too many chase at all. looking at the schuylkill expressway east and westbound we have a great ride. we have a serious accident in front of the northeast high school in the northeast section of philadelphia, we will have more details coming up, now lets head back to the desk. in the news it was a kidnapping that crossed state lines. >> this morning delvin barnes is back in philadelphia days after his arrest. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao joins news front of the federal courthouse in center city, good morning. >> reporter: erika and ukee, good morning. delvin barnes is back in philadelphia awaiting his initial court appearance. police believe he is the man responsible for that kidnapping caught on camera in germantown and now there is new information about whether he could be linked to any other cases. delvin barn's arrived in philadelphia tuesday afternoon in federal custody.
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he was transferred to a virginia prison to the u.s. courthouse here to face charges in the kidnapping of the 22-year old carlesha gaither. police say this is barnes on video in germantown snatching a woman off a city street and throwing her in the back of car. after a three day manhunt barnes was arrested in jessup maryland. carlesha return home. her family grateful that her allege kidnapper behind bars. barnes was first taken to virginia where he faced a number of charges there involving the alleged kidnapping and rape of the 16 year-old girl who was set on fire during her attack. but now barnes is being held here at federal detention center as prosecutors build their case in philadelphia and prior to present evidence to a grand jury. investigators are working to see if barnes was connected to any other attacks or disappearances. sources tell "eyewitness news" that the suspect's dna has been entered in a dna database by philadelphia police and no matches have been found in the crimes in the city. reports of miss would go man are also than inn review.
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federal detention center could be barnes last stop. they say a grand jury here could consider charges in both philadelphia and virginia attacks. and prison officials weren't immediately available to indicate whether or not barnes will be held in isolation on sue site watch here in philadelphia as he was in virginia. if indicted and convicted, barnes could face a life time behind bars. reporting live from philadelphia, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and the pennsylvania state police barracks, blooming grove barracks, resumes full operations today. it has been closed since september 12th ambush that killed brian dickson and seriously injured alex douglass. at alleged shooter eric frein was charge after a seven week manhunt. trooper douglass is still recovering from his injuries. he is now at a new york city hospital that specializes in orthopedics. new this morning an investigation is underway into how this vacant house caught fire in north philadelphia
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overnight. it happened after midnight in the 400 block of east mayfield street. that fire was quickly placed under control. 5:03. lets get traffic and weather together on the three's and go outside with katie. >> ukee, we have a very light breeze on the cbs-3 sky deck but where we have lightes wind we have very dense fog forming this morning and it is all because because we are awaiting the arrival the of the latest cold front which will lack quite a bit of moisture by the time it crosses through but it will send our temperatures on the nose dive. at the moment on storm scan three it doesn't look that bad. looks can be deceiving across storm scan, because sometimes it is hard to detect fog on a satellite and sometimes you are not going to see anything showing up when dealing with the fine mist and that is what we will have happen here with the dense fog advisories posted. up and down the shoreline and down toward southern most delaware. so that is where it is likely to be themworst but once sun comes up it will scour out that cloud cover. it is so much warmer right the now then it was this same time
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yesterday. we eked out a surplus of 20 degrees in a lot of locations so you'll note that is walking out the door but may need some extra space between vehicles as you travel around the region especially closer toward that ocean. expect temperatures to still be on the mild side, the problem is it does not last and this is our transition day so despite what you see on the thermometer eventually this afternoon a chilly breeze starts to kick in and that is triggering changes in our forecast as skies clear, temperatures will drop especially later on tonight, vittoria, back into you. >> anyone traveling in the atlantic city airport, that is what you want to call ahead because of the dense fog. right now we are in the seeing any delays at philadelphia international airport and really no delays on our majors. lets give you our morning commute, well, schuylkill looks great east and westbound no delays in either direction and in the just around this point here. this shot not too far from montgomery drive, girard
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avenue, no delays around center city but same story throughout western suburbs. just a lot of good news. ninety-five the same story. this shot around philadelphia international airport right around 4:20. no problems in either direction. traveling in delaware county, travel or the northeast, south philadelphia, average speed sensors high up in the 50's and same thing on the schuylkill, blue route, northeast extension, pennsylvania turnpike, list goes on and on and own. we are looking good in pennsylvania and new jersey as well. as we move in the northeast we have a very serious accident, right at the door of northeast high school in the northeast section of philadelphia cottman avenue closed at allergen have avenue, tyson your best alternate. it is affecting algon at bleigh, so keep that in mind, in delays with mass transit, erika. happening today an anti violence rally scheduled in a southwest philadelphia high will school. call to action was spurred by this video a substitute teacher right there lying in the hallway at bartram high
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school in king sessing after a student allegedly body slammed him. three teachers have been assaulted there in the past month. philadelphia police are looking for shoot shore killed the the father of the nba player and philadelphia native. officers found 57 year-old wayne ellington, senior, father of lakers guard wayne ellington murdered in a car in germantown sunday night. he was rushed to einstein hospital where he later died. ellington junior played high school will ball at episcopal academy. both sides are talking in the case of the corvette in the delaware river. philadelphia police issued an arrest warrant for john crammer. he a allegedly drove this car in the river on monday near the the tacony palmyra bridge. crammer is charged with violating a protection from abuse order and harassment. his estrange wife says crammer texted her after the car disappeared. >> i was glad that be in was injured. the at the same time i could believe somebody did that. >> i didn't know i was doing anything wrong. i thought it was my car.
