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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  December 12, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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worked two jobs would be as a clean are and eras a home health aid. >> she went to work every day, came home every day, she was blonde, she was really pretty. i know the the man was treating her mean. >> reporter: friend say a month or so ago johnson took in the woman she work with and man they believe was her boyfriend. >> she said they were living in the the car or the truck, and she felt bad, so she wanted to, she offered them her home. >> reporter: friends say johnson kick the couple out once and was about to do it again but then starting last friday, december 5th, nobody saw or heard from susan. gloucester township police went to her home on theirs and found evidence of the struggle. investigators identified a man and a woman as persons of interest, and friday morning one of of them led police to her body in the wooded area along commonwealth drive-in evesham township. authorities believe, johnson was beaten to death in her home on december 5th. >> she didn't deserve to go to her maker this way. in the at all.
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>> reporter: police want to be clear that the the woman that was living in johnson's house they are treating as a witness to the crime not as a suspect, only miguel diaz is charged with murder. the right now he is a at the police station, he will have an a rain. on monday. we are reporting live, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". cleve, thanks very much. a man, who was caught by police during a violent attack on a woman is expect to be arraigned at the any moment now. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live in university city where we're learning new information about this suspect and a possible link to other attacks. justin. >> reporter: well, chris that arraignment as you a said due at anytime. we know police will use dna to link this man to the possible attack, they have very strong video evidence already linking him to four attacks, and here at university city, people are relieved to hear of his capture. after several days, on a alert, some relief has come to west philadelphia and university city.
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>> it is really scary to have people running around, assaulting woman. >> reporter: all week reports of attacks begins women ranging from violent purse snatching to a sex assault and now a man is in custody. >> he is charged a await ago rain. a the this point. >> reporter: philadelphia police are not releasing his name but they say he used his size to over power his female victims, attacking her from behind. >> fifty-five years of age, she is out there just trolling looking for women walking by themselves. >> reporter: on thursday night he was caught in the a act by plainclothes officers watching, at 21st and pine. they saw the man using a stolen bike lot to strike a u penn student in the head. an attempt to steel her purse. he was arrested. >> looking at how the lay of the land was there is no doubt he was targeting her, in that lot. >> reporter: earlier that day two drexel students were attacked by a man mapping guy police took down. surveillance video of that incident plus video tied to a near robbery of a u penn
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student saturday showed the man wearing the same clothing. and again, that arraignment, due sometime within the hour, dna will be used in the case on monday, a woman attacked and sexually assaulted, on the forty-seventh and see if this is indeed the same man. we are live, and and, serious crash in west oak lane tonight, a car in a minivan, and collided in the 6700 block of limekiln pike. chopper three was over that scene a couple hours ago. we know paramedics transported at least one person to einstein, and there is no word on that person's condition. well, sun started to break through gray skies just in time for weekend, meteorologist kathy orr is live on the sky deck with the first look at the the forecast on this friday, hey kathy. >> it is a very busy friday, natasha, looking behind me, on 16th street, lots of cars,
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people ready to get that week even started and in the sky a few breaks in the clouds, a sign of good things to come. on storm scan three we are looking at satellite not precipitation, don't be concerned with that tonight and you can see over south jersey where we have darker cloud or i should a say darker return that is a clear sky, all that whiteys more intense, cloud cover. so, for the rest of the night we will see mostly cloudy skies and skies will be partly sunny tomorrow, temperatures coal. twenty-six in the poconos. thirty-six in allentown. 39 degrees in philadelphia a so this evening, with the mostly cloudy sky, temperatures will be falling, through the 30's, with brisk northwesterly breeze by 11:00 o'clock, we will sit at 34. as you mentioned sun will be on the increase this weekend and temperatures will be above normal for a change, we will take a look at that with the seven day forecast when i join you inside. >> sound good kathy we will see you then, thank you. well, city of philadelphia is starting to say a final good bye to the fallen fire fighter joyce craig, "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter live at a viewing
