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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  November 17, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EST

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good morning. it is monday, november 17th, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." a third american executed by isis. the white house calls it an act of pure evil. nfl teams get a surprise locker room visit from federal drug agents. >> plus, how a simple cab ride landed an american tourist in prison. we'll talk to her family about this nightmare ordeal. but we begin this morning's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> the longer we can't stop them the more attractive they'll be to radicals around the world.
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>> president obama calls the beheading of peter kassig an act of pure evil. >> isis is holding an american fee mail. >> the cold air will blast its way south and east through wednesday. >> i can't believe i'm out here already. i don't each have my boots yet. >> the u.s. state department has become the latest target of online hackers. officials say no classified information was affected. >> at least three nfl teams got surprise visits from federal drug enforcement agents. >> after a distribution of painkillers. >> the popp will be there for world catholic day. >> people walking around with little buckets of sanitizer. if you have a sweet tooth, brace yourself. >> two of the largest chocolate makers could be running out of
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chocolate. >> hundreds of fireworks going off at the same time. it was an accident. >> kevin harvick. he's going to do it. he's going win. >> oh, big hit. >> sanders gets walloped. >> look at that. >> bill belichick's guys really shut them down. >> and all that matters. >> another example of the sorry state of american politics where people take money for things which they don't believe and whether it's good for the american people is not even a question. >> on "cbs this morning." a news anchor in australia wore the same suit on air every day for a year to prove a point about the double standard for men and women. >> he claims not one singer viewers had known or complained. >> you change your undies and socks. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" presented by toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs
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welcome to "cbs this morning." an indiana aid worker is the latest visit of isis executioners. the parents of peter kassig plan to speak about their son today. the terrorist group said last month he would be the next western prisoner to die. >> president obama put out a statement using the muslim name cassin inin ining kassig adopted. he said, quote, an duty raman was taken from us in an act of pure evil by a terrorist group. margaret brennan has more. >> good morning. he's a man secretary kerry called courageous and selfless to the core. in this latest isis video, a masked executioner stands ore the severed head of man he identified as peter kassig. >> this is peter edward kassig,
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a usaid worker from your country. he's the third american to be executed since isis began beheading westerners this summer but unlike previous execution videos, casing is not seen addressing the camera and his killer is not in the same desolate desert location. this time announcing that he's in dabiq, northern syria. he has a british accent much like the one in the recent videos. they also show the beheading of syrian soldiers and issues another threat to president obama. >> tomorrow we will slaughter your soldiers. kassig was murdered despite public pleas from his family and friends throughout the middle east and appealed for mercy that fell on deaf ears.
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on sunday his parents release add statement. we're incredibly proud of our son. we will work every day to keep his legacy alive as best we can. in an interview from cbs news last month, i asked kassig's parents about a letter they had received from their son after he had been taken. in it he acknowledged he might not return home. >> what did you feel when you read that, paula? >> i felt -- i remembered how he always told me because he knew i worry. he said, mom, don't worry about me. no matter what happens, i will be okay because i am doing what i am called to do. i love what i i'm doing. >> in that letter he said if i go down for this, i want everyone to know i went down for a good cause. what more can you ask? >> now, ed and paula kassig have
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asked reporters to help remember their son by donating to another aid group that's providing emergency medical help in syria. gayle, as for isis, they're still believed to hold other hostages including an american woman, but unlike other videos, this time their identifies were not revealed. >> margaret, thank you. money of the country is waking up to icy november weather. chilly all the way down to texas. minneapolis plunged to 1 degree overnight and it's 5 degrees in brookings. even in amarillo, texas it's chilly. tina, good morning. >> good morning. the people in the midwest are used to freezing temperatures and winter storms but now it's making a winter punch for millions of americans this morning and winter is still more than a month away.
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this latest storm which has dropped snow and ice from oregon to ohio and as far south as texas isn't weather you would typically expect this time of year. people who would normally spend their days raking and bagging leaves have been shoveling in columbus. crews are out trying to clear roads. and although many of the streets have been treated in preparation for the storm, the precipitation paired with the plummeting temperatures created slippery driving conditions. >> whoa. i've got a wreck that just happened. >> across the wide ranging storm system, cars and trucks peppered the sides of highways, the results of slick snow-covered roads. the iconic arch was covered in layers of snow. in the northeast, mostly in the form of rain. temperatures will settle into the region in the coming days
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with lows to hover into the 20s. even portions of the deep south will feel the chill. now temperatures here are expected to sink to near single digits. that means crews will be out to try to prepare roads to make sure they don't freeze over. charlie? >> tino, thanks. the stormy weather will be replaced by bitter cold starting tomorrow. danielle niles from our boston station wbz is tracking conditions across the country. good morning. >> good morning, charlie. good morning, everybody. let's start across the southeast. tornado warnings in the florida band stretched up through southwest georgia and eastern alabama with this line of severe weather that will track east. that will bring a chance for damaging wind gusts, heavy rain, isolated tornadoes through the afternoon through the coastline of carolina and georgia as well. at a same time we're tracking
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snow. 3 to 6 inches in parts of ohio and we'll be measuring the snow in feet. lake-enhanesed in lake ontario by the time we get to tomorrow. deep cold. temperatures 20 to 40 degrees below zero the next couple of days with record lows possible. norah, back over to you. >> thank you so much. the nfl got a surprise visit on sunday. >> the d.e.a. is investigating prescription drugs. the nfl said our teams cooperated with the dea. good morning. what happened yesterday? >> pop quiz. pretty interesting one. it's unprecedented. the dea hasn't done this to the nfl before. they look to teams with loose practices with regard to prescription drugs but nothing
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this enhanced. >> what happened? >> a suit filed in may by former nfl players, some of them retired detailing pretty horrifying practices with prescription drugs, heavy-duty painkillers like percocet and perk dan passed out on team planes by trainers not authorized to hand it out, that sort of thing. >> you guys have had an incredible investigation about the use of these opioids by nfl players. >> yes. we did a five-party series last year with my partner where they medicate players to get them back on the field. it's very possible that the dea's interest in this is they think the nfl is creating addicts. >> how soon would they know and who would be responsible?