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i wanted to get rid of the dam thing.33 i could in the take this arguing when i was just trying get my minivan. >> police planned to charge crimer with reckless endangerment because divers risk their lives to find that submerge car. new this morning president obama is hoping to take u.s. china relation toss a new level following discussion was china's president on the sidelines of the epic sum tonight beijing. both leaders pledged to move faster to cut carbon and greenhouse gas emissions blame for global warming. they tackled a range have of issues from chinese hacking of u.s. computers to more open trade. time right now 5:07. could you use a little extra spending money. >> bring it. >> we will give away a hundred dollars this morning. keep watching for word of the day and your chance to win, also this. >> he was lititerally on the bunkers and fair way. >> i'm not golfer but last
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thing would you expect to see on the golf course. >> how about that good we will tell but this out of control driver speeding through holes and explain why he was in such a rush. also more stores getting a jump on black friday we will tell but the latest big chains opening up extra early for shoppers. fogged in down the shore, check out your screen if you can, tough to see anything in atlantic city with the fog out there we will check traffic and weather together on the three's. the kate will let you know when fog clears out and ♪ there's confidence... then there's trusting your vehicle maintenance to ford service confidence. our expertise, technology, and high quality parts means your peace of mind. it's no wonder last year we sold over three million tires. and during the big tire event, get up to $140 in mail-in rebates on four select tires. ♪
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police in princeton new jersey say they are surprised that injuries from this school bus crash right there weren't more serious. take a look at the scene from chopper three yesterday afternoon. all three people on board
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bus were hospitalized but they are back home this morning. investigators say that the bus collided with a white bmw on route 206 just before 3:00 p.m. bus driver's mother tells "eyewitness news" she's thankful that no one was seriously hurt. >> she was doing good, she was in pain. the bus looked terrible. he was lucky. she was lucky. >> new jersey state police continue to investigate the crash to determine who was at fault and if any charges will be filed. ukee. a driver in california goes to great lengths to try to avoid getting caught by police. look at this video. dangerous change. driver tried to lose officers when he cut through a golf course outside los angeles. he just narrowly missed hit something golfers on the course and this frightening chase finally ended when police killed the driver in a neighborhood. he was wanted for using a stolen credit card. no one was seriously hurt after this crash in minute so the a tractor trailer lost control on the snow covered
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highway and then smashed into two police cars, a tow truck and a jackknife semi on the shoulder. both officers were sitting inside their vehicles at the time of the collision, only one was taken to the hospital with deep bruises. he remembered hearing a horn honk and then said there was a explosion and he had very bad headache instantly. when lou at a fully loaded semi hitting the the squad car and the fact that the officer walked away from it is nothing short of a miracle. >> no word if any charges will be filed for the crash. lets get our traffic and weather together. here's katie. >> good morning, everybody. we are really going to see different variety with what the day offers up here, fog, mist, very warm to start the the morning off and then breeze kicks in, the chill starts to settle in. our temperatures begin their plumet. later tonight, crisp and clear and starting to get pretty darn cold. lets start off by taking you out to sky cam three where we hud be able to see liberty
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place, comcast building but they are skewed by that thick low cloud cover. in center city the difference is it is in the low enough to the ground to mess with your travel here on the roadway, however, this low lying cloud cover can cause travel issues and vittoria will talk more about that but we are seeing it lie le to the ground to the shore points. lets talk about these temperatures. we came from temperatures well above average earlier in the week. ten above the normal ol tenth and 11th and new we will go to the opposite extreme here 10 degrees below average once this crosses through. we are stuck in the squeeze play of moisture building up in the atmosphere are light winds. that is how that fog is forming at the shore points. here's that classic comma a shape to the storm. do you see how it is fizzling. we have been expecting this to provide a glancing blow in terms of precipitation. i don't think we will see precipitation out of this but just on fog. maybe mist this morning. then once the the front
