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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 25, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EST

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is tuesday, november 25th, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm erika von tiehl. also, our eye on some snow that could real slow down holiday travel this week. katie, what's it looking like? >> absolutely, i think, the biggest thing here, is the timing of this, so bad. and all day event coming our way on one of the busiest travel holidays or days for travel for the holiday of the entire year. so we will be tracking this storm, yes, it will be bring snow. we'll tell you how much coming up, vittoria? >> thank you, good morning, everyone, still your commute is traveling well, but things will definitely change. traveling on the ben franklin bridge, 95, so on, so for the, waiting for the rush, so stay with us, little bit more whether we come back. ukee? >> thank you, vet tore y1 of many acts every violence displayed across ferguson, missouri overnight. >> a shop looted and goes up in flames. unrest after a grand jury declined to indict ferguson police officer in the shooting death of michael brown, and that unrest, you can see, is continuing this morning. daniel nottingham joins us live now, in ferguson with the
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latest on that decision. that follows a three month investigation. danielle? >> reporter: parts of this main strip here in ferguson are still on fire this morning. it seemed like in a matter every minutes peaceful protests gave way to violence overnight. police say they were hit with rocks, and bricks, and batteries, reporters took cover from gunfire, protesters were met with smoke and tear gas. police say, they made at least 29 arrests so far. but they're also report that there was no loss of life, they say, that was their goal. and all of this is happening after days and weeks of law enforcement, local community leaders, asking the public to protest peacefully, following the grand jury's decision. the faa also had to restrict air space over ferguson, because of the violence, and that affected flights trying to lands at the st. louis
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airport. live in ferguson, missouri, danielle nottingham, now, back to you. >> danielle, thank you so. by the way brown's family has released a statement reading in part we are profoundly disappointed that the killer of our child will not face the consequences of his actions. while we understanded that many others share our pain, we ask that you than he will your frustration in ways that will make a positive change. we need to work together to fix the system that allowed this to happen. >> we'll have much more on the protests in ferguson and here in philly in just a movement first though, katie on the skydeck with the latest on the snowstorm is that real coy just mess up so many holiday plans, katie. >> absolutely. not even just for us but the entire northeastern corridor of the i95 corridor, very important roadway, obviously, and all of the surrounding highways. that so many people are going to be traveling tomorrow. this storm system, is really going to be messing with millions of people. storm scan3, as we take a look, actually already got
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little bit of moisture out there, don't worry about. that will that's staying off, out to sea here, really just dealing with some clouds right now, that will be the story all day. we get some sunshine, actually still awfully mild outside. i can tell you that much. but, if you're able to maybe adjust your travel plans, especially, if you are traveling by roadway, this would be a great day to get a jump start on that holiday travel. because, tomorrow, it is just going to be such a nightmare for lack of better word here. we start off with rain in fill, it will change to snow, mainly snow producing event, however, only county or two away. go into even northwestern bucks, into western montgomery, western chester, and all points northwest. this is primarily a snowstorm for you. soap, that snow, once it gets there, is going to start to rack up easily. that, as a result, has led the national weather service to expand the zone where winter storm watches will take effect as of early tomorrow morning. and these watches last us all day, and into most of the night before the storm completely goes away, and get out of here.