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in west oak lane where family and friend are gathering, walt. >> reporter: it is unusually silent here in the lanes of broad street, during this rush hour, in the funeral home just behind me about half a block away viewing underway for the first female fire fighter in philadelphia history to die in the line of duty. in a house fire early on wednesday morning, only a few blocks from here, that fire fighter is joyce craig. she is an 11 year veteran of the philadelphia fire department, she leaves behind a 16 year-old son, a one and a half year-old daughter, and earlier on just about an hour and a half ago if you look at this video you can see her son a arriving to lead mourners a as they passed through family of fire fighters standing in attention, also there, her 16 month-old daughter, held by other family members. slowly the family made its way inside for a private viewing, and began around 4:30 this
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afternoon. the public viewing begins at 6:00 tonight but will run until 9:00, fire fighters expect here from all over the east coast and country tonight, and even more for funeral services tomorrow morning. come tomorrow morning, a pumper truck will lead a solemn procession here to the funeral home. the casket carrying the fallen fire fighter aboard, there will be a funeral service and followed by intern. again, fire fighters from all over the country expected here tomorrow, hundreds if not thousands, coming up at 6:00 more on this solemn occasion and you'll hear from one of the fire fighters who has already traveled a great distance a female fire fight shore will share her thoughts with us. live from west oak lane i'm walt hunter, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> walt, thanks very much. viewing fridays 6:00 until 9:00 o'clock tonight at bachelor brothers funeral services on north broad street. it does resume there tomorrow morning from 8:00 to 10:00, when funeral begins.
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burial will be at ivy hill cemetery. also fire fighters union has establish a memorial fund, for more information on that, just head to our web site at cbs well, caught on camera tonight an out of control customer inside a philadelphia's 7-eleven store, employees at this store in port richmond they tell police that he asked to buy two cartons of cigarettes with the bank card. card was reject and that is when he he jumped over and attack the clerk. he eventually made off with the cigarettes. he is wanted for robbery. clerk did sustain minor injuries. philadelphia police want to you take a very good look at this surveillance video. they are asking for your help in identifying a burglary suspect. the investigators say this man was caught on camera, inside of the ace check cashing on north broad street in franklinville. authorities say suspect was looking for cash but got away empty handed. anyone with any information is asked to contact the police right away. son of the pennsylvania congressman chaka to take
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ignored advice and will represent himself in his tax evasion trial. a judge grantedded chaka fattah's junior request during a hearing at federal court in philadelphia today. fattah junior says he wants to represent himself because he is having disagreements with his current defense counsel. he did not say what those difficulties an agreement are. trial begins in march, fattah junior faces up to 400 years in prison if convicted. well, there is breaking news right now that comes out of portland, oregon and this is chopper video just into "eyewitness news" following a shooting outside of a school there in portland. police say that three people have been taken to local hospitals, two young men and a young woman but there is no word on their conditions right now. we know this happened at rose marie anderson high school, investigators are still on the scene, they are looking for one or possibly even more suspects, details very sketchy after this school shooting in port land, we will keep you up to dayton any new details that
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come in the news room. meantime a day country stood still, mass shooting at sandy hook elementary school in newtown, connecticut, two years ago this weekend. local gun control advocates mark the anniversary in philadelphia remembering the 26 people who were killed. vigil was organize by group cease-fire pa, which fights gun violence, through donation. deadly, monster storm system is wreaking havoc tonight in southern california. still on the way here you'll see it create walls of debris and in mud slides that prompted evacuations. we will have the very latest. movie premiere with no hollywood fanfare why the the stars were ushered in and out without saying a word. an out break of the mum sevens in an unlikely place, the the illness that side line hockey players from coast to coast. our health reporter stephanie stahl is on your side with what is being done to
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well new at 5:00 a new wave of leaks from a sony entertainment all thanks to hackers. this time it is the private health information of dozen of sony employees. >> well, the new leak just came as company held the premiere of the movie the interview but as done ton champion reports there was in red carpet and the media was told to stay away. >> reporter: hollywood may be a city of lights, cameras but it was hard to find any outside this theater, thursday night. >> we're moving this back, okay. >> reporter: instead extra security was on hand at the
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premiere of the movie the interview. ironically no interviews were allowed, sony restricted media coverage as hackers leaked a new wave of embarrassing internal e-mails from company executives in, one leak amy pennsylvania pascal and powe dueser jack ruden joke about president obama's race. hackers hit sony hard leading up to the release of the interview. >> you want to kill kim june un. >> reporter: comedy stars set rogan and james franco is about the assassination of north korean leader kim june un. fbi is investigating whether it was retaliation from the country, rogan and franco were at the premiere but slipped past reporters. fellow actor charles chun talked about north korea. >> i think they are acting like spoiled children and, you know, i think at the end of the day it will be egg on their face. >> reporter: interview is set for release on christmas day. don champion, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, a north korean