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the people who take them or those who prescribed it? >> they have strict laws on who is allowed to transport it. dispense it. nfl trainers are not allowed to pass out medications and yet there's a lot of evidence they're doing that. it doesn't matter if the players want the meds, the doctors aren't pup supported to given them. >> one of the little known things that came out yesterday is the dea is working with the district attorney's office, a very heavy hitting prestigious arm of the justice department. so i think it's a month-long investigation. our information is that they're not at the start or at the end. they're in the middle. >> thank you. thank you, sally. >> sure. >> good to see you. in ferguson, moye, they're preparing for the possibility of more violence. grand jury is considering charges against officer darren
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wilson. he shot and killed brown while investigating a theft. michelle miller is at the prosecutor's office in clayton, missouri, where a decision could come at any time now. michelle, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the encounter between officer wilson and darren brown took just 90 seconds. 90 seconds that have led to months of protests. new audio recordings this weekend are helping to establish a timeline of events but it's failing to answer some crucial questions on what actually happened. >> it's going to be a black male in a white t-shirt. >> police radio communications obtained by "the st. louis-post dispatch" shed more light on what happened on august 9th. officer darren wilson first approached michael brown shortly after 12:02 p.m. less than 90 seconds later brown was shot and the officer requested a backup.
7:13 am
also obtained video showing officer wilson leaving the ferguson police department hours later, seemingly uninjured, a contradiction to what police previously said. this is the brown attorney. >> we don't see him holding his eye anywhere in the video. >> reporter: on sunday pro. ers braced for the cold. lying down in chalked out lines of bodies and blocking chaf traffic, commemorating 100 days since michael brown's death. >> we don't care what the weather is, we'll be out there. >> it's a protest that shook the city and the nation only months ago and there's fear that violence could resurface as the grand jury decides whether to
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indict the officer responsible for shooting the unarmed teen. >> there have been several days for training at every level. they're trying to understand what they can and cannot do. >> and ferguson police chief tom jackson says if officer brown is not indicted by that grand jury, he will be cleared to return to work. norah? >> all right, michelle. thank you. pope francis this morning announced he'll make his first trip to the united states as head of the atlantic church. he'll attend the world mass next september. it could also include a stop in new york city, but plans have not been finalized. this morning the state department is repairing its system since a cyber attack. hackers have hit the white house, the united states post at service and the national weather service.
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the state's classified systems were not afemgded. it could be up after today. new video shows a wreckage. it shows just how close the debris came to some of the homes. many at first thought it was a ukrainian military plane. mark phillips saw some of the early aftermath. good morning. >> good morning. it's four months to the day since the malaysian air flight was knocked down. proving it has been the problem, investigators are now finally getting their hands on some of the evidence. this may have some of the trappings of a serious crime scene investigation but it's much too early to know that. nothing can make up for the months of neglect and highly
7:16 am
compromised crime scene. still the wreckage of the plane or what's left of it has been removed to the far land in eastern ukraine. the plan is to take it back to holland where they'll look into the inquiry of the crash. time is proving more difficult on what happened. evidence on the ground points to the plane having been shot down by a surface-to-air missile. it's been removed perhaps by scavengers, perhaps those trying to -- >> they're going to do a forensic analysis of the metal to try to detect explosive residue on their. so they even going to do with what they have. it might be quite limited. >> an examination showed it to be peppered with holds made by high velocity shrapnel of the
7:17 am
sort that would come from a surface-to-air missile. nearby footage has now emerged showing the immediate aftermath of the crash. the lives of those on malaysia air flight 350 died. it shows it was not shut down by one of our their missiles but bial jet. examining the wreckage of the plane may be able to determine exactly what hit in. norah? >> all right, mark. thank you. the cruise ship is on its way. it had to be thoroughly cleaned in california. it began after a month long trip to hawaii and ta hee tee. in april more than 100 people
7:18 am
got sick on the same ship off the coast of california. a doctor receiving treatment for ebola is in critical condition this morning. dr. salia arrived at nebraska's medical center on saturday. doctors are using every treatment possible available. they say, quote, this is an hour-by-hour situation. salia works as a surgeon in sierra leone. it's not clear how he contracted the disease. he has a wife and two children living in maryland. for the first time this year, the bribe lynn bridge. they say he climbed over a forceps to take photographs. he got onto a cable dreechlt another man got to the tap and
7:19 am
in july two germans made it all the way to the top and replaced the american flags with white ones. scary stuff. >> it is. all right. it's >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by kay jewelers. every kiss begins with kay.
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bill cosby goes silent in the face of explosive allegations. >> you do have any response to these charges? you're shaking your head no. there are people who love you who might like to hear from you about this. i wanted to give you the chance. all right. >> ahead, the legendary comedian is back on the road as his scandal gross. >> the news is back in thehe morning on "cbs this morning." stay tuned for your local news.
