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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  November 15, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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>> ♪ >> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> right now at 11 o'clock, the cold sticks around. people out on this chilly night made sure to bundle up. many parts of the region tonight are seeing temperatures dip below freezing. good evening, i'm natasha brown. thanks so much for joining us. winter has made an early arrival it appears. the question now is when more seasonable temperatures are going to return for us. meteorologist justin drabick is tracking this cold stretch
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plus he's keeping an eye on a storm system that's heading our way as well. justin. >> that's right, natasha. a warmup really not happening any time soon so get used to it. december-like temperatures in our forecast. today we struggled to make it into the mid 40's, a good 12 degrees below average. many spots in the 20's this hour 26 in millville, atlantic city airport 28, allentown 19 degrees in mount pocono this hour still hanging onto 33 at the airport in philadelphia. 31 northeast philadelphia, 26 doylestown, 25 mount holly. look at quakertown coming in 23 degrees this hour. it's a lot colder than last night at this time. a good four to even 9 degrees colder across the delaware valley. so that core of the cold air is settling in across the delaware valley and we have clear skies for the moment. the clear skies allows the little heat we had today to escape right back to the atmosphere so that's why temperatures really dropped off quickly but notice clouds out to to the west streaming eastward. once these clouds move overhead temperatures should
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level off. nonetheless it's cold. dress warm tomorrow morning. many suburbs in the 20's to about freezing for center city philadelphia. not much of a rebound tomorrow. going to be a lost clouds ahead of the next storm system, we'll get up to about 48 degrees for philadelphia, near 50 at the shore only 40 in the poconos. then we'll talk about our next storm system bringing rain and then another shot of arctic air in the seven day, to in a few minutes. natasha. >> you can check the latest forecast any time on the new cbsphilly weather app. check live radar, get weather alerts and also share your weather photos with us. it's all available now in itunes and google play. also tonight the search, it it isy it is on for two teens caught on camera vandalizing a park in manayunk neighborhood. the damage is extensive. park users very angry. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers has more. >> reporter: the security camera did just what it's meant to do, clearly showing
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the two suspects as they begin their vandalism. you can see one of them swing under a railing and begin kicking over lights in the mulch. one by one until all are knocked over. >> i don't understand the time and energy that goes into these places and it's a big deal for people. it's very sad. >> reporter: that same suspect sits on the steps and starts picking at lead lighting that illuminates the stairs at night appearing to use a small tool he pop out the light strip and they shut off. >> so unnecessary. they have this great facility that was just put in and that's the way it gets treated for no reason that makes sense. >> reporter: the surveillance video ends with that same suspect throwing the lights in the air. police say both suspects appear to be teenagers, their vandalism tarnishing the opening venice island performing arts center. >> i know manayunk is trying to revamp around here and it's just sad that someone would do this to such a nice building. >> reporter: the damage here outside the performing arts center is estimated to be upwards of $30,000. we're in manayunk, matt
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rivers, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> a 58-year-old man is fighting for his life tonight after he was struck by a septa bus. the accident happened nearly a gain and aramingo avenues in port richmond. philadelphia police say a witness saw the man run into the street. luckily, nobody on the bus was injured. and new tonight, penn state's president says that he will now thoroughly review the freeh report. it concluded that high ranking university leaders concealed key facts about jerry sandusky's abuse of children to try to avoid bad publicity. the 2012 report has divided the university and alumni. some have criticized the findings that led to the severe ncaa football sanctions. the president says he does not want anyone to believe that the university was "hiding something." and tensions are extremely high in ferguson, missouri right now as the town awaits the grand jury's announcement on whether to indict the police officer who killed unarmed teenager michael brown.
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a decision in this case is expected very soon. newly released video now shows that officer, darren wilson, leaving a hospital shortly after the august 9th shooting. attorneys for the brown's family says it shows the initial descriptions of wilson's injuries during a struggle with brown were exaggerated. meantime the philadelphia police department is preparing for any protest that is may arise after the grand jury announcement. lieutenant john stanford tells "eyewitness news" tonight they will work to make sure that protests are safe and productive. also delaware state police, they released this mug shot of robbery suspect william mcnulty. he was shot and killed by troopers in claymont yesterday afternoon. police were pursuing mcnulty after they connected him to armed robberies a the an atm and also at a 7-eleven. after being cornered at harvey road and garfield avenue, officials say he put the marie verse and accelerated towards the troopers.