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now, at the moment, you would never know there was a snowstorm coming. look at the temperatures here, 62 degrees atlantic city, 57 at the airport, so, this might almost give you false sense of security, right? feels like spring walking out the door even still. temperatures will start to crash by tomorrow. again, that storm means business. we will have much more on that, talk much more about the snowfall totals that we're expecting little later in the show. meantime, for now, at least, quiet, and it is a great excuse to maybe adjust those travel plans today if you can. vittoria? >> yes, katie, if anyone can leave right now that would be great. because traffic wise, there is nothing real toy worry about. we look beautiful this morning. let's get outside, take a look. traveling on the ben franklin bridge, no delays in either direction. heading to and from philadelphia, to and from new jersey, things are just wide open for you. all of our bridges really look great. at this point at 5:04, i mean, not seeing any major delays at all, still waiting on the rush. take a look at 95. ninety-five, beautiful commute. if you are headed southbound, in toward center city, or northbound coming out of center city toward the area of the northeast, into bucks
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county, and not only are you great on 95 around this stretch, but also if you are traveling in delaware county, and even in delaware itself. ninety-five is beautiful. traveling on the schuylkill expressway, 505, same thing traveling on the blue route, no delays on the turnpike, northeast extension, again, why the a loft good news. accident at games farm road at hockle. also ongoing construction throughout the overnight in new jersey, 295 southbound, right around route 30, the white horse pike. >> this would be ongoing until 6:00 a.m. so just be mindful of the guys and gals in the hard hats if you can, again, no delays for mass transit. >> thanks, vet tore y developing right now, hundreds of protesters take to the streets of philadelphia in what police call mostly peaceful demonstrations. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us at city hall where the protest started late last night. jan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, police say overall overnight here in philadelphia, these protesters were maybely
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respectful. police are very thankful for. that will yes, this group was large, and loud, and intense. overall, again, police say things went fairly smoothly here in the city. minus couple of hiccups. police expect more protests here today. they say, they are prepared. if you take a look at the video, you can see some of the that is unfolded overnight. police say about 300 protesters out of those protesters, only two people had to be taken into custody. protesters spilled into center city street overnight after learning that grand jury decision. those protesters started here at city hall, then walk several miles, up and down market street, broad street, south street, eventually, ending up on columbus boulevard. now, along that route, however, police tell us, couple of people tried to hop onto busy i-95. that's when bike police were forced to intervene. that's when two people were taken into custody. >> we need to get organized, we need to fight against the racism in our country. >> a night the city of philadelphia can be proud of.
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police department can be proud of it and the protesters can be proud. >> now again two people had to be taken into custody and philadelphia police say we can expect charges possibly sometime this morning but again police are calling this overall a successful protest, that they'll likely have to deal with again today. we'll continue to follow the story. for now live outside of city hall. jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> jan, we'll get back to you shortly. live team 34 coverage continues with david punts, on the ben franklin parkway with reaction from mayor nutter on the grand jurist's decision, david, good morning. >> good morning to you, mayor michael nutter said he is happy with the way the protest happened here, in philadelphia, yesterday. but he said that he's discussed, those are the words he used, discussed with the way the grand jury decision came down. he says obviously the prosecutor should not have waited until 9:00 last night. he said that probably fueled some of the fire. and literally fire, we can show you some of the video from yesterday in ferguson, missouri, just really few hours ago.
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late last night, early this morning, we have carson fire, businesses on fire, still auto part store, that's on fire right now, mayor michael nutter said that's just absolutely unacceptable, no matter what the outcome was. now, he did speak to reporters, shortly after the grand jury decision came down, and he said from the beginning, the entire investigation has been a problem. take a listen. >> they've botched this entire tragedy so badly from start to finish that it has left obviously the folks in ferguson beyond disappointed, and i would say for myself, justice cussed, with how this entire matter has been handled. >> he went through long list of things that could have been handled better through the prosecutor's office. coming up, in the next hour, at 6:00 we'll talk, hear from mayor nutter rather, listen to what he has to say about how protesters can protest peacefully in philadelphia.
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and he says that he wants people to share their voice and their opinions peacefully is the key word. we're live on the parkway, david spunt, "eyewitness news". >> please stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the ferguson grand jury decision. we have much more on our website including officer wilson's testimony. our coverage of the ferguson grand jury decision continues all morning long. coming up we'll talk to legal analyst about the decision, and also, the key pieces off evidence in this case. >> brakes g for know, getting ready for first significant snowfall of the season it, couldn't come at worse time. people get ready to hit the road for the thanksgiving holiday. >> so, when will that snow start falling? how will it impact your holiday travel plans? katie has her eye on the storm. we'll be right back. ♪ there's confidence... then there's trusting your vehicle maintenance to
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>> firefighters battle a fire at auto parts store in ferguson, missouri. at least dozen buildings are burned overnight. several others looted and vandalized. this follows grand jury's decision not to indict officer darren wilson in the shooting death of michael brown. now, that number could rise once officials survey the damage across the area during the daylight hours. authorities used tear gas to help disperse crowds, and also arrested at least two dozen people. well, tomorrow is one of the busiest travel days of the year. we are keeping our eye on a snowstorm that could impact your holiday travel plans. now, penndot officials are already gearing up, inside their traffic monitoring center, cameras will help disperse crews where they are needed penndot is checking its salt supply, making sure trucks are in good working condition. also, trying out new truck with a wing plow that you
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equip with two salt spreaders. >> and basically, allowing one truck to cover almost as much as what one truck and a half to two trucks could do. >> now, due to the snow in some cities, airlines like american will allow travelers with flights departing tomorrow to change their flight to today or even thursday, without any additional fee. so, if you are headed out of town, you may want to see if you can alter your plans. >> erika? >> kate, were you saying, not that this is such an awful storm, just the timing of it really just so unfortunate? >> yes, absolutely seen blizzards, far worse than even the winds that we're going to find, not quite as bad as things that we've seen in the past. but, the timing is horrible. >> the day before thanksgiving. >> that's the thing t looks as though this will be an all day event, too. i can't even promise you that there will be a break in the action at any point. we start off with the first raindrops it looks like as early as about this time tomorrow. and it doesn't let up at all until later that night.
