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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 11, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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created more slick travel. "eyewitness news" in lower southampton bucks county where drivers took it pretty slowly today. >> storm scan3, shows, patches of snow remain in the region. but, even after the snow moves out, it is going to be a cold night. roads and sidewalks, that aren't treated, could get icy tonight. good evening to you, i'm jest kay dean. >> i'm natasha brown in for chris tonight. right out to meteorologist, kathy orr, on cbs-3 skydeck tracking last remnants of snow, also the colds wet their doesn't seem to be going anywhere, kathy? >> no but in the # day it will. looking at colds night across the delaware valley, winds still gust to go 30 miles an hour, and here on the skydeck in center city philadelphia, few flurries, moving through. on storm scan3, you saw that wide circulation, our nor'easter over northern new england, but all rotating around t and we're seeing snow originating in toronto, going through buffalo, through central p a and diving down to the southwest of philadelphia, we have new snow showers moving through our region right now, through the
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suburbs, few of the flurries making their way as i mentioned into the city of philadelphia, as we put it into triple scan mode, you can see, not a lot out there right now. but we could be seeing a few more flakes during the overnight region. and, we are going to be seeing an addition, on top of totals, especially far to the north and west, malvern, inch and a half today, furlong, inch and a third, allentown over inch, nearly havening doylestown, less in atlantic city. winds still at least ten to 15 miles an hour sustained, it feels like it is in the 20's it, feels like it is only 18 in the poconos. and those numbers will go down during the overnight. so, for the rest of this evening we do anticipate additional scattered snow showers, even into the overnight, temperatures fall below 32, with icy spots, every course those windchills will stay cold, in the 20's. coming up we'll talk about warmer, drier weather, as we look toward christmas, in that seven day forecast. for now, we send it back to you. >> kathy, thank you. early winter weather keeps us
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on our toast. stay on step, one step ahead of the forecast, download g cbs philly weather app available now google play and itunes. >> cheltenham township officer after being involved in a accident this morning, officer phil was working an accident scene at washington lane and twp. line road around 6:30 when he was hit by a passing car. it lost control on the slick road. the officer suffered minor injuries. the driver of that car did remain at the scene. developing now, detective are working to determine if there is a link between two sexual assaults in west philadelphia. these attacks happened on south 47th street and at 41st and samson. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch live in west philadelphia with the latest on this investigation. justin? >> reporter: yes, for now, these are two separate investigation investigations involving two different agencies, one being the university of pennsylvania, a campus police, and the second being the philadelphia police department special victim unit.
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they are involved in the most recent case happening in the area of where we are now, a young woman followed, robbed, sexually assaulted, a few feet away from this train station. >> the hunt is on for the man police say fought, robbed, and sexually assaulted a 23 year old woman as she walked from the septa el at 46th and market. >> the bolds necessary of this guy, you know, would just indicate that we really need to get him identified, and get him off the street. >> the special victims unit of the philadelphia pd is on the case. the unit commander says the victim tries screaming, but her attacker shoved his gloved hand into her mouth, to silence her. then perhaps scared off by another man passing by, the offender ran off with his victim's purse. two days earlier, another violent near robbery, along the 4100 block of samson. >> myself, i with the scooter, i'm afraid to go in these back streets, because they'll take -- not me out and take
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the scooter. >> the penn police department is investigating, telling cbs-3, the victim has university ties, and as she walk down samson toward 41st saturday afternoon, she was met by a man demanding her purse. he then grabbed her, and dragged her down the street to witnesses jumped in to save her. a reason why student in the area say street safety is now part of their course work. >> we actually are casino of go through cents, if you want to say, on how to like walk around the city if you're not from the sit, casino of like be confident in how do you it, and i've never had a problem. >> now, as you can see here in the area, now, lots of lights and cars in the area, police believe that someone else may have seen something in this case. as for the suspect in this case, described as black male, between 30 and 35 years old, about 6 feet tall, with a trim beard, and heavy build. last seen wearing blue jacket, a black hat, and a back pack. in both of these cases, police say the women were alone, that can be unavoidable, police
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urge you when you are out there to be observe and the of your surroundings. we are live in west philadelphia, i'm justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". very good advice, justin, thank you so much. also, new at 6:00, an unprecedented step in the philadelphia police department in the wake of events in ferguson, missouri and in new york. cbs-3 has now learned, every philadelphia police officer must watch a videotaped message from mayor michael nutter before they hit the street. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter says the video is being played at every roll call. he is live tonight outside the 22nd police district. walt? >> officers here at the 22nd district and every district in the city now getting a very personal message from the mayor before they hit the streets. that eight and a half minute video being played over the next three days, at every district city-wide, the mayor, making it clear in the wake of events, in new york city and ferguson, just what he expects from officers.
