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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  December 3, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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dozens of protesters were lying down in 30th street station. they were there for roughly ten or 15 minutes. they then peacefully organize and began to head down to market street. we believe, that they may find their way here, to city hall. at last check with the philadelphia a police department they were heading north on 16th street here arch there is a couple hundred protesters so far demonstrating, chanting in the streets. therapies full. they are surrounded by dozen of police officers who are following their every move. we us peck them to head back here eventually to city hall and as soon as that happens we will bring you live update. reporting live from center city, todd quinones, cbs-3 "eyewitness news" good todd, thanks very much. lets go to that breaking news out of new york city tonight. grand jury decline to indict a police officer on any criminal charges, in the choke hold death of eric garner, a confrontation caught on video that we are watching right here. garner was stopped in satan island suspect of selling
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loose untaxed cigarettes back in july. amateur video captured garner refusing to be handcuffed, in that process, a police officer, danielle pantleo put garner in an apparent choke hold a maneuver that has been banned under nypd policy. also breaking news right now with famed attorney gloria alred by their side three women talk about allegations of second you'll assault by bill cosby. one aid she accepted a cappuchino from cosby that he allegedly referred to as her favorite drippings. he talks about what happened have after he woke up in her car and went to confront an entertainer. >> i wanted an explanation for what happened was i had too much to drink. difficult not believe him. i had had not consumed any alcohol that night. i believe that mr. cosby drugged me and sexually a assaulted me. >> alred invitedded cosby to
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clear his name although statute of limitations has run out. cosby has never been criminally charged. take a good look at these surveillance photo pose are searching for this suspect, in connection with an aggravated assault in hunting park, back on november 28th. police say that the man, and ten others, attacked a 15 year-old male as he walk up luzerne street where they were punching him. victim suffered minor injuries in that attack and if you know that man's identity or whereabouts you are asked to call the philadelphia police. philadelphia police are investigating a triple shooting that left one man, in critical condition. the shots rang out before noon at 54th street. investigators say five shots were fired by four men . they were in the convent yen store until police arrived. one weapon was recovered, police are reviewing surveillance in the hopes of getting bet lear at those suspects. a 15 year-old is hospitalized after a pickup truck, hit her on roosevelt boulevard in northeast philadelphia.
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this happened in the northbound outer lanes near ryan avenue. "eyewitness news" reporter noel mcclaren is live with more details on how that happened, noel. >> reporter: jessica that is exactly what police are trying to figure out how this girl was hit in the first place, one thing they will say is she was in the crosswalk at the time and neighbors who lived here along rose wealth boulevard near rice an avenue say that she's lucky to be alive. one of the most dangerous roads in the country, nearly claimed another pedestrian. this time, a 15 year-old girl trying to get to class. a typical walk to the bus stop turned treacherous for little flower catholic high school student this morning, when police say this truck slammed into her as she was crossing roosevelt boulevard near ryan avenue. police are still investigating exactly what caused her to get hit but they say she was in the crosswalk at the time. her classmates tell us that they are? shock but grateful she survived. >> that is horrible. we know that she was absent but we didn't think a tragedy would happen.