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crosses through it is just breeze and temperatures starting to drop. look at the difference. like our region split in half here. we have virtually no problems on the visibility meter through poconos, reading, lancaster, but you can hardly see your hand closer you get to the ocean. that is how you want to think of this in terms of where you are going. starting off in philadelphia and heading down the expressway expect you might get slowed down but once sun comes up included should thin out. we will hit 65 but may in the feel that way as soon as breeze starts to kick in. by tomorrow plumet on the thermometer, begins, vittoria, over to you. good morning, everybody. katie was talking about the the fog we will get through camera shots and give you an idea what we could be dealing with in a few areas like traveling on route one around trenton morrisville bridge. you will notice haziness and that if you go will lay, low to the ground, so definitely will affect your commute. lets talk about new jersey, maybe traveling at the the atlantic city airport, might
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be a good idea to call ahead just in case. as far as majors concerned traveling in new jersey we are not seeing any volume problems but as katie said be mindful of that low hanging fog. taking a look at 95, no delays, pretty clear around this area right around broad street north and southbound commuting we are looking great not only around south philadelphia but in the northeast and traveling throughout delaware county. speed sensors high up in the 50's, on the schuylkill and on 476. in problems on the turnpike northeast extension moving well. we are dealing with the serious accident in the northeast closing cottman avenue. tyson is your best alternate, erika. man police say kidnaped a philadelphia woman off a germantown street is in court today. thirty-seven year-old delvin barnes is accused in the abduction of the 22-year old carlesha free land gaither earlier this month. barnes faces attempted murder charges in virginia. video shows a student after an assault on bartram high school.
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there is a ray a rally calling for increased security. three teachers have been assaulted in the past month. los angeles lakers say father of guard wayne ellington junior was fun shot in the car in germantown over the weekend. wayne ellington, senior was shot in the head and died in einstein hospital. police are searching for suspects. our time 5:16. weight watchers, atkins, south beach, we have heard plenty about the popular diets but now we are learning about which ones is working for shedding pound. >> just before the holidays. risky space mission ten years in the making a spacecraft chases down a speeding comet and we are hours away from the big pay off, details coming up.
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it may seem strange, but people really can love their laxative. especially when it's miralax. it hydrates, eases, and softens, to unblock your system naturally. so you have peace of mind from start to finish. love your laxative. miralax. more on breaking news in northeast fail that vittoria is telling you about. we're looking live at a scene at a bad accident at cottman
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avenue right outside northeast high. we're told two people were taken to the hospital including a woman who we understand is in bad shape. nicole brewer is in the scene and we will check with her in a few moment to get more details. erika. more stores are jumping on the early black friday band wagon. wal-mart will open up at 6:00 o'clock thanksgiving night. instead of offering all of the door buster deals at ones up front they will staggering the big deals with more bargains later thursday night and friday morning. you can shop at radio a shack before you put the turkey in the oven. majority of the electronic chain stores will open up at 8:00 thanksgiving morning and stay opened until midnight. now time to check your philadelphia job market report and here's "eyewitness news" jobs expert steven greenburg. >> unsung heroes of the economy are creators of the small business. found others have the facebook and twitter get lots of attention but owners of companies with fewer than 500 workers that have generated
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two out of every three new jobs this century. they employ half of the all private sector workers. in pennsylvania the latest figures show 225,000 small businesses, that employ more than 2.4 millworkers but job seekers tend to focus on the larger more well known companies but targeting smaller businesses throughout the philadelphia area can improve your chances of success. start by identifying ten small businesses, within commuting distance of your home. target ones that may meet someone with your skills. visit your local chamber of commerce web site for businessness your area. approach employees active in your community, advertising and sponsoring local events. they are likely ones to go well and may soon be hiring. i'm steve greenburg for
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we are hours away from a historic break through in space. scientists are trying to land a spacecraft the size of the washing machine on a speeding comet for the first time ever. if you can imagine this will not be easy that comet is speed ago cross the sky at 41,000 miles an hour. if all goes according to plan we should find out about 11:00 this morning if that landing is a success. wow. 5:23. let get traffic and weather together, good morning, katie. >> good morning everybody. today is day of transition for our area, still mild and we are actually starting off with fog issues today but late ter take breeze start to kick in and front crossing over through western pennsylvania, that will be crossing our area as a dry front but a potent one no less. at the moment we will talk about the fog. here's how it looks across the river at palmyra cove nature park in new jersey. fifty-four is your current temperature. very modest win.
