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tv   Eyewitness News at 7am  CBS  November 30, 2014 7:00am-8:01am EST

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this sunday morning is her clinic for shane, desperate family comes together with the community and hopes to find a missing west chester university student. plus, police officer at the center of the unrest in ferguson resigns. we'll have details on his decision, plus, why it won't stop protesters there. boom offer bus? early numbers in for "black friday" sales. we'll have them for you. >> goods morning, to the today is sunday, november 30th, i'm
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diana rocco in for nicole brewer. 7:00 and 44 degrees here in center city philadelphia. right to carol erickson, i saw a lot of people bundled up yesterday carol at the outlets. think today is much better day for outdoor shopping. >> it absolutely is. it is better just all around, no matter what do you, even just running from a car into a store, better than yesterday. yesterday morning it was so cold, if you were up early, you know how cold it was, in fact, stay cold all day long. we had high yesterday minute before midnight. that's the casino every crazy weather day it was. now, we are looking at just beautiful start to the day through philadelphia also out in reading, snow still there, but should be on it way out temperatures warm up. enough to get some melting. nothing really much going on at all, except, just quiet weather this morning. thirty-four in the poconos, not making any snow there this morning. forty-two in philadelphia at the airport, 44 atlantic city,
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and storm scan3, has really nothing to do, just tracking couple of clouds and otherwise that's t temperatures warming up in allentown, still below the freezing mark there. warmfront has yet to reach the location. 31 degrees, 34 in the poconos, but it is 42 degrees in philadelphia, 40 millville, and 14 degrees warmer right now than it was yesterday morning at this point. and 23 greet warmer in atlantic city, continues through the noon hour, right through 3:00 p.m., temperatures this afternoon, 50's, and if that's not warm enough for you, we've got another day, definitely going to be even warmer, i'm show that you coming up in the seven day forecast. >> new this morning, homicide investigation, police tell us victim shot and killed in the 2900 block every edgley street. the shooting happened just after 2:00 a.m., no word on
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the identity of the victim. >> new this morning, man rushed to the hospital after being shot in the leg in north philadelphia. shooting happened about 1:30, victim list in the critical condition. no word on the suspect at this time. a pedestrian is hit by a car in marlton, new jersey, it happened just before 1:00 a.m. on east main street in evesham township. the victim was taken to the hospital. there is no word on his condition at this time. the driver did stop at the scene. police still investigating the accident. the search continues this morning, for a missing west chest test university student. shane montgomery was last seen leaving a bar in manayunk during the early hours of thanksgiving morning. "eyewitness news" reporter steve patterson is live in manayunk for us this morning, where marine crews plan to search the manayunk canals today. good morning, steel. >> three to 500 volunteers, were organized themselves in
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the teams, to help scour the area around manayunk main street. and the manayunk canal. as you mentioned, police marine aoun lit hit the water this morning, showing awe picture of shane montgomery, 21 years old, five-11, about 140 pounds, hazel eyes, brown hair. police are looking for any sign of him at this point, manayunk canceled their annual tree lighting ceremony lou every candlelight vigil for the 21 year old prayers to help find him. earlier in the day, though, hundreds of people helped organize at saint john the baptist church kind of de factor search party base think continue their extense i have grounds search around the area, all of that while the police marine unit, and their effort focusing on the manayunk can or. close to where the west chester university student went missing, disappeared shortly before about 2:00 thanksgiving morning, from kill dare's irish pub, police say so far they've turned out nothing.
