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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  December 3, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EST

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good morning. it is wednesday, december 3rd, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." relebltless rain causes mudslides while the midwest faces winter. cosby and the playboy mansion. and holly williams goes inside saudi arabia with women and driving. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> we're going to ride that situation out. that could be for a year or two or literal. >> dangerous rain drenches california. >> concerns about mudslides. homeowners have been preparing
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for the worst. rain continues to fall. >> just keep your fingers crossed. that's all you can do. >> former commander at the pentagon ashton carter the top choice as the next secretary of defen defense. >> more against bill cosby. >> judy huth says cosby molested her in 1974 when she was just 15 years old. >> a new patient is being tested for ebola at a hospital. >> it's tragic. it hurts. >> ntsb is investigating the deadly collision between two school buss in knoxville, tennessee. >> two children and one adult were killed. >> downtown alabama, birmingham shu shutting down its football program. >> you go home. this 17-year-old, 18-year-old, what are they supposed to do? >> investigators are looking at what michael brown's stepfather
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insight add riot last weekend in ferguson. a woman was attached by a lynx that apparently hit her on the head. >> tom cruise nearly being run over by a bus and it was no movie stunt. in china a woman was rescued after her car plunged into the river. a soap opera producer is now the u.s. ambassador of hungary, drawing bold opposition from republican. >> a nation on the verge of seek sovereignty and we're going to send the producer of "the bold and the beautiful." >> the police are at olds. >> the head coach says they're not going to issue an apology. >> let me ask you a question. when did nick nolte take over the rams. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" presented by toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs
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welcome to "cbs this morning." the drought-stricken west is seeing too much rain at all once. people across california driving on streets submerged in water are covered in mud, but the most rain in months is barely making a dent in the drought. >> these rains are creating a fear. ben tracy is in glendora, california, east of los angeles, with the dangers created by the wet weather. ben, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we're getting a break from the heavy rain this morning, and so far the concrete barriers and 7,000 of these sandbags here in glern dora, california, have kept the water and mud out of people's homes but check this out. it hasn't been kept out of the streets. a lot of sand, a lot of mud that now needs to be cleaned up. parts of california are getting more rain in one day than they got during the entire morchnth
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december last year. evacuations were lifted, but mudslides continue to threaten in the coming days. >> i have officers out there, officers on standby, officers in overtime. we'll be here until this is over. >> we've got flash lights, food you can heat up, candles. >> reporter: tuesday was on track to be the wettest day in nearly five years with predictions of as many as five more inches of rain by monday morning. >> we're getting saturated. it's a gully washer. the leaves are coming down and clogging the andres. >> reporter: but meteorologists say it will take ten storms this size in order to make an impact on the drought. >> we need it for the year, probably the next two or three years. >> last time we had 6 feet of mud. >> reporter: he isn't taking any
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chances. a wildfire took away the land behind his home. he spent $30,000 repairing and reinforcing his property. >> we're braying, trying to keep it from hitting the house and going into the nachbld we are expecting more rain later this morning. not quite as much as yesterday but enough where people have largely forgotten what that windshield button on their car is for. gayle? >> now they know how to yaus it again. thank you, ben. while the west coast is facing rain the east coast is getting wintry weather. danielle niles of our boston station wbz is tracking that one. good morning. >> good morning to you. good morning, everybody. we have areas of snow and freezing rain. that's the pink on the map. for that reason it's continuing on for some slippery areas of travel. the pine tree state will continue to see snow and
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freezing rain through midday. then it's pretty quiet on the east coast with another round of rain from thursday night into friday and, of course, the flooding rains out west. temperatures topping out from the 40s. 60s in l.a. the coldest spots across the midwest where we'll be in the 20s and 30s. charlie, back to you. >> danielle, thanks. investigators in knox ville, tennessee, are trying to figure out why two school buses packed with children collide. tw manuel bojorquez is in knox ville where the area is shaken by the tragedy. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the two children who were killed and the many injured attended the school behind me. an aide killed in the crash also worked here. classes have been canceled today as officials try to piece together exactly how an everyday
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bus ride turns into a parent's worst nightmare. moments after tuesday's crash frantic parents rushed to the scene. >> i thought it was something simple and when i saw that their bus was smashed in the front, i knew something was wrong. >> reporter: at around 2:50 in the afternoon police say bus 44 was traveling eastbound when it made a sharp left turn, crossed over the concrete median and hit bus 57 from sunnyview primary causing it to flip on its side. within minutes police and emt were running to the scene, pulling people from the wreckage and trying to reunite chirp with their families. >> he was in shock, crying. he was petrified. he's never been in an accident before. for it to be his bus, he's really scared. >> two young girls and an aide
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identified as kim riddle were pronounced dead at the scene. >> we just ask the community to pray for -- >> she was saying, are you okay, are you okay? >> three girls made it out with a few bumps and scrapes. a lot of them are oklahoma. >> a lot of them are bleeding, crying. some of their parents weren't there yet and they were scared. it was scary. >> although classes have been canceled, the school will be open today for students and family members who need grief counseling. ntsb investigators will also be arrived to try to determine exactly what caused the crash. norah? >> all right, manuel. thank you. bill cosby faces disturbing new sexual misconduct allegations this morning. a california woman filed a lawsuit tuesday saying he molested her when she was 15. she's the first of cosby's recent accusers to take her
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claim to court. vinita nair is here with a report and a rare interview from bill cosby. >> she and her friend met bill cosby on a set 40 years ago. he asked her how old she was. he invited them to his tennis club. after they met he asked them to follow him to a nearby house. according to a copy of the lawsuit obtained by "cbs this morning," it was at the house where cosby played games of billiards with 15-year-old julie huth while serving alcoholic beverages to her and her 16-year-old friend. he told them he had a surprise for them. he led them to the playboy mansion. he said if anybody asked how old they were to say they were 19.