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>> you definitely know when she's not in class because she's a good person. >> reporter: many girls we spoke without side little flower high school say their commute into class involves crossing the boulevard. >> i cross the boulevard myself but we never see buses and it is really bad because she said bye to me i didn't say bye to her. >> reporter: police say the girl ustained a broken leg and head trauma but many are not so lucky. in the last five years, more than 142 pedestrian where is hit on roosevelt boulevard. at least 21 of them were killed. police tell us that the head trauma that this girl sustain is serious and she remains in critical condition. we are live in northeast philadelphia, noel mcclaren for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". noel, thank you very much. vigil is held for west chester university student shane montgomery, who has gone missing. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt joins us live there tonight to tell us how search teams spent this day. david? >> reporter: chris, really two searches going on we're talking about the civilian
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search with family and friend in the police search right now at west chester university, there will be a vigil will behind me in an hour but focus is right here 21 year-old shane montgomery, vigil will be behind me at the student union where he spent many of his days on campus. despite the cold, unforgiving rain, friend, family, even complete strangers, walked the streets of manayunk earlier in the day. they put up new missing posters of shane montgomery. >> it is like every day you go without water you get more thirsty, every day i go without shane, i need my best friend back. >> reporter: ryan mcgillaway is montgomery's roommate and close friend. as each day passes he said he is more frustrated with the lack of answers. >> it is killing me that somebody knows something. it was the busiest drinking night of the year and there is how many bars on main street and nobody has said anything. >> reporter: mcgillaway says he is trying to turn his frustration into searching for his best friend, shane's aunt
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maryann whitman ran the missing poster operation from the saint john the baptist rectory. >> we were blessed by an outpouring of people who came out here in this cold, miserable day today to help us get people to know that shane is still missing. >> reporter: as friend and family searched, so did detectives, again, they searched in and around the schuylkill river, with no concrete answers. >> we will do whatever it takes and we will not rest until we find shane and we bring him home. >> reporter: thinks the official missing poster, right the now reward has been up to $31,000, again that vigil will starting at 6:00 o'clock tonight. we are live from west chester university, david pun t, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still soggy and damp tonight the but the skies are going to clear out. meteorologist kathy orr is tracking the forecast from the cbs-3 sky deck tonight, kathy. >> it is breezy jessica and it is getting colder, price we will pay for clearing skies. on storm scan three we have no weather issues just fog out there. and actually a little bit of the breeze but otherwise,
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skies will slowly clear from the northwest toward the the south east during late night hours, so it is just going to get colder, look at down the shore where cold air has not arrived. fifty-two in atlantic city and wildwood. forty-seven in philadelphia and the to the north and west turning colder, allentown only 41, poconos sitting at 36 degrees. the visibility reduced in some spots earlier but getting better as dryer air is moving into the delaware valley. this evening, some fog and mist during 7:00 o'clock hour. by 9:00 chilly breeze and by 11:00 skies will clear but temperatures will plunge. we will be about 41 then. coming up we will talk about the sun returning, and how long it will be getting colder and then looking towards a weekend, that could be filled with rain, does that mean the birds to have play seattle in the rain? we will talk more about the possibilities coming up with the forecast later in the broadcast. >> all right kathy, see new a bit. you can get the forecast anytime at your fingertips down load the cb. philly weather app on itunes
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and google play. coastguard has now suspended its search for a man who fell from a barge into the cristina river, 25 year-old emmanuel gateling was one of three crew members who fell into the cold water, near the port of wilmington last night when a crane collapsed. the two other men were rescued, and there is no word when that search might resume. four alarm fire guts a montgomery county business, this was the scene just a after 4:00 this morning at fast signs, on montgomery avenue in narberth. the fire crews so large and produced so much smoke traffic had to be diverted for several blocks as a precaution. two commercial buildings were severely damage here but there were no reports of any injuries. two cars collide on i-95, one burst into flames, this morning that happened just after 8:00 o'clock in the northbound lanes near pens landing. lanes were narrowed for a time, creating ale pretty long backup, but fire was brought under control, there were no injuries reportedded.