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they have some surveillance video, searching through that, and again, conducting their grounds and water search once again today. we spoke to shane's mother last night, he says she's not giving up. >> somebody knows where shane is. somebody has to know something so can you not -- you can't stop. it is just a matter of he's our son, and i won't ever stop looking for shane. won't ever, ever stop looking for shane. >> the community and police began their search once again this morning, at 10:00 o'clock, when the marine unit will be back searching and focusing on the manayunk canal. thank you, steve. police also searching for 14 year old kalis adams, last seen at his home 6200 block of carpenter street friday night. police say the teenager
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autistic. and suffers from adhd. adams known to frequent the ymca, chestnut street, anyone who is seen him or may have information is asked to call police. >> police shot and killed unarmed teen in ferguson, missouri quit his job. darren wilson announced his resignation yesterday. >> this comes as a week long protest got underway. cbs news correspondent brian web has details. >> darren wilson quit his job as ferguson missouri police officer saturday, his attorney says, his resignation is effective immediately. >> i'm better, because of his resignation, but i'm not satisfied. >> it comes less than week after grand jury decided to not indict him for killing 18 year old michael brown. >> went on abc news to defends his decision to shoot brown. >> what i said is when i get back i'll shoot youment then his response immediately he
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grabbed the top of my gun. when he grabbed it, he said you're too much after beep to shoot me. when he did that i could feel his hand trying to come over my hand and get in the trigger guard and try and shoot me with my own gun. that's when i pulled the trigger for the first time. >> many protesters say the resignation bridges them no peace. >> you took somebody's life. they took your job. you can go find another job. you can't get that life back. >> we need to continue this moment. because black lives matter. >> wilson said in his resignation letter that he had not choice but to resign. he wrote i have been told that my continued employment may put the residents and police officers of the city of ferguson at risk, which is a circumstance that i cannot allow. he added that it is his hope his resignation will allow the community to heal. he also thanked his supporters, and ferguson police officers. wilson had been on administrative leave since the august 9th shooting. in new york, brian web, cbs-3,
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"eyewitness news". >> you deal with us now. >> that's the message from community leaders in ferguson. we'll tell you what they are doing to protect their town from further damage coming up at clock 30ment cause of a fire at new jersey car dealership is under investigation this morning. you can see the heavy smoke pouring from the building on the 1700 block of delsea drive in vineland, cumberland county. it took firefighters about two hours to get that blaze under control. there were no injuries there. and there is still no word on how much damage was done to the car. well, newly-released surveillance video shows the suv that plowed into pharmacy in northeast philadelphia on friday night, the crash happened in the 9400 block of state road and torresdale, women behind the wheel accidentally drove through the storefront. you can see the damage, there the store owner says the crash will be very expensive for him to fix. >> i don't know.
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make 30, 40, 50,000, more, could be more. the gate, the front, all of the inventory, just down time. >> lost every income. >> fortunately no one was injured there. search on for purse snatching suspect caught on camera in runnemede, camden county, new jersey, police say this woman stole a purse from the philly diner, on the black horse pike on thanksgiving. if you recognize this woman, you are asked to call the police. >> preliminary numbers are out, appears "black friday" sales are down. research firm shopper track says us shoppers spent $9.1 billion at stores on friday, but that's a drop of 7% compared with the same day last year. however, sales on thanksgiving day did jump 24%, to $3.2 billion. the figures do not include on-line sales. president obama along with his daughters malea and sasha shopped for small business
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saturday. the president bought at least two bags of books during a stop at washington politics and pro's book store. independent diply owned businesses. >> across the region bus which shoppers on small business saturday, as well, american express created promotion, about four years ago, as an answer to "black friday". one of it starting towns was right here in manayunk. small business owners are offering special sales hoping to entice folks to skip the mall and spend local. >> the day people make a point to come down and shop. i have customers who come in during the week, no, we'll come down saturday. we really want to support you on saturday. because it is a big day. >> american express encourages all small business toss participate. they even sends out promotional ate tomes give out to the customers, as an extra perk for supporting local businesses. philadelphia mayor, michael nutter, was shopping in west philly for small
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business saturday. the mayor visited several businesses on lancaster avenue, including read's coffee and tea house. saying hello to people there, this neighborhood was recently designated as promise zone by the obama administration to help small businesses grow. >> philadelphia's christmas village is officially open for business. "eyewitness news" at love park for the grand opening ceremony this weekend. the village features more than 60 wooden boot, that is how everything from belgium waffles to homemade crafts. christmas village will be open through december 28th. if you couldn't find anything on "black friday", or you couldn't shop it on saturday, there is always cyber monday. hundreds of millions of shoppers are expected to snatch up deals as on line retailers offer special savings and discount. cyber monday sales set a record last year, more than $2 billion, security experts warning customers be aware of scammers, including using your mobile phone to shop public
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wyfi. young boy missing for years, found alive. still ahead, the tearful reunion between the boy and his mother. plus, a shocking details about where that missing teen has been for all of this time. >> also, ahead, take a look at this, pilot walks away from this crash landing on a roadway. and carol has your sunday forecast, which includes a warm up, that and much more, when we come back this sunday morning. stay with us.