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he led them to a bathroom in a bedroom suite and when she emerged she found crosby sitting on the bed. he attempted to put his hand down her pants and then took his hand and perform add sed a sex himself. huth claimed she suffered significant damage and a life long effect. no criminal charges have ever been filed against the comedian, although he settled a civil lawsuit out of court in 2006. cosby's attorneys have repeatedly denied any wrongdoing and cosby himself has tried to remain tight-lipped about the accusations but last night in a rare tweet since the recent allegations began he wrote, thank you. whoopi goldberg. she had expressed skepticism
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over allegations made by barbara bowman in november. >> i hope there is justice for this lady. i hope to get to the bottom of this. i'm going to reserve my judgment because i have a lot of questions. >> we reached out to judy huth and bill cosby. neither has responded. last monday he resigned from temple university. thank you. this morning the national guard is cutting back troops. they rejected critical charges in the michael brown killing. brown's stepfather is now under investigation for his angry response that niece. police say louis head powe ten clal faces charging of inciting a riot secretary of defense
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charles hagel plans to retear. ashton carter is up next. bill plante at the pentagon. good morning. >> carter's name is tonal one being considered and the announcement will probably come later this week. the white house won't confirm that carter is their nominee, only that he's on the list. but spokesman josh earnest praised him. >> he's somebody who has previously served the administration as the deputy secretary of defense, a position he filled very ably r carter is a physicist who has held two top jobs at the pentagon during the obama administration. serve bs previously as the undersecretary in charge of the weapons program. though a civilian, he's seen as having the confidence of the department's military command. as a defense secretary he would
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face complex strategy questions about the fight against isis in syria and iraq, questions that humbled his predecessor chuck hagel. he told charlie rose earlier this year -- >> we're not going to get a solution. i think our advisers will give us insight, influence there, but that's the most important benefit of having them there. >> reporter: carter was confirmed unanimously by the senate in his previous job and would likely do well again, but ted cruz and other republicans questioned whether the white house would allow anyone the freedom to do the job. >> it says something that somebody is saying no thank you i don't want to serve in the secretary of defense that overrides the defense department that is treated sub servantly.
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very they say he would be able to hold his own. he's got the vast experience of working with the pentagon's huge bureaucracy, so he'll be on top of that as well. for this white house, though, the best signal is both sides say he can be easily confirmed. >> bill, thank you so much. and major league sports are under new pressure from continuation this morning to clamp down on dough mess took violence. officials from the top four professional leagues and their players' associations testified tuesday at a congressional hearing. nancy cordes is on capitol hill where they expect a better turnout. good morning. >> good morning. that's right. they were very critical nr for failing to send their commissioners. he did send thim. it's a topic that for him is close to home. >> i relate to the 20 million
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victims to domestic violence. >> troy vincent said domestic abu abuse was with him when he was growing up. his mother beat him while his brother watched. rice was originally suspended for two games after punching his then fiancee in a casino elevator. the league made that indefinite after the video sur fasd. just last week rice won the appeal and was reinstated to the nfl. >> we accept the criticism that we've received and we're committed to resolving the issue. >> he was invited from the nba, the nhl, mll and nfl. senator claire mccaskill stress heard frustration, that while
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m player s were sanctioned, the commission has not. in 22 years, never. >> reporter: since the rice incident other leagues have gotten more proactive. jeffery taylor was suspended and a los angeles kings player was suspended in october after he was arrested on domestic abuse. the committee members want the league and the unions to come up with uniform policies that deal with these problems that take into account due problems but also stress the fierce many victims have coming forward. this morning the damage to sony pictures is far from over.
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the hackers took new movies like "fur "fury" and "annie" were put on the computer. >> his new book is "spam name: the inside story of global crime." good morning. welcome. what's your thought on the attack of sony? >> it's the sheer structure of it. many are unfamiliar with companies that come in and try to destroy a company. when it gets -- when it gets to this level of maliciousness i think a lot of companies are taken aback because some of these attacks seem opportunistic. this definitely was not. >> what can pleas do, brian, to
7:18 am
protect themselves? i understand only some of the websites you saw shots of the executives with their bodies mutilated that we can't show on tv. >> right. in short people can protect themselves by filing a fraud alert. you have to contact one of the three major credit bureaus and the one by law has to alert the other two and that basically makes it so that anybody who tries to open new lines of credit in your name has to call you. or you can order a credit freeze. there's a fee associated with this. nobody can look at your credit report unless they get express opinion. >> there's a fear that it's in retaliation by north korea for putting out a meevg. >> i think there are a lot of people trying to figure out what north korea's capabilities are. it's unclear.
7:19 am
with last year i think a major bank in south kree ya its systems completely hacked. >> thank you so much. it's 7:19. at straight aid head, new york's top cop bill bratton is in
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>> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by walmart where you'll find unbeatable prices on this year's top gifts. a group of women in saudi arabia is demanding the right to get behind the wheel. ahead holly williams dodges and feeds protesters breaking the law just to stay alive. the news is back in the morning on "cbs this morning." stay tuned for your local news.