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it is a case that could affect millions of woman. >> supreme court is hearing the complaint brought by a woman who claims that she was discriminated against because she became pregnant. we will have that story new 59:30. plus a japanese company that makes air bags to blame for deaths of several people says nationwide recall is not necessary. we will give you the hearing on capitol hill. would be robbers should plan this heist better, it turns out, he could not lift the money bag. it is all caught object tape and we will show it to you when "eyewitness news"
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a draw bridge gives way as a yacht is passing underneath. the rock star was, towed from fort lauderdale to miami and had been granted permission to pass. no one was hurt, but the repairs to the yacht are expected to cost tens of thousands of dollars, the walking mechanism is now being tested, the bridge had been another mark for a 13 million-dollar rehab project. meantime an arizona teenager find himself locked out of his house so he tries to pull a santa style move and he wind up getting stuck in a chimney. the 13 year-old boy used an extension cord as a rope, but it only would go so far. he tried to get out himself but eventually gave up and used his cell even if to call 911. fire fighters from three towns had to be called into save him. you cannot see it but crews were able to pull him out from inside eventually. a botched bank robbery ends in an arrest, surveillance from china shows us peck struggling to car that
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i bag of money, dragging it along there. he intended to use his bike as the getaway vehicles here but a bag containing over a million, about 220,000 american dollars, was much heavier than anticipated. well, tonight three on your side has important information about defective air bags that have have been link to several deaths. >> the company sent in an official to washington to argue that a nationwide recall is not necessarily but cbs news correspondent allison harme thelen says that auto makers are taking matters in their own hands. >> reporter: takata top executives say scientific evidence does not support a nationwide recall of driver side air bags. >> in fact, they are safe. >> yes. >> reporter: japanese company says the recall should remain limited to high humidity areas where air bags are more likely to fail but acting head of the national highway traffic and safety administration says humidity is not the only factor. >> when it comes to driver's
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side air bags we have to follow the evidence and the evidence is clear that the problem is not limited to areas of very high absolute humidity. >> reporter: david friedman cited instance in california and north carolina he wants a nationwide recall to add 8 million cars to the 8 million already recalled from various auto makers. >> we are very disappointed, in that cat a. >> reporter: lawmakers expressed frustration with takata and auto makers for failing to identify the cause of the problem. >> testing is slow, and we are short honorary placement parts. what is worse, no one can say for sure that the replacement parts are any safer than the originals. >> they are link to several deaths. they can shoot metal shrapnel in the passenger compartment. allison harmelen for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and, we have a busy, busy afternoon for this commute so far. this so far out here is limekiln pike, closed on the
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north and southbound directions and upper state road. just between stump road and butler avenue. we will half move back here, so you can see behind me police activity on the scene and multi vehicle accident, taking out for quite sometime, north and southbound lanes completely closed so expect a lot of local details and residuals. thinks vine street expressway, from the center city camera. you can see flashing lights up ahead. thinks 23rd street, road closures not letting anybody access vine street expressway from that point due to protesters walking around. so you can see eastbound lanes, lot of center city traffic here, eastbound lanes slow moving westbound lanes, a lot of brake lights as well. and expect with those protest as lot of closures around city hall and ben franklin area. they will be moving around the a area we will update you on their location. chris and yes, sir contact, back over to you. >> thank you so much, yes, sir contact. it is a diet that could help you fight illness and extend your life, we will have that new at 5:30. plus an actor about to take a big step to put a man
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on mars. this rocket is set to blast off tomorrow morning. find out how you can win free star bucks for life, we will be right back.
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with all of the rain comes the possibility of mud slides. flash flood watches have been extended in areas, by wild
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fires and the rain has stalled traffic and also, delayed flights. well, wet weather on the east coast as well but we do have drizzle and mist, much different than the west coast. you can see across the region temperatures are a little bit milder, 44 degrees right now as we check with cat any when known a. that is not so bad. down in the 30's overnight tonight. as we look ahead to the north and west, lets go right around chestnut hill where the temperatures is 46 degrees, barbara is saying we are looking at 45, in willow grove, the wind on the light side, and elsewhere, a across the delaware valley, ron is saying in riverside a 2-mile an hour wind, still some drizzle at 46 degrees and 45 degrees, right now in media, jim says a light wind, drizzle, a damp, dreary day. if you love the weather and you want to be feature in the newscast as an eyewitness weather watcher, it is easy to do, just go to cbs
5:20 pm then some areas of fog out there, not as bad as earlier this afternoon and this evening. bye you can still see from the campbell's side of the river our campbell's field cam looking from camden across the the delaware, still a little bit of fog in center city philadelphia temperatures on the cool side right now, 47 in the city, 41 degrees in allentown, cooling in reading and poconos and south and east where a cold front has not moved through yet we are looking at milder temperatures. the wind are changing becoming more west northwesterly, a sign that the dryer air is moving into the delaware valley. poconos seeing a westerly wind and unless that cool front passes that dryer air will be moving in and the fog will be dissipating. the front will be through thursday and we're talking about chilly temperatures. that is the price we will pay for sunshine. morning sun. increasing high clouds during the afternoon, and then another fast moving system moving up from the southwest. skies will be mostly cloudy for friday but it will be dry, and rain does in the move in until friday night but when it does, it is going to be a little soaker of a day saturday.