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judge zero. >> pilot escaped injury, but plane heavily damaged, the strip where it landed is new bus corridor which is still under construction. >> a boy missing for four years is wack with his mother after police found him held captive behind fake wall in george a the the father and four others under arrest. video shows the 13 year old with tears streaming down his face as he was reunited when his mother on saturday. police say the boy got ahold after cell phone, and called his mother, who then helped police find him. the boy went missing in 2010, while visiting his father, in florida
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>> there she is. is that a halo i see there. >> yes, diana, it is. >> every time i see a halo around your head, i have this overwhelming surge to inning is. >> go for it. >> i don't know if i can. >> okay, here goes. baby i can see your halo ♪ that's good as it gets. >> thank you, diana. that's enough. next? beautiful voice, too. we are looking at a halo out there this morning out there this morning, and so much milder. i say that, then you see a temperature below freeing, but his is well to the north. this is nazareth, and we will brighten it up here little bit. still see the snow cover the day before thanksgiving. temperatures so cold, the snow has had no place to go, but will get a chance to start
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melting little bit today, the temperatures come up in every location. look how warm it is already in philadelphia. 42 degrees, 38 degrees in trenton, so much warmer than what we experienced yesterday morning, by some 20 degrees in some locations. >> forty millville, 34 degrees in the poconos, where they are not able to make any snow this morning. with those temperatures above the freezing mark. storm scan3, not showing any problems if you are getting ready to head out the door for whatever reason maybe early shopping, or taking your vacation now, you have fairly decent weather to go do. that will not looking at any weather problems at all, might find sprinkle in the poconos today, but that should probably be the extent of t our temperatures, yesterday, the highest temperature we got was 45 degrees. you go, wait, it felt much colder than that. yes, at 6:00 about 33 degrees.
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temperatures cape up, that's why we're as mild as we are right now, and the warm up continues. we will be in the lower 50's today, with sun, clouds,, tomorrow, in advance of this front, we should find the temperatures in the upper 50's, so even more comfortable tomorrow, i think, this front comes through here, that ends temperatures in the 50's, back to 40's tuesday. chance of shower as this come through here. i'll show that you, as well. then, in fact, i'll show it to you right now. traveling around, notice, 1:00 o'clock in the morning, monday morning, if you're delaying your departure, maybe some rain off to the west. otherwise, during the day it looks okay tomorrow, but tomorrow evening, computer models say we do have a chance of picking up some of the maybe the rain shower, could there be little mix out there, early on tuesday, it is possible of the so we'll have to continue to monitor that situation. poconos, 45 degrees, notice these temperatures, coming up from the south, the air is much warmer, and we keep that
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tonight. 45 degrees, overnight, a comfortable set up for warm day, the warmest day monday, 58 degrees wednesday do we see a shower at 52, then thursday dry at 50. then 44 friday, maybe a shower, maybe again on saturday, at 50 degrees, diana thanks, carol. maybe you can is her end aid me next time. 7:19. let's see how traffic is moving. here's ann evans at the cbs-3 traffic center good morning, looking at i95, at the airport, and if you are dropping someone off at the airport or perhaps you're take ago flight out from the long holiday weekend, no delays or problems on i95 this morning, at the airport or through philadelphia or it suburbs. here's a look airport itself. busy day today. folks go home from this long holiday weekends. if you have questions about your specific flight or carrier, call 1800 phl-gate. there is a plane getting ready to take off or a jet, i should say, getting ready to take
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off. moving the traffic cam one more time at 30th street station, and if you are taking a train out today, visit amtrak. com. no delays or problems, amtrak is saying, no major delays, and all roads leading to 30th street station look okay today, including the schuylkill. that's the latest from the cbs-3 traffic centerment i'm ann evans, back to you, diana. >> thanks, ann. carol answers your pet questions in this week's ask the vet. >> so much coming up on ask the vet, with hollis i can veterinarian doctor rose, your questions,
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by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ]
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>> it is time for ask the vet, animal wellness center, chaddsford, pennsylvania, has graced us with her presence again along with her patient rocky so sweet. so many questions, from carol ericson's pet page on facebook. we've got a 13 year old dog, that sue owns dress prattly trying to itch the back, no fleas, his skin is fine, no redness, lesions, and he is on thyroid medication. what's going on with this dog? >> i would try to see if there are any fleas or flea dirt there. if he is really itching a lot, it could be mange that would happen to be if there are some fox in their areas. i would probably get skin scraping or possibly a skin culture to see if something is going on. is it bacterial? is it something else? >> and border collies so brilliant, maybe it is also some emotional thing, maybe he needs more exercise, maybe he's a behavior problem. >> absolutely, certainly that consideration, as well.