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hi, good morning , i'm ukee washington. it is hump day. lets get your forecast. good morning. >> good morning, ukee. today will be a more transition day, it is milder then yesterday was because we're not totally out of the woods with the wet weather, in that we have some showers to track but we will notice on radar that we don't have different colors. just green showing up, indicating, of course, it is just rain showers as opposed to sleet or light snow showers. meanwhile we have got a glimmer of sunlight here down towards shore points outside middletown ship high school in cape may courthouse. 41 degrees the current temperature. if any wet weather rolls through which it will in the form of the shower eventually it will be just a rain shower. later today we will hit 54. by tomorrow we are clearing out completely, probably
7:27 am
brightest day of the next five but it is chilliest too with a high of 45 degrees. rain heading our way by saturday, vittoria. >> thanks, katie. we are not looking forward to that rain and won't be looking forward to your rush her commute this morning traveling southbound i-95 a approaching betsy ross bridge we are dealing with an accident compromising two left lanes. in the a good situation, we are dealing with slick spots on the roadway and as you will notice right here a reek will turned in a horizontal position. as northeast down through the vine it is rush hour so expect big delays, ukee. our next update 7:55. up next on cb. this morning women in saudi arabia fighting for their right to drive. for more local news weather traffic anand sports we are on the cw philly on these
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7:29 am
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do you think insurance covers this. this yacht took a direct hit on tuesday. the boat was being towed to ft. lauderdale at the time. none of the passengers were hurt. the rock star costs a quarter of a million to rent. now you know it's been damaged. >> that's a nasty little hit. >> at $21 million, i wouldn't buy a boat. >> i'm with you. i want a plane. welcome back to "cbs this morning." that's not happening either. coming up this half hour new york police chief bill bratton is back. he like everyone else is waiting for a crucial grand jury
7:31 am
decision. how are officers in new york dealing with what happened in ferguson. in saudi arabia, meet the women leading a four-wheeled revolution. our holly williams had to shake off government handlers to bring you this story. that's ahead. time to bring you this morning's headlines. officials say the manufacturers of airbags, takata, had to meet. regulators in the united states demanded that takata expand a recall nationwide. "the wall street journal" looks at how troubles in u.s./russian relations is affecting their space department. the rocket exploded. it shows how america relies on russia to carry them into orbit. they cut off licenses for sending technology to russia.
7:32 am
bloomberg reports hackers have reached airports, companies and agencies around the company. the security firm says they're looking at the attacks. they say it's the same group that reached america last year. the detro"detroit free pres says, power outage? welcome to new york. the lights are slowly coming back on. they say it's the latest frustrating example of the struggle to provide services there. this morning new york city awaiting grand jury vote in a case with echos of ferguson, michigan. the decision whether to charge a's why police officer could come as early as today. they ruled an improper choke hold was the factor in the death of black suspect eric gaern. the case sparked protests of police use of force. commissioner bill bratton is with us for an interview only on
7:33 am
"cbs this morning." he also led police departments in boston and los angeles. welcome and good morning. tell me how you're preparing for this grand jury decision and whether you're informed by the events in ferguson. >> we've been preparing in multiple ways for months now. we've been conducting a period throughout the city with a concentration in staten island as recently as monday and we've also been tactically preparing for resources dealing with any potentiality. you hope for the best and plan for the worst. >> people in new york as you know were very angry about the eric garner case. i know you said you're prepared, but do you think what happened in ferguson could happen here? >> we don't app anticipate that at all. we had a major demonstration in the course of the summer. 4,000 or 5,000 peaceful march.
7:34 am
we've had no events since. it's a community working very hard to ensure there are no problems when the decision finally comes down. >> let's talk about the distrust between communities and police department. that's what we saw in ferguson. there is a lots of anger and distrust and after the michael brown decision came down, you were splattered with blood on your face. how do you address something like that? how do you address what is that real anger and feeling by the community that the police treats them differently? >> the irony, what we're dealing with in new york, is we have the people in the community living here and we have outsidage tarots here. for example, from utah. >> so he's one of the outside agitators who's seeking to take advantage of what's going on here. we spend a lot of time interacting with various communities in the city trying to build that trust.
7:35 am
it's quite clear in many communities we don't have it for a variety of reasons. >> you say they tended to ferguson to see how to deal with this. what specifically did you learn? >> we had teams of detectives there to, one, take a look at who was there. there are quite a fewage tarots that were there in ferguson. none of those arrested were from new york. they're trying to keep an eye on them but also what new tactics might be employed by the professional agitators to gather what we could and bring it back to our experience. >> haafter all you've done, wha worries you the most? >> not so much the organized events but the disorganized, the spontaneous, somebody who is not prepared for it that just all of a sudden starting acting up in the neighborhood at gets a few going on. their intent is to have orderly demonstrations. they don't want violence or
7:36 am
vandalism but it's the disorganized or the professional agitators of which we have no shortage here in new york. we've tracked social media very aggressively. we have watched very closely the demonstrations over the last couple of weeks of any new initiatives, any new ways they're trying to get their point across. we adjust their tactics to our tactics very frequently and try to anticipate to the best of ourability what they're going to be. >> there was word that they're going to train with body cams. what effect do you think that will have on the officers? >> i'm very supportive of body cams. we'll have a press conference later today around that and they'll be up and running the initial 50 by the weekend. i'm very excited about that. i'm a great supporter of technology and policing. thing it will illuminate a lot of the he said/she said where they don't have video.
7:37 am
it will be a good thing. >> i'm curious when you were splashed with the red paint, fake blood. you made light of it at the time. how affected were you. were you angry, scared, does it make you to rethink things? >> i was angry, but, again, no vandalism, no violence, no crime, and this character out of nowhere comes out and throws what we believe was some type of artificial blood, paint sub stachbls splashed myself and police officers and people standing by. totally unnecessary and fortunately he'll be very aggressively prosecuted. >> good to have you here, rikki klieman's husband. >> she's sleeping in hopefully. >> that's a good thing.