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that's when police opened fire. well, another doctor meantime is receiving treatment for ebola in the u.s. surgeon martin sallyiy arrived in nebraska today. >> reporter: the doctor landed in omaha saturday afternoon then went by ambulance to nebraska medical center where he's undergoing treatment. the 44-year-old surgeon was working at a hospital in the ebola zone in sierra leone's capital of free town but not with ebola patients. he started showing symptoms last week. a medical team in sierra leone says he was critically ill when he left for the u.s. >> he say we should keep come everything is going to be okay. so far he responding to treatment. >> reporter: he's a citizen of sierra leone. his son says his father was aware of the risks going to work in west africa. >> the fact that he left here
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and go back to his country, that made me worried a little bit especially when he is a doctor and he treats patients. that is the part that is scary. >> reporter: sal ya' explained during an april interview why he returned to help his country men. >> i took this job not because i want to but i firmly believe that it was a calling and that god wanted me to. >> reporter: nebraska medical center is one of four medical hospitals to treat people with highly infectious diseases. he's the third treatment to undergo treatment there. eight of the nine ebola patients treater so far in the u.s. have survived. danielle nottingham for cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> well, volunteers are spending their weekend preparing a home for disabled veterans that was damaged by fire. dozens cleaned up the rooms at the dillard house in north philadelphia. "eyewitness news" on the 3000 block of north 22nd street. last friday's fire broke out inside a third floor room.
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one resident was killed. volunteers have been very busy today. >> we've put in some windows. we've washed down some walls so far. we've just, you know, cleaned up -- got rid of some trash inside the rooms and things like that. >> investigators say it appears the fire victim fell asleep while smoking in his room. also crews are ready to give it yet another shot. work resumes to remove the remaining iconic letters from atop a philadelphia highrise tomorrow. if you'll recall back in august workers used a helicopter to remove the pnb letters from one south broad. well, the operation had to be suspended because the letters were much more fragile than first thought. only three of 12 letters were removed. there will be road closures in that area so give yourself a little extra time if you're going to be around that part of the city. now, the latest affordable care act open enrollment period began today and the city of philadelphia is working to get the uninsured covered. >> get covered.
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(applause). mayor michael nutter cut the ribbon officially opening up the northern liberties communities center to those seeking information on health plans. enrollment assisters will help residents sign up for coverage in the health insurance marketplace. >> ♪ still ahead on "eyewitness news" tonight, dozens rush to help pull a car off a woman. the rescue is all caught on video. we'll show you the dramatic video coming up. plus, lights out. it traveled hundreds of millions of miles but now a problem for the space probe that successfully landed on a comet. going the distance, thousands challenge their inner rocky balboa for a race that's right out of the movies. adrian. i had to do it, justin. >> not bad, natasha. temperatures will stay cold for the rest of the weekend but guess what? they're going to be even colder in the seven-day forecast. we'll get to that in just a few minutes. >> straight ahead in towards, how can the eagles stop aaron rogers and the packers?
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lesley has a
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>> got a story you'd like us to investigate? e-mail your ideas to i-team at >> well, the cold and snow is certainly not keeping people from having fun. take a look at this scene here in saint paul, minnesota today. cross country skiers were out in the parks enjoying this blast of winter. no snow for us, at least not right now but it is cold out there. meteorologist justin drabick has more on the frigid forecast. that's coming up in just a few minutes. also a chemical leak in texas kills four workers and sends a fifth person to the hospital. the hazardous chemical leaked at the dupont plant in louisiana port just east of houston. the chemical is used to create insecticides and fungicides. cause is under investigation. after a journey of 10 years and 310 million miles, the mission may be over for a history making space probe.