7:24 am
>> okay, here's bonnie said key's chewing but nothing going on in her mouth. what's that? >> probably something that involves her teeth. might be a lot of plaque and calculus on her teeth, some gingivitis, some infection, might and foreign body up somewhere in the top of the roof of their mouth. >> so get the mouth checked throughout have utley. >> hollis i can treatment for diabetes in dogs. they say the insulin expensive, prescription die set expensive. >> this is real a case that needs to be done with insulin, community does not condone not using insulin. it is very important, there is really nothing there that can stabilize that blood sugar, as well. >> correct. correct. >> cats can? >> cats can. >> here, two labs, both with ear problems, they clean their ears with vinegar and rubbing alcohol solution, which is just awful. i mean, you don't do that, do you. >> no, no, no, i don't like anything that's alcohol base in it, in the ear, certainly
7:25 am
not, and certainly not without being diluted. again, there is some good products out there that are irritant. end sigh cleaner, that's very, very good, and it keeps yeast down in the ears. >> natural way to get rid of fleas, bad problem, this year, they use flea comb, but stephanie said it is not working for her pedestrians. >> there are some products throughout that are all natural, die tow maybes flour, earth, work very well, some other products that contain oils, that are very good, that are all natural. >> hollis i can vet can guide to you. that will pet with stomach problem, low-fat food help? >> it certainly would help not get pancreatitis, yes. >> okay. well, that would be a good thing to not have. >> absolutely. >> but if you don't have a problem with your pet having that you don't necessarily go to low-fat diet. meletonin in your pet, help sleep, calm them down?
7:26 am
>> yes, meletonin can work very well in pets, can help them sleep. can help them calm down. >> dosing advice from your vet, which you are, doctor, rose, and this is rocky our pet. and you are. who you are and we're so glad you're with us, see you next time on ask the vet. >> and i hope you can take a look at this. this is lola, a little 8 pounds chihuahua, with collar and harness on, and she needs to get home. she got loose from the pet sitter's house in south philadelphia, at 12th and fitzwater, that happened on november the 19th. she has been seen in that general area, please, keep an eye out for her, she easily frighten of strangers, don't chase her, instead, you can contact carol err soak and pest pet page on facebook, or at carol cbs-3 on twitter or call the number on the many signs posted through south philadelphia for missing dog local a she has to get home. >> she's cute. coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", search continues for missing west chester university student.
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we're live with the latest on that, plus. >> this. marchers begin seven day protest, chris van cleve in ferguson, the latest coming
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>> just about 7:30, november 30th, i'm diana rocco in for nicole brewer. and it is pretty chilly still in center city philadelphia. let's get to meteorologist, carol erickson with what we can expected to. hi, carol. >> it is warmer than it was yesterday. so we'll look for improvement where ever we can find it, and we're finding it in the temperature department t looks real nice out there. can you believe november, the last day of november unbelievable, in december tomorrow. center city philadelphia see few high clouds, but still looks very nice at the shore, look at this sunshine, just beautiful you may find sun, maybe passing shower at the shore. another view of the shore, if you want to seat ocean which is moving in, slowly, according to our neighborhood weathernet work in margate. but nobody's on the beach. so maybe be the first one out there today. we have quiet weather on storm scan3, just couple of clouds some locations, otherwise,
7:31 am
look for real nice day today. it is so much warmer than it was yesterday. forty-two in philadelphia right now. thirty-eight in trenton. wilmington, 40 in millville. 42 degrees in dover. freezing mark, quakertown, willow grove, 37, 39 mt. holly, when i say it is warmer, you are looking at those numbers saying what? but then look at these numbers. this is how much warmer it is this morning than it was yesterday morning. 28 degrees warmer in the poconos, 20 degrees warm nerve wildwood. so the day shaping up nicely. by noon, close to 50 degrees, we will be in the lower 50's today, find mixture every sunday and clouds and really not much else today. i'm happy to say. warm upcoming, even more than today, on the seven day forecast coming up. diana? >> like the sound of that, thank you, carol. it is day four as the search continues for a missing west chester university student, shane montgomery, hasn't been seen since early thanksgiving
7:32 am