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>> today i want to talk to you about the public commentary, resulting violence in the aftermath of the grand jury decisions. >> this message by mayor michael nutter running nearly eight and a half minutes, is being played at every police district roll call city-wide, heard by every officer for the next three days. >> many people in philadelphia and across america feel confused, dismayed, angry. >> the mayor tells officers, he understands the dangers they face, praising them for their success in fighting crime, and pro initially handling recent demonstrations >> you have one of the toughest and most dangerous jobs in america. >> he also makes it clear, what he expects from them. >> only use force when absolutely necessary. >> at this point in history they need to hear it. >> police commissioner charles ramsey says while the unprecedented video was the mayor's idea he fully sports it. >> well, he came to me with
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the idea. we talked about it. and the next day he is filming. >> my strong sense is that people are not against policing. they're against bad policing. >> in the end, the mayor says, his message mutual respect. >> if you have a moment today, take an opportunity to remind the citizen how much you value the community police relationship. >> now, a spokesperson for the mayor says he won't have any comment on the video, that the video in the spoke person's word speaks for itself. and so far, no reaction from officers who are just beginning to see the video city-wide, or from their union, the fraternal order of police. live at the 22nd district in north philadelphia, i'm walt hunter, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". thanks so much, walt. meantime, the philadelphia police department has started a body camera pilot program in the 22nd district. thirty-one officers and volunteers to test out several different models for six months. officers must notify the public that they are being recorded by the camera. the
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department sees body cameras as tool in their efforts to be transparent, and build trust in the community. after six months, commissioner ramsey will evaluate the program and ultimately determine the best way time mr. meant it. >> a guilty verdict today in the murder of philadelphia police officer, moses walker, jr. raphael jones was found guilty of murder and attempted robbery by a judge there is was not a jury trial. officer walker approached by two men after leaving his shift at the 22nd police district in north philadelphia in august 2012. prosecutors say this all happened so fast. he didn't even have time to pull his gun out. >> police were back on the water this morning, searching for missing college student shane montgomery. it has now been two weeks since he disappeared. west chester university student vanished thanksgiving morning after leaving killdare's public on main street. investigators discovered new surveillance video that shows montgomery walking across the bridge over the manayunk canal and toured a -- toward a parking lot near the schuylkill river.
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>> this is the last place we know he came. this is why we are starting here. this is why the focus of this investigation is at this location. >> investigators tell us the video picks up shane immediately after he left the bar, but it does not show him leaving the area. the reward now stands at $65,000. >> the search is on for two armed suspect wanted in a robbery caught on tape in oxford circle. two men were on the steps of a home when the suspects approached him from behind on the 7100 block of large street wednesday morning. the gunman took the victim's money, ipad, car keys. if you can identify the suspect, you are asked to call philadelphia police. and police have a suspect in custody after attempted carjacking in the city's overbrook section. investigators tell us that suspect armed with a gun tried to carjack a 58 year old man, then use the weapon to hit him in the head. the victim was able to escape and drive away. but then slammed into two cars near 58th and lebanon. that victim is in stable condition. well, the first of two viewings for fallen philadelphia firefighter joyce
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craig will take place tomorrow. right now the fire marshall is working to determine the exact cause of tuesday's fire on middleton street in west oaklane. firefighter joyce craig died after becoming trapped in the basement, while fighting the flames. she is the first female firefighter to die in the line of duty. >> funeral services meantime for joyce craig will be held at bachelor brothers funeral home on north broad street. the viewings will be held friday night 6:00 to 9:00, saturday morning from # to 10:00. funeral will begin at 10:00 a.m. saturday. interment will follow at ivy hill cemetery. also the firefighters union has established a memorial funds for two children of joyce craig ages 16 and 16 months. checks can be made payable to the local 22 joyce craig memorial fund and mailed to 901 arch street philadelphia, pa19107. it has been hotly debated issue in the city of philadelphia for years. should business owners be required to give employees paid sick days? well, straight ahead, at
