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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  November 18, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EST

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similar crime. >> good morning, everyone, hey, we haven't even hit thanksgiving yet t feels like the middle of winter. now, we're threatening some record lows. wow, let's check in with katie and jess, here's katie, good morning. >> mainly by later on tonight. if you perhaps stepped out the door, taken the dogs for walk or something lining, that you already know that it is a lot colder than yesterday was or than many days before it were, but it gets even colder before all said and done. >> man, jest, it is getting coat olds site. >> just freezing in the studio. i can't even imagine being out on the skydeck, thanks, 5:30 this morning, we go check out the ben franklin bridge from the philly side so the heads lights are headed in toward the city all lanes open, no there. and we currently do have some delays on septa. and i'll cover all of those details in the next couple of minutes.
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>> we continue to follow breaking news in israel. at least four people killed in a terrorist attack at jerusalem synogogue. israeli police say two palestinian men, armed with guns, knives, axes, attacked the worshippers during the rampage. six other people were hurt also. officers killed both suspect, during a shoot-out. so far, no one has claimed responsibility for this attack. >> and you're looking at the aftermath right now of a plane that crashed into a plane in chicago this morning. you can see the tail of the wreckage right there sticking out of the house, police say, no one in the house was hurt. but it is not clear how many people were aboard the plane or their conditions right now. the single engine aircraft went down shortly after taking off, from chicago's mid-way international airport. another woman has come forward leveling a ooh sayings cents against bill cosby, said he assaulted her back in 1969 when she was 19 years old. justin finch joins us in the cbs-3 sat center more on these
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new allegations. justin? >> reporter: good morning, woulds bye not addressing the allegations but as he stays silent, allegations keep coming. now another accuse is her telling her story. >> bill cosby, in his element, on stage, in erie, pennsylvania, sunday, though off stage the spotlight has centered on rape allegations against him. claims that have dock him for decades but resurface in the another stand up comic routine and went viral. and now, another accuser has come forward. >> i didn't know his history. i assumed i was not the only girl that he was doing this with. but who is going to believe me? >> public list cyst joan appeared sunday telling her alleged sexual assault by cosby in the 19 60s. >> what i said to myself is you old expletive. >> former montgomery county d.a. cents bruce castor,
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investigated 2004 rape plan against cosby, accuser, former temple employee, says cost bee raped her, at his montgomery county home. >> i certainly thought that he probably did something he shouldn't have. >> but, there were roadblocks, castor said the accuser came forward year later hindering criminal investigation. without evidence, castor says, it was difficult to move forward, criminal charges, were not filed. he put his forearm under my neck. and he tried to disrobe himself. >> she said her alleged end counter to cbs-3 when teen in the 1980s. set to testify against cosby in a civil suit that was settled, the allegations against him commas nbc is developing a citcom with him, and netflix due to roll out cosby dock next week. live in sat control, justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> justin, thank you. right now 5:33, we want traffic and weather together.
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on the 3's, and oh, feels like 3 degrees outside. >> fact, will only hit 33 today. >> no, it seems like it is the make being number of the morning. how happen pro poe, right? yes, much, much colder conditions out, there despite what the thermometer may read, do you have basically shave ten to 15 maybe even 20 degrees off for feels-like value. because of the wind, that's always the xfactor with this casino of pattern. storm scan3 clearing out nicely, if you don't mind that chill out there, you have still got about an hour maybe little bit less than that if you want to perhaps check out the meteor shower, going on, pre-dawn basically, you can see up to ten to 15 meteors per hour. but again real cold outside. if you plan to do, that you want to get away from the city street lights if you can. and bundle up. take a look at just s area values reporting right now, generally, mid 20's, and again it, feels so much colder, these are the numbers, you need to be dressing for when you walk out the door, guys. it feels like 18 at the airport, it feels like it is
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actually sub zero now, in mount pocono, and any time that wind blows, again, will knock the values back, and these are again the numbers that you want to be bundling up for. so, here's where we stand here through the rest of the day. not too much movement on the thermometer, guys. throughout the course of the day, later this afternoon, yes, hit 33 degrees, bad enough with the winds, again, won't feel any better than maybe 20 degrees at best at any point today. jess, over to you. >> just the week before thanksgiving, thank you, katie. good morning, everybody, 5:35, we go outside, check out the ben franklin bridge, from the philly side, where you can see the left-hand side there, all lanes open, that is headed into the city from new jersey, westbound, things moving along great. but you can see, on the eastbound lanes, you can see little arrow right there, blinking, that's ongoing construction taking out the right-hand lane. but fortunately it is on the side that's headed into new jersey, so that is not real the side that we see most of the volume little later in the
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porn rush hour. but over on 59 at broad, everything moving great here, southbound lanes where the taillights were moving, northbound lanes moving great where headlights are coming on through. now some septa delays on the paoli thorndale regional rail line, expect some delays there. downed tree on the line yesterday, even creating delays for this morning. ukee, back over to you. >> philadelphia will know this afternoon whether it is getting a second casino. pennsylvania gaming control board is supposed to decide among four contenders, it also has the option of rejecting all four. the board meets at the pennsylvania convention center at 1:00 this afternoon. and officials with the king of prussia mall will unveil plans for a major expansion project, just in time for the holidays. and an additional 155,000 square feet will connect the malls two main shopping areas, the plaza and the court. shoppers can expect to find more stores and restaurants in the new area once construction is complete.