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cbs3 "eyewitness news". good morning, everyone, i'm ukee washington, we kick it off with katie and get that forecast. >> not the nicest one, ukee, let's be honest. starting off on very soggy note here. very chilly rain, just dreary, and cloudy outside, if it is not raining right now, but most of the day is going to feature potential for some rain at times it, could be pretty heavy for this afternoon. here's how we stand, obviously not everybody getting hit, but not to say you won't at some point later today. quiet view for us right now outside middle township high school in cape may courthouse, where you can tell it is damp, and obviously cloudy but it isn't raining at the moment. again, that's going to change with time. if you're not seeing rain right now, you will again, and it looks like it will be heaviest this afternoon, in toward the evening. by tomorrow, temperatures take
7:27 am
a very significant hit. jess? >> thanks, katie. good morning, everybody, taking a significant hit on 95, around 322, this is headed northbound, toward the blue route, where earlier we did have ramp closure headed toward the blue route northbound t has since reopened. but you can see, everybody really slow going, a lot of brake lights headed down toward the blue route. over on 95, out in delaware, a crash out, to advance the maps, 95 northbound route 273, ukee, over to you. >> next update at 7:25:35 -- 755:67:89 wrong place, wrong time, american woman behind bars in southeaster asia says she was mistakenly caught up in a drug raid. for more local news weather traffic and sports we are
7:28 am
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things got way out of happened at a soccer match in milan on sunday as croatia plays italy. fans threw flares on the field. they arrested 16 people. e match after all of this ended in a 1-1 tie and croatian officials say they were embarrassed and apologize. that's terrible. >> that's not good sportsmanship. >> no, it's not. >> welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up this half hour, an american tourist trapped in jail in a foreign country for a crime she says she did not commit. her family is calling this a nightmare. once again, america's tv dad caught up in accusations.
7:31 am
that's coming up. the "usa today" said many veterans are still waiting a long time for an appointment for hospitals and clinics. more than 600,000 vets continue to wait a month or so. the japan times says japan fell back in economic times. that's more than a 7% decline in the second quarter. "the wall street journal" looks at vladimir putin's early exit from the g-20 summit. he faced heavy criticism from obama and others other his military role. putin says he needed to get home to rest. >> can you imagine, i'm tired. >> meanwhile obama's flight home was 500 miles longer. >> i need my beauty sleep.
7:32 am
and u2's singer bono needs surgery. he hurt his arm while cycling in central park. the band canceled their show. last week his plane lost a door while in flight. it's not been a good couple of weeks. a look at the fight against isis inside an important united states ally. hundreds of men from saudi arabia are fighting with the terror group in syria and iraq. the kingdom is woed about what will happen when they go home. holly williams is in jeddah, saudi arabia. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we were given rare access by the authorities here in saudi arabia who wanted to show us what they're doing to fight against islamic extremism.
7:33 am
the saudi arabian authorities fear that young men who have fought with isis would come home and target their own government. at this special forces training base they showed us their ability to rebel terrorist attacks including assassination attempts, plane hijackings, and suicide bombs. dozens of saudi men have blown themselves up for isis. with the skploesivs rigged to detonate at a safe distance, lieutenant colonel showed us the devastation they cause. >> they show us many of the
7:34 am
explosives. it left our nerves shaken. but that was clearly the whole point. with a long history of islamic terrorism, saudi arabia wants to show that it's also a victim of violent extremists and it's doing its best to fight them. >> we have to come up with new tools and new ways. we try to counter that. saudi arabian officials have also cracked down on mosques and muslim clerics who were real callizing young men but they say recruitments of terror groups has moved on yon line and they told us they're more dangerous and organized than al qaeda ever was. >> thanks. on "cbs evening news with scott pelley," holly williams will show a shield that was used to keep it from spilling over into
7:35 am
saudi arabia. another woman came forward yesterday saying she was raped twice by cosby back in 1969 when she was 16 years old. donde letter is here with cosby's silence and his lawyer 'eers response. good morning. >> good morning. his lawyer dismiss them as decades-old allegations and just because they were repeated doesn't mean it's true. still it's what cosby did that's giving them new attention now. claiming the groundbreaking cliff huxtable for eight seasons, bill cosby was perhaps television's most beloved dad so he front wasn't bemused when this comic called him a rapist last month. then last week after cosby asked
7:36 am
fans to put funny captions on his photos, he got responses like this. through it all he's been conspicuously mocked. he won't dignify the with a response. there was this exchange on public radio over the weekend. >> do you have any response to these charges? you're shay shaking your head no. there are people who love you who might like to hear from you about this. i wanted to give you the chance. >> the accusations stem from a 2005 lawsuit in which the woman claims cosby drugged and raped her in his home. cosby denied the allegation but refaused to testify. one of them was barbara bowman who received training from cosby regarding her acting career.
7:37 am
>> i was serve add glass of wipe and the next thing i knew i was hovering over a toilet bowl in a white t-shirt. a man's t-shirt. i did not arrive in and my panties. i was completely sick. >> she's been contacted by many more women who claim they were victimized by him. >> in the coming weeks there will be a lot more people speaking and a lot more evidence to show. >> none of the allegations has ever resulted in criminal charges against cosby. the flair-up qoms as the 7-year-old is preparing to release a comedy special on netflix at the end of the month. he's also reportedly in talks with nbc regarding a new family sitcom. >> i thought scott simon handed it it so well.
7:38 am
how did he do it? >> he said we want to hear from you and the people who love you want to hear from you. >> you're exactly. held captive in a prison cell thousands of miles from home, how sharing a cab with one stranger held her behind bars. she said caught in the wrong place at the same time. and astronaut reid wideman just returned where he became a social media star. you're watching "cbs this morning." we'll be right back.