5:21 pm
periods of rain, temperatures in the 50's. it is seasonal but it will be wet. that rain could even linger into sunday, for the eagles game. that will be something for us to watch out for. something else to watch out for though, around the world we have a super typhoon, and this is heading towards the philippines. 150 miles an hour windses, gusts to 185 miles an hour, of course, it will be very close to the philippines late friday or early saturday, and this storm is packing a punch a super typhoon with flooding rain and potential for deadly mud slides. that no doubt, and, overnight clearing skies, and, flow this time have the year but it is december. for your thursday, sun increasing clouds, cool high of 45 degrees. our three day forecast we are looking at cold temperatures friday but it will be dry, at day periods of rain, 50 degrees. we are looking at a half inch of rain, expect ponding on area roads, any outdoor activities like soccer, lacrosse could be cancel. it will be wet.
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winds southwest at 10 miles an hour. but the big day is sunday for the eagles and it looks like it could be a wet day, maybe even windy, seattle comes to town, kick off at 4:25. the temperature is 44 degrees. northeasterly wind. could be on the raw side. does that bode well for seattle? since they are the rainy city? i hope not. of course, beasley will have more on that coming up after the break, for now we will take a short break and we will be right
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let's continue our review of the key match ups for sunday's battle with the seahawks tonight. tonight it is eagles number one receiver verse one of the best corners in the game. jeremy maclin verse richard sherman. unlike eagles quarterback seattle teaches their corn tours use their 5-yard gift
5:25 pm
from the nfl and disrupt routes with aggressive bump and run techniques. maclin has taken his game to a new level this season and he is ready for anything. >> we watched tape over anybody that they have played and obviously you can see plays being made here and there one thing about this football league is everybody is here for a reason. so i like my chance's begins anybody. >> chip kelly addressed the university of florida story, reports said gators would make i play for the the coach. if chip was failing or in over his head, the gators would be a attractive but playoffs last season, tied at the top at nfl, why leave big show for line or leagues. here's chip. >> it is because it is rumor, it is not the truth. i think things that are false are silly. football questions, anybody? >> another road loss for flyers last night, san jose, they were heading in to overtime, gave up a winning
5:26 pm
goal, 122nd left in the period. they have now lost eight in a row on the road, tonight they will take on the ducks on the road, in anaheim. >> a lot of frustration in flyersville. >> yeah, yeah, yeah, i don't know what to a good maybe a holiday break. >> rejuvenate them. >> yes. >> all right beasley, thank you. three delaware churches burned and investigators say arson was involved we will have the story. plus... >> a fire fighter a and local fire chief battled flames in a mount evefram house. how an accident landed one man in critical condition. and a giant leave in nasa's mission to mars, the ryan rocket is set to blast off tomorrow morning first big test for nasa since the shuttle program ended. and at 6:00 o'clock tonight new information in an iteam exclusive, alleged animal abuse sparks outrage, a new jersey woman is accused of abusing her horses. our charlotte huffman explains how authorities are now taking
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i'm chris may, we will continue to follow breaking news at this hour, demonstrators taking over philadelphia's 30th street station this afternoon. dozens that took to the ground in silent protests, the grand jury decision in ferguson, missouri this group is now on the move and they are marching to city hall and blocking
5:30 pm
traffic, we will keep you up to date. protest comes as a grand injury any new york decides not to indict a police officer there in the choke hold death of eric garner. that confrontation in saten island was caught on video. law makers in insuring want the justice department to get involved. that is why it is important that the district attorney has an obligation to bring the facts to new yorkers and the american people to see how they could have possibly stretched the imagination to reach that decision and more importantly to find out which side was the district attorney on. >> well, after a day of hanging posters, the students and searchers who are prepared for a vigil at west chester university tonight after one of their own goes missing in manayunk, of course, shane montgomery has not been seen since early thanksgiving morning. kate? and chris, our tour of
5:31 pm