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6:00 the debate renewed and new bill introduced today could mean big changes for workers and business owners. plus, casino crisis. the owners of trump taj mahal hand down an ultimatum to workers. cathy. >> still watching few snow showers move through the delaware valley here on storm scan3. the good news is the weather will be improving, drying out, and getting warmer. how high will those numbers go? we'll check it out on the seven day coming up. hey, beasley. >> eagles talk about their bitter rivalry against the cowboys as they get ready to put everything on the line this sunday. more rumors, around the reported trade of jimmy rollin, i'll tell how the phillies might be getting in return, for these coming up. blank
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>> the owners of the trump taj mahal say casino workers union have backed out after deal to keep that casino open. according to the associate the press, trump resorts is giving the union until 5:00 p.m. monday, to drop its appeal of a court ordered cost reduction package. that canceled certain employee benefits. ceo bob griffin says he thought the company and union
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agreed deal earlier this week, but he says the union so far has not signed it. no comment so far from the union. >> the debate overpaid sick leave in philadelphia gears up again after a new bill is introduced at city council. councilman bill green lee proposed the new bill thursday. it would require companies with ten or more employees to offer workers five paid sick days per year. companies with less than ten employees would be required to offer five unpaid sick days. councilman greenly says it is long overdue. >> would provide workers with just the minimal amount of paid sick days, not talking about a lot. >> says the bill is close to what the mayor's task force has recommended, opponent say many small businesses can't afford to offer that many sick days, and that it could drive potential new business away from philadelphia. >> well, every year, the fbi honors individuals and organization that is make extraordinary contributions in their communities. they received the directors community leadership award, and this year's recipient is
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child's first services, incorporated. the non-profit organization provides services to children and youth in under served at risk populations. >> give them a chance. and believe in them. and don't pass judgement on what they've done. we don't know often what it takes to walk in someone else's shoes. but we can show them the pathway. >> the organization was selected for the fbi's child protection award, because of its tireless work in assisting the fbi's effort to ends child exploytation and child sex trafficking. >> snow showers pretty much everywhere today. and we are looking at few more lingering into the late night hours. across the delaware vale, our eyewitness weather watchers are telling us it is cold, and damp, and it is a good night to be indoors. hal is saying 33 degrees, pressure steady, winds out of the northwest 4 miles an hour, colds with winds still there, not like they were earlier today. that's for sure. winds will continue to diminish during the overnight hours, as well.
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we are looking at 36 degrees, in philadelphia, and carolyn is reporting in a partly cloudy sky, frosty snowflakes, on noses and eyelashes, she says. be careful of black ice tonight. and that is right. temperatures are going to be falling below freezing, during the evening, and some spots already moving that way, and that means any untreated surfaces will be freezing up. take a look at some of these numbers. wilmington, lisa reporting 34 degrees, in reading dave says 35, and philadelphia, 36, and allen is saying in burnville, berks county, 30 degrees. now like to be an eyewitness weather watcher join the team, be featured in one of our cbs-3 "eyewitness news" casts by becoming an eyewitness weather watcher, very easily, go to cbs philly. com/watchers. >> take a look at this, the slopes are going to be open for business tomorrow at jack frost big boulder. you can see a lot of packed powder there, some from mother nature, some from snow making, very cold temperatures, so wax the skis, and get out tomorrow. it will be a great night, and afternoon, to ski.