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a woman says a misunderstanding is keeping her in a jail cell this morning thousands of miles from home. stacy addison is caught up in a drug trafficking case in east timor, that's in south asia.
7:43 am
her mom said her mission is to bring her daughter back home. >> reporter: stacy addison was on an adventure she planned for two years, a trip around the world from antarctica from central america to asia. back home in oregon her mother carol collected the postcards. >> absolutely stunning scenery and lots of penguins, whales, sales. amazing trip. >> reporter: stacy loves animals. she's a veterinarian. and her goal was to see wildlife wherever she traveled. >> she's the most responsible person i've ever met and never, ever, ever any sort of problem, trouble, you know, in her life. >> reporter: but now stacy is in trouble and in prison on the eiland nation of east timor. in early september she crossed the border from indonesia, sharing a taxi with another
7:44 am
traveler. >> the other passenger said he wanted to pick up a package at dhl, and when he came out, the police swarmed it and she was terrified. >> she didn't know the other passenger. >> no. except stranger except they shared this vehicle, this taxi. >> reporter: stacy spent the next four nights in jail. officials released her but took her passport. she could not leave the country but she could reach people back home on skype. >> the police searched me. they tested my u urine. everything tested okay. i thought it would be fine. it's not. >> she was hopeful she'd come home. >> reporter: east timor gained independence in 2002. it's justice system is under development.
7:45 am
she was arrested again. >> our current understanding is she's a witness to a crime. >> to think she's in a cell locked up 18 hours a day, it really breaks my heart to think of it. >> stacy's mother spends most of her days working for her daughter's freedom. >> i'm trying to write everybody i can. i'll write, you know, the pope, bill clinton i wrote. someone's got to be out there that can resolve this. >> reporter: stacy has a local lawyer and embassy officials visit her regularly but they have little information about her case. >> i just want my daughter to be free to come home. >> reporter: november 5th was stacy's 41st birthday. in a note to her mother she said fellow prisoners helped mark the day. >> she said they didn't have anything to give her but they would pray for her to be able to come back to america.
7:46 am
>> reporter: that would answer a mother's prayers as well. for cbs news, john blackstone, iowa. >> something's going to happen because of that story. >> it's scary. >> it's very scary. >> it makes no sense. and now to this. picked off in the stands. coming up, the interception that
7:47 am
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it's eb. eggland's best. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. my dad brought me out here when... anyway. ♪ ♪ i get a strange magic dad! did you see that?! ♪ got a strange magic hey dad! wait up! it is not often that you see an interception in the stands of a football game but it happened yesterday during a saints/bengals game in new
7:51 am
orleans. he saw christa barrett in the stands and threw the ball to her but a saints fan -- boy -- picked off the pass and then kept the ball for himself, boo, hiss. the saints organization saw what happened and gave barrett a ball of her own. >> i think the saints organization to make thattest to come and give me game ball, i think,as amazing. >> that was amazing. jermaine grishham tweeted after the game truly sorry you didn't get the ball. i'll donate. >> she'll donate what she can to help fight pediatric cancer. what was his name. that was a very jerky move. whatever friends he has should come down on him with a ton of bricks. >> that was a classy move. >> look at that. it's not like stealing candy from a child but it kind of is. that's a jerky miss.
7:52 am
boo, hiss, you in the yellow. now some of the biggest names in -- >> praise to the color yellow. sorry. >> their plan to help with the worst crisis taking place in london. that's coming up on "cbs this morning."
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>> cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning, i'm erika von tiehl. want to get right over to katie because i'm sure a lot of people know by now, got some rain to talk about. >> we absolutely do. good morning, essentially all day event for our area. in fact, with a warmfront, followed up by a cold front, making for just a soggy and very dreary and chilly day. as we kick start the work week where we stand, not everyone getting hit, but i can tell this much, we had rain through any of the counties not seeing the green overlapping your area here there will be eventual periods of more rain that follow up, what we had through the overnight, milder day granted but this is actually where we should be with temperatures. and it does still feel chilly outside. so, be ready for.
7:57 am
that will later tonight, as skies clear, we bottom out. dropping to 29, and we only recover about four of the degrees by tomorrow. so very cold day when you tack tore in the win it, will feel even colder, jess? >> thanks, how quickly things can change. just look at the ben franklin bridge few moments ago, now completely jam solid from the jersey side, from the toll plaza headed westbound into the city. see all lanes open fortunately, but completely slammed the entire lent of the bridge headed into philadelphia. erika, back over to you. >> thank you, next update at 8:25. next on cbs this morning, how gender impacts a person's ability to get a good night's sleep. your local news weather and traffic, "cw philly". i'm erika von tiehl. have a great day.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
it is monday, november 17th, 2014. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there is more real news ahead including insomnia and a specialist explains why charlie and i sleep differently, or men and women sleep differently, but first today's "eye opener." i couldn't help myself. >> a fast-moving system is making a winter punch for millions of americans this morning. >> tornado warnings in portions of the florida panhandle stretching back through southwest georgia and eastern alabama. >> what happened yesterday? >> a pop quiz. a pretty interesting one. it was unprecedented.