7:38 am
sitting behind a wheel? in an ultra conservative islamic state some saudi arabia women are fighting for the right to drive a car. ♪ >> i'm holly williams in saudi arabia. that story coming up on "cbs this morning."
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group is demanding saudi arabia release two women apparently detained after driving into the kingdom. the women from the united arab emirates were arrested monday just over the saudi arabia border. this case highlights the women in saudi arabia and elsewhere. holly williams went there to see it for herself. she is with us now from lawn.
7:43 am
ho london. holly, good morning. >> good morning. some saudi arabia women have been demanding the right to drive now for two decades. we went to saudi arabia to meet some of the women leading the driving campaign and we recognized driving is just a symbol of much bigger problems faced by saudi women. this is an anti-government demonstration. the ultra conservative islamic state is the only country in the world where women are banned from driving because the government refuses to give them licenses. in protest, dozens of saudi women have taken to the wheel and posted the evidence of their illegal road trips on the internet. during nearly two weeks in this closed off kingdom, we were accompanied by saudi officials
7:44 am
to interview the women behind the driving campaign, we left our hotel at night and met with them in a private house. madeha allage ruche is a woman we met with. >> police were in total shock. they thought we were women from kuwait or different parts of the world. we couldn't possibly be saudi women. saudi women are very quiet and they don't ask for their rights. >> reporter: she told us the biggest problem is the male guidance system. every saudi woman needs a male's approval to study, work, and travel outside the country. what's it like having a male guardian?
7:45 am
>> it's like your life is in a box. >> reporter: in saudi arabia there's widespread segregation including in schools, restaurants, and even some banks. d this doctor is a scholar who said driving would pose a threat to saudi society. >> there are manyishes that will somehow affect the eun tigs compassion with women to go outside. >> women driving would be dangerous because it would give women too much freedom. >> i'm saying we're not against women but women are averse to this. >> many in saudi arabia would agree with him but other saudis find the ban on women driving laughable. ♪ >> this viral internet video
7:46 am
pokes fun at islam muslim clerics who claim driving could harm a woman's reproductive organs. did you think it was going to go viral? >> no. we talked about it at first and that was it. >> reporter: yet in a country with it can dangerous he stressed his comedy has no political motive. >> it's like somebody said a knock-knock joke and a next thing you know a king is being overthrown. that's not how it works. >> reporter: but the women behind the driving campaign told us they believe change is inevitable. >> it's been 24 years. so it's the when. it's not that they will. they will. but when is the question. >> reporter: there really is a
7:47 am
divide in saudi arabia between those people, both men and women, who want change and want progress on the one hand and then on the other, islamic conservatives who want to keep the status quo. and i think that this saudi government has not given women the right to drive is that they fear a backlash from those religious conservatives. norah? >> that's right, holly. that's my understanding of it too. although there is some in the royal family who would support such a move they're worried about the backlash from some of the religious conservatives in the kingdom. >> i hope that's true. she said, listen, it's the compassion. it's not the will. it's the when. great reporting. >> great reporting, holly williams. there's one place where women are gaining and that's on college campuses. >>
7:48 am
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good morning, i'm nicole brewer. we will toss it the right over to katie and some improvement today right, katie. >> at least a little will bit. we can thank our lucky stars we are in the dealing with any ice out there today. temperatures will moderate up. we will get above average with our temperatures today but on storm scan three there are still some signs of life as i like to date and you've got mainly just green showing up out there. so an indication that the air is mild enough to produce just rain showers, but you'll see them lingering around through the afternoon, 54 degrees is our expect high and then later tonight we will clear out under clear skies or cool down a bit more too dropping down to 37 degrees. we will rebound in the mid 40's but full sunshine. nice trade off. saturday looks like it will be
7:57 am
a rainy day so good excuse to make indoor activity plans, vittoria. >> thanks very much, katie. heading outside we will look at your rush hour chew whether it is not great. let me break down is what happening. i-95 southbound is your delay heading out of the northeast down through vine street expressway. what we are looking at here is betsy ross off ramp to southbound i-95 where we are dealing with an accident, blocking the left-hand lane and then really an adding so much traffic all right, on to a major roadway, give yourself more time an hour and a half, nicole. >> up next on cbs this morning, behind the scenes of vittoria secret super models. more local news weather and traffic on the cw philly.
7:58 am
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hello. it's wednesday, december 3rd, 2014. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there is more real news ahead including the thumbs up for the mediterranean diet. dr. tara narula is here and shows how veggies, fruit, and nuts may expand your lifespan. first here's a look at your world in 90 skoss. >> how the weather has kept the mud out of people's homes. >> most of new england, even into massachusetts. >> the two children who were kill and many more who were injured attended the school behind me here in knoxville. >> 56-year-old julie huth says she and a friend met bill cosby.
8:01 am
>> carter's name is the only one. >> do you think what happened in ferguson could happen here? >> we don't anticipate that at all. we have a commission here to make sure there are no problems when the verdict comes out. >> some saudi arabian women are fighting for the right to drive a car. >> after it's all patched up, it would cost you $21 million. >> $21 million, i wouldn't buy a boat. >> i'm right there with you. i would buy a plane. >> i learned this on the way to work as all the people passing me at work kept telling me congratulations. i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. record rainfall is drenching the
8:02 am
state but it's only making up a small part of the deficit from a brutal drought. the national weather service says southern california could see up to 6 inches of rain by the end of this day. dozens of people left their homes because of mudslide fierce. some roads are already cover by water, mud, and debris. this afternoon president obama meets mitch mcconnell at the white house. it's not called a bush bon summit but it's the first one on one since the election gave the republicans control. congress is rushing to pass a spending plan so the government does not shut down as majority leader mcconnell will oversee the hiring of a new one. he said i'm happy to share kentucky bourbon with them. there's a lunchtime or daytime meeting so i don't think bourbon
8:03 am
will be. >> it's good that they're meeting. >> if it brought results, maybe the president would do it. >> who knows. hope springs eternal. there's kroers over two new ambassadors. colleen bell, major donor to the obama administration will represent the u.s. in hungary. she's a producer of "the bold and the beautiful." >> she's had her own distinguished private sector career. >> as a soap opera producer, correct? >> as somebody who has succeeded in the business world and she's somebody the president has confidence will be able to maintain a relationship with the government and the people of hungary. >> ambassadorships are often a reward for big campaign donors but republican leader john mccain says it is a puzzle.