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the battery is department it landed on a comet on wednesday and was supposed to keep transmitting data from the comet for six to nine months as it passed the sun. the probe landed on the comet's dark side away from the sun so it's solar panels can't generate power. some incredible video from china shows about two dozen people coming to the rescue of a woman trapped under a car. take a look here. you can see the white car crashing into a moped and then running over the moped's driver. passersby they rushed to the woman's aid. they managed to free her in less than a minute or so. emergency crews rushed her to the hospital and amazingly she only suffered some minor scratches. now, it is one of the most memorable scenes in film history when rocky runs up the art museum steps in philadelphia. and today thousands braved the cold morning to to do just that, run like a champ. "eyewitness news" reporter
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steve patterson has the story. >> ♪ >> reporter: look, every rocky movie ends in a big fight, or in this case, a big run. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: but that's not the whole story. >> put your heart into it. >> ♪ >> reporter: we love the journey. >> i don't want to feel like a kentucky fried idiot. >> ♪ >> get 'em rock. come on. >> ♪ >> reporter: we love the motivation. >> yo' adrian. >> yes, sir adrian. >> yo' adrian. >> reporter: we love the drama. >> you're going to eat lightning and beep beep thunder. >> if you're going to be the best you got to beat the best.
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>> rocky. >> ♪ >> yo' adrian. >> reporter: and perhaps most of all, when it's all said and done, we love the glory. >> whew! >> go rocky. >> ♪ >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: but you know what, evening better, we love a great sequel. >> i pity the fool. >> reporter: the rocky run directly benefits the special olympics philadelphia. athletes who train really hard just like rocky. >> just like me. >> ♪ >> reporter: at the art museum steve patterson cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> it was a great turnout for eyewitness weather can kid casters. there was along with other members of the cbs3 weather team as youngsters showed off their forecasting skills for the camera and i got to say i'm impressed. they did a good job. they're certainly after my job. we should be able to feature some of these on our newscast
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in a week or so. as far as temperatures right now, it's cold. you'll know if you step outside. a lot 20's and still a few left over30's n reading a little milder. we'll check in with dave, he's got 32 degrees, one of the lucky spots this hour, a little bit warmer there with the clear skies. we'll be tracking some clouds that will move into our area,, too over the next few hours. little bit colder, we'll head over to gilbertsville where eileen murray has 20 degrees this hour with the clear skies. and new jersey we go over to somerdale where fire marshal joey checks in. he's got 28 degrees. he also sent in a pretty cool photo today, having fun in the fall leaves, what kid doesn't like to jump in the leaves and have fun. good day for that today. little bit cool, though. if you want to be a part of the "eyewitness news" join eyewitness weather watchers, check it out for all the details. clear skies for the moment. live look at center city allowing those temperatures to
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quickly drop off tonight. still hanging just above freezing for philadelphia. the many suburbs already in the 20's. here we go 28 degrees in allentown, 19 in mount pocono. dover delaware checking in also below freezing at 29, 22 in millville so that core of the cold air has settled in across the region. a little bit below average as well north and west, 28 in cleveland, 27 in pittsburgh so this cold air sticks around for the rest of the weekend. it's really not going anywhere any time soon. clear for the moment. that's what's allowing temperatures to really drop off but there are those clouds starting to move in from the west. as they approach the region temperatures should level off over the next few hours. some areas of snow showers breaking out across the midwest near chicago. that disturbance lifts to our north so we'll escape it dry. monday another shot of arctic air. this is true arctic air. we're talking about temperatures a good 15 to 20 degrees below average so this will be even colder than
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what we're dealing with right now across the delaware valley. tomorrow, though, not a bad day overall. mostly cloudy skies, temperatures a little bit milder, mid and upper 40's. still below average for this time of year. our next storm tracks to the west so we'll be on the mild side. periods of rain develop early monday morning continuing through the afternoon coming to an end monday evening. as that storm passes by, that just opens the door for that very cold air. highs on tuesday and wednesday only in the 30's. the wind is going the make it feel more like teens and 20's when you factor in the wind chill values. jet stream on the move again. we've been seeing this for the past several weeks. takes a ride northward over the next couple days but look at that. all that purple, that's the hard of the cold air. it sags southward again. arctic air moves in tuesday, wednesday and finally slowly retreats to the north by the end of the week into the week. clouds roll in overnight, we'll keep it dry. sunday generally a mostly cloudy day. here comes some of those showers after midnight sunday
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night and then periods of rain on monday, the heaviest could be early afternoon. comes to an end during the evening. what, to sunshine on tuesday but that sun is not going to be able to do anything to the temperatures. we're struggling to get into the upper 30's. rainfall amounts from this next storm pretty good decent amounts. some spots could get half an inch to maybe up to 1 inch across the delaware valley. cold start tomorrow morning. here we are upper 40's for sunday's high temperatures. little milder on monday as that storm moves in. we could be seeing some 50's breaking out especially south and east of the city but it's cold overnight. center city 32 degrees. the suburbs in the 20's, partly cloudy skies. still chilly for this time of year on sunday, mostly cloudy, high 48 degrees. we should still be in the mid-50's this time of year. extend forecast, wet weather returns for monday, high up around 50 degrees. could be some pockets of freezing rain in the poconos very early monday. and then there's that cold air. look at that, tuesday wednesday, highs only in the 30's. overnight lows in the 20's. by the end of the week a
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little bit milder but it's still below average for this time of year. highs only in the 40's. so, keep those winter coats handy all week long. >> no worries on that one. >> all right. >> i've got it close by. thank you so much, justin. okay, so i guess the eagles game tomorrow they're going to be pretty cold too. >> they're going to be pretty cold for sure. and temple looking at a 31 year losing streak to penn state did they did it.