8:01 am
the dea hasn't done this to the nfl before. >> new audio recordings this weekend are helping to establish the time of events. >> investigators are now finally getting their hands on some of the evidence. >> we were given rare access by the authorities here in saudi arabia. >> cosby's lawyer dismissed the accusations as, quote, decade-old discredited allegations and that just because they're being repeated doesn't mean they're true. >> usual ly we fax. >> right. usually people think texting is faxing. >> reporter: this morning's opener" at 8:00 is presented by benefib benefiber. this morning the president
8:02 am
said, quote, the act is pure evil. we expect to hear from the parents today about their son. >> they show the beheaded army ranger turned aid worker. isis has killed five western prisoners including three americans. they say the killings are revenge for american-led air strikes on their positions. snowfall in places as far as oklahoma. it caused trouble in oklahoma city sunday. parts of the state are facing single-digit temperatures. the snow is moving toward the midwest. people in other states are having a tough time getting to work. new video and recordings are providing a fresh perspective. grand jury's deciding whether to charge officer darren wilson in the 18-year-old's shooting. this new video shows wilson at the police station after the confrontati confrontation. >> police also released
8:03 am
recordings that give wilson's call for backup just before shooting. >> 21. put me on canfield with two and send me another car. >> the encounter between wilson and brown took just 90 seconds. here's a call from another officer after the shooting asking for backup. >> send a couple manufacture units over here. there's going to be a problem. >> cbs legal analyst rikki klieman is with us. good morning. >> good morning. >> we know the encounter lasted 90 seconds between the police officer and michael brown. >> we do. 90 seconds can be considered a long time or a short time and it all depends how it went in to the grand jury. we have to look at the whole picture here, norah. and what we have from these audio recordings and the video recordings is certainly evidence that could support the brown family lawyers of saying, look, that this officer never connected up that robbery with michael brown. on the other hand, the grand jury is looking at the whole
8:04 am
picture. so the grand jur will see the surveillance video of the robbery. the grand jury will know that there was a dispatch describing the robbers. we don't know if he heard the dispatch. we don't know if he was offering to help. >> what if the grand jury doesn't indict this officer? >> we have to look at what their options are, norah. with very four charges here. murder in the first degree, highly unlikely. murder in the second degree, ultimately not likely because he has the defense of being a accomplish but you have man slaug slaughter, voluntary and involuntary and then, of course, self-defense. >> now the brown family is saying, look, there's a discrepancy there.
8:05 am
what does the video say? >> it shows him appearing walking tall. we can't see his face. ultimately when he says he was injured about the eye or the face, the only thing that's going to tell us that is both the photographs of his face, which i assume they have, and certainly he went to the hospital, so there's hospital records. so we'll know if the claims have been greatly exaggerated or not. >> how long does it take the jan grand jury to decide this? >> this is a long grand jury seating. this grand jury is going to be empowered in and of itself to make this decision. it will happen this week. >> thank you, rikki. >> thank you, rikki. we now have new information about the release of americans. james clapper went there and brought home kenneth bae and
8:06 am
matt. there were no guarantees. >> we weren't sure how it was going to play out. i personally was not confident they would actually release our two citizens, and so, yes, it was apprehensive. >> clapper said the north korean's expected a diplomatic concession in return for president obama. he said, quote, i think they were disappointed. >> we have got some good news, make that great news for family out of newtown, connecticut, today. ist has been neil two years since 6-year-old benjamin wheeler died. last week they west coasted a new baby boy. here's a picture of mom and new baby matthew bennett wheeler. he weighed in at 8 pounds, 8 ounce. they say he's a miracle and brings lots of joy and life to the family and the older brother nate is doing his best to be the best big brother he can. that's great. >> that's great.
8:07 am
congratulations to him. an australian tv anchor is making a fashion statement. >> it was revealed that carl has been wearing exactly the same suit every single day on this show at this desk in that chair for one whole year. now, the reason that this all started, this was a show of support for me. >> he wore the same blue suit every day in that time. not one viewer said a thing. he said it was a show of cosol dart with his co-anchor who is judged more harshly for what she wears. gai gayle, you're never judged. >> we are. i would notice if you wore the same suit every day. i would make a comment. >> and you certainly wouldn't wear the same tie. >> that's very interesting. i'm glad he did it for he. >> it's interesting nobody
8:08 am
noticed. ahead on "cbs this morning," if you woke up tired, your gender might be part >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" at 8:00 sponsored by benefiber, the clearly healthy fiber.
8:09 am
still ahead, michelle miller looks at beauty for women on the go. >> need a ride? need some dinner? there's an app for that. and now you can order a date with glamor to your home or to your office. i'm michelle miller. that story coming up on "cbs this morning."
8:10 am
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8:13 am
in our "morning rounds" we begin a three-party series about
8:14 am
sleep. american adults do not get the sleep that they need. but it turns out insomnia is more common in women than in men. great. he's the chief of sleep medicine at brigham & women's hospital and director of sleep medicine at harvard medical school. you come highly credentialed so i'm listening with both ears. norah and i both said we don't get enough sleep. do you, charlie? >> no, but i take naps. >> those are crucial. >> it really is. sleep. the point is you need sleep to be healthy. >> that's correct. >> why the difference between women and men? >> one of the things is the internal clock that controls the timing of sleep runs faster in women than it does in men. it's only about a tenth of an hour, but it adds up. women's clocks are set up an hour, hour and a half earlier than men.