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i can't fathom king every prussia mall being even larger? >> get rest i. time now 5:37. business news this morning, do americans prefer fast or free? >> and, how honda is dealing with the airbag recall. money watch's jill wagner joins us now from the new york stock exchange, with those stories and much much more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, honda is quietly replacing defective airbags in its recalled cars throughout the entire united state. and, that's even though the auto maker's actual recalls is only 413 states with high humidity. now, nearly dozen different automakers have recalled more than 16 million vehicles, because of those airbags. here on wall street, s&p will open in record high territory today. it is now up 10.5% for the year. the dow jumped about 13 points yesterday, the nasdaq fell 17. >> well, you can now exchange your frequent-flier miles for food. united airlines has launched new payment system, at airport
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terminals in newark. 143 miles, well that equals about a dollar. and americans prefer free over fast whether it comes to shipping. 82% of americans prefer free shipping where the products arrives in five to seven days, while just 17% would rather pay for faster delivery. >> free, okay. >> i'm with you. free -- >> is anything free? isn't there always a catch? >> thanks, derby downer. >> i know. thanks, jill. >> positive story, right, free things? >> no free lunches, erika. >> just wondering, just wondering. talk to you later b you walk out the door, updating today's top stories. new information about a plane that crashed into a home in chicago. >> also, how many cups of coffee have you had this morning? may want to grab another one. finds out how coffee can help your waistline. >> and, so much for "black friday". cyber monday and even
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thanksgiving, the big bargains that you can find right now, and the items you should wait to buy. first, here's one of the stories we are area working on for "eyewitness news" tonight at 11:00. >> i'm jest did a dean. in a house fire, the smoke you should fear most. >> one breath is all it will take, tan will kill you. >> tonight you'll see one fire, one house, two bedrooms, two very different outcomes. what an expert says to do to keep your family safe. this is one of the most important safety stories you'll ever see. surviving fire on cbs-3, "eyewitness news", tonight at 11:00.
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morning, everyone, you are looking at the aftermath after plane that crashed into a home in chicago this morning. the pilot we understanded was the only person believed to be on board. and we understand he's still on the plane. the information just coming into us now. the plane was en route to chicago's executive airport when soon after departure that pilot reported engine problems and tried to return to mid-way. he crashed about quarter after mile from the runway. you can see the tail of the wreckage sticking out of the house. the information is still coming in. police say no one was in that house by the way when that accident happened.
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two pam -- palestinians, police shot and killed attacker. >> well, all guests are back in their rooms right now at the best western on baltimore pike in concordville, delaware county. more than 100 guests were forced out by carbon monoxide around 1:30 this morning. >> later this afternoon, the pennsylvania gaming control commission will announce the recipient of the last philadelphia casino license. four applicants are on record. commission by the way could decide not to award the license, as well. >> missouri governor jay dixon declares state of emergency ahead of grand jury decision in ferguson. now, no specific dates set for the grand jury's announce when officer darren wilson will be charged in the g death of michael brown. officials say police officers will take a different approach to handle any protests that may break out. >> our police officers in the city of st. louis will bewaring their police officer uniforms. and they're not going to be having the riot gear on, things like, that unless of course the situation would occur, which would require them to do that to protect
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themselves. >> governor nixon also activated the national guard to assist local and state police as needed. now, grand jury decision is expected to come by the end of the month. >> on the health watch this morning, having access to calorie counting apps may not lead to weight loss. researchers in california found obese patients who download dollars the my fitness pal app did not lose more weight than obese patients who only had more traditional methods. the app records daily log of what users eat and drink, and allows them to set goals and track exercise. >> and, coffee could be god for your waistline. scientists say there is a chemical compound in that drink that when injected, prevented mice from gaining weight. it also appeared to guard against obesity related diseases. but, before you get too excited no humans were tested and also we're told the amount injected into the mice was far higher than what's inside your usual cup of coffee, but hey, i'll take the w, you know? i'll take the linc.