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next to the body of water. thinks a perfect scenario. there are dense fog advisories up and down new jersey coastline as well as in us section county, delaware. throughout the course of the day yes, we will hit 65 but thinks our transition day so fog is initial issue, breeze is our afternoon issue as it starts to pick up from the northwest and make it feel chillier. by tomorrow even though it is calming down with the forecast it is cooling down significantly. vittoria. >> good morning, everybody. lets get outside because we have a live picture of an accident that we are dealing with in the northeast section of philadelphia, it is right outside doorstep of northeast high school, breaking news situation, a very serious crash, injuries reported a at cottman avenue at algon, in the northeast section of philadelphia thinks compromising algon at bleigh. so traveling in this area will be tricky, tyson avenue would be your best alternate but as we take this shot here, take a look at these shreds of the
5:25 am
vehicle, you'll notice. vehicle off towards my right. another that looks like it hopped over that fence that is now on the lawn of northeast high school. any students or any teachers or parents watching us right new this could compromise busing as well in this area. if you are driving anyone to school, cottman avenue is closed at algon, tyson is your best alternate. we will continue to have more details as this continues to develop, ukee. in sports, eagles travel this sunday to the famous tundra of lambeau field to face one of the best quarterbacks in the nfl, aaron rodgers of the green bay packers. we have illustration, rodgers uncorked six touchdown pass necessary his last game. he had has thrown 25 touchdowns this year and just three interceptions. eagles tea fence knows they have a tough job ahead of them. >> rodgers is playing great right now and we will have to have a good performance out there on the defensive end to give ourselves a chance to
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win. >> keep doing what you are doing. major league baseball announced cy young award winners. late's ward were for manager of the year, orioles buck showwalter won the american league award for the third time and matt williams of the nationals won the national league award. williams played under showwalter as a player. kobe bryant of the lakers missed this shot against the the grizzlies last night and set a record. kobe has missed more shots than any other player in the history of the national basketball association. more than 13,000 miss cues. he has hit a a lot of shots as well, good for fifth place on the all time scoring list right behind mj. high school football season is winding down but we still need your help picking this weeks friday football frenzy, game of the week. down load the audio road show app to cast your vote, here's the choice, st. joes prep at lasalle, garnett valley at pennsbury or west chester henderson at coatsville. we will have the winner on "eyewitness news" tomorrow at 11:00 o'clock, the original
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football frenzy. we appreciate your help each and every week. erika, back to you. all eyes on a philadelphia courtroom this morning. we have the latest on delvin barnes first appearance happening today. we are following breaking news in norortheast philadelphia, nicole. >> reporter: that is right a car crash send two people to the hospital, coming up we will tell you why police have not ruled out a possibility of the hit and run. nicole, thanks. also talk about heroic co-workers had hear from the men who pulled off this rescue when one of their colleagues crashed in the creek, plus vittoria and katie return with traffic and weather together on the three's, foggy start to your morning and we are giving away a hundred dollars to one lucky viewer, we will show you how coming up, we are back
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breaking news this morning a violent head on crash in
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northeast philadelphia, it happened right outside northeast high school, "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer is live at that scene at cottman and algon with more, nicole, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erika. just a bad scene out here in northeast philadelphia right at cottman avenue and algon avenue. if you take a look behind me you can see is what left of the crash that sent two people to the hospital earlier this morning. we're told by police that a 29 year-old woman was found underneath this white car underneath here, which raises questions about whether she was the driver of that reek will or if she was a pedestrian struck by a hit and run driver. obviously still early in the investigation to say for sure but if you look left, panning left here you can see the second car involved in this crash is actually on the lawn of northeast high school. we know a 48 year-old man suffered a head injury in this crash but is stable. we are not sure if he the driver of the


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