8:04 am
>> i'm sure television viewing is important in hungary, but the fact is that this nominee is totally unqualified for this position in this country. >> meanwhile noah mamet is now the ambassador to argentina. he's also an obama donor. he drew opposition to his election because he doesn't speak spanish. this appeal started with a ups worker whose doctor told her not to lift heavy boxes. jan crawford is outside the court with a case that could affect millions. good morning. >> good morning. most women who are pregnant keep work bug what if they can do if they no longer can. that's what happened with peggy young. she's a driver for ups and she was placed unpaid leave.
8:05 am
peggy young was a driver for ups but in 2006 when she got pregnant her doctor told her not to lift more than 20 pounds. >> once i got the note i took it in to the health nurse and she said we don't provide light duty for off work incidents. basically you can't work. >> ups put her on unpaid leave leaving her without health care benefits for seven months. >> a women should never have to decide between starting a women or supporting her family. >> reporter: she hired a lawyer. she argued that discrimination should not. she lost. ups said it was following the law, that it recently voluntarily changed its policy to offer more accommodations for pregnant women a move the company notes is actually ahead
8:06 am
of many companies and government agencies. that's why advocates are looking to the supreme court hoping it requires other companies to offer similar arrangements. >> women who are in peggy young's situation will find themselves faced with a choice between a paycheck and pregnancy and that's something we don't want women to have to decide between. >> kari severino is representing 23 anti-abortion groups siding with young forming a coal lags of women's rights. >> what it speaks to is fundamental fairness, a fundamental recognition that women do not lose rights when they become pregnant. >> peggy young says she's taking a stand for the next generation. >> i don't want either of my daughters to have to go three through. women should not have to make that decision. >> they're obviously hoping the courts will rule in their favor but if it doesn't they say congress has got to step in here, change the law, and fix
8:07 am
this problem. norah? >> do you have a sense of how you think some of these justices are leaning? >> i really don't. that's why i'm so excited about this argument. we will get a sense in what drrkz they decide to get a rule. congress can't just step in and change the law. >> a landmark decision. therein you so much, jan. an american couple stranded in qatar could soon head home. we've been reporting on the case of matthew and grace huang. their 8-year-old daughter died. they tried to leave the country but were not allowed to leave. the travel ban has been lifted and the couple can leave. new research this morning is shaking up the british monarchy's bloodline. they identified the remains of king richard iii who was killed
8:08 am
in 1845. his skeleton was found in a parking lot two years ago but the evidence also turned up evidence of adultery. there was no match to his living relatives on his father's side. it could throw the nobility of some royals into question. >> whoa. >> the effect on queen elizabeth is not true. >> even skeletons tell the tale of cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater. i love this story. we'll see how this turns out. you know how i feel about that subject, charlie rose. that's why i love that story. the results, they are in this morning of yahoo!'s top searches of ebola. the most receiver. the video game minecraft. singer ariana grande and jennifer lawrence, she is fourth. rounding out five, kaley cuoco
8:09 am
is anothing top five. very diverse group. >> very diverse. i'm not surprised about mine kraft. >> i'm not surprised about jennifer lawrence. we have somebody in our top five, dr. tara narula with key evidence that a popular diet
8:10 am
one school gives up on the grid ooirp and it's taking an emotional toll on the players. >> my 3-year-old. how am i supposed to explain this? all of these guys. every game, no matter the distance. no matter the distance. he's been to every game. what am i supposed to do? >> we'll explain what was said there. a campus backlash after the
8:11 am
college tosses out football. that's ahead on "cbs this morning." is a really big deal.u with aches, fever and chills- there's no such thing as a little flu. so why treat it like it's a little cold? there's something that works differently than over-the-counter remedies. prescription tamiflu attacks the flu virus at its source. so call your doctor right away. tamiflu treats the flu in people 2 weeks and older whose flu symptoms started within the last two days. before taking tamiflu tell your doctor if you're pregnant, nursing, have serious health conditions, or take other medicines. if you develop an allergic reaction, a severe rash, or signs of unusual behavior,
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8:15 am
in our morni rounds, taking a bite out of aging. a new study finds more evidence that a mediterranean diet of vegetables, fruits, nut, and fish can help you live longer. dr. tara narula. good morning. >> good morning. >> previous studies show that the mediterranean diet is good for you, good for your heart. what does the study say? it looks at how we age and essentially how rapidly we age. we know that on the chrome zones, on the very ends of our dna are genetic material that actually protectings our dna. so every time the cells replicate, they act lake the plastic tips on the ends of shoelaces so our dna does not get damaged or destroyed or scrambled. >> they shrink as we get older. >> that's right. every time they divide, they shrink. we know people with longer
8:16 am
telomeres have longer lives. they have less chronic diseases. >> and the mediterranean diet keeps the longer telemeres. >> exactly. they look at women and how they ate. >> else can you do to keep your telem telemeres longer? >> they say smoking and drinks also affect it. it looked at one point in time. it didn't follow the shrinkage or shortening of the telemeres which may be more important than the length. they looked at european women. it's hard to draw deep conclusions but we can make the associations. >> i want to talk about the specific soups. norah told us she eats lentil
8:17 am
soup every day. that's beans. that's gassy. i'm not trying to be funny. but is that a good thing? >> lentils are not gassy. >> are you talking lentils, nuts? >> unprocessed foods. mono unsaturated like olive oils, nuts, less red meat, less processed meat and less dairy. that's more and then throw in a little red wine. >> no. >> a little bit. >> more. for men, two glasses day, for women, one glass a day, we think this diet is full of antioxid t antioxidants and basically has anti-inflammatory effects and protects the genetic dna of your materiel. >> i love it. >> always good to see you. >> thank you. ahahead, london gets in on secret you could say. we take a look behind the first victor
8:18 am
victoria's secret fashion show ever held in britain. that's next on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: cbs "morning rounds" sponsored by nicorette. only nicorette gum has patented dual-coated technology for great taste. plus nicorette gum gives you intense craving relief. and that helps put my craving in its place. that's why i only choose nicorette. try zyrtec-d® to powerfully clear your blocked nose and relieve your other allergy symptoms... so you can breathe easier all day.