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diplomat denied his nation was involved with the hacking of sony. well, still ahead at 5:00 he clock hauling a away hunger, 75 trucks, cruising down the highway, we will tell you how they will help those in need this holiday season. carol. holiday lights, and penn state football, what a combination, and it is a touchdown from the front lawn of the house in schwanksville we will have highlights
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well, hauling away hunger, today philabundance received more than 125,000 pounds of food. it was made possible by toyota tundra food drive. tri-state toyota dealers filled 75 toyota tundras with food donations from philabundance and deliver them to citizens bank park. use forklift to transfer food from to the tractor trailers, there was so much of it, donations were 79 percent increase, over last years event. it is a great event, congratulations to all who took part especially toyota, cbs-3 also proud to be part of that effort. you can help celebrate holidays with our joy of sharing campaign, just buy a new unwrapped toy and bring it to one of our drop off locations, we have a list of them for you, find them at cbs
5:18 pm, or call that number that is on your screen at 215-977-joys. we have all locations for you there. if you don't even want to leave your home you can text a donation, and text word joy to 41444. all right. kathy, you are back off the the sky deck, still cold out there. >> it is still cold out there. >> hopefully it will get warmer. >> it will and we will have more sunshine. the chris is back. sunnies coming back. >> i hope so. >> yes. >> sorry about that. >> weather-wise we're looking at a warm day. we will get underway tomorrow. slowly but surely and we will have increasing sunshine. that is the the good news, of course, something we have been waiting for. we have some cold temperatures, in the mountains, jack frost big boulder, opened for business, the skiers, and the snow borders love it and temperatures will be cold enough, heat making snow in the mountains, and that is good news for them. lets take a look at the high temperatures, our live neighborhood network show us highest numbers, one from
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philadelphia international airport with a high of 42 degrees today. little creek at dover air force base at 41. whitefield elementary 40. same in woodbury at public works. temperatures, in the lower 40's, just a lit built below arrange for this time of the year. on storm scan three you can see some clearing through south jersey but rest of us, socked in with the clouds and will slowly see the skies clear over next couple of days. in philadelphia holding ton 39, same in millville, 36 in allentown. twenty-six in the poconos. 36 degrees in trenton. temperatures above freezing for now, but it will be pretty cold overnight tonight. quakertown, even doylestown checking in at 34. willow grove at 36 degrees with a mostly cloudy skies. we are going to watch as that nor'easter continues to pull away, this has been a six day event that has been really gripping us, during the day tomorrow breezy but increasing sunshine. high pressure really builds in on sunday. i do think that sunday will be the first sunny day of the entire month. we have not had any yet, most
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of the time it had has been cloudy so sunday will be a sunny day with highs well in the 40's. monday going for 50 degrees. great to be outside and some showers move in by tuesday. it will be mostly cloudy and cold with the northwesterly breeze. once temperatures get down to the 20's to around 20's and 30's it will not take much wind to drive those wind chills down. partly sunny, chilly breeze out of the northwest, high of 43 degrees. again as we look to the skies this weekend we have a meteor showers, these originate from the as steroid not a comet. the best viewing tomorrow night at 8:00. we have clear skies. sixty to 80 meteors an hour away from the city lights. of course, birds sunday night looking at temperatures in the 40's at kick off and then by fourth quarter falling in the 30's. on the exclusive eyewitness weather three day forecast check this out for eagles tailgate temperatures in the 40's, looking good and then by monday, 50 degrees with the mostly sunny skies. so temperatures improving but right now feeling a lot like
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holidays our meteorologist carol erickson is live in schwanksville montgomery county and i have a sneak peak of those lights, carol and that looks like a fun house. >> it is a very fun house n fact mobile weather lobbies dressed for it the in blue and white. you can see that with our cold temperature here at 37 degrees but blue and white, big scene here, because they combine christmas and penn state. look at all of the people that have come out. this is just part of what comes down this street. this is a street that the owners have been a great little establishment, they have made their home here these penn state alumni, betsy and bob. you decided you don't want people to know the street thaw are on. >> we like to keep it private just for our community. >> keep it private with all of these lights going on. >> you have been doing this for six years and does it ever get old putting all of these lights up. >> every year we try to add something new that adds to the excitement. i look forward to the new stuff each year.