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>> right now, 5:43, let's check in with katie and get the latest on the temperatures. >> temperatures definitely way colder just by face value than they were this same time yesterday. it is some of the coldest air we've had since this past winter, we check in, then, with our eyewitness weather watcher network, zoom in couple of spots with general synopsis from those awake and have been out and check their weather observation stations, is that you're into the 30's, 20's, but it does feel colder. let's move around to couple of spot here. we start things move southeastern pa, where sam warden, love this don't, this just in, late breaking score, winds, 27, trash cans, zero. yes, i actually was wait to go put my trash out for that very reason, sam. i hear you. let's head down into delaware, jason has yet to up load his profile picture. you got called out. love see your pretty face. 30 degrees current temperature over the last 12 minute or so, he also says that that bitter cold factored in with the wind, just feels so much worse. we head on out to one more here. we go on into new jersey, where mark sent in 30 degrees,
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22 minutes ago, from chads worth, and under the clear skies, of course, we bottom out easily. let's take a look at what we're dealing with here, guys. another arctic invasion for us here. and there are some spots where it is a little bit worse than others, in terms of that chill. but, it is all coming courtesy of these sort of cold air outbreaks, we call them. where the core of the arctic air is obviously going to be centered up around the arctic circle, sometimes the way the jet stream migrate, you can get it dropping in, very far south, and that's what's happened with these recent systems that have moved through. now the core of the cold over the next few days starts to lift up little further north. that will means actually going to ease up, out of the worse of this chill in the days ahead, but you want the worse of the cold, go to a place like birmingham, where the core of the cold is centered off to the wells, while this is bad in terms of the chill it, could be so much worse, by comparison. we expect nothing better than low 30's the next two days, the wind is at its worse today, making it feel no better than the teens. we go on little baby roller coaster ride here, stay below
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average through at least saturday. jess, over to you. >> good morning, everybody, we start things off out in new jersey, 42, at creek road, where the northbound lanes are starting to accumulate with some volume. so headed toward 295, or possibly to the surround area bridges, this is what you will face. no real delays yet, same thing for -- excuse me, little lighter southbound lanes headed towards the a.c. expressway. over on the schuylkill expressway south street everything moving along great, there as women. little more volume, you see with headlights headed toward king of prussia area. for septa paoli thorndale region, due to downed tree on the tracks, from yesterday, so now we have some small delays on that line so far for this morning. ukee, erika, back to you. >> thank you, jessica. are you one of those shop who already has a plan set for finding bargains on "black friday", and even thanksgiving if so, you may not have to wait until next week to grab the best deals. >> karen caper shows you what it buy in you and the offers that are worth the wait.
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>> as "black friday" gives way to gray thursday and cyber monday continues to grow, strategizing for the best deals can be confusing. personal finance expert, vera gibbons, says there is one area where shoppers may want to be shopping right now. >> if you're in the market for really hot super hot toys, the toys that are out on the best toy list, that have been released by amazon, and the like, i wouldn't necessarily wait to get these hot toys. >> if it is a gadget on the list, gibbons is suggesting "black friday", that's in mind with a list from personal finance, that is suggesting that day or for some retailers thanksgiving, for items like cookware, small appliances. hd tv's, tablets, laptops, video games, and console. that may surprise some shoppers looking for the best electronic deals on cyber monday. but gibbons says the big on line shopping day is the day to snag apparel. >> you tends to see 45% more clothing deals on cyber monday
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itself. and cyber monday is generally when you see store-wide discount, you know, take 30% off everything. take 40% off everything. so if you have a favorite retailer, or favorite brands, cyber monday would be an excellent time to shop foray parm. >> consumers will do most of their shopping on line may want to get an even earlier start. a surround ray by add opee predict overall on line prices will be their lowest on thanksgiving day. for consumer watch. i'm karen caper. >> 5:48. hey, thanksgiving, lets us think about everything we appreciate and that we're greatful for in our lives. >> now, we want to see pictures letting us know what you are thankful for this year. i said it alalia long, thankful for you. i'm thankful for you, all of you, who are part of our television viewing family. thank you for being here for us. >> send your best pictures, tweet them, or post them, on facebook or instagram. using the hashtag cbs-3. might even see them right here on "eyewitness news". and while getting ready for thanksgiving, just about a week away, hard to believe.