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zyrtec-d®. find it at the pharmacy counter. zyrtec-d®.
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8:21 am
well, president obama made history this year as the first president with a portrait in 3-d. experts built an elaborate light stage at the white house. they did a 3-d printed bust and mask. this is cool. the smithsonian institute is
8:22 am
displaying them through the end of the month. did not know that. >> i like him looking at that. it kind of looks like me. >> it was printed with a digital printer. 3-d printer. >> we know what you mean. some of america's most beautiful women woke up this morning. were in london. >> should have been there. >> i know. but you have me and norah. entertainment tonight's co-host kevin frazier took us behind the scene. >> reporter: 47 supermodels and a music superstar. converging for what might easily be considered the super bowl of fashion. >> i don't want to compare it to an athlete but you really are training so hard. >> workouts for sure. sweat a lot. and then a little spray taning if i can.
8:23 am
we all do. >> yes, we all do. >> how have you gotten ready for this? what have you been doing? >> nothing. >> come on. >> no, i'm kidding. >> it's all for the victoria's secret fashion show which meant flying a plane full of ape jells across the atlantic. >> it's like being part of a circuit. it's not a runway show. it's a little more than that. a little terrifying if you actually think about all the eyes that are on you. >> last year nearly 10 million watched in the u.s. alone, but what they don't see is the madness backstage. >> these angels basically have to be flawless before they hit the runway. of course, they have all hit the genetic jackpot but there's a lot of primping that goes on to get them ready for the cat walk. the first victoria's secret fashion show was in 1995, a marketing tool with little
8:24 am
fanfare but over the years it's grown increasingly zrav gant. >> how do they fit you for a bedazzling jeweled bra? >> they had a mold buster so that way it fit. >> this year they were custom made for two. >> you are carried 6,000 carats of jewelry on you but it's super comfortable. diamonds are very comfortable. >> if you're wondering how much the bee jewelling bras are worth, the cups runneth over. a cool $2 million apiece. for "cbs this morning," kevin frazier, london. >> were you wondered how much the bejeweled bra was worth? >> no, i wasn't. >> a cool $2 million. they look good but they could eat a little something. you can watch the vick to ya's secret fashion show tuesday
8:25 am
night good morning everyone i'm ukee washington. a four alarm fire in montgomery county, rips through a local business. fire officials say it started 4:30 this morning on the 900 block of montgomery avenue in narberth. you can see a fast signs store sign, suffered extensive damage. got news no injuries were reported but if you are driving in that area or have plans to be in that area there are detours in place. vittoria woodill will let you know how to get around them in a minor so when we return to the the cw philly. right now lets get your forecast with katie, good morning. >> good morning, this will end up being one of these days that features a variety pack much like yesterday we also have some precipitation in the forecast but big difference is in mixing, cab take place. it is too warm for that at this point men your coldest spots like the poconos, all
8:26 am
you'll fine and what we are finding right new on storm scan three are rain showers. thankfully it is not a widespread wash out either. we will see temperatures climb to 54 degrees, milder technically but still feels chilly outside. keep that in mind when you are dressing the kids as you send them off to school. clearing skies will drop down to 37. we will look forward in the forecast expecting another drop on the thermometer tomorrow but nice trade off here is that it will be a full day of sunshine, in wet weather again in sight until the weekend, vittoria. >> thanks very much, katie. >> something to look forward to then, but right now the roads are definitely in a full swing rush and weather is not helping us causing many slick spots on your commute, causing many accidents. we have an incident situation still out here which is blocking the left-hand lane on southbound i-95 the ramp to out bound i-95 from the betsy ross bridge. it has been causing a headache all morning long, adding to already volume that you have. ninety-five northbound we just cleared an accident approaching vine but we have residual traffic and look at
8:27 am
these speed sensors expect big time delays and two hour delays at the airport, ukee. >> lets do it at 85:00 56789 up next this morning a new start up that could change the way you buy everything, we're on the cw philly.
8:28 am
8:29 am
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welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, one of the biggest names in tech is with us. there he is. he's in our toyota green room. he's connected to many familiar companies like paypal and yahoo!. we'll show you how he's trying to make credit cards obsolete. plus one of alabama university kicks ow a program. you'll hear the angry outbursts and one says they got it wrong. "rolling stone" remembers saxer bobby keys. he's toured with rolling stone for more than five years. his most famous solo was "brown sugar."