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>> i noticed on your facebook page because you do have one, very good christmasy house must have a good facebook page. you are even taking or asking for people's electronic cords. >> a all of the electronics i made myself, solder it together. i need lots of cords to run this display. >> unbelievable. you find people say betsy gee why are you doing penn state, this is christmas. >> because we are penn state, bob and i both went there and we love it. >> you made it part of the christmas celebration. >> i know your electric bill doubles but you pay tuition, things get expensive and still enjoy it. >> exactly. >> when we come back with you and your darling little girls we will talk about the christmas lights and what goes into doing this, so we will be right back and we will talk to betsy and bob and have maybe another touchdown or two out here in schwanksville and "eyewitness news" at 5:00 will be right back after this.
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okay. eagles and cowboys, in a prime time match up this sunday it does not get better than that in the sports world. >> i know, i cannot wait for this game. rob ellis has the latest on the big showdown at link. >> rematch of all rematches, eagles/cowboys sunday night, playoff implications on the line, doesn't get much better than that. of course, first match up eagles took care of business, 33-ten win. they imposed their will with the up tempo. chip kelly knows it is big to have players who have played in these kind of games before. >> everybody is a biproduct of their experience so they have had an opportunity to at least this group of guys around last year to know what this is like and some of the new guys like malcolm, has played it, and some of the new guys we have brought in they have been in those situations too. you are a product of your experience and we hope it makes them understand is what
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at stake in the the last three games. >> reporter: one of the keys is can eagles defense continue to stifle cowboys offense as they did in that first game. back to you chris and natasha. >> thank you very much, big game, can't wait. up next all new at 5:30 mud slides, evacuations and swift water rescues. see the monster storm that has turned deadly. plus it is graduation time for class 369 in the philadelphia police department but a very different climate with everything going on, we will give give you words from the commissioner to the the new batch of officers hitting your street. and then all new at 6:00 the new bathrooms on campus a local university is receiving a lot of attention over its all gender rest rooms. message one group is
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okay buddy, what's your favorite kind of cheerios? honey nut. but... chocolate is my other favorite... but apple cinnamon is my favorite too... and fruity... oh yeah, and frosted! okay, but...what's you're most favorite of all? hmm...
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the kind i have with you. me too.