beautiful holiday lights all around the region continues tonight and we are in the courtyard of city hall, the tree business to be lit in just a couple hours here, a lot of festivities, they have music going tonight, weather has cleared out. quick look at weather headlines we have sunshine returning to the area tomorrow and it will be a quiet even to the workweek but we are in the done with the rain just yet, we will have some more rain, to perhaps, not look forward to this upcoming weekend. i'll have your full forecast and much more on the city hall christmas tree lighting happening tonight coming up in just a bit, back inside to you. a man and his stepson are rush to the hospital when chemicals ignite while making home repairs. "eyewitness news" new jersey reporter cleve bryan is in mount evefram new jersey to tell us how this all unfolded, cleve. >> reporter: well, friend of joan marinei, the retired chief of the camden city fire department says he is doing okay tonight but his stepson, matthew is in critical condition at temple university hospital. officials say that he was
5:32 pm
trying to rectify a home improvement project, that went terribly wrong. >> your adrenaline is flowing and you will quickly become overcome by smoke in the greg. >> reporter: matthew suffered severe inhalation burns putting out a fire he may have caused while stripping paint. >> he was using a chemical with a stripper, and, utilizing a wire brush and a torch, lit torch in the basement. >> reporter: he is a volunteer with the mount evefram fire department on medical leave and his stepfather joseph marine is a retired chief of the camden city fire department where he served for 30 years. both men initially tried to put out the fire on their own. >> tried to utilize a garden hose and that is first instinct when you speak of fire fighters to go back and do their job. >> reporter: after their initial efforts were unsuccessful chief marini waited outside but he went back inside. >> he felt more responsible for the incident and tried to further extinguish the fire, and ventilate.
5:33 pm
>> reporter: as paramedics tend todd both men and fire fighters knocked down the flames, neighbor annie says she started crying. >> i came outside and i saw joe come out and his hair was singed and i aid joe, are you all right in he didn't hear me. he looked so in shock. i felt owe bad for him i started crying. >> reporter: officials believe that he suffered inhalation burns from both smoke and from the chemicals. they warn everyone to make sure that you use extreme caution and read all of the labels when you plan to use chemicals indoors or near flames. reporting live from mount ephraim, i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". investigators now believe that three church fires in delaware are all connected and all the result of arson. fire marshall says that crews first responded to the healing hands church in kent county, around 2:00 a.m. tuesday. as that fire raged, another fire broke out about 4 miles away. at manship chapel. crews quickly put those flames down but just as they did a
5:34 pm
third fire hit laws mennonite church right around 5:30. one pastor says he is turning to his faith for guy answer. >> we need a place now for sunday services and right now we don't have one but we are depending on god, and we know god is a provider. >> two of these fires did cause extensive damage to those churches. investigators say all three fires shared common denominators. >> the the supreme court justices are weighing whether employers should to have accommodate pregnant woman no longer able to to some of the tasks they were hired to do. they rallied outside the court in support of peggy young a ups driver put on unpaid leave while pregnant. unwanted rider duty after a doctor told her she would no longer be able to lift 20 pounds but ups put her on leave without a salary or health benefits. the court is weighing whether ups violated the federal
5:35 pm
pregnancy discrimination act. >> it wasn't ups place to force peggy young to choose between giving birth to her daughter trinity or working her job. >> ups says it followed the law but recently changed its policy to offer more accommodations for pregnant woman. delaware county is honoring a teenager who helped pull a fail police officer from a burning cruiser. seventeen year-old joe chambers received a proclamation from the county council to day this ridley high school senior jumped in to action, to help officer mark kensee after his cruiser was broadsided, at 28th and tasker in grays ferry last month. nasa is preparing the nation's newest spacecraft for humans, the ryan launches tomorrow morning and cbs news correspondent craig boswell tells us it is hoped this mission will be first step towards human exploration of the solar system possibly leading to a trip to mars. >> reporter: america's sleek new ride in outer space is on
5:36 pm
the launch pad. >> what you see behind us is what i would call history in the making, tomorrow is a giant day. >> reporter: owe ryan is first spaceship since apollo moon missions more than 40 years ago designed to carry humans into deep space, this time, mars is the the ultimate destination. weather permitting, the owe ryan will launch from cape can nav val thursday morning for the first test flight. >> we have not had this feeling in a while since the end of the shuttle program launching an american spacecraft from american soil and beginning something new. >> reporter: test flight will not carry a crew so mission team can see if everything works without war big loss of life. the entire flight will last just four and a half hours in, that time nasa will evaluate the ryan's system everything from the parachute to the heat shield. after soaring to a orbit 36 miles above earth the capsule will descend through temperatures nearing 4,000 degrees fahrenheit before splashing down off the coast of san diego.