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nice passing. montreal is up three-nothing at that point. flyers make a come back. jake voracek with the puck finds brayden schenn who scores. flyers down three to one. later in there second voracek passes to giroux. that's schenn right there. still not enough. the flyers lose this one, six to three. the seven and two birds with the tough task of taking on green bay at lambeau field. the packers 32 and 33 in their last 35 home games. now, the key slow down aaron rogers and the packers passing attack. last week aaron threw 6td's in the first half against the bears. he's thrown 15 touchdowns, no picks at home this year. the packers outscored their opponents by 25 points at lambeau so how will the eagles slow down the green bay offense? >> got to be able to mix it up. this is a quarterback who is well experienced, very smart, very accurate, he gets rid of
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the ball quickly. that's why we have to be able to challenge their receivers on the line of scrimmage so he can't get rid of the ball as fast as he would like to and that served us well in the past as well. whenever we do a good job of pressing on the outside that's when we get the pressure from up front, we get all the sacks but that's easier said than done. >> we'll get you ready for the showdown of two of the top teams in the nfc tomorrow at 11:30 on sunday kickoff. join sports director beasley reece and myself, the voice of the eagles merrill reese along with cbs3 special contributor lesean mccoy. been a long time since temple has beaten penn state. the nittany lyons with a 31 game winning streak against the owls. the winner will be bowl eligible. temple head coach matt rhule by the way is a penn state graduate. third quarter of the game penn state with the lead and that's after a tj walker interception. bill belton goes 8 yards for the score. temple's first play of the
11:27 pm
drive walker goes deep, finds jalen fitzpatrick for a 75-yard connection. penn state defense forced five owl turnovers, grant haley with an interception and he will go for 30 yards for the score. penn state bowl eligible for the first time in three years as they beat temple 30-13. >> 49 seniors that stayed around this program when this university and when this community and when this football program needed them the most so the fact that we're going to be able to send them out the right way and be able to continue our season and be able to continue to keep our family together for a month or so after the regular season ends is special. >> over to franklin field, ivy league action magnolia's finale: the crimson wop a share of the ivy league title with a 34-24 victory over
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penn. out on the main lionville november hosting albany. it was the john robertson show for the wildcats. qb with five touchdowns in the game. villanova beat albany 48-31. we'llll be ri merry christmas! thanks but this gift, it's kind of half-fast. what's wrong? we still have cable internet, so our uploads are half the speed of our downloads. so i'll be half-fast when i share my photos.
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>> welcome back. new tonight many were partying all for a great cause in delaware county. take a look here. santa claus made an appearance at the annual lady bug ball
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fundraiser. "eyewitness news" in essington. tonight's event was hosted by the kisses for kyle foundation. the organization supports families battling childhood cancer. everyone wore red and black to support the cause. everybody looked lovely and santa was out there
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>> well, that's "eyewitness news" tonight. i'm natasha brown. for leslie, justin, all of us here's we appreciate you being with us. remember we're always online
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