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i'm chris may with some of the top stories for new gloucester township authorities have charged, miguel diaz with the murder of susan johnson, and she went missing, last week but was found beaten to death in the woods, in evesham township today. investigators say that johnson recently took in diaz and his girl friend. police say the the man caught by investigators violently attacking a woman in university city was involved in at least four other attacks
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in the area. he is suspect to be arraigned on charges any minute now police air waiting dna results in the fifth attack. and tonight, we will remember philadelphia fire fighter joyce craig, right now family and friends have gathered for a viewing as the city says good bye to a fallen hero. craig will be laid to rest after a funeral tomorrow. kathy? we have good news in the forecast, chris that nor'easter has been retreating. the that means an increase of sunshine and even warmer temperatures this is delaware valley, coming up, also dry but chilly for the eagles game. how should you dress? we will have the forecast coming up, natasha. kathy, thank you. developing right now 59:30, bad weather out west. it is now blamed for deaths of at least two people and tonight worst storm to hit california in years is causing widespread damage throughout the state. danielle noetingham reports from cam will owe springs where mud slides sent people scurrying for safety. >> reporter: emergency responders scrambled to rescue
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two people from flood waters in the los angeles river. about 50 miles north east of l.a., mud and debris up to 12 feet high tore through camrio springs, hill side damaged by wild fire crumbled as torrential rain hammered the area elton had just finished remodeling his inn laws home now buried in mud. >> they destroyed it. i don't know if there is anything val agable. >> reporter: mud slide swallowed a couple homes with mud up to the the roof. at least a dozen houses were damage. you can see why more than 120 families were forced to evacuate their homes overnight, a wall of mud trapped several residents inside their homes, but no one was seriously injured. crews work to clear a 9-mile stretch of the pacific coast highway, up to 18 inches of mud that stranded drivers. east of los angeles residents like casey tice worked throughout the night to
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protect their home in the foot hills community of glendora. >> i was clearing the grates so basically they don't get blocked up in the mud slides. >> reporter: drivers faced near white out conditions in the sierra nevada mountains. storm could dump 3 feet of snow. danielle nottingham for cbs news, camrio springs, california. demonstrations, continue in our area over recent grand jury decisions not to charge police officers in the killings of unarmed black men in ferguson, missouri and new york city. this afternoon students at temple, called for reforms to the criminal justice system. dozens of them marched from broad and cecil b more to the philadelphia art museum. they did cause some traffic slow downs along the way, students also held a die in, on the steps of the art museum. well in, camden, this die in took place in front of the federal courthouse. members of the camden churches organized for people laid down on the ground for about four
5:33 pm
and a half minutes, that represents the four and a half hours michael brown's body was left on the ground in ferguson, missouri before it was covered. >> standing before the criminal courthouse for that reason to bring attention to the fact that several laws need to be changed and that state laws, local laws need to be changed so that adjust man can get his just due. >> organizers say these demonstrations will continue as long as it takes to realize change. well, the philadelphia police department graduated its latest class of recruit is today. they are entering a profession under heavy scrutiny. "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson has more. >> reporter: procession, pageantry, the tradition, all in the last moments before cadets become officers. >> class 359. >> reporter: commissioner charles ramsey overseeing graduation of 39 brand new philadelphia police officers, hitting the streets on monday to the city's busiest district. with weeks of rigorous
5:34 pm
training, it is placement commissioner isn't concerned about it is timing. >> what i want them to understand is not everyone is opposed to police. >> reporter: truth is class 359 is graduating a at a time of great opposition with the protest and demonstrations a against police brutality almost dale a cross the country. >> i think everybody is a little bit nervous. i think they might be something wrong there. >> here there every where it seems like they hate police. >> reporter: for officer edwin perez, its an issue that hits home. >> i come from the family of police officers. >> reporter: he is not kidding, here's aunt and, stationed in the 26th. >> my dad, uncle, sister, husband, brother-in-law, another brother-in-law, yeah, we have three brother-in-law. >> reporter: when blue blood that deep she admits her nephew is being sworn in at a tough time. >> you are almost like don't want to say you are a cop, embarrassment of everything is going object. >> reporter: with that sentiment commissioner wants to make sure his new class