8:15 am
harder to stay awake in the evening. >> why is that. why are women ee's circadian rhm faster? >> we think it has to do with estrogen. >> what are some myths about sleeping? >> there are so many. >> what are three biggest? >> one are that we can power through. we can sleep when we're dead. of course, we'll get there faster if we don't get enough sleep. and another big myth is the concept that when you're driving along the highway, you get highway hypnosis, that's actually falling asleep because you can't sustain alertness. another one is if you're in a situation that's boring, the fact that you fall asleep is because of that and, in fact, it's because you have sleep pressure that's very high. if you're in a boring situation and you've had enough sleep, you
8:16 am
won't fall asleep. >> what will make you sleep better? >> a cool dark place, setting enough time for sleep and trying to have a regular time of sleeping and waking because the brain is going to anticipate if you're going to go to bed, let's say, at 10:00 or 11:00 in the evening. it begins to release the sleep hormone, melatonin so you're sleepy at that time. if you go to bed at 3:00 one day or 10:00 the other it shifts the body i wake up at 4:00 on saturday and sunday. >> you want to sleep in but it's not happening. >> so women have more insomnia than men, but you say men have more sleep apnea than women. why is that? >> that's right. we think it has to do with anatomical differences and where men deposit fat as opposed to women. >> it's in their neck? >> yes. there's only so much real estate in the neck and if you crowd out
8:17 am
the airway you're going to have trouble when you sleep. so one out of three men and one out of six women suffer from disturbed sleep associated with breathing, sleep disordered breathing. but unfortunately because it tends to be viewed as a male dominated disease, women are much less likely to be diagnosed. so one out of ten women compared to men get diagnosed. >> thank you. we appreciate it. >> thank you. and i hope you get more sleep. >> i know. i'm going to try to work on it. thank you. coming up, 30 years after "band-aid," bob geldof got a new mission. he's raising money to fight another crisis. you're watching "cbs this morning." >> announcer: cbs "morning rounds" sponsored by new aleve pm. aleve pm for a better a.m. until. the am. new aleve pm the only one to combine a safe sleep aid
8:18 am
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in 1984 music stars gathered to record the charity sinal "do they know it's christmas." they brought in millions of dollars to fight hunger in ethiopia. charlie d'agata shows us how the voices are being used to fight ebola in west africa. ♪ it's christmas time there's no need to be afraid ♪
8:22 am
>> reporter: band aid is back and it's fresh with a whole new cause. one direction, ed sheeran, rita orrick to name just a few. this is "band aid 30." most of the numb members haven't quite reached that landmark yet. ♪ at christmastime >> reporter: the tune remains the same but the words have changed to reflect africa's crisis, the ebola epidemic. as it was back in 1984 music bob geldof was the driving force who saw what was happening in africa and inspired britain's biggest stars to align. >> the only similarity between '84 and now is it's the poorest as ever who get attacked, and that makes me enraged. >> reporter: back in 1984 his fight was against famine in eekt on ya when he managed to engage
8:23 am
superstars into the studio for one day to record "do they know it's christmas." george michael, simon la bond, and sting. and, of course, bono's line, which sounded mean instead of you. clearly he thought so too. ♪ tonight we're reaching out and searching you ♪ >> reporter: just like a generation before, the new stars packed into the studio for one marathon session until the song and video were done. this is the same studio, this is the same street where history was made 30 years aelg and much like a lot of performers inside that studio, a lot of people in that crowd weren't even born dofrmt you recognize any of the stars from the original? can you name me any?
8:24 am
come on. george michael? >> george michael. >> boy george. >> boy george. >> bono. >> yes. oh, i was going to say that. >> reporter: live aid 30 may not live up to the original act. >> it's in possible to think you're going to have the same effect as the first "band aid, kwu ", but it won't be the last. hopefully not. >> reporter: the new group's main goal, in fact, it's only goal is to sell a lot of singles and raise a lot of money to fight ebola as they can. it doesn't matter about the song or if it was a lousy recording. all they have to do is buy the thing. for "cbs this morning," "cbs this morning," d'agata. >> they still sound good.
8:25 am
nothing can make you feel good morning, i'm ukee washington, pope francis has confirm his long anticipated trip to philadelphia. attending the worm meeting of families next september, the pontiff made announcement in a speech to a conference on traditional family values at the vatican. now the vatican will announce more details of the pope's trip to philadelphia, his first to america next spring. your forecast right now with kate in the weather center, good morning. >> good morning, happen mine day everybody, might be little bit more difficult to get out the door this morning, when you have got to factor in the weather because it will be a soggy day, you can see, a bulk of moisture headed our way here through the virginia's, will take over the map once again, so even little lull, heads up to southern new jersey, and delaware.
8:26 am
just a day that requires up an umbrella, rain gear, little milder but 57 degrees, actually where we should be, and with the clouds and the rain it, does still feel chilly outside. now un clearing skies, the wind kicks in, the temperatures plummet to 29 degrees through the overnight, but at least the rain is out of here, and then we just in for very chilly couple of days, especially tomorrow, the coldest we've had yet this season, and that high of 33 with the wind might not feel any better than the teens. jess, over to you. >> i hate hearing it every time. good morning, everybody, something else you will not really like to hear on the 59 around cottman avenue, fortunately the northbound lanes headed toward northeast philly are moving great. you can see the southbound lanes, toward center city, missing out the right hand shoulder due to ongoing construction, but headed southbound toward center sit at this will be sticky shot there. now over on 495, northbound, closed out in delaware near philadelphia pike. your alternate to get around the area as they clean up the accident scene just take route 13. ukee, back over to you. >> thanks so much. next update is at 8: 55, up
8:27 am
next on cbs this morning, the first african-american cast of the phantom of the oprah. more local news weather traffic and sports, we're on the "cw philly" on these channels, i'm ukee washington, have a good morning.
8:28 am
as a toddler, i enjoy three activities. breaking things... spilling things... and just general destruction, in the abstract sense. so i, for one, am not a big fan of nest. you see, the dropcam is always watching... even when my folks are in another room. i rue the day that this product was invented. but i'm not 100% sure what rue means. nest dropcam. welcome to a more thoughtful
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welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, glamor for 24/7 lifestyle. we'll show you how new technology is tapping into a $200 billion industry. plus he played on "scandal," but many know him as phantom. making broadway history. that's ahead. it's time to show you this morning's headlines from around the globe. "time" says a number of americans don't want a job. it found that nearly 29% of 16 to 24-year-olds were not interested in finding work.