morning. "eyewitness news" reporter steve patterson live in manayunk for thus morning, where marine crews plan to search the manayunk canal later today. good morning, steve. >> diane, a good morning, day four in the search for shane montgomery and police say there is no clue as to where the 21 year old has gone. all over town, you will find these posters reward posted $10,000 for any information on the disappearance every montgomery meanwhile his mother dealing with the loss so far. >> a mother's strength. >> i won't ever stop looking for shane. ever, ever, ever stop looking for shane. you can't stop. words from the mother of shane montgomery. >> do you have keep going, do you have keep looking. >> a search that's trans forward this community, saturday night, manayunk's annual holiday tree lighting canceled in its place hundreds gathered for somber vigil,
7:33 am
prayers for safe return. >> the west chester student went mugging around 2:00 thanksgiving morning, doing what college kids do when they comb home for the holidays, catching one old friend at a local irish pub. lips say he was stumbling, and asked to leave the bar that night, then he van english so it is important right now that you collect yourselves. >> since his disappearance, nearly 500 volunteers have been breaking off into teams and scouring the area. around manayunk's main street, and canal, while police marine units search the water. day four now, and little to go on, but a mother's strength. >> you never lose hope. >> absolutely, absolutely. >> you never lose hope. there is always hope. always hope. >> always hope, the words from shane's mother, those shirts, crews expected to be out once again at about 10:00 o'clock this morning, along with the police marine unit scheduled to hit the water once again
7:34 am
near the manayunk canal. it is the latest from manayunk, steve patterson, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". and we certainly hope they find him. thank you, steve. the police office here shot and killed an unarmed teenager in ferguson, missouri quit his job. officer darren wilson said he made that decision remember sign after the police department told him it had received threats of violence, if he remained on the force. all of this comes just one week as protesters continue more protests today reporter chris van cleve has details from ferguson. >> cbs news has confirmed darren wilson the police officer who shot michael brown has resigned effective immediately. earlier saturday, hundreds gathered in ferguson to mark the start after 120-mile march from the spot where michael brown was killed, to missouri's capitol jefferson city. >> marchers call for ends to the violent protest that have scarred this community is. >> if you come here to mess our city up, you are going to deal with us from now on.
7:35 am
it to will not happen no more. peaceful demonstration, that's what we want up. >> day march organized by the naacp is to protest the grand jury decision not to indict ferguson police officer darren wilson in shooting death of brown. >> we believe the most powerful and compelling form every protest is non-violent. >> just hours earlier, two days of relative calm gave way to unrest. sixteen demonstrators are arrested after a clash with officers outside the ferguson police headquarters, all but one were from out of state. police remain braced for more protests. in ferguson, missouri, chris van cleve, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". and it has been nearly a week since this pizza shop in ferguson was set on fire, the image of it burning became one of the symbols of your honor rest there. now, community coming together to raise money to rebuild. reporter elizabeth matthews, spoke with the business owner. >> it came, as a complete shock, doyle beck sat at home in godfrey, illinois monday
7:36 am
night, watching his little ceasar's burn to the grounds. >> i know that it is not my customers. >> this was beck's first business venture. his first little ceasar's, now, he owns three, including two in illinois, but this one holds a special place in his heart. >> the people of ferguson have been great for me. they pay my bills. they feed my family. you know, and we feed their families. >> beck admits the scene is overwhelming. but this is not the first time the store has been a target. it took a hit during the good friday tornado of 2011. >> came right through the front of the store, and took whole store, all but three walls. >> rebuilt a year later moved on. then earlier this year beck and family woke to up flames inside their own home. >> after quite the year, custom remembers helping by
7:37 am
setting up go funds me site raising money to help beck. but he says that money will go straight to his employees. >> pay them as much as possible to keep them employed, at least through the holidays. if i can do that, you know, dot best i can. >> and that was elizabeth matthews reporting. beck says there were 13 employees affected by the loss of his store. so far the go fund me site has raised more than $3,800. it is an embrace seen by millions through social media, and officer hugs a young boy with tears streaming down his fails at a ferguson rally in port lan, oregon. sergeant brett bar numb assigned the ferguson protest last week where he noticed 12 year old devan holding a sign that said: free hugs. the photo captures the raw human emotion and comfort. many across the country protest not to indict officer darren williams of the faith al shooting of un arm teenager michael brown. >> and then when the tears started going away, and they started drying up, i realize