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understands respect but does not feel persecuted before they hit the streets. >> people are not oppose to go policing, just bad policing. >> if you focus on is what ahead and don't treat anybody different, we all should be all right. >> reporter: in north philadelphia, steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". it is all clear now but computer glitches caused major delays in europe's busiest airport this morning. officials temporarily closed the air space, near london's heatrow airport after a power failure disrupted computer systems in two traffic control centers. crews repaired the systems and things are now back to normal. the senate has until wednesday to vote on the spending bill narrowly passed by the house late last night. democrats wanted to remove provisions on political contributions and banking regulations. while republicans tried to block funding for administration's immigration policy. $1.1 trillion bill will fun government through next year avoiding another governmental
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shut down. we have an earlier vehicle fire creating problems outside on the vine street expressway, you can see, fire, police and police activity on the scene blocking out two right-hand lanes to clean this up and get this out of the way. we have one or two lanes squeezing on by, on the just near broad street on the vine street expressway. it is also creating backup and delay on the schuylkill expressway. this is schuylkill at spring garden, this is eastbound delay that heads in the vine street expressway. we know vine street expressway is jammed from end to end there and creating this eastbound delay, westbound delay on the schuylkill doing just a little bit better. over in new jersey delays on both sides here southbound lanes here headed towards ac expressway, brake lights here northbound in the city or surrounding bridges having problems there as well. pennsylvania pennsylvania turnpike westbound at virginia drive, an accident taking out shoulder and rest of our majors not doing so hot on friday, 95 northbound from the vine to woodhaven road about 25 minutes, 22 minutes on 202
5:37 pm
southbound. chris and natasha, back to you. still to come here on "eyewitness news" an unusual out break of the mumps affecting hockey players, leaving the the nhl baffled. speaking of hockey reunited at the rink a solder survived with his family and meets his son for the very first time. you don't want to miss this we
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ceo of see world has stepped down as recent controversies impact parka tend answer. the company tried battling negative around it after documentary black fish was released last year. that documentary takes a critical look at how see world treats its killer whales. jim will step down as ceo and become vice chairman of the company's board next month. trending now, a heart warming reunion at the win k. sergeant first class robert vanedderberg was supposed to see his son the first time via a skype at a hockey game on wednesday night but as you can see there were technical glitches which you may not know is it was all part of the big plan. >> babe, babe, hello, can you you hear me. >> yes, i can hear you.
5:41 pm
>> i'm sorry. >> we a apologize it looks like we are having trouble with the feed, we went be able to message him right now you. >> that is so sweet, the crowd just broke out in cheers as the sergeant surprised his family, seeing his new born son for the very first time. the sergeant spend the pass rear in afghanistan and romania and there will be plenty more hugs and kiss toes make up for all of that lost time. that is beautiful. he is so cute. >> earned one of those hugs and kisses what a roller coaster for the family thinking they will talk to them. >> ter like something ace wrong. >> technical gremlins. >> that is great. >> stay with us we will be
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well "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry was in love park this afternoon building a ginger bread house for a very good cause. this was the fun event in which money was raised for the red paw emergency relief team. syma's team won, by the way, they earned $2,000 for red paw relief, way to go, syma. it looks delicious too. eyewitness weather watchers are showing us, better conditions, for today, and
5:45 pm
even some sunshine, how do you like. that lets take a look at these numbers. 39 degrees right now in philadelphia, tanya is saying we have wind out of the west at # 7 miles an hour and mostly cloudy skies. north and west of philadelphia, it is 34 degrees right now in norristown, lou reporting a pressure that is rising a good sign that fair weather high pressure is building in and that means more sunshine for tomorrow. lets look at a few pictures from across the region, much different from yesterday. yesterday we had snow, barbara sent news this picture. you can see backyard in willow grove, snow melting and peaks of sunshine, another pretty picture to show you comes to us from new jersey, and peter sent in this picture, look at that plenty of blue skies in williamstown to daze. if you would like to be an eyewitness weather watcher, join the team, to be featured in a newscast, sign up now at cbs outside we are looking pretty good, down the shore, last night we had a snow squall moving through all white on the boardwalk not the case tonight, some
5:46 pm
establishments opened for business, we even have the ferris wheel lit up. the looks good down there. live neighborhood network takes us to william allen middle school in moorestown, new jersey where temperature is 35 degrees. winds east/north east at 3 miles an hour, cloudy skies throughout the the day with a few, breaks in the clouds, and then as night began to fall look at that, clearing skies. temperatures will continue to be in the mid 30's to upper 30's over the course of the next hour but then skies begin to clear, those temperatures will fall and poconos the the temperature of 29 degrees. i should say 26 degrees. state college 34, pittsburgh 31. in cleveland, up to 30 degrees. the it was a windy afternoon. you could see wind gusts in the region. philadelphia gusting to 25. red to go 23. same in wilmington. the got news is those winds still and during the day tomorrow we will not see gust us about it will be breezy. looking at the satellite you can see wide circulation of