5:37 pm
nasa's administrators say mission is building on the apollo legacy. >> when neil armstrong stepped foot on the moon and came back he admitted there is another place to go and that is mars. >> reporter: nasa expects that happen to happen on time have after the year 2030 at which point agency hopes to turn science fiction on into fact. craig bo isn'twell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, a lot have problems out in center city, today, so we can see a lot of brake lights here. thinks the vine street expressway, the eastbound lanes having more volume right here. between 19th and 23rd street for last half an hour at least or so we have had a lot of police activity on the scene and road closures so they are not allowed to access the vine street expressway. they seem to be having opened so far but you can still see residual delays and vine street local really packing a big punch so far this afternoon due to protesting. so now we can expect these protests to be moving around for quite sometime around city hall and ben franklin parkway
5:38 pm
and police activity following those protesters around to make sure that everyone is safe. we will keep you updated as they move around the area 95 northbound really heavy, trip so far from the vine street expressway into woodhaven road a 27 minute trip there and schuylkill press way not doing too good heading eastbound, we have there i as well from the blue route to the vine about a 31 minute trip there as well. an accident on the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound just around bensalem, and another one out in new jersey causing problems on the northbound side of 295, right around route 73, chris and jessica, back over to you. still ahead tonight, win free star bucks for life. >> that sound too good to be true but it is not, it is real, that is coming up on "eyewitness news". plus sobering new research about depression hoist more likely to be depressed and why many people don't seek help. also we will tell you the diet that health experts say, may help you live longer. we will be right back.
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me too. trending now, how do you like the sound of free star bucks for life? ten winners will be chosen in the u.s., three in canada and another in the uk. the lucky few will receive a ten car on the gold card with
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their name engraved on it good for one free food item and beverage every day for 30 years. >> wow. >> i know somebody who would like that. >> yeah. >> to enter make a purchase with the star bucks gift card or get through the mobile app and enter the sweepstakes code from your receipt, into the company's web site. a few steps there. 3,000 people gathered in honduras to set a new world record for tallest, human christmas tree. >> that is right, they are the people. those in green formed a branches, ones in red ornament and yellow huddled together to form a star. the old record was set by 1900 people in argentina, last year. seventeen truffles uncovered the world's largest truffle, in italy. the 4-pound white truffle will be auctioned off this week, so far, there is a million-dollar bid for this. proceeds will be donated to charity. >> wow. >> truffles are pretty tasty. i don't know about a million-dollar worth. >> that better be the most tasty ever. >> need a little bit.
5:43 pm
>> we will be right ba
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5:45 pm
what a dreary day, i don't know if there is another word for it, two thumbs down. >> double thumbs down. >> yes, something felt more like spring, damp dreary days. >> so damp out there even if
5:46 pm
it wasn't raining. >> if it is going to be cold it might as well snow. >> well, let's in the get ahead of ourselves. we are looking at a dreary day but we'll some clear skies. sun returns tomorrow finally, everybody will be in a better mood but it will be colder. take a look outside where we have, areas of fog, getting better in center city philadelphia we're finally able to see our sky line something we have in the been able to do in over 24 hours. on storm scan three we are seeing the clouds giving way to clearing skies, air getting dryer as a cold front pushes across the region. still seeing cloud cover through south jersey and delaware and this is where we have warmer temperatures. still in the 50's down there. look at our rain amounts, not all impressive, and these are from weather watchers in chalfont marty is saying .2 of an inch. ed is saying .2 of an inch. tenth of an inch in chatsworth, new jersey and tuckerton, .9 of an inch that tim is reporting.