7:38 am
we had made a connection. >> and young boy attended the protest with his family and was overcome with emotion, sergeant said it goes beyond an officer comfort ago child in need. and beyond race annette necessity, but ac good person in a time of tension, anger, and unrest. chicago department store closed since friday in a deadly shooting reopens today. meantime, learning new details about the victim. twenty-two year old nadia sus come to her injured yesterday. shooting happened on her birthday. her family had reportedly planned surprise party for her after work. but police say her exboyfriend, 31 year old marcus d, walk up to the cosmetics counter where she worked in the in other words strom store and shot her. he then turned the gun on himself. several penn state board members are asking to review the documents used to create the free report. nine of the al loom any elected members say the material belongs to the board,
7:39 am
at least one trustee calls freeh report, quote, inherently incomplete work. the 2012 report accused top university officials of hiding complaints that jerry sandusky was molesting children. a spokesperson says the members request is now under review. the prescription drug commonly known acinar can is now more widely available here in pennsylvania. the drug helps reverse the effect of heroin and related substances. new law allows police to administer it in a overdose. physicians may also prescribe the drug to friends and relatives of addicts. >> well, in the. if. l says it will again make changes to its personal conduct policy. the changes come after ray rice won appeal over his indefinite suspension from the league. rice was initially suspended for two games after being accused of assaulting his then fiancee. but after videos of the attack surfaced, commissioner roger goodel suspended risin definitely. the nfl says it expects its newly revised personal conduct
7:40 am
policy to be announced in the coming weeks. pope francis is spending his last day in turkey celebrating mass alongside pay tree arc bartholomew. before returning to the vatican, francis will meet with young refugees from syria and iraq. earlier in his trip the holy father criticized the muslim extremist group isis, describing their actions as barbarick. his tore moment saturday, the pontiff asked for blessing from pay tree arc, francis bought before the man who leads the world's 300 million christian orthodox. we'll be right back. imagine a health plan that gives you zero. as in zero copays. if you're on medicare and eligible for medicaid, gateway health has a medicare advantage plan for you.
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>> saint a clause is coming to town. welcome santa with a parade. this is video from last year's celebration, and it looks like a good time for the first year ever, there will also be a fun run and walk. that's at 3:30. the parade kicks off at 4:00. there will be lots to do and see including the mummers and live reindeer. shoppers in center sit bring entertained while they hunted for holiday bargains. >> ♪ >> love that sound. philly pops festival brass quinn at the time got shoppers in the holiday mood at macy's, the show preview of the premiere of the christmas spec it tackler, begins
7:44 am
december 5th at the kimmel center. philadelphia boys coy and the drums of old barrett helped kick off the holiday season in the northeast last night. american federal credit union lit up 40-foot christmas tree on red lion road. followed by spire works show, display lit up the sky. everyone had a great time. >> we want to see your holiday display. send your pictures to us on social media. use the hashtag cbs-3 holiday light. or go to share them with us. we may even be live at your home next month. >> good morning, everybody, our neighborhood weather watchers rupp, we love that. and they're weighing in with some much warmer temperatures, and boy, apparent lip, they love that, as well. gregg wood, in ocean view, what does very to say for himself in go beautiful morning, looks like halo for carol this day. let's see what kind of halo he is talking b see the sun
7:45 am
coming up in ocean view, new jersey, so looks good full there. really looks just terrific in every single location. we've got 39 degrees temperature, jason says that he is looking forward to some warmer temperatures, that seems to be a very common theme from just about everybody out there this morning. because even at 35 degrees, near reading, helen davis says looking forward to some milder weather, aren't we all, and we've got it today. let's take a look outside. see if we walk over the ben franklin bridge, right now, we've got blue skies, things look lovely out there, at this point. so why is it still so dark out in kutztown? because no one has bothered to turn on the light. soap, let's turn on the lights in kutztown this morning, you can see, great looking sunrise. some cloud cover, matched by the snow cover down here. so it almost likes identical, like mirror on the gown, but we are going to be watching for the temperatures to warm up enough maybe you can get rid of some of the snow cover, assuming you are tired of it. if your not tired of it, it may go anyway, because