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make sure to check out you'll find recipes also some holiday shopping advice. just click on celebrate thanksgiving on our home page. well, we have some big news for taylor swift fans this morning, we'll let you know when the pop star is coming back to philadelphia. >> and today could be your lucky day, we want to give away a hundred bucks, and the winning word of the day is coming up next. first though, here's a look at what's coming up tonight right here on cbs-3. good morning, family, we'll see you in a bit.
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>> hey, can use a little money to burn through. how does $100 sounds? giving more money away right now. so grab that phone. >> if you want a chance to win just text today's secret words, or word, hot cocoa. got couple of them for you to 84816 or enter on line at two win. we're giving away 100-dollar gift card twice a day every day through next wednesday here on "eyewitness news", your next chance to win it is coming up in about an hour. remember message and data rates apply. hot cocoa. >> words it seal ' be seeing more taylor swift this summer. >> berks county native announced adding second show at the linc during her world tour next year. she'll take the stage june 12th, and 13th, right here in philadelphia. tickets go on sale later week, already performed three sold out shows at the linc in 2011, and again, in 2013.
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and i know, that 13 year old girls across the tri-state area right now, are getting pretty pumped. >> i'm thinking about june. >> no kid being. june seems a long way away with these temperatures. >> absolutely, yes, certainly feels much more like it did this past winter with the values we're finding on the thermometer this morning, and what we will find for the next couple every days, in fact, quite a big hole to have to dig out of when it comes to the thermometer readings, but storm scan3 at least totally empty right now, quiet, but man, it is coal. we wack you you through feels like values, already feels like it is sub zero, in mount pocono, not feeling too much better here. >> more like teens for the better part of the day in most locations, and then by tomorrow, it may only feel like it is into the mid 20's, so, really cold air again field colder, jess? >> good morning, 5:53, we go outside, check out how things are going on 309, susquehanna
5:54 am
road, disable vehicle over in the right hand shoulder. luckily, there is not too much in the way of volume here headed northbound, headed into montgomery county. yesterday dealing with residual delays for that this morning, north oaks tension southbound just pains lansdale, accident there. stay there, cbs-3 "eyewitness news" will be right bac
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>> ♪ >> there you go! oh, that's great. that's thanksgiving theme parody of megan trainer's all about that base, but this is baste. last year they event viral
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with christmas theme video. >> i'm all about that baste. >> what a fun family limit can you imagine growing up in that household? >> that's great. coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news", live with a look at philadelphia's chances every getting a second casino. >> also, we'll have update on breaking news from chicago, and whether the pilot is still inside this plane that crashed into a home. >> and, a storm tracker that can really sing its teeth into the forecast. see how sharks are being used to better predict probable storms, and hurricanes. interesting. that story coming up. we'll be right bac
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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning, family. just a heads up walking out the door this morning. brails yourself for bitter blast. temperatures are flirting with
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the freezing mark, but the wind chills makes it feels even worse. >> and kate can i tell us all about that, she's bundled up on the skydeck, katie, just how cold will it get? how coal will it feel? >> that's i think the bigger thing here, how does it feel? the thermometer bad enough to look at, but factor in the very tenacious winds blowing, basically all day today, it really does add insult to injury, now, i want to walk you through what's going on in our pattern here, we had storm system here obviously long gone at this point, i do think the wind has been real good job, even though making us feel a lot colder, it has done good job to dry things out. so you don't necessary have i to wary too much about the icing issue from any left over moisture, but keep in mind, that we drop solid ten to 15 degrees on the thermometer, feels so much colder. what we just saw the 24 hour temperature difference, where we stand on the thermometer, 16 at the hour in mount pocono, but lat


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