5:47 pm
halifax that is where nor'easter is but still seeing cloud cover making it down through philadelphia and baltimore and washington with some sun breaks in there in south jersey and we will be seeing that slowly improving, over next couple days. west coast big weather store which heavy rain, flooding rain, they need it but not all at once. we are going to watch this system continue to move inland. it will be impacting our weather because a big trough has built in from the west and that means a ridge built in the east. ridge means high pressure, it means warming temperatures. that is what we will be seeing over the course of the weekend. what does that h mean as far as temperatures are concerned? well, 40's for your saturday, upper 40's for sunday and then by monday, the peak of the warmth, that will be 50 degrees with plenty of sunshine, looking forward to that. overnight the low temperature will be 30 with northwesterly win, tomorrow breezy, not windy, high temperature of 43. a little chill in the air. as we look ahead heading north to the poconos you can see temperatures in the 30's, but by monday, we will make it out
5:48 pm
to 43 degrees with sunshine. the on the exclusive eyewitness weather seven day forecast you can see that warming trend kicks in sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, staying mild, thursday a chance of the shower, otherwise, temperatures stay in the mid 40's, right through next friday. cold air does get you in the spirit of the season though doesn't it? carol erickson is in the middle of it all in schwanksville a party in montgomery county and she's in the in middle of it, as always, hi, carol. >> this is the party. we're listening to frozen which ace pope eighth. we have 37 degrees out there. also with betsy and bob, college sweethearts and you have a sweet deal with these lights. you love christmas lights, so much so you are in a group. >> there is a group of us called southeastern pennsylvania lighten enthusiasms yas. we get together have breakfast, talk electronics and controller stuff. we just have fun and talk electronics.
5:49 pm
>> we were talking before you don't give your address out. you are in schwanksville but you have a light show set to music and it would be 20 minutes if somebody sat and tune their car radio in and that is a bad traffic jam and your neighbors might hate you. >> we try to keep neighbors as happy as we can with you they are very supportive of. >> this is a eclectic scene, penn state huge alumni. you have your penn state fat ball player right here. you have blue and white lights. then on to the other side, windows that are all timed with blue lights, all depend ing on the music which is the fight theme song from penn state, we have nativity scene over here. you have it all. do you have, you are pleasing everyone. we have the nativity scene. the those are old fashion ones. really cool. hard to get now you a daze. we try to meet all different types. we do some hanukkah music. hanukkah starts next wednesday we will have hanukkah music then too. >> one of the things that
5:50 pm
amazed me because they are all ragged and half out and whole thing goes how even you are around the windows. did you take a level to do that. >> what that is, it is siding and put eachville light in the hole. they are all perfectly pennsylvania spaced. >> this is perfect. >> you have been working on this since halloween, through thanksgiving and you are here seven nights a week running this right through january 1st in schwanksville. it is quite a show, out here. no address, come to schwanksville and follow the cars. back into the studio. >> i think it will be easy to find. >> see that from space. >> carol, thanks. >> "eyewitness news" healthwatch tonight an out break of mumps is sweeping through the national hockey league and while it has not hit the flyers some players are taking precautions. >> health reporter stephanie stahl check in with players today. >> reporter: in the flyers game thursday night two players otto posing new jersey devils team were sidelined
5:51 pm
with the mumps. they are among 11 hockey players on four teams infect with the contagious illness. >> little bit shocking that it is going around but in the so concern. >> reporter: even though he was vaccinated as a child michael dell zotto got a booster as a precaution. the team won't say how many players have. >> medical staff has been doing a good job of awareness and telling the players what is going on and how they can help themselves not the get it the. >> reporter: mumps mark by swollen gland and flu-like symptoms is rare because most are vaccinated as children but vaccine is not completely effective and people are more susceptible with age. >> on where between ten and 20 percent of people can get mumps even though they have been vaccinated, although, fortunately in a milder form. >> reporter: booster vaccines to adults konstantinov tane a mum in president out break, spread from droplets from the nose and mouth. >> we see out breaks in groups that tend to be together. we see out breaks in
5:52 pm
university settings. sometimes this sports settings but usually restrict to one team itself that practices together or shares water bottles, things like. >> reporter: there have been over a thousand cases of mumps reported this year many of them on college campuses. doctors say vaccinations, good hand washing and isolating cases right away helps stop the spread of the mumps and again nobody on the flyers has mumps. they are working hard to make sure it doesn't happen here. >> absolutely, certainly unusual, yes. >> all right, stephanie, thanks. stay with us, still ahead, a broadway star comes to brought street. we will tell you how philadelphia native is bringing holiday magic to the philly pops christmas spectacular, that is coming up in eye on the arts.