8:31 am
the stones say they're devast e devastated by the loss of their dear friend. he was 70. a fake army ranger is now an internet sensation. it shows a man wearing army fatigue shopping at a mall in pennsylvania. he's confronted by a veteran who took the video. >> how much? >> 75th. >> 72nd. >> all i do is i go out on missions. >> where'd you get your three at? >> afghanistan. >> all three? >> all three. >> you know you need to be in three different campaigns to get three, right? >> this one was from afghanistan. >> yeah. >> that's from iraq. >> and that was for my second rotation back to afghanistan. >> you know how many you do you can only get one for iraq, afghanistan, all three. you know that, don't you? >> my campaign took me outside
8:32 am
of mission lines. >> that doesn't make any sense. >> the alleged fake ranger may face federal charges. the video has had more than 2 million views. the statesman says the university of texas is investigating how in the world it lost 100 human brains. the brains were stored formaldehyde. one was from a man who shot people from a clock tower back in 1956. a new officer vai shows boys are meaner than girls. a study found that boys in middle school and high school are meaner to other school than class mates. that i use malicious rumors, social exclusive and rejection to harm and manipulate others more often than girls. >> that surprises me. >> it does? >> it does. because i think boys get in there and aggressively react and they're onto the next thing. girls stew and plot and plan. that surprises me.
8:33 am
that doesn't surprise you? >> no, it does surprise me. >> what do you think? are boys meaner? >> no. >> "the hollywood reporter" says i'm not broke. he's auctions off hundreds of items including car from "smoky and the bandit," his golden globe from "boogie night." he says he's not out of money, just out of room to store all this stuff. >> incredibly brilliant, that's how friends describe him. he co-founded paypal, chairman of yelp. he also sits on the board of yahoo!. invests in dozens of other companies. hitz news venture is affirm. he believes it will remake the industry from the ground up. it offers online point of sale loans. they can pay them back in three, six, or 12 months, we're pleased
8:34 am
to welcome him back. >> when you were reading it, he was cracking up. >> i confess, he's one of my favorite people in the whole world since we did a one-hour show several years ago. what is affirm and what do you hope to accomplish? >> going to build a first modern bank for the young demographic. it's going to be mobile, connected, work in real time and be honest and transparent. the reason we're doing this is after 2008 lots of people, especially young people, basically lost faith in their financial institutions in this country and i think it's time to bring it back. it's a hood opportunity but an important mission. >> how does affirm work? >> we have to start somewhere. we started by building it. instead of putting it on your card we take the purchase, tell you exactly what the fee is going to be, split it into three, six, our 12 months. when it's done, no card, no
8:35 am
debt. >> how big are the loans you can get? >> best use case, a couple hundred, a couple thousand. it's the young student setting up their first apartment, mattress, paying art. >> do you assess their credit? >> we do. we do it in real time. we ask for basic information. you have to remember your 16-digit credit card. make a decision, here's your rate. >> i see why you're one of charlie's favorite people, max. i love how your brain works. why do you think this is a good idea? >> so, one, i e heard from young people how much they hate the banks but, too, having built paypal i saw how we achieved and ugly yucky industry with a beautiful veneer but we never fixed it underneath. >> let me say one thing. all of us who love max love his wife more.
8:36 am
artificial intelligence as you know. front page of the "financial times," the astro physicist stevphen hawking has warned tha artificial intelligence can harm us all and warns of a near certainty of technological catastrophe. speak to that? >> that sounds extremely horrifying. i saw "terminator" a long time ago and we're not too close to this. stephen hawking, he's a brilliant man. i think we have more to gain than to lose. >> let's talk about the concerns of technology. you're an investor in uber. recently in the news is uber could spy on journalists. that suggestion was made. does that sort of trouble you? where does that draw the line that investors, board members take a situation on that? >> i'm not too worried about
8:37 am
that because we're getting to more transparency, not less. the reason there's so much scrutiny with all of these companies is news travels instantly. it very quickly gets the public eye. so it gets testing every time. >> are you troubled about the amount of hacking that's going on today? >> yes, but i think that's only going to get worse. the new normal is bad things and bad people. that's going to have to be something you have to learn how to defend against. >> you said i'm the impenetrable russian they try to stop and i'm trying to stop them. is there a way to stop them? >> absolutely. you have to invest in securities. >> your mom said to you when you got to $1.5 billion for paypal, now you can go to grad school, you did not do that. you say to kids i'm not telling you to drop out of school but if you have a great idea, act on it now. >> exactly. i think it's all about taking
8:38 am
the risk, starting the company, creating the risks when you're young and have nothing to lose. >> what's exciting about coming together, biology and technology? >> that is amazing. if i weren't doing affirm, i would be doing something in biology. >> explain what you mean. >> when you take the power that is manipulating and creating live things and use computers to take that forward. wi take a lot of time in labs in the last couple of years. you see an experiment, don't know how you did it, computers put that on a platform. that was a brilliant discovery. now let's do it a thousand titimes and bring it to a cure. >> max levchin, great to have you here and good luck. >> thank you. crimson tide are going after
8:39 am
another national title but this morning a school that plays in alabama's shadow is going the other way. elaine quijano with more. good morning. >> good morning. despite finishing with a .500 record the scho record, the uab announced it's terminated the football program. in a meeting that was all caught on camera. >> you go home and sleep in a comfortable [ bleep ] house -- >> uab players took out their frustration on ray watts as he announced the plan to end the football program. >> 18-year-olds, 17-year-olds, what are they supposed to do? orr tristan henderson, an iraq war veteran spoke passionately during the meeting. >> somebody travels 3,000 miles away to be a part of this. >> uab, uab. >> reporter: the anger and