5:47 pm
not a lot of rain. more nuisance than anything else. here are mild temperatures through millville, atlantic city, wildwood and dover. we saw cloud cover. we will be clearing out down the shore and temperatures falling as well. forty's on the i-95 corridor, allentown 41 and poconos a chill, at 35 degrees. temperatures in the the 40's right now in quakertown and pottstown. yesterday at this time we were talking about freezing rain, no issues tonight a as temperatures are well above freezing. cold front moves through we will see those southeasterly wind like we're seeing down the shore shift to more westerly and northwesterly direction. we are seeing front through reading, lancaster and poconos moving towards philadelphia and then we will be clearing the companies. skies will be clearing, but it will be getting colder. reason why this area of high pressure will be building over us so we will see sunshine tomorrow but this is a fast mover, it will not last all that long. thursday, morning sun, and increasing high clouds because another system is moving our way. it will be dry thursday, it will be dry friday but by
5:48 pm
friday afternoon we still see clouds hanging out and showers not that far away. by friday evening, we will be seeing some showers to the north and west of philadelphia it is a big area of low pressure out through cincinnati and great lakes moving in for saturday, saturday looking a bit like a rainy day and if we look through our future rain you can see from friday to at day evening, about a half inch of rain in philadelphia and trenton, closer to an inch in allentown, poconos, three-quarters of an inch, same in reading and less's accumulations to the south and east of philadelphia in and out of the rain on saturday in the a great day for sports activities as a good chance they could be canceled on saturday, sunday looking iffy as well. overnight skies will be slowly clearing, seasonably cold, normal low temperature for this time of the year in philadelphia is 34 degrees. wind west at ten to 15 miles an hour. now during the day tomorrow, sun, increasing high clouds, those high cirus clouds ahead have the warm front. high of 45. it is slightly below average for this time of the year.
5:49 pm
heading to the game on sunday, you have tickets for that big football game at the link. the kick off 4:25. there is gay chance it could be raining and more winnie then this says for your sunday. we have two computer models duking it out on the final consensus of the eagles game but 44 degrees, raw, little bit windy and wet. who does that bode better for, hopefully the birds. on the exclusive eyewitness weather seven day forecast looking ahead friday on the chilly side but at least it is dry, saturday looking for a high of 50 degrees with periods of rain, sunday there will be some showers, hopefully just a few, for the bird and then monday, chilly again high of 46 degrees, still a chance of a shower. tuesday will be windy, but cold, high of 48. and then by wednesday, colder, with a high of 44 degrees. the average high temperature for this time of the year is around 49 degrees, so, right around there. seasonal. much better than in of
5:50 pm
november. in the cbs-3 healthwatch the key to looking younger could be in your diet. a study in the british medical journal says following a in mediterranean diet can reduce signs of aging. that diet filled with fresh fruits, vegetables, olive oil and healthy proteins can lead to other health benefits like a lower risk of heart disease. f.d.a. is changing prescription drug labels to make it easier for pregnant and nurse would go man to understand which medications could pose a risk to their babies. the letters abc d and e and x are used to convey risks but few understand their meaning. starting next summer, labels must be clearly stating what is known about safe use including the the information that comes from studies in people or animals. also on the "eyewitness news" healthwatch tonight, new research shows many people in the u.s. are battling depression and in the getting help they need. our health reporter stephanie stahl has more on that new study. >> reporter: forty-six year-old kate whitman has
5:51 pm
struggled with depression since she was a teenager, exhausted, sad, hard to get out of bed, how to pick up the phone. is there also a guilt and an embarrassment. >> reporter: new research shows 8 percent of americans have moderate to severe depression, the national center for health statistics found depression is more common with women and among people age 40 to 59. >> lowered mood, lack of inability to enjoy anything in life. we see appetite changes, people have trouble sleeping. >> reporter: depression can be difficult to treat, combination of therapy and medications is often necessary, but report says only about a third of people with severe depression seek help from a mental health expert. >> very, very concerning. the fact is that people with the severe depression have have, can have very significant symptoms, spots of suicide. >> reporter: for kate right diagnosis was important after years of various treatments she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. >> once i was on the right medication i was experiencing life for the first time.