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5:56 pm
it is that time of the year philly pops christmas spectacular is on stage at the kimmel center adding its own musical magic to this holiday season. >> the soloist is philly born and raised broadway star. our pat ciarrocchi caught up with him at home in this eye on the arts. >> i sat down at this piano, and i... may be far away or maybe real nearby. i started playing what i could remember by ear. >> reporter: that night 12 year-old hugh pannero of olney unearthed his music. >> ♪ the the music of the night ♪ >> reporter: right after that hugh found his first spotlight on broadway, with many lead
5:57 pm
rolls to follow, including the phantom of the opera, but now he is home for chris mass. >> ♪ >> reporter: hugh pannero is a head liner with the philly pops conduct by david charles, this holiday season. for hometown artist he says he loves the the the connection. >> my entire family is coming this saturday with 40 people. not too much pressure. >> reporter: no pressure even when i asked him, to show a little bit of his show stopper from les miss bring it home. >> ♪ >> it is just such a gorgeous bridge. >> reporter: hugh's mother joan could not resist a hug. >> i cry every time i hear that. >> as performers the the best thing we can do is kind of
5:58 pm
pull away the curtains and try to let somebody see your soul for that five minutes that they get you to sing. >> reporter: christmas spectacular at kimmel center through december 20th for tickets go to arts in pat ciarrocchi, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". gorgeous. >> that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> now developing news at 6:00 a missing new jersey woman has been found, her body left in the wooded area, and now police say that a man she was trying to help is responsible for her murder. also developing right now a sigh of relief in university city of after an arrest is made in connection with the string of attacks on women, how police finally caught the suspect. kathy? it is a busy night in center city philadelphia. you can see headlights behind me. if you are going out tonight, bundle up, weather will be cold but it will not stay that way, good news in the seven day coming up. i'm matt rivers. yes, i'm standing outside of a
5:59 pm
bathroom but take a closer look, it is not a sign you see every day. coming up i'll tell you where it is and why it matters. developing right now at 6:00 o'clock a tragic end to the search for a missing new jersey woman, authorities find her body, beaten, ape left in the woods. police believe that an a act of kindness may have led to her in murder. they have a suspect in custody tonight, good evening, i'm chris may. i'm natasha brown, jessica is off tonight. susan johnson disappeared a week ago from her home in gloucester township camden county. authorities found her body about 10 miles away in evesham township burlington county. "eyewitness news", new jersey reporter, cleve bryan is live now with the details on of this investigation, cleve? >> reporter: chris and natasha, gloucester township police and camden county prosecutor's office believe that susan johnson was helping
6:00 pm
two people down on their luck, and one of them, got into an argument with her over money which led to him allegedly, beating her to death. >> she didn't deserve to go, to her maker this way. >> reporter: friends and neighbors are heart broken after learning susan johnson who has not been seen in more than a week was discovered dead friday morning. >> she was a love liz lady. >> reporter: neighbors say several months ago johnson took in two workers homeless living in the truck. she reportedly kicked them out of her house in gloucester township once and was with to do it again this week johnson didn't show up for work which led to the missing person's report and then questioning the two people who were living with her. woman told police that the man miguel diaz beat johnson to death and let investigators know where to find her body. >> it appears that both our witness and mr. diaz had a fallen on hard times ape miss susan johnson out of the kindness of her heart took these two individuals in providing them w


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