8:40 am
frustration was felt everywhere on campus. >> the fight doesn't end today, it started today. >> reporter: schools gathered to protest the school's decision. watts said he left the team meeting. in a meeting he called the sports team unsustainable. >> if the financial realities were different, we would be moving forward. >> reporter: angry protests turned to cheer as fan ace plauded the coaching staff including first year head coach bill clark. >> it was tough. it was emotional. i think our message to everybody was how we played. this was the passion. we were looking forward. this is a great university, great school, great city, and i appreciate being a part of it. >> the team finished this year's season with a 6-6 record and is eligible to play in a bowl game for the first time in more than a decade. despite shutting down the program, the university said
8:41 am
scholarships and contracts of players and coaches will still be honored. >> that's surprising. you're going to be honored but we don't have anything for you. >> i think they want to go and come through with the commitments that may made. >> maybe somebody will step in. thank you, elaine. we've heard the statistics half of marriages end in
8:42 am
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8:45 am
who told you emily and i are gets divorced? >> you're getting divorced? >> yep. >> we heard you crying in the bathroom. we thought you had cancer. >> oh, thank god. divorce. >> i'm so lucky. >> you are. >> i have to go pick out furniture now. >> okay. you go for it, you go for it. >> in the movie, no big thing. a new analysis shows that is no longer the case. "the new york times" found census data showing the divorce rate has decline over the last 20 years. she writes about family and
8:46 am
relationships. good morning to you, lisa. >> good morning, nice to be here. >> listen. as a divorced person i'm glad to hear the rates going down. but you're saying not so fast. >> it is true the divorce rate is going down. folks marrying in the 2000s have an 11% chance. i think the reality is so few are getting married. half of american kids are born to single mothers these days. >> 50%. >> almost half. 48%. >> wow. >> so the people who are getting married are tending to be more affluent, educated, older, and able to make decisions that are long-lasting and i think that's a good thing. that's good for people. >> what do you mean older? i don't think anyone should get 30 for men, 28 for women. you don't know who the hell you are. >> across the country, it's
8:47 am
27-28. in new york obvious let's much older. in the '70sing and '60s, it was 20, 23. it's a big jump. >> it's interesting. the numbers stun me. those married in the 1950s are reached their 50th anniversary. >> you have an educated women, you have a good job. wait till you're older, pick a partner who you like, who you love, you want to spend time with. >> most people don't do that? >> not in the '60s and '70s when women chose marriage for a different reason. it was the feminist movement and then women started to say, look, i can have some etautonomy. in two-thirds of the divorces, women make the clois. >> women can help because they make decisions based on what
8:48 am
they want. >> what dole does gender play in marriages these days? >> this is what i think. i think because women have so much more autonomy and so much more financial stability and so much more career success and stability they can make decisions that are based on their own emotional needs instead of having to marry somebody who can pay the rent, who can support them, right? that's a different kind of transaction if you even want to call it a transaction. it's about romance, which is nice. >> are you married? >> i am married. i've been married for 13 years. >> are you happy? >> i am happy. and i got married when i was really, really hope. >> so there is hope. keep hope alive. >> it means there are a lot of good men around. >> that's right. >> i'm staying with you forever, jeff. up next, the courageous boy bringing the holiday spirit. >> we
8:49 am
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three, two, one. >> that's pretty. >> house speaker john boehner led last night's capitol tree lighting with 10-year-old. he's sbattling brain cancer. it makes it hard for him to speak but his family told him about the honor. >> that means you'll be the first flicker of the christmas tree in washington, d.c. >> what does that mean? >> no. he said are you kidding me. >> are you kidding me? no. >> that's nice. they're lighting the big tree in new york tonight too. it will be crazy good. >> the holiday season is here. >> that does it for me. for news any time, anywhere, you
8:53 am
can log
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8:55 am
good morning, i'm nicole brewer. volunteers will gather in man i young later this morning to help in the search for missing west chester university student, shane montgomery. it is the seven days and still no signs of shane. he wases last seen leaving kildares pub early thanksgiving day morning. friend will hold a vigil tonight at west chester as investigators work around the clock looking for clues. new lets check that forecast with katie. >> forecast overall, nicole is looking up for us down the road for end of the workweek but we are left with lingering showers and you can see activity on storm scan three represent ago this very well and scattered in nature. light precipitation too but it is all rain, no mixing this time. so as we see milder air creep left with some lingering rain
8:56 am
showers which is definitely good news. it will not mess you up here. high of 54. tonight we will drop down to 37 under a clearing sky and then by tomorrow full sunshine, it is definitely chilly but seasonal with that high of 45. forty-seven on friday with more clouds as another disturbance approached and that means we are looking at a rainy saturday, but it is good news i think by sunday in time for eagles tailgaters people are starting to clear up once again. speaking of the disturbance if you are traveling 95 northbound approaching vine street expressway we have an extinguished earlier vehicle fire, still compromising two of the right-hand lanes. only two left lanes are getting by. trying to make your way in to center city out of south philadelphia you will definitely find this a bit of the squeeze. fuzz are traveling on our usual majors that you will's fine rush hour again you'll find it there today. eighteen on the schuylkill. affecting outbound side of the roosevelt boulevard, ten is your average on 95. twenty-two on 476 and big time
8:57 am
volume on 422 eastbound out of royersford down to 202. also because of the weather we had two hour delays at philadelphia international airport, mass transit your best bet, nicole. >> that is "eyewitness news" for now join us for talk philly at noon. i'm nicole brewer make it a great morning.
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