8:31 am
that's up 10% from 14 years ago. they share their first evaluation of the comet laernd experiment. it landed wednesday but it shut down saturday after its batteries andred. scientists at the european space center says they hope the data will shed new light on the creations on earth. pier 55 is what it will be called. the size of two foot fields floating over the water. it will have gardens, a wood village, and water. diane von fovon furstenberg wil pick up most of it. prince william says he wants you to play angry birds for a good cause. it highlights animals threatened
8:32 am
by poaching he partnered with "angry bird" to launch it. that's great idea. >> so the prince is a gamer. yeah. >> all right. if you're planning to buy a new car, you have lots of company. nearly 17 million people could be sold next year. that is according to kelly blue book. they address it. kelly blue book reveals the winners of its new best buy awards. the best small car of 2015, honda civic. the best luxury car, the mercedes-benz c class and the overall winner, f-150. welcome. >> thanks so much for having me. we really appreciate it. >> why the f-150 truck? >> well, it's an amazing vehicle. this is a segment that's very, very conservative. even evolution has looked at it
8:33 am
in the truck segment but it's revoluti revolutionary. it has an aluminum body, new. incredible. saves 700 pounds. different power train, smaller engines that get better fuel economy. this is a truck not just for this year and next year but the future as well. it's a major innovation. >> listen. blake shelton sings about girls in trucks. are girls buying this truck? >> they are. it's been the best selling vehicle, i think, for the last 30 years or so. not so much the coast but the mid states. it has a great interior, very comfortable, great fuel economy. its record of longevity is terrific. that's one of the things we at
8:34 am
kelly blue book care about in the best buy awards. we want to give people the best choices. i wouldn't say the civic is particular in one area but the combination is just terrific. >> how do you come to these conclusions? >> well, it's a year-long process actually. we started this more than a year ago when we were looking at what 2015 vehicles would be in the marketplace because that's critical. what we were trying to do is help the consumer make good buying decisions so we look at a lot of metrics. kelly blue book is known for things like cost to own, depreciation, fuel costs, maintenance costs. >> speaking of that, people are very interested in electric or hybrid cars. you chose the chevy volt. >> chevy volt was the interesting choice. it wasn't the newest in the segment. a lot of people might scratch their head at that. what we found is the decisions general motors made on that vehicle was to give it a significant amount of all electric range. it can go for something like 35
8:35 am
to 40 miles on pure electric range, but also having a gasoline engine that allows you to use it as a car if you want to go more than 40 miles on a charge is a great combination. it's very limiting we found for many people because you can only go 60, 70 miles on it and then you have to charge it. >> what is e. vv.? what is that? >> electric vehicle. >> oh. sorry. you talk about the luxury cars, the c car? >> it's a small car. >> we limited it because we -- >> a lot of people would expect maybe the bmw 3 series be the winner there and the c class is terrific inside and out. it is really a cool car. >> but the corvette is also selected, isn't it? >> absolutely. >> it's a cool car. >> it is a cool car.
8:36 am
it's a combination of performance at the price. it's so stellar. and there are a lots of good choices in that category. the all-new ford mustang a really good contender and for a lot of people more affordable than the corvette and more usable because it has two back seats. >> are you going to go out and get a truck? >> actually i'd like an f-150. i'm going to trade my truck. >> where do you go for a good deal? >> kbb. you'll have it there. call it beauty on demand. salons are creating the future right in your own home. michelle miller introduces us to designers making house calls. >> she gets the full teemt at early as 7:00 in the morning all the while writing 'ems and prepping for her day. >> anyone who is on a tight
8:37 am
schedule which frankly i think is any mom working or not, you know, we all have things that we need to get done and we need to look good doing it. >> reporter: rose found this team of professionals now through her fashion connections but by simply swiping her smartphone. glam squad delivers glamor whenever and wherever they choose. alexandra wilson is the ceo. >> they're orders their food, babysitters, car services, anything from a phone. why can't you order beauty services to come to your home or office? >> she left the popular online designer discount group guilt founder to start glam squad. >> when she left them, it was like, is she crazy? what is it about this? >> i think we can build this
8:38 am
company that's really big, powerful, disruptive. >> when you say disruptive, what you do mean? >> i mean we're going to change habits. >> reporter: the service has already changed the habits of markets skpakive m.t. carney who uses the app twice every week. >> it's really about convenience. when you look at the travel time, it makes life a lot easier. >> it includes blow dries and styling for $50 and makeup sex that runs $75. its founders believe people will pay the price despite traditional salon options. in 2013 the overall revenue was $205 billion. michelle greenwald says mobile beauty companies are prime to become part of that market. >> i think from a consumer standpoint this is pretty attractive. >> is this finally acknowledges
8:39 am
the buying power, the spending power of women? >> one, they can afford it, two, they value the convenience, and, three, there are enough women that evidently this is meaningful to them that they can create a market. >> 30 years ago do you think that this type of service could have flown? >> one thing that i think is really funny about glam squad is on the one hand we're really modern, based on technology. on the other hand it's old-fashioned. my grandmother used to have standing hair appointments. >> they hope it to be new again to a culture that happened all at their fingertips. >> you can be where you want to be and pretty much order it up on your phone and it's done. >> reporter: for "cbs this morning" michelle miller, new york. >> this is such a great idea. $50 for your hair, $70 for your makeup and convenient. >> very convenient.