5:52 pm
i realized difficult in the know what it was like to go through life without depression. it was just such a relief. >> reporter: reare search also says that people living below the poverty level were more than twice as likely to have depression then people making more money and those with severe depression reported serious difficulties at work, home and with social activities. a difficult disease, that so many people struggle with. >> it is a real struggle indeed, steph, thanks for the update. still ahead on "eyewitness news" treats for the troops. >> coming up in this weeks story of brotherly love a pack house to pack for the troops, see how far these packages will travel to soldiers overseas, thanks to generous donors.
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now that holiday lights are starting to go up, we want to sees pictures of your display, you can hair them using hash tag cbs-3 holiday lights and we can go to cbs and we may show up at your home. well, earlier in this week a couple hundred people spent a night at kelly's taproom in bryn mawr. >> as "eyewitness news" anchor ukee washington hose news this weeks story of brotherly love they call it philadelphia treats for troops. >> reporter: they pack box after box of donated supplies to send some christmas comradery to soldiers. if you are going to get presents overseas by christmas, you have to start early. so lower merion school district's school children, military members, and volunteers, hurried to pack presents for pennsylvania, and new jersey soldiers, in afghanistan, and east africa. freddie started the project.
5:57 pm
>> we have a fair amount of soldiers in area that are very remote and they don't get supplies like this quite often. it is like christmas to them. >> reporter: boxes are crammed with donated toilet supplies and treats, everything from toilet paper to tastykake to left over halloween candy. the school children even painted the outside of some boxes. it might be the only snow man, a solder sees this winter. >> so this is just a wonderful thing, something positive, and giving us a happy memory. >> reporter: that is melissa adams, this year these packages are going over in memory of her brother sergeant first class brent adams of the pennsylvania army national guard killed in action in iraq nine years ago monday. >> he was loving, very humble and he always prepared his soldiers, and put them first. >> it is so nice and especially to give back to the other soldiers who are away from home this time of the year. it gives us a great feeling to know they are doing it in his honor as well. >> reporter: guess that night
5:58 pm
they finish more than 280 packages and cost $25 each to send them overseas. would you like to help? go to cbs to find out how. i'll see you in the morning. i'm ukee washington, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". thanks, ukee. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 a teenager waiting for a ride gets kick and beaten unconscious, the violent attack caught on camera, up next. plus... >> i'm charlotte huffman an exclusive iteam investigation into alleged animal abuse sparks outrage, coming up i'll explain how authorities are taking action. skies are clearing but we will pay price as temperatures plunge, i'll have the numbers coming up with the seven day. and unique glimpse into the early days of abraham lincoln, in his words, and in his own handwriting. "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. "eyewitness news" at 6:00 begins with breaking news
5:59 pm
demonstrators have hut down an entrance to the schuylkill expressway staging a die in at 30th street station, latest protest against grand jury decision in ferguson missouri. >> good evening, i'm chris may. >> i'm yes, sir contact dean. protesters are marching to city hall block rush hour traffic along the way. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones is their life with breaking details, todd. >> well, yes, sir cars, turf say it is quite the surreal scene here we are once again inside courtyard at city hall, take a look at my shoulder here, hundreds of protesters have gathered here in the courtyard all of this against backdrop of a planned christmas tree lighting scheduled to take place here tonight at 8:00 o'clock. we have some people taking the stage here. we have heard throughout the past 40 minutes or so they have tried to play music but protesters chanted over that music. all of this started, after 4:00 this a afternoon just about 20 minutes ago.
6:00 pm
protesters were marching through center city streets, they came down market street, they headed up, 16th street right in downtown center city philadelphia. they did tie up traffic as they walk down middle of market treat but protesters so far here of been very peaceful. now all of this started just after 4:00 o'clock this afternoon at what protesters were calling a die in, at 30th street station, there, just after 4:00 o'clock this afternoon many protesters lied down there in the busy 30th street station and then moments after that die in was complete they then took to the streets and began marching through center city, eventually making their way, back inside city hall where right now, again protests are continuing to be loud, and they continue to make sure their voices are heard but as of right now we have no indication of any sort of arrests or any problems associated with the protest. reporting live tonight, at city hall, i'm todd quinones fo


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