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>> our liver neighborhood network takes us to henderson high school, in west chester. and this was the snow early this morning. and watch what happens over the course of the day. as we got little bit above freezing there. slowly melting on the sides, on the track, and then, on the football field, temperatures right now at 32 degrees, at henderson hi, winds out of the west northwest at 12 miles an hour. storm scan3, you can see our area of low pressure, the pesky nor'easter over northern new england, but still this giant rotation, and circulation around it, creating more snow showers, and i'm keeping an eye on this patch right now. it is over harrisburg, it is over york, and it is inning eastward, little bit closer, toward lancaster. and we are going to watch this tonight to see if it moves into chester county, maybe even delaware county, but right now, focusing on baltimore and washington over to the west, and few spotty snowflakes right now, flurries, through philadelphia. right now, the temperatures 35, in the city, so no problems as far as icing is concerned. just yet. thirty-two in allentown, and the poconos it is 24 degrees,
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but the colds is coming, state college at 28 degrees. buffalo, new york at 26. and our winds are coming out of the west northwest. for your friday, the storm moves further to the north, begins to lose it icy grip on the region, at least the snow is gone. temperatures will be in the four's. little bit better on saturday, but sunday is the day that i think is the real bonus. sunny skies, full sunshine, temperatures, seasonable in the upper four's, looking good for tailgaters for the eagles game. we look further ahead into the ends every next week, it is looking really good. where you see this orange in philadelphia, it is through pennsylvania, new jersey, and delaware, we will be much above average. average hi, 45 degrees, for this time of year, and precipitation is expected to be below average, overnight, few scattered snow showers, low temperature of 30. watch for some icy spots. tomorrow partly sunny, high temperature going for 42. and game time temperature for the birds sunday, looking pretty good. 40 degrees with northwest wind. exclusive eyewitness weather
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seven day forecast, improving conditions over the weekends, sunday, 48. monday, and tuesday, at 50. chance of a shower wednesday. but still in the upper 40's, thursday, look for more sunshine, the high temperature, 46 degrees. so not so bad. get ready for some sun. >> finally. >> we'll take it. >> and gradual warm up. >> sounds good to me, thanks. cbs evening news is now just minutes away. scott pelle joins us now with a look ahead. scott? >> hi, jessica, natasha, great to be with you in philadelphia. oil dropped below $60 today. it is almost in free-fall. and these falling fuel prices amount essentially a pay raise for many americans. we're going to look at the trickle down economics and how it affect the nation. >> plus a south african couple on a crusade to save the rhino. we have pictures that you just have to see to believe. we'll have those stories just ahead on the cbs evening
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majormajor winter meetings
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wrapped up today in san diego. still no confirmation from the philly if jill i rollins is traded. rumor today philadelphia could get two pitches prospects in returning, lefty tom wendell from the la minor league system, and righty zach evelyn, originally from the padres system. a lot still up in the air with this deal. we'll keep you posted. also today, the phillies pick up two players in the rule five draft. that's a draft for players left offer the 40 man rosters of other teams. they got outfielder odabell from the rangers and left-handed pitcher andy oliver from the pirates. the eagles know they'll have to be on top of their game. rounds two against the dallas cowboys this sunday. certainly no love lost between these two teams. both are looking to spoil each other's chances at post-season, veteran players know what this game means to the fans. >> philly fans not like dallas, like a long thing
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that's been going on since i ever stepped in here. and to this date people hate dallas. >> we're in good spot right now. have a lot of stuff on the line. and a lot to play for. so, you know, we're excited. >> flyers and devils at the well tonight. philadelphia looking for better luck at home after losing four the last five games on the road. the most recent lost coming tuesday night against the blue jackets, falling three-two in over time. ray emory is expected to be in goal tonight. and the puck drops at 7:00. nineteen losses for the sixers now after falling to the atlanta hawks last night. atlanta pulled away in the final quarter, finishing up 95 to 79. sixers wrap up road trip tomorrow night against the nets in brooklyn. wish them luck. >> the sixers got a plan. >> they have a plan. >> and they should stick to it. >> okay, thanks, beasley. >> we'll be right back.
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>> celebrate the holidays with "joy of sharing" campaign, buy new unwrapped toy, bring it to one of our drop off locations, for list of locations go to or call 215-977-joyce. text donation to text the word joy to 41444. thank you so much for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00. "eyewitness news" returns tonight at 10:00 on the "cw philly", and back again at 11:00 on cbs-3. >> up next cbs evening news, wild weather in the west, streets are flooded, thousands of homes without power. we have an update from one of the hardest hit areas. plus a present at the pump this holiday season, falling oil prices means more money in your pocket. here now from new york, is scott pelle. >> ♪
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>> pelley: tonight, assault on the west coast. the most powerful storm there in years batters homes, floods roads and knocks out power to hundreds of thousands. >> it's devastating. >> pelley: john blackstone is on the scene. oil drops below $60. falling fuel prices amount to a pay raise for many americans. anthony mason has the trickle-down economics. vinita nair on a new cosby accuser, a former supermodel who tried out for his sitcom says she wound up instead in a real-life horror story. and debora patta on the battle to save a majestic beast. >> we've reached a tipping point now in south africa where rhinos are being poached faster than they can breed. captioning sponsored by cbs


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