7:46 am
temperatures should be getting above the freezing mark even there, and definitely already well above the freezing mark through philadelphia at 42, 40 in wilmington, 38 degrees in trenton, 46 in wildwood. these temperatures are warmer than they were yesterday by far. and far warmer than they were yesterday morning at this point. we're getting our air coming up from the south. in the how warm some of these temperatures are. so we are able to tap into a little bit after warmer air mass. storm scan3, no problems. could there and sprinkle near the poconos today? it is possible. otherwise, just enjoy this warm up with these temperatures getting into the 50's today. the lower 50's, tomorrow, they get into the upper 50's. then, this front, starts to come through here, always one lurking. and it is going to knock these temperatures back down to about 40 degrees by tuesday. so, two days of mild weather, really, if you have got things you need to do outside, if you haven't puppet up your lights, this is the time today, tomorrow, to do it, because these temperatures will be very comfortable out there. future weather in our area there is computer model says
7:47 am
that basically we should be looking at some sunshine, but i think you can't factor out clouds today, too, in some areas, especially to the north, where you are still finding some of the snow cover. and then tomorrow, we start to see few clouds. does that front trigger a brief shower? this is what this computer model says as we go through monday evening, and early in the morning, on tuesday, so we'll see whether this holds or not. whether you see a little wintery mix out there, early on tuesday, and then, maybe couple of rain showers even tuesday evening. and possibly starting with something wet on wednesday, as well. but wednesday's temperatures get to the 50's. well, at 50, anyway. today we are in the 50's. #r 3 degrees, comfortable, 45 tonight, comfortable again. and then tomorrow, close to 60 degrees, with some clouds, but still that's great. tuesday, 40 degrees, and do we see partly sunny skies and maybe shower or two, it is possible, same deal wednesday, at 52, much warmer then, thursday 50 degrees, partly sunny, friday, and/or
7:48 am
saturday, chance of rain shower. diana? >> thank you, carol. let's go to the roadways and highways for that here's ann evans with the cbs-3 traffic center. good morning, ann. >> good morning, looking at 202 at allendale road right next to the old popular king every prussia mall, as you're doing some shopping today, a lot of folks are catching up from "black friday", and of course thanksgiving. and if you are, so far no delays at 202 at allendale. schuylkill look fines 202 no delays or problems headed up to the king of prussia mall today. on to the mid-county tolls the pa turnpike, no delays on the northeast extension, or the mid-county tolls or on the pa turnpike this morning, good to go traveling there today or going back home or taking the turnpike. on to the ben franklin bridge mid-span, and we have light volume on the ben franklin bridge further up no problems on 42, five, a a.c. expressway looks good so does the garden state parkway if you are taking mass transit on or close to schedule for new jersey transit, amtrak, that's the latest from the cbs-3
7:49 am
traffic center. i'm inch avenue, back to you. >> thanks, ann. sound everyone of arkansas most ding continuing tiff sports can be heard for miles. >> that's the worm duck calling championship, if you were wondered what they were doing there, competitors from across the globe descend on the duck hunting capitol of the world, each year along with thousands more for hunting season itself. more than 56 quakers, showed up to compete in the duck calling event, to snap the top prize worth $15,000. >> flyers continue to struggle. highlights from match up against the rangers. plus some scary moments during a local university's basketball game. but first, here is a look at what's on tonight on cbs-3.
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i hear you're quite the expert at waking people up in the morning. let me show you how grandma does it. ♪ you're daddy made this when he was a little boy. ♪ this is your dad in my house, where he had his first christmas. thanks for making the coffee. well look who's up. i'm really glad you're here, mom. me too. ♪ look who's here! flyers have snot scored against the rangers, and of all people, lou who it is, nick grossman, nice goal, will tie up the game at one. second period, bright spot for the flyers this season, jake voracek, and he'll get the power play goal here. and the flyers take the lead. the score two to one.