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so, that's my concern, more than anything, you're not going to get a window of opportunity out there. storm scan3, though, you've already got some moisture to work with. this is actually the cold front, or the salt stalled front, we'll call it, will set up shop. eventually allow the area of low pressure to form, then zip right up the front and ride the coast, and that's how we ends up with this storm by tomorrow. so, you don't really have too much after defined storm system just yet. but you will. we'll keep an eye on the radar as the day goes on. so jump to tomorrow. walk you through this. keep in mind, this is model, but very good representation of how it will all go down. first raindrops start to move in. bottom line. earlier you lever during the day, the better off you are. because it starts off mainly as rain, but eventually, that cold air will start to funnel in. the mixing will start to take place through the north and west suburbs outside of philly. notice, mainly rain, from philly on southeast, until that rain-snow line starts to shift little further south. it will be predominantly snow through the lehigh vale, through the poconos, up the i80 interchange, very likely
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ends up with heaviest, back edge starts to form hereby about 5:00 p.m. but i would say not until 10:00, 11:00 at night we actually start to clear out at which point we're actually going to have some pretty substantial snow totals on the gown. exclusive eyewitness weather snowfall map. very sharp gradient with the precipitation here. rain to snow in philly, means it is looking more modest at two-4 inches, mainly snow morton west, could see up 8 inches through reading, allentown, bethlehem, easton, eight or more up toward again that i80 interchange if that is perhaps where your travels take you. what happened to my graphic that let's move right along, odd, eyewitness weather seven day forecast, 56 degrees our expected high today. actually even miler than right now, but the temperatures will level off fall little through the afternoon. but at least it is dry. then by tomorrow, rain, and snow, in the forecast, a little bit of a difference in your final sort of forecast here, depending on location, but generally this is a storm that will affect everybody. thankfully it is all out of
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here by turkey day, friday, chill, but dry, and it really looks as though the rest of the weekend will stay quiet, too. tory? >> thank you, katie. i don't have nearly as an exciting report as katie just had. with our forecast, because there is a lot going on, that we have to prepare for, but as you head out the door right now, not too awful. schuylkill expressway looking great, in either direction, eastbound and westbound. this shot around montgomery drive. even traveling on 422, within your western suburbs, that is great commute around the area of oaks, around 202, maybe you're head the to the pa turnpike, northeast extension, no delays once you get there either. speed censors high up in the 50's, schuylkill, 95, 476, so overall still in the green. just how we like t we do, however, have an accident, montgomery county, game farm road at hockle road. be minds full of. that will still dealing with overnight construction in new jersey, 259 southbound around route 30. ongoing until 6:00 a.m. things at the airport still moving great. erika? >> thank you, vet tore y
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another major event thinking about coming to philadelphia. who is identifying the city of brotherly love, and also the city's competition. >> in sports, eagles-cowboys, rivalry runs deep, especially for one family. you have to see the confrontation, little girl debates with her grandmother over which team is better. that and more when we come back. >> oh, this will be good.