8:40 am
>> charlie, do you want me to put that app on your phone? i can upload it for you. >> just what i need. >> charlie says, i'm good. >> he's breaking the roles on brbroadway. he
8:41 am
8:42 am
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what a voice. that is the man changing the face of the "phantom of the opera." well over 11,000 performances. jamie wax went behind the scenes to learn how this musical stays so fresh. good morning. >> good morning. that issue of staying fresh can be a challenge for any long-running show but norm lewis made history when he took the stage in the title role and it's safe to say he's brought with him a different perspective to "the man behind the mask." norm lewis is in makeup preparing for his debut in broadway's "phantom of the opera." ♪
8:45 am
>> this moment would be very emotional but for you and what this represents as an actor of color, is it more emotional? >> i think it is. i feel very honored and i hope that i make not only everyone who's involved proud, hopefully this will open up a lot of doors for people of color. ♪ >> reporter: it's been a long and unlikely road for lewis, a lanky kid from florida with a big voice. >> i was going to work in the business world, probably advertising. >> what was it. >> what was the experience that turned you from business to showbiz? >> funny enough i was entering a lot of different contests in yond, singing contests, and this one particular one i won, there was a judge in the audience and he was a producer for a cruise ship and he said came up to me after and said how would you
8:46 am
like to sing for me on my cruise. she said, you don't want to be 85 and think could a should a would a. >> good advice. >> i didn't go back. >> reporter: instead he went forward. lewis landed his first broadway show as part of the on somable "w "the who's tommy. yts and then in "porky and bess," which got him a tony nomination and put him at center stage. and you might recognize him as senator edward davis on "scandal." he admits he's been luck dwr. still some leading roles have been hard to reach for actors of color. >> is the world of acting
8:47 am
particularly if you are a guy who looks like a leading man more difficult for an actor of color? >> yes, yeah, blatantly. and point, blank, yes. anytime in all your fantasies ♪ >> reporter: even the "phantom of the opera" which has not come traditionally with face has come with white actors. of the now 14 actors to be cast over is 26-year run, lewis is the only african-american. ♪ >> he's a brilliant actor and a brilliant performer and a brilliant singer. >> andrew lloyd webber created the character for the stage.
8:48 am
he said it's the actor's presence not color that is important to the role. >> one quality you have to have which is total charisma on stage. because you're behind the mask you have authority. you have to have that authority to really bring the role up. ♪ >> while lewis embraces the historical significance of being the world east first black fan thom he has the heart and performer of a role that has landed a lifetime. >> i know it's a cliche to say but it's behind my wildest dreams. when i walked out at the end, just the applause and ovation that we were getting, i wanted to cry. >> and louis just recently reupped with the production and will be on stage at the majestic theater at least through the first week of february. you can catch him there.
8:49 am
>> it's a real treatment jamie and i went on a date to see him. >> we did. >> blown away by him. >> i think he's the best phantom ever on broadway, historical achievement aside. > ahead, how a hitchhiking canine went to great lengths to prove his loyalty.
8:50 am
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8:55 am
good morning, i'm erika von tiehl. we have an update for you on breaking news from over night. officials are investigating a house fire that killed a man in germantown. four police officers also suffered minor injuries while trying to douse the flames on the 800 block of east chelten avenue. three resident got out safely and are now in the care of the red cross. authorities are investigating whether that building was an illegal boarding house. >> right now got to talk about that rain. it moves in overnight. just hasn't gone anywhere? >> it really hasn't. little lull in the action, erika there is morning, but we had all of the spray coming off the vehicles as you walked or drove down the road here this morning. so definitely soggy start to the day. it is mostly an all day event with this latest storm we're
8:56 am
dealing w you can see the next rounds of moisture, moving on in, after that, again, brief lull for some of you anyway. it is at least bit of milder day a lot closer to seasonable with the high of 57. i urge you to bundle up with heavier coat, rain gear, because of the 57 isn't really feeling like that. very chilly day with the rain and the clouds. later tonight we do clear out. you want chill, really set unless quickly in the wake of the system, guys. look at the drop on the thermometer by tomorrow at best 33 for the high despite sunshine returning to the forecast, there is also a very gusty wind that will be kicking up making it feel no better than the teens. jess? >> thanks, katie, good morning, and not doing too hot out on the schuylkill expressway. almost identical roadways here. so eastbound toward center city you can see completely slow going, everyone just in dark and dreary and foggy and wet headed westbound toward the king of prussia area. problems there, as women. over out in delaware 495 northbound still closed near philadelphia pike. alternate to get around the area for now just to take route 13. and the rest of the majors still really starting to slow,
8:57 am
blue route south slow, 27 minutes, we do want you to go slower too with the roadways. ninety-five southbound about 50 minute there. back over to you. >> thanks, jessica that's eyewitness fuse for now. talk philly coming ought noon on cbs36789 i'm erika von tiehl. hope you have a great day. stay dry out
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>> coming up, today on the doctors. >> i don't wanna die. >> travis? please, doctors, help me? our 500 pound woman update. how much weight has she lost and how is she doing now? then ... jennifer lawerence, the dangerous accident that happened while shooting and the side effects she suferce from today. and, the -- she suffers from today . >> and the hottest vacation accessories, va breasts, how it get a pair, all new on the doctors! ♪ doctor, doctor gimme the news ♪ ♪ [ applause ] ♪ >> so, take a look atcationthis photo. pretty good before and after, right? >> audience: yeah! >> these results were claimed to be obtained after 3 sessions of a new procedure


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