7:53 am
after that, it is all rangers. jest per loft will pick up his first nfl goal. will tie up the game at 26789 on to the thirds period, we go, and derrick will get his eighth goal of the year. the second of the game, the flyers will win it five to two, flyers have now lost eight of the last nine days. >> senior game at hal i sappy. some playing for three different coaches for their penn state stay. not the way penn state wart dollars to -- wanted to get this going. rj, after breaking multiple tackles, takes it 90 yards for the score. and just like that, seven-nothing, michigan state. but penn state will put up a fight. but then the third quarter michigan state already up 13-three. and they're going to make it 20 to three, jeremy langford for strong run at the goal line for michigan state. still in the third, connor cook looking at the end zone.
7:54 am
role find tony levit for the score. michigan state goes onto win it 34 to ten. tell within just two games left in the season, they need just one more win, to become bowl eligible. yesterday they played their final home game against cincinnati hoping to get that sixth win. and temple started without three-nothing lead. but then in the second quarter, bad for the owls. finding mikhail for 3-yard touchdown pass. in and then, just 30 seconds left in the half, mike boone runs it in from 1 yard out. temple plays great defensively, loses 14 to six, last chance to be bowl eligible, neck week, and in their finale against tulane. the sixers hosting mavericks trying to avoid zero and 16 start. that will would be a franchise record. and the range rookie of the year, trying his best to get this win. michael carter williams, making the lay up. ncw with the triple w. ten rebounds, ten assist, to the fourth quarter we go, sixers hanging on, kj mcdaniels right here.
7:55 am
nailing the three. that's going to put them so close, within four, mcdaniels with career high 21-point, 13 rebounds, and the sixers hang with the mavs, right to the end, but chandler pars on just put them. sixers hit franchise record 16 straight losses, the league record, just two more losses away. >> scary moment to start the lasalle vanderbuilt game. rick crawford struck in the face on opening tip-off. he left the court on stretcher. been treated at a hospital. as for the game, damian jones, vanderbilt a wish 68 to 55. that's all for sports. i'm leslie van arsdale. have a great day. >> holiday tradition that looks good enough to eat is now open in san francisco's famous fairmount hotel. but, there is no nibble allowed at this two-story gingerbread house. this is the eighth year for the exhibit. and it is a very sweet project for the employees who started planning it last summer.
7:56 am
>> 700 pounds every candy and nearly 2,000-pound of sugar. >> the gingerbread house part of campaign to attract donations for the leukemia and lymphoma society. >> the season officially kicks off, the holiday season, that is, in rio de rio de janeiro, ws largest floating christmas tree, 3.1 million light adorn the 280-foot tree. and this year's theme celebrates the importance of light and people's lives symbolized by the sun, the moon, and the stars. >> that's it for "eyewitness news" at 7:00 this sunday morning. coming up here at 8:00 ray rice's wife breaks her silence, about what happened when the couple got into a fight inside this atlantic city elevator. >> also, ahead, they may make the perfect gift. but they often come with a hefty price tag. now there are real diamonds, that cost up to 30% less. "3 on your side"'s jim donovan shows you the secret to buying
7:57 am
diamonds without breaking the bank. that's next. >> and you won't have to bundle up so much today. here is a live look over center city philadelphia. carol is back to tell us a bit about the warm up headed our way. it is sunday morning. we'll be right back.
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new dove body wash with at one breakthrough formula. just one shower gives you softer smoother skin. my skin is really silky smooth. new dove body wash. softer, smoother skin after just one shower. hellmann's and holiday leftovers become irresistibly creamy turkey casserole. real delicious hellmann's. bring out the hellmann's. bring out the best. >> the search for missing west chester university student shift to a nearby canal, coming together to find a family desperate to find their son. >> police office here killed unarmed missouri teenager makes a big decision darren
8:00 am
wilson resumed from the police force as tensions are high in nerve job ray rice's wife reveals what happened after she was hit inside atlantic city elevator, and why the couple is staying together. >> good morning, it is 8:00 this sunday morning, november 30th, i'm diana rocco in for nicole brewer. it is still 44 degrees here in center city philadelphia. a chilly morning but a lot warmer than yesterday, carol. >> oh, it is so much warmer. snow is a great start, compared to yesterday morning, those early risers, or maybe just in your own house, it was so cold, what's going on? yesterday morning, this morning, it is a whole different picture, because we've got the temperatures in the 40's already, in a number of locations, looks beautiful. look at. that will people even wandering around the board walk in ocean city this morning, beautiful look there. in the poconos, though, it is cloudy. and i think the farther north go, the more clouds you're likely to find. no snow making going on, because the temperatures there, too, above the freezing


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