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>> this was the scene 30 minutes ago, massive fire raged at auto parts store in missouri, just one of the many businesses police say were torched during violent protests, sparked by the grand jury's decision not to indict a ferguson officer in the death of michael brown. and, mostly peaceful protests mark the ferguson grand jury announcement here in philadelphia. demonstrators gathered at city hall and marched across center city chanting and holding signs. police say, they did make two
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arrests. controversial comments about women and sexual assault cost the president of lincoln university his job. robert jennings resigned yesterday as president of the chester county school. he told a group of female student that false rape accusation cans ruan young man's life. jennings later apologized, but the damage was already done. the school's general council now serving as interim president. >> well, philadelphia is still in the running to host the 2016 democratic national convention. the city of brotherly love and sisterly affection now one of the final three cities being considered along with brooklyn new york and columbus, ohio. the dnc did not give reasons for eliminating phoenix arizona and birmingham, alabama. final decision on the location and dates for the convention expected early next year. >> right now it is 5:20. can you use a little extra money maybe go shopping on "black friday"? >> we are giving away $100 this morning, and you can't win if you don't keep
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watching. >> plus, just the saddest christmas tree you've ever seen? the growing fight over one pennsylvania city's plans to celebrate the holiday. and why some people say this pretzel topped tree is ruining their christmas spirit. >> how about that? >> details coming u
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>> calm before the storm, very quiet if you have any errands, running to the grocery store for pre thanksgiving shopping, anything you have happening here looks good. just clouds at the moment. see moisture off shore. that will stay off shore as we expect a dry day with some sunshine more than anything. let's talk about this storm time line though. this is the basic gist, rain
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moves in, about this time tomorrow, from the south, and this is going to be a storm that's with us all day. eventually, colder air moves in, the rain-snow line will shift from north to south. so while it is mainly a snow making storm, for the poconos, lehigh valley, we start to see the snow -- we change over to snow basically from philadelphia, on southeast here, as time progresses with the colder air moving n good news it, does depart by late wednesday night, so at least our turkey day, even beyond that point, looking pretty quietment it is getting to your destination that will be very dicey tomorrow. again, all day event. we're going to be dealing with very significant snow. so major travel snafu here, vittoria? >> thank you, we'll continue to keep you updated of course, right now traffic wise, pretty nice outside. we take a look at the schuylkill expressway, it is very calm, very serene, 76 right around the area of south street, not a problem even making your way throughout in toward your western suburbs, not dealing with a problem,
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the schuylkill expressway, fantastic, the rest of our majors are fantastic, take a look at the roosevelt boulevard about, no delays here as well. notice speed censors whether we pull up the wide here, look where they should be at least at this time. fifty-five is your average on 995, the schuylkill, the blue route, pa turnpike, northeast extension, moving well. if you are traveling, watch out for little construction eastbound on the pa turnpike at norristown, mass transit looking great. ukee? >> abbreviated dallas week this week, not stopping the eagles brass from getting the birds in shape to take flight. both the eagles and cowboys coming to the thanksgiving day game in dallas at eight and three, long time eagles know what dallas week means. but those new to the nest are just finding out. >> your fans talk about it all the time, coming back in june, hey, man, you know, we got to get dallas watch? we haven't even played a game
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yet. just sign here watch are you talking about? so, you know, you start to see how important that rivalry is. >> yes, it is big. the saints drew brees through for more than 400 yards, three touchdowns in last night ace prime time game. but it was interception that impacted the game the most. ravens will hill returned, and put baltimore ahead to stay. baltimore wins their second in a row, beating the saints, 34 to 27. meanwhile, the bills and jets played in detroit last night because the bills were of course snowed out in buffalo, the bills came up huge, jump on blocked punt, scored for buffalo. bills new york 38 to three. jets are two and nine, eliminated from the playoffs, bills now six and five. >> to the ice, the flyers play tough defense on road but can't get past tough new york islander team. flyers goalie steve mason stood on his head as they say to stop 46 shots last night. but the flyers offense was not getting it done unfortunately.
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captain john finally broke the scoreless tie with a goal in the shoot-out. new york wins this one, one to nothing, flyers will be in detroit tomorrow night. and the sixers got off to good start last night, hosting portland at the well in south philly. tony rosen with the steel and the bucket. the sixers had a two-point half time lead at 52-50. but the home team couldn't keep it up in the second half. trailblazers pulled away. marcus led portland with 33, trailblazers win 114-104. sixers still going for win number one on the season, they'll play the brooklyn nets at the well tomorrow night. erika? >> coming up in our next half hour of "eyewitness news", we are continuing to follow breaking news, as violence erupts on the street of ferguson, missouri, this after a grand jury decides not to charge a police o officer for killing an unarmed teenager. jan? >> and, hundreds take to the streets here in philadelphia, to protest that grand jury decision. i'm jan carabeo outside of city hall.
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how police handled the crowd. and, vittoria, katie, return they've got traffic and weather together on the 3's including the latest on that snow heading our way. oh, arriving tomorrow, just in time for all of the thanksgiving travel plans. we'll have the latest for you. we're back in two
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>> we're following breaking news right now, some stunning video in ferguson, missouri, fires erupt, violent protesters filled the streets. >> police officer cleared for killing an un armed teenager. here in philadelphia, those protests are much more peaceful, hundreds every people filled the streets overnight, joining the chorus of critics. >> fire light up the night sky across ferguson, missouri after angry crowds take to the streets in


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